okay i just rewatched this episode and i just feel so much

Re-watching Once Upon a Time: Season 1, Episode 6 "The Shepherd"

Kathryn Nolan is still in Storybrooke…I wonder what she’s doing. Did she reunite with Frederick when the Curse broke? I’d like to see her come back, even if just for one episode. I’d like to see her and Frederick together and happy (and possibly with a family). I’d also like her and David to have some closure.

EVERYONE TWEET ADAM ABOUT THIS! Or ask him at the SDCC panel to bring Kathryn back!

Okay so David’s wig in the flashback…why didn’t they just use that same wig in season 4 “White Out”? Was the shoulder-length hair really necessary? Because I thought (and still think) that it’s completely ridiculous.

Why does Rumple want fairy’s wands so badly? Also, why does Rumple hate fairies SO MUCH? I mean, I feel like that just hating them because they have light magic doesn’t really justify why his hatred is so intense. They must’ve really wronged him in some way at some point.