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I’m kinda sad that I haven’t seen any posts about the library scene in The Raven King, so I’m gonna do it myself.
Nicky just had this big talk with Neil about love and opening up to people and why Neil can love Exy but it won’t love him back (“That’s what love is all about, see? That’s why Exy isn’t ever going to be enough, not for you or Andrew or anyone. It can’t hold you up, and it won’t make you a stronger or better person.”) and then Neil thinks back on it when he sees, guess who, Andrew.
when Neil told Andrew his partial truths, Andrew didn’t tell him to run away like Kevin did. Andrew asked him to stay because he would support Neil no matter what. Neil is finally realizing that he’s opening up a bit and letting people share his burden. he’s realizing that Andrew is becoming his pillar of strength, like Erik was for Nicky. and then he pulls one of the biggest “no homo"s in history with “But that didn’t count, because it was Andrew, and this was definitely the last turn he needed his thoughts to take.”


Scott McCall & Lydia Martin
Not all monsters do monstrous things.
Like who?
Like Scott.

@mountain-dew-yams So don’t cry, okay?? =D I’ll give you hugs!!

*Trying super-hard not to cry himself due to memories of a certain person*

{Author’s note: okay, first off, I’m sorry I’m so late, I slept through the night… Second… I’m so sorry I can’t give any proper advice other than random words of support!! I’ve never been in such a situation nor have I had any close friends in such dire circumstances, so I can only imagine how painful it is, but… God, you’re so brave for facing unfairness over unfairness. None of this is pathetic, quite the contrary. I hope at least SOME people around you can give you support because it’s much needed and much deserved. Jyushi and I can only support from afar, but again… You’re not the one who fucked up here. Please don’t tell yourself that, if you can. Because you definitely didn’t fuck up.}

Working on chapter two of my Supergirl fanfic. I’m far too amused by my own writing and thought I’d share a scene. 


“How did Kitty Cat figure it out anyway?” asked Lois, studying Kara carefully, already trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

“I’m her personal assistant,” said Kara and then she sighed again, rubbing her eyes. “I mean, I was her personal assistant. She just promoted me to junior editor.” She looked at Lois wryly and said, “I’m not a writer like you or her. Nowhere close. I love editing though, getting a chance to guide and improve the stories is a wonderful experience. So far it’s been a good fit.”

Lois’ eyes went comically wide and she almost slipped off Diana’s lap. Pointing dramatically at Kara who blinked at this reaction, Lois exclaimed, “You’re THAT Kara?!” It was only Diana’s firm hands on her hips that managed to keep Lois in place. “Oh my god, you’re the last personal assistant standing.” Lois studied a now thoroughly baffled Kara like she was one of the seven wonders of the world. Something that didn’t happen when she only knew her as a super powered alien who had near god like powers. Scooting forward on Diana’s lap, Lois confessed in something akin to glee, “We call you Katniss, you know. Me and Perry. Because you somehow kept surviving the monthly reaping of Cat’s assistants. I was shocked when I found out she let you go last week.”

I went to the lucaya tag and there was a blog with the url ‘antimayahart’ there. feel so sorry for this person bc 1. instead of spending their time thinking about things they love, they create a blog focused on hating a fictional character, why not focus on the characters you love and use a url about them; 2. how can anyone hate maya hart.
anyway, I ended up blocking the person bc I don’t fuck with people who waste their day hating on fictional female characters.

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