okay i know i'm lame

Story time:

So I’m home from school for the weekend, for the second time since school began, and last night I was FaceTime-ing with my lovely girlfriend. And we’re watching tv together, and we’re making dumb faces at each other, we’re laughing at our own silly inside jokes.

So, pretty soon I’m just laying in bed and we’re both falling asleep, and I’m thinking about how the last time I was laying in my bed, early October, this girl was still so new to me. The last time I was here in my room, I was simply “seeing a girl”. I didn’t know where it was going, and I was nervous and scared and excited and all those crazy feelings.

What blows my mind is, the time before that, August, I was laying in my bed, scrolling through the sapphic tag on Tumblr, wondering if I would ever even develop the confidence to talk to a girl in that way, let alone actually wind up with a girlfriend. I would see photos of happy girls with their girlfriends, and I’d see those sapphic mood boards and all of those “wlw ask” things, and, after only a couple months of knowing I was gay, I would wonder when I was gonna finally get to have that.

And now I guess I’m just ranting, but I think my point is this: 3 months ago, I was wondering what it would be like to have a girlfriend. 1 month ago, I was nervously maneuvering the beginning stages of seeing this really cute girl. And now I’m calling this girl my girlfriend and she’s calling me hers, and everything is just so good.

That was just weird to me. Time is weird.

But for any wlw who just realized they like women, and for those who have known for a while, who are wondering when they’ll finally be able to call some cutie their girlfriend: just give it time, it’ll happen :)

Okay, I’m done now, class dismissed…