okay i love you thanks so much for being a part of my life

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Ahh okay, fair enough bubs! I think I’m just bitter towards the people who keep ignoring her in all the trailers. She’s such an important part of Cap’s life in the comics and just as a badass Shield Agent in general and I honestly am so worried she’ll be reduced to ‘love interest’ and none of us want that, do we? I hope we see her come in and fuck everyone up too!! Haha! Also, THAT BUCKY GIF YOU JUST USED IS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE AND I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT AHAH <3

I know, but I don’t really care about her all that much, yes she’s a bad ass, yes her aunt is Peggy Carter who doesn’t take no shit from anyone, and yes we need more bad ass women in Marvel.

But I can’t really see her being Steve’s ‘love interest’ in Civil War, I mean both trailers are just flooded with Stucky, and I really want Stucky to happen.

I mean Agent 13 is great in all, but I can’t see her being with Steve, unless we get more character development for her in this movie.

I mean we got a little bit, but not that much that really sets her apart from Natasha.

Also your welcome with the Bucky gifs :D


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I know I say it all the time, but I truly do have the best friends in the world. Constantly reminded of how blessed I am to know these girls. Who has time to be sad about being single, stressed with school or frustrated when life throws curve balls? With these girls by my side, I know I’ll be so much more than okay, whatever the outcome. ❤️ @the-heart-of-jess @gba14 @lettheflood-carryaway
Thank you women for being who you are & for choosing to be a part of my life! I’m so thankful!

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I love you I'm sorry please don't leave the tag

It’s okay <3 thank you for the support :) I really just want to avoid the fun being taken away from me. I adore wbs so much, especially because I’ve been madly in love and obsessed with RQ long before and to see wonderful admins bring such an amazing idea to life is just…beyond words amazing. Seeing everyone in the tag makes me really happy because I can see that everyone else loves this rp just as much, if not more. People are having fun, falling in love with characters, and so driven to bring to life these characters. That’s what I want to be part of and I will by lurking in the tag. In order to just keep myself as in love and having just as much fun, staying out of the tag might just be a good idea. Nothing bad happens to me then, I still get to be happy and write to my heart’s content and hope I get a chance to be part of wbs. I’ll still be posting on rom’s mockblog for those who care to read or have interest in my interpretation of him.