okay i just loved these new pictures

Okay, I want Shawn to have a girlfriend but hear me out. 

I want to see his cute candid Instagram pictures of her looking beautiful and just gushing about how much he loves her and how she makes him a better person. I want to see the Snapchat pictures and videos of them travelling at his shows and her overlooking a nice view and then followed by a nice selfie of the both of them. 

Also, I want beautiful new songs about her and how pretty and amazing she is and how she makes him feel.

I want to have paparazzi pictures of them walking and holding hands in New York in the middle of winter and they both are smiling and looking happy as they get coffee. And when they notice the photographers they just smile and make silly faces, completely unphased. 

I also want fans to run into them when they go for hikes in L.A and get a few nice selfies before leaving them alone but getting a video of them both walking away pushing one another around before she struggles to jump up onto him for a cute piggyback like little children. 

I want him to talk about her in interviews and talk about how proud he is with whatever she is doing in her life, and all her accomplishments too. 

I want these things because first Shawn reminds me every day with just himself and his music that good, nice and caring boys do exist, and second I really really just want Shawn to be happy and smiling. I know he is now but he deserves all the happiness in the world. He deserves to make someone happy and deserves someone to make him feel the same. If I can’t do that, then I want someone else to. Because I just want him to have ever inch of happiness the world can offer him. 


Female Fronted Metal: 1 big family

I made a new version of this set because of one particular reason.
Alissa wasn’t included in the previous one, and so some concluded that she isn’t liked. So here she is, as a part of the family. I only used pictures of my personal favorite singers, so if a particular singer isn’t in here, it’s not because she isn’t liked by the others.

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Okay this is gonna be a weird question but like, if they snuck into the projection booth did they still have to buy tickets? Or was Mikael just like hell nah kids, follow me! It's been weighing on my mind since I read the new chapter this morning (which i love love love btw, kudos)

an amazing question and not weird at all! not pictured in the fic: 

a begrudging mikael getting to work with a scowl on his face, muttering under his breath as he clocks in. yousef teasing mikael about his pout, asking him if “he’s finally looked in the mirror, huh” and mikael snapping at him to shut it, yousef, it’s been a long day and he doesn’t need your sass today, of all days, and did you know he was supposed to have the day off today??

yousef looks confused and tells mikael that he was told he voluntarily took over alexander’s shift, and mikael mutters a petulant “oh you just know everything don’t you” under his breath, then pointedly ignores yousef and his attempts at conversation for the rest of the night.

not pictured? mikael having to voluntarily switch his booth shift – an entire night of sitting and scrolling through his phone, only interrupted by people wanting to buy tickets, for goodness’s sake! the dream! – for astrid’s usher shift, which means cleaning dirty movie theaters and bathrooms for the entirety of his shift just so!!! he can sneak over to one of the back exit doors and open it for even and his boy toy!!! and so he can have the authority to unlock the projection booth for the stupid movie even wants to use to subliminally flirt with isak with!!! 

and so he can sneak them up there and pretend that that’s totally his job so that isak doesn’t “freak out over how much even is actually doing for him” because no, even, literally nobody sets up projection booths anymore, because they’re in the twenty first century and shit runs automatically, the theater’s gone digital, and even should know better than anyone how that works, and sit your ass down and blame yousef if anything goes wrong. deny you even know of his existence. capiche? good. 

so the basic gist of it is – a very, very irritated mikael sneaks them in without making either of them buy tickets, because it’s just a whole lot easier to let them fly under the radar if they’re snuck in through the back of the theater. less questions get asked and they’re not expected to walk inside their designated theater that way. if no one knows of their existence, no one knows of their shenanigans. 

mikael’s a great friend, if you ask me. pulling this shit because even is a hopeless romantic who’s helpless in the face of doe eyes and fluffy hair. meanwhile, he’s got a shift that doesn’t end until two in the morning with the one guy mikael is sure is out to get him, and you bet your ass he told even he was gonna have to hang out in the lobby until he was off, because that’s the least he could do. the least. 

(even buys him some mdconalds after his shift and talks his ear off about isak. mikael guesses that all of these misgivings are worth it if his best friend’s eyes shine with that kind of light – a light that hasn’t been there for at least two years, and it’s hopeful, and mikael thought that hopefulness had died out a long time ago in even; so if he has to pick up a couple of extra irritating night shifts to see even smile so big and talk so animatedly about something that isn’t film or music, something that even promises mikael makes his heart feel ten times its size, he guesses he’ll put up with it.)

(doesn’t mean he’s not gonna hold it over even’s head forever, though.)


Picture Perfect

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Reader x Yixing
Fluff/College AU
Word count: 2.4k 

A/N: Hello loves, so I was gonna post this tomorrow but like I decided to just post it today as well. It’s a small yixing collge au fic that takes place in a photography class. Hope you guys like it!

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PAGES 17-19: Runaway Princess running into the arms of another? Rumor has it Sweden’s newest princess has given up her title for long term friend and UFC fighter, Seth Casillas. The two were spotted jetting off at the Las Vegas airport in early March, just after she fled Sweden and a source has confirmed that the two are ‘closer than ever’. Has our newfound princess found a new beau? What does Prince Philip think? And how will this affect Seth “The Savage’s” career? Or should we say Seth “The Downgrade”? 

        @sethcasillas​, @scarlettlacroix & @the-jakebennett
AssetandMission’s “Welcome to Stucky” Fic Rec List!


If you’re new to the Captain America fandom and don’t know where to start, I’m hoping this will help! When I joined the Stucky fandom (I saw the picture above and fell down the rabbit hole), these were all the fics I craved.

The fics I consider essential are marked **, but I love all the fic listed here! Anything in brackets is my own tag/opinion, so I can remember what’s what. 

New to Stucky? I recommend starting at the top – the time lapse fics are slow building, canon compliant, and all-around amazing – and then working down the ** ones, since most of my favourites are also extremely popular in the fandom.

I’ve organized this list by time period, but I’ve included consistent keywords, so you can Control+F to search for what you want. Example: [NC17, oneshot, angst, pining, slow build, bottom bucky]. 

Currently: 70 fics. Updated: June 2, 2016

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Just a note, mun apologizes for all the art spam today. I found a lot of cute pictures okay? 

Also Setsuna is on my team in Heroes and thanks to my roommate, I’ve found a new found love for her. 

Soooo yeah

Leo de la Iglesia ❤️

Okay so maybe it’s just common sense that I’m most likely to relate to Leo because I am also a nineteen year old American, but he is seriously my new fave and here’s why:

It’s great to find power in love like half the other skaters in the competition. I absolutely love how Yuri’s theme embodies his love of Viktor, but Leo- he finds power in what he skates to… the music itself!

He’s so young, yet he choreographs his own routines to his own favorite music. I didn’t include this specific picture, but he also says that he just wants to fill the world with what he loves. He loves music, and he wants to fill the world with music because it gives him strength and does the same for others, including me.

I relate to Leo so much because without music, I would also have no courage in myself.

The scene where he falls while practicing a jump is just so beautiful because he doesn’t get depressed when he falls, he just looks to his music for guidance and reflects on the fact that he wouldn’t be there without music.

Not only do I love Leo, but I also love the music he chose. It’s catchy, and has an undeniable, positive American feel to it. And god knows we need positive American vibes after yesterday’s disaster of an election.

I can’t wait to see Leo come back for more. And I know he will, because it was stated that he’s the closest person to qualifying for the Grand Prix out of everyone in the competition. Undoubtedly, Yuri has real competition in Leo.

Jumin neko atsume headcannons

(☆ω☆*)screaming omgmyfuckinggod I got carried away

  • so obsessed with this game
  • takes pictures of them and posts them in the RFA
  • zen complaining and sneezing
  • stopping his presentation just to b updated
  •  “Laides and gentleman, in our cat food commerci-
  • everyone b like ????
  • Jumin will casually taking his phone out and b all like
  • “/sighs/ tubs wHy you eAT all mY fOOD up AGain? but it’s okai i love you too (っ*´∀`*)っ”
  • photos on his RFA profile pic, on his wallpaper, on his bed
  • it’s eVERYWHERE
  • i can see him buying the company and the game
  • will also create a cat called elizabth the 3rd
  • “Zen, do you want to be the new model for neko atsume?(☆ω☆*)”
  •  “nO, fucK oFF-”
  • “Zen you ken trUST mE! It’s nEKO aTSUME”
  • “fuCK ofF JumIN”
  • “Elizabeth tHE thIRD will B thERe Too”
  • “I said fuCK oFf!”

(written by reiko)

rejoice!... my first heels

I have read a lot about how amazing it feels to wear heels, or specifically how they make you feel amazing. So when my very first pair of heels arrived I had some pretty high expectations. When I put them on and stood up for the first time my initial reaction was, Oh… My… God!!!!!

I couldn’t believe how they made me feel, feminine, sexy, confident. Seriously how do women ever take them off? Okay I get how they are not made for comfort and mine are a bit snug but the feeling is truly intoxicating!

Anyway, below are a couple of pictures I took, the quality isn’t great as I can’t seem to get the right setting on my camera, but hopefully you can see how much I loved wearing my new heels.

I was amazed how quickly I felt comfortable walking in them, not that I will be walking the runway anytime soon (or later for that matter). I just want to wear them all the time. I could even wear them to bed, and just might if the right person wants to join me. ;)

aaah okay so i just spent my day at the New York Public Library for a club field trip and it was so amazing!!! the architecture the literature the history of it all was so overwhelming so now i can’t stop picturing dex coming to new york to visit nursey and wanting to do some of the tourist-y things and dragging nursey along with him and as a thank you dex adds in some stops he thinks that nursey would like

and like, nursey only lived in nyc when he was younger and his young self never dreamed of going to a library, so it’s his first time there and dex had arranged for a real-factual tour around the building and nursey is just awed the entire time, like some of the stuff they have here is from ancient egyptian times? and the ceilings are made of plaster and so intricate that not two ceilings are the same and there are such specific collections of books he wants to request time with all of them and the map room with a map that has california depicted as an island and the original bear that inspired the winnie the pooh books and just all that literary history

they end up spending the whole day there, so dex has to push the empire state building to the next day, but it’s worth it to see nursey so unchill


Sorry for procrastinating on this, I kinda got a bit sick and couldn’t finish this up! It’s not likely that I’ll do a shaded version.

Anyway, here’s Muffet dressed up as every version I could find of Anna in the Fire Emblem series. It was hard to find good references for some of them, especially the early sprites and new DLC versions that haven’t been sprite ripped yet.

The personalities just fit too well. Thank you (for your money~)!

OKAY but an AU where Louis is a famous singer and producer, and he’s just come out which has been quite the media frenzy and he gets papped everywhere and it’s all a bit much right now. Anyway he travels to LA to write for his new album, and when he walks through LAX of course there are loads of fans and paps and loads of pictures are taken of him carrying the current book he’s reading, this lovely one by upcoming author Harry Styles. And then Harry finds out about it because his twitter EXPLODES and he’s so happy and honoured because Louis Tomlinson is GREAT and such an inspiration for so many LGBTQA+ people and Harry is a little bit smitten and Louis is READING HIS BOOK and got papped WITH HIS BOOK and it’s WILD! So Harry can’t help but tweet Louis and by some miracle he tweets back and wow what a coincidence that they’re both in LA?? So naturally eventually they meet up and they also live happily ever after because of course.   

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yeah okay but I actually love this picture


Okay so this is @stickydoona ‘s strawberry baby!! I wanted to make some valentines with him. He is so precious and I love the idea of him being in love with himself and not wanting to unfuse… 

If you use them tag me in the post pls or somethin: D And don’t forget to thank stickydoona for the character!! Don’t repost this art please.

When I first posted these they were transparent and very weird looking, I don’t know how to fix that in SAI? (I just got a drawing tablet for Christmas, very new to digital art) So I just made pictures of them using the snipping tool and enlarging my pics in SAI. Always accepting advice and (nice) criticism!