okay i know this isn't really great

Elf: (ooc) so I’m going to go to the stables and I have the perfect plan to steal a horse.

Dm: okay you and your team mate go to the stable.

Elf: hello there, I am interested in buying a horse!

Stableman: oh that’s great! I’m going to need your names.

Elf: (named Ezolin), Aladin.

(Ezolin rolled a 7)

Wizard: (named Zinnia) and my name is Aladin.

(Zinnia rolled a 18)

Stableman: you're​ both named Aladin?

Ezolin: I’m Aladin with an A she’s Alidin with an I.

(That isn't​ all)

Stableman: alrighty then! What can I do for you Aladin?

Ezolin: I really like this horse… But I wanna maybe take her for a test drive? Ya know to make sure that she’s a good one and that I am getting the best deal.

Stableman: well I would love to do it but I’ve had many people steal horses by just riding off with them.

Ezolin: I give you my word as a high elf that I will not do that.

Stableman: I’m sorry but I can’t do that.

Ezolin: listen, buddy. (Ezolin puts his arm around the stableman really buddy buddy like)

Zinnia: (ooc) what are you-

Ezolin: (stabs the stableman in the kidney and steals a horse.)

just a thought: Jake and MC cosplaying/dressing up as Charlie and Maverick from Top gun

guys OKAY listen. i never normally Speak Out but….. you know debate about theories can be really fun? like. the word discourse stems from communicative debate but it’s been reclaimed in this way that has come to mean not accepting there are other opinions and interpretations, alongside throwing buzzwords into the mix to invalidate another argument. also losing a respectful tone with each other so often (not all the time, but lbr!)

discussions - real discussions willing to take into other POVs - are genuinely so fun! like idk i remember at college i went to a debating society which was never my thing bc public speaking really makes me nervous haha but. it was so fun! and someone would make a HELLA SICK POINT on one side and you’d see the other person on the other side like “well… shit. okay damn. that’s … i don’t agree but that’s actually a good point and now my next point is compromised. BUT!!! A-HA! look at THIS!” and the exchanges were really 👀👀👀 in a way more positive way bc there was always a level of general acknowledgement it was just a debate at the end of the day. at the end you shake hands and that’s that lol. 

you can still have heated passionate debate without it being an attack on each other or employing some tactics with certain usage of words to make the other side X and Y. 

i think it’s important to remember that literally none of us can speak with full authority on stuff here, because we’re not the writers of the content. we can have our opinions and be critical. it’s gonna play out how it’s gonna play out, regardless of what we think or feel. at the end of the day, we are the audience and as a result our commentary is interpretive by nature. in fanworks we are transformative ect. 

we all want to see something in a story. there are universal themes and sometimes there are more personal themes. despite taking a stance on something, there is always gonna be this undeniable level of subjectivity in some level just there because we are all individuals and it’s impossible for every single person to see things the same way. there’s also gonna be other points of view. AND THAT MAKES SENSE. bc we all want different things, we all relate to different things and have different experiences.

tbh there’s so much in this show that honestly would be so enjoyable and engaging to openly discuss together without animosity rather than conform to the way debate has regressed into something very hostile, demeaning and negative (often scary LOL) on this website. 

we need to talk, thinkgeek.

I ordered your hux portrait and received a praetorian guard instead. no biggie, mistakes happen. customer service was great, you apologized, said you were expediting me a hux portrait, no charge. you even said I could keep the praetorian guard. cool! 

then I got a second praetorian guard. okay, that’s annoying, but maybe a little humorous, too. I contacted you again and let you know about the mix-up. you said you’d look into it to figure why it happened again, and the next day I got an email saying you’d fixed the warehouse issue and I would be getting the hux portrait this time.

do you know what I got in the mail today, thinkgeek? A THIRD GODDAMN PRAETORIAN GUARD 

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Unpopular opinion: Lydia really isn't that great. She was going to marry a gay man while knowing he's gay, which is rude and incredibly selfish. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing her again but I wish people would stop worshipping the ground she walks on.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Ah, the current Lydia-discourse has reached my blog, too, I see. And well, what can I say? I kinda like Lydia (okay I like her even more in fics, but oh well)? Because she is not a simple black/white character-–more like grey. With actual flaws. And tbh this is what I always like about the characters in “Shadowhunters”, they are not perfect, they have flaws, they are not just black or white or one-dimensional.

This also goes for Lydia. Tbh this whole proposal/wedding plot is way more complex than people tend to make it look like. I mean, was it wrong and morally questionable of her to accept Alec’s proposal, knowing that Alec is gay? Yes. Should she have said no from the start and never went through with the wedding? Yes. From our sole viewpoint we don’t have to argue about that. But, people tend to forgot the complex background of the cruel shadowhunters society here. Or Alec’s role in this whole thing.

Yes, he would have sacrifice his life, his happiness when going through with this marriage. True. But can we stop treating him like a child here who didn’t think this through? He did this with his full consciousness. So can we please give him some credit here? After all, let’s not forget in what society he and Lydia as well were born into and raised. That marriage served the sole purpose of a political alliance. Nothing more. I mean the shadowhunters are trained to fight demons when they are only 12, marriage is pretty much only to get children and then they will die young. So Alec, who always thought that he could never live openly, let alone happy, probably went like… I rather marry Lydia and restore with that alliance the family name, also she seemed kinda nice to live with so let’s rather marry her instead of some girl I might hate in the end and I die most likely young anyhow. And Lydia, while knowing that Alec was gay and still pursuing this whole marriage was able to be the head of the institute—a dream she always pursued but after her husband died, she thought she could never have it. But in no way did she ever wanted some romantic love from him or whatever.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I am personally not approving his whole marriage thing and I think we can all agree that, if Magnus wouldn’t have burst into that chapel and Alec had a clear moment and realized… no, I can’t do this… he probably would have gone through with this marriage. All I am saying is that this whole thing is not as white and black as some of you make it. The shadowhunters society is homophobic and racist. The family name and/or birthright is more important than anything else. Does this ring a bell? This is like being back in the middle ages of royalities and marriages for political reasons. That’s what I mean like… from our viewpoint it is totally wrong, but from their point and that homophobic society… this is like how it has been done throughout the centuries. When you look back, you kinda see this when you re-watch the conversation between Clary and Lydia. It explains this whole thing very good.

And when you take this all into account, I don’t think you can call her selfish or evil, just because she acts exactly the way she was raised in said society. Again, I am not saying that her choice of accepting Alec’s proposal and all that was right! Just that she is a complex character that you can’t label her that easy with “she is evil” just because some of her choices are questionable and more important morally wrong (her whole behavior towards the downworlder, just to name one thing) from our viewpoint today.

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Sometimes, a person just needs to vent. They don’t need advice. They don’t need to be told what to do or how to handle it. There’s a massive chance that they already know. They just need someone to listen and say “I understand” or “it’s gonna be okay” without judging them. It’s really pretty simple and I wish people understood this more. I’m glad I did.

Gaten’s character, Dustin, was originally supposed to be this self-conscious fat kid,” Wolfhard says. “When Gaten auditioned, Matt and Ross completely changed it around and realized he should be the powerhouse of the group, keeping everyone together. We all add little bits of ourselves. With Noah, his character, Will, is him, but he’s heightening his shy side. Caleb [McLaughlin]’s sensible, adult sort of vibe got put into his character.

As for how much of Finn is in Mike, “I guess if I ever was a leader, I’d say that side comes from me—Mike’s confidence,” Wolfhard muses. (x)

It’s really important for me when they say that the characters are what they are because these actors are the ones playing them, it makes everything so much special

You know, I’m really nervous about season 2 because I feel like the bar is set really high. But when I read stuff like

We trust them with their characters and they trust us a lot with the writing—if something feels wrong to them, they let us know. So much of this show was in the casting. It’s like 90 percent casting. You want to stay away from them. You cast them, and let them do their thing, ’cause they’re better at it than we are.

I think “okay, they know what they’re doing, it’s gonna be alright”  

Cats Are Rude

Ontae fluff

Rating G

Word Count 700~

A little continuation of this.  About two months later, after all the babies were found good homes.  :)

“It’s your fault.”  Taemin pointed an accusing finger at the gray cat sitting on the counter.  “I’ve spent all this time with your Dad sorting out this kitten business because you couldn’t keep it in your pants… or fur…or whatever.”  He scrunched up nose.  

Dorian stared back at him indifferently before leaning forward and rubbing his face on the digit, softly purring at the self imposed affection.  

Taemin sighed and gently scratched the underside of his chin, face softening at the almost smile forming on the large cheeks of the cat.  “And now I’ve gone and fallen in love with him.”  He muttered.  

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happy 20th birthday devin!!!! 💙💙
i’m so proud of him and everything he’s accomplished so far in his career. the 5th teenager to have 6 30-point games in a single season?? all-rookie first team? i know his career is only going to get better from now, and i’m so excited to watch 😭😭 i loved and supported him during his days at kentucky and i will love and support him until the end of his career. even though he’s one of the messiest, dirtiest, and hoeish niggas i know, i still love him unconditionally. however, i do hope by him turning 20, he’ll grow out of being a whore (probably not 💀💀💀) anyways, i hope he has a great day & i love him so much ❤️❤️❤️

Things The Signs Have Confessed To Me
  • Aries: sometimes I wish I could feel bad for other people but I just don't, so I feel really selfish because I want to understand, I really do but my best just isn't enough.
  • Taurus: I sometimes wonder if you really do like me, I know it doesn't show but I care a whole awful lot about what other people think and it is really hard not to.
  • Gemini: I repeat to myself I am okay and happy being alone and by myself but I always find myself wishing I had someone to be with, no matter how hard I try not to.
  • Cancer: I am tired of being "the nice one" or "the cute one", because I am never the smart one. I make everybody laugh and get along great with everyone but I can be smart too and I wish people could see that because sometimes they make me feel like maybe I really am not smart.
  • Leo: I know people think I am pretty but I just can't feel it. My ex boyfriend once told me I was the most selfish person he has ever met, and that was a year ago and it has stuck with me a lot because it is one of the things that has hurt me more in my life. I am tired of being selfish. I do not want to be.
  • Virgo: sometimes I want to talk about what I feel and think but am always looking out after others and feel like I have to be in control. I sometimes wish I could be angry or go overboard and cry or vent to someone but I never allow myself to do that. I don't know how to not be in control.
  • Libra: I feel so dumb, like the only thing everyone sees in me is "pretty". Boys flirt with me and all but they just want me for my body/looks, and I always hold this really small hope that when they get to know me maybe they'll see something else, but they never do. I end up feeling that I'm only worthy for my looks and I am tired of people not seeing past that.
  • Scorpio: I feel like I have to pay for my mistakes, I think that I have made terrible mistakes that deserve no forgiveness but sometimes I wish they deserved it and that I could find it somewhere. I feel like everyone is better than me, I'm never good enough.
  • Sagittarius: I am tired of feeling everything so intensely. Of being so angry, so sad, so in love, so what ever I am feeling. I drink or smoke or have sex to find a way out of feeling whatever I am feeling but it remains and it doesn't matter what it is, it is always intense and draining.
  • Capricorn: things just keep on piling up and I don't know what to do. I can never truly handle anything and maybe I should just start getting used to the fact that I can't fix things, but it hurts and I just can't see anything clearly.
  • Aquarius: I judge people harshly and act like I don't care but I feel like the worst person in the world, I don't deserve anything, I just suck. I wish I could be nicer to people because they don't deserve to be treated like I treat them sometimes, I just want to stop.
  • Pisces: why do people do things to me when they know they are hurting me? What did I ever do to them? I don't want to feel sad over these things anymore, I've been trying not to feel so bad and to be rational but it just hurts and I don't understand why everyone seems to be hurting me on purpose.

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Okay so I have the fic request of a life time. I don't know if this is something you feel comfortable with but: I need a fic to show my mom that fanfic isn't weird. The perfect fic to show my mom how great it really is. Thank you so much!

mmkay, so I’m thinking you need something wholesome and well-written and probably fluffy, most likely G-rated. here’s a few that fit that description :)

the feel-good hit of the summer

Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are sleeping together.


Swallow Your Pride

Bellamy’s protective streak starts directing itself at Clarke, and she can’t help but notice, and be confused by it. (Or that time Clarke was really clueless and Bellamy had to make a confession.)

in the silence between worlds (that’s where I’ll find you)

It’s a goddamn tragedy that both of them could be so incredibly in love with each other and yet neither could notice it.

aka everyone knows Bellamy and Clarke are in love except for Bellamy and Clarke.

Faking It

Three times Bellamy and Clarke “fake” kiss to help each other escape a situation, and one time they kiss because they wanted to.

Begin Again

Clarke had moved to the city specifically for the job - getting away from her ex was just an added perk. What she hadn’t expected was to be crushing on a cute coffeeshop owner from day one.

feel free to add suggestions if you guys have any!

          { @hxartsmith }

         【 ❀ 】 “Y’know… I’ve, uh– Never done this before? Fighting monsters isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me, but I’m super new to this ‘partnering up’ thing, so I’m sorry if I’m sorry if I’m not too great at it…!”

          Every part of this was new to her really; in fact, she was so used to working solo that it was relieving to hear that she could take on the darkness with an ally for once. She had always figured there were more worlds other than her home of Earth, the solar systems she had learned of, and the world that Pieri had come from, but learning that her destiny and use was beyond her home world and Pieri’s was a bit overwhelming; exciting even.

     ( However, Pieri was more than a little upset about this turn of events. She had been grumbling and complaining in Melody’s mind about this situation for what felt like an hour by now, but could she blame her? Pieri was more concerned about her world and her people. She didn’t have time to care for other worlds, but she, of course, couldn’t turn down protecting innocent lives. Not with a goodie two-shoes like Melody taking pity on the universe. )

        “So, I’m assuming the kind of monsters you deal with are kinda different from mine? Wanna fill me in more?” Might as well make small talk. This trip might be a long one.

They want me to sing a love song...
  • <b> Our school does this big christmas concerts every year, and I love them. Usually. Today we talked about the next one:</b> <p><b>Friend:</b> "You know what? They want me to sing a love song at the christmas concert this year!"<p><b>Me:</b> "Wow, that's amazing!"<p><b>Friend:</b> "I know, but I'm also really excited.."<p><b>Me:</b> "Sure you'll be great. Which song will you sing?"<p><b>Friend:</b> "Oh, I can't remember the title."<p><b>Me:</b> "Well, then sing it!"<p><b>Friend:</b> *smiles*<p><b>Friend:</b> "Wise men say o..."<p><b>Me:</b> "SHUT UP!"<p><b>Friend:</b> "What?!"<p><b>Me:</b> "One more word and I'm going to cry like a baby."<p><b>Friend:</b> "Ehm, okay. Shall I change the topic?"<p><b>Me:</b> "Yes please."<p><b>Friend:</b> "Beautiful weather, isn't it?"<p><b>Me:</b> "NO!"<p>
the signs drunk
  • Aries: no I'll tell YOU when I've had enough I'm fine I wanna do another shot
  • Taurus: yeah I got this entire outfit online isn't it great? *pulls out phone and puts it in friend's face* here's the website
  • Gemini: *doing impressions and roasting their friends*
  • Cancer: guys I'm just so happy I'm with all of you. You're my best friends in the world and I want you to know that
  • Virgo: *doing really pretty braid in friend's hair how do u do that while drunk idk but virgo can*
  • Libra: *asks out bartender* *asks out person next to them* *gets rejected*
  • Scorpio: okay okay calm down, people. there's plenty of me to go around ;)
  • Sagittarius: should we get Taco Bell after this? McDonalds? KFC might be good. Do they still have the mashed potato bowls this late? LISTEN TO ME THIS IS IMPORTANT GUYS
  • Capricorn: I have work tomorrow, I gotta bounce. *pretended to drink but didn't actually drink*
  • Aquarius: *drunk texting S/O with conspiracy theories*
  • Pisces: *sob* I don't know why everyone keeps calling me a fish! *sob* Why is it that I'm always getting fish-related posts someone please hold me *munches fish sticks*

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this isn't a question but I'm really happy. i made my girlfriend a mixtape and she draws me things in class based on our conversations and everyone tells us we're cute and she's just really great and I'm very happy with her. but not a lot of people know about us because we go to a catholic all girl's school so we're semi-secret but it's okay because we're part of a very gay friend group ☺️. how are you doing? btw i really love you a lot, thomas. you're one of my favorite blogs!

Forever jealous of cute couples because I know I’m probably gonna die alone

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Well Maya needs to be told how great she is every episode otherwise it isn't an episode. Why would they include the main characters growth that's insane *sarcasm*

SIGHHHHHH! You know it would be okay if Maya was apologetic too like Im sorry this is really important to you I should have been more supportive cause ya know I had a cry when you wanted to redecorate your own bedroom bc it was important to MY childhood so I know what you’re feeling and Riley could have been like its okay peaches I understand that you love tacos so I went and got you some bc you’re one of the people in my life that are more important to me than a bear and then she could have hugged her and then Lucas could have made the squeak noise from where he sat with da boiz and I could have been happy

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I know this is a zodiac blog, but this question isn't really zodiac related, sorry. But I'm reading the Harry Potter series for the 1st time (after growing up on the film versions), and I know there's a lot of outcry with people wanting Harry & Hermione to have been cast as POC. People say there's textual evidence stating that Harry/Hermione are POC, but I haven't come across any. I find it really cool, so I was wondering if you knew of any? How do you feel about them as POC, personally?

Oooh.  This is actually a great question!!

Okay, so, my first time reading the series (mind you, I was like ten), I didn’t get any hints of them being POC.  But now I’m rereading the series for the fourth/fifth time, and I’m finding bits and pieces here and there.  Harry’s skintone is never directly mentioned, and Hermione’s skintone is only mention in PoA once (something about how she looked tan after vacationing).  So, really, it’s not about JK putting in hints that say they are POC, but more along the lines of she didn’t put anything in stating they are definitely white.

I’ve come across a few fan theories that support POC Harry and Hermoine.

  • The Durlsey’s hated Harry (and James), could racism been a part of that?
  • Hermione is always being made fun of for her hair

And other stuff like that.

So, in short, though I did not originally see the characters as POC (and I dearly love Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson), I think that in the books it really is up to the reader to decide.  After all these years of seeing white Harry and Hermione, I’ll admit it’s hard for me to picture them any other way, but it doesn’t mean I’m outraged/surprised/shocked/whatever when seeing fanart/fiction depicting them as POC.

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What would you recommend for a baby that is ready to stop drinking formula? I know cows milk isn't that great for you but all the info on the other milks out there is so contradictory. I'm trying to slowly go vegan (switching one food group/item at a time is my plan) and my daughter is almost 1 and ready for regular milk. I just want what's best for her. It's okay if you don't know, I just wanted your opinion! Thanks :)

I don’t really know anything about the subject besides seeing posts from vegan mommas on tumblr about soy formula etc. Fortified almond and oat milk seemed to be a favorite as well. I also was reading about how kids don’t even need to like “go on” to another milk, it’s just another beverage, can drink other things/get the nutrition elsewhere. Once we’re weaned from the breast milk intended for us. Just a thought, Dairy milk isn’t even supposed to be on the food pyramid anymore, I mean even nutrition experts at Harvard have tried to get it taken off. Made me think a bit, about how I think it’s just programmed in us. Anyways, I just spent like over an hour digging around, was pretty aggravating and sad honestly how people aren’t aware of the dangers of hormones and pesticides in cow breast milk yet like cringe in fear and horror at a BEAN. anyways!!! I’ll link you to some stuff you can check out (x)(x)(x)(x). I also took my search to youtube and found a bunch of like “what my vegan baby eats in a day” videos so here’s two I found (x)(x) sorry if this doesn’t help at all! good luck c: