okay i lied now i am going to sleep

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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Late Night Studying & Confessions (Chanbaek)

Prompt: “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you.” 

Genre: fluff, confessions

Requested by Anon! 

Originally posted by chanbaeksmiles

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Angsty Starters

(More starters under the cut)

“I hate you!”
“You’re nothing but a joke. A con.”
“… You’re scaring me.”
Ow! Let go of my arm. You’re hurting me. Please!”
“You remind me so much of him/her.”
“Sometimes you even sound like him/her.”
“You promised!”
“You said you’d always be there for me. What happened?”
“Where were you when I needed you?”
“Hey, look at me. Look at me. It’s *insert name here* and *insert name here* for a thousand years. It’s just you and me against the world, remember?”
“We’ll fix this like we always do. Together.”
“… You-… You hit me….”
“Get the fuck away from me!!”
“What the hell is wrong with you!?”
“You’re nothing!”
“I’m nothing…”
“I’m sorry, *insert name here*”
“Hey now, this isn’t your fault.”

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Miles and States | Josh Dun |

Plot: Josh is feeling anxious and you comfort him

Imagine: Reader x Josh

Words: 1273

Warnings: Anxiety


Upon hearing a buzzing sound from the small table by my bed, I felt my body rolling onto its left side. This caused me to face the constant, bugging sound and open my eyes. What immediately caught my eye was the lock screen of my phone. But instead of the usual picture of Josh planting a kiss to my forehead as I laugh, it’s covered with a series of unread messages and missed calls. 2 missed calls from Jenna, 5 unread messages along with 4 missed calls from Josh and 2 messages plus 4 missed calls from Tyler! What was going on!

My hand flew across the table to grab the phone and unlock it. I read all of Josh’s messages first.

01:16 AM
Joshua: Hey, I miss you. Let’s talk

01:28 AM
Joshua: I really need to talk. Just talk. I’m not feeling well

01:35 AM
Joshua: My brain is playing tricks with me again. I feel like I can’t breathe. Please call me asap

01:42 AM
Joshua: I need you, please

I instantly felt a small pain in my chest, like guilt, when I looked at the time and saw it said 2:13.

His last message had been received half an hour ago! What had happened since then? I felt myself panicking as I clicked to see Tyler’s messages.

01:32 AM
Tyler: Hey have you talked to your boyfriend tonight? He seems off

Tyler: Call me!!!

I frantically clicked into my contacts and immediately hit Tyler’s name. Doot. Doot. Doot.

“Pick up, pick up, pick…” I mumbled as I nervously nibbled at my thumb.

“Y/N! Finally!” I heard Tyler’s voice from the other end of the line aka. Multiple states and thousands of miles away.

“What’s going on? Is Josh okay?”

“He’s having one of his bad nights. Jenna is sitting with him right now, but he’s being all fidgety and on edge. Jenna, Mark and I are the only ones who can approach him right now. We asked the other guys to go back to their busses while we try to help him.”

You frowned.

“Back to their busses? What were you all doing on your bus at 1 in the morning?”


“Not playing Mario Kart, that’s for sure…” He tried, but his voice was far from convincing.

“Nice, Tyler. I don’t know how you guys put on a show like that every night when you never sleep.”

You heard Tyler chuckle, which definitely lifted your mood, but then it hit you that you had a anxious boyfriend to take care of.

“Please hand me over to Josh.”

“Oh yeah! 2 seconds!”

I heard Tyler take a few steps, before I heard the phone being handed over to someone else.


Nothing could destroy me like the sound of Josh’s trembling voice. I knew how hard he battled with his demons sometimes – especially at night. I should’ve been more cautious.

“Josh, love? It’s me, Y/N! Tyler told me your head has been messing with you. Are you okay?”

“Y/N? W-why didn’t you answer my text or calls? Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?”

“Oh baby, no no no! Don’t say that! You haven’t done anything wrong! I’m sorry I didn’t answer any sooner. I was just asleep and had forgotten to take my phone off-silence after my late night meeting. I would’ve answered right away if I’d heard it any sooner!”

I felt horrible. I usually never silence my phone at night when Josh is out of town! It’s not like this hadn’t happened before, but apparently I hadn’t learned from my stupid mistakes.

“O-okay. I just- We were playing Mario Kart- like all of us, maybe too many, because suddenly I couldn’t breathe! So I went to my bunk to lay down, and then I wanted to roll over and tell you, b-but then I remembered that I wasn’t home with you!”

I heard him gasping. He was talking so fast that he breathed like he’d just ran a whole marathon. That couldn’t be good for him. I decided that I had to stop him. He had to shut up and listen for a second, because he was only making matters worse.

“Josh, baby.” I cut him off. Silence.

“Are you listening?”

You could hear him gulping. Good, he was still there.

“Good. Now where are you?”

“Eh- I’m in my bunk?”

“By yourself?” I waited for an answer.

“Yeah, I think Jenna and Tyler went back to their own bus to sleep.”

“Okay then…” I took a deep breath and lied back down on my back, rubbing my temple with my free hand. I couldn’t say that I wasn’t tired, but I’d always be there for Josh. Even at 2 AM.

“Lie down. Like you’re going to sleep.”

“No! That’s when my mind starts buzzing and freaking me out! Don’t leave me!”

“Shhh shhh,” I soothed. “I’m not leaving you. I’m gonna stay on the phone with you. Even if it takes all night.”

There was a pause – a silence. I could feel Josh’s thoughts thumping from states away.

“I love you.”

He’d said it a thousand times before but every time, whenever and wherever, it would make me smile all over again.

“I love you too, J. Now lie down and close your eyes. Get yourself tugged in and we’ll chat a bit. Okay?”

I could hear him move around, obviously getting ready. I simply waited, trying to relax myself.

“So how’s tour?” I started off with a simple question, which could easily lead to many kinds of conversations. I just needed something, anything, to take his mind off his- well his mind.

“Apart from right now? Pretty awesome. I know we’ve toured these states and cities before, but every time I come back, it kinda feels brand new. Like us.”

A smile crept onto my face.

“Well that’s nice to hear. Did you go to that pancake house in Louisiana I told you about?”

“Haven’t yet. But I told Ty we’d have to stop by before we leave town tomorrow.”

I chuckled at the thought of Josh forcing Tyler to get pancake at 6 in the morning. They always left early, when they had to head to another state.

“Poor Ty,” I smiled. ”Please get the Reese’s-banana pancake for me! It’s the bomb, I promise you.”

“I will. Just for you, my love.”

He was definitely starting to calm down.

“Thank you. And… Remember how we’re going to see each other again very soon. In 5 days you’ll be home again. Then I can hug you and kiss you all you want. Even when you aren’t feeling down.”

“Sounds nice… I’m sorry for all of this. I don’t mean to be a burden. Especially when I know that you have work tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t apologize. I’m always here for you. There are no excuses or burdens, okay? I love you.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you…”

I heard him yawn.

“Feeling better?”

“Yeah… But would you mind staying on the phone until I’m asleep? Just in case…”

“Tyler is gonna receive some phone bill,” I chuckled.

That must’ve been when it hit him that he was using Tyler’s phone.

“Oh, shit…”

“Don’t worry. We’ll just have to pay him back,” I smiled at my idiotic humor.

“Yeah, we will.”

“Now try to sleep, okay? I have my phone right by my pillow, so you can always just speak up and I’ll be there. No hanging up until you’re asleep.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. Sleep tight, babe.”

“You too, Y/N. I love you.”

“I love you too…”


Jongdae’s (Chen) Fake Text + Short Story:Cuddling with you because your boyfriend dumped you!

Request said:  EXO fake texts: you are best friends and you want them to come over so you can cuddle because your boyfriend dumped u badly

Short Story: Readers P.O.V

I was walking towards my apartment when suddenly I get a text message from my current boyfriend. It read “Hey, I know we’ve been dating for 3 years but I can’t be with you anymore…I’ve never really loved you or wanted to be with you! I honestly was with you because you are my mother’s favorite but I don’t love you nor like you at all. So goodbye Y/N”.  Immediately I started to cry and sob so hard. I couldn’t breathe right, and I couldn’t even see right either because the tears fogged my view out of everything.  Minutes passed and I received another text and it was from Jongdae. I texted him and told him that I was fine when I am actually not fine at all. Finally arrived at my apartment, I put in the password, the door unlocked itself and I headed in. I dried my tears but then I heard a noise that stopped me in my tracks, the sound of the TV echoed. I grabbed whatever was close to me which was the umbrella and headed into the living room. As soon as I go in there, there was a figure sitting while watching TV. “What the heck!” I screamed. “You better not move or I’ll hit you!” I said as fearless as I could. “Whoah…okay” the figured said as he turned around with his hands in the air. “Jongdae!” I said with eyes widened. “What the heck are you doing here?” I asked. “Well I said I was going to find out what was wrong with you!” he said facing me. “But I told you I was fine!” I growled. “Yeah right, then why are your eyes watery?” he would ask. “Because I have allergies” I lied. “Yeah right!, just spill everything okay?” he would ask. “Okay…well…that stupid Jerk just dumped and he wasn’t brave enough do it in person” I said as angry tears spilled down. “Ouch!” he would say. “Yeah…” I would say. “Need a hug?” he would gesture with his hands and opening his arms as big as he could so I could get in. “Nope, thank you though” I would say. “I am going to bed now, you can sleep in the couch if you want” I would say handing him a blanket. “Okay” he would say as he plumped down into the sofa again. I walked over to my room, closed the door and decided to take a bath. But as soon as I got out, Chen was in my room laying there in my bed. “Umm…hello…why are you here?” I growled. “Because downstairs is so freaking cold” he would say. “Come here” he would pat next to him. “No…keep your hands to yourself” I would say.  I hopped into my bed and as soon as I did, I felt Chen’s limbs around my body. “Will you please stop?” I would ask. “NO!” he would say as his embrace got tighter. “Okay then” I would say . But just as I was about to get some sleep, I could her Chen whispered “Y/N I know you are very independent and strong …and also stubborn but I like you…I mean I have completely had fallen for you!” he would say as he pet my hair but I was so tired that I quickly fell into the void of sleep.

Thunderstorms - Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Jungkook sort of comforts you because you’re scared of thunder.

Fandom: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Another loud clab startles you. You’ve never been that big of a fan of thunder, ever since you were little it scared you. When you were little your parents used to comfort you, but since you moved out they can’t do that anymore. Now you have your lovely boyfriend to cuddle up to.

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Fan Dub Bloopers Sentence Starters Part 1
  • [ My friends and I do fan dubs to entertain ourselves when we get together. These are from the Attack on Titan one we did years ago. ]
  • "Do you even work? Are you even working?"
  • "I'm really...I really gotta make sure."
  • "i'm really scared you're not gonna work."
  • "*pause* I thought I was gonna do it."
  • "Why does this always happen?"
  • "Oh wait, what?"
  • "Pfffffffffffffff- It's muted."
  • "Originally, it was a castle. That was old. And we modeled it."
  • "That's what happened to it yup."
  • "We just-.. and horses."
  • "And stuff because that word can't come out of my mouth apparently."
  • "Since it is so far from the river and things. I- yeah."
  • "Since it was- ah, fuck you."
  • "Wait, what? What just happened?"
  • "Oh yeah, it was. It was right there."
  • "Stupid skank. What a skank."
  • "I wasn't readyyyyy."
  • "You even told me you were."
  • "I wasn't expecting THAT."
  • "I fuck myself all the time."
  • "Okay. Let's do the- let's keep going."
  • "I was in the mid-sentence."
  • "____, fuck meeee."
  • "Fuck me up the butt."
  • "Goddamn it. Slap me now, man."
  • "Trying to bind my hands?"
  • "You gotta buy me a noose before you're my wife."
  • "He just fangirls hardcore."
  • "It's like right when you hit it."
  • "OOOOOI!"
  • "I do have his voice, so it's okay."
  • "You're sleeping in the basement."
  • "Yeah, basement, man."
  • "I was expecting to hear "OOOOOI!" and I didn't."
  • "Oh, never mind. I lied."
  • "God, get it together."
  • "He isn't the perfect people hero people thing."
  • "He's really short, and he's probably got a pole up his butt."
  • "Well then, I don't know THAT was what you thought about me."
  • "You gotta listen to the boops, okay? Boops!"
  • "I skip I words."
  • "He's a lot edge."
  • "I don't know what the fuck to say, and I am so done right now."
  • "I didn't mean "okay" as in "go"!"
  • "What really surprised me was how he followed things."
  • "Hey, you have it muted, and you don't have the headphones in."
  • "Oooooooops."
  • "All I could think of was ____ saying "Howdy ho!""
  • "And I really was tempted."
  • "____, I just wanna smell you."
  • "Are you serious? I'm typing!"
  • "I'm not ready for ____ yet!"
  • "I like how he said ____."
  • "Fuck you, man! Just fuck youuuu!"
  • "I just want you to fuck me already, okay?"
  • "Or I just wanna fuck you. I don't know."
  • "I don't know which. I'm just confused."
  • "Hon."
  • "He can suck my dick."
  • "____ can suck your dick?"
  • "How's your Fire Emblem game going?"
  • "Fuck plans!"
  • "I start recording, and you say "Buck-aaah!"
  • "We've been neglected by a single fucking blow!"
  • "To ____'s dick!"
  • "It needs to be longer?"
  • "You wanna make those noises?"
  • "Where'd everyone go?"
  • "What've I gotten myself into?"
  • "I'll have to tell you about the boys."
  • "Once upon a time, there was a tribe of the people did things."
  • "Eating and people and things."
  • "The scod weeder?"
  • "Is squadge leader here?"
  • "The squash leader!"
  • "You made the mistake of attacking humanity and bullshit."
  • "I got distracted bY JAM!"
  • "They made steaks out of butts."
  • "She said "bean" after I did."
  • "What they wouldn't do to fuck."
  • "Oh, I lost my place."
  • "It was light. Extremely light. Light as balls."
  • "The test subjects! Both I fucked!"

idk what I’m doing but have this anyways shush I’m trying to help sort of I’ve already seen lots of theories so I’m not going to include everything I think… and I’m probably sleep deprived so don’t mind my ramblings carry on

Detective: “With that freaky lightning storm outside, none of us would get very far” 

The non-existent one? …no authorities still? Okay cool.

How does the Detective know that us being awake at 1:30 am checks out? We could’ve lied for all he knew. What was he doing that early?

“my name is Markiplier now“ besides just plain Mark? Fancying it up?

[I’ve already seen some theories about this so yes I’ve been influenced] I feel like Tyler wanted to actually hint at something. He’s already running past the corner with stuff to clean up the bottle.

Chef: “Why don’t you ask [Little Buddy] what happened last night“ proceeds to go backwards in time, showing us the previous nights too I didn’t ask for this man I just wanted last night

And how did we access LB’s cameras? Telepathy?

And why can’t the detective show up at the Manor at a reasonable time darn it. Why are they awake at 1 am? Sleep?

There’s space right there you didn’t have to break through the damn tape and knock over a cone.

How did the Jims know there was a murder? *lighting flash and thunder* How’d they get to the Manor so fast?

Wow what a filter on the Jim’s camera

I really didn’t need to see a crotch close up thanks Jim

Abe: “I don’t want anybody in or out of this place until we get to the bottom of this.“

Too late the Jims are invading.

Abe: “Why did he invite all of us here? Why tonight? He said we were celebrating something, but he never specified what.”

Uh he said that we were celebrating because of us, weren’t you paying attention last night before we all got drunk. And boi it’s the morning get your times straight.


Mark clean your room geez

…Abe? wtf?

Are we mute or something and is Colonel just so short/invisible that Damien looks right above his head

I kinda want to know what these badges mean too

Butler: “Master’s prized vase!“ 

I’ve replayed that part a thousand times just to hear Tyler say ‘vase‘ with whatever accent he’s putting on. And yeah if Mark’s dead they the vase doesn’t really matter anymore Tyler you can calm down. Wait who broke the vase?

Colonel: “I couldn’t go on the grounds could I with that bloody chef in the way, could I?“ 

Uh you could’ve asked? He’s not teleporting everywhere ya know.

And when was “Private” the Chef’s boss?

Wow the Jims are ninjas aren’t they

Where did the Jims find the “stray animal hairs” and what were they specifically?

…so was that the Detective’s personal business?

No no I didn’t need to see Jim’s crotch again damn it Jim


^Me throughout this whole thing

Hi. I miss you, a little. No, actually I kind of miss you more than I intended to. I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe you are missing me too. I don’t know what’s going on between us and I don’t know what you are thinking. I wish I did. It would make things a little easier for me. I would know whether to stay or to leave. Because I know it’s my place to go but I still hope you’ll ask me to stay. I’m not sure if this is considered a fall out but this silence is killing me. And what’s worse is not knowing why we stopped speaking in the first place.

Remember when I told you I wasn’t very good with words, especially in real life? Like I didn’t know how to express myself to you because it was just all kinds of nerve wrecking to me. So I thought if I write a letter, it’d be better because at least then, I can get some things off my chest regardless if you read it or not. A part of me hopes you’ll read this, a part of me hopes you won’t.

I’ve been spending all of last week wondering what made you stop talking to me. Like, was it something I said or something I did? Or was it just because you are no longer interested? I know feelings change, I get it; but don’t you think it’s only fair that you’d let me know you didn’t want to see me anymore? I’ve been lying in bed every night, wondering what the hell changed and I can’t seem to figure it out. I have come up with so many theories and excuses but I just can’t find the one that seems to justify my quench of curiosity.

I cried one night, or two but I don’t want to tell you the details in this letter. Because I’m not sure you deserve to know.

It literally kills me that I feel this way because I never meant to like you this much in the first place, and I never thought that you would just cut me off either. I don’t know what hurts more, not knowing or you leaving. I am just confused as to, why all of a sudden? I keep asking myself the same questions, over and over again and all I can do is replay scenarios in my head and trying to pick up if something had gone wrong. Maybe this is all in my head, but you cannot deny that something has definitely changed in the atmosphere.

You say you’re busy with school and work, and I get it. I really do. But how can someone be that busy to not even try? I’ve had my fair share of hearing excuses and I know one when I hear one. Being busy is what people tell other people when they are over them, when they no longer want to see them. So I get it. I know what you are trying to say. yet, there’s a teeny tiny part of me that hopes I’m wrong. Maybe I’m wrong and you really don’t mean it that way. Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe I am just going insane. Just maybe, I am wrong.

But today I saw you. And I’m pretty sure you saw me too. And I was hoping maybe you’d stop me and say “Hi, I’ve missed you” or even, “Hello, how are you?” but you didn’t. You never even said “hey.” We just walked past each other. That really hurt. I literally felt the atoms in my body close up and my heart, physically ached. My best friend asked if you texted me after and I told her I didn’t check my phone but probably not. I didn’t check my phone because I didn’t want to know. I was trying to give you some time to make a decision. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe you would have texted because you still cared. But you didn’t, and that hurt even more. Are we not going to even say hello anymore? That’s almost like murder.

I told my friends that I was out of tears. I lied.

I’ve been thinking about this so much and there is so much on my mind that I don’t even remember all that I want to say anymore. There is so much I want to say in this letter, but I can’t write it all. And this letter has become so disorganized, but that’s okay because that’s how my mind is right now. It’s a jumble of thoughts. A web of questions. I have become so distracted and vulnerable, I can’t even focus on my homework. I would lay down in bed at 12 am and not fall asleep till 3 or 4 in the morning. You asked me if I stayed up so late thinking about you, I lied and said no but the honest answer is oh God, yes. I cannot sleep because the questions haunt me. My eyelids feel heavy and I am physically tired but my brain just won’t stop going. It just keeps running and I am so sick and restless.

Explanation. Closure. Will you ever give me one? If you don’t like me anymore, just tell me. If you have found someone else, just tell me. If you think I’m not good enough, just tell me. But you can’t hold my hands and kiss me and tell me you like me and then leave me there hanging onto nothing. You left me in the state of limbo, but I cannot figure out everything by myself. Were we nothing? I mean, if we were nothing then just tell me. I can take the truth. I hate not knowing. But don’t fool me into thinking that we had something going on, just to cut me off. I told you about my past, but you made sure to repeat it. And that is not fair.

I opened up to you. How can you make me open up to you and then leave? I think back on all the things that you said. So were any of it true, or were they just lies? Sweet talking, that was your best trait and I hated it at first but it grew on me but now, I am upset at myself for believing you. I think back on all the compliments you gave, apparently they weren’t real. I just don’t get why you had to choose me of all people. There are so many other girls out there, if you wanted to play games you could have picked someone else. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t agree to participate. I did not sign up to get injured. But that’s how it always is right?

I am mad. And I am sad. And then I am furious. And then I am hurt.
I’ve been hurting a lot recently, not that you care but I thought I’d let you know.
You really, really, hurt me.

—  Ming D. LiuA Letter To T (I’d put your name, but I’m not that brave)
Dean Ambrose x Reader - Splash

You had just pulled your tshirt over your head when you heard a harsh knock on the door of your hotel room. “What in the world…” You mumble as you shuffle your feet across the room. “Its like 2 in the morning…” You stand on your tip toes to peek through the peep hole. You throw the door open coming face to face with a shirtless Dean Ambrose. “What in the world… Did Seth and Roman lock you out?? You aint sleeping in my room you snore.” You laugh. “You brought a swim suit with you right??” Dean questioned rubbing his hands up and down his cold arms. “Yeah why?? Oh no… Its super late.” You shake your head knowing what he was wanting to do. “Oh come on please… It will be like the old days come on it will be fun.” Dean barged into your room and started going through the duffel bag you had open on your bed. He pulled a red bikini out of your bag and walked back over to where you still had the door wide open. “Dean… SeriouSLY” You squeal as he throws you over his shoulder shutting the door behind you as he walked down the hall to backdoor of the hotel room. He sets you down only when he is standing beside the pool. “Hurry up.” He tosses your suit to and jumps into the pool causing a big splash that sprayed up on your bare legs. You sigh and roll your eyes knowing that there was no telling him no now. You race to hide behind the pile of large umbrellas so you can change into your swimsuit. You toss your clothes onto a chair and make your way back to the pool where Dean was now making a few laps. “Come on in the water feels great.” Dean dove back underwater as you sit on the side of the pool letting your legs hang in the water. “The water is freezing.” You announce as Dean breaches the water to now hang on the side beside you. He rests his chin on his crossed arms as he looks up at you. His wet hair hanging all over his forehead. “Jump in all at once and you wont notice.” “No thanks I think I am fine right here for the…” You didn’t get to finish your sentence as Dean grabs your arms and pulls you under with him. You flip your hair back out of your face as you come up for air. “Oh my gosh!!” You scream. “Shut up we don’t want to wake up everyone in the whole state.” Dean laughed as he swam around you. “You are such a brat.” you glare as you keep your eye on him as he circles you. “You could have said no to coming out here with me.” “Bull crap you kidnapped me.” “Eh… Not really…” Dean smirked as he is now face to face with you. “Remember when we went swimming in the pool at Cena’s place last year??” “Yeah and he kept trying to take a pick with Nikki under the water??” You giggle at the memory. “Yeah… The one of them kissing underwater was really cool.” “Yeah it was… I always wanted to try that.” Dean looked up at the glowing stars as he talked. “Me too.” You laugh as you advert your eyes up to the sky as well. “Wanna try it now??” You snapped your head down in shock. “What??” “Me and you try the kiss thing… I don’t see any harm in… We could both check it off our bucket list.” Dean shrugged. “Uhhh… Sure??” You were hesitant to answer because it was such an off the wall question. Dean sank down in the water and tugged on your hand from below as you tried to comprehend everything that was going on. You slowly sank down underwater to where you were now face to face with Dean. He wasted no time to put his hand on the back of your head pulling you to him to place a kiss on your puckered lips. Your heart pounded like crazy as lingered his lips on yours. He pulled away and went up for air as you quickly followed suit. Your mind raced as you paddled through the water to the side of the pool so you could get out. You knew your cheeks were bright red from the kiss. You always thought Dean was a handsome man. Every girl at WWE did but not until now did you realize that you actually really really liked him. It was like the kiss was a stamp of approval for your feelings to take over your mind. “Where you going?? Am I that bad of a kisser??” Dean laughed following after you. “Uh… No it was nice. I just realized that I have to be up super early tomorrow and need to get some sleep.” You lied as you pulled yourself up out of the water. As you put your foot up you slid a bit and fell back in the water. You plunged down in the water and scrambled back up to surface. “(Y/N) are you okay??” Dean was now at your side as you shook hair out of your face. “Yeah sorry I slipped…” You turned to him and found him staring at you with a bright red face. “What??” You look down to where his eyes focused. Your bikini top was gone. You scream a bit and throw your arm around yourself. “Where did it go??” You look wildly around the pool. Dean snaps out of his trance and looks for your top as well. He finds it all the way across the pool. “I got it.” Dean muttered as he swam. You had never been so embarrassed in all of your life. Dean handed your top back keeping his eyes anywhere but on you. You turn your back to him and quickly put the top back on as best as you could while you stayed afloat. “I think… I’m gonna try the steps this time.” You mumble as you swim to the steps in the pool. “Wait.” Dean grabs your wrist and spins you around to face him. He still keeps his eyes down cast as he spoke. “I gotta know tonight… If I don’t I’m gonna be a mess until I do…” He swallowed the lump in his throat before he looked into your eyes. “What do you think about me… Like brother, friend… Something else??” Dean chews on his lip as your mouth hangs open as you try to find words. “I… I don’t know… I always consider you a friend but… Lately… And especially after all of… this… I don’t know…” you just shake your head and shrug. Dean just nods and swims toward you until his chest is almost against yours. “I’m willing to give it a try if you are…” Dean wrapped an arm around your waist as he kept himself afloat with the other. You look up into his beautiful eyes and just nod as a smile forms on your lips. He smiles back before placing kiss on your lips. 

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Of broken promises, ignored schedules and empty apologies 

I wasn’t able to post this yesterday because I was out all daaaaay :C mian, babies. 

So here you gooo~ if you guys were expecting a christmas special, then you guys are wrong 

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