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EXO Emergency #RoommatesWithSEVENTEEN??{Requested}

“Can you please do a “SEVENTEEN Living Together with Exo?” Please. :) I love your imagines btw. Fighting ^^ Joshua Hong’s”

Here You go @manse17caratforever :)

Suho: Okay Every–

Chanyeol: Stop right there. Can someone tell me why Seventeen is here?

Seungkwan: Hey guys!

Baekhyun: Who’s Seventeen? Who are all of these kids? Is this some Big Brother mentoring program?

Suho: *sighs* No, it’s not a mentoring program. Seventeen’s dorms flooded last night and they need a place to stay. Our CEOs are close and suggested them using our dorms.

D.O.: But we only have 3 empty beds not 17.

Hoshi: Actually we have 13 members separated into 3 units and together we are one. That’s where you get Seventeen.


D.O.: Did i ask?

Woozi: *whispers* Soulmate.

Chen: Lol remember when we could say “We are One” and no one laughed at us? 

Suho: *whispers* I still say it.

S.Coups: Excuse me, but where is your leader? I really wanted to talk to Kris.




Baekhyun: *snickers*

Suho: *clears throat* I’m the leader. Kris left…..2 years ago. What can I help you with?

S.Coups: Really? Wow you don’t seem like a leader, I never would have guessed.


Chen: This may be the best day of my life.

Sehun: Hey who’s the pretty one? 

Jeonghan: Hello I’m Jeonghan, nice to meet you.

Sehun: You remind me of someone I lost long ago. Let’s be friends.

Xiumin: This is so strange.

Lay: You all have Chinese members right? Um let me meet with them for a sec….I have things I need to tell them. *grabs Jun and The8. Leaves*

Suho: Okay let’s try and regain some order. Now I know our group is a good deal older than you guys but I want to let you know that we’ll respect your group and your opin……what are you doing?

S.Coups: Oh sorry, Chen was giving me Kris’s number.


Vernon: Hey Chanyeol I just wanted to tell you that I REALLY look up to you and would love to talk to you about music.

Chanyeol: Okay I’m laying dibs on this one right here so I’m good now. *grabs Vernon and leaves*

Baekhyun: Gosh dang it! fine give me a singer.

Seungkwan: *starts walking over*

Baekhyun: Who’s less of a diva than me.

Seungkwan: *turns and walks back*

Kai: I wouldn’t mind bunking with a dancer.

Dino: *moonwalks over* That’ll be me bro *both moonwalk and body roll out*

Suho: What about Wonwoo and Mingyu?

Mingyu: Sorry we’re a package deal. We’ll just stay together.

Woozi: Of course you would.

D.O. : I want the cute grumpy mean one. It’s like looking in a mirror *grabs Woozi and leaves*

Suho: This is taking too long. Baekhyun and Josh you’re roommates now.

Baekhyun: I don’t think good and evil can exist in the same place.

Joshua: We might cancel each other out.

Suho: Get over it. Chen you’ve got DK.

Chen: Sweet! Crazy vocals and crazy period. This could work.

DK: The camel looking one was always my fave anyway.

Suho: Xiumin you and Seungkwan okay?

Xiumin: No problem. Hey Seungkwan wanna see my baby videos?

Seungkwan: Not really.

Suho: That leaves Hoshi and S.Coups. Dang i wish we had a few more members.

Baekhyun: …..Nobody say it. But we all know we’re thinking the same thing right now

Suho: Baekhyun leave and take Hoshi with you and Josh.


Suho: Okay that’s all settled and I’ll share with S.Coups.


S.Coups: Let me try texting Kris again.




Suho: I’m sorry, it’s just really hard for me. I have trust issues now.

S.Coups:*whispers to Sehun* Can I please bunk with you and Jeonghan?

Sehun: Yeah you should come with us, this crazy might be contagious.

Suho: I hate you all.

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I loved your "s/o falling asleep trying to surprise him" headcanons! Would you mind doing that (or something similar) for Nyx, Cor, and Ravus?

I hope you enjoy these nonnie!!  I’m sorry if Ravus’s is a bit ooc, I’m still not super use to writing for him ((should probs do some research on dat boi))


  • the Marshal had been working double shifts the entire week, and today was suppose to be the day he finally got to come home at a normal time
  • to celebrate you’d wanted to surprise him with something of a special night
    • yeah that special night was gonna need a rain check lmao
  • Cor didn’t get home until around 5am rip 
  • he was a beyond tired, but seeing you on the bed with the rose petals, bottle of wine, and lingerie set certainly woke him up
    • a small, gentle smile would grace his lips and he’d kinda just stand there and take in the scene before him bc ???? the fact you took the time to try and put this together makes this ol’ lionhearted man’s heart flutter
  • he’ll slowly move you so that you’re laying in a more comfortable position before coming around the opposite side of the bed to wrap you in his arms, whispering a small apology 
  • the next morning he thanks you for being so thoughtful and makes it up to you by keeping you in bed all day

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overworked dad

seventeen’s mingyu

word count: 2594
synopsis: Mingyu is so excited about you coming home with your newborn son that he forgets to take care of himself.
a/n: if you read this lil thing i wrote, thank you so much ♡ (i also posted this on aff lmao) (the title sucks :( im sorry ay)

“Ready to go home today, ma’am?” You were cradling your newborn son when one of your nurses came in with a wheelchair. “You and your husband must be excited to bring home little Minjae, huh?”

You smiled at her. “Actually, I think my husband is more excited than me,” you joked. It wasn’t really a joke; throughout your whole pregnancy, Mingyu was always the one reading up on parenting books and some nights you had to pry the books out of his hands so that he can finally get some sleep. (Also, you could’ve sworn he bought those books way before you two even began discussing having children.)

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Hey it’s like after midnight and I’m feeling super emotional so here’s my post saying thank you to @entethedragonduck and @theunconventionalking for existing because honestly they’re such good people and I wish I could hug them irl.

Zodiac according to things my friends said.

Pisces: I’ll honestly be honest.

Aries: His PRNDL is stuck in reverse!

Taurus: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I need a brownie!

Gemini: I’m completely okay with my sexuality, Miss non-gay man lover. …Oh no! My fairies!

Cancer: Am I going to bed? No I’m going to floor!

Leo: Guys, my eyes are numb!

Virgo: Why am I on Tumblr on my laptop and my cell phone?

Libra: Oh yeah, that had alcohol in it.

Scorpio: Why do I keep having gay music video thoughts!?

Sagittarius: I’m not a hermaphrodite if it comes off, right?

Capricorn: I’m not a ho.

Aquarius: Do you know how many people I sold for cigarettes?

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All the boy's reactions to having milk coffee so sweet that there's syrupy sugar at the bottom that won't dissolve in

Sounds like something Nora would drink XD

Shu- You got Shu to eat/drink? Kudos. However, he is disgusted, and might even recoil a little (lol no he wouldn’t. OR would he? DUN DUN DUN!!!). He doesn’t like sweets much to begin with, so the fact that this coffee is practically like syrup doesn’t appeal to him in the slightest. He’s not drinking it. He won’t even taste it. He can smell the sugar, and wants absolutely none of it. (Try getting this lazy asshole to drink something other than blood. I triple dare you)

Reiji- Too sweet. It masks the flavor of the coffee. He’s not pleased with how much sugar is in this either. Someone will be taught how to make coffee correctly. The solvent to solute ratio has to be done correctly, otherwise *continues science ramble* 

Ayato- This guy would probably down half of it before choking and or spitting it out saying that it tastes like sugar water. (Knowing Ayato, he spat out this coffee on one of his brothers (subaru) prompting a fight) 

Kanato- He fucking loves it. Kanato has a sweet tooth from hell, so this is probably just right for him. He has it with a cookie. 

Laito- You mean you actually got him to swallow? (KILL ME NOW JFC) LOL Okay no but seriously, syrupy sweet coffee? No thanks. He’d much rather have you (I need to go to bed)

Subaru- Unlike Shu who just doesn’t really like sweets, Subaru doesn’t really like human food in general, so the fact that you even got him to swallow any of this stuff is a goddamn miracle. He’s more willing than Shu, but not as much, and even then he’ll maybe take a teaspoon of that stuff before chucking the cup at the wall. 

Ruki- He’d probably sip it once, set it down, and go get something else to revitalize his taste buds after having drowned them in a sea of sugar. Someone is going to be punished for this. 

Kou- Kou doesn’t mind for this coffee to be a bit more on the sweet side, but this is a bit too sweet, and so he’d probably get a different one. 

Yuma- Doesn’t like it. It’s not that it’s too sweet he just doesn’t like his coffee being so sweet. For a farm boy like Yuma, he may have his coffee straight black. No sugar. 

Azusa- Azusa likes spicy foods, so unless there’s cayenne or habaneros mixed into this thing he’s probably not gonna like it too much. 

Kino- This dude’s favorite candy is konpeito. IT IS LITERALLY FLAVORED PIECES OF SUGAR.  He’d probably drink it. 


Sakura: I have been researching and studying hard because I really want to contribute in the fight with Sasuke-kun, Kakashi-sensei, but it seems impossible for us to catch up.
Kakashi: We need to super-accelerate our growth.
Sakura: Okay, how?
Kakashi: What I meant by “we” and “our” is that I’m going to be training just Naruto.
Narrative: *shows Naruto being trained by Kakashi AND Yamato AND getting a special session with Asuma as well*
Narrative: *Tsunade, the only person who gives a fuck about Sakura learning anything apparently, is busy with Hokage crises*
Narrative: *briefly cuts to Sakura sitting on her bed, alone, looking at a photograph of Team 7 and crying*

Fandom: lol Sakura is weak and doesn’t contribute lol Sakura is always crying lol Kakashi and Naruto always have to save Sakura
Me: *table flip* GEE I WONDER WHY

(in a future episode of “fineillsignup rereads Naruto”, when Kakashi does his “I’m sorry for being a terrible teacher” speech)

Okay I thought I’d be going full throttle today. lol I kid myself. I woke up and just kept dozing in bed. Finally managed to get up and go get food. Well saw a nail salon open and treated myself because let me tell you, managing 450 people during a hurricane and feeding said people with minimal power while working in a building that was 95degrees has worn me down. I need a nap and then I’ll be around tonight guys. Sorrrry. Expect pics and rp soon! 💕💕

Prompt 1: A character feeling sick and putting their head down/back and sitting or leaning on something. Someone tries to get them to move somewhere better (like laying down on a couch or bed, or to the restroom because theyre feeling sick to their stomach) And the, exhausted, emotional “just give me a minute. I just need a minute, okay?” ^^with Peter Parker and (Tony? Steve? Clint? Any would be cute lol you chose)


Prompt 2: i have a spiderman prompt for you. so basically what if peter was really ill when he was at stark tower but he played it off as a minor cold/headache that would be easy to ignore with some painkillers and tony’s like ‘fine let’s go’ and they go on this mission and peter basically can’t really evade attacks and gets knocked out and beat up and tony goes into iron dad mode and takes him back to stark tower and takes care of him. queue speech about hiding shit being bad

Either at I’ll probably write emeto for which ever one I do :00
(Because I’m in an emeto mood rn whoops)

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For @weeklystarcoprompts “Love Potion” prompt! Lol it’s been so long since i’ve submitted any starco prompt art sorry and idk this might have been funnier in my head because its really late and i’m tired but oh well! Hope you enjoy this messy starco comic where Janna also happens to make her own placebo :P

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I honestly only able to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit recently bc that fucking shoe scene traumatized when I was younger to the point that I forgot all the movie I'd seen before hand. I was just like this seems familiar until I got to that scene and realized. . . It was so cute and it didn't deserve that!

That movie is SO DARK for a kids movie right?!

Omg okay funny story… So the first person who I watched that movie with was a babysitter, and I guess that my little sister and I got really freaked out about the “Dip” scene. So after that whenever we would act like brats or wouldn’t behave or go to bed she would be like “do I need to go get some Dip?!” and basically terrify us into submission lol. I guess the “Santa’s/Jesus/The Easter Bunny watching” threats weren’t working anymore at that point? But oml when my parents found out they were SO. MAD. 

Pro-Tip: intentional infliction of emotional distress is NOT an acceptable babysitting technique!

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riarkle headcanon about one of them falling sick and the other trying to help/cheer them (whether they do it well or not is up to you lmao) please! xo


  • Okay so Farkle sleeps over Riley’s house a lot
  • Because sometimes his parents just get too loud and if he doesn’t wanna die of sleep exhaustion Riley’s is the place to be
  • Mostly because she lives closer to him than Maya does, but also because Riley lowkey just cheers him up by existing lol
  • Okay so anyway, he started sleeping over a lot in like 5th grade, so the Matthews never question it if he just shows up late at night, or if they walk into Riley’s room in the morning and see him passed out
  • And Farkle has never been sick a day in his life, we know he has a perfect attendance record at school. So if Riley every gets sick and has to stay home, Cory just drives him to school and that’s usually it. Luckily, though, Riley’s also a pretty healthy kid too
  • Okay but then so one day in like 9th grade
  • Farkle comes over around dinner time but it’s pretty clear he’s probably not going home that night
  • Anyway, Riley is literally transforming into Death Incarnate before everyone’s eyes
  • Like he walks in and she sneezes and that’s not a problem
  • But 20 minutes later at dinner, she has huge dark circles under her eyes and she’s super congested
  • Barely an hour later and she’s shivering uncontrollably and sounding close to coughing up a lung
  • This goes on ALL NIGHT omg this poor girl just gets worse and worse
  • Everyone’s fussing around her which she finds embarrassing but they all eventually pass out
  • They wake up at like 6:00am to Riley puking her guts out omfgg
  • Cory and Topanga are trying to do what they can to help but are panicking because they ran out of the cold medicine they’d been giving her and tissues last night
  • So Farkle, who’s still in his freaking pajamas, is like “I’ll run to the drugstore down the street” and is out of the apartment before they can even argue with him
  • Okay so Riley’s stomach gives her a break and Cory’s trying to get her back in bed while Topanga tries to whip up some weird herbal remedy she remembers from her Hippie Youth
  • Maya’s climbing through the window by now and Cory’s immediately trying to keep her out of the Designated Quarantined Area which is pissing her off so she’s not exactly listening to him
  • Auggie’s upset because Riley’s sick and he’s a little sweetheart aww
  • And Topanga comes in the room after the finishes her weird herb stuff and she’s like “Where’s Farkle???”
  • And Cory’s like “He ran out to the store remember??”
  • “Yeah but that was like 45 minutes ago???? The store is only just down the street”
  • So just as the are getting ready to Panic over child #4′s safety, he stumbles up the fire escape and climbs thru the window
  • He’s shivering even harder than Riley is and he looks like a freaking Zombie right off the Walking Dead
  • And Cory’s like???? You okay buddy?????
  • And Farkle looks so miserable omfg he just goes “Either on the way to the store or on the way back, I puked 3 times. Maybe 5. I can’t remember.” omfg
  • The little champ still has a bag of everything they need tho
  • So Cory’s trying to gently shove him into the bed (he’s trying to argue he’s okay enough to go to school lol) and Topanga is FLIPPING HER SHIT because Riley got progressively got sick all night why did Farkle start dying so quickly
  • And Farkle’s just like “I started feeling sick at like 11 but I was worried about Riley so I didn’t say anything”
  • So now everyone is like C H I L D P L E A S E and Cory’s calling the school to mark them absent and Topanga is fussing about and Maya’s complaining that they’re actually gonna leave her alone with Smackle and The Flannels all day???? She’s sure if left alone they’ll start crooning country songs about math.
  • Riley’s in like half a coma but she’s trying to yell at Farkle for not taking care of himself omg
  • Okay so by now Maya’s already missed the subway and she doesn’t want to go to school anyone but Cory’s dragging her to his car lol
  • And Topanga is really worried about leaving them alone but homegirl literally just landed a case that could make or break her career so she makes sure everything they need is in arms reach and promises to call them every hour
  • Cory’s in the car with Maya and he has her call Stuart and put it on speaker so he can talk and drive legally and
  • “Hello?”
  • “Thought it would interest you to know that our children are halfway in the grave right now.”
  • “Cory what are you talking about?”
  • So Cory explains that Riley got sick but Farkle has to outdo everyone and managed to get even sicker in the name of chivalry,
  • Which makes Stuart laugh and he promises to stop by with soup or something for them at lunch time
  • Which makes Cory feel a little better that they won’t be entirely alone for 8 hours omg
  • So now back to the sick losers
  • Who are just laying in bed, withering away with headaches, chills, fevers, nausea and honestly God knows whatever else
  • Riley is officially annoyed with Farkle for hiding the fact he felt sick 
  • And he’s like…can I do anything right,
  • The answer is apparently ‘no’ lmao
  • So now they’re just laying in bed watching some show on the Science channel and Farkle’s sick and miserable and just wants to cuddle or something and Riley is sick and miserable and has her arms crossed over her chest all huffy and is very determined to stare directly at the screen and not look at him at all lol
  • Also she’s using his freaking space-print sweatshirt as a nightgown which is a bit too much for him because he still doesn’t know how or why tf she’s breaking into his house and stealing all his clothes
  • She has a little more energy than him so she’s the one that refills all the water glasses and makes sure they take fever reducers on time
  • Which annoys Farkle he’s like??? Riley you’re sick let me do it
  • So now they’re just yelling at each other that they need to worry about their own health,
  • Except they can’t get their voices louder than a hoarse whisper but you can tell they mean to yell
  • And then Riley suddenly lets out this huge sneeze that literally knocks her off the bed because of the position she was sitting in
  • And they suddenly both realize how completely ridiculous they’re being and start cracking up
  • Well, as much as they could without hurting themselves omfg
  • Okay but Riley is still trying to wrap her head around Farkle quietly suffering all through the night because she doesn’t get it
  • And he was like “Riley I’ve met you and I knew the second I said I wasn’t feeling well you’d be trying to convince everyone else you’re fine so they’d focus solely on me”
  • And she’s like “…shut up.”
  • “You know it’s true.”
  • “That’s completely irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make.”
  • “All I did was exactly what you would’ve done!”
  • “You’re still a dumbass!” only now she’s trying really hard not to smile
  • So he just rolls his eyes and accepts he’s not gonna win this and they turn their attention back to NASA’s Unexplained Files what dorks
  • Riley makes them check their temperatures like every 10 minutes because she’s paranoid and Farkle’s fever is getting higher while hers is more steady
  • She’s pretty worried but when Topanga calls in she’s assured it’ll probably go down a little like hers did last night
  • She still throws an ice pack at his head tho lol
  • Okay so they eventually pass out from sheer exhaustion because seriously who tf can stay awake when they’re sick
  • Minkus gets there at noon with a huge container of chicken noddle soup and two hot chocolate’s from some store near his work
  • He walks into Riley’s room to wake them up and is immediately met with the strong smell of vapor rub and cough drops 
  • And he immediately realizes Cory was not exaggerating when he said the kids looked like zombies holy shit 
  • Even though they’re both dead asleep and tightly cuddled up together under like six heavy blankets in total, they’re still shivering, huge dark eye circles, super pale, Riley looks like she’s sweating a little but Farkle appears to have an ice pack being held onto his head by a hair band?
  • Both are snoring loudly because of how congested they are and are managing to look peaceful and exhausted at the same time. Stuart feels really bad about having to wake them up, but they need to eat and take more medicine omfg
  • So he gets them up and like 15 minutes is wasted because all they can physically do is sneeze
  • Then they try their hardest to eat but Farkle gets exactly 5 spoonful’s down before he’s running to the bathroom to puke it back up and Riley’s in a lot of pain trying to eat or drink anything because she actually coughed her throat raw omfg
  • So now he’s Properly Worried about this but the earliest doctor’s appointment Topanga was able to book was tomorrow at 9 am. Apparently it’s just that time of year, you know?
  • So he’s checking their temperatures again- Farkle’s is now at a steady (but still way too high) temperature and even though Riley’s looked like it was breaking when he got there, it just spiked again omfg
  • He has to head back to work but he switches out ice packs, gives Riley a little carton of ice cream for her throat, and changes the trash bags for them (they’d already filled up like two with tissues and cough drops), and does his best to make sure they don’t die while trying to take fever reducers and whatever the hell this stuff Topanga had cooked up was
  • So he leaves and Riley legitimately cannot talk or make any sound anymore it hurts her too much
  • Farkle doesn’t seem to be that much far behind he’s only been able to communicate in groans and moans since his dad tried to get him to eat
  • These poor children omfg
  • So Riley’s worried about Farkle because she knows his illness is on the tails of hers so soon he’s gonna feel her pain and maybe it’ll be worse since she had a head start with medicine omfg she’s very worried about him it’s clearly her fault for getting sick in the first place
  • And Farkle’s worried about Riley because she’s literally gone mute and he’s never seen her look so miserable in her life and if he feels sick he doesn’t want her feeling sick and of course he knows she probably feels worse than he does because she’s had it longer wait dammit she better not be trying to blame herself for him being sick
  • But neither of them can communicate anything to each other so Riley’s just got her head in his shoulder and he’s got an arm around her and they very much look ready to die omg babies
  • They fall asleep again and wake up at like 6 because even though lunch was disastrous Topanga wants them to try and eat dinner
  • They’re both surprised to be alive tbh but they’re feeling slightly better. Riley still can’t make a sound though and Farkle’s too foggy to complete sentences
  • They manage to get through dinner without dying or puking though, so that’s improvement! They didn’t finish anything obviously but still
  • Minkus would’ve taken Farkle home but the poor kid didn’t look like he had the energy to make the trip aww
  • They’re back in the Designated Quarantined Area and it feels like they’ve been sick for 30 years but it’s only been a day this is awful
  • They’re trying to focus more on whatever show they’re watching more than how sick they feel omg
  • They aren’t even cuddling anymore now they’re just holding hands and trying to out thumb rub each other for moral support omfg
  • The doctor doesn’t give them any actual diagnosis in the morning, just tells them to drink lots of fluids omfg
  • They stay sick for the rest of the week but slowly and surely their fevers break and they rejoin the Land of the Living!!
  • When they finally go back to school Maya made a big scene like “never leave me alone with this weird folk band again!” which mildly offended Lucas, Smackle and Zay bc wtf Maya our singing is not that bad
  • But omfg okay they recover but emotionally this was such an ordeal for the two of them
  • Riley makes sure to have cough drops and tissues on her person for the rest of her life and Farkle always has hand sanitizer
  • And they managed to develop a weird sixth sense when it comes to each others immune systems omfg like Riley will start to get a headache and 10 minutes later Farkle’s there with motrin or something
  • One time Riley said ‘Bless you’ and Farkle said ‘what?’, then promptly sneezed
  • Omfg
  • And ever since then when one or both of them get sick they just immediately go to each other because fuck you know how to handle this don’t you
  • r i a r k l e

closed starter ;; @theyscreamed

     “ up until moving here, i thought the creepiest thing i could encounter was a ouija board. ” it was still unreal to her, the things that she has witnessed ever since moving to derry. first, seeing some sort of weird running thing (which was chasing the other new kid who she hadn’t had much conversation with) from the corner of her eye at the library where she helped out the librarians put away books during free time. now, seeing a kid being attacked by some sort of… leper? she hadn’t gotten a good look at it, only running and hitting the thing with the end of her oxygen cart and practically pulling the boy to his feet so they could get away (only to be met with a not-so-friendly looking clown with a whole helluva lot of balloons. furthermore, who needs that many balloons anyway and why would they need to be in a triangle formation? that’s just weird.) beginning to wheeze from exertion, she grabbed out her inhaler from her backpack before taking in two puffs. “ what–what the heck–why a triangle? ” emma, seriously, let it go. the shape the balloons were in isn’t important. “ i–uh… yeah, so that just happened. is this normal for you? does this happen a lot? ”

Had a mental breakdown at work today. For the fifth millionth time. The kids were complete assholes to me and I just broke. I’m not really sure what to do anymore. I know I have one more week left before our planned week off, but I’m not sure if I’m going to make it. 

I admit this is one of the many reasons aside from college that I can’t write. I just know that if I write it’s going to be super dark and I know people aren’t into that so it’s just….kind of like can’t write right now. I mean I honestly have been writing stuff on the side but it’s really fucking dark and twisted. My series I hope to publish someday? Turned so much darker than I meant to >< 

Oh well, I might be going to bed now. I know it’s early but…I just don’t feel so good right now, kind of broken really but I will be on tomorrow. I might just be quiet though and take a break from people completely offline and online. Might just work on my Sims 4 so it can actually play lol. 

Man, life is so full of downs these days. I really hope I hear I have the job soon. I need to hear that. It’s the only thing keeping me going right now. 

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Okay, well he appeared to be calm, but I'm convinced he's a freak in bed, lol. He seems like he's a really good person and he likes traveling. Um, he always dresses nicely, (one time, he dressed in a dAMn SUit) and he smells nice (lol).


If I ever got famous

Me: look it’s gonna be a short interview, I’m just gonna slip it in there and set the story straight
Manger: I’ve already told you, it’s weird and no one is gonna know what you’re talking about
Me: I understand that, but it’s been years and people STILL think tsukiyama only ever wanted to eat kaneki and I just can’t stand it any more
Manager: NO