okay i posted this before on my old blog

Mo’s smol 3k follow forever

lol okay so im gonna make one last little post (i have stuff on my queue for u guys) and i just want to point out some people who followed me before i even had 300 followers. Im always worried that with my blog growing that im starting to neglect my old friends and neglect everyone and i feel guilty all the time but i would not be here without you. i appreciate you all a lot and you will always have a special place in my heart :)) this is for u guys who were around when i was howells-moving-kalcifer omggg also ive been on here 6 whole months ?? nice !!

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thank you for putting up with my shit blog for six months !

OKAY SO since i remade my blog the other month i follow barely any people (i wasn’t even following many before anyway) and my dash is extremely dead so please reblog this post if you post any of the following!!!

  • haikyuu!!
  • free!
  • fairy tail
  • black butler
  • love live!

i would also really appreciate it too if you tag posts. you don’t have to tag like every character etc. but at least the individual shows??? (especially nsfw content, but if you post/reblog it that is okay as long as it is tagged!!) (sorry is that picky omg)

if you make graphics/gifs then that’s a plus (mostly because i like to admire other people’s success with them as i very rarely make them lol)

thank you!!!!

okay so I have this headcanon that lily’s handwriting was really messy and scratchy because her mind ran faster than her hand so it was all scrawly and that james had very neat and proper handwriting because his mum was really big on nicely written thank you notes and before hogwarts he had nothing to do so when he was bored he practiced his penmanship


Holy cow; 1000 people follow this blog? Okay well–maybe less since I’m sure there’s a handful of bots but, can’t discredit Penny. BUT, anyhow. Damn. This blog is going to be two years old this year and has reached a milestone of 1000 followers, this is the most any of my blogs has ever held, pretty surprised I’ve held on this long.

I don’t wanna get all sappy and make this long, I’ll do another post for that; this is a giveaway ya’ll, WOO. As always, there are SOME rules to follow:

  • Must be following me BEFORE this giveaway went up; since it’s for my followers.
  • Everyone gets one like and one reblog, so that is two entries!
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Roleplay blogs only; since this is mainly icons and themes for such, and seeing as this is also a roleplay blog….
  • Winners will be picked with a random number generator.
  • Giveaway will end 2/26/16 (February 26th, 2016)

Prizes, yipee!:

1st place: Batch of 60 icons of a character of their pick, along with 15 gif icons. A theme(graphic) if they do please; and also a copy of RWBY Grimm Eclipse on Steam. 

2nd place: Batch of 50 icons of a character of their pick, along with 10 gif icons. A theme(graphic) if they do please.

3rd place: Batch of 40 icons of a character of their pick, along with 5 gif icons. A theme(graphic) if they do please.

On Grimm Eclipse, if the first place winner already owns a copy, then it will move to the second place winner, and if they do as well, then to the 3rd; and if all winners own a copy, a new winner will be picked JUST for the copy of the game. You will also need a STEAM account and be willing to add me so I can send the copy over.

If you win and don’t wish for a theme graphic because you don’t need it or want it, then don’t worry about it; you’ll still get everything else your place has. But, I guess that about settles it? Once the giveaway is over do give me some time to complete everything; it may take awhile to get ALL the prizes out!

Okay so I did something similar on my old blog before I accidentally deleted it so

I have a condition known as sound-colour synesthesia, meaning I ‘see’ sound in the form of colours. So I thought it might be cool to put this into use! 

Reblog this post and tag it with your favourite song and I’ll make you a nice little colour palette based on it for you to use as you wish and submit it to your blog!! (Make sure that your submit is open though or I won’t be able to omg)