okay i see how it is

when it comes to Fallout I’m more and more convinced that the rest of the world is fine, fairly well rebuilt, and looking at the US with a mixture of horror and fascination

botanists poring over satellite imagery marvelling at how literally nothing has regrown in the entire period

anthropologists astonished by the prevalence of barbarity and violence and the utter breakdown of the rigid class and social structure that had been in place before

phonecalls going between world leaders in the 2280s like

Germany: they’ve regained flight.
France: oh god. no. we need to prepare, warn everyone.
G: it’s okay, it’s a zeppelin. maximum speed 60mph.
F: seriously?
G: yes.
F: [snorting laughter] wow. how long’s that taken them. 200 years? classic.
G: I know, right? I can’t wait to tell England.
F: Can we videoconference it? I have to see her face.

So In Love

Summary: Shawn’s been more affectionate then usual and you aren’t complaining by like why Shawn?

Requested: Yes ( Your writing is sooo good. Can you do a Shawn imagine where he just wants to be cuddled up with you all day and you have no reason why. Like if you’re sitting or laying down he’s on you with his arms wrapped tight and stuff. So you ask him why and he gets all embarrassed and says it’s because he was writing and realized how much he loved you and misses you while he’s away and he never wants to let you? Thank youuu xxx)

Word count: 1.6k

Warnings: none, maybe a some language idk



You woke to the sound of the tv playing music and your boyfriend cleaning the living room around you. You didn’t want him to know you were awake yet because you loved watching him like this. He was completely carefree and was being himself, singing along to the songs as he wrapped the cord back around the vacuum. He stood and turned to check on you, only to find you lying on the couch with a big grin on your face. “Do you enjoy being a creep and watching people?”

You laughed, “Only when they look, and sing, as good as you baby.” You sat up and pulled the blankets from your body. He walked towards you and leaned over slightly to press a sweet peck to your lips.

He rolled the vacuum back into the closet and slipped into the kitchen to grab chips and salsa for you two to snack on. He returned to the living room, placing the snacks on the table and found a new movie for the two of you to watch. He made his way back to the L-shaped couch, sliding himself between you and the back of the sofa. His arms wrapped around you and pulled your body closer to him. His fingers slid your hair away from your neck, his lips placing light peppered kisses along your jaw. “I love you baby.”

A small smile fell on your lips, a content sigh leaving your mouth, “I love you too Shawn.”

The two of you spent the rest of the night on the couch, your bodies intertwined with each other. His lips left sweet pecks on your forehead all night.

The light from the sun shone through the window in the living room. Your eyes fluttered open, your body not wanting to wake up just yet. You rolled over and snuggled your head into the curve of Shawn’s neck. A light groan left his mouth, his arms and legs stretching outwards. “Good morning baby girl.”

“Nope, it’s not time to wake up yet. I’m still tired.” You buried your face into the cushion of the couch. He pressed a kiss to your temple before slipping off the couch and heading to the bathroom.

“Come on sleepy. You have to get up at some point today,” Shawn called from the kitchen. You slowly slid off the couch and made your way to the bathroom. You pulled your hair into the best messy bun you could muster up, and brushed your teeth. You bent over to spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth and when you stood up, Shawn was standing next to you, causing you to jump a little. Your hand flew up to your chest, “Jesus, Shawn, you scared the shit out of me. Why are you so quiet sometimes.”

A laugh erupted from him, “I’m sorry babe. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to know what you wanted for breakfast.”

You rolled your eyes and followed him back to the kitchen, the two of you preparing your breakfast together.

You fixed your swimsuit bottoms before grabbing a towel from the closet. “Shawn I’m heading out to the pool. If you need me just yell for me.” He was cooped up in his music room, working on more songs for his new album.

You closed the sliding door and placed your towel on a chair before walking over to the pool to dip a toe in to check the temperature. It was still warm outside, leaving the pool slightly warmer than usual. You dove into the pool and swam to the edge, overlooking the city. You weren’t sure how much time you spent there but you were eventually brought back to reality when you felt the water next to you splash over the edge. “Hey beautiful. What are ya looking at?”

“Nothing really. I’m just thinking.” You sighed and looked back to the buildings.

“What’cha thinking about?” He placed his arms on the ledge of the pool, looking over the city as well.

“You know, things. Us. Our future.”

He nodded his head and was silent for a while. The two of you enjoying the sounds of the busy city below you. You leaned your head over and onto his shoulder, his arm wrapping around your waist.  “I love you darling.”

You finished making dinner and were now setting the table for the two of you. You walked back to Shawn’s music room and listened to him strumming his guitar and mumbling. You quietly slid into the room. You continued to listen and watch, he strummed a few notes then leaned down to jot them onto the sheets on paper in front of him before returning back to the guitar. “Shawn baby, dinner is ready,” you quietly said. He placed the guitar down and followed you back to the kitchen.

After you finished doing the dishes, Shawn returned back to his music room. You decided to catch up in your book that you had left months ago.

You felt a pair of arms wrap under your head and your legs, lifting you from the couch. You wrapped your arms around his neck and snuggled into his chest as he carried you to your bed. He placed you down on the bed before moving to his side and joining you, covering both of you with the sheets.

You woke up to the feeling of Shawn’s fingers brushing over your cheek. You closed your eyes tightly before opening them to find your boyfriend watching you. “Good morning love,” he brought his lips to yours in a sweet, loving kiss. You snuggled into his chest. The two of you laid together for a while before you got out of bed.

You decided to grab a quick breakfast before going out. You had to go run a few errands that morning. You grabbed your keys from their hook on the wall before yelling a quick goodbye to Shawn, who was already in his music room.

You opened the door to the condo, placing your keys back on the hook and dropping all your bags on the floor. You didn’t hear Shawn in his music room, or watching tv. You peeked your head into your room to find him asleep on your bed. You smiled and grabbed your book and curled up on the couch, picking up where you left off the night before. It wasn’t much longer until you felt the couch dip next to you, Shawn’s head resting in your lap. You chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. “Hi sleepy head. Did you have a nice nap?”

He nodded his head and mumbled a quiet, “Can we just stay in tonight instead of going out to dinner? I just want to spend time with just you.”

You moved your book and looked down at him, “Of course babe.”

You got up to check the fridge for something to snack on and felt Shawn’s arms around your waist and a kiss on your shoulder. You turned your head and kissed his cheek before grabbing some leftovers to reheat for dinner.

You turned a movie on and settled into the couch, Shawn’s head back in your lap. You ate your leftover pizza and placed the plate back on the table since Shawn wouldn’t let you get up off the couch. You played with his hair as he watched you instead of the movie. He loved watching how you would smile during the happy parts, or when your eyebrows would furrow when you tried to follow the plot line in your head. He grabbed your hand from his hair and placed a kiss on your palm. You smiled down at him. You noticed he had been much more affectionate, this weekend, than he usually was.

“Shawn, can I ask you a question?” You looked down at him, his eyes had a twinkle in them from the lights on the ceiling shining down. He nodded his head. You studied his features, a look of absolute love on his face. “You’ve been really loving this weekend. Is everything okay? I mean, I know you are a very affectionate person when we are home anyway, but this weekend has been like a whole different Shawn.”

He smiled at you, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Of course everything is okay. I’ve just had a lot of time to think lately and I’ve just come to a realization. I’m working on new songs and the only thing that came to my head was you and how much I love you,” he sat up and brushed your hair out of your face. “I love you so much. I guess I never had time to sit down and really think about us. I see a future with you and that makes me so happy. I see us buying a house together and having kids together. I see us growing old together and being surrounded by our big family. I never want this to end with us. I love you too much. And I miss you like crazy when I’m not home. I hate knowing that when I’m gone, you’re by yourself with no one. And it makes my heart so happy to think that eventually when I leave on tour you won’t be alone and you’ll have a baby with you. And I just can’t stop thinking about how much I’m absolutely head over heels in love with you.” He rambled on and on. Your smiled was a mile wide.

“Shawn, that’s what I was thinking about yesterday. I can’t wait to have a family with you. I love you so much.” You grabbed the sides of his face and brought him to you. Your noses lightly bumped before your lips attached. You pulled away with a smile on yours lips.

This was the man who you were going to spend the rest of your life with and you couldn’t wait.

Theo taking pain away.

Okay, but think about it. Episode 18, Mason said to Theo “you can’t take pain if you don’t care.” What if that is a big set up for episode 20 were Theo learns to take pain because he actually cares about the person. Liam is the only person I can see Theo being able to take the pain away from someone. He’s the only one he really cares about, even if it admits it or not, he does care about Liam. Do you know how huge of a character development that will be for Theo? Liam changed Theo. It’s easy to see.

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Sorry for asking, but could you maybe draw Prince Sidon? I can see him in your style very well for some reason

Don’t be sorry! c:

BUT- OKAY, HOW IS IT that you people always have this lazer pointed accuracy for knowing/asking for what characters I like before I say I like them?!? Am I that predictable?! You know, actually I really am aren’t I. Never mind orz

Yes hello I….love Sidon. BotW has such good characters in general. I’ve loved the Gerudo and the Zora since Ocarina of Time and I think BotW really just got them perfect. So good. 

BTS Reaction: When You Wait Up For Them + Cuddles (Maknae Line)


He had been on a worldwide tour for months and he’s coming home tonight. You wanted to meet him at the airport but his flight was coming in so late, he told you to stay home and get some sleep. Right, like you could sleep at a time like this!

But when he walks through the door he finds you standing in the kitchen with your chin propped up on your palm and your eyes closed, slowly stirring honey into your cup of tea. You don’t even know he’s there until he walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. You jump, almost spilling your tea. 

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to sca-” he doesn’t get to finish what he’s saying as you spin around in his arms, squeezing him as tight as your sleepiness will allow.

He chuckles as he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed with you in his lap, and you just hold eachother for a while.

“I missed you so much,” you say with your face in the crook of his neck.

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When Tae called you to tell you he’d be late and to just go to sleep, you noticed in his voice that he was upset. So you stayed up, in case he wanted to talk. You were laying in bed with your favorite show on Netflix playing on your laptop when he came home. He saw you were awake but just went into the bathroom to take a shower. He looked exhausted.

You close your laptop and just lay on your stomach, waiting for him to finish washing up.

He comes out in pajamas, his hair still wet, and just crawls over you to lay down. He wraps his legs around one of yours and throws his arm over your back.

“Thanks for waiting up,” he mumbles into your neck, causing goosebumps to rise on your arms.

“You okay, Tae?”

“I am now.”

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No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep your eyes open. It’s so late and you had a long day at school, but you want to see your boyfriend.

You’re passed out on the couch when he comes home, arm thrown over your head and an open textbook in your lap. He’s so tired, he doesn’t bother washing up. He just walks to the couch and lays down, taking the book from your lap and replacing it with his head. It’s several hours before you stir and notice him. You stuggle to wake him up and get him to change. All you can get him to do is put pajama shorts on. Once you’re in bed, you snuggle together and don’t move a single muscle for the rest of the night.

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Okay but imagine if Joey and Jude ever met Jake. Like how would that go down?? I would love to see how that would go down

All I can imagine is them being surprised, but eventually leads to Joey punching Jake in the stomach and Jude is sorta like crying or panicking while trying to hold Joey back from attacking Jake

Then Jake is just holding his stomach, lying on the ground very confused of why he just got punched by a child who keeps calling him Pa.

Sorta feel like it would go down that way, but it would definitely end happy, for sure!

okay sooo

is anyone else noticing how all of taylor’s friends who have already listened to the album are absolutely praising it? joseph kahn said it was a monster, jaime king said it is really really good and called taylor “the baddest broad”.  i honestly dont know if this fandom is ready for this album and i just cant wait to see what taylor has in store for us.

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to go with Duke and Veronica dating: Mac, I don't think would allow Veronica to tell her what happened without reporting her. Duke, however, would be much more sympathetic, since the three bullied her too, and would actually allow Veronica to express her grief and not bottle it up. however, it would take Veronica awhile to get to the point where she was okay with telling Duke what happened, and she'd only start with Chandler and how it was an accident.

Ya Mac would for sure call the cops and I’m not saying Duke would be like WOW THATS SO COOL GOOD JOB but she wouldn’t call the cops or even break up with her I think, seeing as she literally praised Jesus when Chandler died, and was probably molested at least by one or both of the jocks (since they act like their rape tendencies aren’t a new thing)

au: Person A wears glasses. Person B goes to kiss their forehead, and when they pull away, A’s glasses are all fogged up, and A starts saying things like “Well great now I have to clean my glasses/thanks, thanks a lot!/dammit, my glasses!” While B just giggles.

“Hey Mrs. K, is Eddie around?” Richie said when Eddie’s mom opened the door.She was always filing her already stubby fingernails. “Uh huh. What do you need?” “Oh I just wanted to see how his arm was that’s all. Last time we hung out he hit it on my counter so I figured I’d stop by.” Mrs. Kaspbrak sighed deeply. “Yeah, give me a minute” she said. “Okay. Or I mean I can come inside if that-” She shut the door on him “s okaaayyy.” He let out a breath and put his hands in his pockets. He leaned back on his heels and looked around awkwardly while he was waiting.

On the other side of the door he heard Eddie say something like “YEAH MOM I KNOW”. Richie let out a small laugh. When Eddie finally opened the door he looked out into the distance. Richie let out another laugh, “Ahhh classic. What’s new Eds?” “What’s new? What does that even mean?” he asked Richie. “I mean… what’s new? What’s been going on dipshit? How’ve you been?” Richie said playfully tapping his non-injured arm.“I saw you yesterday.” “Ohhhh that was you? Sorry I completely mistook you for my other friend with a broken arm. Cause, ya know I’ve just got so many.” “Oh shut it Richie.”

“Seriously though, how are you? And your arm too?”

“Broken. This sucks. This is literally like… I don’t even know, but just the worst thing that could possibly happen to a kid on summer break. I can’t do anything. I tried to tie my shoe with one hand yesterday. Do you know how hard it is to tie your shoes with one hand Richie? Well I’ll tell you right now, it’s not easy. Oh my god and my-my mom is so irritating. She won’t even let me out of the house. Not to even go to the store with her! It’s like this stupid thing put me on house arrest!” He lifted his cast up in a quick motion and winced.

Richie looked down at Eddie shoes and back up to his face. “Yeah. That must suck. That big ole thing dragging you down all the time, making it hard for you to do anything. Oh yeah and the arm thing must be pretty shitty too, am I right?” he started to laugh and got a small smack on the arm by Eddie. “Wow. You know I wish Stan was here just so he could have rejected that high five you were gonna try to give him.” Eddie said back. Richie fake clutched his heart. “Ouch.”

Since Eddie couldn’t go anywhere, Eddie’s mom let Richie hang out with him in his room for a while. Richie plopped down on Eddie’s perfectly made bed and laid down. Eddie grabbed the comic book on his nightstand and sat down with his back against his bed. Richie turned his head toward Eddie and gasped. “The Amazing Spiderman! Ooh! I wanna read it too! Let me see!” he moved closer to Eddie and rested his head on Eddie’s shoulder. They sat and read the comic book and when they finished neither of them moved for a minute. They sat like that enjoying the silence. Eddie looked to his left and he saw that Richie was already looking at him. They stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Eddie leaned forward, taking Richie’s head off of his shoulder. He didn’t say anything, and he didn’t break their eye contact. Eddie was slowly turning red in the face because he wasn’t sure if he was going to regret this or not. He leaned forward and gave Richie a gentle kiss on the forehead. When Eddie stopped and they both opened their eyes, he noticed Richie’s glasses were foggy, but there was a huge grin on his face. “Damnit Eddie you fogged up my glasses.”

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I left my ex because he was emotionally abusive but on paper he seems perfect. Charming,funny, handsome, and he's a complete flirt and women love him. After I left I realized there was so much damage he inflicted on me I developed ptsd I went to therapy and he just seems to be fine and it makes me upset as to why I cant just stop living in the past. The way we broke up was so cold, if you were there to see how we were in the beginning.You would be shocked. I guess I want to know if i'll be okay.

first of all, im not a therapist, i wouldn’t take any of my advice for good, i’ve never experienced any extreme emotions of sorts. maybe start talking with one again? 
anyways, i’d stop beating myself up about it and maybe try to get to the idea of never being okay. and that progress might take a while and that’s okay too. 

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1,2, 4

Is a kiss considered cheating?

mmm it depends on the relationship and what the established boundaries are! cheating in itself is a complicated concept and in my opinion and experience it differs from partner to partner. and my own feelings on it differ from partner to partner as well, bc ive been in rly intensely monogamous relationships and much looser Things in which i was completely okay with a lack of exclusivity. jst depends on how youre feeling/who youre seeing and whatnot, and communication is key to all of this!!

Have you ever faked orgasm?

yeeeeeee but im super not proud of it. ffs don’t fake orgasms all it does is give ur partner a sense of achievement they havent earned, and also lets them get away with a lacking knowledge of your body and what you need in order to get off. sex doesnt have to be all about orgasms, but they are nice so dont do shit that will just decrease your chances of having one w your partner in the future and at the same time dont let anyone make u feel like u need to fake it in order for the sex u just had to have been good/successful (again, communication is key and a healthy relationship will involve understanding on this issue!) 

Do you think you are going to be rich in 7-8-9 years?

def not, gonna be in the throes of medical training and like a quarter million dollars in debt :-) 


Blake: So you brought company?

Zara: Well we were out and I just thought you guys might want to see him again and-

Adrian: Don’t worry about it sweetie! We’re always glad to have company!

Taylor: You have a lovely house, sir

Blake: >:((

Zara: Anyways, didn’t you tell me you had important news to tell me?

Adrian: Okay, you’re going to want to sit down for this

Zara:  I-I am sitting down¿? ¿? ¿? ¿?

Adrian: I’m pregnant!!

Zara: I’m gonna be a sister!!

Adrian: I’m so glad you’re happy about this!!

Zara: How could I not be? This is amazing news!!

SO, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO BED YOUR LORD? (and have his sidekick to hold the light there?)

Okay, I am still SALTY that we can only rank in one clan! GDI Voltage, I’ll pour my rage in your survey! (my rant is here if you wanna read why I am so salty about it).

If you think this format sucks too, don’t forget to let Voltage know in the battle survey!

But here I have compiled the ranking result of the pairs, from the least to the most popular. Let’s see how many bottles of celebration sake you need to give them so you’re drunk enough to have a sexy threesome shenanigan. I rank them based on the minimum amount you need to get into top 300.


you don’t even need to collect enough to get both loyalti prizes to get one of the ranking chibi pair.


This pair might be bottom two but the first rankers is way up there!


just 3 bottles of sake apart from Ieyasu and Mitsunari pair. Razor thin win.




(because who doesn’t want the Cinnamon Roll and Sinnamon Troll sandwich?

Even though the format is different (eeeerrgghhhhh F that!), the result is pretty consistent with the last Airan battle. I collated the numbers here.

Little bit of a frustrated rant…

Okay first of all people need to learn how to fucking tag properly. You don’t need to tag every single character and actor in the whole damn show on a post that’s about one or two characters. People go into tags to see content about that specific tag, that’s what tags are for! I don’t go into the Sansa Stark tag to see D@en€rys and J*n€rys content.

And also all the J*n€rys and D@ny stans that post hateful shit specifically in our tags can fuck right off. You can enjoy your own ship without being hateful little cunts 😁

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Like Father, Like Son



With the recent revelations about Jon’s parentage and “true name” on Game of Thrones, I’ve been seeing a lot of meta and hot takes on Rhaegar, and how being Jon’s father means this and that theory. How Jon is a king now because of all of this. How Jon is like Rhaegar in such and such way.

But let me clear something up for everyone. 

There is more to fatherhood than just blood, we all get that. I will however go a step further and say, if Ned had told Jon the truth, Jon would have forgiven him. 

After all, Jon made the exact same choice.

Don’t believe me? Look at how Jon hides away Dalla’s baby from Melisandre in AFFC. What does he do again…? Oh yeah! He has the child pretend to be someone else’s…

But even simpler than that point, is this one:

Ned Stark pretended to cheat on his wife and in some ways betrayed his best friend and newly crowned king… all for Lyanna.

Jon Snow made plans to attack Ramsaw Snow (never Bolton) at Winterfell and was stabbed as an oatbreaker by the Night’s Watch… all for Arya.

They were both honorable men. Men who worshipped oaths, who could make the hard-choosing, as Maester Aemon would say. 

Men who would always choose honor on the one hand over those they love. 

And they both tossed that honor away for the same reason: the little sister they loved so much.

Ned Stark is Jon Snow’s father and he always will be.

  • Peter: I swear, I'm going to put a hex on that asshat.
  • Stiles: I think I read something about how to perform a curse recently. Let me see if I can find it.
  • Derek: Stiles, don't encourage this vengeful behaviour.
  • Stiles: It's my favourite thing about him! Right next to his intelligence and sarcasm and planning abilities.
  • Peter: This is your way of trying to make up for saying that beauty is my only talent the other day, isn't it?
  • Stiles: I need to win back husband points, okay?
  • Peter: We're not married.
  • Stiles: And if I don't win back points, we never will be!

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I accidentally fell in love with Mineta since he's maturing as a character an have a soft spot for Perverted characters like him, but most people wouldn't hate on Mineta so badly if he was hot per-say. Look at more anime perverts and see how bland they are and compare them to the goofy and silly character traits of Mineta. I love this character because he has a CHANCE to change and can be molded into a useful character and even his own quirk has complete potential he doesn't know about!

If he changed his ways I’d be maybe okay with him, and if he got down in dogeza to beg for his life from the girls. I don’t like anime perverts in general, so for me it’s not just an issue of him himself not being a conventionally attractive character. And what’s more is that he’s not stupid; he knows what he’s doing is completely depraved and wrong, yet he, in the Hero course, keeps behaving in such unseemly ways. It’s really irritating to me.
Idk I’d you’ve watched the OVA, but in the first one he says something that really bothers me when he’s assigned to part of the hero team with Midoriya, Bakugou, and Uraraka, and Midoriya tells him off a bit in his own way.
I also don’t really think that other perverted characters in anime justify Mineta and his existence, or excuse his behavior. Sure, he has potential to change but since the end of term test arc (idk if you read the manga or not so I’ll keep it vague) he doesn’t actually change. He goes right back to being the nasty little shit that he is.