okay i know i actually want to make something different now

Okay so I think he could have laugh when people asked about the new video and wanted it to be a coming out or something just to say ‘CHILL OUUUT’ but… He said a lot of times that we shouldn’t expect that much. That’s basically why all the theories about the new video were making me feel uneasy, because there’s people that ACTUALLY FEEL OFFENDED (and I know there’s people that is joking, honestly I’m sorry I can’t tell the difference exactly) because it wasn’t what everyone thought.

Also, I do think there’s a video coming later, the one he was going to upload now but he left it for the next that will be ‘better’ (I personally like Internet Support Group so I am happy with this…) than this one. Or maybe he will upload it more in the future! Is his decision.

I’m not saying that is not okay to do theories about what can be, or expecting things, but I think it’s better to have in mind that… It can be other things, and we shouldn’t get mad (really mad, not… Joking mad)

I know i’ve been overly emotional about this album and it’s the only thing i wanna talk about right now…

But i just get so many feelings about this because… I feel like BTS finally found their sound. They finally found their voice and all of what’s happening now just really makes them different from any other idol group. BTS is no longer just another idol group, they actually never were. But this is such an important key moment. They’ve become real artists, they’re creating something that’s not only aesthetically super pleasing but also means something. Because that’s what this album is, it’s art. I feel like each member has found a sound that represents them, and i think that’s beautiful. 

Just listen to how well stigma suits Taehyung, because i feel like this is the direction he wanted to go in for so long. It suits him so freaking well, it’s so well made. Listen to how Jin’s voice comes to life in Awake, finally showing his full capacities in his own solo song that’s for and from him alone instead of a few lines in the background or something. Hear how incredible his vocals are. I can keep going for each and every one of them, but i’m seriously struggling to even make coherent sentences right now. 

Hoseok is shining in this album, which also makes me tear up because he deserves so much, he works so hard, they all do but i feel like he never got the right amount of credit and now he does and it’s important.

This album is just another level of genius, not just a ‘oh that’s cool, nice album’, like no it’s really doing things to me on a spiritual and emotional level. Maybe i’m hyped, maybe i fell into marketing tricks, but you can’t deny, no matter if you’re a fan or an anti-fan, that this album is ART. And for me, i may even call it a freaking masterpiece. Because it’s all i’m going to be listening to for a long time. I knew i was going to be excited but i never thought it’d blow me away like this. I have so many more things to say about this but i’m so overwhelmed right now i’m just gonna curl up and have the album on repeat. I’m so proud of all of them and how far they’ve come, how much they’ve grown as a group and individually. I feel blessed to be able to witness their amazing talent and i will support them, always.