okay i posted this before on my old blog

okay. fuck. so, i had to dig into the depths of my old blog to recover this, but here it is. that stupid fucking kara/diana one-shot i scribbled down after i saw batman v superman for the first time. it’s been collecting dust in my drafts for over a year. i totally planned to edit it and at least try to fix it before i posted it, because there’s literally no plot, and it doesn’t even have a title, but… there’s… literally nothing i can do with it. it’s beyond saving.

@featsanvers and @love-is-a-state-of-mind, look what you’ve made made do. are you both happy now??? i’m going to go jump off a cliff! :)

((hiding the garbage below the cut because i’m a coward!))

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What're your voice head canons for the skellie boys?

ohhhh anon, anon, anon.

bless you.

… i totally have a thing for voices, talking or singing, so i may… spend way too often thinking about this sort of thing. so! brief disclaimer, these are sort of just my ‘tends towards’ voice headcanons-  there are a ton of super talented voice actors out there, and so whenever i hear a clip i really like i’m liable to think ‘yep that voice = this character’… but, that said, here are some headcanons i like to entertain more often than not, with bonus clips from youtube of the voice/singer (almost all of these are guys singing so yknow, take that as you will).

UT Sans - JT Machinima’s commonly-used voice! i know he did a specific rap for Undertale, but i particularly like the version he used for Bendy here:

UT Pap - Jack Skellington. YES. DAMMIT. YOU HEARD ME. JUST. okay, keep an open mind, and listen to Jack’s Lament, and then judge me after you think about Pap and his voice some, okay. >v>;;;

UF Sans - crashboombanger. i know, major fandom bias, yadayadayada, but i just love his UF Sans. and uh, the first ever time i tried lip syncing something - Dec 2016, and posted on my old youtube - was with a UF Sans clip he did, and so woops i guess you’re going to see that because i can’t find the original clip on CBB’s blog anymore. (ahhh geez don’t judge the animation too hard, it really was my first lip sync attempt and before i really got into it all;;;)

UF Pap - Dr. Facilier. i know, he has an accent, but… just think of the possibilities. that smooth talking asshole, with a penchant for power and being far more clever than people give credit for…? mmm.

US Sans - Casey Abrams, aka one of my favorite guy singers who works with Postmodern Jukebox! a mix of a deep voice with occasional higher tendencies, but with a certain rich and super-emotive quality that i think fits Blue really well. TvTb

US Pap - Ashe. he’s the one who sung the cover i did that little animation loop with a few days ago, actually! annnd it looks like i’m out of ‘video links’ for this post, so check out Ashe’s cover of I’m Just Your Problem and think about Stretch here. ;D

SF Sans - Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco). ahhhh, gods, i debated over him for awhile. there’s actually a few different voices i really like for him, but i’ll stick with Brendon Urie for now, particularly bc i like the pair with SF Pap. check out one i particularly like for him/his voice - a piano version of This is Gospel Brendon Urie did.

SF Pap - Thorin Oakenshield. yes, dwarf king guy from the Hobbit. yessss, with his accent. just… check out this, check out the song from the first movie, and imagine Russ singing it… (and now i’ve given myself Feelings and also chills)

HT Sans - CK9C… a youtube fansong guy, basically! particularly, for HT Sans, the singer in this portion of a Bendy and the Ink Machine fansong he did. oooo, boi howdy. the underlying promise and threat. (the HT bros are the ones i’m least decided on, honestly… outside of this sort of voice, i also like really really deep voices for Axe.)

HT Pap - Woodkid. wanna give yourself some feelings? here ya go, listen to this while thinking about him singing it. i also imagine the accent pulling a bit from HT Paps’ mouth being so messed up… and then i give myself more feelings.

G!Sans- Arctic Monkeys lead… because of course. dammit. no matter what, i like him with an accent from the british isles, just saying. check out this song in particular.

G! Pap- Dan Stevens in Beast form from the live action Beauty & the Beast movie. particularly when he sings Evermore. ffff, i rarely see anything about G!Paps headcanons. i apparently love pain, so i like to think about all the possibilities and heartaches (but then all the soul-bonding happiness potential because i have to have a happy ending for him oh stars please).

Mo’s smol 3k follow forever

lol okay so im gonna make one last little post (i have stuff on my queue for u guys) and i just want to point out some people who followed me before i even had 300 followers. Im always worried that with my blog growing that im starting to neglect my old friends and neglect everyone and i feel guilty all the time but i would not be here without you. i appreciate you all a lot and you will always have a special place in my heart :)) this is for u guys who were around when i was howells-moving-kalcifer omggg also ive been on here 6 whole months ?? nice !!

@philledwithstars @treephil @phanstolemythoughts @peachykeenlesty @littlemissanglerfish @little-cheeky-monkey @aintnoqueenbutloveme @pansexualphil @wellfallinline @andtrickfucker @sinningforpanic @dandy-howell @cinnabonanna @cloverlester @aliensareace @cheekboneslester @dansucc @tinyplxnetexplorer @phanniephil @lemememeringue @whisker-me-phan @victorianhowell @ghost-of-a-killjoy @piercethegingerr @slowlysoftlygayly @merzzies @lousophan @phanielintheden @smoldantrash (sorry if i forgot anyone)

thank you for putting up with my shit blog for six months !


Hello there!

A couple of weeks ago I started a side blog, dedicated to KPOP: @evenifidieitsjimin
I eventually ended up writing KPOP fics, I created fake KPOP snaps and I am planning on doing so much more. But a side blog has its perks, and I’m kind of struggling with it.
I can’t join certain KPOP networks on Tumblr because of the fact I am a side blog, I can’t reply/send asks/submit posts with it, only with my main blog (this one) and okay.
Basically, what I want to say, is that I am switching blogs, as the title said that already. It will require a lot of time and effort before it is all done, but I thought my dear followers should be updated about this before I have completely switched.

I will reblog all my Draco Malfoy imagines and 5SOS imagines/preferences on my side blog (I will name it jetlukeheart too, and this one will be called evenifidieitsjimin), plus some old posts I have also posted (like, textposts, old blurbs).
Same goes to the few scenarios and fake snaps on my side blog. They will be reblogged on this account, and I will make sure that in a month, everything will be ready and done (because of my upcoming exams, which are in like, three weeks).

So, if you are okay with the switch and want to stay by my side as I continue my journey as writer, but just in a different fandom, you’re more than welcome to stay and follow me on this account.
Do you prefer not to have any KPOP on your dashboard, but instead of that, 5SOS and Draco/HP? Then I recommend you to follow my side blog (for now @evenifidieitsjimin) and unfollow this one.

To avoid any confusion, my name for the Draco/5SOS/HP blog will be ‘’draco trash’’ and for the KPOP blog, the name will be ‘’jimin trash’’, just so you know ;-)

SO, be prepared for an enormous Draco Malfoy imagine/5SOS imagine spam on @evenifidieitsjimin and a smaller spam here on @jetlukeheart
But, as I said, these usernames will be switched in the end too so watch out for that!!!

If there are any questions regarding my switch, you can ask them here. :)

Thank you ♥

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The Old Imagine Blog is BACK!

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Okay, so I, a long time ago, decided I had had enough with Tumblr and wanted to do something else with my time (namely, pay attention to university), but… well… When I heard Owain was going to be in Warriors, it reminded me of a time when I was named Mod Odin on my original Imagine blog, loonnnggg before I did anything even remotely cool with my account and I had to get my sister to send in asks to have any content.

WELL ANYWAY, I’M BACK! And, instead of going in as Mod Odin, my designation will be Mod Owain to celebrate his addition to the upcoming game Fire Emblem Warriors.

At any rate, ASKS ARE OPEN AGAIN! I’m accepting Imagines, Headcanons, Match-Ups, and Aesthetics. I’ll also be reposting some old aesthetics, so stay tuned for that.

At any rate, feel free to ask anything you’d like. I’ll be waiting!

Fandoms Currently Accepting: Fire Emblem, Overwatch, Legend of Zelda (might add more in the future! Stay tuned for master post).

Also, my blog is currently themed around Robin… I may or may not change that soon. Don’t get me wrong, Robin is still my favorite character, but this blog technically started with Owain/Odin, who is also a favorite of mine. So, it’ll go back to him! ^^

- Mod Owain

Forget-Me-Nots and Starfall

So I wanted to post this before I went to bed, I hope that’s okay.

Turns out that finding an old roleplay blog of mine and seeing the old memories - good and bad - I made there left me feeling in the mood to write for my current muse?? (By the way, I roleplay, just not on this blog - I’ve thought about creating an account for roleplay though)

I… am not quite sure why I decided to do this besides my usual using my writing to vent my own feelings and… well.

I started with an idea inspired by a song quote, again.

@fandomsandshipping100 @blackbloodyprince here you go, guys ^^

“I know you’re not quite here but you’re not quite gone, sometimes the night gets darkest before the dawn. Maybe life’s too short, but the end is long.”

There are nights where sleep just won’t come to Kasuga.

It was on those nights that he’d sit up, side pressed to the glass of the window in his room as he stared at the sky - usually it was too cloudy to see the stars or moon, leaving him in a chilled darkness with his thoughts.

If there were ever a time where the rest of the world faded away, leaving him calm and quiet and without any sort of mask in place, it was then when the rest of the city was asleep and even the stars were hidden from view.

Sometimes, when these nights happened, his thoughts would trail off into silence and he’d only manage to fall asleep as the sky lightened, if at all.

Others, he gripped his phone in a death grip, torn between calling someone or leaving everyone be while his thoughts ate at him.

Either way, when he spent time near others following a night at the window, it was ever so much easier to slip by unnoticed - an easy greeting, maybe a teasing remark or two between friends, and then he could sit back and observe and question what he saw and heard.

It was almost as if something ended during his restless nights that took a small amount of time to restart.

Nobody else would remember these times, but he would.

Or he thought, anyway.

He got the nerve to call someone one night - anyone, just a random number from his contacts he didn’t care, he was just tired of the silence and wanted to talk.

And honestly, sharing felt… strangely nice, considering the situation.

Okay, since apparently people are ACTUALLY reading it...

*Side-eyes @lilybugarini

I messed up URLs on purpose to put it on the internet. Just in case people actually wanted to stalk your blogs. Do you want my 50-year-old professor lookin at your blog? 

Me either. 

I’m very annoyed I have to post this in the FIRST place, so I’m hiding whatever I can for people before I’m forced to put this on facebook and twitter. 

That wasn’t in the deal when I did this assignment. 

Then it’ll all be swiftly deleted.

lanapowellblog  asked:

5 and 12 for thé Tumblr ask ☺️

Hey thanks for the ask!

5. How many blogs do you follow?

700. Which means I’m gonna have to unfollow some people soon bc I don’t ever go over 700 lol

12. How many likes do you have?

I hate this okay lol I have 11,383 likes and I used to have 16000 before a went through a couple months ago and unliked a lot of old stuff. Which I need to keep doing. Cause 80% of my likes I don’t even like anymore. 

Also just a heads up: I don’t like posts in general, I haven’t for a couple of years, I only like tutorials, lockscreens, and funny videos to show my friends these days lmao

glassesgirl0401  asked:

Hooray for this blog! Okay then, which one of Eren’s outfits is GUARANTEED to distract Levi from his computer?

MIKASA! YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THIS POST! You’re grounded if you do!

And to answer your question, I hope you don’t mind me pulling an old photo from my Instagram!


He likes it when I wear lacy lingerie and he especially loves it when I wear his leather jackets~ 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hide before Levi finds out about this post. ;)

Another giveaway to celebrate the debut of e-girls’ hip hop unit, sudannayuzuyully (that’s hella long, girls)! Super happy for these girls especially Yuzuna ;___; They will release the debut single on March 1st 2017 and their title track is “OH BOY”.

This time I will be only choosing 2 winners~

Both winners will get the CD+DVD version.

Those who would like to participate just need to follow the rules below:

  • Reblog this post. Once. I will not count anyone who reblog this post more than once and I can tell if you reblog this from your other tumblr account. So, only one tumblr account will be counted. Again, sideblog won’t be counted.
  • There was someone who reblogged my giveaway post twice before even though I had clearly said don’t do that :( and unfortunately I didn’t count them in so pls remember that you only can reblog this post once.
  • No likes. Well, you can still like this post but I just won’t count you^^;;
  • What if you reblog and like this post? It’s okay, as long as you just reblog this post once.
  • You don’t have to follow me. Following me won’t give you any advantage^^;;;
  • You must have e-girls/happiness/flower posts on your blog. I’m going to check them by going through your tag. 
  • Please write your e-girls/dream/happiness/flower/whatever name for them on the tag when you reblog this post so I can easily check them :)
  • What if you don’t tag them when you reblog this post or you don’t have e-girls tag? I will still try to find the post by myself but only first five pages or five different tags of e-girls that I think you might use. 
  • What if I don’t find them? Unfortunately, you won’t be counted even though you have e-girls posts on your blog :(
  • BUT, if I recognise your blog because you’ve reblogged my e-girls/happiness/flower posts before, you will be counted^^
  • If you’re under 18 years old, please ask your parent’s permission if it is okay to join and to give your address to me if you are picked as the winner.

I will be closing this giveaway on December 31st (23:59 JST) and will announce the winners on January 10th 2017 Further information regarding the shipment etc will be announced in the winner post. But, for a heads up, everything is on me including the custom fee. I will be choosing the winner using random.org.

All the best and keep loving e-girls, dream, happiness, and flower~! ❤


okay so I have this headcanon that lily’s handwriting was really messy and scratchy because her mind ran faster than her hand so it was all scrawly and that james had very neat and proper handwriting because his mum was really big on nicely written thank you notes and before hogwarts he had nothing to do so when he was bored he practiced his penmanship

One Year

Okay, so I don’t know how many of you know this or remember but on December 8 it will have been exactly one year since I posted my first Reader Insert fic on my old blog. I had all of 12 followers when I posted my Amnesia Series (LINK HERE) and I was terrified, scared to death becasue I have been told all my life that I’m not creative and that I’m only good at numbers and that type of stuff. I had started writing fanfic the summer before with an OFC, but reader inserts were so daunting and scary, I didn’t think I could do it, and I really had no idea about Tumblr.

Since then I have not been able to stop writing, and even when I don’t post for awhile, I’m still dabbling around. I written a lot of stuff I never thought I would be able to write (smut definitly comes to mind lol). I’ve also completed quite a few fics that I am truely proud of. It is really surreal that it has only been a year. I honestly don’t remember what I used to do with my spare time and I don’t remember what I did before I met so many amazing people with so many amazing stories (life or fic) of their own.

In the last year I have met so many fantastic people. So many awesome, amazing people that I am so proud to call my friends. I love all of you, even if we don’t talk every single day, even if we haven’t talked in a month, I still consider you a friend. I know I’m going to miss some people below, but know that I still love you, I still appreciate you, I’m just a scatter brained person who can’t think half of the time. But here we go, a special shout out to the following peeps…

@writingaworldofmyown- Sarah, dear, none of this would have been possible without you. Yeah, I was a nerd but I didn’t know what fanfiction was let alone what a fandom was. You are my best friend, I miss living with you so much and our fangirling moments. Literally you are one of the most important people who have come into my life and I am honored to have you as my friend.

@trash-trashaf- Steff, for those of you who don’t know is my real life little sister. She encourages me so much. She sits there paitiently when I’m going nuts with ideas. I love you girl.

@deanwinchester-af- Elsie, my boo, you were my first tumblr buddy. Your seven day challenge was the first challenge I did and gave me enough confidence to write and plan out series. You are literally one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You are so encouraging and kind and the master of fluff and every time I read your stuff I’m a giggling mess. 

@the-mrs-deanwinchester-Kathryn!! You inspired me to write a lot of my fics. I look up to you so much and you have always been there for me when I need you. I know we don’t always talk as much as we used to but your still my bae and ily girl.

@nichelle-my-belle- Nichelle, I know we don’t talk a lot but I feel kinda this comradery with you becasue we were guppies at the same time and we had a ‘few’ gif wars lol. I admire your writing so much, you’re angst and smut are the bomb.

@sherlock44 - Amanda, literally the sweetest sweetheart to ever exist. You are so kind and such a cheerleader. I seriously remember when you rebloged my first fic and I think you were the first person who ever asked me for a tag. I haven’t talked to you in awhile, so I hope school is going well. I know you are kicking ass and taking names.

@winchestersnco- Erin! You are amazing. You are such an amazing writer, such an amazing person. There are not enough words in the world to describe you. Thank you for being there, being supportive, letting me vent to you and being there at 3AM when I have a random thought or there is a mouse in my house.

@bloodysideofhell-I swear to Chuck you are my long lost sister. I enjoy your fics so much, I enjoy talking to you, your angst kills me slowly and I love it. Your random puns and gifs never fail to make me laugh.

@torn-and-frayed-Steph, my dear. I love how you are funny and sarcastic. I love your fics and your angst and just what an awesome person you are. 

@bandobsession98- Rach! ily girl. It sucks becasue of timezones, but I absolutly love to talk to you and I love how we have absolutley no shame at all when we do lol. I know you are a Sam!girl, but I will forgive you this once lol

@salvachester- Scar! You are so sassy and helpful and perfect. I love how you add to porn battles and honestly when I post something angsty or smutty I look foreward to your reaction. Every time I write angst I actually edit it thinking ‘is this worthy of Scar Tyra-ing it?’

@eyes-of-a-disney-princess-Alright, I got to keep this to a reasonable length so let’s just cut to the chase…You are awesome (I could go on for days). Like I wish one of us would have bucked up and started talking to the other months ago. I look foreward to our porn battles, I adore you and your writing. I love, love, love talking to you everyday. I legit miss you when I don’t hear from you and I always love how there is zero off limits when we are talking or tagging. 

And a special shoutout to some people that I talk to occasionally, that I consider friends, that I admire and love and look foreward to getting to know better in the future @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit, @oriona75, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog@percywinchester27 , @deandoesthingstome, @writingbeautifulmen, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, @idreamofhazel, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @winchesterenthusiast, @fabulouslyboredeveryday, @vintagevalentinexx, @adriellej, @kas-not-cas, @kazchester-fanfiction, @ackleholic96 @i-have-loved-a-thousand-lives and I’m 100% sure there are a couple people I am forgetting at the moment. But thank you all!!!

Yes, I’m sure all of you have heard about the news of Fujii sisters forming a unit and will be releasing their debut single on October 5th 2016, right? Hence, to celebrate these gorgeous ladies’ debut, I would like to hold a giveaway~!

I will be choosing three winners!

1st winner will get the limited version (CD+DVD, magazine)

2nd and 3rd winner will get the CD + DVD version

However, since it is a limited edition, if by the time I order the limited edition and it happens to be out of stock, the 1st winner will get the CD+DVD version plus JJ magazine (Fuji sisters are JJ magazine’s regular models) that will be released on September (JJ is released on 23rd each month because this debut single will be released on Oct 5th, I will get the one that is released on September instead of October because it takes too long if I wait for the October one).

Those who would like to participate just need to follow the rules below:

  • Reblog this post. Once. I will not count anyone who reblog this post more than once and I can tell if you reblog this from your other tumblr account. So, only one tumblr account will be counted. Again, sideblog won’t be counted.
  • No likes.
  • You don’t have to follow me. Following me won’t give you any advantage^^;;;
  • There have to be e-girls/happiness/flower posts on your blog. I’m going to check them by going through your tag so if you don’t tag them, I’m sorry I can’t go through each of your page and try to find the post by myself :( So, you won’t be counted. BUT, if I recognise your blog because you have reblogged my e-girls/happiness/flower posts before, you will be counted^^
  • If you’re under 18 years old, please ask your parent’s permission if it is okay to join and to give your address to me if you are picked as the winner.

I will be closing this giveaway on August 21st 2016 (23:59 JST) and will announce the winners on August 23rd 2016. Further information regarding the shipment etc will be announced in the winner post. But, for a heads up, everything is on me including the custom fee. I will be choosing the winner using random.org.

All the best and keep loving e-girls, dream, happiness, and flower~! ❤


OKAY SO since i remade my blog the other month i follow barely any people (i wasn’t even following many before anyway) and my dash is extremely dead so please reblog this post if you post any of the following!!!

  • haikyuu!!
  • free!
  • fairy tail
  • black butler
  • love live!

i would also really appreciate it too if you tag posts. you don’t have to tag like every character etc. but at least the individual shows??? (especially nsfw content, but if you post/reblog it that is okay as long as it is tagged!!) (sorry is that picky omg)

if you make graphics/gifs then that’s a plus (mostly because i like to admire other people’s success with them as i very rarely make them lol)

thank you!!!!


i started drawing trees and suddenly everything was okay again. i’m really fucking done with trees for now, tho lmao. the style seems sorta weird and shifty because i’m still trying to figure out what i’m comfortable with, and also, i drew the second panel before the first one. because it had more trees and i was like, okay i gotta get this fucking thing out of the way. also if the first panel seems familiar at all it is because i redrew a really old page from the first version of this. dunno if i ever posted it, it might be buried on my blog somewhere.

the update is still not done, but there are some things that i should probably make obvious:

i got an interview for a part time secretary job that’s been in the paper for months so there’s a pretty good chance i’m going to get this job. if i get a job, it’s either very likely that i will stop drawing altogether, OR that i will go into Art Hyper Drive, i cannot tell you for sure.

nothing is set in stone, and there’s a good chance i won’t get the job and it’ll have all meant nothing. in any case i wanted to make it clear that that’s a thing that might happen.


before and afters for my tumblr hover popup thing and the mobile theme?? oh my god I’m such a fucking dork I LOVE BEFORE AND AFTERS OKAY DON’T JUDGE ME

this is the new gif in my header:

so sparkle

(the old rainbow one was from this “shit Cockles shippers say” thing)