okay i really do have to write that essay now

Dealing With Ship Hate

“I ship (not something you ship).”
Ah, ok.
“So I really don’t ship (your ship).”
Um…sure. Ship and let ship, I guess.
“Like, I dont know why people even ship it!”
…no need to be rude, friend.
“*openly blasting their ship out*”
Yeah, I do that too so it’s okay–
“*openly comparing their ship to your ship and concluding yours is worse*”
Hey, hold on now–
“*writing essays on why their ship is better*”
Okay, you dont need to be that rude–
“*writing essays on why your ship is bad*”
Wow, okay you’re an asshole. Block. Ignore.
“I really hate that ship its my NOTP no one should ship it!!!”

  • Me: Okay, I should really just get on and write this essay. I've got it all planned out, I just have to write the damn thing.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Yeah, okay, but how about we do this other thing first. Then we'll get to writing it up. It won't take long.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, I guess it's early enough.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Or you could just do it now and get it over with.
  • Me: It's fine. It's totally fine. I can get to it later.
  • Anxiety: It's kind of not fine, though. Let's freak out a little.
  • Me: Okay, maybe I should do it...
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Orrrrrrr you could do this other thing you've been putting off.
  • Me: Well, that does need to be done, and I do still have a couple of weeks before this essay is due.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Omg, just do the fucking essay already. It'll take you, like, two hours, tops.
  • Me: Two weeks! It's fine.
  • Anxiety: This is definitely not fine.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, maybe doing it would be good.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: You know what you haven't done in a while? Laundry. Do you even have clothes to wear tomorrow?
  • Me: Well, I do need clothes...
  • Sensible part of my brain: Okay, that does need doing, but then straight back onto this essay!
  • Me: It's fine, I'll get to it.
  • Anxiety: That's it! I've had enough! This is an attack! An attack of anxiety!
  • Me: Okay, okay, sheesh! I'll do the damn essay.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: No! Two weeks, remember? Two whole weeks!
  • Me: I'll just do the introduction to shut anxiety up... Hey, this is way easier than I thought it would be...
  • Anxiety: Oh thank god.
  • Me: Why do I feel like I'm about to pass out all of a sudden?
The bad boy and the good girl PT 1

Request: A Kol Au where he’s just a regular teen in high school and he’s like the bad guy you should stay away from but the reader (who is a goody too shoes and teachers pet) starts to like him and idk how you’re gonna do this but they end up sleeping together. 

SORRY I DIDN’T POST THIS WEEK. I HAVE SCHOOL AND I JUST LAY CRYING ALL DAY. Please tell me if you like it and/or want a part 2 

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 I had never done anything bad. I got straight A’s. never handed in and assignment late. Never broke a rule. But that all change the day i met Kol Mikaelson. I knew who Kol was but i never talked to him. Mostly because we never met. He was our high schools bad boy and i was the good girl. Kol would walk around him his normal black cloths talking to every girl possible where as i would walk around in my normal black jeans and white shirt trying to be invisible, not talking to any living human. That is besides my best friend Davina Claire. 

“Hey girly.” Davina called from her locker. I walked over to her already uncomfortable with how many people were around her. She was the most popular girl. Every guy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her. Davina and i met because of our mothers. They were friends when they went to high school so it was inevitable that Davina and i became friends.

 “Hey” i said quietly. Most of the people left giving Davina and a i little space. We started talking about stupid stuff like grades, homework and how much we hated our teachers.

“There’s a party tonight wanna come.” she asked me. Davina always tried to get me to go with her to these kind of parties but i always said no. i felt uncomfortable around all the popular people. It’s not like i had anything in common with them. But this time i felt like going.

 “Yeah. sure i’ll come” i said taking Davina by surprise. “I’ll come over at like 7” i said walking away from her when the bell rang indicating it was time for the next period. English. I walked into the classroom and sat in the corner hoping i didn’t have to speak up even though i knew the answers. 

“Okay class. You had a essay about narcissism due today. Did anybody not reach 10 pages.” Mr. Jensen asked. I laughed to myself. 10 pages was nothing. I had to make mine shorter. But to my surprise there was one person who raised his hand. Kol Mikaelson.  

“How come you didn’t reach 10 Mr. Mikaelson” Mr. Jensen asked him with a long sigh at the end.

 “I would lie and say that i didn’t have time to finish it but you know me well enough to know i didn’t want to” Kol who sat besides me said. I rolled my eyes at the excuse if you could even call it that. “Something bothering you love” Kol asked me. I felt heart rise to my cheeks. I didn’t know how to answer him. For once i decided to do something i never did. Be bold.

 “No nothing. It’s just surprising how a person who has two weeks to write something decides to ignore the task they were given.” i said. I felt even worse after that. I should have kept my mouth shut. But to my surprise Kol started smiling. ‘

“What’s your name” he asked with a smirk on his face. 

“Y/N” i said quietly. 

“Well nice to meet you i’m Kol i think we’ll get along well” he said. I smiled at him before i heard Mr. Jensen clear his throat.

 “Well since you seem to be very fond of miss Y/L/N i give you both a challenge. Y/N you are one of the best students in this school and Kol you… well you show up that has to count for something” he said making the class laugh a little and making Kol give him a cold look. “I want you Y/N to help Kol write this essay. Miss Y/L/N i’m sure you’ll do it without anything in return because you’re again a good student but for you Mr Mikaelson. Write this essay and don’t annoy Y/N and i’ll let both of you out of the test we are having next thursday” 

“You got yourself a deal Dennis” Kol smirked. I didn’t really need saving from the test but then again who likes tests. 

“It’s Mr. Jensen to you” Mr. Jensen corrected Kol before continuing with his lesson. After he was done telling us about the test that i could possibly get out of the bell rang and people started packing their things. 

“Okay i have math now and i know you do too. After that we will go to my house and finish your essay” i said to Kol while packing up my things. I tried avoiding his eyes but it was kinda hard when he gave me a disbelieving look. 

“It’s friday. You wanna do homework on a friday.” he complained. I looked at him really taking in his appearance. He wasn’t unattractive. But i couldn’t go there. He probably didn’t think i was pretty and he’s not really a good influence. 

“Yes come on. I have to go to a party at 7 but from 3 to 6:30 i am all yours” i told him before walking to math. Math was probably my least favorite subject. I knew what they were telling and it’s not like it was interesting. Luckily math seemed to go by quickly and before i knew it i was back at my locker.

 “Hey” Kol said behind be making me jump and all my books fall out of my hands. I bucked down to pick them up and so did Kol. “Sorry i didn’t mean to scare you” he laughed. 

“It’s okay” i said. When i got all my books back into my locker i turned back to him. He smirked at me making me blush. Out of the corner of my eye i saw Davina looking at me with a shocked expression. I couldn’t blame her i don’t really talk to a lot of people. “Hey you have a car right. Meet me out there i’ll just be a second.” i said after shutting my locker. He nodded and walked away. I turned slightly to see him leave but right as i turned back around Davina was in my face. “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL DUDE DO YOU HAVE TO SNEAK UP ON ME” i yelled. 

“What the hell are you doing with the bad boy” she asked me completely ignoring my question.
“Nothing he’s a nice guy. Our teacher said i have to help him write his essay and if it was above an A he would let both of us out of the test next week” i explained.

 “Look i know him a little and i have heard things. Please be careful dude. He’s not the type of guy you’re just friends with” she said walking away from me. 

“What do you mean…. Davina. DUDE” i yelled after her but she kept walking. I walked out the front doors to be with the sight of Kol in his black car waiting for me. I opened the door and sat besides him. He started driving without me even telling him where i live. “How do you know where we are going” i asked. 

“I asked around about you.” he said like it was nothing. When he noticed my shocked expression he continued talking  “Yeah well i needed to know some stuff about you. All i got was that you were Davina Claire’s best friend so i went to some of her friends and they gave me your address and said that you weren’t the type of person they enjoy hanging around and they only do it because of Davina so i punched them” he explain while driving into the driveway.

“YOU PUNCHED THEM FOR THAT.” i yelled. “People say waaaaay worse things about me. The only reason they don’t like me is because i don’t drink and party every weekend” i said. I didn’t really care if they didn’t like me. I didn’t like them either. “I like you. I like how you don’t care. Hey i know how you feel people say stuff about me too” he said. I sat on one end of the couch and Kol sat at the other “Just because i drink more than them and get high from time to time people like to judge too” he said. I was surprised to hear him being so open about his drug and alcohol use. 

“Anyway… what’s your genre” i asked him while pulling out a notepad for me to write ideas on.

 “Uhmmm. I don’t know.” he said with no care in the world. I sighed. “What i’m not a born writer” he complained.

 “It’s fine. How about you write about a boy who thinks he’s better than anybody else so he doesn’t do his homework… i think mr. Jensen would love it” i said sarcastically. Kol rolled his eyes at me. “Okay fine. A girl. She is the most popular girl ever and she starts to love herself more than she loves her family and friends” i said hoping it was fine 

“Is that fine with you since it clearly based on your best friend”

“IT’S NOT BASED ON DAVINA. SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU DON’T KNOW HER OKAY I DO AND SHE DOES CARE. SHE CARES ABOUT EVERYONE” I yelled in his face. I got really defensive when it people talked bad about Davina 

“I do know her… we used to sleep together” 

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It's 3am, I'm currently trying to finish my 2nd to last assignment for my masters degree. I have 4 hours until I have to get ready for a full day at work (after my lovely all nighter essay writing). I am really struggling, I have broken down three times. Any motivational words or love or encouragement would be so helpful right now 😭😭😭😭

It’s okay to have a breakdown (or three). Let it out. We all process dress differently, and yours may be to breakdown and cry. But once it’s out, take a breath, drink some water, and write three SMALL tasks that you need to do. Then do them. Rinse, repeat. 💗💗💗💗💗 You can do this. To come this far toward a Masters makes you a total badass.

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Hi, could I request a JB scenario where he's your boyfriend and you tell him he's adorable, but he keeps insisting that he's not?

“Jagiya~” Jaebum cooed as he motioned you to come over. Typing your last sentence up on your laptop, you jumped off of the kitchen counter chair and towards the living room where your boyfriend was leisurely watching television.

“Yah,” you whined as you adjusted your bun at the top of your head, “I’m writing an essay for class tomorrow and I’d rather not be distracted.”

Jaebum lied down on the couch and looked up to you. “But you’re all the way over there~” He whined as he jokingly flailed his arms and legs. “The least you could do is join me on the couch.”

You sighed. “Fine fine fine,” you uttered in defeat. “But you can’t distract me, alright? This is really an important class.”

He nodded as he shooed you to fetch your laptop. As you came back to the couch with your electronic essay, he sat up properly and patted the cushion next to him with a smile.

You smiled back as you sat down next to him. As you propped your laptop on your lap and were about to type, Jaebum rested his head on your shoulder as his hand rubbed your thigh. You raised a brow at his hand action. “I swear, I wasn’t initiating anything!” he said panicking. “I just— knew I couldn’t hold your hand while you were typing so I just— put my hand on your leg?” 

He smiled his cheeky little smile as you laughed at him. “Jaebum, you’re too cute.”

He lifted his head from your shoulder and glared at you. “I’m— what?”

“Cute,” you repeated. “You know— ‘cute,’ ‘adorable,’ ‘cuddly,’—”

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Jaebum interrupted you. “I am the chic leader of a boy group that masters in martial arts and tricking and you’re calling me cute?”

You placed your laptop on the coffee table in front of you before turning to him. “Well you’re also my sweet and lovable boyfriend that is really really adorable!”

You were going to lean in to kiss his cheek but he quickly scooted back on the couch. “Excuse you! I’m not ‘adorable!’ I’m chic and manly!”

“Yah! I’m not insulting you or your ‘manliness!’” you raised your voice as your signed air quotations for the word ‘manliness.’

“What is that supposed to mean?” Jaebum scrunched up his nose as he leaned his face towards you, making you lean back in response.

You laughed. “See? This is what I mean by adorable!” You brought your hands up to his cheeks to give them a little pinch. “Aww, who’s a good wittle weader? My Jaebummie!~”

He groaned in frustration as you laughed again, knowing that that would make him a bit madder. “I’ll show you I’m manly!”

Before you knew it, Jaebum was on top of you, pinning you down on the couch with both of your arms above your head as he held them there with one hand.

“Whoa there man,” you said staring into his eyes. “We can do this another time, but I really need to do this essay.”

“This ‘essay’ can wait— unless you stop calling me adorable!”

“I can call you adorable any time I want to!”

“No you can’t!”

You tried to wiggle out of his grasp. “Jaebum, please!”

He sighed as he released your arms and pulled himself from on top of you. “Fine,” he muttered, crossing his arms and pouting like a five-year-old. 

As you sat up, you leaned in to kiss his cheek. “Yah, I know you’re chic and manly, alright?” He looked at you, still pouting. “That’s how you usually act around everyone else. I get it, I know that.” You wrapped your arms around him as you leaned your chin on his shoulder, looking into his eyes. “But you only act adorable and cute around me, which I happen to really love. You show this side to me that nobody else gets to see. I feel really special from that.”

He stopped pouting as he looked into your eyes as well. He broke the eye locking as he brought his mouth to your forehead to give it a quick peck. “I guess you have a point,” he admitted. “I really do like acting like this around you. And only you.” You smiled. He quickly raised his hands to his face and made the ‘omona’ face. “It’s because my jagiya’s the prettiest~ and greatest~ and most wonderful person to have ever entered my life~”

You smacked his shoulder lightly as your face grimaced from such cheesiness. “Yah! You’re exaggerating!”

He laughed. He went to peck your lips and lean his forehead against yours. “Okay, you can call me adorable. But not around the guys.”

You smiled. “Of course.”

“Now you better write that essay, jagiya~” he said in the cutest voice he could possibly produce. “I wouldn’t want my wittle angel to fail her course because of me~”

You stuck your tongue out at him as you grabbed your laptop to put it back on your lap. He went to kiss your cheek once more before leaning his head against your shoulder as he focused on the television once more. And from the sight of this, you couldn’t help but think that you two make an adorable couple together.

How Not To Write An Essay

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders)

Word count: 1199

Characters: James x reader

Warnings: some swearing

Summary: The reader is struggling to write an essay, and James helps her.

The lanterns were burning low, and the hush that had settled over the library was interrupted only by low whispers and the scratch of quill on parchment. It was getting late, and you were going nowhere with your Charms essay. You had spent what felt like forever staring at the empty page, your eyes were itching, and the frustration was slowly becoming too much too deal with. This essay had to be done tonight. You had enough work to contend with as it was.

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake.” You slumped forward onto the table, your face resting on top of the parchment. If you’d actually managed to write anything, you’d have been worried about getting ink on your face, but as it was…

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” James asked opposite you. You lifted your head up to glare at him.

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Orgy anon: Dude that bokutoo hc was great! Are you planing on addingbit to the orgy thingy? Other hc i have is tendou being a sucker for pain, he likes being used by everyone else in the room. Also are you adding the after care part? I personally think that's the best part lmao. Btw how are you doing and all the stuff? I love getting notifications of random things you post lol

Fuck this made me so happy!

Uhm, I’ll try to add the Bokuto HC if I can, and maybe the Tendou one.

I really want to write the aftercare, since I think aftercare is probably one of the most important parts. It depends on how long it is, though.

Ah, I’m doing okay. 😂😂😂 I have to have five essays finished by tomorrow, and I have no way to type them up to email to my prof (I’m on my phone right now). I’m really happy that you like my posts, even though most of them are pointless and dont have anything to do with the theme of this blog.

So today, my ass ends up getting launched off a bike and all scratched up while I’m riding it on my way to class. I stop, go get patched up and disinfect all the cuts and scrapes with rubbing alcohol, and end up being late because I’m a fucking dumbass.

Luckily, my professor was late too, and I caught him outside of class just before walking in. Or rather, he caught me. He goes, “Page! Just who I was looking for,” reaches into his messenger bag, and pulls out a book. Now, I’m a poor motherfucker and my professor has been a nice enough guy to give me any of the required reading books he had extras of himself, so I figured he had gotten his hands on another one from the list that I could borrow and use. Not so.

He hands me ‘At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture,’ a book that I don’t recognize from our required readings list, and one that I don’t recognize as really having anything to do with our class (which is all about understanding scripture, especially the bible), either.

He says, “This book’s yours to keep. For the next essay, I want you to ignore whatever prompt I give out and write me something on this book, the bible, monsters, and Cpt. Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

Now, listen. I really, REALLY love writing about shit that I’m passionate about, and my professor knows I love monsters, especially religious ones (I cannot tell you how many of my questions have boiled down to “okay, but what the fuck even are angels” lol). So I’m pretty much over the moon about being given such free reign on a major assignment, but then, it gets even better.

I ask, “Hey, instead of Cpt. Nemo, could I replace him with the subject of otherkin? I’ve already written on it and this matter a little bit.” And he goes, “Sure!” And talks about how I can write whatever so long as it relates to all the things listed and that he really expects something good from me.

So now, it’s basically like Christmas has come early for me. I’m fucking ecstatic. I hold it in until after class, but the MOMENT I get back to my significant other’s place, I’m tackling them and practically vibrating with happiness. Hand flaps and jumping on the bed and jumping on THEM for days.

Tl;dr - for one of my three major assignments I get to write about monsters, the bible, and otherkin. And it’s fucking awesome and I’m so excited.

tickle fights

mikey: wow this is like every other michael preference where it starts off with you two playing video games, but let’s do it anyway!!! “give me the damn remote, (y/n)!” michael would beg you, running after you around the house. “c'mon mikey, is that all you’ve got?” you’d shout back to him, sprinting even faster than before. “you’re dead once i catch you, (y/l/n)!” in three short minutes, michael would be gasping for breath, as you kept skipping around him. “i guess you should have gone to the gym yesterday with me,” you’d tease him. you got closer to him, testing your boundaries. “you have to grab the remote out of my hands yourse-” just as you were about to finish your sentence, michael would plunge at you, tackling you to the carpeted floor. “hey!” you’d cry, lying underneath michael. he’d start tickling you all over, saying how it was “payback for taking his things”. “promise me you’ll never do it again!” michael demanded, continuing to tickle you. you kept laughing uncontrollably, not agreeing to anything. “do it!” michael forced another set of giggles out of you. “o-okay!” you’d manage to blurt out. “promise me!” “okay, okay! i promise!” afterwards you two would probably have some pretty hot sex, bc lbr michael was already on top of you, turned on, and one thing would lead to the next, and then frickly frackle ya feel??

lucas: “babe, come onnnnn, play with me!” luke would whine as you were trying to write your essay that wasn’t actually due until a week from now, but you really needed to get a start on it. “lucas hemmings, how many times do i have to tell you? i’m trying to do homework!” you’d reply exasperated. “it’s not even due until next week! plus, wouldn’t doing something fun with me be so much better?” luke would whine again, trying to win you over. “no,” you’d say, curtly. “and i mean it this time. last time i left my essay until the last da-” luke pounced on you in the middle of your sentence, shutting you up. “play with me, or i’m going to have to tickle you,” luke would warn you. seeing as he had trapped you under his body, and you had no chance of escaping, you tried tickling him instead. “(y/n), you know i’m not ticklish..” luke would chuckle. “but it was worth a shot?” you’d sheepishly say. “well, i warned you.” luke would start tickling you on your stomach and waist, your most ticklish spots as he laughed at your laughs. “stop it, stupid!” you’d cry in between gaps for air. “never!” he’d say, tickling you even more. after a couple minutes, you’d finally agree to playing with luke, and you two would spend the rest of the evening going out for a dinner (aka maccas) and playing at the playground several blocks down.

cal: calum would probably start tickling you just because he was bored, tbh. he probably wouldn’t even need a motive just to see his girlfriend laugh. he’d start tickling you for taking the last slice of pizza even though he didn’t really care, or if you were watching a boring tv show. you’d probably tweet it 69x a year, about how calum always tickled you out of nowhere. “i just want to see that beautiful smile of my girlfriend’s, and hear her amazing laugh,” calum would excuse himself. “it’s so annoying, though,” you’d respond with a pout. “you know you love it,” cal would wink at you, starting another tickle fight. “i hate you!” you’d shout. “i hate you, too, bby,” calum would echo your statement.

ash: “don’t you dare,” you’d turn back towards ashton, who you were sitting on. “i will if i have to,” ashton threatened, cocking his eyebrow. “it’s way too inappropriate to start at tickle fight here,” you would whisper back at him. you two were currently at a meeting with the landlord of your flat, discussing why this month’s rent would come in a bit late. however, he was currently taking a call in the other room. “but baby, i’m so bored,” ashton would give you his puppy dog eyes. “that is no excuse for wanting to tickle me!” you’d retort, raising your voice above a whisper. “too late,” he’d say as he put his hands on you, causing you to burst into a fit of giggles. “ashton, stop!” you’d wriggle in his lap, trying to hold back in your cries. “say you’ll give me a blowjob tonight,” he would say, making you a proposition. “you cheeky little bastard!” you’d gasp, laughing again. “say it, and i’ll stop,” ashton would whisper right into your ear. you swore the landlord would come in any second, so you promised him in a hushed tone, pushing yourself off of ashton. he would smirk, eyes beaming from his accomplishment. “you’re so getting punished tonight,” you’d whisper in ashton’s ear as seductively as you could.