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It Started With The Eggnog

@imcalledweasley requested: “Ok so I was thinking kylo ren x reader au where they’re like best friends or some thing (solo triplets Matt Ben & kylo) and Leia and han host a Christmas party, and like once the party’s over reader & kylo carry on drinking and fuck?”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 3.4k

Warnings: this is….. filthy

“And… there.” Ben puffed, finally relaxing his arms as the final decorations were put up.

Leia smiled brightly at Ben and Matt as they climbed down from their ladders. “It looks wonderful boys.” She gathered them both in for a quick hug. “I only wish your brother could have helped.”

Matt snorted, pushing his frames up on his nose. “He’s too busy mourning Halloween to come down.”

“If he had half as much holiday spirit as you two he’d be jumping at the chance.” Han chimed from the kitchen, busy with preparing the food.

The blonde son smirked at the remark and watched as his brother gave him a warning look. He went ahead and said what was on his mind anyway.

“He’d be a lot merrier if he knew (Y/n) just texted to say she can make it.”

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Mayfield | Series - Pt. I

Summary: Max Mayfield and Billy Hargrove aren’t the only new kids to step foot into Hawkins. Meet Y/N Mayfield, Max’s big sister, who’s here to make sure no one messes with her sister. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Mayfield!Reader (SLOW BURN)

Characters: Y/N Mayfield, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Mike Wheeler, Susan Hargrove, Max Mayfield, Billy Hargrove

Warnings: Language, may contain sensitive topics such as substance abuse later on (I WILL GIVE A HEADS UP!) 

Word Count: 973

Tags (PLEASE message me if you want to be added to the permanent tag list for any fic/tag list for this particular series, especially if you already asked and I forgot!): @thegirlwhoisintoomanyfandoms @la-fille-en-aiguilles @jj-writes-shit @thebitterbookeater @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @richletozler  @royalwolfhard @just-smile-darling @w-ingardiumleviosa @buckysmaingirl @magic-and-timetravel  @jupiter-leo @ttrraasshh @somekryptonitewriting @dudee-what  @tmalchow @hedabucky @wallacetdog 

A/N: Back at it again with another series. I may change the summary later on to include more detail, but I could not put much down without giving everything away. As always, please share your feedback and let me know what you think.

Parts: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X (FINALE) 

Indiana was very different from California. You sped down the highway in your jet black, 1972 Dodge Challenger which you had driven all the way here. It took you a while, and it took a shit load of your money, but your car held up and didn’t let you down for a single second. 

Your mother had met up with some dude named Neill, resulting in a marriage and this move halfway across the country. You had put up a fight and despite not wanting to part with your sister, you made your own arrangements and stayed behind in California.

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Bedtime Sentence Starters

“It’s time for bed.”

“You really should get some sleep.”

“You can finish that up tomorrow.”

“How are you still awake?”

“Why are you still awake?”

“If you don’t go to bed soon, you’ll fall asleep at the table.”

“You look so tired.”

“There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap.”

“I don’t need sleep.”

“Just five more minutes and then I’ll sleep.”

“I just need to finish this first.”

“I can’t sleep now. I just drank a huge cup of coffee.”

“I’ll sleep. Eventually.”

“I’ll go to bed if you do too.”

“Okay, fine. I guess I’ll finish this tomorrow.”

“I’m not that tired.”


hello friends!! here’s part four, i hope you love it

part one | part two | part three


questions, comments, concerns

You yawn, “Hi.” You balance the phone between your shoulder and cheek as you type something into your laptop.
“Will you be home anytime soon?”
You look at the time and realize it’s nearly 12:30. You sigh, “I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t be much longer, you should go to bed though.”
“It’s okay,” Harry says, but yawns, “We get to sleep in tomorrow so I can wait up. What’re you working on?”
“Just finishing a draft of my opening statement. I’m gonna leave it on Ron’s desk since he comes in on Saturdays, see what he thinks.” You finish the last sentence and hit save, print.
“Why don’t you just e-mail him?”
The printer begins to whir behind you, “Oh…” Then you giggle, “I’m so tired, I didn’t even think to.”
“Are you okay to drive home, love? I can come get you, we can come back for your car tomorrow.”

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Jet Lag and Chinese

Prompt: Can I request a justice league war Clark/superman x reader? Some cute fluff with implied nsfw? Or JLW Clark saving the reader and then ending up with a date or something?

Requested by: counting-sinful-stars    

     You like sitting in his chair. It fills you with an unbridled delight as you spin in it, and go through his works in progress. If you were anyone else, someone might say you were nosy. But you and Clark know the truth.

    You hear him before you see him, “Seriously?”

    You peek up from behind the file, “Is that seriously a question?”

    Clark gives you a good natured smile before leaning down and placing a kiss on your cheek, before moving to sit on the edge of his desk. “When did you get back?”

    You give another spin in the chair, “About two hours ago. I figured I’d come see my favorite reporter.”

    He smiles, “And here I thought you liked me for more than just my writing.”

    You shrug, “I also like looking at you.” The two of you stare at each other before bursting out in laughter. The fact that no one even bothers to look over shows just how deep your friendship goes.

    “How did the shoot go?”

    You grin, “It was amazing. I thought of you while I was there.”

    “Oh yeah?”

    “Yep, I saw a monkey with that same clueless look you get sometimes.”

    “Maybe it’s a cousin?”

    “That is an insult to the monkey. Anyways, I was thinking we could pick up Chinese and have a movie marathon before jet lag kicks my butt tomorrow.”

    You see his grin falter, “Tonight?”

    “Yes.” Your brow furrows, “Do you have plans? Because last time I checked the city isn’t in peril.”

    “I kind of have a date.”

    Your eyes go wide for a second, “A date? Did you finally wear Lois down?”

    He fiddles with his glasses for a second before saying, “No, her name is Diana.”

    “Diana, as in Wonder Woman?”


    You nod in understanding, “Oh okay. Good for you slugger.” The false cheeriness is evident to your own ears, and one look at Clark’s face tells you that he hears it too.

    “I’ll try to reschedule.”

    You shake your head, “No Clark. I’ll be fine. You go on a date with your girl.”

    His eyes light up, “You should come with us.”

    You shake your head, “I really shouldn’t.” You sigh, “Chinese food and action movies are calling my name Clark. I haven’t slept in my own bed in over a month. I’m going to go home. But we’ll get together soon. We’ll put on your calendar and everything.”  

    You start backing up before he can say anything else. “See ya later.”

    You get out of there before you can start to cry. You hold the tears in until you’re in front of your apartment. What awaits you is a perfectly clean space and a full fridge. You’re suddenly very glad for that cleaning service because all of your energy has vanished.

    You wash the smell of plane off, before changing into pajamas and ordering your food. Then you put in Die Hard and settle in. You browse through the photos you had taken on your last shoot in Asia. And then you come to older ones.

    Pictures of you and Clark. Clark Kent had been your best friend from the time he had stumbled into that janitor’s closet in an attempt to escape sounds no one else could hear. You’d been hiding from a bully. From the first moment you’d met you’d known he was different.

    You’d grown up privy to his secret, keeping it from even your own parents. You’d gone to college together. Hell, you’d been there to ridicule him the first time he put on the suit. You’d watched him on the news, and watched as the world fell in love with him. You took comfort in knowing that you’d loved him before he was Superman. He was your best friend and you loved him like a brother.

And now he had Diana. They were a match made in heaven, and from the way his eyes had lit up when he had said her name, she was here to stay …at least for a while.You weren’t particularly happy about it either. You’d been in this situation before. You’d watched friends draw away in favor of those they were dating. It was one of the reasons you’d kept a tight knit circle of friends, and why you traveled so much. You’d never thought you’d lose Clark though. The sound of knocking on your door draws you out of your thoughts.

    You set the laptop down, grab the cash and walk to the door. Ready to put thoughts of what would never come to rest. Then you opened the door and regretted not going straight to sleep.

    Clark’s smile was echoed by the woman next to him. They were both dressed in civilian clothes and wearing glasses. And they were both carrying giant bags of Chinese. Clark’s grin simply widened as he said, “Delivery.”

    You did your best to keep the horror off your face, “I thought you had a date.”

    “We did,” your eyes flashed to the woman, “but then Clark told me about you, and your tradition and I insisted that we continue it. Our traditions sustain us after all. And I wanted to meet his best friend and the woman who has kept his secret. It is an honor to meet you, my sister.”

    And then she was hugging you. You were forced to wrap your arms around her to keep your balance as you became perfectly aware of just how sloppy you looked next to her. Her outfit was great, her hair was perfect, and you were working with ten hours on a plane and the start of jet lag.

    If you’d had laser vision, Clark would have been a puddle. So you did the only thing you could in that situation, you glared at your best friend and let the perfect couple into your home. The thought of recounting this tale to Ma Kent also filled you with a certain amount of sadistic glee that worried you only a bit.

As you closed the door and stared at the two of them acting lovey Dovey in your kitchen, you prepared yourself for a long night. If there was one thing worse than losing your best friend to a new significant other, it was watching them be lovey dovey while you were single.

AN: So I talked about this one-shot with @counting-sinful-stars and in the end I decided I wanted to do a best friend fic. There will be no romance between the reader and Clark. Just a very close and fluffy best friend relationship. This takes place in the Justice League War Universe which is why it’s DianaXClark.


So this might just happen…

Title: A Golden Girl (Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summray: The reader and peter are forced to join in on a highly dangerous mission immediately following the homecoming dance, and their first date? No, they were just best friends. Tony Stark said that line all the time. 

Word Count: 1731

A/N: I love this, very much. I have been working on it ALL WEEK for you guys, trying to make it as good as it can be. And then I had a freakout with all of the D23 news BUT IT’S FINE I AM FINE. Okay…enjoy!

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Summary: Tom’s home from work; Reader goes on and on about how much they love him lmaoo :)

Pairing: Reader x Tom Holland (gender neutral) 

Words: 1,261


A/N: hello it’s been 10 years since I’ve posted a fic fjsldkfj and yeah this was unnecessarily cute and dramatic but we’re gonna roll with it, also, this pic?? Cured my anxiety. 

“Hey, sweet girl,” you knelt down, rubbing the spot behind Tessa’s ears, laughing to yourself as she wagged her tail and licked your face. “Where’s your old man? Hmm? Where’s Tom?”

At the sound of his name, her ears perked, and she stared at you for a second before trotting back down the hall, stopping only to make sure you were following.

The apartment had been quiet when you’d walked in just moments ago, but you knew Tom was home. He’d been home for two days already; his filming had finally ended and he was taking some time to see Tessa, and of course, you, before flying home to see his family. But he’d been so tired, so jet-lagged and feeble, so it wasn’t a surprise when you walked into the room and found him laying in bed, his clothes still on, as well as his shoes, from the errands he’d been running all morning.

He was, in fact, sound asleep.

Tessa jumped onto the bed, her steps light as she curled in front of him, plopping down and exhaling a long breath. From the threshold, you watched them: Tom’s steady breathing; Tessa’s wandering eyes. She wasn’t tired, of course, but she would lay there with him for as long as she needed.

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I’d like to take a moment to apologize to the first anon. I told myself that I’d get this done in under two weeks, and we have past that a few times over. Heh heh…..

So, anon, if you’re out there, I am small and forgetful and love you! Please forgive.


You were making a difference.

…At least you hoped you were.

Being an office worker was not ideal, but neither was field work really. The only reason you agreed to do this job was because it had, “Overwatch,” branded all over it. In a dedicated organization like that, especially as small as it was, every job was important. Plus, someone had to watch over your boys.

You stretch your back. Geez, this whole week was nothing but reports and papers and meetings and then more reports. Not to mention, the Junkers over-the-top way of doing missions, was not helping. It seemed they didn’t realize, or more likely, didn’t care that destruction leads to paperwork. Paperwork that lands on your shoulders.

At this point, you could practically feel the bags under your eyes, and a coil in your back. It was hard to believe that anyone could spend all day everyday sitting on an uncomfortable chair, staring at a screen.

Whatever, you were almost done typing up this mission statement, then you were home free!

Oh, what’s that? An email with instructions to handle the legal works of the last two missions? Therefore elongating your workday and preventing you from leaving early?

Oh boy.

You were making a difference. Please be making a difference.


“An’ then it falls!” Jamison watched eagerly as another piece is taken off of the tower and placed on top. He frowns at it stability.

“Your turn.” Mako points at you. You shift forward looking it over before settling on a holographic piece and sliding it out.

“Aaaaaannnnnnndddddd…..” He taps his fingers against the table.

“Read em’ and weep, James.” You lean back, glancing past the Jenga tower you had downloaded earlier that week. You cross your arms and let your head lay against the back of the couch. God, your neck was killing you.


“What?” You realize that you had been resting your eyes, leading you to zone out.

“I said, ‘it’s your turn.’” Junkrat sets his head in his hand. “You feelin’ okay?”

“Yeah. Tired, sore, y'know, the same old same old.” You take out a piece.

“Maybe we should go to bed soon then.” Roadhog suggests, checking the time.

“Nah, being able to relax like this is more helpful honestly.” You reach above your head in a stretch, back cracking in the process. “I’m fine with sleeping normal time.”

You roll you shoulder and wince at the sudden jolt of pain. A string of curses catches your attention and you turn to see a pile of blocks and a defeated man.

“Jenga!” You shout to mock the smaller man. He glares back at you and huffs. You put your hands up in defense. “Hey, I was just kidding!”

He pauses, noting the stiffness in your movements. He puts on a nasty grin, wiggling his fingers. “Oh, what’s that? Ya askin’ for massage are ya!” He stands quickly, startling you.

“Hey! No! Stay back!” You push closer to Roadhog and he raps his arms around you, trapping you. “Traitor!” You gasp, wiggling in attempt to break free.

“You’re not escaping this time.” He rumbles from behind you.

“You’re gonna get a massage an’ like it!” Jamison half jokes, half boasts.

“I refuse! I refuse!” You laugh, backing as far away from him as physically possible.

His hands land on you shoulders with the most evil chuckle he could muster. He works your muscles as you fake struggle, just to make things harder on him.

The night ends with you passing out, mid massage, face first in your bed.

Some Secrets Come Out in Unwanted Ways

I have a new prompt that I just came up with so please enjoy the new langst one shot!

Prompt - What if Keith and Lance got in a fight at the Garrison and when they ware about to save Shiro Lance just freezes up when he sees Keith, remembering what happened.

But Keith doesn’t remember what the heck he did to Lance or remember Lance in general.

So Lance is really scared to be near Keith and always near someone else when Keith is in the room and when they are alone, Lance just leaves the room with no explanations.

How everyone finds out is by mind meld. I am also very sorry about all the time skips! I’m just too lazy to write all the speaking until they get to the mind meld. There is also an open ending so if you would like me to make another chapter of this, just ask!

Lance didn’t mean to freeze up and start having a mild panic attack with a war inside of his head when he saw Keith. Just seeing his out-dated mullet made Lance want to cry like he did all those few months ago.

But Hunk and Pidge were here and Lance couldn’t just break down when seeing someone.

Clearning his throat, Lance spoke up hoping that his voice wouldn’t shake, “Nope. No, you - No, no, no. No, you don’t. I’m saving Shiro.”

 "Who are you?“ Keith looked at Lance with a confused face with something else behind the confusion.

Part of Lance was happy that Keith didn’t remember Lance but the other part of Lance was sad that Keith did’t recognize him, it wasn’t that Lance was compared to him all the time. 

"Besides the point Mullet. Lets just get Shiro out of here.” Lance decided not to say his name, his name wasn’t important and if he gave his name he was worried that Keith might beat him up again.

“You’re right, come on, lets get him on my hover bike.” Keith spoke again, lugging Shiro outside and to his hover bike.

“Is there going to be enough room for everyone?” Hunk asked, his anxiety clear in his voice.

“Nope, we gotta toss out some non-essential weight.” Keith threw a look over his shoulder, looking at the other three and the unconscious Shiro.

Lance felt his mood dampen even more then it already has. He wasn’t sure but he felt like that, that insult was directed at him. 

“Big guy lean to the left!” Keith broke through his thoughts, speaking to Hunk to did so.


Lance didn’t remember much of the ride back to Keith’s little hut in the desert. He was mainly focused on not having a panic attack with just being around Keith. 

In the little hut of Keith’s Lance stood close to the door, pressing himself against the wall desperately trying to put as much as distance between Keith and Lance without being suspicious. 

Lance studied everyone’s face as everyone introduced themselves to Shiro who just woke up. 

“What is this? Some sort of cryptid board?” Pidge pushed up his glasses that were slipping down his nose. 

Keith scoffed, “Of course not. There is some sort of energy pull that is around here and there’s some sort of lion cave drawings on the wall in the well, cave." 

"Well let’s go.” Lance spoke softly, looking up at this two friends being sure not to make any eye contact with Keith.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea Lance? For all we could know is that it’s a trap!” Hunk turned to Lance, his eyes wide, “I’m not ready to die just yet!”

“I’m aware that there is a chance of it being a trap but I’m interested so I’m going to go.” Lance crossed his arms, his eyes went hard, his voice serious.

“I’m interested as well but how would we find the energy source?” Pidge spoke up, speaking his own thoughts.

“I think for now we just have to travel where the energy source that Keith knows. Then from there we can go into the cave.” Shiro spoke up, power laced in his voice.

“Sure, but we can but we can’t take the hover bike. We won’t have enough room for all five of us.” Keith spoke up, crossing his arms as well, making Lance close his mouth and avoid eye contact.

“Then what are we waiting for? Lets go see those weird cave carvings!” Pidge cheered, nearly pushing Lance over to get out of the door.

“Fine. Let’s just say that if anyone dies or gets injured I did foresee it so I get to say that ‘I told you so’.” Hunk reluctantly followed Pidge out the door with Lance following close behind, making sure that Shiro was behind Lance, not Keith. 


“These are the lion carvings that I was telling you about.” Keith scanned the carvings against the stone wall.

Lance reached out to the carvings gingerly, making them glow a bright shade of blue, “Wow…" 

"It’s never done that before.. What did you do?” Keith turned to Lance as the floor gave away, resulting in everyone screaming.

“Wow…” Lance marveled at the Blue Lion encased in some sort of force field, “Is this Voltron?”

“How do you reckon we get into here?” Keith stepped up to the robotic lion.

Jokingly Lance spoke, once again hoping that no one could detect the shaking in his voice, “Maybe we just have to knock.”

As if on command, the force field dropped, making everyone gasp or even scream in shock.

“Whoa… Did anyone else see that?” Lance took a hesitant step back from the mechanical lion.

“So Voltron is a robot. Voltron is a huge, huge awesome robot!” Hunk exclaimed, anxiety gone from his voice.

“Lets go in!” Lance took long strides to the Lion’s head who dropped down, opening their jaw allowing Lance to walk in motioning the others to follow.

“Not to be a Debby Downer but we are currently in a giant futuristic alien cat head. Are none of you concerned about it?” Hunk laughed nervously as he stepped into the cockpit.

“Come on guys! Don’t you trust me?” Lance laughed, feeling at ease, forgetting the fact that Keith was basically breathing down his neck.

“With you piloting and I just met you, I don’t trust you!” Keith spoke up, his voice filled with malice.

Lance felt his mood dampen but he managed to smile, “Lets see what this baby can do.”

“Lance this isn’t a simulator! Be careful!” Pidge exclaimed as Lance and the Lion shot up into the sky.

“You are the worse pilot ever!” Keith yelled as Lance twisted in the sky with a big smile on his face. 


When the Blue Lion finally landed (Lance promptly named her Blue and she, Blue, agreed on the name.) everyone stepped out, in awe at the planet that the landed on.

“I don’t recognize the constellations here, we obviously not in the Milky Way anymore.” Shiro spoke softly, looking up that the sky, “Everyone be prepared, I already lost my crew and I don’t intend to lose my team again.”

“Well what are we waiting for? These people must have advanced technology!” Pidge ran ahead with the others close behind. 

“Pidge be careful-” Shiro began to speak but got cut off by some sort of drone scanning them.

“Hold for identity scan.” The computer spoke, making Pidge’s eyes shine while the others were a little scared.

As soon as the scan finished a few of the lights flickered on, creating an ominous glow to the hall way. 

“I guess the only way to go is this way.” Hunk spoke nervously, managing to get out a nervous laugh.

“I guess so buddy. Do you want me to lead the way?” Lance patted Hunk on his shoulder giving him a wan smile.

“But- Fine, once you make up your mind, you barely change it so I doubt you’ll change it now.” Hunk sighed and allowed Lance to walk ahead.


“Now the most   important part of paladin training is being able to meld your minds and focus on one thing: Voltron. Everything else has to fade away. This technique will be essential every time you form Voltron. So, relax and open your mind. No walls, no secrets between paladins. Come on, everyone, clear everything. Now, focus on forming your lion. Bring your lions together and - and form Voltron. Keep your minds open, work together. Good! Keep focusing! Only one to go!” Coran spoke over the coms, his voice barely heard over the white noise in side of Lance’s head.

“Okay Lance, think happy thoughts, not of Keith basically killing you.” Lance thought to himself and yet, there his mind went. 

“Lance, clear your mind! Stop thinking about… me…?” Keith began to snap at Lance who hated to admit but was shaking.

“I-I’m done for now… I’m going to bed..” Lance took off the mind meld helmet setting it down on the ground, disrupting the the training.

As soon as Lance left Pidge broke the silence, “Does anyone know what just happened to Lance?”

“It’s a touchy subject to be honest… But Lance won’t tell you so I guess I should.” Hunk cleared his throat, setting his helmet down, “Back at the Garrison Lance got into a fight with Keith… He wouldn’t give me the details about it but Lance was beat up pretty bad…" 

Keith felt his blood run cold, what did he do to Lance? 

"Should I stop…?” Hunk spoke quietly, his face a little paler as he was reliving the moment.

“Please don’t, I don’t remember anything…” Keith spoke up, looking at Hunk in the eye.

“Okay. So Lance came back to our dorm room and oh God, he was so bloody. I swear that I could hear his ragged breathing from down the hall. The only thing that Lance told me is that someone beat him up for something he did in the last class that he had or maybe something that the said person did.”

“How could you forget beating Lance up?!?!” Pidge screeched at Keith, their eyes wide.

“I don’t know Pidge!” Keith yelled back before Shiro stepped in.

“I don’t know what you did Keith but you should go apologize to Lance. Make amends.” Shiro spoke with reason making Keith nod and get up to go find the Blue Paladin.


“Hey Lance, can we talk?” Keith arrived at Lance’s quarters and knocked on the door, “And please don’t run away from me this time.”

“What do you need Mullet?” Lance opened the door but kept an unhealthy distance from Keith.

“I- um… I’m sorry about what I did at the Garrison.” Keith fidgeted, obviously not used to apologizing. 

Lance didn’t say anything, “I accept your apology.” Lance gave a smile to Keith, “You must of had your reasons to do so.”

“Why are you accepting my apology so easily?! You should be mad at me!” Keith ran his fingers through his hair tugging on his hair, oh how he would love to punch Lance and the moment but that was the opposite of what he was trying to do.

“But Keith. It’s okay, I’m pretty much used to it!” Lance patted Keith on the shoulder before leaving Keith in confused silence.

Keith stood in stunned silence, what did Lance mean by he was used to be beat up? 

happy birthday // h.s.

Did I write a one shot for myself about what I would like from Harry Styles on my birthday? Yes, I did. Did I also make it really smutty? Again, yes, I did. I hope you all enjoy and if not then that’s fine too! :) 

words: 5k+

Smut: yes

edited:Not really

You didn’t think today would be such a hard day.

By the time you’d drug yourself home to your tiny little apartment, you were far too exhausted to do anything but sleep. You were starving though and you weren’t in the mood for something like takeout, it was far too much for this hour of the night and you just wanted something simple. So frozen chicken nuggets was your plan. You grabbed your mail from your box downstairs, headed up the few flights to your apartment (you were sticking to your ‘no use of the elevator’ plan no matter how tired you were), and slipped your key into your doorknob.  You turned it, giving it a little push to really help it open up before you stumbled into your little apartment. Your headphones were getting a little tangled up in your purse and your mail, so you quickly tugged them out of your ears as you turned around to shut your door, dropping the mail on the front table.

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I’ll Wait For You // Jaebum

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary//Request: You find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you, and Jaebum, who has always had a massive crush on you, helps you get your revenge on him.

Authors note: Just a little heads up that (Y/B/N) stands for Your Boyfriend’s Name. Enjoy!

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Tour Prep Editing (Ethan x Twitter Reader)

You force Ethan outside to hang out after a long couple days of editing.

-Ethan’s been inside prepping videos all day, trying to get ready for tour

-”It’s getting late, Ethan; you should go to bed. You can finish editing tomorrow.”

-”I will soon, Y/N. I just need to sync the audio on this video before I do.”

-you give up eventually, but still come in to check on him to make sure he’s doing okay

-around 4 a.m. you finally convince him to come to bed

-the next day he’s back at it again

-”Get dressed; we’re going out.”

-”Y/N, you know I can’t.”

-”Yes you can. Now get ready, Evan; we’re leaving in ten.”

-you grab your bag, put on your shoes, go wait in the living room, and then text Mark to have everyone meet you guys at the park—and to bring Chica, of course

-he finally comes out of the hole that his editing room has become

-”Let’s go! We’ve got things to do; people to see!”


-”Don’t take the tone with me, young man.”

-”…I’m older than you.”

-”That’s beside the point. Come on.”

-you pull him out the door and down to the car

-once you get to the park, you watch with hawk-like eyes for the rest of your friends, hoping they can do something to get Ethan out of his slump

-you realize your senses are poorer than you had originally thought when a dog nuzzles the back of your neck with its cold nose


-when he sees the golden retriever, Ethan’s detached stature turns around after a few sloppy, puppy dog kisses

-”Aww, you’re such a good ‘lil pup, Chica!” he says in that funny little voice of his, scratching behind her ear.

-an ice cream cone and a game of catch with Chica later, his attitude changed completely

-*three hours later*

-you’re back home, lying on the couch with the coffee bean that is your boyfriend when you notice he’s typing on his phone

-”Whatcha doin’?”

-”You’ll see.”

-a couple minutes later, the blue-cased device in your lap begins blowing up with Twitter notifications

-”Super fun day today! Thank you so much to my awesome gf @Y/T/N for forcing me outside to hangout! I APPRECIATE YOU <3″ -@CrankGameplays

Magicless - Fred Weasley

Requested by @undiscoveries

“Okay, just breathe. Breathe.” You looked up at Fred and nodded at him, smiling through the pain. 

“I am, Y/N,” he said. 

“You don’t look like it.” He laughed as he continued to push you down the hospital hall. 

“I don’t know why you decided to do this naturally,” he said, as he pushed you through the door to your room. A nurse came in and helped you into bed, before giving you a cup of ice chips.

“Because that’s how my mom did it,” you said once she left. “It’s kind of a muggle thing.”

“Going through lots of pain?” he asked. You nodded as you felt another round of contractions come through. Fred grabbed onto your hand and didn’t let go until you loosened your grip. 

“What if we just lied to your mother? I promise this can be a lot less painful.” You shook your head and smiled up at him. “Why are you still smiling?”

“Because I’m happy,” you said, although your smile turned into more of a teeth-clench as another contraction came.

“How far apart was that?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” you said breathlessly, “A couple of minutes.”

“I should go get a nurse,” he said, starting to walk away. However, you didn’t let go of his hand. He turned back to look at you with wide eyes.

“No, stay with me.” 

“But I think you need a nurse,” he said.

“No, I only need you,” you said, even though the last word came out as a yelp as another contraction came over you. He clutched your hand tightly and stood back at your side.

“Okay,” he said with a sigh. “But-”

“Hey, I didn’t miss anything, did I?” George asked, bursting into the room, a handful of enchanted balloons in his hands. One of the balloons had black smoke that kept swirling around, and flashed up “It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!”

“No,” Fred said, barely looking away from you. He noticed the balloons though and did a double take, a smile growing on his face. “Nice work, Georgie.”

“Thanks.” George walked to the other side of the bed and kissed your forehead. “How are you feeling, Y/N?” As another contraction came over you, you gave him a thumbs up, and squeezed Fred’s hand.

“Can you go get a doctor?” Fred asked him. George looked between you two and nodded before walking out of the room.

“I don’t think I need one ye-” you stopped to clench your teeth as another contraction happened. Once it subsided, you looked up at him and said, “Yet.”

“Darling,” he said sweetly, although he looked as if he wanted to scream. “I love you, but you’re being ridiculous right now. Let me get the help that you need.”

“Fred-” He silenced you by grabbing onto your cheeks and pulling you in for a kiss.

“Shut up for a minute, so our child can be born without its parents fighting.” You sighed as a nurse walked in. After a moment of checking you out, she looked up at you two with a smile.

“You’re ready to push,” she said in a thick Scottish accent. “Only the father, please,” she said, looking at the twins.

“This one,” you said, touching Fred’s arm. George winked at you, and slapped Fred’s shoulder. 

“I’ll see you soon,” he said. 

“Alright, are you two ready?” the nurse asked as two more came in. You nodded, and took Fred’s hand. He leaned in to kiss your forehead before whispering he loved you in your ear.

“Okay, let’s push,” she said. You took a deep breath, and started pushing as hard as you could. A scream came out of your mouth that sounded nothing like you, and you gripped Fred’s hand very tight. 

“Good, good,” he said as you took another breath. “You’re doing so good.”

“He’s right,” the nurse said. “But we need you to push again.” 

“Okay.” You took another breath and pushed again, gripping Fred’s hand so tightly that it turned white. You let out more yells as excruciating pain washed over you.

“This would be so much easier with magic,” Fred said softly once you stopped pushing for a moment.

“You’d be so much easier with magic!” He looked down at you and you shrugged as the sweat beaded on your forehead. “I’m in too much pain to think of a different comeback.”

“Okay, let’s push again. One more big one,” the nurse said. 

“I love you,” Fred said.

“I love you, too,” you said breathlessly as you pushed again. After about two minutes more of pain, you let out one last gasp. You suddenly heard the cry of a baby, and looked up at Fred with tears pooling in your eyes. There were some in his, too.

“Congratulations on your little baby boy.”

“Oh, I want to hold my grandson!” Molly Weasley said, rushing into the room with Arthur following close behind her. Fred laughed at his mother, and carefully placed him in her arms.

“Be careful, mum, he’s fragile.”

“I have had babies before,” she said, holding him in her arms. “So, what’s his name?” she asked. Fred smiled down at you and you beamed.

“Gavin Arthur Moony Weasley,” you said. George was standing in the corner, a big grin on his face. Molly laughed and smiled down at Gavin. 

“He’s a gorgeous little boy,” she said. 

“He is,” Fred said. “He’s got his mum’s eyes.” 

“And his father’s hair,” you said, taking Fred’s hand in yours. Arthur took Gavin next, and laughed at the sounds that he was making. You leaned your head against Fred’s forearm and sighed happily. 

“We should let you rest,” Arthur said, handing back Gavin. He fell asleep in your arms and you smiled.

“You don’t have to go,” you said. 

“Yes we do,” Molly said. “We’ll see you soon.” George followed his parents and blew a kiss towards his godson before shutting the door. Fred sat down on the edge of the bed with you, and you leaned up to kiss him.

“We did good, Freddie,” you said.

“Yeah, we did.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he said. “And you, too,” he said, lightly touching Gavin’s nose. He kissed you again and threw his arm around you. “You should get some rest.”

“I’m okay.”

“Rest. Don’t worry, I’ll watch Gavin.”

“Okay,” you said, letting Fred take him from your arms. You leaned against his chest, and he put Gavin in the crook of his arm that wasn’t around your shoulders. You fell asleep peacefully, dreaming about the two boys to your right.

BTS Reaction: Their crush gets into an accident and is hospitalized

This is for you Anon! Hope you enjoy it! 

Rap monster/Namjoon: He’d be ashamed that he couldn’t be there. Even if it was an accident. He’d beat himself over it, thinking that no matter what, he should have protected you. You’re his inspiration, and he wouldn’t bear the thought of you being hurt.

“Y/n…be okay. I failed as your friend…Please come out of this better, I’ll be with you no matter what.”

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Jin/Seokjin: His eyes would go wide as soon as he heard the news. At first, he wouldn’t want to believe it, but after seeing his members’s expressions, he’d just leave. He would immediately go to the hospital. He would be so scared that you were in bad shape. Jin would be shaking seeing you in the hospital bed asleep. He’d let a few tears escape knowing that he wasn’t there to protect you.

“What am I going to do without you here? Get better soon, please? I’m going to miss seeing your pretty face at the dorms and helping me take care of the guys.”

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Suga/Yoongi: Yoongi would probably be mad at himself. He wouldn’t say much to his members, but they would all see how frustrated he is and how anxious he is to get out of whatever they were doing. Once they were done, he would immediately go and see you. His eyes would be glazed with tears once he saw the condition you were in. I think he’d regret not confessing his feelings towards you earlier, thinking that maybe he could have changed something, so you wouldn’t be hurt.

“I should have protected you. Y/n, when you feel better, I’m not going to hide my feelings anymore. So feel better soon…”

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J Hope/Hoseok: He be crying so much. If he wasn’t able to see you right away, he’d act very distant from everyone. He wouldn’t want to practice or do anything. All his thoughts would be on you and why he didn’t protect you.

“Y/n-ah, please be okay. I should have been there.”

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Jimin: I think Jimin would be very scared. He wouldn’t really know what to do. He’d start to tear up and walk out of the room so the other members wouldn’t see him. He’d take out his phone and start messaging you and calling you, thinking that all of it wasn’t real. When you wouldn’t answer, he’d start to freak out more, and ask the members to take him there. He wouldn’t stop until someone did. On the ride over there, he wouldn’t stop asking if you were alright. His heart would clench up and he wouldn’t be able to stop the tears rolling down his eyes from thinking of how hurt you must be.

“You’re going to be alright. You’re not seriously hurt…Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay…I don’t want to see you hurt, it makes me hurt too, so please, please, please be alright.”

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V/Taehyung: I think Taehyung would have the biggest reaction. He’d want someone to take him to the hospital immediately even if they were doing something important. All he would have in his mind is how hurt you were and why he wasn’t there to stop it.

“Yah! I need to see her! Take me to the hospital right now!

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be frozen. His mind would be a jumbled mess. He doesn’t want to believe that you would get into an accident. His eyes would shift to all the members, not believing what he was hearing. He’d just be in complete shock. He wouldn’t be able to focus during practice, and he still wouldn’t be able to get his thoughts together while on the way to the hospital.

“Not Y/n…this is some joke, right? She’ll step out of the room laughing, right? She can’t be hurt…”

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Christmas With The Horans.

Since Christmas is only 6 days away, I thought to write a quick Niall imagine with lots of fluff!!

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hotel with pjm

- jimin carrying the both of your suitcases up while you protest the entire time but you already arrived at the hotel room “jimin are your arms okay” nearly choking when you feel his rock hard arm “nope nevermind nope i’m going to unpack now”

- him lazily dragging you into a hug on the bed but then kissing your cheek before getting up to shower “we need to go back out soon, so let me freshen up first okay?” “okay” 

- nearly dying when he comes out of the shower with his wet haiR AND a towel on “jimin put on clothes…please” “why should i” “PARK JIMIN” “i’m kidding i came out for a reason” grabbing his clothes before letting you go into the bathroom to shower

- spending the remainder of the time in the hotel room researching places to go while jimin attempts to braid your hair extremely loosely “jimin did a good job didn’t he!” “this is really cute i like it” “really” “yeah”