okay i know it changes to dark blue in like 2008

Ganon isn’t a Generic Boar

I know I didn’t reblog the unpopular opinion meme, but I’m giving one.
This is something that’s been on my mind for several years regarding the Zelda series, and with BotW, I feel I should speak out on this.

This form, right here, is the worst thing to ever happen to the Demon King Ganon.

Let me explain.

This is what Ganon is meant to be. Albeit a touch Yuga-possessed.
No, I don’t mean the blue pig-man strictly, not “they changed it so it sucks” because OoT’s was fine, I mean what he really is.
Ganon is a almighty demon warlock, driven by an unbridled and unlimited hatred, mercilessly brutal in how he operates – but he is absolutely not mindless. In fact, he is devilishly clever and underhanded. His cleverness is often regarded perhaps the most dangerous thing about him.

His being a boar is not secondary, it is his “true self”. It is the emergence of his heart’s true shape brought about through the broken power of the Triforce.

Why does this make the Twilight Princess form a problem? Well, on paper, it doesn’t. However, in hindsight coupled with the circumstances of the time, it was a really bad move.

The “Dark Beast” form is understandable within the game and considering nothing else. The design and purpose is clear: portray Ganon as an evil mirror to Wolf Link. I get that, I do. And because Wolf Link was the game’s gimmick, the Wolf Link fight couldn’t be the final phase, thus nor could Ganon. 

However, the effect of this incarnation of Ganon wasn’t restricted to this entry like it should have been. With the coming Smash Bros, this was the Ganondorf used, and this was the Ganon used for his Final Smash. Okay – 2008 title, TP was the most recent, that’s fair. However, the game before this was Wind Waker, and Wind Waker had no showing of Ganon either. Within that game, the reason was that Ganondorf was a shell of his former self, like the King of Hyrule, pitiably clinging to old ambitions and glory. However, this meant we hadn’t seen a real Ganon since the N64.

Now, with Breath of the Wild, a true Ganondorf did not make an appearance as you might expect – however, when the true form of Ganon emerged, it…was just a boar again. It reinforced the precedent you see everywhere; Ganon is treated as secondary to Ganondorf because an entire generation of gamers only have exposure to Ganon as a secondary form, a dumb animal. This coupled with the Twilight Princess setting becoming the perfect “middle ground” Zelda setting to use for anything makes this appear as what should be the case.

For those of us who grew up in the SNES days and knew the villain before Ocarina hit the big time, we know that should not be the case. Ganondorf was introduced for the sake of becoming Ganon. It tied into the origin story ALttP provided.

This is why I feel the Hyrule Warriors Ganon is absolutely perfect.

They updated his classic look but did so in such a way it blended wonderfully with modern conventions. Blue pig-man? Check. But they gave him Ganondorf’s fiery mane, gave him an upright, apelike stance coupled with several of Ganondorfs garments to visually indicate intelligence. They gave him back his epic trident, the Trident of Power that we only saw hint of last in a main title with Ganon’s three-pronged swords in OoT, his signature weapon.

Not to mention, the way they gave him “gear”. By implementing the Giant Bosses’ powers in the form of grotestque semi-transformations, they not only reintroduced Ganon as he is meant to be, but they did so in a way that heavily emphasizes the “demon” aspect made far more important since Skyward Sword.

I hope this post encourages people to try and give a bit more credit to the Demon King Ganon. He most certainly is deserving of more credit than the general public gives him.