okay i should stop why dont i ever stop

me to my friends
  • me: have you watched tyler's latest video, it's hilarious
  • me: did you know that tyler was on ellen? yea he was. you should watch the episode, it's amazing
  • me: there was a new psychobabble episode yesterday, tyler and korey talked about clubbing boys with club sandwiches, I nearly got kicked out of class for laughing too much while i was listening to it
  • me: guess what? tyler wrote a book, it's called Binge, I can't wait to read it, you can preorder it at tyleroakleybook.com
  • me: tyler's coming here in september, on his tour, you've gotten tickets right, you can book them at tyleroakleytour.com so we can go together
  • me: tyler got a snapchat, it's hilarious, make sure you're following him okay
  • me: tyler was on ellen, he was on ellen, did I say that he was on ellen, i can't believe it, he was on ellen
  • me: tyler-
  • friends: okay thats enough

anonymous asked:

Can you do a top ten list of things a foreigner should never ever ever do, but does anyway?

i dont think i have 10 things to list but i can list things that annoy me yes

1) associate our language with some sort of ironic way to speak - yes it’s totally okay to use them for jokes and all but keep in mind things like “kawaii” and “sugoi” and “senpai” are woRDS WE ACTUALLY USE IN REAL LIFE TOO “*giggle giggle* she said kawaii” well i wonder why dumbass
2) associate every part of our culture with anime - literally nothing is anime except actual anime stop calling Hanyu Yuzuru an anime protagonist 
3) pls stop using our language for google translate poems i see this with Arabic and Chinese too just use English I promise you it sounds prettier
4) it’s considered really rude here if you don’t finish your food. we pick out every grain of rice in our bowls, every small piece of vegetable on our plates - food was considered art long ago, how food looks when it’s served to you, and how it looks when you’re finished with it is very important.
5) ALSO PLEASE DON’T PLAY WITH CHOPSTICKS, one very!!! important thing!!! to remember!!! is to not!!! pass food along hashi to hashi!!!!!!! when people die and their body is cremated, two relatives, with two sets of hashi, carefully pick out their bones to place in a container for safe keeping, so it is very important to not do this with food!!!!!!
6) also when people give/hand things to you don’t take it with just one hand, use both, like one common one is when you’re given receipts 
7) don’t!! be loud!!! talk quietly in public, don’t shout in stores!!! be considerate of the people around you!!!
8) especially at shrines holy shit guys behave yourselves if you’re gonna visit shrines and temples, also not that great to take pictures of them, ESPECIALLY GRAVES