okay i still recoiled at this

Notice how they both slightly recoil when Pearl laughs. That was a really hard question to ask and they are afraid Pearl is gonna lash out at them for it.

“Rose made me feel… like I was everything.”

That is a lie right there. 

Note that Pearl hasn’t learned her lessont his episode, at least not fully, and I like that. She’s still suffering, she’s still unhealthily attached to Rose’s image, but now she can begin to change for the better.

Yeah, she’s definitely changing the subject here, and Steven knows that.

But that’s okay for now, because change is slow and takes time, and Pearl will need to get through a lot of her problems to get over Rose.

What a nice, yet daunting way to end the episode.

loveoflifexlifeoflove  asked:

“ i got you. it’s gonna be okay, you’re going to be okay.”

hurt meme.

        Lyrah wasn’t one for hugs– in fact, she typically recoiled from all types of physical touch. But when she’d woken from a horribly vivid nightmare thrashing and shouting, only to be embraced by firm, strong arms… she’d fought them at first, but once she’d regained her composure, she welcomed the embrace.

       The hybrid’s breathing was shuddering and her body was shaky; she was still, clearly, on edge. She was pretty sure she’d bitten Jack once or twice before she’d realized it was him; she’d have to apologize for that later. But now, she simply wanted to listen to his calm voice, his strong heartbeat, his steady breathing. 

                   “I got you. It’s gonna be okay, you’re going to be okay.” 

         Slowly, Lyrah nodded. Over the subsequent minutes, her breathing steadied and her pulse slowed. “Sorry…” 

Snowball Fights - Barry Allen

Requested by anonymous. Part of the winter fic requests. 

You and Barry walked hand in hand on his way to work. It was a few days before Christmas and it was snowing ever so slightly. 

“Are you sure you can walk with me? I don’t want you to be late to work, again.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” 

“Good,” you said, leaning up against him. You took a few more steps before you stepped on an icy patch and slipped. Barry tried to catch you but you still fell on the hard, cold floor. 

“Are you okay?” Barry asked. You nodded and sat up. You looked at the snow piled around you and had an awful idea. You reached out and grabbed a handful of snow. Barry realized what you were doing, and flinched as you threw the snowball at his chest. 

“Whoops.” Barry laughed and reached down for another handful of snow. You tried to recoil back but Barry was faster than you and hit you in the face. 

“Whoops,” Barry imitated. You flared your nostrils and tried to sit up but fell again. Barry laughed and helped you up. 

“Thank you,” you said. He smiled and continued to walk. With his back turned to you, you reached down a formed another snowball. You threw it straight at his back, causing Barry to stumble forward a little bit. 

“Y/N, I will give you one more chance. Don’t start something you can’t fini-” He was cut off by your second snowball hitting him in the face. “Oh it’s on.” Barry reached down to form snowballs and you did the same. Barry made snowballs incredibly fast and you knew you couldn’t make them as fast. You ran towards a bench in hopes for cover. Barry turned quickly towards you and began pelting you with snowballs. You threw what you could at him, but Barry was clearly winning. 

“Okay, okay, I give up,” you called out breathlessly. Barry stopped and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. “I swear.” 

“Okay, fine,” Barry said, walking over to you. He held out a hand and you let him help you up. 

“You are definitely going to be late for work,” you said. Barry nodded.

“Don’t worry. I’ve been much later before.”

“You can go and run ahead, I don’t mind. This was my fault.”

“Seriously, Y/N, it’s not a problem. I’ll just tell them my girlfriend made me late,” he said with a smirk. 

“Please don’t tell them that. Like that, at least,” you laughed. Barry laughed and took your hand again. As you walked you slid your hand across a bench collecting the snow.

“I swear to god, Y/N, if you throw that at me I will cover you in pounds of snow. Again.” You dropped the snow and looked at him innocently. 


“We can have a snowball fight later,” he said with a smile. You nodded and leaned up against him. You shivered and wrapped your arms around his arm. “You’re freezing.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. I just repeatedly hit you with freezing snow. Here, take my coat,” he said, taking it off. You tried to protest but he gave it to you anyway. You slid your arms into the long sleeves and took his hand again. You walked up to the police station and turned to look at Barry. 

“Have a good day,” you said, kissing him softly. 

“I’ll see you later tonight,” he said, walking into the building. You snuggled up in his coat as you walked on your way to work. You slipped your hand in the pockets and felt a small box. You smiled to yourself and continued walking, pretending you didn’t just find your Christmas present.

A/N: Sorry it’s a little short. I hope you all like it.

Okay no, Lars is still a dick. He just learned to sometimes not be a jerk only with Sadie, he still has a lot to learn.

I’ve been there with Ronaldo, wich some jackass making fun of what I enjoy. Sorry Lars but I can’t defend you on this one.

And apparently Sadie didn’t know him too, altough unlike Lars I’d be up for meeting someone as wonderful as her.

Jeez, he even recoils from Lars. I wonder if they know each other and if Lars was a bully to him. Ronaldo didn’t seem to mind when other people made fun of him.

“Steven…. what the fuck man.”

Yeah this wasn’t a good idea. I know our wonderful child Steven believes that everyone can be friends but that’s honestly not true. Now Ronaldo is gonna be jumpy and uncomfortable the whole night because Lars is there, and that’s not cool.