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How would you go about making a bullet diary/journal??

So you wanna make a bullet journal?

The best part about bullet journals is that they’re completely customizable and thus unique to every individual! Here’s a general guide on how to go about doing just that. If you were looking for a short answer I’m sorry

1. The Bare Minimum

First and foremost, you’re gonna need a pen and a notebook. Some popular notebook choices here in the studyblr community include the Leuchtterm1917, the Moleskine, and the Muji notebook. I personally use the Leuchtterm for my bullet journal but one of my favourite places to get cheap and cute notebooks is the dollar store! When looking for a notebook you may also want to consider the ruling of the notebooks such as plain, dotted, and ruled. For pens, anything that works for you, works. You may want to consider something that flows well but doesn’t bleed through the paper. Honestly, that’s all you really need to start!

2. Decoration

The most fun part imo! Here, you can incorporate all the optional supplies you might want for your bujo such as washi tape, stickers, sticky notes, photographs, printed pictures, magazine cut outs, and more! You can also use a variety of mediums in it as well such as ink, marker, paint, pencil crayon, etc. When I started my bullet journal, I only decorated it by drawing in it and adding watercolour accents. I didn’t start including washi tape and printed photos until recently. But of course, you don’t even have to decorate yours if you don’t want to!

3. Set Up

So you’ve got everything you need to start, what now? Well, it’s up to you! Ask yourself what it is you want to get out of your bullet journal. There are a lot of things you can do with yours but what’s important is find out what works for you. If you feel you might not use an index or reference a key a lot, you don’t need to to have one! Personally, when I got mine, I went right into it and started my first weekly spread. Some common things people include in their’s are:

  • an index
    • keep track of your pages!
  • a key or legend
    • explain what symbols you use!
  • a year overview or future log
    • an effective way to plan out things way in advance!
  • monthly spreads
    • outline the events occuring in that month! often seen in the form of a calendar.
  • weekly spreads
    • keep track of daily tasks and events!
  • habit trackers
    • record various habits such as water intake, hours of sleep, meals, work outs, etc.
  • lists
    • pretty self explanatory. list books to read, songs you like, movies to watch, etc. 
  • anything else that you might want!

What’s important is that your bullet journal works for you. Don’t feel as though you need something in yours just because you see someone else with it. As long as it’s something relevant and helpful to you, great!

Advice, Tips & Tricks

  1. Let go! Make mistakes! Learn! Grow! Don’t let blank pages in pretty notebooks restrict you, let it set your imagination free
  2. Try new things! Experimenting in your bujo can be so much fun and you might be surprised with what you create.
  3. You don’t have to make a spread every week or every day. Sometimes bullet journalling can be exhausting. That’s okay. Take care of yourself, friend.
  4. Plan things out in pencil first if formatting is something important to you.
  5. I know I’ve said this how many times already but because it really is important I’m saying it again! Do what works for you!! And what you actually want to do. 

Want to know more?

Here’s a few resources that might be helpful!

You may also want to check out some of my favourite bujos for inspiration:

Why We Need Stories about Dark Things

One of the things I get tired of from time to time is the perspective that if something shows evil behavior then that means the story, song, game, whatever, is inherently bad. But there is a difference between illustrating evil behavior and promoting it.

Not all appearances of bad behavior invite bad behavior.

While one purpose of storytelling is to entertain, another purpose is to teach or educate–a purpose that in today’s world, most people seem to have forgotten.

A long time ago, there used to be all sorts of horrific stories told. Open Grimms’ fairy tales, and you’ll see that Cinderella really isn’t that Disney-friendly. But often some of those older stories were meant to teach a lesson or scare children into behaving (that latter point is one I personally don’t condone). Horrific things happen in the Bible (and the Book of Mormon). We can often learn from these accounts, but some of them are simply a record of what happened (if you believe in that), whether you like the content or not. It is what it is. Conspiring incest, rape, slaughter, and even cannibalism can be found in scripture stories. In today’s world, most people have been conditioned to believe that stories are only meant to entertain. Or entertain and uplift.

Those two things are valid. But what I get tired of, though, is the perspective that all stories should be full of puppies and rainbows (yeah, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean), and that’s what we should be writing, and if a story is dark, it’s “bad” or lesser or … something.

The World Needs Stories about Dark Things

It’s important we write about what I call “the big and heavies”–rape, addiction, suicide, massacre, societal brainwashing, etc. And when I say “we,” I don’t mean specifically that you or I HAVE to; I mean “we” as in us, writers and creatives everywhere. The world needs creatives who delve into the big and heavies, and here’s why:

1. Stories provide a safe means to explore and discuss dark things

The big and heavies are vital to discuss for a healthy society. We shouldn’t be turning a blind eye to dark deeds. We should be turning the right eye to them. Literature offers a safe way to explore and discuss these issues. It offers some distance (because it’s usually a work of fiction) while simultaneously having the ability to offer closeness–empathy.

Also, fiction provides a type of lens to view these behaviors through. Speculative fiction might have a more exaggerated or symbolic lens, such as the fashion industry of Panem in The Hunger Games, or the discussion of pure bloods in Harry Potter. A lens lets us view the issues in a way that may emphasize certain points or give us a new perspective on them, and again, the distance can provide a bit of a “safe” buffer for readers. We aren’t talking about racism; we’re talking about magical blood–and we can have a whole discussion on it that correlates with issues seen in racism, and no one needs to feel uncomfortable because this is about wizarding blood. Even realistic fiction provides a perspective, though less exaggerated, to see these issues through.

2. Powerful, emotional ramification drives home a point or idea or lesson.

Unlike reading text books or the news, fiction writing often works off making the audience feel something. It appeals to emotional experience, even more than intellectual experience. It is one of the only mediums where we can put on the skin and thoughts of another person.

In parts of society, we try hard to divorce intellect and emotion, but powerful emotional experiences are often what cement ideas and lessons into our minds. Back in the day, fathers used to take their children out to their property line and beat them so that the child would never forget where the property line was. We’ve seen similar conditioning with training wild animals. Both are crude examples, of course, but the emotional experience drove home the lesson. While negative emotions are powerful, this same thing can happen with strong positive emotions. We remember powerful feelings of happiness and of love, and if there are any lessons or insights associated with those, we recall those too.

In fiction, emotional experiences can drive home powerful lessons. And they stick with the audience.

Strong emotional experiences in fiction amplify the conceptual ramifications of dark deeds, and cements into the reader the weight of such behavior, in a way that pure intellect cannot. Once we “experience” an issue, we care more about it. Fiction is a vehicle that allows us to develop and fine-tune our empathetic skills, so we can better understand and relate to those who’ve dealt with such issues.

3. Explore, cognitively, the causes, consequences, and facets of the big and heavies

In the real world, we live our own lives in our own perspectives, and that’s it. In literature, you can include several perspectives of those involved with an issue. You can often see the issue’s causes, consequences, and facets to a degree you may not in your own life. You can see far-reaching effects in a matter of hundreds of pages, rather than decades or hundreds of years. This opens up new ideas, new perspectives on the topic, which leads to more discussion.

4. To provide hope and uplift, in spite of darkness. To overcome.

I sometimes see this weird idea that an uplifting story needs to not cross some invisible line too far into the dark. In some ways, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a Harry Potter fan, I’ve had friends come up to me and talk about how they’re disappointed that the stories got darker and darker. Maybe I’m weird (okay, there’s no “maybe” about it), but I like that. I like stories getting dark. I like when they get darker and darker. I like my evil, evil. I want the Voldemort who tries to possess Harry to get Dumbledore to kill him. I want the Voldemort who tortured animals as a small child and who murdered others to split his soul into seven pieces. The world is often an evil place. And how much more powerful is it to overcome the bowels of the most wicked, than it is to overcome a guy who shoplifted? I like my evil, evil. Not because I want to be part of the dark, but because I like seeing people overcome it.

A story that includes dark materials can be just as uplifting, if not more uplifting (because of the contrast) than a story that doesn’t. The idea that a story can’t be dark and inspiring is just unfounded.

Every Christmas season, I become a fan of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra all over again. If you’ve never heard of them, you may still recognize some of their most iconic Christmas songs, some of which have gone viral on synchronized Christmas light videos.

What many people might not realize is that each of their Christmas albums actual tells, and comes with, a written story. If you see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live, they will read the story to you bits at a time, interspersed with music. But not all their stories are about happy sleigh rides, warm fires, Christmas hams, and decorated trees. There are parents who abandoned their disabled children, babies born addicted to crack, love that has been lost. But the stories and albums are uplifting, not because the creators avoided dark subject matter, but because they illustrated the power of overcoming–overcoming difficult times and personal mistakes. It’s hard to make it through one of their performances with a dry eye through the whole thing.

5. To render reality–others’ reality or your own

But some stories aren’t necessarily meant to be about overcoming the dark or inspiring an audience. Some stories are just about reality. Human nature. The natural man. Experiences that people actually go through. Some stories are simply meant to render, often for reasons 1-3. It’s a statement. It’s meant to create social awareness, empathy. Maybe it’s meant to start a discussion. Those stories need to exist too.

Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind that many audiences only see stories strictly as mediums for entertainment and, on a subconscious level, a reinforcement of a positive, maybe even sugary, feelings and ideas. Those audiences may (on a subconscious level) refuse anything that is otherwise, and consider any mention of the dark and heavies as something that shouldn’t be there. That is their right.

And in some cases, they are correct. Some stories do not need and should not have dark content. It doesn’t serve the purpose of the story, it messes up the tone of the story, and it can ruin what was already working. You wouldn’t, for example, put in a serious plot line in The Office about Pam being legitimately raped. It doesn’t fit.

And with all that said, you shouldn’t feel forced to write content you feel very uncomfortable writing. Your work should reflect the writerly you.

Next week, I’ll talk about how to write about dark things without promoting them.


I’ve seen too many posts about how inferior the inferior functions are! They’re usually measured against higher positions in the functional stack, and, while this doesn’t necessarily lead to inaccurate assessments (and they may be quite worth it to make), I would like to look at them through another perspective - because, sometimes, less is more.

So here’s what I appreciate about all the inferior functions when they are acting in healthy integration and moderation.

Inferior Se in INJs.
I can be in silence with you and enjoy it. I can take pleasure in the smaller things, such as a delicious meal or a pleasant scenery. I don’t have to worry about how I look like most of the time or even if I have much material success - because even when these things matter to you, they’re not your top priority. I know you won’t force me into rushed and overwhelming situations if you can help it and will have more patience than you’re normally given credit for. When you do engage the physical world as fully as you can, it is imbued with rich symbolism and meaning, unlocking and revealing universal truths in the simplest of things.

Inferior Si in ENPs.
You take bits from here and there and elevate them into wonderful and fascinating webs of information. As long as you can tell reality from fiction, I can greatly enjoy your fabrications and even your comical and dramatic exaggerations. You’re hard to pin down and keep a hold of, but you can also be incredibly sentimental and treasure significant moments with others for many years to come. Doing things the way they’ve been done isn’t your thing, and this can get you in trouble, but it can also give way to memorable adventures. Your life is, figuratively or literally speaking, a collection of souvenirs from all over the globe.

Inferior Ne in ISJs.
I love your brand of theorization and creativity - it’s well-founded and substantiated. You know better than to jump at every possibility and would rather evaluate more thoroughly. You’re not as close-minded as you seem. Often, you’re just more concerned with the implications and ramifications of choices than others are or can be. You have talent to read between the lines, but you’d rather not assume and jump to conclusions so you prefer to have things made clear instead. Your sense of humor is delightful and usually of good taste (although you would also mock both deserving and undeserving targets every now and then).

Inferior Ni in ESPs.
You realize that there’s more than meets the eye but don’t get caught up in that. Spirituality (or whatever you would call it) is important to you in a down-to-earth manner - you try to live it and unfold your answers as you go. There’s no point in worrying too much about the future when, obviously, it’s the present that manifests it. And in any case, what you envision is adaptable and can generally roll with what comes your way. You don’t need to have a purpose or end goal for everything you do, and as a result, life doesn’t pass you by and you grow with every new experience.

Inferior Te in IFPs.
You’re not in the business of telling people what to do, except sometimes. And even then, you’re more endearing than bossy. You make sense of the world with incredible depth and are easily both inspiring and motivating because of it. You have a way with words that is smooth and swift (or, at times, fiery). You can be feisty and stand your ground when necessary. And while many wouldn’t take you very seriously, you are quite capable of making valid points on issues you’re well-informed in that contradict what the majority thinks. You’re smarter than you appear, which is eventually a slap on the face to those that underestimated you.

Inferior Ti in EFJs.
Your half-baked hypotheses are doorways to exploration. There are many subjects I wouldn’t have considered if it wasn’t for your willingness to examine them despite how crazy-sounding they were. There’s a bit of truth in everything and we can learn from everyone. Maybe you make quick judgments about people and this can be off-putting, but there are often reasons for them even when the rest of us don’t see them. You know what makes people tick better than most - so let us hope you’re on our side and use this for good.

Inferior Fe in ITPs.
You know what it’s like to be awkward and not fit in, so you don’t hold others to unreasonable social standards. It’s okay to be off-beat and weird with you and you welcome it unless it is indeed unjustifiably harmful. You know how to comfort others with the truth and by distracting them with something more interesting. You would do a lot of kind and loving things for those you care about even when it takes a huge amount of effort on your part. Being adorkable is part of your charm and I can’t hate you for it unless you abuse it.

Inferior Fi in ETJs.
You may not be the most morally correct in the room, but you try to do what’s right. And to you, that often means cutting the bullshit, being practical and tackling problems as they arise to ease the load on others and lead them into a more fulfilling state. You’re rarely self-righteous or shocked and indignant at others’ sins (unless they’re beyond gross and absurd), as chances are we’re all rotten in one way or another to some extent. This makes you more accepting of others, which, seemingly paradoxically, allows them to come to terms with themselves and break out of bad habits to make better decisions next time.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are cool, but why not make them AWESOME? Here’s some ways you can be sure to get the most out of your divination situation.

🔮Have a Question In Mind- This sounds pretty obvious, but it’s astounding how many people I read for that have no idea what they want out of it. Wanting a general reading is fine, but definitely have an answer to the question “what would you like to know?” when you sit down/place an order. Thinking about what you want helps you solidify the question with the cards, and helps you avoid thinking an hour later, “Drat! I should have asked about _____.”

🔮Think about How You Frame your Question- Tarot has different strengths and weaknesses, like any divination form. Playing to these strengths will help your reader give you a more fulfilling answer! For example, I once had a querent purchase multiple readings from me asking for very specific times of things. While tarot CAN be used in that way, it is much harder and in my experience usually comes at the expense of more valuable information. A better version of, “when will X happen?” is “what will make X happen?” or “What must I do before X?” That way you know if X requires specific action on your part, instead of sitting around waiting for “Oh, maybe about three months” and nothing happening. Phrasing your question in a way that milks the most information out of the cards makes for a better reading!

🔮Know Your Reader- First and foremost, a tarot reader is not the same as a psychic. A lot of psychics use tarot cards as a tool, but most people just offering readings can’t tell you the name of your future spouse or the color of your great-grandfather’s shirt when he died. Secondly, every reader is different! Some are intuitive readers and pull cards from the middle of the deck, some have you choose the cards, others deal from the top, and that’s just one example. Every reader has a different style to their interpretation that makes for a unique experience, so if possible, be picky with who you choose to purchase from. Some readers work better with certain types of questions. Maybe some give more detail in their interpretations. Some readers tell a little story about each card, which people can like or dislike. Some have trouble delivering bad news. Some just may not resonate with you! If you have the ability to check out multiple readers, especially online, definitely do so and find one who you think lines up with your needs the best.

🔮Don’t Be Afraid to Confide- The phrase, “I have a question in mind, but I’m not going to tell you” makes me want to rip my hair out. In my experience, people do this less because they want answers and more because they want to be impressed by a display of Tarot’s accuracy and the reader’s intuitiveness. They want to see the reader still pick up on the Truth with no outside input. This is all fine and dandy, but it’s not going to give you a lot of information. Why? It’s going to be vague! I can’t connect the dots as well if I don’t have half of them. It’s okay to give me some information about your question; it helps me pick out signs I may have not found significant without context. That said, I understand the fear of just having a reader use your words to tell you what you already know and call it divination. So don’t feel like you need to over share, either! If you want to know about whether to break up with your partner over that argument two days ago or not, a simple, “I’ve been having relationship problems and would like some insight on how to move forward.” Should work fine. That should allow you to still get a display of the reader’s intuitive ability (identifying the specifics of your situation) while still getting an actual answer.

🔮Interpret For Yourself- Yeah yeah, do my job for me. But not quite. Sometimes there are symbols that strike us that the reader may not emphasize in their interpretation. You know yourself better than they do, after all. If you think the cards are saying something extra to you, feel free to include that in your personal takeaway! If a reader asks, “what does this mean to you?/does anything stand out to you?” (this happens more in person than online) it’s totally okay to say, “I find X really interesting because Y. How do you think that ties in with the rest of the reading?” Feel free to start a conversation over it. Pick these cards apart with your reader. I, at least, love when querents do this. It shows they’re invested and engaged, and it lets me pull even more information out for them.

🔮Take a Picture- If you can. Sometimes online readings come with a photo of your spread! (Mine do.) Look back on the photo with a fresh mind later and reflect on it. Have you come up with any new personal interpretations for it? (Once I had a reading that I thought was about starting a business, but realized later it was about me writing a book!) What do each the cards actually mean? Are there any patterns in the spread you notice? It can also be fun to look back on it much later and see how accurate it was!

🔮Get Readings from Multiple People- I like a little variety, but I also just like people. I have people I go to for when I need a really solid dependable reading, but I also enjoy talking to other readers and seeing how they do it differently. I know it’s helped me improve a lot as a reader. If you’re able, consider getting your question answered through multiple sources (but be respectful, we’re still people.) See if there are any common threads between the two interpretations (it happens quite frequently.) See how they differ! It’s more work and money but is usually fairly interesting.

🔮Don’t Take it Too Seriously- At the end of the day, getting a reading is not going to change your life. Only you do that. While tarot can be a magnificent tool for insight, it is not an actual changing force in and of itself. Don’t stress too hard over it and be sure to use it alongside your own judgement, intuitiveness, heart, and common sense. And most importantly, enjoy it for the sake of enjoying an art form!

If you’d like to purchase a reading from me, you can do so here!

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Why DaveKat is Narratively Important

Let’s talk about DaveKat because I have nothing better to do!!
So, whether or not you personally ship or agree with davekat, this is just going to be about how, from a narrative standpoint, it is 100% vital to both Dave’s and Karkat’s storylines and personal character arcs, let’s start with:

Knight Class- So, bit of class/aspect analysis because the fact they both Dave and Karkat are both Knights is absolutely VITAL to their character development and their connection to each other. Something Kanaya said, that classpects are not necessarily chosen to suit the strengths of each player but rather to challenge them in a way that is most beneficial to their personal growth? That is completely correct, Dave and Karkat being some of the best examples in the comic. The aspects are the elements which the game, and therefore the universe(s) are made of - literally. Like, these are the constructs out of which the world exists, the building blocks so to speak. However, they also represent more metaphorical concepts, Life=Optimism, Hope=Belief, Heart=Soul, so on and so forth etc. So paired with the Knight class, the active pairing of Maid class, we have to examine how exactly the aspect *applies*. Obviously, being active, the Knight class is self serving (more on active vs passive or knight vs maid specifically if y'all hmu with some asks I’d be happy to explain more in depth), there’s also a metric shitload of symbolism involved in the name. I’ve been reading this comic for almost five years and the sheer amount of symbolism never ceases to amaze me, but the absolutely loaded amount of metaphorical value behind this class has to be in my top 5. The classic “knight” iteration, sword and shield type of deal, is instrumental in the interpretation of how Dave and Karkat wield their abilities and grow as characters. The weapon is obviously the way in which they wield their aspects, but the shield is so much more interesting: it’s their PERSONA. Part of the blatant parallels between Dave and Karkat’s story arcs is how they allow others to perceive them in regard to their own internal struggles, they both put up a persona to protect themselves. For Dave it’s his “coolkid” facade, he doesn’t let others see his emotions, feelings, or motivations because he’s so wrapped up in this delusion of irony and toxic masculinity that he feels it would be a weakness to show himself for what he is, one that could very possibly (at the hands of Bro) get him severely injured at best, dead at worst if he fears for his life which is a distinct possibility. Karkat suffers in a similar way, his persona is this image of the overly aggressive, “shouty/angry” guy, he’s loud and obnoxious because he’s trying to keep people at arms length, similar to how Dave doesn’t let anyone in. Karkat also has similar motivations behind this persona, because of his blood color he knows he will be in immediate danger if people get too close, look to closely, care too much, so if he can shout and seem just as bloodthirsty and aggressive as other trolls, he can both keep them away and keep himself free of suspicion. So, they have their shields, their personas, this is how they protect themselves from the world. Let’s talk about their weapons.

Aspects- As I mentioned above, aspects are the literal elements that make up the world, but also have a more metaphorical meaning. In the same way that Heart=Soul, Dave’s aspect Time is not only literally representative of time, but metaphorically representative of PROGRESSION. Karkat’s aspect of blood is therefore, while literally blood (possibly a reference to his mutation), also more symbolically representative of UNITY. Now, let’s see how those apply to each players personal struggle, because remember that’s the key here, how their classpects tie in to their character arcs. Dave is troubled by his aspect at multiple points throughout the storyline, severely disturbed by dead Dave’s and essentially haunted by the multiple loops he has running, in what is a single day to his fellow beta players likely feels like *weeks* for him, he’s not progressing in the game, he’s running all these loops and doing so much and yet he’s not really going anywhere. He’s like a broken record, if you will. Dave doesn’t see himself as a hero, broken sword symbolism aside because I cannot get into that rn lmao that’s way too loaded and this is long enough, Dave *can’t* see himself as a hero because in his mind, Bro was a hero, and he will never live up to it, so why bother. Easier to just run his loops and do whatever Terezi says because she’s probably right and anyways it’s just easier to do something menial and meaningless that doesn’t move anything forward because he would probably fuck it up anyways, right? Dave is so stuck in the past, haunted by his loops, haunted by the legacy of his Bro, haunted by dead Daves, he is terrified (whether consciously or subconsciously) of moving forward, of Progression. Alternatively, Karkat’s aspect of Blood, or UNITY trips him up in similar ways. Karkat’s relationships are…complicated. It’s been *headcanoned* that he comes across as pale towards most of his friends, because despite how hard he tries to act loud and aggressive, he’s a big softie who cares way too goddamn much about everything. Terezi also represents his biggest struggle with Unity and relationships, he “wanted her in every quadrant like a desperate fool”, and she played along for a while to see if he would settle in any one quadrant, but when he never did she moved on. This is a huge blow to Karkat’s self-esteem, he thought he was being so suave and smooth just like his romance novels and movies, but really he was pushing her away either knowingly or unknowingly. On the topic of his romance novels, his obsession with relationships also shows him trying to compensate (more on this in a sec) for his lack of capability in the area, as if he’s studying them to get a better understanding of how relationships should work because he really has no idea. In his very first conversation with Sollux that we see, he ends by affirming that he hasn’t gone too far right? They’re still friends? Because underneath his loud, obnoxious persona, he’s just acting the way he thinks he’s supposed to in this hyper-aggressive society. Sound familiar? It’s because Dave is doing the same thing. They’re both using their personas to survive, to appear the way they think they should to other people, because when it comes to their aspects, they’re fucking terrified and don’t have a clue as to what they’re really doing.

Storyline Parallels- So, I’ve seen a lot of good analysis of this and I doubt any of what I’m saying will be news to any of you, but I’m gonna put it in my own words as best I can bc this shit is imperative to understanding why DaveKat works so perfectly in the narrative. Dave is obviously working an uphill battle the entire story to overcome the hyper-masculinity (see also: toxic) that his Bro has ingrained in his psyche for 13 years. Not the least of which is some deeply rooted homophobia. Dave fronts constantly, accusing others of being gay, accusing *Karkat* of being gay pretty amusingly. Obviously he pokes at this in other people because he’s so insecure about it in himself, he struggles heavily with his sexuality the way so many pre-teens do, only he’s fighting against a decades worth of anti-gay propaganda basically so there’s no room for him to search within himself too deeply without feeling deeply uncomfortable because obviously that’s Wrong and Bad and that’s not how society works in his world. Similarly, Karkat struggles with the quadrants which is practically unheard of on Alternia. It’s such a clear parallel to human homophobia that like. I’m left speechless when I think about it honestly. Their struggles are so overwhelmingly similar and parallel to each other sometimes I just have to stop and appreciate it. But back on topic, his whole life, Karkat has grown up with this over idealized concept of romance, the quadrants, and he obviously knows something is wrong with himself from an early age. Karkat’s obsession with romance novels is no coincidence, he’s clearly always felt off when it comes to that and so he most likely reached out to these novels and movies to get a better grasp of the quadrants, consuming what was essentially romantic propaganda to overcompensate. The problem is, in studying these works, he latched onto the wrong thing which is so funny to me. He’s reading these trying to understand, to make himself fit into this system because that’s what society is like *cough* heteronormativity *cough* and yet he latched onto quadrant vacillation like it’s the holy fucking grail of romance. Like oh, okay, this is normal? Obviously people do this, as long as they switch within the bounds of the system it’s Okay™ and even romantic in some occasions. Only, this is fiction he’s reading and if you try to apply the logic of romance novels to real life…well, we all know what happened with Terezi. He was constantly pushing the boundaries of vacillation, he was red for her, he wanted to act black on occasion, he cares so much about everyone it’s impossible for him not to be pale, and we see him (though I doubt he realizes he’s doing it) trying to auspistice for her and Gamzee in the pre-retcon timeline by staging a sort of intervention. He “wanted her in every quadrant like a desperate fool” and I don’t understand how people put Karkat into the quadrant system!!! That line is so IMPORTANT, not even taking into account that we know his dancestor, who shared his blood mutation which may have had something to do with his irregularities, loved the Disciple “beyond the quadrants”. It’s. So. Obvious. Karkat is overcoming the stigma of wanting to love beyond the quadrants in the same way that Dave is struggling to overcome the loaded idea behind being Not Straight. They’re both overcoming these extremely similar prospects and it’s an absolutely stunning feat of narrative that as an English major it makes me fucking weak in the goddamn knees like Hussie is a lot of things but this? This is fucking genius. I’ve never seen two characters written together in such an in depth and parallel way before.

Opposites Attract- So we’ve talked about their similarities, let’s talk about their differences and how those differences are also actually poorly disguised similarities. Karkat is obviously a Loud Boy, thats his coping mechanism. He keeps people out and away by being loud and aggressive. Dave needs to cope for similar reasons, to protect himself he needs to keep people out and away but he does it in just the opposite way, he gets quiet. He doesn’t talk about his shit. Sure, he’ll go on the rambling metaphor when the occasion calls, but although he’s always talking he’s never really saying anything. Karkat is an almost compulsive over sharer, like, the boy (bless his heart) has zero filter. Dave will talk your ear off just as well, but I’ll be fuckin damned if he says anything worthwhile outright (his many, many Freudian slips aside). It’s also interesting to note that while I’ve seen people talk about how part of the reason Karkat doesn’t fit into Alternian society is that he’s so human, as its stated in the narrative that after seeing this soft species, that shares his blood color and stupid, stupid compassion, even *Vriska* admits that Karkat seems to fit in better with them than he ever did with trolls, we don’t see the same for Dave? I’ve rarely, if ever, seen the situation flipped, in that Dave was more suited for Alternian society the same way Karkat was more human than troll or at least had severely human aspects. Obviously Dave’s romance is still very human in that he’s a big ol’ fan of monogamy (he and Karkat both faced problems in their relationships with Terezi romantically when she became involved in other quadrants, these boys love monogamy I’ll fight), but his upbringing? Yikes. Lusii are supposed to, while still protecting their trolls, prepare them for the harsh and violent world. Whether they had to kill other trolls and Lusii to feed them, or learn how to fight to fend off other trolls on their own, there was a shit ton of fighting in their pre-pubescent years. Trolls are a hyper aggressive, violent species that learn to fight basically as soon as they can walk, which is exactly what Bro did to Dave. Dave could fight practically from the second he crawled off the meteor, I doubt a day went by without a sword in his hand for some reason and god knows he suffered through enough strifes. Both boys were brought up just thoroughly *wrong* for their societies in a way that ensured they would never feel like they truly fit in.

Finally, Romance- In the final culmination of all this, let’s actually talk about how they work together as a couple. So, they have this overwhelmingly similar upbringing and life experience, what happens when they finally meet up? Dave thinks it’s hilarious that Karkat is always yelling, “get a load of this guy I was telling you about, Rose”, and while I have no doubt he thought Karkat’s shitfits were the funniest thing since Colonel Sassacre, there had to be a part of him that was just in awe of how someone could be so free with their emotions. Like, he’s angry? And you know it the second he walks into a room?? This is an entirely new concept to Dave, my son, who grew up with an insanely passive-aggressive psychopath who would sneak up on him and fight him with a crazy fucking puppet like what the fuck?? Dave has always had to be on edge at home, Bro was quiet so you never knew when he was upset and you never knew when he was coming for you. With Karkat, that’s such a non-issue it’s like the issue dined and dashed, no bill and no tip, vanished into the wind. You can hear Karkat stomping down the hall five minutes before he even gets into the room, and once he gets there oh boy he will Let You Know What The Problem Is. Why is Dave always provoking Karkat? Literally just to hear him yell because it’s so goddamn refreshing to know exactly with 100% certainty what someone is thinking, no irony, no bullshit, just genuine fucking refreshing annoyance. And for Karkat, well here’s the guy he’s always wanted to be, right? Cool and suave, the romcom hero who could smooth talk the paint off a wall. Only, Dave isn’t actually cool in the way he pretends to be, he’s not this smooth suave hero, he’s not even just a hero. He can’t be. He’s just…a kid. A kid like Karkat who has issues like Karkat and talks just as much when he’s nervous as Karkat and he’s relatable even though he’s trying not to be. He’s trying so hard to be what society wants from him he wants to be the tough guy with the sword but he’s just so not and that’s so refreshing! Karkat realizes he’s not the only one who’s trying to live up to some buttfuck impossiblestandards and he realizes…that’s okay. He doesn’t have to be anything he’s not. And they figure that out together.

So pardon me if I don’t understand how you can put Dave with John, or Jade, because they don’t fit. The narrative literally doesn’t benefit in any way for them to fit, and if it’s your personal preference then by all means go for it who am I to stop you, but there is no benefit to them being together. They will not grow from it, John is explicitly someone who doesn’t seem to focus or care much about romance even? And Jade has no concept of anything Dave has gone through, she couldn’t even begin to understand. Same with Terezi and Karkat, or Gamzee and Karkat or John and Karkat or whatever, Terezi likes quadrants. They make sense to her and she enjoys them, Karkat cannot bring himself to deal with with that and they’re so much happier as just friends. I’m not even getting into Gamzee, I’m not even gonna dip my toe into that discourse because everyone likes different characters for different reasons and I won’t begrudge you of that so I’m just gonna stay away. So again, if you ship those then that’s fine! Go for it! This is just an analysis of why the narrative, in my personal perspective, supports DaveKat and why I personally think they are good and healthy for each other and help each other grow as people.

On Hamilton and Slavery

Okay so I’ve been seeing a whole lot of screaming on my dash about Hamilton and his opinions/thoughts on slavery. In the name of making sure everyone is properly educated in their screaming, I’m going to try and dispel some of the myths surrounding this topic.

First, let’s get one thing straight: Hamilton was NOT an abolitionist. I don’t care how you look at it, he simply was not. He made deals involving slaves, he married one of the largest slave holding families in New York, and he was obsessed with raising his station in society, which meant, you guessed it, owning/renting slaves.

Many biographers, including Chernow, cite Hamilton’s impoverished childhood in the Caribbean as the basis for his supposed abolitionist tendencies. There are a number of problems with this theory. After his mother died, Hamilton and his brother James found themselves the owners of a few household slaves, but due to legal inheritance laws, they could not technically own them. The fact still remains, his family, however poor they were, they still had slaves in the house, showing that even poor whites had social and legal status above slaves. When Hamilton was working in the trading company, while he may have become disillusioned with the idea of slavery, he most likely supported the institution, simply because it was his livelihood. If he spoke out against it in any way, he could have lost his position in the company.

After Hamilton came to America and joined the war effort, he and John Laurens both supported Laurens’ idea for an all black army regiment, which is another point that biographers often use to support “Hamilton was an abolitionist”. This brings up a key point of this argument: whatever Hamilton thought of slavery, his decisions involving such were often politically motivated, not personally. He probably supported the idea of the black regiment because it was the best for America, not because he exactly wanted the slaves free. Another problem is that, according to Henry Laurens, John wouldn’t forcibly make anyone free their slaves because he believed too much in the property rights in the colonies, which also speaks more to political motivations than to personal ones. As Alexander and John were very close, it can be assumed that they shared very similar views.

Hamilton married Eliza Schuyler, a member of one of the most wealthy northern slaveholding families. Their marriage is somewhat romanticized in the musical; Hamilton most likely married Eliza as a way to move up on the social ladder, not for love. If someone was opposed to slavery as much as Hamilton is usually portrayed, he would have had serious qualms about marrying into a slave family. While it is disputed if the Hamiltons ever actually owned slaves, often, he made deals for his in-laws involving slaves, including some for Angelica and her husband, and also made slave purchases for the Continental Army. Another factor in his complacency in a slave economy was most likely his close relationship with George Washington, the owner of one of the largest plantations in the south.

After the war, Hamilton was a member and founder of the Society for the Promotion of the Manumission of Slaves in New York although society records don’t show much direct involvement in proposing anti-slavery legislation, or, indeed, much involvement at all. The society did not interfere with property rights, however, as members could still own slaves. Remember, slaves were considered property in 18th century America. As you’ll recall, Hamilton was a staunch supporter of property rights. Another probable reason for his membership in the society was the fact that it brought him close to the upper echelons of New York society. The Marquis de Lafayette praised Hamilton for his involvement in the society, but Lafayette had his own set of issues involving slavery.

Like James Madison, Hamilton supported the 3/5ths compromise in the Constitution, which allowed the southern states to count a certain fraction of their substantial slave population for their representation in the House. This compromise managed to keep the southern states in power until the Civil War. Hamilton was an elitist, thinking that the more property one owned meant their vote should count more. Because he wanted a strong national economy, Hamilton knew it was a necessary compromise in order to appease the south and get them to participate in the economy.

In the peace treaty at the end of the revolutionary war, Hamilton supported compensating the slave owners whose slaves had run behind British lines, proving, once again, his opinion on property rights outweighed whatever he thought of the institution of slavery as a whole. When the Haitian Revolution broke out in 1791, he supported the French government in lieu of the new one, but as Toussaint L'Ouverture’s government grew in power and control, he supported continued trade, so long as L'Ouverture could guarantee the safety of US property and assets.

Hamilton, as far as I know, never wrote specifically about his ideals on slavery. If he did refer to it, he was usually talking about a transaction that he carried out for someone else. His membership in the manumission society was mostly symbolic. Mostly, he was there to interact with high society. Whatever he truly thought about slavery, we’ll never know. He simply chose the stance that would most benefit him or the country, straddling the line between abolitionists and slaveholders.

Biographers often overstate Hamilton’s membership in the Manumission Society, saying that indicates staunch abolitionist tendencies, which is an exaggeration. It is important to remember when reading any biography, it will be biased in the direction of the subject. Sure, it may list faults, but it usually will not go into too much detail. In order to get a full picture of anything, look at multiple sources from opposing sides, or from sources not focused on one individual. Be educated in any argument you are involved in. It makes for a lot better a conversation.

anonymous asked:

Could you please write your essay on the zutara, kataang and maiko analysis? I would like to hear what you have to say...

Yes! Okay so I recently reblogged this post about Yin and Yang and how Zutara does not represent it, but Mai/ko and Kat/aang do. As I said in my tags, as a zutara shipper I do have a lot of thoughts on the interpretations of these three ships written in this post. 

The interesting thing about this anti zutara analysis and the reason I reblogged it is that I almost completely agree with everything said about zutara.  

In the original post, OP goes on describe the two most popular ways that people associate yin and yang with zutara and refute them:

I have seen two flavors of the yin and yang argument for Zutara. The first is the somewhat grounded point that Katara is a female waterbender and represents yin, while Zuko a male firebender and represents yang. The second is the completely clueless assertion that Zuko is “dark” and therefore yin and Katara “light.” therefore yang.

I could not agree more. So many anti zutara shippers (and even a lot of casual zutara shippers) like to picture zutara as the good girl/bad boy ship and I really hate that because the ship is so much more complex than that. Katara is not a goody two shoes pure angel, and Zuko is not an evil badboy who needs Katara to redeem him. 

The first of these arguments, of female, water-associated, yin Katara and male, fire-associated, yang Zuko is true as it goes according to the traditional concepts of yin-yang, but it’s incomplete, outdated, and even dehumanizing in my opinion. It’s basically saying two people are right for each other based on what they are, characteristics that were inborn or cannot be changed, instead of who they are, their personality and individuality. Their actual personalities tell a very different story, as I will discuss below…

…Also frankly, the parts about masculine yang and feminine yin are the products of heavily sexist societies from two millennia ago. They reflect archaic gender roles where men are expected to be aggressive and assertive and women to be submissive and supportive….

…That’s why I don’t like the “female waterbender and male firebender are yin and yang = instant romance!” formulation. It’s sexist and heteronormative, and literalizes what were meant to be symbolic representations…

…If you’re actually interested in applying philosophical yin-yang to individuals and their relationships, it may help to think of yang as “drama” and yin as “chill.” Yang is starting things, getting in people’s faces, wearing your heart on your sleeve, raised voices. Yin is resolving things, calming down, contemplation, quiet conversation or just silent contentment. Everyone has some drama and some chill, but some people have more of one or the other. If one person in a relationship brings tons of drama, it strikes a good balance if the other can bring the chill.
In this understanding of yin and yang, it should be clear Zuko and Katara are both drama llamas, that is yang ascendant. “But female waterben-” shush. Katara is more than her gender and element. Also the gender and element are symbolic representations of yin anyway, not the actual thing.

Based on what OP has written (I recommend reading the original post, even though the quote above is very long, I cut a lot of good stuff out for length) I completely agree that Katara and Zuko are both Yang. Up to this point in the essay, I 100% agree with everything written about Zutara. 

Here is where I start to disagree…

Zuko and Katara, then, don’t personify the yin-yang balance at all. They both have too much fire, too much drama, and that’s why their interactions can spin out of control and bring out the worst in both. Remember “The Southern Raiders?” Where Katara set out to murder a war criminal and Zuko egged her on? It was Aang’s calming words, his chill, his yin that ultimately moderated her rage and helped her remember her better self. Aang is the yin to Katara’s yang.

Countless essays and analysis’ have been written about how ‘The Southern Raiders’ does not, in fact, bring out the worst in both Zuko and Katara, and so I’m not going to directly respond to the above statement. I will respond to the statement about Aang and Katara, however. 

If you take Katara and Aang’s individual personalities, traits, and mindsets, I absolutely agree that Kat/aang could be a wonderful representation of Yin and Yang. Aang’s role as Avatar is to be a mediator and to bring peace. Keeping in mind Katara’s fiery personality and emotional drive, I think that the two could have had a really amazing balance if written well. The issue, however, is that we don’t see this at all, which can all be boiled down to the fact that Aang doesn’t understand Katara. Let’s look at the scene between Aang and Katara in ‘The Southern Raiders’:

Aang: Umm… and what exactly do you think this would accomplish?
Katara: (sighs and shakes her head) I knew you wouldn’t understand. (She begins to walk away)
Aang: (Cut to a close up of Katara as Aang and Sokka look on behind her) Wait, stop, I do understand. You’re feeling unbelievable pain and rage. How do you think I felt about the sandbenders when they stole Appa? How do you think I felt about the Fire Nation when I found out what happened to my people?
Zuko: (off screen) She needs this, (everyone turn their eyes towards him) Aang. This is about getting closure and justice.
Aang: I don’t think so. I think it’s about getting revenge.
Katara: (off screen) Fine! (Cut to an angry and frustrated Katara) Maybe it is. Maybe that’s what I need. Maybe that’s what he deserves.
Aang: Katara, you sound like Jet.
Katara: (defensively) It’s not the same. Jet attacked the innocent. This man, he’s a monster. 

These are not calming words. Rather than see Katara’s determination and anger and calm her, Aang riles her up even more. He doesn’t try to understand where she is coming from. He just assumes that he already knows. And then he delegitimizes her need for closure. Rather than try to empathize, Aang tells her she is wrong and refuses to see where she is coming from. He even goes so far as to accuse her of being a murderer. 

The ultimate irony here, I think, is that when Appa was stolen, rather than show the sandbenders forgiveness, Aang entered the Avatar State and almost killed them. He would have, too, had Katara not been there to calm him down and be his yin.  

The way Aang tries to be there for Katara mimics how Mai tries to be there for Zuko. Let’s look at this Mai/ko conversation in ‘Nighmares and Daydreams’:

Mai: Zuko, it’s just a dumb meeting. Who cares?
Zuko: I don’t.
Mai: Well good. You shouldn’t. Why would you even want to go? (Cut to shot of Zuko and Mai standing in the window, the Fire Nation Palace before them. Mai puts her arm around Zuko) Just think about how things went to the last war meeting you went to.
Zuko: (sighs)I know.  

Zuko has been completely distraught about not being invited to the war meeting. This is a huge deal to him, he wants to be the perfect son to Ozai, and he feels like a disappointment and an oversight. Mai can’t understand why this is a big deal to Zuko, and rather than try to understand, she invalidates it and acts like it’s the stupidest thing in the world to be upset over. On top of that, she throws in his face one of the biggest shames of his life, all for the sake of making him feel bad for caring. 

Let’s compare these two scenes to two scenes of Katara and Zuko supporting each other. First, Zuko supporting Katara in ‘The Southern Raiders’

Katara: But, we were too late. When we got there, the man was gone. (voice cracks slightly) And so was she.
Zuko: (Cut to a sorrowful Zuko) Your Mother was a brave woman.
Katara: (Cut to a front shot of Katara as she touches her necklace) I know.

Katara just opened up to Zuko about one of the most traumatic moments of her life: the murder of her mother. Zuko doesn’t make this about him; he doesn’t talk about the disappearance of his own motheR. He doesn’t try to defend the Fire Nation, his home or tell her not all Fire Nation people. He hears what happened to her, accepts how awful this was for her, and affirms that her mother was a wonderful woman. 

Now for Katara supporting Zuko in ‘The Old Masters’:

Katara: Are you okay?
Zuko: No, (turning his head away from Katara) I’m not okay. My Uncle hates me, I know it. (Katara lowers herself to the ground) He loved me and supported me in every way he could and I still turned against him. How can I even face him? (Cut to a sideview of a regretful Zuko with Katara looking on.)
Katara: Zuko, you’re sorry for what you did, right?
Zuko: More sorry than I’ve been about anything in my entire life.
Katara: (raises her shoulders) Then he’ll forgive you. (Zuko looks at her) He will. 

Zuko considers betraying Iroh his greatest regret. Iroh is the father figure Zuko never had growing up, and one of the most important people in his life. Right now Zuko is terrified out of his mind that the only adult figure who has ever loved him and supported him is now done with him forever. He is convinced Iroh will reject Zuko, and he doesn’t even want to face his uncle. Here enters Katara. She sees the regret and fear in Zuko. She knows there isn’t anything to worry about, that it’s ridiculous to think that Iroh wouldn’t forgive him. But Katara doesn’t say any of this. She doesn’t tell him to suck it up, or that he’s being dumb. She allows Zuko to reaffirm his sincerity and then reassures him that everything will be okay. 

In these interactions, you can see that even though Zuko and Katara’s personalities are traditionally ‘yang’, when they come together like this, they find a perfect balance. They don’t egg each other on or bring out the worst in each other, they bring out the best, most vulnerable, and their truest selves. 

This is what I love about zutara. It isn’t about ‘opposites attract’ or ‘good girl saves bad boy’. It’s about two people with very similar, but ultimately complementary, personalities coming together on equal playing grounds and supporting each other in the most positive way they can because the level of understanding between the two goes beyond words. It’s just natural for them to know exactly what the other needs. 

We are in the midst of an amazing astrological time, and that is why we wanted to release a bulletin for you – make the most of this beautiful time period! The powerhouse of Mars is going to supercharge this time period for everyone, and as we are in the shadow period of Uranus before the retrograde, we will find that some of our most ancient problems, concerns, anxieties, and traumas are being reawakened within us. Toxins that are years or even decades old are attempting to make a powerful appearance now, and it is important that we take time out to deal with them.

What is upsetting you right now? What has you concerned, angry, or worried? Don’t look at the surface of that problem, but look at old memories, experiences, habits, and traumas that may have magnified that for you. Now is the time to reprogram your brain and start manifesting something you truly like.

You are going to feel overwhelmed with a very astringent energy during this time period, as the spirit is taking time to detoxify and start anew. As we are in a new astrological age that is brimming with change, we all find ourselves in a sort of boot camp that is pushing us to release old wounds and embrace new abundance.

You are going to find that during this New Moon, Mars squares up with Uranus which is falling into retrograde soon – part of your releasing the old will feature rebelling against authority, possible arguments, detachments from people who no longer suit you, aggressive forward movement, plans, strategic actions, and a lot of artistic expression. You are going to feel yourself overwhelmed with passion, but passion without purpose or direction is a ship with no sails. You will be surrounded by opportunity but unable to take it anywhere. Take the time in advance of the new moon’s approach to set your goals. Write down anywhere from 5 to 10, be specific, give them dates, associate them specifically. Don’t say “I’d like to have more financial freedom.” Set a goal with the intention. “I will make $1,000 through my start-up company by the last day of August.”

Even if, for some reason, you do not manifest these specific goals, you will find that you  are much closer to them than you would have been otherwise simply by placing a heavy amount of energy into a perceived outcome. Put sails on your ship and you will invariably head in the direction of the wind you choose to propel you.

Avoid an over-active ego or too much aggression during this time period. The astringent quality of the energy will have you mildly uncomfortable, and will build up over time, having you ready to pop off at someone who may not deserve it. Change your mode of thinking and operating during this time period. Understand the purpose of what you are doing. Understand your goals are not the responsibility, duty, or impediment of anyone else, and do not accept these messages from others either. You will not gain anything from aggressive interactions during this time period unless they are oriented toward the permanent release of a person or a truth that you have been withholding.

The best thing to do during this week and during this new moon cycle (You will invariably feel the vibrations of this new moon for a few days before and after it), is to put all of your aggression, fears, instability, and anxiety into a work of some sort. Rotate the tasks you can do while feeling this intensity. Do things with a purpose. Make sure that your self-care is good for your body. Have multiple tasks laid out that you would like to tend to, be they work related, home-care related, or simply a hobby such as reading or drawing. This is an important time to harness your aggression, as anything that is turned into an achievement will pay off for you later on. Follow your intuition at this time, as you will invariably know what is meant to benefit you and what to stay away from.

We would recommend taking this time as a time capsule. Find a notebook that is empty, or perhaps oriented toward manifestation and goals. Write down a status report of yourself. Whatever matters to you, mention it. Look at your goals and desires and see where you are in relationship to them. Write your relationship status, your physical status, your job, your finances, whatever you think will be important. Write down a healthy goal for any of these things a year from now. Set a reminder on your phone to revisit it and see how you have come closer to those goals or maybe oriented yourself toward achieving new ones.

This last wave of Cancerian energy is extremely important as it is supposed to help you wash away your guilt, your anxiety, your perception of lack, and any pain or ailment that is causing anguish in your body. You will even see this in a physical sense as many people are taking to body positivity, or even find themselves enduring different surgeries to come out healthier. Many individuals have the majority of their interactions with hospitals and healthcare during the Cancerian season.

Soon the Leo season will come, an astrological season of assertive action, strategy, planning, and career orientation. The Leo season is often where most people set their goals and find themselves empowered with the most energy to make it happen. It is important for you to face each of your uncomfortable emotions, toxic relationships, lack-of-confidence spells, and moments of tiredness and overwhelming thoughts. Utilize powers of forgiveness for yourself and others, and eliminate those thoughts by flushing them out with a new perspective. You must push the mess out of the way to allow the spotlight to shine on you, and it is time for you to take to task and become a leader this season. If you are reading this still, you are obviously feeling a connection with the vibration being sent out by this moon. It is a definitive clearing house. It is okay to embrace the things you are most afraid of in this time, to look for strength in difficult times, and to reorient yourself away from what used to be to what currently is.

This is a very important time astrologically as its point is to show us a new paradigm. This is a paradigm where money doesn’t lord over us and where the universe provides as is needed and as it is asked. We are entering a paradigm of fearlessness where we no longer embrace the worst case scenario and we no longer fear repercussions of others that truly do not matter.

Some extremely helpful things that you may want to try to do in the period between 7/18 and 8/3 are:

🦁 Write down a list of traumatic feelings and opinions you don’t believe in, and that you don’t believe serve you any more. Set them on fire, bury them, whatever you can do to symbolically dispel them.

🦁 Take a cleansing and rejuvenating bath – you can use Epsom or sea salts, bath bombs, or whatever makes you feel good. Set an hour aside for this, and try to make sure the bath is either very hot or very cold as you can tolerate it. Both temperatures can do something healing in a very different way. Calendula and Chamomile would be good herbs to use.

🦁 Write a list of goals and intentions for the next week, month, year, and five years on a piece of paper, preferably in a manifestation notebook.

🦁 Find four or five affirmations you would like to do in a day that would be important for you, and get an Affirmation Reminder app on your phone that reminds you to do this every day.

🦁 Do some cleaning in the areas that matter most to you. This may not even be in your home or office, but on your computer or phone. Change your wallpapers to suit a theme focused toward your goal, ambitions, or your thought process.

🦁 Make a dream-board on the computer, using pinterest, or using cut outs on a poster the old fashioned way. You will find that looking at familiar goal images really helps you bring your dreams into focus on a hard day.

🦁 Form an A-Team. This may be best suited to a chat group on facebook, or even an IM chat group through facebook, skype, or otherwise. Find a group of people that wish to take care of each other and keep tabs on each other. If you do not have this network, find manifestation groups, spiritual groups, and otherwise on Facebook that may help you expand your community.

🦁 Write nice things to yourself on your mirror, as you are going to have a rough go of it for a little while, and the best help you can find is right inside yourself.

🦁 Figure out a lifestyle you want for yourself and change one habit every day or two until you have made your lifestyle match your desire. If you have to work at it a bit to keep this schedule steady, don’t be hard on yourself. Use this time to try and get a sleep schedule that is efficient for you, a food schedule that is healthful, and find where your “you” time is during the day. Even if this is only during a commute or morning shower, spruce these areas up so that they are more nourishing.

🦁 Take time out of your day to remind yourself how far you have come each day before you go to bed. Even if you feel you haven’t changed your life much in the past year or two, think about the things you have endured in that time period that were not under your belt long ago.

🦁 After you wake up, light a candle, hold a crystal, or bask in the sunlight as you say your thanks for what you have and make prayers and wishes for those things you wish to have. Follow this with affirmations.

🦁 Be kind to yourself and others. The door to opportunity swung open, but this period of a few weeks serve as a very long, very steep stairway to your next step. Use this time to drop the baggage that doesn’t serve you, and learn to make the best of the baggage that you are carrying with you. Look up constantly, only looking back to remind yourself of progress.

You’ve got this.

Let the water wash your wounds, and then step forth with pride, Leo Season is near!

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gothemcityshipper  asked:

Hi so i have a few requests if thats okay. 1. Evil! Tony where he has secretly been working with loki or something like that. 2. teen AU theres still the avengers and all but they are teens, and lokis good. 3. avengers meeting lokis kids with frostiron. Sorry if thats too much I'm just having trouble finding these things. Thank you

Me when I first got this ask: this is totally not too much, you are fine, this gives me more opportunities to read
Me now: This! Took! So! Fucking! Long! I’m! So! Sorry!


*cracks knuckles* alright friend, ive got at least a couple recs on here with that first request- dark tony working with loki in this rec list, particularly 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Now! teen/hs aus w/ the avengers. those are gonna be a bit harder lol. All of these don’t necessarily have the Avengers, but then I would have virtually no fics for this part of the rec ajkdhlfa

  1. And Everyone Knew Except Them- miaao3, G or T, No Warnings. It started as a stupid joke; Tony smacked a kiss on Loki to freak out a homophobe, except everything went belly up as soon as Loki started kissing back.
    I loved this?? So Much???? I’m so sad mia isn’t writing anymore :(
  2. What? Wait… What?- msMynx, Mature, No Warnings. Loki is entirely too busy to even think about prom. Prom is what other people did, not him.
    Hilarious, honestly. Totally something that could happen in canon, imo.
  3. I’m Your Guy- STARSdidathing, G, No Warnings. “You might be gay, but he likes girls, Loki.”
    Thor is a bad bro sometimes, and Tony is awesome.
  4. It Just Sort Of Happened- Potrix, T, No Warnings Apply (Mentions of drug abuse, mentions of attempted suicide, mentions of overdosing)
    Sometimes, Loki learns, getting in trouble is just the first step of something new and wonderful.
    Buddy,,,, this was,,,,,,,,,  angsty and wonderful

This one was difficult and annoying, bc I found Loki’s kids meeting Avengers with frostiron, but it was badly written, or gross, or some kind of shit imo. Then I found meeting Loki’s kids with frostiron! But barely any Avengers, SO, Buddy, I Tried. Honestly, this was the section that took the longest alsdkjf. (A note, I didnt go as in depth for this tag as i have for others bc i thought i spent enough time on it, but here is the link to the search terms i used. Therefore, a lot of the fics on this sec are pretty new, and im sure there are plenty of other good ones in the tag, i simply kinda didnt feel like reading them)

  1. Loki’s Brood (series)- Raven_Ehtar, T, (Past) Rape/Non-con, (Flashback) Graphic Violence (IMO violence is not that bad, and to me the non-con was glossed over)
    After the trial in Asgard for his various crimes, Loki Laufeyson walks away estranged from his people and burdened with tasks to amend his past wrongs. In so doing he also walks away with his three children - Fenrir, Hela and Jörmungandr - taking them out of the hands of the Æsir. He entrusts them to Tony Stark, much to everyone’s surprise, and what could have been a disaster turns out to work out remarkably well for everyone involved. At least most of the time.
    This entire series was amazing, I loved it, I want more right now, thank you very much. (This one has the most kids+avengers)
  2. Crossing the Line (series)- pristineungift, M, No Warnings/Graphic Violence.
    Tony Stark may not know it, but he is Loki’s.
    Not in a creepy way tho! Imo, at least lkasdf. I really loved this series honestly. Also, Angst :’> (More… adult ‘kids’, and mostly avengers tbh)
  3. Hel is Other People- Moosepelheim, M, Graphic Violence.
    “So what if I ate the cheeseburger?” Tony shouts, throwing a wrench at Loki’s head. The bastard dodges it easily as he stalks closer. “That doesn’t mean I belong to you!”
    “Oh, not to me,” Loki says lowly, a smile like honey slowly spreading its way across his face. “But with me? Surely you’ve heard of Persephone.”
    “A cheeseburger isn’t some fucking mystical pomegranate, you smirking lunatic.” It isn’t, it just isn’t. Not even close. “You aren’t even Greek!” he adds, throwing another wrench which is dodged just as easily.
    Loki spreads his hands wide, posing like the showman he is. “I think you’ll find that a pomegranate symbolizes the fruit of the dead. Your cheeseburger, made of dead flesh, was topped with fruit. It’s close enough for the symbolism to bind.”
    “Ah-hah! There’s no fucking fruit on a cheeseburger,” Tony says triumphantly, finger pointing accusingly at Loki. “I fucking win, no going back to crazy town with you. I stay here in my workshop, and you fucking leave before I call the Avengers.”
    “Oh Stark,” Loki murmurs, almost affectionately. “A tomato is a berry, you ignorant fool.”
    I’m fucking counting this bc this is one of my faves and Im justifying it by the fact that Loki’s kids are in it, albeit as adults, and more towards the end than anything else.

These last three are pretty much Loki+kids+Tony, no Avengers. But they’re all lovely nonetheless, and I would love more of these kinds of fics

  1. Hidden Within- Lynds (Incomplete, updating regularly), T, Chose No Warnings.
    Tony’s on the verge of giving up when he stumbles into Lucas and his large brood of troubled children. He knows they’re on the run, but frankly, he’s not going to live very much longer, so he doesn’t care. He just wants to hang out with the hot guy with stunning green eyes and crazy kids, and maybe fall in love with all of them. Just a little.
    When Loki finds out he isn’t Odin’s son, he washes his hands of the lot of them. He steals his children back from their prison and takes them on the run, hiding their true nature and magic in a mortal form. But then Tony comes to their aid one day, and he has to choose between keeping his children safe and hidden, and releasing his magic to save the life of a man he might be falling for.
    This is the best of the ones I read, no lie, and even tho its super new it deserves to be on this list.
  2. Late Again- andquitefrankly, G, No Warnings.
    Single dad’s Tony and Loki always bring their kids late to school. And those kids see something that they don’t: love.
    Def Loki’s kids, and… kinda an oc for Tony’s kid? However, this was delightful, and light, and fluffy. Exactly what I needed after some of the other angst heavy ones on this list.
  3. Forming a Family- siver_drip, T, No Warnings.
    Odin cast Loki’s children through space and time. Tony finds Hela.
    Seeing dad!Tony was amazing, I loved it, and Hela was a wonderful little hellion, whom I adore. More pre-slash than anything during the story
Love Me Right --> KoKoBop/The War Theory


there will be a read more so it doesn’t clog the dash

alright, hear me out – me and @exodusandchill have been putting lots and lots together. but we’ve come to the thought that this upcoming MV ties in together with Love Me Right. Okay, so. and this is probably gonna be so messy but bear with me. or just ask me questions if you want,

in the beginning of Love Me Right we have both Minseok and Jongdae cookin a little something up: ( but if you ask me , it seems it’s mostly Minseok ). 

in some scenes it is pink  in others it is blue. ( remember this for later ! )

whatever it is puts you to sleep – and is inhaled by being let out into the room. hence why you see it being spread and then:

where in, jongdae wakes up first, prompting him to wake minseok.

this is where i believe they are no longer in reality. they are drugged. 

the other members end up also ingesting it ( this isn’t shown except in parts where you see some members lying down seemingly in sleep )

and this is also why they are shown soon after seeming disoriented when they wake up: they are also no longer in reality:

after they all wake up and realize, that’s when all the other stuff starts. but i want to talk about Lay for a lil bit:

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How To Write When You Have No Reason To

     We’ve all been victims to it: Procrastination. It gets worse during weekends and long breaks. When deadlines are our own or don’t exist at all, when inspiration has run out, or when our interest is elsewhere, it strikes. As the summer nears an end, I look back on all my precious free time wasted in front of the television or on the internet instead of writing and wonder what I could have done to write more. Everyone has their own excuses for not writing more, so I’ve designed some of these tactics to be customized to you. Do what works best for your specific needs, but write. Just write.

Time. Do you have it? Maybe you’re a single parent working three jobs while you upgrade your degree. Maybe you’re an unemployed dropout living in your parents’ basement whose unfinished manuscript is the one thing keeping you from getting kicked out. I don’t know. Either way, here are your solutions:

  • No time. You’re super busy? No problem. Make it portable. Put it on a tablet that fits in your bag or in a notebook so that you can sneak it into classes. Every spare moment on the bus or during class if you’ve finished your work early, take it out and work on it. Trust me, as someone who did most of the first draft to her first novel on the school bus to and from school (and during boring math classes…don’t tell anyone), you’d be surprised how much you can get done between things.
  • Average amount of time. Maybe you’re just not very good at putting aside time for writing. That’s okay. Try this: Write for an hour every weekday, two hours weekends and holidays, and an extra fifteen minutes before bed every day. You can adjust it according to your schedule, but when you have stuff to do and time to write, it’s just a matter of recognizing your time to write and taking advantage of it.
  • Too much time. Yes, it’s possible. Your life has no structure and you don’t write because all of your time is spent doing nothing. You know you should write, you just don’t. You need structure. You need goals. So make some. Try writing two chapters per day—or whatever you think is reasonable—and spend a minimum of two hours writing per day. Or try writing three hours per day, a minimum of one chapter daily. Race yourself and see how many words you can write in ten minutes, and keep track of your high score so you can aim to beat it. Every ten chapters or whatever you think is reasonable, treat yourself to a movie or something (preferably not a video game or something that will distract you from writing for too long. The exception is books. Books are good).

Motivation. Writing without motivation is like breathing without oxygen. It just doesn’t work. You may be lacking it for a variety of reasons. You’re bored, things are too predictable, you’ve been working on the same thing for so long, and writing has become (*gasp!*) a chore.

  • Write on location. Does your story take place in New York? You might not have the resources to go there, but take a little satellite tour of your setting using Google Maps or read books that take place there. Everyone knows books transport you places. But your book takes place in Ancient Greece? Go to a toga party. Take a “Which Greek God/Goddess Are You?” personality quiz. The story takes place in the far off future on a planet you made up? Build a diorama of that place! Make a toothpick sculpture of your protagonist’s home. Immerse yourself in your story’s location. Better yet, go there if you can. Sit on the bench where your protagonist had their first kiss and write. Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery.
  • Simplify it. Our stories can overwhelm us from time to time. Pretend you’re in sixth grade again and do a book report on your own book. I’m serious. Make a poster with the title in block letters smack dab in the middle. Draw out the main characters and glue their pictures on the board next to each of their descriptions. Come up with all the ridiculous English-teacher-symbolism you can get from your writing, whether you meant it to be there or not. Think as a twelve-year-old and list the things about your work the twelve-year-old you would have loved or hated. Map out the plot on a very much simplified plot line to the best of your abilities. All those complications, false climaxes, and flashbacks are suddenly boiled down to beginning, middle, and end. If you want, you can look up book report ideas for elementary school online and do those. I remember doing diorama projects and paper bag book reports in sixth grade. Keep it creative.
  • Entice yourself with the tools you use. If you write longhand, choose a notebook with a cover you’ll never get bored of or decorate the cover as if it were the cover of your published work. Use new pens that write in crazy colours or that have feathers coming out the end that make you feel like some fancy-pants writer. Because screw it, you are. Maybe even use a typewriter for the satisfying *ding!* you get at the end on every line. If you use a laptop or computer, get a cool keyboard that looks like it’s made of wood or put some keyboard stickers on. Do something that makes you want to use your tools of the trade more.
  • Surround yourself with the right things. If you’re lacking in creativity, a messy desk will help. If you need structure, a neat and organized desk will work better. If you’re writing a scene set in the Sahara Desert and there’s five feet of snow outside, change your computer background to camels and turn on the extra heater while you play with that weird sand-dough stuff that can be found everywhere and is meant for children ages 3 and up. If in your next scene your main character is going on a romantic date, light a scented candle. If you’re writing about vampires, pour yourself a cup of cranberry juice and pretend it’s blood. You can take sips during the messier scenes.
  • Get excited. Before you start your next chapter, think about what you look forward to writing in this scene. Are you introducing a new character you really like? Is the drama going to make you cry as you write? Is a planet going to explode? It’s going to be good, and you just can’t wait to get it all written down. If you only listen to one thing from this article that I spent a whole three hours writing, make it this. If you aren’t excited about writing your next scene, your audience won’t be excited about reading it. It will be too forced. It just won’t work. I’ve told you how you can get interested in writing again, you really don’t have to do much more. Just get excited and write.

     I hope these tips help you out. When you think about it, time and motivation are all you need for a lot of things, including writing. Now you can go on your merry way and write!

     If that didn’t help you, here’s a piece on Writer’s Block:


anonymous asked:

Is it normal to have doubts about witchcraft?

This turned into a lot of ramble and personal opinion, so please keep that in mind when reading. Some people may not agree with what I’ve written here, but this is a matter of my perspective and views on things, and may not be relatable to all, and that is also fine. If anyone wants to share their thoughts or feelings on the topic, feel free to as well, or tag / mention me in a post if you want to do that.

I am going to do my best to answer this, because when it comes to doubting myself and my magic, I’ve just brushed it off and continued, so I don’t necessarily have all-encompassing experience on which to base my advice from. I am going to try to present as much as I can think of, but I can’t guarantee I’ll remember everything, or even know what to suggest if it’s outside of my perspective in the first place. 

If you were to ask this question to a handful of magic users, I’m sure most will tell you they have doubted witchcraft and magic at some point during their craft. Even still, for me, it sometimes seems pretty surreal that I can change the wind by untying a knot in string, or that I can change how people see and think of me with a random symbol. I think it happens to most of us, that we look at what we’re doing and go, “is this for real? Am I really doing these things or is it just coincidence?” 

So, I may not say it is “normal” to have doubts about witchcraft, but it is definitely common. I also feel it is important that we work through those doubts on our own as best as we can if we want to continue along these paths. It isn’t always easy, I know, but I feel it’s absolutely worthwhile. Who we are as magic users, where we stand in regards to our craft and practices, will be all the better off for it - stronger, more resilient to even other people trying to shoot us down for doing this or believing it works. And I know a lot of people say, “who gives a fuck what others think?” but sometimes it isn’t as easy to let go of as that.

When you take a look at other magic users who don’t have doubts about what they’re doing, who likely seem utterly comfortable and confident with themselves as witches and what they do with magic, it’s more than likely because they’ve already worked through those doubts themselves. Since each path and practice is different and unique to each magic user, so too would be if and when you start to doubt what you’re doing, and also the methods you use in which to work through that scepticism.

Of course, there are likely some magic users who never doubted what they were doing from the get-go, and honestly that doesn’t make them any less for not having to go through this sort of thing to strengthen themselves and their magic. Certain people just “fit” well into certain hobbies or lifestyles, without questioning themselves or what they’re doing in that place, and that is fine as well. There is strength in that on its own, but I also see there to be strength in having the self doubt and working through it too. 

I don’t know if I’m conveying the point I wanted to correctly here or not tbh… Basically - I don’t see it as bad if you doubt your magic; as long as you work through it if that’s what you wanna do to keep doing magic. I also don’t see it as bad if you don’t doubt your magic. Neither magic user is necessarily stronger than the other for doubting or not. They just go through different things at different times, but I don’t see it as those trials necessarily make you stronger, or you’re lesser for not needing to go through that particular scenario in the first place. Does that make sense? Idk, I’ll let that point lie for now, lol.

There are some magic users that believe that doubting your magical power or your spellwork can actually take an effect on how they work - in regards to this, I mean that doubt can be seen by some as “negative” energy, and it can clash with your original intent and energies, and nullify them. Belief is pretty key, though, so if you believe that is the case, that will likely be the case. If you don’t believe self doubt will take any role on your magic, then it likely won’t. However, it is still something I like to put out there for those that do fall into that line of thinking, just in case. Not all magical paths or paradigms require you to 279568% believe in what you’re doing all the time, or even a little bit, in order for them to work - like I said, it comes down to what you think and believe in the end, what sort of magic your’re using, etc.

Regardless, doubting witchcraft certainly can make it harder to practice it, whether you think the doubt will impact spell effectiveness or not. By that I mean, if you’re questioning if it even works or not, you’re likely wondering why you’re wasting time and energy doing the thing. The entire time you’re doing it, you could be going, “this is stupid, this isn’t going to work, why am I bothering?” And it can bring about negative connotations with witchcraft over time, or you could even end up just dropping the entire thing altogether out of frustration. And in the end if that’s what you wanna do, that’s also okay -  just because you start doing witchcraft, doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it forever, if you find you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you. 

But, if you wanna keep going with witchcraft, and you wanna work through those doubts, it is absolutely possible to do so. It may take some time and work, but if you want to keep working with witchcraft, I’d say it’s pretty important you work out those doubts for yourself. Like, I can try to explain and convince you all I want that magic is real, but if you can’t work through that scepticism on your own, you won’t believe me, what I say won’t matter, and your doubts will still remain. You have to let yourself be open to believing it works. 

Different things work for different people in this regard, but I will try to give some pointers or share some things that may help you.

Try to find out where the doubt is coming from, and try to work through it that way. Look for the stem, the source, of why you may be feeling that way. Is it just that you don’t think magic works in general? Do you think you don’t have enough power? Are you maybe just scared that it might? If you are able and willing, try to write down some of these thoughts, really figure out what it is that is causing the doubt. Having a better understanding of it may help be the key to working it out, because then you will know precisely what it is you need to work on, and the methods may be different for each reason of doubt.

When casting spells, try to ignore any of those doubtful thoughts. And yes, that can be hard, really hard sometimes, but when you recognize those thoughts, try to think “no, that is not the case,” and keep doing the spell. Draw your focus back to what you’re doing, repeat your intent over and over in your mind if you need to in order to keep the sceptical thoughts out of it. Sometimes it comes down to “fake it till you make it,” or, as one of my old roommates said, “believe it till you see it.” 

Why do I say to do that? Because, for a lot of people, seeing their direct success from casting spells and doing magic is enough to erase the doubt of it in the first place. If you can look at your life and say “this happened because of this spell, and I brought that about with that magic,” then it definitely helps you in seeing that what you’re doing is valid, is working for you, is real, and I feel that is where a lot of the doubt about witchcraft really comes from - that it doesn’t work at all.

Of course, with that there still might be problems of “well it was just a coincidence.” But how can you *really* know for sure that was a coincidence? Magic is not always screaming in your face obvious, it may not be instantaneous results. Sometimes it is subtle, gradual, takes some time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because we may not be able to see a spell’s effects immediately, doesn’t mean it isn’t working. For instance, doing protection spells, it isn’t like I notice that I’ve just avoided a huge catastrophe; the catastrophe just never presents itself at all in the first place, because of the spell. It isn’t like I avoid anything that would harm me, there just wasn’t anything for me to avoid, nothing of danger had opportunity to present itself to me from the start. Does that make sense?

Honestly, yes it is scary putting so much trust into something that is so unknown as magic still is. As humans we like to know and understand, so of course we might get worried or scared or don’t know what to think when something comes into our lives with not a lot of solid explanation. How do we know what to think, if it’s real? Well, it comes down to finding faith to put in yourself, and also really trying it out and seeing for yourself the truth of it for you. Because, I don’t think there are any absolute truths, especially in regards to magic. It all comes down to you, what you decide to do, how you do it. Those things will also react in different ways for other people, manifest in different ways. So of course the doubts will be different too.

I feel like I left a lot out of this tbh. There is a lot to say on this topic, and I really am just one person. My view on this matter is largely shaped by the path I’ve had to walk, and I know that no two paths are identical. It is formed by my view on things, what I’ve gone through on my own, so it may not also be possible for all to relate to what I’ve said here. Like I said, this is such a personal thing, working through your doubts on magic, if you have any. I can kind of tell you what my help, but in the end, you really need to figure out on your own what to do about it - if you wanna work through it and then how, if you’re even going to try to work through it or just keep doing magic with the doubt still in place, or if you don’t think it’s worth the effort in the end and stop practicing altogether.

Because I’m not sure I answered this properly, or provided anything useful, I’m gonna give a couple of links to other posts that may prove useful as well. This was a lot to read, I know, but I think you should read the other links as well, to get other people’s views on the topic, because again, it comes down to being something unique to each of us.

I hope this helped you, or at the very least made sense, because I’m starting to doubt I did xD But yeah, if you have any more questions I’ll do my best.

Broken Hearted: The Decision

Broken Hearted: The Decision
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1177
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff.

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! This is part 2 of the series.

When people talked about soul mates, it was always with a wonder lust in their eyes. They wanted to meet their soul mate and live happily ever after. And for a while when you were a teenager, you felt that way too. But as an adult, the thought of the universe picking the person you were meant to be with using a possibly arbitrary symbol-on-skin system just didn’t seem quite right. You wanted to fall in love, sure. But you wanted to choose the person and have the person choose you.

So you and Dr. McCoy have the same tattoo. So what? Does that mean that you are automatically supposed to fall into his strong arms, stare into his handsome face and just BE in love? You wished it was that easy. But love is complicated and most of all, you wanted the choice.

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unirun888  asked:

Hello I've been silent reader for some time. Your theory and idea is so unique.If,I might ask? 1) What do you think about P5 Protagonist comparing from p3 and p4. Thank you

Thanks for the flowers~! I appreciate it!

Okay, now your question:

The Persona 5 protagonists strikes me, first and foremost as both, a much less and much more defined characters than the protagonists of the two previous games. Now, while that may seems like a contradiction, my judgment is this way due to the presence of the protagonist’s double life.

Joker as a normal High School student has a very defined backstory. So much is for sure. However, in terms of personality, he’s intentionally left unremarkable and difficult to notice. His design alone would belong to an NPC in every other game, not the main character. Even the narration tends to be more vague on his opinions than Yu’s or Minato’s narration: Note how he has no opinion on Tanaka’s theme tune, unlike Yu and Minato. A lot of that is due to Morgana doing a lot of the “thinking” for Joker, often leaving us in the dark regarding how he feels about specific events, when we’d have known with Yu and Minato. 

Now, to western players it often seems like he has *more* personality, due to his narration being written in a first-person-perspective; however, that’s merely a translation choice. In the Japanese language, there is no such thing as “Narration POV”, so all of the protagonists’ narrations are written in exactly the same style with an entirely ambiguous point of view. Joker’s narration in Japanese reads not a single bit differently than Minato’s and Yu’s. 

This, however, isn’t because Joker doesn’t have a personality; not at all. Rather, it’s used for contrast: His civilian identity is intentionally left as plain, neutral and unassuming as possible, so his “Joker” identity becomes even more striking, a symbol of him throwing off the chains of society and finally being free and unrestrained. In costume, Joker is probably the most defined protagonist in the series so far (aside from Maya Amano, perhaps): Wild, unrestrained, cocky, confident, smug. His body language alone is impressive in how much raw energy it conveys. He’s a guy who’s smirk you kinda wanna wipe off his face, while ALSO knowing you probably shouldn’t mess with him. You rarely feel as powerful, downright invulnerable, as you feel when playing a character with his amount of glowing confidence. 

Minato always seemed like a snarky loner who keeps his distance from people for traumatic reasons. 

Yu always seemed like a blunt, but responsible, eccentric young man who feels lonely. 

Joker seems entirely bland on first glance, but is probably the wildest, most adventurous and least restrained of the bunch. Minato and Yu would both be like “Whoa.” if they got to meet him.

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Hi! So, i saw you having tarot. Would you mind sharing how you started readings (if you do your own) and how I could approach myself to this matter? It's all very very new to me! Thanks a lot :)

@mayihaveyourdesert Hi! Tarot is actually a huge part of my life tbh, it’s my main writing inspiration and definitely my main focusing tool. I’m not sure that I’m the right person to ask about starting out because I have a very personal approach to tarot that may or may not be what you’re looking for! Right off the bat, I’ll tell you that I’m not a spiritual person, so if you’re looking for tips for starting out from a spiritual standpoint, I unfortunately won’t be much help in that category. (Maybe someone can comment who does approach it from that angle and who would be willing to help, though!!) I’ll break down my own approach within two categories.

1. Based on Symbolism
2. Non Fate-Oriented


Choose your deck(s) for you! My favorite thing about tarot is the beautiful imagery and symbolism, and I think it’s really important to consider this when acquiring your first deck. There are a metric sh*t-ton of options when it comes to tarot, and each deck can be a bit like learning a new language (sometimes literally, one of my favorite decks is in Italian). Tarot is personal, and you’re going to get a lot more meaning out of it if you enjoy and connect with your cards. Do some research, compare decks! My personal favorites are the classic Rider Waite deck, the gorgeous & lush Ancient Italian deck, and the minimalist-yet-somehow-still-primordial Golden Thread deck (which comes with an amazing app that is actually free even without the deck.)

— Get to know your cards. Having a working knowledge of the meanings of each card is a great jumping-off point, whether you use the booklet that often comes with the cards or do individual research. This may be an unpopular opinion, but don’t even be afraid to modify them if you feel the urge (more on this in the next paragraph, but for one example, I hand-gilded the edge of one of my decks to make it feel more personal.)

— Don’t let gained knowledge of the cards obscure gained meaning. Now that I’ve told you to learn the cards, I’m going to tell you to un-learn them, at least sometimes. A lot of books and websites will tell you very specific things about cards, everything from “The Emperor represents an earthly fatherly influence” to “The Queen of Cups is a blonde woman whom you have yet to meet who loves reading Calvin & Hobbes comics but only during the month of April.” This is all well and good, especially when you’re starting out! I even have Whitcomb’s 600 page Magician’s Companion textbook because I love fun correspondences so much. BUT as you go on, cards may take on new meanings. Let them!! If you start feeling like a certain card represents you, or a particular part of your life, allow that to happen. And tracking that progress is a great way of looking at personal growth and your life, actually. Making a non-linear journal (or grimoire) is helpful: One page per card, add thoughts or conceptual meanings to them as you think of them, quotes, book characters they remind you of…I’ve gotten so far as to know that one particular card is the main character of my book series, and I carefully replaced the word Temperance with Alchemy on one of my decks. And, just as you allow the traditional cards to take on personal meanings, allow your given meanings to rearrange. Finding new connections is so fun, like the moment when you realize that you admire the same qualities in your best friend and your favorite quote. Try to recognize when you are holding on to old influences and work on letting go.


Your fate is yours. You see what you want to see. My personal view is that tarot is about the past but mostly about now. You are the one who has to use that knowledge of yourself to look to the future. Ue the symbolism to ask: what influences are in my life? What am I seeing in these cards, and what is that saying about my subconscious focus and desires? For instance, if you’re trying to meditate on whether to move to Boulder or San Diego and you keep picking out mountain/forest imagery even though the sea is right there as well, that tells you something. Listen to yourself, first and always.

On that note, I don’t use reversals. Reversals are different readings of the cards should they appear upside down when you draw them, often bestowed with the inverse or undesirable traits of the original card. Personally, reversals don’t really fit into my imagery-based fate-less approach, so I ignore them. I feel like they cast an unnecessary negative pall on my readings.

Don’t be afraid to draw clarifiers, and don’t take it too seriously! Clarifiers are extra cards that are useful if one (or multiple) card in your reading is making you say “wot in the ever-loving tarnation…..” or even “damn that’s scary, what can I do to prevent that?” But I most commonly draw clarifiers when I see something I really love and I’m thinking “okay, how do I get from where I am now to that?” Pick a goal card for yourself, once you learn the meanings. Are you aiming for The Moon, mysterious artistry and wildest dreams? The Sun, light and truth and warmth? The Hermit, old guy alone with a lantern and maybe a cat or twenty at home who really knows but he’s got a sweet cloak? (Jk but rlly….I got him recently for myself and I was like yeah honestly I’m ready, bring to me the Lantern of Solitude). In this vein, I like to remember that there are no bad cards, because to me, none of the cards represent a definite future. 

TO WRAP UP! Hopefully that was at all helpful haha. I’m sure many people heartily disagree with one or all of my views on this, but there they are. Tarot is a lot like writing: You have to know the rules to break them effectively. The rules in this case are the time-honored meanings of the cards and the process of reading them for yourself and others. Try things out, read what you can and read more when it interests you, don’t be afraid to change your mind, take notes, try to put out as much positive force into the world as you can! Have fun! 

Oh, also, last advice: rope your best friend into learning, too. Being the only one who reads tarot at parties makes you surprisingly popular but sometimes u just want fresh insights on yourself as well tbh.

Secrets: Peter Parker x reader

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first time writing, so sorry if this sucks. Also not my gif lol.

warnings: some swearing


I stepped into the bright sunlight and took in a deep breath. I always loved the way it smelled after it rained, it was always just calming to me. I was pulled out of my haze by the sound of my idiot best friend, Peter Parker. Peter and I have been friends for as long as I can remember and slowly over the years I’ve fallen for him. Cheesy I know, but how can you not fall in love with the sweetest boy in the world. When ever I had a problem he was there for me. When ever I was sick he always checked on me. When ever I needed help with homework or studying he was there to help.  “y/n, you ready to go?” he questioned as he tapped my shoulder. I turned my attention to him and smiled before nodding my head and we started walking to school.

Once we made it to school I walked with Peter to his locker, continuing our conversation about a project we had due in our chemistry class. We stood there talking and then Ned, mine and Peters other best friend, came over without us even noticing, when he put a little Lego man on peters shoulder and started talking about this awesome Death Star Lego set that he was trying to convince us to build with him tonight. As I listened to Ned go on and on about his death star I just stared at peters face in aw. I was once again snapped out of my haze by Ned and Peter both looking at me with questioning looks. “sorry what did you say, I was um thinking about…what my mom said about…um dinner tonight,” I lied and Ned looked at me with a knowing look before responding. “I said are you gonna build this thing with me and Peter tonight?"  "oh yeah yeah definitely!” I exclaimed before the warning bell rang signaling that we had 5 minutes to get to our first class.

After our first few classes it was time for lunch. I walked out into the hallway and down some stairs to the cafeteria where I saw Ned and Peter sitting staring at Liz. I walked over and sat across from Michelle and grabbed one of her many books and started reading. Michelle and I were sort of friends, mostly just when it came to reading or I needed advice about things I couldn’t talk to Peter about. Which was mostly about Peter. So this was not a strange habit and she just looked up, gave a small smile then went back to reading. As I was reading I felt someone tap my shoulder and I looked over to see peter smiling at me. “yes Peter?” I asked before closing the book but keeping my finger on the page I was on. “So about tonight, I cant actually come hang with you guys I have to do something for the Stark internship,” he said with a slight frown and I just nodded my head before going back to reading, but on the inside I was extremely angry. Peter has been blowing us off for this Stark internship ever since he got it. I mean yes Tony Stark seems hella cool and I’m sure its important but he should still try and make time for his friends. Peter sat there for a second tapping his finger on the table before getting up and walking back over to Ned.

At the end of lunch I set Michelle’s book back on her stack of books and smiled before thanking her for letting me read it. I started to walk to the doors of the cafeteria when Ned came up right beside me. “So I talked to Peter and I was wondering if you wanna come help me build the base of the death star and then he’s gonna come help with the rest after the stark internship. We’ll do it at his house,” Ned said not really giving me time to answer before saying cool see you tonight and walking away to his next class.

Ned and I were in Peters room building the base of the death star just as planned. “So, y/n, when are you gonna tell Peter you’re in love with him?” Ned asked out of nowhere causing me to look at him shocked. “I’m not in love with him okay I just sorta kinda might have a small crush on him, which he will NEVER know about because he likes Liz and would never like me and besides I wouldn’t wanna make our friendship awkward,” I replied. I’m not even sure why I was telling him this, Ned is HORRIBLE at keeping secrets. just then we heard the window open and we both looked over and on the ceiling was Spider-Man! Ned and I both sat there shocked as to what was happening. Spider-Man crawled along the ceiling over to the bedroom door, slowly and quietly closing it, then dropping down to the floor removing his mask. He wasn’t facing us yet but we knew it was peter. Ned and I sat there, mouths hanging open, shocked because it was PETER. he turned around smiling then he saw us and his smile went away faster than most people can jump to conclusions. Ned dropped the death star and stood up exclaiming,“ YOURE SPIDER MAN!” Peter quickly started shhh-ing Ned and started whisper yelling. “No I’m not, I’m not Spider-Man!” he yelped as he pressed the spider symbol on his chest which caused the suit to deflate and fall from his body. “Dude you were on the ceiling!” Ned blurted as Peter started getting dressed. This whole time I sat on the floor, shocked and angry. My whole life I’ve told Peter everything, EVERYTHING! And here he is with this secret and he doesn’t even bother to tell me. I mean yes some secrets are okay to keep but this was just hurtful. I stood up and grabbed my bag and jacket and walked out of his room, to the front door and left. I heard the front door open and Peter calling my name but I kept walking until I felt a hand grab my arm. I stopped and spun around to face a sorry looking Peter. “Y/n, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, its just I didn’t want to tell anyone really. I didn’t want you to worry and I knew you would but I’m fine just a few scratches and bruises but that’s it. Please don’t be angry, I’m still the same old Peter, its just now I can shoot webs and stop a bus with my bare hands.” he explained with a little chuckle at the end. “Peter I would have told you if something like this had happened to me. I  tell you literally everything. I’ve told you things I wont even write down because I don’t want someone to accidentally find it. and the worst part is I cant stay mad because I like you and no matter what you do I always somehow forgive you because I cant stay mad at you. You’ve wormed your way into my heart and I cant get you out, and I hate it because you’re my best friend and you don’t even like me the same way, you like Liz and I just have to accept that,” I started rambling not even realizing what I was saying anymore. “are you done now?” he questioned and I just nodded my head, blushing realizing what I had said. He placed his hands on my cheeks and leaned in to press his lips to mine. I was shocked at first but soon melted into the kiss not believing it was actually happening. We pulled away and he smiled at me and I just blushed more. I really like you too, I mean sure Liz is pretty, but you, you’re the most beautiful, smart, funny, just everything good in the world that anyone could ask for.“ he smiled at me and I crossed my arms over my chest. "yeah okay, well you’re not off the hook just yet, I’m still mad at you, what if you had gotten like killed or something!!” I exclaimed and he just put his hands on my waist pulling me into a hug. “Y/n, I promise you that I will be fine, I may get scratched up every now and then but I wont die, I promise!” he said and I wrapped my arms around him before saying, “if you die I’ll kill you.” We both laughed before he kissed my cheek. We were suddenly pulled apart by the all to familiar voice of Ned. “I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN THIS IS SO GREAT NOW YOU TOO CAN STOP BEING BABIES AND COMPLAINING TO ME ALL THE TIME!” Peter and I laughed before hugging again.


well that was complete and utter shit I’m sorry, but hey if you made it all the way through thanks for reading. I suppose if you didn’t think it was shit send in a request cause I’m a bored person with no life so I mean I’ll write you some stuff. And even if you did hate it feel free to message me and tell me I’m a loser

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How to Improve Your Psychic Abilities


“Hi! I was wondering if I’m psychic, sometimes I just know things are about to happen but it’s always just a few minutes in advance. I’d love to train my psychic abilities (if I even have them), is there a way to do that? Sorry if I sound offensive, that’s not my point. Have a great day!“

—Anon 1

“How do I get in touch with my higher self and my spirit guides?”

—Anon 2

“Last summer I had a psychic reading for the first time that was really accurate. She told me I had some psychic abilities. It was weird to hear out loud but it wasn’t shocking. I was just wondering if you have any advice for someone who doesn’t know where to start?

—Anon 3

“ever since I was younger little glimpses of situations would pop up into my head, and then they would happen, days, weeks, months later. I’ve always wanted to keep track of things that I “envision” and then check them off once they happen, but it’s difficult because I can’t tell the difference between these “visions” and my plain imagination! how do you get better at recognizing the difference and honing this talent?”

— Anon 4

Hiya. So, I’m super confused cause I think I’m psychic (more clairaudient) and I’ve experienced most of the signs like hearing people daying my name in an empty room and all that but I’m not sure. Was hoping you could give me some help? Or suggestions on what to do?

— Anon 5

As you Can see— The Advice on a how to improve one’s psychic ability and how to recognize it is a very popular question among anons.  Rather than replying the same thing in several different posts, I am going to post it all right here.  


Many of you probably see me say this repeatedly each time– Work on building a positive environment– the environment inside you and around you.  This is very important.  When you start “Opening Up” (Awakening your Psychic Abilities), you will start exposing yourself to many different things– thoughts, feelings/emotions, awareness of positive and negative energy, and with some people it happens slowly, but others it happens all at once.  That’s why you need to be careful.  When you start Opening Up, you emit this “Light” (nobody can see it but spirits), but it will attract many people– people of this plane and Spirits.  If you are surrounded by negative energies while opening up, you will most likely attract negative people and negative spirits.  This will not be healthy for you and your development at all.  It might even cause you to Close It (deactivating your abilities), and depending if you scare/traumatize yourself, it make take up even years to Open back up.  It’s very important to work on your: Self Esteem, Self Confidence, and Healthy Lifestyle/Positive Energy first before attempting to open up your abilities.  If you struggle with this: compliment yourself everyday, acknowledge your talents and skills and good parts, and forgive any mistakes and flaws you may have (mistakes are things you learn from, flaws is what makes you human– an interesting, wonderful human).   I promise you, you will make your life so much easier if you start here at square one first.  Don’t rush anything, and make sure you do it for yourself and not the sake of getting “magic powers”— with an attitude like that, it will be a temporary fix that won’t work out.


Spirituality is also important to work on as well.  It helps you get in touch with the energy of/and the Other Side and the World around you.  It helps makes that connection stronger.  You can do this by religious practices or things related to your faith— whether you’re overall general Spiritual, Christian, Wiccan, Pagan, Muslim, ect.  If lighting candles and praying helps you with your spirituality, then that’s fine.  If sitting in your backyard at night meditating helps you with your spirituality, then that’s works, too.  If just contemplating the wonders of the world while you burn incenses helps you, then that’s fine.  Practice with Tarot Cards and Pendulums/Crystals/ect helps— great!  Everyone has their own different way that works, and that’s fine.  Find what works best for you.  

As you do all of this— it’s very important that you talk and listen (listening even more so).  When I say Talk, you don’t have to talk out loud, of course.  Talking in your head works fine, too.  But make sure you don’t focus too much on yourself though— this is when you need to take a moment and just really sit and listen.  Listening isn’t always in the traditional sense as how we hear things.  Yes, some people might hear things, like voices or ringings, but it can also include: seeing things (visual appearances “physically” or in your mind’s eye, visions, symbols, dreams, ect), feeling things (touch sensations, emotions, ect.), and just knowing things (knowing true facts that nobody tells you but you just seem to know it for some reason).  Try to listen and understand what it means to you.  Researching things to help understand things is okay to do— just understand that what you read up on might not be 100% accurate.  This is because how we receive information can depend on the individual.  For example: the symbol of a bird in flight might mean good fortune to someone, but it could be a symbol of danger to another.  It depends on what things mean to you and the feelings you get from it. 

Another important way to increase your spirituality is focus on how to improve when you’re feeling negative things.  If you feel anger but you don’t take care of it or handle it correctly, or you get angry simply at the drop of a hat and you just explode— that’s not good.  Same thing with sadness or jealousy.  Work no trying to see the bigger picture and the bright side, and focus on what you should really try to put your energy into.  This ties into the, “Work on YOU” aspect mentioned above.  This is because these feelings may block your psychic abilities, confuse them and make everything bias.  You wouldn’t be able to tell if you’re actually picking up something from the Other Side, or if you’re just having your own personal thoughts and feelings.  When you’re starting out, I promise you, it will be extremely difficult to tell the difference.

With your Spirit Guides/Guardians, be sure to talk to them as often as you can, and listen to them as much as you can!  They are always around you, and they’re always listening and trying to help you.   When you grow spiritually, talking to them becomes much easier to do.


It’s important to practice using your psychic abilities a lot for a long time before you try anything serious with them.  A few things you can do is play a few games: 

CARD GUESSING GAME:  Have a Normal Deck of cards.  Shuffle them (no peeking) and place them face down (you can either just spread them across a suffice, scattered, or keep them in a deck).  Pick a Single Card Up and try to “see” what kind of card it might be.  You Can guess any which way you want: Guess if it’s Black or Red, what kind of Suit it Is, what Number it may be, a combination of the few, or try to guess all the specifics of the card.  Don’t rush and take your time.  No peeking.  If you get it wrong— that’s just fine.  That’s normal.  That’s the whole point of practicing.  Eventually you will get better at it.   Keep in mind:  Depending on how you are, you will either visualize, hear, feel, or just know the answer (or a combination of all).  Everyone’s different.  Pay attention to see which way you lean towards.

SHAPE AND COLOR:  This is a mind guessing game that involves two people (which if you have a trusted person, please practice this– it’s a good practice).  Have that person guess a Shape and a color.  Have them both say it in their head and picture it in their mind (it’s important that they do both– not everyone is visual, and not everyone is auditory.  Until you figure out which way you lean towards, have them do both for you in their mind).   Then guess the shape and/or color!   Keep trying and trying!  Practice makes perfect. 

JOURNALING: Sometimes people have dreams with messages in them, or they see colors they don’t quite understand yet, or feelings, hearing, or they want to predict the future, ect.  Keep a journal and record EVERYTHING. 

 Record your dreams right away— describe everything you saw, how each thing made you feel, record any words (doesn’t have to be full sentences or phrases if you don’t remember) that you can recall, record colors if you can, all of it.  Do this with every dream, that way you can start comparing dreams with each other– you will eventually be able to tell which dreams are psychic and which dreams are just your own mind’s creation.  Eventually, too, you’ll be able to work on interpenetrating the meaning. 

If you want to practice on predicting the future, here’s how a journal can help you by recording!  First thing in the Morning, take time to predict what will happen tomorrow (try not to go further than that).  Record EVERYTHING that you feel or think or hear will happen— big or little things.  The reason why you don’t record today/that day is because you don’t want to create a subconscious bias where you go out and fulfill what you think would happen.  It’s harder to control tomorrow because you don’t quite know what will exactly happen (which is great for psychic practice).  When that Tomorrow Comes, record what ACTUALLY happens.  Take note of what you got right, wrong, or came close to knowing.  Then repeat!  Make sure you write the entry date (not the date that you’re trying to predict).

Recording Auras works, too.  Record when you see them, what color they were, where they were coming from, and the feelings or thoughts you got from them!  Be sure to focus on the shade.  Don’t just write, “Red.”  Write what shade of red— Strawberry Red, Light Red, Dark Red, Maroon, ect.  The specific, the better.  This will help you understand what you see!

Recording what you See, Hear, and Know, ect. is very important to do, too.  Spiritual encounters and conversations are important.  Just Remember:  Try not to get scared if you do.  People are naturally scared of the unknown— and let’s be real, talking to spirits and having them respond is pretty freaky when you’re new to it, it takes time getting used to.  If you get scared though, it might set you back, having your body naturally react by “Blocking It” (meaning weakening your psychic abilities to where you don’t receive anything) as a way of protection.  Remember:  SPIRITS CAN’T HURT YOU.  They can’t hurt you, they can’t possess you (you can talk for them, and get very in touch with their thoughts, energy, ect. to where you repeat them— but they do NOT enter your mind and body).  Spirits, without their physical form, can’t hurt you— they can try to scare you, the bad ones, but they can’t lay a finger on you.  Most spirits, however, are nice and are just curious that you can communicate with them!

As For Getting in touch with your Spirit Guides— Just talk to them!  In your mind and out loud!  Whatever helps you.  If you don’t know their names, that’s fine!  I promise you, they’re ALWAYS around and listening.  Make sure you listen to them, too!  Eventually this will become a lot more natural for you.


Sometimes people ask how you can tell if you’re really psychic, if you’re really picking up things or if you’re just making things up from your own mind— here’s the thing… it’s hard to tell when you’re new.   Sometimes, being new to this, you can’t even tell.  Eventually you’ll be able to tell the difference— but that’s why I say you need to practice.

You have to TEST yourself.  Test to see how correct you are, and how often you’re correct. The best way to be sure is just simply putting it to the test.  See if the things you see or hear are actually going to happen.  This takes years of practice, everyone.  This isn’t something that happens over night or in the span of just a few months.  If this is something you really want to get into, you have to be dedicated to it if you’re going to use it.

Honestly, that is why I say practice a LOT before you do anything big with your abilities.  You can practice among friends and family— just let them know you’re still learning and practicing.  But until you’re completely confident in your abilities, and you feel that you have a great understanding of them and how they work, be careful how you use them and who for and for what.  

As someone who has done readings for many people over the years– even in my early teen years and up– I’ve taken on some heavy topics to try and help people.  That’s honestly how I got to have the pretty good track recorded for my accuracy– I had to be as accurate as I could because sometimes people’s lives were on the line.  If you guys can take it slow— take it slow.  If would be really upsetting for you to take something big that you’re not ready for— something important and you get it wrong (or maybe you don’t get it all wrong, but you interpreted wrong).  Some day you’ll be able to help people with the big stuff if you want, but not until you know for sure you’re ready.  

Also, if you work on your psychic abilities so you can just know gossip or for arrogance, I promise you— The Other Side will shut you down right away (they won’t share anything with you).  If you want to become Psychic, you become Psychic for the right reasons.  The reason why people are Psychic is so we can become better people and help others— it helps us give us a better understanding.  It helps teach us not to be mean to others, or if we’re in a desperate situation, it helps us know that we’re going to be okay no matter what, and we can use it to hep get ourselves out of it (which my big sister and I have done before– using your abilities to help yourself isn’t selfish, sometimes it’s self care).  For other people, we help share the info that they don’t know yet– that they’re on a wonderful life journey to grow as a person.  With being psychic, we have a better understanding of the other people around us, and we can help other people to understand each other.  We help work on morality and ethics with ourselves and those around us.  

Of course, don’t just go out trying to save everyone you can.  You don’t need to wear a cape— not everyone’s meant to be a Helper, and the last thing you should do is develop a “Savior” attitude.  And don’t be arrogant either— I’ve seen so many people try to develop being psychic and they start talking like, “Look at these ignorant mortals.  They do not understand the infinite of the universe like I do.  I pity them.  Only I can understand—” blah blah blah, it’s really irritating.  I’m just trying to get at is being Psychic is a Gift, so please use it for all the right reasons and intentions. 


The final thing I want to talk about is that if you’re going to work on being psychic, it’s important to focus on your self care as a psychic.  Don’t be surprised that you’re drained of energy for out of nowhere.  You’re expending energy by being Psychic and using your abilities— or you’re picking up on other’s energy and that drains you.  

If you’re feeling drained, allow yourself only a few hours to a day or two to recover (isolation, being lazy, friends, ect.— whatever you may do).  After that, you need to get back out there in the world.  You need to stay productive no matter how tired you are.  Trust me— as someone who doesn’t know how to Block or anything whenever I want, being a constant state of “Recovering” isn’t healthy.  Being lazy for too long isn’t healthy. You have to force yourself to use your energy.  Try to have your own energy not get drained by making yours “louder” than others.  

One of the Advice I got when I was little (and even now) whenever I get anxiety from going outside is to do this:  Envision a White/Pink (or some other relaxing Color) of Bright Light around you— an aura— and layer the bubble as much as you need to.  Do this as often as you can before you walk out and interact with the world when you feel overwhelmed.  This is an Aura Shield, and it helps.  Asking your Spirit Guardians and Guides to help keep the shield up is something that you can do, too, if you struggle.  Help them protect you and keep you relaxed.

Another thing is– again, don’t develop a “Savior” attitude.  You can’t help everyone.  Everyone in life needs to help themselves.  You need to help yourself.  If you’re putting your own health at risk, you need to back off and take a break.

If you find that practicing psychic things and growing psychically is causing you stress and anxiety and nervousness, go ahead and take a break from it.  It’s okay.  I promise you, forcing yourself through will only backfire on you.  Just make sure you don’t hide out from the world though.  And make sure you talk about your feelings if you can about this stuff— to any trusted person or to a journal or your Spirit Guardians/Guide.  

I hope this helps!!  Let me know if you have more questions or need clarification!

dvawn  asked:

Hey, I'm new to the whole astrology thing. I decided to learn more about it because my girl is into the whole universe thing and I thought it would be could to know what she's actually talking about, so I want to learn about myself here's my info if you could get me started in the right direction that would really help. Birthday: 10 August 1995 Time: 8am Location: San Angelo, TX Not really sure of anything else you might need but I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi so the following chart I got from cafeastrology.com (if you have any astrology questions and you need a nice, quick answer cafe astrology is your best bet) so this is what I gathered!  (btw I’m sorry if you’re not a guy, the default gender on the profile was male)

I completely understand that this may just look like a jumbled up mess of numbers and neon symbols, so let me explain some basic understandings of Astrology!  The sun sign is your primary sign, it’s usually what people use as a gauge to interpret one’s disposition, for it embodies the traits a person can exhibit both inside and outside (there are 12 signs you can be, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, NO Ophiuchus does NOT count).  If you look on the chart, it reads horizontally and your sun is Leo!  Aside from your Sun Sign, people usually like to know their moon and ascendant signs (people also refer to ascendant as rising, so if someone says they’re a _____ rising, it’s the same thing as their ____ ascendant.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you what all the symbols mean at all the different placements, because to be quite honest with you I wouldn’t be able to give you the best and most accurate report you deserve!  However, I can tell you about your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs! :)

Sun:  So as I said before, the Sun sign is sort of the essentials of who you are.  You answer a question, talk in a conversation, or behave a certain way, chances are it’s because of your sun sign!  Now your sun Sign is Leo, meaning that you are quite the extrovert.  I won’t get too into the details of Leo and its denominations and celestial bodies, but I will let you that because your Leo is under the Sun, your energies in this particular placement (placement being which symbol or planet) are particularly ‘powerful’.  Leo tend to be quite energetic, they value and enjoy social life, and above all they just love having a good time!  Often people like Leo because they tend to be sociable, they’re outgoing, and all around a jovial force.  Leo also tend to be leaders, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone found you leading the conversation and where it goes, changing topics or pushing them forward.  

Ascendant: Ascendant and Sun are often mixed up quite easily, but I tend to keep them separate with this visual!  Imagine that you are floating outside our solar system, and all the planets are conveniently in a way where you see all of them.  Think of the outermost planet, the body you see first is your Ascendant!  If it’s the outmost shell of who you are, the first ‘self’ you show others in social situations or when you deliver first impressions.  Again, your Leo is in your ascendant placement meaning that you are easily approached by others.  You dominate conversations, and you tend to talk for the sake of it.  In terms of interactions, you appreciate a sense of variety, never really sticking to one particular friend at a time, usually a combination of different people going to different places.  This doesn’t however mean that you’re ALWAYS like this, Leo aren’t the most grounded of signs, and they do appreciate alone time here and there (but then again, i feel like everyone needs that).  Now going back to my visual, the reason it’s helpful is because even though you see that planet easiest, the shine of the sun will still be evident, despite being millions of miles away at the center of the solar system.  This is because your sun sign is represented in all that you are, and it’s just a mask you show to people like your ascendant for the sake of first impressions.  However, because your Sun and Ascendant signs are the same, people may find you to be an open person, because who you are by nature is also what you show when you talk to others (there’s no discrepancy, where people see different sides of you when they get to know you better).  

Moon:  Personally, the Moon placement is my favorite of all placements, because it has a multifaceted sense to it, because it essentially rules your emotions.  Now you may not know this, but seeing as how you have Aquarius in moon and a Leo in your ascendant, there’s a bit of a juxtaposition.  Aquarius in moon means that you value privacy.  As much as you like to talk to others, there’s that part of you that longs for quite days spent in introspection, just being alone and therefore being in comfort.  You like to ponder and you love to observe what’s around you, and it allows you to gain much insight on other people, possible making you a skilled individual when to comes to reading a persons’ feelings.  Aquarius and Leo however share a commonality in their conviction, because once they set their eyes on something they plant themselves like a tree.  They are adamant, and when it comes to their ideologies they resent the idea of compromise.  Despite this, you believe in a sense of fluidity and continuity, always working hard and striving for your goals as opposed to waiting for another day.  If someone doesn’t know you as well, people may see you as emotionally detached, which is not a bad thing!  

Overall:  If you feel as if you disagree, that’s completely okay!  The thing is you have so many other placements with different signs in them, and perhaps one of your placements is more dominant than the other!  (I have friends who have signs more apparent than their sun).  I hope this helps you understand a little bit of Astrology, and maybe you can impress your girlfriend with your newfound astrological knowledge!  

Thank you to the people of Reddit who overwhelmingly support Roxy being alive…and to those who suggested a homage to the last movie with someone doing it in the arsehole again…with a twist. Let’s just say Agent Tequila is up for the ride with her Majesty and Goddess and Totally Alive Roxy Morton. 

Dedicated to @notbrogues, who is an enabler all the way.

A03 Link!

The first thing Tequila says after they save the world is “So, anyone up for a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Eggsy sighs.

Of course, it doesn’t happen right away—there’s damage control and clean-up and confiscation of Poppy’s notes to contend with—but when everything’s wrapped up, they finally do get that drink. 

The Statesman bar is still miraculously standing and empty for the evening, shut off to outside patrons. Roxy orders a few tequila shots, Eggsy grabs a martini, and Merlin requests bourbon, while the Statesmen get various brands of whiskey or beer. The only person who doesn’t order something alcoholic is Harry, who accepts a glass of water. 

Someone turns the radio to a country station—of course—but no one seems to mind. Ginger and Merlin settle themselves into a booth, pulling out their tablets. Whiskey and Tequila start a round of pool, howling every time the white ball misses or their designated one sinks neatly into one of the holes. Amongst the laughter are Harry and Eggsy, squeezed together in one end of the booth, heads close together.

Roxy sidles over to the pool table, and Tequila looks up, grinning. “Want to be on my team?”

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