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Best Friend Wonwoo (That has a crush on you)

This is based on my former best friend (now boyfriend aka “jungkook”) if you guys wanted to know~ 

Words: 1126

Genre: Fluff

  • Wonwoo would be that random guy in some random class that you never talked to (You didn’t even have any friends in the class, hence, that’s why there’s no chance that you two would converse)
    • You would become friends when some random thing happens and it brings you together
    • Next school day you realise that Wonwoo was some the guy in your random class (He was sitting like diagonal from you too no real reason to notice him obviously)
    • Out of nowhere you two become friends
  • A connection was made when you two realised that you had a mutual friend and a mutual interest (Aka Mingyu and Skateboarding)
    • “I like to slap Mingyu’s ass did you know that.”
    • “Cool beans. I like to dance with Mingyu in my free time.”
  • He thought you were so cool obviously and you thought he was cute
  • He was the type to ask about homework cOnStAnTlY (Not in the good way)
    • “Can you send me what you have so far?”
    • “Wonwoo, I haven’t even started yet.”
    • “Send it to me when you’re done okay! To compare you know!”
    • “You mean copy?”
    • “I never said such things what. :)”
  • If you forget to respond but you’ve seen a message that he sent, or even stop responding he would spam you, making sure he’s not ignored
    • “o:”
    • “:T”
    • “?”
    • “Where are youuuuuu???”
    • “Why did you ignore meee???”
    • “Y/N?”

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