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The stars are screaming, Cas signs one warm night. He’s lying with Dean on one of the hills nearby their houses.

He has never been able to hear anything other than his own thoughts, but now, when he’s staring up at the stars, he swears he can feel their pain, the vibrations of it running through his body.

He has never been able to hear, but he’s certain that crying must sound just like this.

The stars are screaming, Castiel repeats after pointing at the night sky. They’re screaming like the universe is going to end.

Dean stares at him, surprised, and then signs, You can hear them?

The boy shrugs his shoulder. I think so.

They stop communicating soon after, too absorbed in the starry sky. Even though Cas isn’t looking at Dean, he knows the other boy is trying his hardest to hear the stars, too.

Dean’s mother dies a week later, and when Dean tries to stop his fingers from shaking to sign his friend what happened, Castiel knows immediately.

The stars were right to be crying so loud, he wants to say to Dean with his untrained, soundless voice. Dean’s eyes are too full of tears to see Cas talking, after all.

The stars screamed of worlds ceasing to exist and one of them has truly come to an end.

There wasn’t anything we could have done.
For a long time after you, I blamed myself for it and I know that you too, thought it was more about you and less about the fact that we were meant to be nothing more than mere moments and not lifetimes for each other.
And of course it hurt when we didn’t make it but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t love enough because I know we did. Because
sometimes I stand in the mirror and I can still see you staring back at me and I know that you too have days where you look at your hands, and all you see are mine and that’s okay.
We didn’t make it but we loved each other enough to try and hell did we try.
We tried to go against the universe although it had always had better people for us in store but we didn’t see it then, we believed that we were right for each other but now we both know how wrong we were about that.
It’s been two years now and I heard you’ve fallen in love again, and maybe it’s easier this time, to love and be loved and that only makes me happy, because the universe fulfilled it’s promise, she’s there and she’s yours.
—  She’s There and She’s Yours // thewordsyouneverunderstood

After Quincy played the “Man In The Mirror” demo for Michael, he called me from the studio and put Michael on the phone. Next I heard a soft, high-pitched “Hello—“ Okay, in my mind, I was screaming, “OH, MY GOD”! This is Michael Jackson! Talking to ME! See, every black girl my age, who grew up listening to the Jackson 5, had a ‘husband’ from the group picked out. My sister’s was Jermaine and mine was Michael. So, as far as I was concerned, I was now talking to my childhood ‘husband!’ Yeah, inside I was a mess, but my outward demeanor was as unflappable as an AT&T telephone operator. I calmly responded, “Hello, how can I help you?”

- Siedah Garrett


"See, that’s the problem. You don’t care about getting hurt. But you know how I’ll feel? I’ll be devastated. And if you die, I will literally go out of my freakin’ mind. You see, death doesn’t happen to you, Lydia. It happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives now without you in it?"

  • Regina:That's strange.
  • Henry:What?
  • Regina:This book is written too.
  • Henry:Oh yeah I uh don't think you're ready for it yet.
  • Regina:Henry if it's for Operation Mongoose I want to know.
  • Henry *sighs*:Okay just don't freak out?
  • Regina:I'll try.
  • Henry:It has a happy ending for you.
  • Regina *smiling*:That's brilliant Henry. Why would you not want me to see that?
  • Henry:Because I don't want you to see it, freak out and mess it up. It's not what you think it's going to be.
  • Regina:Just let me see.
  • *He slides the book over to show her a picture of her and Emma in wedding dresses kissing*
  • Regina:Is that me and Emma?
  • Henry:Yes.
  • Regina:How did it know?
  • Henry:What?
  • Regina:I've never told anyone how I feel about Emma so how did it know?
  • Henry *smiling*:Maybe true love really is the most powerful magic of all....so you love Emma. You're not freaking out?
  • Regina:No Henry I'm not.
  • Henry:So what do we do now to make this happen?
  • *Regina shuts the book before smiling at her son*
  • Regina:We just let it happen. I was shown a fate once before and I ran from it. I won't make that mistake. If Emma loves me back and I'm her happy ending then we'll find each other.
  • Henry:I hope so Mom.
  • Regina:Me too.

okay so I just tried to do eye shadow for the first time, and the experience was pretty much exactly like my entire experience with makeup, wherein I had no clue what I was doing but it turned out flawless anyway. 

my camera’s terrible quality so you can’t really see how perfect it is, but luckily, nothing- not even poor quality- can hide how pretty I am. aren’t you guys lucky.


You, sir, are illegal. (c)

asshole test: Am I an asshole?

I have a question. Am I an asshole if I don’t care about people being trans/gay/other than the “norm”? Like…I just don’t see it as special enough to be like “OMG GOOD FOR YOU I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!” like the other day my roommate told me she was a mtf and I was just like “…okay” and she got really upset with me and I don’t know why. I feel like that’s how it should be. They want to be treated like everyone else, then yeah that’s how it is. You don’t see people getting excited if someone is like “I have brown hair” “I have long eyelashes”. 

I mean, I understand that if they’re in an environment that isn’t very accepting, it’s a really big deal. But like…everyone in this building is super open minded so I just don’t see it as very…special I guess. I don’t know, I’m not saying they can’t be happy about I’m just saying like…you shouldn’t expect a grand reaction from someone like me who doesn’t see that as extraordinary.

I don’t want it to sound like I don’t care about them as people, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is like…okay so let me just tell you guys how it went down.

Her: hey, can I talk to you for a minute?

Me: sure, what’s up

Her: um…I don’t know how to say this and I don’t want you to get weirded out but…I’m transgender. I used to be a guy.



Her:…is that all you have to say about that?

Me: yeah

Her: … are you serious? like…are you actually fucking serious about that?

Me: yeah, what’s wrong with what I said? I just said okay? 

And then after that she just rolled her eyes and stormed out of the apartment saying she’d come back when I’m ready to talk.

I just want to know…what did I do wrong? I am willing to talk, I just don’t think we need to talk about that. She was born a male, transitioned and is living her life as a woman I don’t see what kind of amazing reaction I should have had?

If any of you could tell me what I might have done wrong here, that would be greatly appreciated.

alright, time to clarify! (I get a lot of hate for some reason… I guess people just don’t like me, but I can’t blame them that much.)

Hi, skell4, how are you. that’s great. you obviously wanted me to see this because you tagged me in it? please don’t swear at me.

okay, I know recently my posts about cisphobia have caused some anger among my followers, and I apologize for any misconceived offense to anyone of any gender. I understand that cisphobia is a ridiculous issue that is often overstated, and something that hardly deserves recognition in terms of importance. I also know that it is nearly non-existent, and entirely non-existent in the world outside of social media. however, I mentioned it because in Tumblr, I actually see it often, and I thought I would allude to its absurdity for only a few moments—mostly because of the number of younger Tumblr users who are degraded and disregarded of their opinions, simply because they are cis. I’m not using the classic “oh, that’s good, but what about cis people” trope, I’m just calling out this common disposition in Tumblr against cis users, particularly young ones (which bothers me, how do you think that would affect a twelve year old on Tumblr if they were cursed at for being cis and having an opinion?). I also mentioned it, because for every post about “inclusion” and “representation”, almost all of them reprimand cis people. and this bothers me, because why say things like “reblog less photos of cis girls”, when this completely counters your fundamental beliefs of inclusion and feminism. I know it’s a tiny issue, one that doesn’t exist in the real world, but one that does exist on Tumblr. so, yeah, that’s why I mentioned it for 0.2 seconds. I’m sorry.

but to clarify on other things:

  • I never said it was a “huge problem”. I know it hardly matters, I just wanted to call out on it for a second or two.
  • I mostly mentioned it due to the chastisement of younger cis Tumblr users, which could easily damage them personally at a young age when being introduced to social platforms such as Tumblr. 
  • It’s not whether I “believe in it” or not, it’s not terms of beliefs, its how many times a person has been disregarded purely for their gender.

And I do not believe that bisexuality and pansexuality is the same thing. I don’t know where you got that idea (probably from my about?). I mention that I am “bi/pan”. What I meant by that, is that I am currently confused about my sexuality, and trying to figure it out. I am still attempting to discover myself, and am prospecting between the ideas of both sexualities (ones that I could easily be). 

I know very well what the definitions of both those sexualities are. don’t speak of me as if I am uneducated or naive. I’m not.

I hope in the future you can send me a message and we can talk about this privately without swearing at each other. Please don’t post rude things about me publicly.

I’m sorry if I made anyone else angry or feel excluded. have a good day/night, everyone

Okay, a few words about TG root A. I hate seeing Touka’s experiences. I hate seeing Tsukiyama’s tears. I hate seeing how Kaneki’s friends has been excluded from his life… I hate seeing stuff like that. It literally sits on my mind for the longest time and makes me feel awfully sick. Really sucks.
Sorry, I have so many thoughts that i want to share with the world, so this was one of them


Last night I spent a chunk of time talking about the Outers’ perspective on all this (as I see, at least) and that while I think their methods are crap, I don’t think their objective with all this is unreasonable. (See also here, here, and here.) The point of course being that really the Outers are just shitty at diplomacy, and I love that this is exactly what Usagi calls out. That the Outers only want the (potentially very dangerous) Starlights to keep the fuck back until they get answers is a smart call, but Usagi is completely right when she says OKAY BUT HOW ABOUT WE ACTUALLY TALK TO GET THOSE ANSWERS INSTEAD OF THREATENING TO BASH EACH OTHER’S FACES IN.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m so taken by how PISSED Usagi is in this scene. This is a side of her that we just don’t get to see very often, and I love that her frustration has built to this point. There are so any little glimpses throughout Stars of Usagi growing and adjusting and trying to figure out how she and her values can fit into this world. That Usagi struggles sometimes only makes her victories mean that much more.

She was FURIOUS with Nehellenia, but found it in herself to respond with compassion.

She didn’t want Mamoru to leave, but made the hard decision anyway to let him go. Then all of her ways since of dealing with the lack of contact. While I personally feel she’s going about it the wrong way, by denying herself and her emotions (which is the exact opposite thing Usagi should do), I think it’s important for her to be exploring those avenues, even if she comes to the conclusion that they aren’t for her.

Her acceptance in the softball episode (again sadly I can’t link, TUMBLR I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU) where she admits that maybe she CAN’T always catch the ball and save the day, but that she’ll always always try.

And this. The Outers represent the cold hard reality. They aren’t wrong. That’s what I love about the function of the Outer Senshi. Their methods may be questionable, but what drives those actions isn’t unreasonable. However it’s in stark contrast to the solutions Usagi so desperately wants.

It’s in that conflict that Usagi and the Inners’ ideals are truly tested. It’s one thing to hope for a happy ending when the happy endings are always there waiting for you at the end of the story. It’s another thing entirely to have to believe in that happy ending so much, no matter what, no matter who challenges it, that you won’t ever stop fighting to make it happen.

It means so much to me that Usagi is being truly tested this season, that she’s being frayed and worn down. But that even as she has to shift and adjust and learn and, yes, grow up a little, still she refuses to give up.

spleenlatifah asked:

Here's my two-cents on the Nephilim legendary errata matter. Commander is a casual format designed to be a CASUAL format, if your Commander group says it's okay, you should be able to run the Nephilim as legendary creatures. I don't really see the need for an errata! Also, how are you, Mark?

Yes, your group can make any house rules you want.

I’m doing great. GDC is fun.

everyworldneedslove replied to your post “So in love with Tiny Steve fic right now. It made me realise, I may be…”

…huh, okay, i’m looking forward to seeing how you tackle CA2 with bucky and sam both already part of steve’s established crew. i mean, yeah, wider political enemy blah, but the heart of CA2 was the emotional impact of the winter soldier.

Well, it won’t be the same movie, that’s for sure :D I’m focusing more on the Hydra-as-SHIELD element of it in terms of what Steve will be dealing with.

I’m considering working in some kind of event where Bucky is taken and fitted with the arm — possibly by Hydra, possibly even by the Chitauri somehow. I gotta work on it, but I want Bucky to get his arm.

The more I rewatch the Walking Dead episodes the more hilarious I find that I was worried about Jessie. 

More shit I’ve noticed in The Distance:

-They squabble like a married couple in LOVE.

-Michonne caring about where Judith grows up.

-When Michonne states her case to the group to go to ASZ, Rick isn’t pissed.  I think he is in awe at the strength and determination of Michonne to save this group.  Like look at his face.  This was him not to long ago before he found the prison.

-Then how Rick looks at Michonne when she gets in Aaron’s ass about him not driving. 

-Rick looking at Michonne with the “follow me now” look leaving the barn.

-The “you okay?” and the “I’m gonna see” That whole thing reads I’m doing this for you babe. 

-They lose Glenn, but not each other. #hearteyes

-Literally everyone is in the RV except Michonne and his kids. #family #ifwegetseperatedwearestilltogether I mean Daryl could’ve rode with them,  Noah, Father Gabriel. #Nothirdwheels please #privacy

-The “When to let someone in” comment is said to Michonne purposefully. Because immediately after he says “the rules keep changing” and she says “they did for me.” Yeah, they’re subbing all over the place.  I think what she is saying to him, how it was before.  How he could never touch her again, the rules done changed Mr. Grimes. get to touching. Cue handgrab scene.

Jessie isn’t relevant. Michonne is wife and you are plot device. I can’t wait for Sunday for more material for me to over analyze. 

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Hey so I guess you seem pretty good with advice right?? Well I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and I love him. But sometimes it seems like he doesn't try as much in our relationship anymore. I'll see him say hi to other girls and have long conversations with them, but when it's me I only get a hey or a comment on how my clothes are too revealing for his liking. Even when we text, every other word he says is "okay". I just don't know what to do about it. I feel ignored.

Okay first of all he has no right to comment on your body and what you’re wearing like that. Absolutely none.

Second of all, if you’re not getting what you need out of a relationship, you need to talk about it. Bring it up to him. You shouldn’t have to “earn” attention from him. Y’all should be partners, an effective team. And if something isn’t going right, then you fix it. So I’d say try to talk to him about how you’re feeling, see what he has to say, and then feel it out from there.

But really though the “too revealing for his liking” bit made me want to throw up in my mouth. He doesn’t own you.

Fanfic writers in fandoms set in modern Japan, please learn this and learn it well: 

  1. The minimal age of consent is 13. 
  2. There are laws protecting individuals under 18, but which make exceptions for (quoting the wikipedia article) “sincere romantic relationships”.
  3. The minimum age for marriage with parental consent is 16 for for girls and 18 for boys. The minimum age for marriage without parental consent is 20, for men and women both. 
  4. An explanation of child labor laws that I don’t feel like paraphrasing.
  5. The cultural “coming of age” threshold is at 20 years old. 

To clarify and to put in perspective: A seventeen-year-old could NOT be hired at a soapland. A seventeen-year-old COULD have sex with their twenty-year-old sweetheart. An eighteen-year-old estranged from their parents CANNOT get married to someone their parents won’t approve of. 

Please stop writing fics where eighteen is the landmark age and they do it for the first time (and they should wait until marriage, but it’s okay because they love each other so much) please stop please stop your cultural illiteracy is showing

it’s like okay basically here’s how it goes

  1. awwwww cute!! = i like it
  2. AW A BAB = i like it a LOT
  3. OH WHAT A DUMB NERD = REALLY like it, getting pretty excited

C: Can you take me to Miare City as well?
S: What’s this about, Citron?
C: I will go on ahead and go straight to Miare City.
S: In that case, we’ll also…

Alright guys, you mind if I vent…

Okay so, it’s really kind of starting to bother me how Citron seems to doubt himself so much. He never gives himself enough credit, and is consistently comparing himself to Satoshi. I realize Satoshi inspires him, and basically gives him that confidence boost to be even better, but there’s ultimately a lot more to Citron that he doesn’t see, yet and I mean, he’s done so much for Pokémon and people already and all at a young age, and if that’s not considered impressive then I don’t know what is. Even so, I’m just hoping that this gym battle will do him some justice with having him open his eyes a little bit. He wants to be the best Gym Leader he can be and that alone comes with him also wanting to prove that Satoshi’s fifth gym badge won’t be so easy to get. Honestly, episode XY067 can’t come fast enough because I am very anxious to see the strategy Citron conjures up that he thinks will be enough to fulfill their promise.

And although I’m secretly hoping Citron will do just that and win, I still admire how determined Satoshi is. He’s still sticking true to who he is and how he goes into a battle, and is just remaining psyched, optimistic, and fired up like he usually is. Apparently, that boy just has this charm about him that Gym Leaders can’t get enough of therefore, Citron is no different than Kasumi, Takeshi, and Dent. Needless to say, it made me happy to see Citron working so hard for when Satoshi finally arrives for his match, and regardless of whom ends up as the victor of this battle, I’m sure it won’t disappoint, nor will anything change. Citron will still aspire to be strong just like Satoshi and follow his example regarding his tenacity, and Satoshi… well, he’ll still be that same kid supporting him and saying, ‘Science is so amazing!’ which I’m sure Citron doesn’t get enough of hearing, haha.

All in all, Citron deciding to go on ahead without them to train and prepare was a smart move on his part along with leaving Eureka behind in the trust and hands of Serena, though I’m just glad they’re both looking forward to it because I know I am.