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how do u feel about hw/finn?? i lowkey feel like its kinda just?? forced idk? like after fp every relationship finn has w a fem character now feels so forced to me

same as far as finn ships go its tolerable but it feels so forced and unnecessary like we dont need this! we could carry on the rest of the show w/o another love interest and it’d be fine! hw could justbe a friend! instead of awkwardly shoving in a kiss at the end like :/ okay

no room for jesus (1/1)


BLESS @mirthalia FOR THE BETA <3

Left uppercut, right jab, spinning kick from the left while he was guarding, bounce back and follow through with a toss of her yo-yo to entangle his staff and leave him off-guard—

This was a dance they’d done so many times it was practically a routine by now.

The pattern they had was this: they’d meet up at the Eiffel Tower, usually after dark, talk for a bit, derail into flirting, which would further derail into play-fighting, which would usually morph into a three-dimensional chase, which would then flow into an honest sparring session. Their sessions typically lasted a couple of hours before one or the other tired or their curfews hit, at which point they kicked into high gear for the last ten minutes and went all-out against each other, aiming for the trophy of bragging rights until their next spar.

The outcome of those last ten minutes, Chat had found, almost always boiled down to Ladybug thoroughly kicking his ass. He could count the times he’d actually managed to beat her on one hand.

Strangely, tonight was turning out to be one of those times.

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andriel #1 !!!

1. “Come over here and make me.”

Andrew was never necessarily fun at exy practice, but some days were better than others. On good days, he defended the goal like he actually cared about the score and who won the scrimmage. 

On bad days, it was straight up dangerous to play on the same court as him.

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i love to suffer

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Please, please continue the adopted children headcanon. What happens when they get back to Neil and Andrew's place? What are they like as dads? Which one realizes that they're going to have to buy these children clothes and food and furniture so they have a place to sleep? I need more of this please

i was doing hw and being a good student and its all ur fault

(anyone who doesnt understand what this is should read this post first)


  • so the ride back to the apartment is starts out as amusing for andrew
  • but quickly becomes a reality check for all involved
  • because neil is like “ummm holy shit u just outed the both of us to national media?!?!?! WWWWWHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?”
  • he’s not angry he’s just exasperated by the whole damn drama
  • bc the paps followed them all the way to the car
  • yelling and asking question an trying to shove microphones and cameras at the children
  • one pap got too close and got a knife through his camera, courtesy of neil
  • cause u can be damn sure Renee taught both of them how to throw knives (well she taught andrew and andrew taught neil until one day neil just went to Renee with andrew for knife training)
  • she was like “why get in range to be overpowered when u can just kill them at 10 paces u short dweebs”
  • many people scatter
  • once they get to the car the rest of the press bc andrew has a history of “accidently” hitting reporters who try to stop him from leaving
  • the kids are a little shell shocked
  • and also a little awed? 
  • like one of these men tried to just adopt them wholesale w/o going through literally any paperwork
  • and the other one just pulled a knife outta his sleeve and almost threw it into a guy’s face?????
  • what?!?!?!??!?
  • so they are very happy to just sit in the back and behave… for now
  • and andrew is Very Pleased™ 
  • like mhm babe overprotective insticts go get em 
  • but honestly andrew and neil’s phones start blowing up immediately
  • like non stop
  • ringing and buzzing and chiming
  • neil tries to answer the first couple but gives up when he can’t hear the person calling him (maybe the head coach? who the fuck knows) through all the notification noises
  • andrew quickly becomes annoyed
  • like he doesnt even wait for a red light or smthin he just leans over, rips the phone out of neil’s hand and rips out the battery 
  • it takes him like 3 seconds
  • he thought about throwing it out the window
  • but then neil would actually get mad
  • but he reeeeaaallllly wants to
  • so bad
  • neil just sighs
  • and remembers the kids in the back
  • who are being real quiet
  • which confuses neil bc im srry
  • he has spent time with the other Foxes kids
  • and a young child (Alex)? THIS QUIET? excuse
  • so he glances back
  • and both the kids are like
  • wide-eyed
  • like what have we gotten ourselves into
  • and neil just starts talking
  • and asking questions
  • like how old are u, where do u go to school, all the basic shit he didnt have time to read in their info packets as andrew threw paperwork at him
  • rude
  • but its all p much nonsense info
  • like favorite movie
  • and at one moment “oh shit neither of u are allergic to cats, right??”
  • and it helps everyone calm down a little
  • and Sarah gives this little nod to Alex that its ok to talk to these guys
  • “we did come to andrew for help” is p much the thought
  • Andrew sees it in the rearview mirror and gives this little hum of approval
  • only neil notices tho
  • im imagining this car ride takes like… 45 minutes maybe??
  • so after like the first 15 minutes into the ride, the awe starts to wear off 
  • and the answers they give neil are starting to be longer and less monosyllabic
  • and then Alex start getting fidgety
  • bc this child is a little nigget of pure energy
  • like way worse than most 8 year olds
  • he got in trouble a lot at school
  • and a little at home
  • Sarah is just calm and cool and collected
  • and start asking her own questions
  • like, where we gonna sleep?
  • and what we gonna eat?
  • like basic survival shit
  • andrew again approves
  • so then they get back to the apartment
  • its a nice apartment
  • its not a penthouse suite
  • but they are two professional athletes
  • so its kinda big
  • and like its got 2 guests bedrooms, and a living room, and a kitchen and dining room and all
  • everything is just kinda small
  • matt does not make jokes about small spaces for the smol people because that would get his ass beat
  • but anyways
  • Sarah is still a little supsicious of neil
  • bc she did not know he was part of the andrew package
  • but she saw how well he interacted with andrew
  • and could calm him down and how relaxed andrew was in the car
  • as apposed to at the banquet
  • so she is mostly appeased by his necessity
  • but she doesnt know as much about neil, cause she didnt think he was important
  • but they get through the door
  • and andrew guides the kids into the tv/living room area
  • and neil disappears into the kitchen
  • and andrew is just takes the kids and sits them down
  • and gets their backstory
  • and it’s noandrew or neil levels of tragic
  • buts its not pretty either,
  • especially recently
  • which i totally haven’t made an entire other post about
  • and neil comes out  soon with hot chocolate
  • bc talking about emotions and semi-tragic backstories in the Josten-Minyard houshold requires hot chocolate
  • no exceptions
  • and so they get through the whole backstory
  • and at this point its like, 12.30 am??
  • bc like those fancy banquets are long and they start kinda late
  • and so they probably didnt leave til like 10.30?
  • and then got home at 11.15, 11.30?
  • so Alex slowly nodding off
  • while being smothered in cats
  • like they just take one look at him and are like
  • “yes”
  • “this small-human-large-cat is now ours”
  • “thank you for this offering good-bye”
  • and just spend the entire time crawling all over him
  • Sarah is just amazed he hasn’t pulled one of their tails and gotten bit/clawed
  • so the kids go to bed in one of the guest bedroom
  • and neil gives them some sweats and stuff to borrow
  • andrew and neil get ready for bed
  • and neil totally gets hit with the
  • “omg we are now responsible for two young people and like we HAVE talked about maybe adopting but like always with this definite in-the-future-after-Exy sort of feel to the conversation” first
  • he kinda has a small panic attack
  • like the gravity of taking contorl of two young lives sot of crashes into him
  • “how are we going to juggle two children and Exy oh sweet baby jesus”
  • and andrew is now the calming one and is like“shhhhh come here and kiss me and go to bed”
  • “we’ll figure it out in the morning, it’s all goin to be okay”

ok so that all i can resonably fit into one post, like i will put another out tomorrow bc this justkeeps going in my head but like… holy shit this is long… and this doesnt even include the backstory i wrote for the kids… pls i need to do hw and SLEEP