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The Changeling's Lament

Have you ever heard of the uncanny valley? 

It’s a human thing that I don’t really understand. If something looks like an animal, they’re okay with it; if something looks perfectly like a human, they’re okay with it, but if it's not quite right, they’re repulsed. They can’t even say why, it’s just inherently wrong to them. One of the bio majors suggested that it kept early humans from interacting with sick humans, but I’ve seen them go and help humans they know are sick anyway. It’s very strange.

The worst part about it, though, is that it means there’s so much to keep track of! My mouth must have exactly 32 teeth, but no matter how wide I smile I can’t show them all. My skin tone must be exactly the same every day. My hair has to be thousands of thousands of independent strands, and yes, they notice if it’s not. The “whites” of my eyes can’t be pure white, there’s red and even a touch of yellow in there, and the irises have strange shadings over the muscles that they use to dilate their pupils. Knucklebones must be the right length, the bones of the hand must flex under the skin and around veins, the face must crease when I smile or frown, it’s all so much to remember, and then there’s behavior! I cannot speak of beauty, except the most superficial, and then only to woo another or compliment one portraying themselves. I must know which questions are not truly to be answered, when the only aid requested is a listening ear rather than advice. I cannot speak truth when a human bores me, nor when they speak falsehood, unless it harms another or myself but even then it is sometimes rude! My attention can never wander from their face, but my body must shift to match my reactions! It is all impenetrably, ludicrously opaque, and I cannot but wonder if the lot of you apes made it up to spite us! And THAT is why I am so glad that your friend has returned, because it means that I no longer have to try to imitate him!

…what do you MEAN, you knew on the first day?!



okay, so there’s a bit of misinformation being spread around and it is partially (not sure how much?? maybe entirely??) my fault, so i feel it is my responsibility to help correct it.

in my stefon post from last night, part of my joke was “ja rule taking those rich kids’ money and giving it to charity” which i meant ENTIRELY AS A JOKE and i didn’t realize people would take it seriously. i am sorry about that - that is entirely on me, and i know that out of the context of my head, it sounds like a statement of fact, thrown in with other funny but ACTUALLY factual things about fyre fest (the sandwiches, [possibly??] the dogs, etc).

sometime last night, as social media was really going to town on fyre fest, jokes started to circulate that amounted to “where is ja rule in this time of crisis,” inspired by an old dave chappelle stand-up bit and due to the fact that ja rule was one of the many celebs who promo’d the fyre festival.

among these jokes were also jokes along the lines of “this is ja with those rich kids’ money” followed by pics of joanne the scammer, and even a screencap circulated of ja rule’s instagram post of the city harvest nyc charity drive (which he performed at and helped raise money for - none of that money came from fyre festival, and happened 2 days before the festival even started) which featured jokes implying ja rule gave all the money away.

it was in the middle of that little flash-in-the-pan “ja rule took the money and ran/gave it away/this is all a robin hood-esque social experiment” that i made my stefon post. i saw the first tag asking “did he really give it to charity” about 200 notes in (i didn’t think it would blow up. i only saw how many notes it had now about an hour ago when i left work). i quickly reblogged it and added this note trying to explain. when i went to be last night, that was the only non-tag addition to my text post, and easily seen from the notes if you clicked the little drop-down box/notes link.

since i got home, i saw this post taking the instagram screencap out of context (thinking the money really was taken and donated, which sounded like my text post which made me go “UH-OH. I MIGHT HAVE FUCKED UP”), so i thought i’d go ahead and try to set the record straight.

please reblog this and help combat this misinformation! i’m glad you guys got a laugh out of my dumb joke i made half asleep lmao, but ja rule is not robin hood (and he’s actually a homophobic dick irl anyway, so…)

<3 -ali

FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 2

Originally posted by fredsythe

AN: Ahhh! So people actually like this?! This is great! Okay, well I have nothing else to say except that I hope to keep this going a little while and that you all like it. 

(Part One)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,926

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, little use of strong language

You couldn’t sleep the night after you admitted to a drunk FP Jones that you were in love with him. You were scared that he would remember what you said and reject you completely which is what you expected if you ever told him, he does have a wife after all. But you were also scared that he wouldn’t remember and you’d never get the chance to say it again. 

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ancient history

“bundle me like a bail of rice
setting out to see.”

im climbing out from under nefertiti.
so i said, nefertiti
i want to exist.
i said nefertiti,
i love existing. then
nefertiti said,
you cant afford it.
you are so bad at making money.
you are like Cataclysmic with money.
i said, what? okay true but, thats harsh.
then nefertiti interupted me and said,
you cant even buy the rights to common tv.
then i said
the good part is i dont like common tv.
then nefertiti said
you seem more like a polywog than a human.
and i said, um, ok yes, uhu. that seems true.

The One Who Breaks The Curse » Prince Adam

Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Fandom: Disney + Beauty and the Beast

Words:  4047

Summary: After four long years, you finally return to the castle to break the curse and save Adam.

A/N: Okay, I finally finished this story! I am pretty happy with the ending! More stories from Prince Adam will be out soon as I try to fill those requests as soon as possible! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this and I am so sorry that it took so long! But, I hope you guys like it! c:

Part One: The One Who Holds Your Heart

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03. Watch Me, Watch You (teaser)

Okay, so I know I told you guys I was working on pilot!jungkook, but I recently got an NSFW picture from @mlkygguk of a boy that looked like jimin.. and it sparked some ideas. so here’s a sneak peak.. 👀 

Camboy!Jimin AU, NSFW, SMUT.

As you could only see the upper half of the boy’s body, you could just tell that he was shirtless. He leaned against the headboard of his bed, his head tilted back so that his slender throat was exposed, you wanted to bite the flawless skin. His plump lips were parted, and a shade of deep pink, hinting that he had been biting them. His complexion glistened as it was covered with precipitation making you salivate. One of his hands was tangled within his hair while the second disappeared underneath the cut. The absence of anyone else in the still hinted that the boy had been masturbating. When your eyes reached his chest your suspicion was confirmed. You unconsciously squeezed your thighs, a soft groan escaping your lips as your eyes examined the streaks of white across his chest. You licked your lips and quickly clicked on the video before you accident lose it in the vast library of porn. 

the signs as things my teachers have said this year, part 6
  • Aries: I can't imagine how people existed before google drive
  • Taurus: I was in pretty good shape, apart all from the broken glass in my mouth
  • Gemini: don't dance at me like that
  • Cancer: hashtag no filter!
  • ...hashtag some filter
  • Leo: raisins piss me off to no end
  • Virgo: my biggest fault as a human is never having cash
  • Libra: this is the part of the year where I lose the will to live
  • Scorpio: not lies, it's just my usual light manipulation
  • Sagittarius: today's lesson: don't be a D-bag
  • Capricorn: I think about my college-age self and I want to kick her in the face
  • Aquarius: I should bring interpretive dance back to my classroom
  • Pisces: okay before we get started I'm going to show you guys this video of a dog playing the piano

{hi hello hey here comes a wall of text because I haven’t blogged in soooo long and I have all this stuff built up and I’m on mobile and have no idea how to do a read more so sorry just keep scrolling if you don’t wanna read okay bye}

so my Grandmaster posted this on my Facebook today.

(and yes, before you ask, he has “Master” listed as part of his name because he’s trained for like 50 years and nobody refers to him by his first name okay enough disclosures here)

if you’re just tuning in, I train in taekwondo. I have been for a couple years now. I’m currently an advanced blue belt. and I’ve loved it for the most part. It’s been a huge part of my life, yadda yadda yadda. read my “steph does taekwondo” tag if you want more backstory

recently I’ve been having a hard time. I have thought about quitting a lot. my main instructor predominately teaches at another dojang now, I only see him in passing maybe once a month. I miss him a lot. There was just a black belt class that tested, and most of them will stop training regularly. We’ve had a ton of changes in people, class time, focus, etc.

sometimes I’m the only adult training with a bunch of kids. sometimes grandmaster is too busy and the class is largely unstructured. sometimes he’ll tell the black belts to do one thing, he takes the white belts, and then I’m left to just figure it out. I do a lot of poomsae on my own.

in fact, since my instructor is at the other school right now, I’m alone a lot. Grandmaster largely ignores me.

the other day, we had an unusual class of 10+ people, 8 of them lower rank than me, so I was at the front of the room (we line up in order if that makes sense). Grandmaster stood opposite of me, calling out various kicks and drills he wanted us to do. he commented on everyone’s performance - “B, nice job. C, kick higher. R - switch your feet.” etc etc. except me. he said nothing to me or about me and I was two feet in front of him. it was as if he was looking through me. I even purposely did the wrong moves for one drill just to see if he’d notice or say something. He didn’t.

a couple Saturdays ago, we had a “poomsae seminar” with a master from Korea that Grandmaster has known forever and really respects. it was three hours long. THREE HOURS. and guess how many times we did each Taeguek form? once. the first 2.5 hours were spent on just punching, kicking, stretching, and having to do punishment push-ups and stuff because the younger belts couldn’t focus and kept mouthing off. I got a good workout, but I was sooo frustrated by the end. I was anticipating spending much more time going through each form, getting specific feedback, etc. the seminar was for colored belts, they had a separate seminar later that afternoon for black belts, and that’s exactly what they did. they all said they loved it.

Monday’s class, Grandmaster asked students what they learned during the weekend’s seminar. Each black belt stated something that the visiting Master taught them - the timing for a poom, clarification on whether it’s a blade hand over a fist, the height of the kick or the degree of the turn. they were all happy with it.

Grandmaster turns to me and asks me what I learned. I said “nothing new” which I immediately realized was the incorrect answer. He said, “nothing?” and I explained that I had envisioned spending more time doing the actual poomsae forms, since the seminar was called “poomsae seminar.” I said that I felt like it wasn’t for me and that I wasn’t interested in doing another seminar.

He. Went. Off. On. Me.

And I know I’m overly sensitive. but he began ranting about how dumb I must be to think that we would have done poomsae for three hours, that poomsae is made up of each individual movement and that the focus was to strengthen each piece so that the whole would be stronger, and that he was watching me at the seminar and I was making a lot of mistakes and that it’s foolish of me to think that I don’t need to work on the basics and how dare I think I deserve to go to nationals if I can’t even withstand a simple seminar

I just kinda bowed my head and said okay and tried to not cry. he walked away from me and left me to practice my poomsae. but how do you practice after that? he just told me to do individual pieces, not the full forms. I have four different forms that could be selected for competition - which do I choose? do I pick the part I’m least familiar with, knowing he’ll come by and tell me every little thing I did wrong, or do I do a part I know real well? but then I’m not practicing really.

I was kinda frozen there when he turned away from the other students and back to me. he said, “well go on then, Stephanie.” and I replied, “I don’t know what you want me to do.”

he began speaking again but honestly I didn’t hear any more of his words. because now is when I started crying. I work so hard, spend countless hours in the dojang, practice over and over, watch videos of other competitors to see what they do, and all I want is for him to see me and acknowledge me. I don’t care if all he does is correct me, at least that’d show that he’s watching. at the state competition last month, he didn’t watch me perform. He didn’t give me a pep talk before or criticism or praise after. he didn’t even wave from across the room. my instructor watched me; he was the only one.

I had just burst into tears in the middle of class and he. Kept. Talking. He didn’t soften his tone or do anything to show that he even realized I was upset. I, completely embarrassed, said “I gotta go” and ran off the mat. I went into the bathroom where I proceeded to have a full blown anxiety attack. It took several minutes for me to calm down. Finally, i got it together enough to leave the bathroom, grab my gym bag, return to the bathroom to change my clothes, and walk out. I heard him ask, “are you okay?” and I said no and just kept walking. I cried all the way home.

that was April 17, the last time I went to class. the next day, he called me. at least, I think it was him. I don’t have his personal number. He called at 8:30pm, the time the last class ends - no one calls me then. But I was too scared to answer. He didn’t leave a message.

I have a lot of other things going on in my life right now, including a job promotion that starts Monday and my continued house hunting, and I decided to take a little break from training. It’s been a major source of stress and I don’t need that negativity right now. I didn’t really choose a specific timeline for a break - I had my gym bag in my car but each day chose to drive home instead of to the dojang. As each day passed, the more anxious I felt about returning. I thought - “what if he’s mad? what if he yells at me again? what if I have another anxiety attack?” So I haven’t gone back.

I also thought - “what if he doesn’t care? I could just never return, would he notice? Would he say something?”

So on one hand, I’m glad he reached out to me on Facebook. Because he must care at least a little. On the other hand, I’m apprehensive. What if this just blows over and then he goes back to ignoring me?

Sigh. So that’s where I am right now. I don’t know if I’m going to nationals. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know when I’ll see my instructor again. I don’t even know how to reply to his Facebook post.

but I do know I’ll be in class on Monday.

rozalynfrozen  asked:

Please headcanons for Boys asking Candy's dad for blessing to marry his daughter.Also I would like to request headcanons of their reaction if Candy said that She wants to wait Until they get married for their first time.

My hecking pleasure, I love fluffy headcanons. Okay so I put Phillip/Candy’s father since some people do create their own fathers for Candy, such as myself. I’ll be posting two parts of this, first off with the blessing hc’s. Enjoy.

Blessing from Phillip/Candy’s father.


  • The most serious one out of all of the boys.
  • He would wear something very clean and formal, unlike his official outfit.
  • Would be very polite yet straight to the point. 
  • I can see him being very forward ‘We need to talk, about Candy’.
  • Phillip wouldn’t be very intimidating by Nathaniel, but he gives him that dad look.
  • He would first describe how much he loves Candy.
  • How he would treat her well and never leave her side.
  • If Phillip pulls the ‘Candy doesn’t want to’ then he’d straight up say; “No, Candy and I both want to.”
  • Nath would be pretty cold with his comebacks, Phillip would like his confidence.
  • He may look super serious on the outside, but on the inside he’s just worrying about what happens if he rejects…
  • When Phillip accepts he gets really eye wide like “Wait what- really??”
  • He would be so relieved, he’d give Phillip a firm handshake and still leave with that confident look on his face.
  • When he leaves he’d just let out a long breath and be like 'holy crap I survived’
  • Phillip would like Nathaniel, possibly the most - he trusts him. But he better keep those promises.
  • Walks out looking very stressed, Candy kisses his cheek and says “I knew you could do it”
  • Knowing him he’d actually kiss her and be like “I knew we could do it..”


  • Very laidback, yet serious in some way. He wouldn’t make any small talk.
  • Would wear his regular clothes, Candy nearly killed him for not getting dressed fancy-like
  • Phillip would give him SUCH a rude look and Castiel would give him this 'you still don’t phase me’ look
  • he’s so ready to marry Candy it’s not even funny.
  • Starts off with how Candy wants this too and that Phillip should be more open-
  • Phillip would b v offended tbh and pull the “You don’t tell me how to raise my daughter-” card
  • He’d say something like he doesn’t have to since he and her mother raised her well already.
  • Castiel would really talk about how much he loves Candy, dearly.
  • And just tell him everything he loves about her - then finish off with the blessing request.
  • He would make it clear that even if he doesn’t give it to them, they’re marrying anyways.
  • There’d be suddle tension, like you wouldn’t believe
  • so good with comebacks, he slays everytime
  • Castiel isn’t really nervous?? When he’s serious, there’s no playtime with Cassy
  • When Phillip accepts Castiel would probably put on a really good smirk; “So you and I agree?”
  • He’d lean over to give him a handshake, which Phillip hesitantly accepts
  • Phillip does like Castiel, at some level. He likes how he was honest and trusts him..but still worries anyways.
  • He’d be smirking to Candy and just be like “Looks like the old man accepted.” Candy would jump into his arms and they’d kiss there.


  • So hecking serious and polite, he confuses Philip
  • He’d be wearing his regular outfit, the brown suit. His eyes always seemed to be narrowed upon Phillip.
  • Wouldn’t be nervous at all, since he’s not doing anything wrong.
  • The most calm out of the boys, like beyond calm he loves Candy and she loves him
  • He’d honestly ask him; “Can I have your blessing in our marriage?”
  • I can’t see Lysander giving a huge speech, he would be honest and straight to the point.
  • Would start the conversation off slowly, about how he and Candy want to get married
  • Then move onto his love for Candy, but keep it short to keep the tension low
  • Very persuasive. 
  • It would be very awkward, for Philip, I mean Lysander?? He’s so mysterious, to him and just fancy?
  • There would be a silence, Lysander would remain quiet listening for an answer
  • He’d probably give a little chuckle and be like “So…what’s your answer?” breaks the silence,,
  • Once Phillip accepts Lysander would just give a smile and say 'Thank you and I hope to see you there’
  • He’d give him that wedding invite, Lys isn’t playing this game
  • He’d leave Phillip just… in confusion.
  • Again, he’s just not nervous? No harm done.
  • Would give a wide smile to Candy and say “We did it,” - sharing a passionate kiss.


  • Candy has probably told him not to mess up with her dad - she’s nervous for Armin,,
  • Wears his regular clothes, beanie and all.
  • “So I’m just gonna give this to you straight- I love your daughter, Candy.” He’s so forward-
  • Phillip is x-raying Armin like an actual one, he’s just not into Candy liking
  • Surprisingly, Armin is sitting up straight and everything else - he’s all ears for her father
  • He’s sweating his butt off  inside, he feels like he failed- but that won’t stop him tbh, no
  • Phillip would hit him with the 'Let me think about it’ and Armin is just like? NO
  • “NO - I need to know your answer now! I love Candy, you already know that - and I’m not going to wait for you to 'think about it’.”
  • He blurts all of that out, he’s not waiting anymore for this moment.
  • Regrets his decisions, but Phillip gives him a shocked look
  • Really a part of Armin knows that he HAS to say yes, but another part is like 'No, he won’t’
  • After some seconds after that, Phillip accepts and gives the blessing
  • Armin would legit let out a breath and just say “You don’t know how nervous I was…thanks.“ 
  • Phillip would like Armin, just thinks he has to be more serious
  • Gives himself a victory fist on the way out
  • yeah he’s definetely planning this thing
  • Peppers Candy’s face with kisses on his way out with a "I have some great news!!”


  • Nervous, just so nervous - he remembers Phillip as that scary dude in the doorway for Candy at middle school. 
  • He looks nervous even, kinda shifting in his seat
  • Wears his official outfit, can’t find anything else more suitable
  • Doesn’t make the first move, but does make the first mention of Candy
  • Phillip is iffy about Kentin, very confused on how he got buff
  • Talks very fast. Like “I really love Candy - ok, I really do and I just want your blessing because I can’t bring myself not to do this without i-”
  • Phillip would actually laugh and tell 'Ken’ to slow down
  • Corrects him on his name, Phillip doesn’t have the 'you can call me Ken’ card.
  • Regrets it but at least Phillip actually listened
  • Kentin would try to slow down..he’d get through his points for his love for Candy and how long he’s loved her
  • Ending with a “And it’d be amazing if you gave the blessing for our marriage…”
  • He’d hold his breath, kinda sweating for the answer
  • When Phillip accepts, he’s just so suprised? Phillip - that scary guy - accepted!?
  • “Y-You really accept..?” He’d just be so happy and relieved
  • Phillip would have to repeat himself, Kentin would run his hand through his head and be like “Y-Yeah, uh…thanks so much.”
  • Gets up, shakes his hand, and is just so…happy.
  • Runs into the door on the way out and just ? he doesn’t care - he’s got the blessing!
  • Hugs Candy and spins her in the air, he’s just so happy he can’t help but do that.

anonymous asked:

Oh goodness I'm glad your back. I was so concerned. But I'm glad your alright... I was worried because a lot of people tend to just up and leave when things like this happen and I really enjoy and look forward to seeing your art and your work. If you did decide to get up and leave I would have respected that decision whole heartedly, but I'm just super pumped that everything is fine and that your okay for the most part. ówò; *Have some fluffy blankets.*

AAAh gosh you guys!!! Thank you so much for the welcome back wishes! ^^

And I mean - things are going good! Though now resting my hand (sort of) from coloring in stuff from the stream previously and I just feel… great? It’s really nice actually! ^^
Since there’s only one test, stress is low, and gosh I am now graduating with my masters in a week! It’s insane!

But gosh I give you all hugs, thank you so much for the messages! ^^

And honestly - I am persistent, it’s hard for me to give up on something when I know I can keep going. So call me DETERMINED cause I’m sticking around for a LONG time! ^^


this part seems like a parallel to yugi. think back to yugi, lying battered, holding the last piece of the millennium puzzle in his hands, wishing on it for some true friends.

here we have mokuba, lying battered, holding the last piece of a metaphorical puzzle, wishing on it for his family back

anonymous asked:

okay this is going to sound awful but I'm agender (no connection to manhood/womanhood whatsoever) and I wish I could be a part of the sapphic community. I think I only experience attraction to women, but as someone who doesn't even have a gender, I hardly count as a wlw. is there any label like sapphic/lesbian for agender people attracted to women?

I think I know what you mean–the sapphic and achillean communities are so large it’s hard not to notice them. if you don’t belong to either, and aren’t enbian or in a diamoric relationship, things can get lonely. I wish the venusic community was larger tbh–that’s probably the word that’ll give you the most security since it’s been adopted by a lot of nonbinary wlw. hopefully one day ‘venusic’ and ‘marsic’ will be as widely regarded and socially acceptable as ‘sapphic’ and ‘achillean’! even if you’re not a wlw, there are many blogs out there you can follow and/or reblog content from. 

inchromprehensive  asked:

Finally got caught up on your cg voice shitpost series and I LOVE IT also can we have a full length Victuuri AMV of Dangerous Woman cause fuck you good my bro

omg thank you. i know this is like three weeks late and technically it’s not the full song but here you go:

copy pasted from the video description:

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lzuchi  asked:

i actually love the small voice crack Mik makes when he says it'll be his win again at the ruins race, it's like he's holding back a cry he's that happy to see Sorey again

I do too.  I actually really like Ohsaka Ryota’s voice acting for Mikleo this entire episode, especially for all the Sorey/Mikleo moments because he really did do his best in giving emotion to all of Mikleo’s lines.  So I did like that part.

But I think overall the game epilogue was better - for one thing I was crying through it, here I was like, “Okay, well I like the tackle-spinny-hug” but it’s a far cry from, haha, flat out sobbing at the ending.

And I think that’s one of my problems with the anime’s ending is that they did cut out a lot of the character development and moments for both of them so the emotional pay-off of Sorey and Mikleo having a reunion at the end just isn’t there.  Like we get a sense from Mikleo’s side that he’s really broken up over this.  Sorey’s side … it’s hard to feel the emotional investment when he’s spent the entirety of S2 all but ignoring Mikleo on screen unless it’s convenient.

Train To Busan - Astro AU (3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Okay so I highly recommend you watch the movie or read the plot bc it’ll make more sense when you read it

special shoutout for @literal-ktrash @puppycat-eyes for helping me through my writing slump and @mystic-astro-trash for motivating me when I was gonna abandon it

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vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo said: Yeah VH was a liiittle bit biased in favour of Louis-Philippe because they were literally pals in real life. Like Hugo would write poetry and then send it to LP in the middle of the night and LP was apparently okay with this and knew to expect it and I mean every word in this sentence literally. So don’t trust everything Hugo says about the guy… I mean he wasn’t the Worst ever but he wasn’t just a passive good guy either.

lmao that part makes a LOT more sense now. fucking wild. 

shallura-fireheart-bookworm  asked:

Looks like the rape anon is at it again.Why do antis think that it's okay to wish rape on someone who ships something they don't like? It makes me wish that I was never a part of the VLD fandom on here.

It just makes me laugh tbh bc antis do that kinda shit and then deadass say shit like “antis never send anon hate!!!!!!” Like u sure tho are you rlly sure abt that

fierce-and-little  asked:

Okay so I'm spending the weekend in disneyland and there's this one part that's designed all western-style and all I could think of was Kreezer and that dirty talk fic and I was like 'no no NO this is NOT the time or place for that!!!'

Ayyyy 😏 My mission to make y'all thirsty is working.

anonymous asked:

Part 7 plz? Also you're like the greatest writer freaking ever!

Soon! I just got home, I need a bit of a breather :3
*blushes* I dunno about the greatest writer….. I mean I’m an okay writer, but nothing like the pros….

Today is some National Superhero Day or some bullshit like that so listen up y’all, don’t just celebrate these hard-working amazing people for a single day, okay? These people kick ass every goddamn day to prevent disasters world wide. They deserve constant respect and kudos for sacrificing an fuck ton for all y’all. I’m proud of every goddamn part of my team, not just today, but every damn day.