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It's such a gross double standard that same sex ships are the ones seen as mental and delusional. No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended. No one even cares that fans ship Harry with themselves (which is awkward and weird as fuck)

“No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended.”

BTS - Born To Save ARMYs

Since the 4th year anniversary of BTS is approaching, I wanted to do a write up on how BTS has positively influenced millions of people around the world and most importantly mine.I have been an ARMY for over an year almost now and I can’t imagine how I would have hurdled the difficulties without BTS. I knew many ARMYs would think likewise.I am staying thousands of miles away from my family and friends, and this world isn’t easy for introverts. Being a hyper introvert, I found it difficult to get on with the daily aspects of my life. what may seem as a  regular chores to others felt like a worst nightmare to me. However, my only salvation was BTS, Precisely, their music made me feel that it’s okay to be who you really are, The thing which makes BTS really stand out is their bold approaches to address social stigmas and speak out the unspeakable issues. Pretty much every music you listen is all about love, relationships and heartbreaks or ideas pertaining to what can lead you to joyous carefree life. But you and I know that life is beyond those fanatic illusions. It is about suffering, fighting yourself and the world. The agony is never ending. All we need is a streak of light to be shone on us to make us believe in ourselves and to keep moving forward. BTS did that. They made me believe in me and to fight for myself. I can never be grateful enough for the impact that they had on my life and for giving me the WINGS to fly beyond this horizon. Thank you so much lads:)

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From their debut song which boldly criticize the prejudices and social oppression on young fragile minds to winning Billboards award a week back, they deserve every dime of it.

I am including some of the iconic wins of BTS which have had an impact on their career and also on us, ARMYs.

Started as rebels who settles for nothing but success,

Happy tears moment,

The era which was flooded with sophisticated fan theories and ARMYs lost their peace of mind in figuring out what’s been BTS upto!

A walk down the memory lane. *intense feels*

Least did they know that their life ahead is full of these moments!

A new era begins.

The rest is history.

Thank you with all of my heart, Rap monster (Kim Nam Joon),Jin (Kim Seok Jin), Suga (Min Yoon Gi), J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok), Jimin (Park Ji Min), V (Kim Tae Hyung) and Jungkook (Jeon Jung Kook) for existing.

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A Letter to Black Men

This Kenneka Jenkins story is really pulling on my heart’s strings. I hope her family finds justice, and RIH baby girl. I also want to address men: A lot of you are telling women what they should do when really you need to be addressing your “home boys”. Those women who were at that party, honestly, aren’t at fault. It’s the MAN’S FAULT who felt so ENTITLED to that WOMAN that he found it OKAY to RAPE and MURDER her. The problem with a lot of men, especially black men, is the contradictory, fragile, already broken masculinity that we were handed. We were taught: “Boys don’t play with Barbies YET WE TREAT WOMEN LIKE THEM.” You know what I mean, we disregard their emotions, aspiration, and in totality their being; then, we reduce them to sexual objects that can be easily made happy with materialistic objects, or, when trying to stroke our own egos, our penises. The problem with this is we have perpetuated a rape culture, and overall culture, that’s unsafe for women. Honestly, women should be able to roam Times Square naked, drunk as hell, and feel safe; However, they can’t even roam down Times Square in a turtle naked tipsy without fear, paranoia, or anxiety being attached to the cat calls they received. We as men feel so safe, comfortable, and entitled to women we catcall or put their lives in danger, often times to prove points to our masculinity to our “boys”, that we don’t even take into account how we make women feel. Think about it: If a man catcalled you? How would you feel? You’d probably say: “I ain’t with that gay shit,” while thinking “what makes him think he can do that to me?” He’d probably lose your respect and you’d be ready to fight, even kill, to protect your fragile ass “masculinity,” because you gotta prove to yourself or your boys that you ain’t with the gay shit. Could you imagine not being able to protect the space that you deserve? To have to go as far as giving a fake number, then hope he doesn’t call it in front of you, just so you can make it back home SAFELY? Or even thinking that if you TURN HIM DOWN and DEMAND RESPECT THAT YOU DESERVE, “Will I make it home SAFELY?” We felt so ENTITLED TO WOMEN that when Kenneka Jenkins died we didn’t immediately say MEN WE HAVE TO STEP IT UP. We can’t treat women like SEXUAL OBJECTS, we have to start ACKNOWLEDGING the TOTALITY OF THEIR BEING, LOVE, SUPPORT, and TREAT THEM ALL AS OUR EQUAL. You know what we said: Develop better strategies to protect yourself from men because we aren’t the problem, your strategies are. Truth be told there shouldn’t be a need for women to have a buddy system; however, there is a need for us to look at what we’re taught, question it, and correct it. On the behalf of ALL MEN, WOMEN, I APOLOGIZE AND SOME OF US HEAR AND SEE YOU. LOVE YOU.

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Hello. I just want to say I'm sorry for that Fat M!A I sent to you that started all this mess.

“Oh. Dear it’s alright. I have had fun in my state. It is quite all right. You did not mean any intentional harm from it and I believe others know that too.“

M!A 10 /10


(( Alright, I was going to answer this privately. However three small but important things made me reconsider it. and i will explain why…

One: This whole M!A started because it started with this blog. During his apology, he explained how this whole thing was begun with him sending the anon M!A to this blog to which I was very content with answering. I did not take this as offensive at all. However after which he went a little far and thus what happened; happened. Thus i felt like to address this with Aldonza publicly would be the best option.

Two: This whole thing was addressed publicly, therefore important showing the positive and negative aspects of what could have happened is the best. Period. I have witnessed firsthand what out of line internet interactions and awkward harassment has done to people and to fan-bases. Guys; it is not pretty. people get hurt whether intentional or not. The fact that it went as far as it did is a godsend because right after the first concerns of this M!A ask was posted from another blog, This user stopped, opened up and apologized. THAT HONESTLY NEVER HAPPENS. That is HUGE. People were talking and expressing their concerns and their viewpoint on this and it was heard and was addressed. This is a community that wants to be in a healthy environment to interact with people and to express. So to be able to witness how everything went down in a manner that didn’t cause an out right freak out with harm being done is a blessing. 

Three: Forgiveness. It stared here and I want it to end here. I know people who had expressed their concerned were very forward about how uncomfortable it was to receive a M!A. However M!A situations like this are not always handled as peacefully as this was. There are people out their who might be getting M!A’s or comments on a daily basis who might not have anyone to address their concerns to. Or worse, are being harassed by the people who they turn to for help and never admit their wrongs or stop. So I just wanted for those to be aware of how serious this could have gone without getting explicit. And also for those who got this M!A from him * … or her, not sure on who the gender this user is since I don’t personally know, so just go with it*  It’s okay, He didn’t mean any harm from it. An apology was publicly made. And if you are dealing with M!A fat related asks that are a bit late. I wouldn’t take offence to that, some people might not have heard of the fiasco that happened. So if all of you are still if’y over this still. Stop. It done. And if not. It should be ended here. Please.

I know this is a whole lot of reading to get through but I felt like this really needed to be addressed even if I am late on it due to time constraints in my life. So I hope you all know where I am coming from when I say to take this as a positive, because this whole thing was dealt with so much better than what I have seen; especially since it is the internet. Bless you all. - mun))


“The mailman constantly mixes up your home address and mine together and keeps on sending me your letters and packages and I’m sorry I look through them but your life seems very interesting as well as those books on black magic in one of your packages so wanna talk about it over a cup of coffee?” AU.

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W Tim


“It happened again.” You sighed as your neighbour opened his door. He looked like a zombie and you honestly sympathised.

You often heard him moving around at 4am and you figured he must crash around 6am and he woke up around 1pm. Just in time for your shift to finish. If that wasn’t enough for your friends to sing song that was fates way of telling you that your crush was meant to be, your mailman happened to keep mixing your addresses and kept giving you each others mail.

“Yeah.” he said as he yawned and stretched. As he stretched you kept your eyes focused on the window behind him as his shirt raised with his movements. You moved your eyes to his mail you held in your hands and cringed as you realised you should of changed your clothes first, but you were not only excited to see him but also to get your mail.

“Actually. Can we talk over some coffee?” He asked as he studied you, like he was almost concerned or investigating your reaction.
“Oh! Sure.” You nodded with a smile and followed him inside. You had been inside before but it was still exciting.
As you sat on his couch, and ran your fingers across the fibres as he poured coffee for the both of you. You placed his mail stack that you were holding, onto the table infront of you
“Milk yes?”
“Uh huh.” you smiled at him “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” He yawned again “I have something to confess.”
You watched him approach you and put the coffees on the coasters on his coffee table and he pulled out a cardboard box from under the table.

Your face blanched as you realised it had been opened
“I’m sorry, i did it again. I think it’s a bad habit that i just open them and then  it’s like i’m reading a book that i couldn’t put down. Like when your aunt was getting married.”
“It’s fine, but i should absolutely get even and start reading yours. You could even pay me and it’ll be a much better job than the coffee shop.” You giggled.
“But then how would i get those coupons you get to take home?” He grinned and you felt comfortable “Anyway it was - i don’t remember what time but i accidentally  opened it and before i realised it was for you, i noticed there were um.” he continued nervously. You could see  the worry etched in his face as he chose his approach carefully “Black magic books.”

“Tim i-”
“Look if this is what you’re into then great but just please be careful okay?”
“No listen, seriously, i know people who take it very seriously and you need to okay?” He continued growing frustrated
“Tim.” You felt like rolling your eyes but here he was trying to care for you
“Please promise me. I just … i really care about you okay?” he confessed and you could feel your heart jump but you just wanted to yell at him.
“TIM.” you groaned in frustration “It’s nothing i ordered, or intend to use.”
You picked up the box to see if the box contained anything else but all you saw were more books containing bookmarks.
Looking at the address you confirmed your suspicions it was from the friend who was convinced that Tim was the one for you.

You dreaded to think what they had bookmarked for you as you found a note with  a winking face on it.
“It’s from my friend who’s trying to convince me, to make a move on this guy i like.”
“Oh. So you’re not-” he sighed in relief but you couldn’t help but notice that there was a sadness in his eyes.
“I don’t know the slightest thing about spells.” You smiled reassuringly “Except for Sabrina the teenage witch and Bewitched which are national treasures.” You continued with passion laced in your voice.
“That explains your black cat then.” he chuckled and you grinned in response
“Just a happy coincidence.”

“So Bewitched huh?” He spoke up after silence fell between you “I never actually watched it, is it good?”
“Oh good god, how have you lived?” you asked stunned “I even learnt to wiggle my nose like Samantha”
“Perhaps you could show me?” He asked shyly suddenly
“Sure, i’d love to share the thing i love with the guy i care about.” You smiled at him and you could of sworn he had blushed. “Your place or mine?”
“Here is fine.” he smiled as you stood up but it quickly got replaced with a confused look. “What are you doing?”
“I was going to get the necessary tapes to put you under my spell.” You giggled wiggling your nose.

He waited until you had left before he grinned and sipped his coffee “you already have.”

idk i really need to make a post addressing this

okay so i’ve been seeing posts about people saying how haru was inconsiderate to rin and stuff like that but NO. HE WAS NOT. 

like put yourself in haru’s shoes. everyone was pressuring him and pushing him to do something he didn’t truly want, and so at that moment he just broke. he felt so much pressure to meet everyone’s expectations that he just  lost the true reason why he wanted to swim, his love of the water and being free just disappeared under the pressure he was receiving.

and he wasn’t being rude to rin, haru still wants to swim with rin, but he doesn’t want to be pushed into going pro, especially not by someone he’s so close with, so he only shouted at rin to get his true feelings out. this scene just made it clear how human he is, no one’s perfect and under all that pressure anyone would crack, so haru just couldn’t take it at that moment. and don’t get me wrong, i still love rin and i’m so glad he showed how much he cares for haru, but at that moment haru just needed some space and that’s why he lashed out.

EDIT: so i’ve been getting anon asks saying that i’m against rin or asking about why i don’t support rin, and LEMME JUST CLARIFY: I AM NOT AGAINST RIN AT ALL. like i said before i still love him, i was basically just trying to address those hating against haru. i totally understand where rin was coming from when he got upset at haru but i’m just saying you shouldn’t hate on haru. i also honestly don’t think haru was too harsh bc being the quiet person he is haru is the type to keep it all in to himself, so when rin confronted him, he finally just snapped. and even after haru snapped i think rin saw his pain and somewhat understood and that’s why he was a bit shaken. honestly i could go on forever but i just wanted to make myself clear for all the anons i’ve been getting LOL