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Sprite Godtiers

so i just never really see much on this. okay real quick: here are some things that go into this. most sprites, it seems, are a “diagonal” godtier. take davepeta. they have knight from dave and heart from davepeta. that said, in some, other things outweighed others, or in tavris and fefeta i had to guess

Davepeta: Knight of Heart - davepeta def is up w protecting souls. look it how they talk to jade.

they know how davesprite felt? i’ve always felt like davepeta was removed from davesprite quite a bit, 

Erisol: Mage of Doom

this is one of the ones that doesn’t follow the diagonal rule, bc he’s definitely not a prince of doom, nor is he a mage of hope. okay he could be a prince of doom, but we’d need to see more of a character arc to prove that. without proof that he learns to destroy hope, i can’t really say much. thus, mage of doom.

Fefeta: ???Witch of Heart???

mostly here i’m basing everything off of what roxy says, but since roxy seems to praise her ability to listen, and respond? i’m not digging thru to find an example, but basically this makes waay more since than rogue of life

Tavris: Heir of Doom???did not exist v. long? 

ARquius: Heir of Life

okay this is where Shit Goes In The Air but i saw Hal as a prince of life bc like one of his things is he wants to be Alive and at any cost? it’s a v prince of lifey thing. i guess prince of void is almost a valid title but ARquius doesn’t really have the inner turmoil a prince does? thus, heir of life

Jasprose: Seer of Heart

so i don’t have a huge godtier for jasper except for “this cat is a hero of heart”, and seer of heart seems pretty good for jasprose. someone who sees heart, but doens’t get super involved in it? someone who calls jane a hot mom? yeah, seems pretty seer of heart-y. not to mention heart means soul, and jasprose is v self aware

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Fav Johnlock/Sherlock blogs??

okay so this is a really, really incomplete list since i’m probably forgetting a lot of great blogs only because they are so obvious and also many of my faves are actually multifandom blogs and i tried to list here blogs that are at least mostly about sherlock so…. i think i’ll do a proper follow forever one day so that i can include everyone i love but here are a few really good blogs to follow if you’re especially looking for more sherlock/johnlock on your dash:

forget-me-lock, bennyslegs, seasonsofjohnlock, lockholmes, johnlockandwifi, bbcbluebell, gorryb, nerdoodles, readable-sherlock-art, jqhnlock, bluebellglowinginthedark, thetwelfthpanda, queersherlockian, darlingbenny, anotherwellkeptsecret, deebzy, practicefortheheart