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How would you go about making a bullet diary/journal??

So you wanna make a bullet journal?

The best part about bullet journals is that they’re completely customizable and thus unique to every individual! Here’s a general guide on how to go about doing just that. If you were looking for a short answer I’m sorry

1. The Bare Minimum

First and foremost, you’re gonna need a pen and a notebook. Some popular notebook choices here in the studyblr community include the Leuchtterm1917, the Moleskine, and the Muji notebook. I personally use the Leuchtterm for my bullet journal but one of my favourite places to get cheap and cute notebooks is the dollar store! When looking for a notebook you may also want to consider the ruling of the notebooks such as plain, dotted, and ruled. For pens, anything that works for you, works. You may want to consider something that flows well but doesn’t bleed through the paper. Honestly, that’s all you really need to start!

2. Decoration

The most fun part imo! Here, you can incorporate all the optional supplies you might want for your bujo such as washi tape, stickers, sticky notes, photographs, printed pictures, magazine cut outs, and more! You can also use a variety of mediums in it as well such as ink, marker, paint, pencil crayon, etc. When I started my bullet journal, I only decorated it by drawing in it and adding watercolour accents. I didn’t start including washi tape and printed photos until recently. But of course, you don’t even have to decorate yours if you don’t want to!

3. Set Up

So you’ve got everything you need to start, what now? Well, it’s up to you! Ask yourself what it is you want to get out of your bullet journal. There are a lot of things you can do with yours but what’s important is find out what works for you. If you feel you might not use an index or reference a key a lot, you don’t need to to have one! Personally, when I got mine, I went right into it and started my first weekly spread. Some common things people include in their’s are:

  • an index
    • keep track of your pages!
  • a key or legend
    • explain what symbols you use!
  • a year overview or future log
    • an effective way to plan out things way in advance!
  • monthly spreads
    • outline the events occuring in that month! often seen in the form of a calendar.
  • weekly spreads
    • keep track of daily tasks and events!
  • habit trackers
    • record various habits such as water intake, hours of sleep, meals, work outs, etc.
  • lists
    • pretty self explanatory. list books to read, songs you like, movies to watch, etc. 
  • anything else that you might want!

What’s important is that your bullet journal works for you. Don’t feel as though you need something in yours just because you see someone else with it. As long as it’s something relevant and helpful to you, great!

Advice, Tips & Tricks

  1. Let go! Make mistakes! Learn! Grow! Don’t let blank pages in pretty notebooks restrict you, let it set your imagination free
  2. Try new things! Experimenting in your bujo can be so much fun and you might be surprised with what you create.
  3. You don’t have to make a spread every week or every day. Sometimes bullet journalling can be exhausting. That’s okay. Take care of yourself, friend.
  4. Plan things out in pencil first if formatting is something important to you.
  5. I know I’ve said this how many times already but because it really is important I’m saying it again! Do what works for you!! And what you actually want to do. 

Want to know more?

Here’s a few resources that might be helpful!

You may also want to check out some of my favourite bujos for inspiration:

Why We Need Stories about Dark Things

One of the things I get tired of from time to time is the perspective that if something shows evil behavior then that means the story, song, game, whatever, is inherently bad. But there is a difference between illustrating evil behavior and promoting it.

Not all appearances of bad behavior invite bad behavior.

While one purpose of storytelling is to entertain, another purpose is to teach or educate–a purpose that in today’s world, most people seem to have forgotten.

A long time ago, there used to be all sorts of horrific stories told. Open Grimms’ fairy tales, and you’ll see that Cinderella really isn’t that Disney-friendly. But often some of those older stories were meant to teach a lesson or scare children into behaving (that latter point is one I personally don’t condone). Horrific things happen in the Bible (and the Book of Mormon). We can often learn from these accounts, but some of them are simply a record of what happened (if you believe in that), whether you like the content or not. It is what it is. Conspiring incest, rape, slaughter, and even cannibalism can be found in scripture stories. In today’s world, most people have been conditioned to believe that stories are only meant to entertain. Or entertain and uplift.

Those two things are valid. But what I get tired of, though, is the perspective that all stories should be full of puppies and rainbows (yeah, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean), and that’s what we should be writing, and if a story is dark, it’s “bad” or lesser or … something.

The World Needs Stories about Dark Things

It’s important we write about what I call “the big and heavies”–rape, addiction, suicide, massacre, societal brainwashing, etc. And when I say “we,” I don’t mean specifically that you or I HAVE to; I mean “we” as in us, writers and creatives everywhere. The world needs creatives who delve into the big and heavies, and here’s why:

1. Stories provide a safe means to explore and discuss dark things

The big and heavies are vital to discuss for a healthy society. We shouldn’t be turning a blind eye to dark deeds. We should be turning the right eye to them. Literature offers a safe way to explore and discuss these issues. It offers some distance (because it’s usually a work of fiction) while simultaneously having the ability to offer closeness–empathy.

Also, fiction provides a type of lens to view these behaviors through. Speculative fiction might have a more exaggerated or symbolic lens, such as the fashion industry of Panem in The Hunger Games, or the discussion of pure bloods in Harry Potter. A lens lets us view the issues in a way that may emphasize certain points or give us a new perspective on them, and again, the distance can provide a bit of a “safe” buffer for readers. We aren’t talking about racism; we’re talking about magical blood–and we can have a whole discussion on it that correlates with issues seen in racism, and no one needs to feel uncomfortable because this is about wizarding blood. Even realistic fiction provides a perspective, though less exaggerated, to see these issues through.

2. Powerful, emotional ramification drives home a point or idea or lesson.

Unlike reading text books or the news, fiction writing often works off making the audience feel something. It appeals to emotional experience, even more than intellectual experience. It is one of the only mediums where we can put on the skin and thoughts of another person.

In parts of society, we try hard to divorce intellect and emotion, but powerful emotional experiences are often what cement ideas and lessons into our minds. Back in the day, fathers used to take their children out to their property line and beat them so that the child would never forget where the property line was. We’ve seen similar conditioning with training wild animals. Both are crude examples, of course, but the emotional experience drove home the lesson. While negative emotions are powerful, this same thing can happen with strong positive emotions. We remember powerful feelings of happiness and of love, and if there are any lessons or insights associated with those, we recall those too.

In fiction, emotional experiences can drive home powerful lessons. And they stick with the audience.

Strong emotional experiences in fiction amplify the conceptual ramifications of dark deeds, and cements into the reader the weight of such behavior, in a way that pure intellect cannot. Once we “experience” an issue, we care more about it. Fiction is a vehicle that allows us to develop and fine-tune our empathetic skills, so we can better understand and relate to those who’ve dealt with such issues.

3. Explore, cognitively, the causes, consequences, and facets of the big and heavies

In the real world, we live our own lives in our own perspectives, and that’s it. In literature, you can include several perspectives of those involved with an issue. You can often see the issue’s causes, consequences, and facets to a degree you may not in your own life. You can see far-reaching effects in a matter of hundreds of pages, rather than decades or hundreds of years. This opens up new ideas, new perspectives on the topic, which leads to more discussion.

4. To provide hope and uplift, in spite of darkness. To overcome.

I sometimes see this weird idea that an uplifting story needs to not cross some invisible line too far into the dark. In some ways, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a Harry Potter fan, I’ve had friends come up to me and talk about how they’re disappointed that the stories got darker and darker. Maybe I’m weird (okay, there’s no “maybe” about it), but I like that. I like stories getting dark. I like when they get darker and darker. I like my evil, evil. I want the Voldemort who tries to possess Harry to get Dumbledore to kill him. I want the Voldemort who tortured animals as a small child and who murdered others to split his soul into seven pieces. The world is often an evil place. And how much more powerful is it to overcome the bowels of the most wicked, than it is to overcome a guy who shoplifted? I like my evil, evil. Not because I want to be part of the dark, but because I like seeing people overcome it.

A story that includes dark materials can be just as uplifting, if not more uplifting (because of the contrast) than a story that doesn’t. The idea that a story can’t be dark and inspiring is just unfounded.

Every Christmas season, I become a fan of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra all over again. If you’ve never heard of them, you may still recognize some of their most iconic Christmas songs, some of which have gone viral on synchronized Christmas light videos.

What many people might not realize is that each of their Christmas albums actual tells, and comes with, a written story. If you see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live, they will read the story to you bits at a time, interspersed with music. But not all their stories are about happy sleigh rides, warm fires, Christmas hams, and decorated trees. There are parents who abandoned their disabled children, babies born addicted to crack, love that has been lost. But the stories and albums are uplifting, not because the creators avoided dark subject matter, but because they illustrated the power of overcoming–overcoming difficult times and personal mistakes. It’s hard to make it through one of their performances with a dry eye through the whole thing.

5. To render reality–others’ reality or your own

But some stories aren’t necessarily meant to be about overcoming the dark or inspiring an audience. Some stories are just about reality. Human nature. The natural man. Experiences that people actually go through. Some stories are simply meant to render, often for reasons 1-3. It’s a statement. It’s meant to create social awareness, empathy. Maybe it’s meant to start a discussion. Those stories need to exist too.

Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind that many audiences only see stories strictly as mediums for entertainment and, on a subconscious level, a reinforcement of a positive, maybe even sugary, feelings and ideas. Those audiences may (on a subconscious level) refuse anything that is otherwise, and consider any mention of the dark and heavies as something that shouldn’t be there. That is their right.

And in some cases, they are correct. Some stories do not need and should not have dark content. It doesn’t serve the purpose of the story, it messes up the tone of the story, and it can ruin what was already working. You wouldn’t, for example, put in a serious plot line in The Office about Pam being legitimately raped. It doesn’t fit.

And with all that said, you shouldn’t feel forced to write content you feel very uncomfortable writing. Your work should reflect the writerly you.

Next week, I’ll talk about how to write about dark things without promoting them.


I’ve seen too many posts about how inferior the inferior functions are! They’re usually measured against higher positions in the functional stack, and, while this doesn’t necessarily lead to inaccurate assessments (and they may be quite worth it to make), I would like to look at them through another perspective - because, sometimes, less is more.

So here’s what I appreciate about all the inferior functions when they are acting in healthy integration and moderation.

Inferior Se in INJs.
I can be in silence with you and enjoy it. I can take pleasure in the smaller things, such as a delicious meal or a pleasant scenery. I don’t have to worry about how I look like most of the time or even if I have much material success - because even when these things matter to you, they’re not your top priority. I know you won’t force me into rushed and overwhelming situations if you can help it and will have more patience than you’re normally given credit for. When you do engage the physical world as fully as you can, it is imbued with rich symbolism and meaning, unlocking and revealing universal truths in the simplest of things.

Inferior Si in ENPs.
You take bits from here and there and elevate them into wonderful and fascinating webs of information. As long as you can tell reality from fiction, I can greatly enjoy your fabrications and even your comical and dramatic exaggerations. You’re hard to pin down and keep a hold of, but you can also be incredibly sentimental and treasure significant moments with others for many years to come. Doing things the way they’ve been done isn’t your thing, and this can get you in trouble, but it can also give way to memorable adventures. Your life is, figuratively or literally speaking, a collection of souvenirs from all over the globe.

Inferior Ne in ISJs.
I love your brand of theorization and creativity - it’s well-founded and substantiated. You know better than to jump at every possibility and would rather evaluate more thoroughly. You’re not as close-minded as you seem. Often, you’re just more concerned with the implications and ramifications of choices than others are or can be. You have talent to read between the lines, but you’d rather not assume and jump to conclusions so you prefer to have things made clear instead. Your sense of humor is delightful and usually of good taste (although you would also mock both deserving and undeserving targets every now and then).

Inferior Ni in ESPs.
You realize that there’s more than meets the eye but don’t get caught up in that. Spirituality (or whatever you would call it) is important to you in a down-to-earth manner - you try to live it and unfold your answers as you go. There’s no point in worrying too much about the future when, obviously, it’s the present that manifests it. And in any case, what you envision is adaptable and can generally roll with what comes your way. You don’t need to have a purpose or end goal for everything you do, and as a result, life doesn’t pass you by and you grow with every new experience.

Inferior Te in IFPs.
You’re not in the business of telling people what to do, except sometimes. And even then, you’re more endearing than bossy. You make sense of the world with incredible depth and are easily both inspiring and motivating because of it. You have a way with words that is smooth and swift (or, at times, fiery). You can be feisty and stand your ground when necessary. And while many wouldn’t take you very seriously, you are quite capable of making valid points on issues you’re well-informed in that contradict what the majority thinks. You’re smarter than you appear, which is eventually a slap on the face to those that underestimated you.

Inferior Ti in EFJs.
Your half-baked hypotheses are doorways to exploration. There are many subjects I wouldn’t have considered if it wasn’t for your willingness to examine them despite how crazy-sounding they were. There’s a bit of truth in everything and we can learn from everyone. Maybe you make quick judgments about people and this can be off-putting, but there are often reasons for them even when the rest of us don’t see them. You know what makes people tick better than most - so let us hope you’re on our side and use this for good.

Inferior Fe in ITPs.
You know what it’s like to be awkward and not fit in, so you don’t hold others to unreasonable social standards. It’s okay to be off-beat and weird with you and you welcome it unless it is indeed unjustifiably harmful. You know how to comfort others with the truth and by distracting them with something more interesting. You would do a lot of kind and loving things for those you care about even when it takes a huge amount of effort on your part. Being adorkable is part of your charm and I can’t hate you for it unless you abuse it.

Inferior Fi in ETJs.
You may not be the most morally correct in the room, but you try to do what’s right. And to you, that often means cutting the bullshit, being practical and tackling problems as they arise to ease the load on others and lead them into a more fulfilling state. You’re rarely self-righteous or shocked and indignant at others’ sins (unless they’re beyond gross and absurd), as chances are we’re all rotten in one way or another to some extent. This makes you more accepting of others, which, seemingly paradoxically, allows them to come to terms with themselves and break out of bad habits to make better decisions next time.

On Hamilton and Slavery

Okay so I’ve been seeing a whole lot of screaming on my dash about Hamilton and his opinions/thoughts on slavery. In the name of making sure everyone is properly educated in their screaming, I’m going to try and dispel some of the myths surrounding this topic.

First, let’s get one thing straight: Hamilton was NOT an abolitionist. I don’t care how you look at it, he simply was not. He made deals involving slaves, he married one of the largest slave holding families in New York, and he was obsessed with raising his station in society, which meant, you guessed it, owning/renting slaves.

Many biographers, including Chernow, cite Hamilton’s impoverished childhood in the Caribbean as the basis for his supposed abolitionist tendencies. There are a number of problems with this theory. After his mother died, Hamilton and his brother James found themselves the owners of a few household slaves, but due to legal inheritance laws, they could not technically own them. The fact still remains, his family, however poor they were, they still had slaves in the house, showing that even poor whites had social and legal status above slaves. When Hamilton was working in the trading company, while he may have become disillusioned with the idea of slavery, he most likely supported the institution, simply because it was his livelihood. If he spoke out against it in any way, he could have lost his position in the company.

After Hamilton came to America and joined the war effort, he and John Laurens both supported Laurens’ idea for an all black army regiment, which is another point that biographers often use to support “Hamilton was an abolitionist”. This brings up a key point of this argument: whatever Hamilton thought of slavery, his decisions involving such were often politically motivated, not personally. He probably supported the idea of the black regiment because it was the best for America, not because he exactly wanted the slaves free. Another problem is that, according to Henry Laurens, John wouldn’t forcibly make anyone free their slaves because he believed too much in the property rights in the colonies, which also speaks more to political motivations than to personal ones. As Alexander and John were very close, it can be assumed that they shared very similar views.

Hamilton married Eliza Schuyler, a member of one of the most wealthy northern slaveholding families. Their marriage is somewhat romanticized in the musical; Hamilton most likely married Eliza as a way to move up on the social ladder, not for love. If someone was opposed to slavery as much as Hamilton is usually portrayed, he would have had serious qualms about marrying into a slave family. While it is disputed if the Hamiltons ever actually owned slaves, often, he made deals for his in-laws involving slaves, including some for Angelica and her husband, and also made slave purchases for the Continental Army. Another factor in his complacency in a slave economy was most likely his close relationship with George Washington, the owner of one of the largest plantations in the south.

After the war, Hamilton was a member and founder of the Society for the Promotion of the Manumission of Slaves in New York although society records don’t show much direct involvement in proposing anti-slavery legislation, or, indeed, much involvement at all. The society did not interfere with property rights, however, as members could still own slaves. Remember, slaves were considered property in 18th century America. As you’ll recall, Hamilton was a staunch supporter of property rights. Another probable reason for his membership in the society was the fact that it brought him close to the upper echelons of New York society. The Marquis de Lafayette praised Hamilton for his involvement in the society, but Lafayette had his own set of issues involving slavery.

Like James Madison, Hamilton supported the 3/5ths compromise in the Constitution, which allowed the southern states to count a certain fraction of their substantial slave population for their representation in the House. This compromise managed to keep the southern states in power until the Civil War. Hamilton was an elitist, thinking that the more property one owned meant their vote should count more. Because he wanted a strong national economy, Hamilton knew it was a necessary compromise in order to appease the south and get them to participate in the economy.

In the peace treaty at the end of the revolutionary war, Hamilton supported compensating the slave owners whose slaves had run behind British lines, proving, once again, his opinion on property rights outweighed whatever he thought of the institution of slavery as a whole. When the Haitian Revolution broke out in 1791, he supported the French government in lieu of the new one, but as Toussaint L'Ouverture’s government grew in power and control, he supported continued trade, so long as L'Ouverture could guarantee the safety of US property and assets.

Hamilton, as far as I know, never wrote specifically about his ideals on slavery. If he did refer to it, he was usually talking about a transaction that he carried out for someone else. His membership in the manumission society was mostly symbolic. Mostly, he was there to interact with high society. Whatever he truly thought about slavery, we’ll never know. He simply chose the stance that would most benefit him or the country, straddling the line between abolitionists and slaveholders.

Biographers often overstate Hamilton’s membership in the Manumission Society, saying that indicates staunch abolitionist tendencies, which is an exaggeration. It is important to remember when reading any biography, it will be biased in the direction of the subject. Sure, it may list faults, but it usually will not go into too much detail. In order to get a full picture of anything, look at multiple sources from opposing sides, or from sources not focused on one individual. Be educated in any argument you are involved in. It makes for a lot better a conversation.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are cool, but why not make them AWESOME? Here’s some ways you can be sure to get the most out of your divination situation.

🔮Have a Question In Mind- This sounds pretty obvious, but it’s astounding how many people I read for that have no idea what they want out of it. Wanting a general reading is fine, but definitely have an answer to the question “what would you like to know?” when you sit down/place an order. Thinking about what you want helps you solidify the question with the cards, and helps you avoid thinking an hour later, “Drat! I should have asked about _____.”

🔮Think about How You Frame your Question- Tarot has different strengths and weaknesses, like any divination form. Playing to these strengths will help your reader give you a more fulfilling answer! For example, I once had a querent purchase multiple readings from me asking for very specific times of things. While tarot CAN be used in that way, it is much harder and in my experience usually comes at the expense of more valuable information. A better version of, “when will X happen?” is “what will make X happen?” or “What must I do before X?” That way you know if X requires specific action on your part, instead of sitting around waiting for “Oh, maybe about three months” and nothing happening. Phrasing your question in a way that milks the most information out of the cards makes for a better reading!

🔮Know Your Reader- First and foremost, a tarot reader is not the same as a psychic. A lot of psychics use tarot cards as a tool, but most people just offering readings can’t tell you the name of your future spouse or the color of your great-grandfather’s shirt when he died. Secondly, every reader is different! Some are intuitive readers and pull cards from the middle of the deck, some have you choose the cards, others deal from the top, and that’s just one example. Every reader has a different style to their interpretation that makes for a unique experience, so if possible, be picky with who you choose to purchase from. Some readers work better with certain types of questions. Maybe some give more detail in their interpretations. Some readers tell a little story about each card, which people can like or dislike. Some have trouble delivering bad news. Some just may not resonate with you! If you have the ability to check out multiple readers, especially online, definitely do so and find one who you think lines up with your needs the best.

🔮Don’t Be Afraid to Confide- The phrase, “I have a question in mind, but I’m not going to tell you” makes me want to rip my hair out. In my experience, people do this less because they want answers and more because they want to be impressed by a display of Tarot’s accuracy and the reader’s intuitiveness. They want to see the reader still pick up on the Truth with no outside input. This is all fine and dandy, but it’s not going to give you a lot of information. Why? It’s going to be vague! I can’t connect the dots as well if I don’t have half of them. It’s okay to give me some information about your question; it helps me pick out signs I may have not found significant without context. That said, I understand the fear of just having a reader use your words to tell you what you already know and call it divination. So don’t feel like you need to over share, either! If you want to know about whether to break up with your partner over that argument two days ago or not, a simple, “I’ve been having relationship problems and would like some insight on how to move forward.” Should work fine. That should allow you to still get a display of the reader’s intuitive ability (identifying the specifics of your situation) while still getting an actual answer.

🔮Interpret For Yourself- Yeah yeah, do my job for me. But not quite. Sometimes there are symbols that strike us that the reader may not emphasize in their interpretation. You know yourself better than they do, after all. If you think the cards are saying something extra to you, feel free to include that in your personal takeaway! If a reader asks, “what does this mean to you?/does anything stand out to you?” (this happens more in person than online) it’s totally okay to say, “I find X really interesting because Y. How do you think that ties in with the rest of the reading?” Feel free to start a conversation over it. Pick these cards apart with your reader. I, at least, love when querents do this. It shows they’re invested and engaged, and it lets me pull even more information out for them.

🔮Take a Picture- If you can. Sometimes online readings come with a photo of your spread! (Mine do.) Look back on the photo with a fresh mind later and reflect on it. Have you come up with any new personal interpretations for it? (Once I had a reading that I thought was about starting a business, but realized later it was about me writing a book!) What do each the cards actually mean? Are there any patterns in the spread you notice? It can also be fun to look back on it much later and see how accurate it was!

🔮Get Readings from Multiple People- I like a little variety, but I also just like people. I have people I go to for when I need a really solid dependable reading, but I also enjoy talking to other readers and seeing how they do it differently. I know it’s helped me improve a lot as a reader. If you’re able, consider getting your question answered through multiple sources (but be respectful, we’re still people.) See if there are any common threads between the two interpretations (it happens quite frequently.) See how they differ! It’s more work and money but is usually fairly interesting.

🔮Don’t Take it Too Seriously- At the end of the day, getting a reading is not going to change your life. Only you do that. While tarot can be a magnificent tool for insight, it is not an actual changing force in and of itself. Don’t stress too hard over it and be sure to use it alongside your own judgement, intuitiveness, heart, and common sense. And most importantly, enjoy it for the sake of enjoying an art form!

If you’d like to purchase a reading from me, you can do so here!

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Auntie Z, I'm kinda worried that the current shitty Cap storyline and Marvel's shitty behaviour will turn so many people away from who Steve Rogers is meant to be that the shitty neo-nazis will 'win', claiming him as theirs because people stopped fighting for him. I know he's just a character, but he's a symbol as well and I don't want them to be able to say he's theirs. Am I being stupid about this?

I will start by validating you, Non: you are not being stupid!

The thing about this awful storyline/event/whatever is that it is basically, in real life, One Year. It will end at the end of the summer, hopefully. There will be aftershocks and repercussions, but the Big Two have “turned the universe on its head” so many times that both the main DC universe and the 616 are perpetually doing cartwheels at this point.

Put it into perspective in the long term: Steve Rogers has been Captain America, Jewish golem and symbol of the American commitment to justice, for seventy-five years. One Year out of three quarters of a century of Steve being mangled to near-unrecognizable by poor editorial and writing decisions will not undo Seventy-Five Years of legacy if we don’t allow it.

This brings up a very interesting question, though, about the nature of intellectual property and who owns the canon.

In a very real, financial sense, Disney and Marvel own Captain America, and they can do whatever they want with it. However.

Consider Sherlock Holmes.

Consider The Wizard of Oz.

Any idea, or character, or fiction beautiful and needful enough to embed itself in the minds and hearts of hundreds and thousands and hundred thousands of fans eventually slips out of their unknowing hands, and becomes a shared creation that belongs as much to the audience as to the copyright holder, and this can be true of any fictional thing of any dimensions.

Consider Sailormoon.

Consider Harry Potter.

The boycott of @nickspencerly‘s ugly story seems like a shout in the dark.

ACD wanted to quit writing SH and move on. The fans were merciless. His hand was forced.

Baum wrote a great deal of his non-Ozian, non-fantasy work under a feminine pen name, because his own name was so tightly bound to that for which he was famous.

Takeuchi tried to kill the senshi at the end of every arc, and the publishers made her bring them back, because the fans clamored so loudly they could not be ignored.

Would we still remember HP as fondly if we had not had the budding internet and Rowling’s blessing for our transformative works?

Consider Homestuck.

Consider twelve entire seasons of Supernatural.

If we, the fans, love something so much that we are become incapable of being ignored, we will, however gradually, move the needle. It won’t always be in the right direction-

Consider Agent Carter.

-but we will move it nonetheless.

It may seem Sisyphean, honestly. It certainly feels it. Today a graphic of the sales for CA:SR went across my dash, and the graph went inexorably down. So far, so good. But standing across from us are the fans who want this awful garbage to continue as an “experiment,” who say that they invest more money in this franchise than we do and so their voices matter more.

Do they actually invest more money? Debatable!

I don’t spend most of my CA money on comics, because I slipped back into reading comics in 2014 after a seven year hiatus where I read nothing but manga, and the storylines since I came back have felt like one “event” after another, with far too much cross-contamination of books that made it difficult to pick up a story. From me, Disney/Marvel mostly gets merch money, and I know a lot of the fans that I associate with are the same. (They also get BP/MGDD money, but I’m not going down the digression highway tonight, I have a point to get to eventually.)

So when we, the SJ!Cap fans, say “We’re boycotting,” to be sure, sales are plummeting. But there’s no way to prove the sales are plummeting because of us, and even smaller sales are still selling. The curative fans are some of the loudest Spencer defenders, sadly, which makes it hard to tell them from the alt-right, neo-Nazi HydraCap fans. They can protest that all they like, but it looks the same from the outside. The damage done is certainly the same.

On the surface, also, there are still people in transformative fandom doing HydraCap art from their own AUs or other fandom generated properties whose enthusiasm cannot be differentiated from those supporting Spencer’s vomit. To my fellow transformative fans I would make a humble request: if you don’t support Spencer’s HydraCap, please refrain from sharing your HydraCap art until the ugly has passed as a sort of “art boycott.”

(I know full well that I can’t make artists stop doing art. I’m just an academically trained pop culture analyst- ask me about that some other time- who can point to various times when art has been influential to the culture as well as influenced by it. It’s a request, not an expectation.)

Other than boycotting, what can we do? We can write editorials explaining why this is not okay. We can create transformative works, including t-shirts and such, for ourselves that reclaim our Steve as the real Steve, and we can keep up the letter writing, telephoning, and social media deluge to let Disney know how badly Marvel Comics is hurting the Captain America brand and damaging the Captain America legacy. We can introduce the character ourselves, show who we know Steve to be, present our evidence, discredit the HydraCap faithful.

We can try to hold the line, essentially.

I’m totally with you in feeling that the fact we even have to do this at all is gross. It hurts my head, as a pop culture specialist, and it hurts my heart as a fan. #catws ruined my life is meant to be an ironic hashtag: in 2014, I found Steve Rogers again the way some people find religion. I wrote about it in my mental health tag, how I decided I can’t give up on myself because Steve would never give up on Bucky. Steve has been my mental health recovery inspiration, and Spencer and his cadre of tasteless, vile Dementors can pry him from my fat little cold dead hands. Until I’m on the conveyor belt for the crematorium and they’ve snapped my fingers off with their Hydra-insignia stamped crowbars, I’m gonna plant myself like a tree beside the river of truth and keep spreading the story of who and what Jack Kirby and Joe Simon meant Steve Rogers and Captain America to be, and I invite you to do the same.

They can’t uproot us all. Fuck ‘em.

Broken Hearted: The Decision

Broken Hearted: The Decision
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1177
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff.

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! This is part 2 of the series.

When people talked about soul mates, it was always with a wonder lust in their eyes. They wanted to meet their soul mate and live happily ever after. And for a while when you were a teenager, you felt that way too. But as an adult, the thought of the universe picking the person you were meant to be with using a possibly arbitrary symbol-on-skin system just didn’t seem quite right. You wanted to fall in love, sure. But you wanted to choose the person and have the person choose you.

So you and Dr. McCoy have the same tattoo. So what? Does that mean that you are automatically supposed to fall into his strong arms, stare into his handsome face and just BE in love? You wished it was that easy. But love is complicated and most of all, you wanted the choice.

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The 'Why Omegaverse' Question

I’m a very self-indulgent person, and so I like analyzing why I like the self-indulgent things I like to read almost as much as reading them. And well, currently I’m reading a Johnlock Omegaverse fic and it made me wonder why I almost always enjoy it so much.

Usually when the subject comes up, I’ve seen things like people enjoy the world-building, the gender dynamics exploration or the porn (usually that bit’s implied). To be honest, I’ve never actually seen people talk about it much. Not that people in fandom are all that shy about our porn, but wank happens just with the top/bottom discussions, forget Alpha/Omega discourse (not that I’ve actually ever seen that). It doesn’t completely translate. Like, I think people usually write Omega!John and bottom!John differently, although there’s more overlap in Omega!Sherlock and bottomlock. The storyline about how both Omega John and Sherlock resist their secondary gender’s stereotypes to be BAMFy fits both of them in different ways, just as the whole Alpha strut and self-confidence can be spun to fit them both. I think in my case, I find both options more pleasant in Omegaverse ‘cause often there’s more explicit characterization work to justify the differences in the fic’s John or Sherlock. Like, I’m a very picky reader that’s super sensitized to OOCness, and I think Omegaverse helps me 'cause the characterization divergence is there but is more consciously constructed as an AU. So I’m like, okay this is a bottomlock universe or a toplock universe, and I can go with it 'cause it’s never presented as the 'natural order of things’, so to speak. Of course, this is ironic 'cause the mainstream concept of the gender dynamic in-universe is usually all about the 'natural order of things’ being Alpha/Omega pairings. It’s just that you’re still dealing with these implicit or symbolic issues (feminization, projection, etc) a lot in regular fics, but I feel like it’s defanged if it’s directly acknowledged by the narrative.

This might be why it’s awkward to talk about enjoying Omegaverse porn, in a way. At least speaking for myself, there’s an underlying sense of discomfort in 'un-queering’ the pairing, even if you keep the characters’ equipment. At least if you’re not reading Alpha/Alpha or Omega/Omega fics (which are rare and I myself usually don’t read). I think for me, there’s an appeal in the absolute normalization of it, sort of the same way I enjoy 18-19th century novel Sherlock fusion fics with no homophobia. Like, you could say it’s erasing the queerness of the characters by making them play essentially heteronormative roles in the society (especially when one of the characters was literally male and one female in the original novel). Or you could say it’s simply that the fic’s erasing the other people’s problem, which is external to the actual relationship dynamics between the characters. In the case of Omegaverse, you’re still usually problematizing the gendered aspects of the relationship (ie, it’s not usually portrayed as absolute smooth sailing, ala a fluffy het romance), but you’re not coming at it from the same angle so it’s still refreshing. Is that what *I* like about it, though?

It’s a bonus, certainly. In the end, I do like the thinky world-building and the gender exploration stuff, but it’s not enough by itself. What makes Omegaverse a true guilty pleasure is usually the trope aspect: the chance to enjoy a classic iteration of the fuck-or-die trope combined with a soulmate trope. If you look at the usual fuck-or-die fics these days, they’re not generally romantic. They tend to be more straightforwardly dealing with issues of consent and trauma if they’re not pure rapefic PWP, whereas a lot of Omegaverse fic still allows you to have consent in-universe along with a focus on characterization and romance; PWPs are relatively rare. My point is, the trope’s original conceit was that both people secretly want it, and may be wary but interested and compatible (and at least initially/partly capable of consent, though you could have angst about the subject in many fics). It’s obviously problematic rather than romantic in a more realistic context, but this is why I enjoy the sci-fi premise of the Omegaverse. It’s quite possible to create these results using a different sci-fi/fantasy scenario (certain magical artifacts, alien spores, sometimes Sentinel/Guide, etc), but Omegaverse provides a ready template, whereas everything else requires constructing a complex plot from scratch. Of course, this is partly why I enjoyed them back in the day, but most fics I’ve seen lately just go with drugs and/or a villain as the immediate cause. Both of these are traumatic, being sort of the antithesis of a happy ending scenario. So… me no likey.

With the seemingly romantic soulmate trope taken alone in fics, most of what I see is also less than romantic, with the usual point being to problematize the soulmate bond scenario somehow. Otherwise it’s considered 'boring’. I just like my bond fics being about a happy, even joyous union, with the drama coming from the difficulty getting together or some other external source. Omegaverse fics generally use this type of approach. Call me old-fashioned. I know I am.

I think rather than the porn (which is really hit-or-miss in terms of how well even a good writer does with it), I’m into the soul-bonding and pheromonal attraction aspect of the trope. This might also be another reason why I don’t really care much who’s the Alpha or Omega: usually the desperation (another favorite trope!) goes both ways emotionally. The whole nature of the Omegaverse is about breaking down personal boundaries and forming a more perfect union, both physically and emotionally. I mean, usually this is a theme in most romantic pairings, but here it’s being made both emotionally explicit and natural (in-universe), whereas I tend to view super-fluffy fics (especially involving long-term commitment themes) with suspicion. This probably has something to do with me being a 'cold-prickly type’ reader. Normally, reading about marriage (essentially) would seem OOC or over-the-top to me somehow, whereas if you’re soul-bonded as an Alpha/Omega couple, well, you can’t really avoid it. There’s usually no (easy) divorce and/or polyamory option, etc. You’re just kinda stuck being in fluffy love forever, haha. I know a lot of people would find that stifling or even less romantic, but it suits me just fine. Though I could do without the babies, generally, in the end I even make the baby exception for Omega Sherlock (poor boy, haha). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Muse - Mother Hen

Before Stanford Pines, throughout the history of humankind, Bill Cipher struck countless deals with many great minds.
Some more memorable than others.

A/N: Here’s the tag I use for these oneshots.
Partly based on Bill’s backstory as detailed in Flat Dreams and Flat Minds.


Emmy Noether


14 April 1935

When the light in her Mindscape begins to slowly fade, turning all colors to gray, Emmy Noether is sitting on the couch with her hands folded on her lap. The chalkboard before her is completely empty, but she still looks at it as though she can read something on its surface that Bill cannot. Which is, of course, impossible. He sees everything.

And now he sees her end is not long in coming.

“You’re not gonna wake up again, Mother Hen,” he says. His voice seems to echo around them, as though through a vast and empty space.

The law of conservation of mass states that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed - but it can be changed beyond recognition, taken apart, shattered, and there is hardly any difference at all. Besides, this is not mass. This is a mind.

And soon it will be gone along with its owner.

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Interview: Silivrenelya

Today we’re joined by Silivrenelya. Silivrenelya is a wonderful singer and songwriter who sings with a pop/rock band. She’s been performing with her band since 2012 and they’re currently working on their debut album. We’ll likely be seeing quite a lot more of Silivrenelya in the future. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

Hi! I am a singer-songwriter in a pop/rock band. We’ve been playing together since 2012. We are currently recording our debut album, as signed artists, since 2015. Our main influences are The Killers, The Beatles, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys, Queen, The Kooks, and The Struts.

What inspires you?

Beautiful and powerful stories inspire me. Everything that can make me feel something strong inspires me. Soulful and talented people inspire me. Soothing landscapes and music made with passion inspire me.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I think I have always liked singing and telling stories. Growing up, I went through crucial moments in my life that strengthened my desire to do this as a job. I remember feeling so good and like I belonged when I first sang in front of people, and when they expressed their enjoyment, I felt great. I managed to make people feel something, and that was it. I loved this feeling and I wish to keep it for as long as I’m able to provide it.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Not particularly! I really like to write stories that have a double reading or “double entendre” in them though. I personally love it when a song has different meanings, like levels of understanding, and the deeper you search the deeper the meaning is, and thus the song becomes even more relevant.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

I would say, if you’re really passionate about your art, about what you’re doing, then burn your bridges that would take you backwards and go forwards, always straight ahead. Have a goal, no matter how tiny or huge it is or seems. One step at a time. Never regret what you’ve done, only learn from your mistakes, there is no such thing as failure, it’s only new data to analyse and try to avoid or improve for the next time. Try to be indulgent towards yourself. It is always the hardest part, but it can actually save you from so many dark times. And sleep!

I am still a young artist myself though, so it is just what I gathered along the way. I still have a lot to learn.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I identify myself as asexual (and panromantic).

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I realised only recently that I belonged to the Ace spectrum, so I am not out to everyone, but my closest friends know. At first they were just really confused because I used to be very active in relationships – but they didn’t realise I was doing this to try to figure out what the hell I truly felt about all this. After then they all didn’t know what was asexuality, so I tried to explain to them, using some quotes from different aces’ testimonies, and also with the 4 sides of attraction: that proved to be the most efficient and clear explanation so far for ignorant people.

I always try to remain calm and open when explaining it, because in my country (France), it is still not very well known and clarified, and all I wish is for asexuality to be better understood and handled.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

The common misconception about asexuality that I’ve encountered is that of the sexual trauma or sexual hate. While it may be true for some, it is not for all. And people often think that you are ace because of some awful past experience, or because you haven’t found where you really belong. But… That’s not how it works. At all. They often don’t understand why you wouldn’t have any sexual attraction or intercourse. Sex is such an inherent part of society – it forced itself so hard in it – that for us to say that we are not receptive to this side of the system is often seen as a form of – rebellion? Weirdness? Marginality even. People simply don’t understand (yet) why we are like this. But they will eventually, I have hope!

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Just like “It’s okay to be gay”, it’s totally okay to be ace! And it’s okay to be afraid of who you are at first. I mean, it’s frightening when you don’t know what you are, why you’re feeling what you’re feeling. And even if you’re not 100% sure about what you are, guess what? It’s ALSO okay. And, please, don’t worry about whether people will still like/love you if you’re ace. They will. The right people will always love you, no matter who you are.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

For now there is nothing public that I can give away, but as soon as there is, I will let you know!

Thank you, Silivrenelya, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

dvawn  asked:

Hey, I'm new to the whole astrology thing. I decided to learn more about it because my girl is into the whole universe thing and I thought it would be could to know what she's actually talking about, so I want to learn about myself here's my info if you could get me started in the right direction that would really help. Birthday: 10 August 1995 Time: 8am Location: San Angelo, TX Not really sure of anything else you might need but I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi so the following chart I got from cafeastrology.com (if you have any astrology questions and you need a nice, quick answer cafe astrology is your best bet) so this is what I gathered!  (btw I’m sorry if you’re not a guy, the default gender on the profile was male)

I completely understand that this may just look like a jumbled up mess of numbers and neon symbols, so let me explain some basic understandings of Astrology!  The sun sign is your primary sign, it’s usually what people use as a gauge to interpret one’s disposition, for it embodies the traits a person can exhibit both inside and outside (there are 12 signs you can be, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, NO Ophiuchus does NOT count).  If you look on the chart, it reads horizontally and your sun is Leo!  Aside from your Sun Sign, people usually like to know their moon and ascendant signs (people also refer to ascendant as rising, so if someone says they’re a _____ rising, it’s the same thing as their ____ ascendant.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you what all the symbols mean at all the different placements, because to be quite honest with you I wouldn’t be able to give you the best and most accurate report you deserve!  However, I can tell you about your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs! :)

Sun:  So as I said before, the Sun sign is sort of the essentials of who you are.  You answer a question, talk in a conversation, or behave a certain way, chances are it’s because of your sun sign!  Now your sun Sign is Leo, meaning that you are quite the extrovert.  I won’t get too into the details of Leo and its denominations and celestial bodies, but I will let you that because your Leo is under the Sun, your energies in this particular placement (placement being which symbol or planet) are particularly ‘powerful’.  Leo tend to be quite energetic, they value and enjoy social life, and above all they just love having a good time!  Often people like Leo because they tend to be sociable, they’re outgoing, and all around a jovial force.  Leo also tend to be leaders, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone found you leading the conversation and where it goes, changing topics or pushing them forward.  

Ascendant: Ascendant and Sun are often mixed up quite easily, but I tend to keep them separate with this visual!  Imagine that you are floating outside our solar system, and all the planets are conveniently in a way where you see all of them.  Think of the outermost planet, the body you see first is your Ascendant!  If it’s the outmost shell of who you are, the first ‘self’ you show others in social situations or when you deliver first impressions.  Again, your Leo is in your ascendant placement meaning that you are easily approached by others.  You dominate conversations, and you tend to talk for the sake of it.  In terms of interactions, you appreciate a sense of variety, never really sticking to one particular friend at a time, usually a combination of different people going to different places.  This doesn’t however mean that you’re ALWAYS like this, Leo aren’t the most grounded of signs, and they do appreciate alone time here and there (but then again, i feel like everyone needs that).  Now going back to my visual, the reason it’s helpful is because even though you see that planet easiest, the shine of the sun will still be evident, despite being millions of miles away at the center of the solar system.  This is because your sun sign is represented in all that you are, and it’s just a mask you show to people like your ascendant for the sake of first impressions.  However, because your Sun and Ascendant signs are the same, people may find you to be an open person, because who you are by nature is also what you show when you talk to others (there’s no discrepancy, where people see different sides of you when they get to know you better).  

Moon:  Personally, the Moon placement is my favorite of all placements, because it has a multifaceted sense to it, because it essentially rules your emotions.  Now you may not know this, but seeing as how you have Aquarius in moon and a Leo in your ascendant, there’s a bit of a juxtaposition.  Aquarius in moon means that you value privacy.  As much as you like to talk to others, there’s that part of you that longs for quite days spent in introspection, just being alone and therefore being in comfort.  You like to ponder and you love to observe what’s around you, and it allows you to gain much insight on other people, possible making you a skilled individual when to comes to reading a persons’ feelings.  Aquarius and Leo however share a commonality in their conviction, because once they set their eyes on something they plant themselves like a tree.  They are adamant, and when it comes to their ideologies they resent the idea of compromise.  Despite this, you believe in a sense of fluidity and continuity, always working hard and striving for your goals as opposed to waiting for another day.  If someone doesn’t know you as well, people may see you as emotionally detached, which is not a bad thing!  

Overall:  If you feel as if you disagree, that’s completely okay!  The thing is you have so many other placements with different signs in them, and perhaps one of your placements is more dominant than the other!  (I have friends who have signs more apparent than their sun).  I hope this helps you understand a little bit of Astrology, and maybe you can impress your girlfriend with your newfound astrological knowledge!  

anonymous asked:

Can you write little Mermaid au? It's soooo CUTE! Please!!!

Of course I can! If all goes as planned and you guys want more, this should be the second to last one! haha, I hope you enjoy it! I had fun with this one!

Read the last one here! http://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/158379807637/first-of-all-i-love-your-fanfiction-its-amazing


Star perked up when she heard the door open. But when Tom and Marco entered, avoiding eye contact she slumped back down. Marco was blushing like crazy, and Tom was looking down so Star couldn’t even see his face. “So… how was the canoe ride?” Star asked. Marco almost jumped and he rubbed the back of his head.

“It was uhh… n-nice.” He blurted out. Star stared her friend down for a good long minute until Rafael poked his head out of the kitchen.

“Kids! Dinner is ready!” He cheered. He stopped when he saw the faces across the room. “Everything okay in here?” he asked.

“We’re fine dad, just um… hungry!” Marco said quickly. “Let’s go eat.” He smiled over at Tom who blushed a bit and followed him into the dining room. Star grumbled and trudged behind them. She stopped when a little blue figure floated right next to her head.

“How’s matchmaking going?” Glosseryk asked. Star jumped when he startled her.

“Don’t do that!” She gasped. “And poorly. Tom likes him so much! I can see it!” Star cried. “But Marco won’t make a move because he’s too damn shy!” She exclaimed. “And besides, he doesn’t recognize him at all. And from what Marco told me, he DOES have a crush on Tom, but the demon Tom he knows! So as long as he doesn’t recognize Tom, I don’t think it’s going to work.” Star admitted.

“Oh, that may be a problem.” Glosseryk bit his lip. “I wish you luck Star, but this is their battle that you decided to help with for some reason.” he tilted his head.

“I’ve always wanted to play matchmaker.” She explained. Glosseryk rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, causing him to teleport away, most likely back into the spell book. Star crossed her arms and followed her friends into the kitchen.

“So Tom, where are you from?” Angie asked.

“He can’t talk, mom.” Marco reminded. Angie blushed and laughed awkwardly.

“Oh um…” She trailed off and Tom smiled happily, showing her it was okay. He pointed down with his hand and she tilted her head. “Downstate?” She asked. Tom shook his head and kept pointing down. “The next state power, you aren’t from California?” She asked. Tom just made a face and nodded, giving up. “Oh here’s an idea!” Angie clapped. She gave Tom a pen and paper. “Why don’t you just write it down, love?” She asked. Tom smiled big, why hadn’t he thought of this!?

He scribbled some words down and held it up with a big smile, only to be greeted by confused looks. “Uh… Tom is this… your handwriting?” Marco asked. Tom looked at the scribbles and didn’t see anything wrong. He nodded. “Wait… is this even english?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head. It was in Enochian, the only language he could write. Marco sighed. “This might be an issue, can you write in english? Spanish?” He asked, hopefully. Tom shook his head and pointed to the demonic symbols on the paper.

Star practically dropped her head in her plate, frustrated with this whole situation. “Star, pick your head up.” Angie told her.

“Sorry Mrs. Diaz.” Star mumbled. Angie looked over at Marco.

“So did you ever buy those dance tickets?” She asked. “Are you going with Star again?” Angie asked her son. Star shot up out of her chair so fast that it fell over.

“YOU SHOULD BRING TOM!” She cried. Marco looked at her oddly and Star fell back. “It’s just… I’m going with Janna, and you know our history with school dances.” Star joked. Marco rolled his eyes at his friend. “And you and Tom seem to get along so well, why don’t you bring him so you aren’t lonely while I’m with Janna?” She asked.

Marco blushed deeply. “Star this is a little… I mean we hardly know each other don’t you think you’re pushing him a bit?” Marco asked. Star huffed.

“If you think that, ask him!” She motioned over to the redhead. Marco blushed when he realized he had been talking about Tom like he wasn’t even there. The truth was he was the one embarrassed and put on the spot.

“Oh, sorry Tom.” Marco blushed deeper. “W-would you like to go with me?” He asked shyly. “You don’t have to! But It might be fun.” Marco offered. Tom blushed and pointed between the two of them a few times. “I-I don’t know what you’re signaling.” Marco admitted. Star smiled and leaned in, getting it rather fast.

“He wants to know if you mean like a date.” She explained. Marco’s blush grew deeper still and he played with his hoodie.

“I-if you w-w-want it to be a date th-then it could be…” Marco muttered. Tom smiled and nodded, causing Marco’s face to light up. “R-really?! That’s great!” Marco exclaimed. “I-I can’t wait!” He cried. Angie nudged her husband and the two smiled, they could tell at once that their son had something for this strange boy who showed up out of nowhere.

After dinner Marco showed Tom the spare guest room. “You can stay here for as long as you need or want.” Marco offered, he still thought that this boy was homeless. Tom smiled at Marco’s hospitality and nodded his head as to say thank you. “I’m really glad you decided to go out with me.” Marco blushed, Tom did as well.

“To be honest… I sort of met this person who I kind of liked, but have no chance with. It’s best I move on.” He sighed. Marco seemed really torn up about this. Tom felt a little twinge of pain in his chest at hearing this, but sat down next to him anyway. “You know about the demons right? The ones said to live below us?” Marco asked. Tom nodded. “I met one, I talked to him almost everyday but…he never told me his name.” Marco started. Tom’s eyes widened. “He had pink hair and purple skin… I really liked him but… it would never work.” Marco sighed. “I’m sorry for telling you this, it rude of me.” Marco noticed, but he just had to vent about it. Tom shook his head to show Marco it was okay.

It was more than okay. Tom’s smile was bigger than ever. Marco liked him! Marco liked him back! Everything was perfect! Maybe getting this kiss wouldn’t be so hard after all. They had a date tomorrow! If he was lucky they would kiss at the dance, and just in the nick of time. Then Tom could be a human and they could finally live happily ever after!

Tom;s happy thoughts flooded his head and he blushed when he realized what he was going on about. What was wrong with him? He wasn’t a hopeless romantic, he wasn’t gushy and cute. Tom blushed and looked over at the human next to him.

Love really does make a fool out of you.

Rogue One: Second Viewing

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

Watched Rogue One for the second time today on the big screen.  Here are some more thoughts since I’m not inundated by “HOLY SHIT” feelings from experiencing it the first time. There may be some repeat thoughts.

NB, as usual: have only seen the movie and read a small portion of its prequel Catalyst so far. I try to talk about individual characters themselves, but shipping thoughts concerning RebelCaptain (Jyn/Cassian) and SpiritAssassin (Chirrut/Baze) still occur.

Warning: THIS IS REALLY, REALLY LONG. Not exaggerating in any way.

  • Quick General Thoughts 
    • I’d seen the movie a little more than a month ago and have swamped myself in fandom, so I thought I wouldn’t have Extreme Emotions from seeing it again. I even thought I’d be bored for some bits.
      • I was wrong.
    • It’s a beautiful movie, and I honestly liked every single performance by the actors and actresses. I thought they were all really good or amazing.
    • By far one of the most intense movies that I’ve seen in general, not just the Star Wars ‘verse.
  • Lah’mu
    • There’s a piece of symbolism in some Rogue One book material that talks about how the movie bookends the theme of “Jyn” and “home.” AKA: Jyn starts the movie by having a home, and Jyn ends the movie by rediscovering home. Figuratively, this is shown by Lah’mu with her parents (start) and the Scarif beach with Cassian (end) (or you could argue the entire Rogue One team becoming family, a la Baze’s “little sister”, as “home”).
      • However, now I can see there’s also a literal interpretation of this: Jyn’s Lah’mu home is next to a beach. And you remember where she dies? A BEACH.
    • If one of the Stormtroopers was taught even a little bit of forensic science, Jyn would have absolutely been found underneath that damn rock. They live on rich, loamy soil. Anyone heard of footprints or tracks? I guess Death Troopers are too busy learning how to kill people.

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??? Why Mary ???

Why it had to be Mary’s voiceover at the end of TFP

After my last meta on Mary’s final speech and the comments on that, I guess it’s important to have a closer look on why it has to be MARY, who made these final words of TFP!!

Many of you were angry and disappointed, that these words were spoken by Mary. That she was the one to give John and Sherlock a sort of permission to become “what they could become”….

But I see some potential here to make sense of it! But this a multi-layered problem!

First of all the problem why this character of why Mary had to get such an amount of space in this adaptation of Sherlock Holmes! I’ll just have a short look at this so I can go on with the initial issue quickly. 
There recently was a post of @moffat-rocks (here) that helped me understand the use of Mary’s! Therefor we first have to think about why the writers maybe chose, not to introduce the main characters as gay…. I’ll recite here some thoughts of moffat-rocks:

Why Not Make It Canon From The Start?

There is an argument to be made that the writers should have just introduced John and Sherlock as canonically gay/bi from the get go. 

And, without trying to make excuses, I think it was a writing choice not to do that. Staying close to the books, Moffat and Gatiss went for portraying Sherlock Holmes as a wannabe-sociopath, who has no real concept of romance and views any emotions as a weakness that he pretends he has risen above. 

John Watson actually mirrors this by being highly empathetic on the one hand, but even less in touch with his emotions than Sherlock, bottling up grief, trauma, vulnerability - and possibly bisexual tendencies. (Hence the constant stressing of “I’m not gay.”) 

What I’m trying to say is: The writers didn’t choose to make John and Sherlock straight. They made them emotional shipwrecks who barely know what to do with themselves. They didn’t make them not gay, they just made them “not there yet”.  And I think, in a way, getting “there” is the heart of the entire series. 

So the interessting part for me concerning Mary is: they chose deliberately to make them not not-gay but “emotinal shipwrecks” (what makes extremely sense to me) to stay close to canon and let them develop from here on! Sherlock has feelings and is emotional week, but tries to cover it with “sociopath”-behaviour and has no concept of romance!
John is emotional brocken by the war and trying to bottle his trauma (and who knows what else! What do we actually know about John?) up and does not know what do to with himself!

What I’m trying to say is: They both needed Mary and her marriage with John as an “experiment of heteronormativity” to come to their conclusions and to dig up burried feelings!!

Why they made the choice and wrote the part of “villain Mary”, the forgiveness, the redemption arc, the (tragic??) death, ecetera…. isn’t yet that clear to me… But my assumption is that it definitely supports the difficult emotional developpement of John and Sherlock! It made it all much more tricky to come to terms and figure it out!! But it was a very good way to show their unconditional trust and loyalty towards each other! Actually it emphasised the depth of their relationship and pointed out that this more than just “best friends”!!

This is though my way to accept Mary as an ideed not loved but necessary part of the story arc of Sherlock and also for the development of Johnlock!!!

But now let’s return to the voicover at the end of TFP!!

To begin with I’ll point out the necessarity on the surface level:
This level shows what on the surface is told, the story casuals would see, without digging to deep in subtext, just the “Oh, Sherlock…yeah, I’ve seen that! Good show!”-level…
On this superficial level (but including the intention of Johnlock of course…it’s always and forever Johnlock!!!) it is very important for both of them, that it is MARY telling them, that they can carry on!
Sherlock needs it to make peace with his guilt about her death! He’s still intimidated by John’s reaction and that he blamed Sherlock for Mary’s death! Even if John took it back and said otherwise in TLD, Sherlock would always blame himself for causing John so much pain and for his failure to keep his vow! He has to hear it from Mary her self, that he is forgiven, that it is okay to carry on, that she appreciates who he is and what he is doing and that she knows he belongs to John! He makes peace with her, can be reassured about this part of his past!
Even though John. Our trusthworthy “I’m broken and guilty because I texted with another woman”-John couldn’t carry on with any other person than Mary after these events that ended his marriage so tragically! He still carries this feelings of guilt because he never could confess to living Mary!!! He wants to be the man he assumes Mary wanted him to be. Therefor he needs her to allow him to be with Sherlock! He needs to know that she always knew his feelings, that this is part of the man, she thought he was! Because than he is allowed to be like that!! He can “go the hell on with that”!!
And also that it is okay for her that he keeps on solving crimes with Sherlock, even if Rosie is in his life, even if he made a vow to take care of her!!!
So he is allowed to pick up his old life with Sherlock! He couldn’t have done that without her permission!!!

That’s why it was very important that it had to be MARY to speek this words! No one else than Mary could have given them this permission, could reassure them both, that it is okay!! No one else could have set them free!!

And second level, the level of symbolism and metaphors is much more difficult and much less obvious! Here I go with the reading of @ebaeschnbliah, that Mary is, even as all the other villains, a part of Sherlock’s deamons of his past. ebaeschnbliah recently posted and commented some things, to make this level clear ( X X X X X)…GO AND READ!! It opens a new view on the show!!!

But for my subject it is most of all the mirror meta on Sherlock and Mary I’m relying on!! 
I will have a try to explain it here as well, but don’t hesitate to contact for further discussion! Because from here on it is very much personal reading and interpretation…

This metaphorical level of reading is based on the EMP theory (if you’re not familiar with it check out here) and symbolic reading of the whole show!
This includes that all villains are sort of Sherlock’s mirrors, or more symbolic part of his character! This is meant as that these villains embody the deamons he has to fight on his journey to become the good man he used to be!!

In ebaeschnbliah’s reading Mary embodies Sherlock former character, the pre-Reichenbach-Sherlock, the “highfunctioning sociopath”, selfish, calculating, hiding secrets,…! This based on the high level of mirroring each other, that suggests, that they are actually the same, two parts of the same character, two sides of a medal…
Reading everything with this metaphor (Mary = Sherlock’s former self) in mind and assuming everything takes part in Sherlock’s mind (EMP) it would be like this (very short-cut and not totally thought through!!!):
This former part of Sherlock was the one that has fallen in love with John, but it’s no pure love but possesive and selfish and this part would go on with his destructive lifestyle.
Real time Sherlock has changed after TRF, get’s in conflict with his former self and risks to lose John (it nearly even kills him = Mary shooting Sherlock), because Sherlock thinks the former Sherlock is what John likes and he has to leave it that way!! But in the redemption/death scene of Mary Sherlock realizes, that he has to let go this former self, that he has to allow himself to be the new Sherlock for John, that it is even needed that that part is away to carry on and take the next step!! He allows himself to change! Even read the words Mary is speaking with the Mary=Sherlock in mind like in this post of @isitandwonder!!

He also imagines trust-issue-John to be frightened/angry but most of all self-conscious about this developpment! But by the feeling of nearly losing Sherlock again, he would be able to take a step towards Sherlock! He also can let go his mental image of Sherlock as he was pre-Reichenbach, confess things, make peace with the past and look forward

With this metaphorical reading in mind the final voiceover makes much more sense! I wrote about it here in “Mary’s speech in Sherlock’s mind”!
Because it all takes place in Sherlock’s mind then! He’s talking to himself! Allowing himself to move on and even though stay who he is … he is good the way he is!
And in symbolical/metaphorical reading it is his former self that can let go, that allows him to move on! He’s taking farewell to his former self … he has changed, he IS definitely moving on!! To become what he always should have been!!

I’m convinced we will never see Mary again! She fulfilled her duty in this storyline and John and Sherlock's character arc! And by this time I’m convinced that we needed this storyline to come to this point! Without that they wouldn’t be able to carry on! Both of them are just by now able to take the next step and we never have been closer to a relationship between John and Sherlock in which way ever!!

So this got rather long…sorry! But I hope I could make my point!! Thanks for reading!! And I would love to here your thoughts on this!!

@gosherlocked @ebaeschnbliah @isitandwonder @tjlcisthenewsexy @monikakrasnorada @yan-yae @longsnowsmoon5 @tendergingergirl @may-shepard @marcespot @shawleyleres @impatient14 @skulls-and-tea @thanangst (sorry tag seems not to work) @multivariate-madness

Interview: Darius

Today we’re joined by Darius. Darius is a phenomenal visual artist who specializes in making beautiful digital art. He specializes in photo editing and makes wonderful pieces with inspiring quotes on them. Darius loves creating, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to him for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I make art digitally. I would love to make things physically but I’m afraid that I have a low aptitude for that. I like photo editing which is a bit hard to describe because it can be so varying. I think the only necessary component to photo editing is that a photo be incorporated. Typically a subject is masked out and we use various softwares and applications to bend that photo to our will and make it into whatever we imagine it to me. I know that’s not the best explanation but it’s the best that I can offer (sorry), at least for now.

For about a year now I’ve started using shapes to make art. Basically what I do is I take shapes such as a square and triangle or maybe even an inorganic shape and combine them in whatever way I want to make whatever I want. For example, I may put an equilateral triangle on top of a square to make house looking figure from the too. The example is very simplified explanation of my process as for a given piece, I may use 100 different shapes and have a few thousand shapes in all in one photo. I can change the opacity, stroke, shadow, height, width, color of these shapes to give a piece even more depth or uniqueness.

I mainly make relatively simple pieces and put inspirational quotes on them. I’ve always really liked those pictures quotes that we all have seen somewhere on the internet. About 5 years back I thought that they were so great because one could positively touch another with word in an art form. It inspired me to start making digital art.

I’ve put my shape art and quote into one, combining the things I love and sharing them with others in the hopes of inspiring them or touching them in some way and of for my own enjoyment as well.

What inspires you?

I am mostly inspired by plants.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I’m not arting as a career or anything. It’s more of a very time consuming hobby.

Though I have been paid to create local campaign posters and store signs.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Hmm, no I don’t believe so

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

I would like to young artist that perhaps aren’t as confident or capable in the art to not give up. I encourage them to try new mediums or to even make up their own.

I encourage them to try different art styles because there are so many and just because one doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean they all won’t. Most of all, have fun and love what you’re doing.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I identify as Asexual Aromantic

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I’ve only realized my asexuality for hmm about a month now and I’ve only told two friends who received me positively, so I haven’t had much opportunity for that. Though I’m certain people in my life would tell me that I’m a closeted homosexual or that I’m making it up. Something out there like that. I’ve decided that I won’t really tell people, partly to avoid predicaments like that but also because I feel people aren’t obligated to tell everyone.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

I’ve realized that most people don’t even realize that asexuality exists.

They think that it’s something made up and laugh, but not before bringing up asexual reproduction … sigh

I honestly haven’t encountered misconceptions because everyone in my life either doesn’t know what asexuality is or has a great understanding of it.

I’m sure I’ll encounter those with misconceptions in time. I just hope that I’m equipped enough to better educate them

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Take your time and breathe.

If you’re not sure if you’re ace or not, you’re more than welcome to use it as a title.

If you don’t know where you fall, that’s okay also.

Don’t feel like it’s necessary to give who you are a title or a name. You don’t have to have one.

You don’t have to use the split attraction model if you don’t want to.

You can be ace yet still enjoy sexual interaction with another.

Please understand that the only person who decides if you are ace or not is you, no someone else.

You aren’t broken. You aren’t going to die alone. You’re still capable of love. And you are very much loved by many.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

I mostly keep my art to myself and friends but I do post them on my Tumblr if I remember to.

Thank you, Darius, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Mirror Mirror, Off the Wall

This is my submission to #ChoicesCarnival Round…5? 4? I don’t even know anymore! It’s for this week’s prompt using the word mirror. Don’t know where this idea came from, but I thought it’d be silly. @hollyashton knows what I’m talking about.

Summary: This is some Freaky Friday shit and let’s put it this way two people switch bodies and aren’t happy about it.

What you need to know: MC’s relationship status is taken by Kaitlyn, but in no way is this a romantic story.

With that said enjoy! :) 

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Lesson 13: Spellcasting 101

Teacher: Trickstersleash

Live class date and time: 1/21/2017 @ 7:00PM

 As with all things in the pagan community, I advise you research twice then come to your own conclusions. Your craft is YOUR CRAFT, this may not be a perfect fit for you, that it okay. We are all  the tailors of our own spiritual clothes.

 The first thing most beginners ask after “Okay so what do I need to get started?” if “What kind of spells can I cast?” The answer is of course, technically you can cast any kind of spell you like. There are some things that magic simply cannot do for you here in the physical plane but outside of that the only real restriction to what you CAN do is what you are willing to do. With that being said, of course most witches adhere to some sort of ethical code and you won’t want to do anything that will harm you or someone else if that it not your express intent. As for things you simply literally cannot do, no matter how much you wish and how strong you intent is, you will not be able to make sudden major physical changes to your body. This means you cannot shapeshift or grow wings, change your hair color at the blink of an eye (without cosmetic help of course) or drop/gain weight in a matter of moments. This is of course, speaking only in the physical plane. Astrally or in other non-physical bodily ways are a completely different story (for a different teacher to tell.)  You can influence your body and bolster your efforts for things like gaining or losing weight, perking up failing health or increasing passionate desire, but these things all take some degree of effort on your own part. In the cases, magic must be working with your own mundane efforts. Just like praying to pass a test won’t get you there if you don’t bother to study, asking the gods to help you with a problem you aren’t working on already will almost always end in failure. Magic should not completely replace effort on your part.

Some basic Dos and Don'ts (in my experience)

  • DO spells that feel right, ethical for your practice and comfortable.
  • DO NOT try spells that you feel are unethical, harmful to yourself for health or safety reasons or simply you are uncomfortable performing. If your whole intent is not into something, it is self-sabotage and will fail every time.
  • DO take suggestions from other witches about what has worked for them in the past.
  • DO NOT feel that you have to do things the same way as someone just because it worked for them or they have been practicing for forever. No part of the pagan umbrella is one size fits all. You must find what feels right and works for you.
  • DO put planning and research into your spells.
  • DO NOT research, plot, and detail it out until you’re too stressed to actually craft the spells. Figure out what you HAVE to know to be safe, but don’t make yourself crazy. Remember that in the end, your will is what makes the magic, not the ingredients or history behind the spell.
  • DO expand your craft, try new things and explore other kinds of magic.
  • DO NOT steal from closed cultures, use preexisting symbols without knowing their meanings or use new ingredients without knowing how to do so safely. Also remember that you do NOT need a gold mine worth of new fancy materials to do a spell. Everything can be simplified down.
  • DO feel free to come to me, another OWS teacher or even post questions in the chats. Talk with other group members, sometimes a problem or question you have been having and thinking it dumb is more common than you ever imagined.
  • DO NOT be scared. Witchcraft is not an exact science. Every time you cast a spell it will go a little differently. Just because it didn’t work out how you planned the first time doesn’t mean you’re doing bad or aren’t powerful enough, it might just not be the right time or you might get what you need in a way you never expected.

 When designing a spell the first thing you need to think about is WHY you are casting it. What exactly is your intent? Are you in need of something? Is it protective? Is it healing? Is it a curse? You simply cannot cast a spell if you don’t have any sort of idea why you’re casting your energy out there.

Remember that the only thing you need to cast a spell is your intent. There are a ton and a half of very successful spells that are just pouring all your intent into manipulating energies the way you want. With that being said, many witches really enjoy expanding and using more in their spells. Never feel that you HAVE to go out of your way to find obscure or expensive ingredients or tools unless you just want to.

An easy and free! Ingredient to change a spell from staring really hard at an object is to simply add an incantation or hand movement. These can rhyme or not, be in any language you actually understand well enough to use, can be silly or serious, intricate or simple. It is entirely up to you. Whatever you are most comfortable with is what you should use. I have done banishing spells that were a line of expletives and I have done healing spells that were a full poem read in the round by a group. There are very few limitations with incantations.

Some tips for writing a typically successful incantation:

  • State your intent as clearly as possible in the present tense. For example, Not “I will be wealthy.” but “I am wealthy.”  “I am loved.” rather than “I will find love.”
  • Believing in what you say is important. If you think the wording is too cheesy and you don’t really feel that it is going to work, guess what? That has already tinted your intent and you’re done before you begin. Some doubt when casting a spell is normal, but learning to conquer that and put faith in your magic is a wonderful sign of your growth as a witch.
  • Rhyming is not necessary, but it sure is fun and can make things easy to remember.
  • Repetition helps cement your spell into place. Some people do not find this needed at all, others repeat the incantation or different versions of the same intent until they feel it has “stuck” this can be a sacred or special number, or just until it feels right.
  • I cannot tell you the best way to write an incantation. I can help you if you’re needing help finding good wording or a more flowing cadence, but there is no exact formula for writing a no fail spell. In the end, something in your own words will be more powerful than something someone else tells you, but don’t feel bad If that is hard at first (or ten years in, or twenty.) It’s a skill that has to be honed, just like drawing or cooking. You can learn, no matter how uncreative or silly or “dumb” you think you might be.
  • Hand Signs or Movements are a great way to help direct energy and to give yourself a physical marker for the spell in the future. If you do a spell for self confidence or calming, it can be useful to have the hand sign as something you can do to help reinforce both the magic of the spell, and the useful things that come from it. Get creative here, but be careful waving your hands around if you have candles lit, especially if you’re wearing long sleeves.  These can also be combined with the use of a tool to direct energy such as an athame, wand or wooden spoon.
  • Adding in actual physical ingredients into you spell such as herbs, crystals, charms, cards, whatever, can be fun and functional, but casting a spell is like making Chili (or soup.)  What you put into it depends strongly on your own personal preferences. You can find correspondence charts for nearly every facet of magic, from colors to crystals, herbs to animal parts… but don’t feel that these are set in stone. Some of them might have historical reasoning, or they might have medicinal reasoning, but at the end of the day if you have lavender, it isn’t going to be a calming scent. If you live in a country where most of your currency is red, it probably will feel more like a wealth color than green. If your grandmother died when a ceder tree fell on her, the scent might not be so comforting to you. So feel free to ask about or look up correspondence, but remember that they are not always going to fit just right for you. Also keep in mind that a correspondence is completely different than the use of an herbal  treatment for something. A lot of these ARE grounded in the actual chemistry of the plant and the way it interacts with the body. These should not be played will willy nilly as they are a medical practice and need to be carefully monitored for safety and health reasons. 

  If you are interested in any correspondences specifically, please feel free to ask me or post about it in the chat. I will gladly share with you any knowledge I have, as well as some goofy little things I have picked up over the years.  

Any Questions?

Pink Asters

“Come on, Shadow! It will take us all day to get there if you don’t hurry it up!”

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going yet, Sonic.”

“It’s a surprise! Trust me, it’ll be awesome!”

“It better be, otherwise I’m throwing you in a lake.”

“You’d have to catch me first, and you’re not moving fast enough to do that!”

“You’re lucky I don’t feel like kicking your ass right now.”

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fifth harmony, camila cabello and laucy

so this post is a really long time coming. i’ve been wanting to write something about this for a while now but i wasn’t sure what the point of the post was going to be or where i would go with it. i still don’t really but my main reason for writing this is to just gather my thoughts on everything that’s happened since mid novemeber in regards to fifth harmony. this post isn’t exactly about one thing in particular, but a multitude of things that have happened.

i kind of want to divulge into the whole bad things drama with camila but i’ve already made a post about that which you can read here (although it was written haphazardly when she announced that it was being released). the only other point that i’d like to make about bad things is that some fifth harmony tour shows (in europe) were cancelled to promote her single with machine gun kelley (see here) and she was also performing at every jingle ball this year with him to promote the song. this shows the favour the label had toward camila over the four other girls which i’ll probably getting into a bit later on in this post. i believe that label has, in some ways, always favoured camila. she didn’t drop epic/syco when she left fifth harmony, she is still signed to them even now.

now, let’s get on to the good stuff - laucy. so, i think it was right in the middle of november when the pictures of lauren and lucy kissing were “leaked”. i put leaked in quotation marks because we still do not know if they were purposely put out there to make lauren uncomfortable, the photographer put them out there unknowingly or the photographer put them out there knowingly - for pr.

my laucy heart was literally palpitating when i saw these pictures but as soon as i did, i wanted to scream because, oh shit - lauren had been outed, right? despite camren shippers saying it was “just a friendly kiss” (aw bless their naivety, i mean - does that look like a friendly kiss?) i think everyone knew that the kiss represented much more than that. now let’s have a look at the date that these pictures were released - the pics were “leaked” on the 13th of November 2016.

lauren made no comment on the pictures and still hasn’t. in fact, she’s made no comment on the status of her relationship or if she’s even dating lucy or anyone else for that matter.

then, on the 18th of November, lauren comes at as bisexual to billboard in an open letter to trump supporters.. “i am a bisexual cuban-american woman and i am so proud of it”.

i have plenty of points to make about lauren’s coming out. before i indulge in them - i want you all to remember that sexuality can only be defined by the person to who it belongs to. when lauren denied her interest in girls and said she was straight - she was straight. now that she is saying she is bisexual - she is bisexual, meaning she is interested in boys and girls. if, in the future, she retracts this statement - then she is who she says she is.

so - were the pictures accidentally posted? no - they were not. they were purposely put out there to tease fans and the public - to gauge a reaction as how people would deal with lauren kissing a girl.

but why, you ask. well - what else happened when the pictures were released? mid november right?… well in fifth harmony’s second statement, they reveal that they were informed in “mid november” that camila would be leaving the group. camila cabello - the face of fifth harmony, was leaving the group! so of course this meant that they needed someone else to become the new face of fifth harmony. somebody to take over.

why am i so adamant in my belief that they were released and not unintentionally leaked? because this is how the music industry works. little to nothing is left to chance. everything happens for a reason.

then, lauren came out. was her coming out in response to the pictures of her and lucy kissing? or was it as she says, because of Trump?

i don’t believe that for a second. why? because the article was sent to billboard. it had to be approved. billboard had to want to post it for lauren. these things don’t happen in a second. they take at least a day. they were an appropriate response to the pictures without mentioning the pictures (for those outside of the fandom).

also - lauren couldn’t just “come out” without getting permission. we all know that all of the girls have such strict contracts (which has now been changed a little thanks to our saviour, dina la polt). lauren’s coming out was negotiated - they weighed up the pro’s and cons and decided in favour of it because most of the fandom already speculated lauren wasn’t straight and also because of her featuring on afterellen previously etc. syco/epic deemed it okay for her to come out and that is why she was allowed. lauren’s coming out also serves a purpose for epic/syco - it paints them in a positive light, showing that epic/syco aren’t monsters who closet their clients.

is lauren actually bisexual? yes. there would be little to no benefit for her to come out if she wasn’t actually bisexual. a straight image is much more marketable than a non-straight image. so yes, whilst the label did allow lauren to come out - it was ultimately her decision. but, she may have been coerced slightly - to put herself into the limelight since camila was leaving. the timeline all makes sense.

what else happened about three weeks after lauren came out? she announced that she had collabed with duo marian hill for a song.

with lauren’s name out in the media because of her coming out, it was a perfect opportunity for her to drop her collab.

is lauren and lucy’s relationship pr? no. why? lucy is hardly well known apart from in latin america because of her dad, carlos vives. in a society that is heavily homophobic it was inevitable that he would be asked about his daughter’s actions, to which he responded -

carlos vives is very careful not to label the kiss. he doesn’t say that it’s a relationship. he says it’s a symbol. this coincides with lauren’s letter to trump. lauren doesn’t come out because the pictures were leaked, but because she wants to prove something to trump supporters (according to her story line).

also see what lucy had to say about the leaked kissing picture - here.

i do not know if lauren and lucy are in a relationship because it has not been confirmed. but i will say this - whatever they are, it is real and we should respect that. i definitely think that their relationship is being flaunted for pr, however. it has a lot of positives to be used as pr. it gives lauren publicity and that in turn gives fifth harmony publicity. first it was camila engaging in publicity stunts, but because she was leaving, their label had to have another way to get media and fan attention. so whilst laucy’s existence isn’t pr - the fact that it is kinda in our faces a lot, is pr.

i haven’t even bought up camren in this post once but i do feel as though i should make a comment about it. camren shippers probably make up the majority of the fifth harmony fandom. mid november (when the pics were leaked and lauren came out as bi, they were also informed that camila was leaving) which would be the perfect opportunity for lauren to come out as bisexual. why? to kill camren rumours…although camila was still in the band when lauren came out. the label played it well - fans had no idea that camila was leaving so lauren coming out - appealed to camren shippers a lot and fifth harmony gained a lot of attention. but it also killed camren rumours when camila left. a win-win situation in that regard. especially with lucy popped into the mix.

then, lauren was caught at the airport with weed. the reaction from fans and the media was, to say the least - quite humorous and positive. was this pr? or was lauren’s name being dragged through the industry? or was it a honest mistake?

in my opinion - it was an attempt to get lauren’s name dragged. lauren has always been one to voice her opinion and if you upset one of your superiors (which it is likely she could have done) then they can play you because you’re just a puppet. but lauren’s reaction was one of nonchalance. it seemed she was un-bothered - which is why the whole thing could’ve been a stunt. this would work in fifth harmony’s favour because it got lauren (and them) a lot of attention. i guess we’ll never know.

i think i’ve covered mostly everything about laucy but now i want to quickly look at the statements released by both fifth harmony and camila cabello, when camila decided to leave.

on the night camila was leaving, they all had a jingle ball performance. camila first performed with mgk that night.

then she performed, for the last time ever, with fifth harmony

(oh hey, look at that smile!)

that same night fifth harmony released a statement announcing that camila is leaving. and no, they weren’t “just” informed - camila craftily added that into her statement.

this was a bombshell for nearly everyone. sure, most of the fandom could see that camila wanted to leave. but after the revival of ot5 moments (yikes, dinah) this was such a confusing time for camila to leave…right? things seemed on the rise so a lot of people couldn’t understand her reasoning…even though we saw it coming from miles away. lol.

their statement was short and abrupt and obviously written on behalf of them by their management. i definitely think their management wanted to get the upper hand and create a narrative before camila and her team could come an spit lies (as they have been doing).

then we were given camila’s statement which some people took as more meaningful because she talked about bunnies and rainbows. but her statement too was orchestrated by her team. did you all catch the grammatical inconsistencies throughout? yeah - one person did not write that.

see how she craftily inserted the words “just informed”? she’s so smart. but fifth harmony’s team weren’t having it and they fired back with their second statement - not admitting defeat. there was so much confusion and so fifth harmony, in my opinion, did the right thing in releasing their second statement - to clear up any confusion. some people, of course, were too blindsighted to see wrong and right, even after everything.

all 3 statements - both fifth harmony’s and camila’s statemnts were all released on behlaf of them and are not completely theirs. one thing’s for sure however, there is an underlying narrative that none of us know about and perhaps we never will. what i can say is that camila fucked over 4 girls for her solo career as revealed by this billboard article - camila even went as far as to suggest that the four other girls take a hiatus so she could release her own solo music - and then have fifth harmony to fall back on. it’s safe to say that a lot of the articles written from billboard and other news outlets do favour camila (because one of her team works for billboard) but they are very telling. it’s also telling that camila has had so many articles written about her since she left - victimising her.

there’s a lot i could say about camila’s departure but i think that’s a story for another time.

with that i leave you with the rise of h4rmony!

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