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With other shows, you watch the new episode when it airs and that’s it. You think about it during the week a few times, but nothing more. But with skam, and their stupid texts and clips and social media you just LIVE ALONG with the characters. After a while you just forget about your own life, and your own responsibilities, you just sit around waiting for another text like you’re one of the characters from the show and ngl i love it

Don’t brag

 Note: Okay. I did it. I wrote actually decent smut??? What. Idk. It took a while. About half of it is smut, so be prepared I guess. My reader inserts are also getting longer, so that’s a thing I gues???

Request: Reader overhears Daveed bragging to the other guys how he’s such a top and she just gives him the silent treatment until they get home then attacks him with kisses and ends up being on top and Daveed is just a moaning mess. If that’s not too much to ask?

Pairing: Daveed x reader

Wordcount: 3098

Warnings: Smut, swearing

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You had gone out to party at Lin’s place with your boyfriend, Daveed. It was nothing crazy, just a cozy ham fam get together with drinks. You had grown pretty close with all of them after first befriending Daveed and later becoming his girlfriend. The original cast saw each other a lot and you were always welcome, as were everyone else related to any of them.

You had a lot of fun with the cast and Lin’s wife and they had all become like family really quickly. At first, you were very hesitant. Not because they seemed like they would not be likeable, but because you were somewhat of a private person. But, that soon vanished once you actually met them. They all cared about you and they all wanted you the best.

While you were helping Vanessa and Jasmine with the drinks Rafa and Daveed were hanging on the couch.

The subject of Daveed and Rafa’s conversation had somehow fallen on Daveed’s sex life and luckily you were not with them. You were busy bringing drinks around to everyone. But if you had been, Daveed definitely would not be bragging like that.

”No, for real. I’m serious. I’m totally dominant. Y/N is basically butter in my hands.” Daveed bragged.

“Yeah, I am sure you are.” Rafa snorted, not really believing him. He always noticed how much power you had over Daveed. He was actually pretty sure it was the other way around.

“Shut up, Rafa. You don’t know what goes down in my bedroom. I’m just saying, I can make her come just by touching….” He trailed of, as Rafa signaled frantically for him to stop. It was too late, as you had just come up behind them and had practically heard everything your boyfriend just said.

“Hey Rafa. Want a beer?” You asked sweetly, ignoring Daveed. You were somewhat pissed about him sharing your sex life, but you also wanted to knock him off his high horse and you were already making plans on how to do so. Starting by giving him the silent treatment until you got home was your first move, then you would have to figure out what to do once you got there.

“Y/N. Sure.” He gulped, obviously worried that you were pissed at him. But, you were not. This was not his fault after all. You handed him one of green bottle with a soft smile.

“Uhm. Can I have one too, babe?” Daveed asked, treading lightly. He obviously knew that you were not too happy with him right now.

You simply ignored him and walked off to hang with Jasmine and Anthony instead, because they were always great at giving you advice no matter what it was about. You were actually sort of embarrassed that Daveed was telling people about what happened in your bedroom. If he told Rafa that, who else has he talked to about it?

You sat down with them and with a soft groan you buried your head in your hands. You wanted to give your boyfriend some kind of payback. But how?

“What’s going on, Y/N?” Jasmine asked worriedly as you seemed to have lost your previous happy spark that you had had all night.

“D just told Rafa about our sexlife.” You admitted.

Anthony could not help the chuckle that left his lips and Jasmine had to nudge him away from the two of you so you could talk somewhat privately. “And that’s a problem?” She just wanted to confirm if that was really the problem.

“Well, no. Yes. I don’t know Jass… Not normally. I guess? It’s just he bragged so much and I just want to give him some payback….” Your trailed of, not knowing what else to say. You were not even sure what you wanted to do.

“Well, what did he say Y/N?” She asked with an arched eyebrow.

A giggle slipped through your lips at that. “He told Rafa that he was so dominant and such a top.” You told her while laughing. It was not exactly true. Not all the time anyway.

“What? Seriously?” She laughed too and shook her head shortly. “So, from what you’ve told me that definitely isn’t true.” She added with a grin. It seemed like she was trying to help you piece together a plan.

“Yeah. It’s sort of ridiculous. I mean…. It’s right most of the times. But, he literally said that he could make me come just by touching me.” You laughed again. It was actually sort of ironic.

“Well, I totally agree. You gotta give him some payback Y/N.” She grinned. It was one of her mischievous ‘I know what we are going to do’- grins.

“Spit it out, Jass.” You said with a grin. You definitely wanted to know what she had in mind. She was so much better at this than you were. At least, you thought so.

“Well… First off, do you have anything in mind?” She asked. It felt like you were planning some kind of crazy revenge, and in a way, you were.

“Well. I sorta wanted to give him the silent treatment, you know. Until we got back home. But other than that, I am kind of clueless.” You admitted. You wanted to show him that he definitely was not as much of a top as he would like to think.

“You gotta fuck him, Y/N. You just have to. Just give him that silent treatment of yours for the rest of the night. And make him want you so bad. I don’t know how, but I’m sure you do. Then, when you get back home take charge and show him that you won’t take his bullshit.” She explained with a grin.

“Yeah, I love it Jass.” You agreed and high fived your friend. He was definitely going to get some payback and it would definitely be a lot of fun.

After what seemed like ages, the party was finally starting to come to an end. You had tried really hard to be cool about this, but you were actually sort of nervous. Though, you quickly got into it and you had managed to turn him on pretty quickly and he was basically begging you to go home a couple of times. Still, you had simply ignored him and kept talking to whoever was around. At first, it was Jass, then you talked to Lin, Chris. You managed to go through a lot of conversations while ignoring your boyfriend. It was a lot of fun to watch how impatient he grew.

You had stuck around, helping Lin and Vanessa with cleaning. It was not too bad, as everyone had taken out their bottles and stuff before they left. The only thing left was to clean the kitchen. You took it slowly, just to drag everything out.

“Y/N. Can we please leave now?” Daveed begged while you finished of the last vine glasses. You still had no intention of answering him. Vanessa had luckily been let in on your plan, so she quickly helped you out.

“Jesus, Daveed. You are so impatient. We’re done in a minute.” She said with a gentle chuckle and you looked at her with a thankful smirk. She had just saved your ass from breaking your own plan. You were honestly starting to get a bit annoyed with all the begging. It was his own fault, honestly.

After finishing off the rest of the kitchen as slowly as possible, you hugged Vanessa and Lin goodbye before the two of you walked home in silence. He obviously had no idea why you were ignoring him, but he still kept his mouth shut because his brain was working hard on figuring out what the hell he had done wrong.

Once you made it back to your apartment, you locked the two of you in and started taking off your shoes and jacket without a word.

“Y/N. Seriously, why the fuck are you angry man?” He had obviously given up on trying to figure it out and was getting a tiny bit annoyed.

You were unable to help the small smirk that crawled onto your lips. He was obviously frustrated. “Strip.” You simply answered as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“What?” He asked with a stifled chuckle, he really thought that he heard wrong.

“You heard me, D. Strip.” You stated firmly. You were not going to give in to the temptation of having him on top of you. This was your chance to show him that he was not as much a top as he would like to be.

He hesitantly started by taking of his shirt, sort of unsure as to what was going on at first. He shrugged his shirt of his shoulders and let it fall onto the floor behind him. When he stopped afterwards, an annoyed groan escaped your lips.

“Really? Are you dumb or something?” You deadpanned, though you were cracking up inside. He was so clueless. “Pants.” You commanded. “Or do you need help with that?” You arched an eyebrow teasingly.

“Y/N… Wh—“

“Pants.” You cut him off. You bit your bottom lip lightly as he started to remove his pants. He was definitely starting to get what all of this was all about and both his pants and boxers came off in a matter of seconds.

He started to step towards you, but you held your hand up, stopping him in his track. “Bedroom.” You simply said and he obliged, leading the way to your bedroom.

Once inside, you gently pushed him onto the bed, letting him land on his back. You started by removing all of your clothes slowly, except for your underwear while he looked up at you with wide eyes. You had no plan of giving in and creating some sort of boundary between the two of you was probably the easiest way to do so and that was probably why you decided to keep your underwear on.

You looked down at him for a second. He was already hard for you and it made you grin. “Who has control over who, huh?” You teased and simply owned an annoyed groan from him.

“Really is this what this is ab.-“ He cut himself off with a moan as your slightly cold hand wrapped around him.  

“Sorry, you were saying?” You asked, as your hand started to move around him at an almost painfully slow pace. The question simply earned you a grunt from your Daveed.

You quickly noticed that he was starting to grow impatient, and you were confirmed in this just seconds later by his words. “Stop teasing me, Y/N.” He growled.

“Only if you shut up.” You answered innocently. He definitely did not like having you in control, mostly because you spend more time teasing him than pleasing him.

He obliged and kept his mouth shut, even while you kept torturing him with the slow pace. You could practically see him grow even more and more impatient and when he was finally about to say something again, your hand disappeared from his erection, which caused a whimper escaped his lips. You cut him off again before he could say anything, taking him into your mouth.

“Jesus.. Fuck.” He moaned as he was about to grab a fistful of your hair.

You pulled back with a slight pop and glared up at him. “If you touch me, I will literally leave this bedroom.” You breathed. You were really turned on too, but you still wanted to show him that he was not in charge… Not all the time anyway and definitely not now.

He obliged and as you took him into your mouth again and swallowed around him, his fingers dug into the mattress on each side of him as a row of moans escaped his lips. You looked up at his gorgeous face and immediately made eye contact with his lust blown eyes. You were unable to help the moan that escaped your lips, though it was luckily somewhat oppressed by his erection. You started bobbing your head gently and used your hands as well to give him somewhat of a better experience than usual. You earned a mix of groans, moans and ‘fucks’ from him pretty much every other second.

When you felt him starting to twitch inside your mouth, you pulled away and sat back onto your knees. A breathy whimper escaped his lips at the sudden loss of contact.

“Relax, idiot. I’m not superwoman.” You blurted.

His eyes went straight to your breast as you slowly undid your bra in front of him and let it fall to the bed. You knew that he wanted to reach out and touch you, but you were not going to let him.

“Please, Y/N.” He begged, desperate to feel your soft skin under his fingertips. Though you simply shook your head in return.

You watched him watch you as you got off the bed to take of your panties slowly, letting him take in your naked form for just a second. You quickly returned to the bed though, this time taking a seat on thigs as you waited for him to beg for it.  

You were practically dripping onto his trained legs and you could actually feel his lust for you growing, if that was even possible.

“Fuck. Y/N. I need you. So bad.” He pleaded, as if you did not know already. You needed him too, but you wanted to take this as far as you could.

You took your time with leaning over him to get to the condoms in your bedside table, letting your breast hover just inches from his face. It earned you a growl and you barely managed to retrieve a condom from your bedside table before his hands were on your breast.

You shot back up, pushing his hands away from you. Even if you wanted him to touch you, you could not just let him. You also knew that you should probably get up and leave as you had promised to do if he touched you, but you just did not. “One chance Diggs.” You growled.

You rolled the condom onto him, taking your time with it. You were being a tease and you knew. It was intentional and you tried to suppress the smile that formed on your lips at the next thing he said . “I hate you.” He rasped as you took your time. In his mind, it definitely could not take that long to put on a fucking condom.

Once you finally rolled on the condom without giving him an answer, he was probably ready to feel you around him. However, you were not going to allow that yet. Instead, you leaned over him and started to place gentle bites down his neck. You were driving him insane, but it was definitely going to be worth it.

“Fucking Christ Y/N.” He blurted as you got to his sweet spot, on the side of his neck, just where his jaw stopped and underneath his ear. You smiled lightly against his skin.

“How about you stop telling people about how dominant you are if you are ever going to get anything again, D?” You whispered innocently into his ear and while you gave him just a second to think about it, you bit down on his earlobe softly, earning a somewhat loud moan from him.

“Okay.” Daveed growled. He was growing impatient again and so where you. You wanted him so bad, but you needed to stay focused, even if you sort of just wanted to lose yourself to him as so many times before.

You sat up again and without a warning, you sank onto him, letting a few moans escape your lips. He seemed to have gotten the note about touching you, because even now he did not dare to put his hands on your hips. You actually liked being in control a lot more than you thought. You could make him want you to an extend where he thought he was going to lose his mind.

“Daveed.” You cried as you felt him fill you up.  He groaned in return.

“I know baby.” He husked.

It took a bit of time for you to adjust to his size, but when you did you started to roll your hips slowly, teasing him again. It was almost painfully slow for you too, but you did not want to lose control. Not yet at least.

“I swear. If you don’t stop fucking teasing me, Y/N.” He growled impatiently. Not getting to touch you was one thing, but you teasing him like this was almost painful for both of you.

When he was about to complain even more, you finally gave in and picked up your pace. Your head fell back in utter bliss as you did your best to stifle the moans that were forming in your throat. You did not manage to do so, as it was just too great.

“Y/N…” He moaned softly, as his eyes fell shut. You knew that he was close and honestly, so where you. Obviously not as close as Daveed though, because he came mere seconds after in a mess of groans and moans.

Your thigh muscles were starting to grow sore and tired and when you felt Daveed’s hands on your hips, you did not push him away. You gave in and allowed him to help you reach your peak as well. His fingers gently found their way to your clit and started to massage it roughly. It only took a few seconds for you to finally come, your walls clenching around him. You saw white and felt yourself fall onto his chest as his name slipped through your lips.

After both of you finally came down from your high, a soft chuckle escaped his lips. “That was so fucking hot, Y/N.” He muttered. You smiled against his skin as you pressed a light kiss against his chest.

“I meant what I said, though. Stop telling people about how much of a top you are or I won’t give you anything.” You warned. It was not true, though. Both of you knew that you were unable to keep your hands off him.

He let you catch your breath for a while, before he pushed you into the mattress and hovered you with a devilish grin on his lips. “And I meant what I said about being dominant.” He growled.

You already knew that you were in for quite the night.

@yukatagirl said: Pokémon Emerald?~

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put a video game in my ask (and I’ll try to doodle for the ones I’m familiar with)

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

So I’ve sunk probably 300+ hours into Sapphire but never played Emerald - there’s some weird personal reasons as to why but that’s not important right now.

Anyway I love Hoenn a LOT

RFA+Saeran and an MC who’s scared of cars after an accident

A gift for my friend @song-of-the-moon-1025, who recently had Zen’s scenario happen to her(minus the caring boyfriend), and deserves so much love pls send it to her omg poor bby


  • C’mon, this boy’s been in several accidents before
  • But still
  • When your car slips on ice and clips another car, and he got the call that you had been in an accident, he just
  • Raw Panic
  • It took several minutes of you assuring him “No, it’s okay, I’m fine, nobody’s hurt” for him to calm down
  • “Okay, I’m getting on my motorcycle, I’ll be over there in a few minutes”
  • You eventually get back home after you’re finished wrapping things up with the other driver, and you’re exhausted
  • Babe are you okay you look like you almost got hit by a train
  • You assure him it’s fine, but really, you just have this sick, dark pit in your stomach every time you look at your car
  • It’s really little things that you pick up, but he notices them
  • Like how you try to pawn off driving onto him as much as humanly possible
  • Or how when you absolutely have to drive, you grip the wheel much too tight
  • Or the small, scared look you get when you guys are making a certain turn
  • ….Truth is, he knows that look, he’s had it before
  • At one point, he drags you into the living room for a talk
  • And he tells you the story of how he accidentally switched lanes into a semi’s blind spot, it didn’t see him, went to switch lanes, and he ended up underneath
  • He was fine, he didn’t actually go under the wheels themselves, he just hit his head against the underside and got a serious case of road rash, thank God
  • but his bike was totaled
  • He ended up getting a new one, but he could barely look at it for a good two weeks
  • And for almost two months, every time he switched lanes, he would go all cold and have a hard time breathing
  • And it’s at this point that you start to realize what he’s getting at, and you start to relax, because Zen is probably the most confident driver you know, so something must have changed
  • He puts his hand on your shoulder, and assures you really quickly that no, he doesn’t think your fear is irrational or unjustified, and that it does get easier–you just have to give it time
  • And eventually, you’ll be back on the road and you’ll almost have forgotten that this even happened
  • He’s so sweet is2g


  • It happened right in front of the café
  • She was waving you off as you went to go and get more chocolate syrup from the store when you turned the corner, someone wasn’t looking where he was going, and ran a red light
  • It hit the front end of your car and you went spinning
  • It felt like time stopped, and she practically threw herself into the intersection
  • You were fine, really, you weren’t harmed, just really shaken up, you seriously almost collapsed when she pulled you out of the car
  • Luckily our Baehee has the Strength Of The Gods™ and also a black belt in judo and thus is very strong to keep you upright
  • You’re still in shock when emergency services show up and she’s gotten you to the side of the road
  • At this point she’s pretty much just holding you and trying to calm you down as the police talk to you
  • You end up going to the hospital while you’re in shock
  • Everyone ended up coming by to make sure you were all right oh God you poor thing
  • Finally when Jaehee has her MC back, lucid, and very much not harmed they say you’re free to go
  • When Jumin heard that you’d been in an accident, and Jaehee had gone to the hospital in the ambulance with you, he immediately offered Driver Kim’s services
  • He says something like “it’s because as a former employee of C&R Jaehee and her significant other are thereby entitled to some form of compensation yadayadayada” but let’s be real the cat nerd was so worried for you because you’re FRIENDS and he doesn’t want his friend to be hurt oh God what if something really bad had happened????
  • But when you get out to the car waiting for you two, you just sort of freeze up
  • Jaehee thinks you might need to go back inside but she connects the dots pretty quickly
  • “MC…”
  • You press up against her and her heart almost breaks
  • “….Driver Kim is the best at his job there is, you know. If anyone’s going to keep you safe on the road, it’ll be this man. All right?”
  • You’re quiet, but you finally manage to nod and get inside the car
  • Two weeks later and you’re still visibly upset and anxious whenever driving is mentioned
  • Jaehee cuts back your coffee supply, you’re shaking often enough, this is Not Helping
  • She quietly takes on the driving as much as possible, but as she does so, she likes to point out whenever she’s in the car how she’s avoiding the accidents
  • “See, up there, I’m paying a lot of attention to that guy, he’s going pretty fast out of that parking lot, chances are, he won’t make a complete stop, so I should slow down”
  • You start to feel more relaxed as you realize exactly how much she’s paying attention to
  • When you finally start driving again, she’s always in the passenger seat, paying attention with you
  • Driving is kind of quiet now, but you feel so much safer with Jaehee’s eyes as well as yours
  • Your girlfriend is so attentive and sweet omg


  • I’m kidding
  • ……….Mostly kidding still kind of bitter about rika tbh
  • You were on your way to pick him up from school when someone behind you decided to pull her phone out, didn’t see you stop at the red light, and rear-ended you HARD
  • Your airbag malfunctioned and you were knocked out on the steering wheel
  • When you didn’t show, and wouldn’t answer your phone, Yoosung was mildly worried, but figured you probably were late and didn’t want to text and drive
  • He started walking bc he was getting restless, texting you to let you know that he was already on his way back, maybe you guys should meet at a local coffee shop instead when he saw some flashing lights at the next intersection
  • He was already going in that direction, so he went to get a closer look and almost froze because
  • That was your car that the firefighters were pulling the crushed door off of
  • And… And… That was you that they were loading onto the stretcher
  • Not again
  • He started yelling to catch an officer’s attention, explained that he was your husband and showed him a picture he had in his wallet, and before he could really tell what was happening, he was in an ambulance with you
  • You weren’t responding, so you probably had no idea what was happening, but he held your hand anyways, almost as much for his sake as yours, he could barely see your face through his tears
  • When you woke up about 20 minutes later at the hospital, he was sobbing with relief
  • Jesus Christ, MC, don’t you dare ever get hurt again
  • But when he goes to get into Jumin’s car with you For the same reasons–Mr. Trust Fund Kid is not shy about helping you whenever he can, he would completely take care of your guys’ every need if you asked, if you guys ever end up having a kid, he’d be more than happy to be their godfather, he loves his friends so much shhhhhh don’t tell a soul
  • And he sees the way you freeze up
  • His heart shatters and oh God here come the waterworks again
  • It takes some convincing to get in there, but once you’re there, he’s almost wrapped around you, you barely feel like you’re in a car, you just feel warm and vaguely suffocated um bby pls let me breathe
  • And…. That’s basically how the next two months go
  • You panicking, him suddenly becoming a human koala bear, and you can’t feel anxious because you’re too busy being cuddled by your husband Sweetie get off
  • But seriously, he tries to avoid getting you to drive as much as possible. He didn’t know how to drive before, but he starts to learn so that he can take you guys places instead
  • But truth is, your husband is an awful driver
  • So while it might be out of sheer desperation for him to STOP that you end up driving again, the amount of support you got the whole way certainly didn’t hinder the process, either
  • Awww


  • …The only reason you ended up driving at all was because Jumin had had a bad day at the office
  • He mentioned that driving made him feel less stressed, like everything had blown away with the speed
  • So, you got into your car with him, and you drove to a more remote location where he wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone if things went wrong I love and trust you Jumin but I am not entrusting you with the life of anyone else on the road. I do not love and trust you that much
  • The roads were kind of slippery, it had just rained, and you were on a mountain road to get to a more secluded spot
  • You made a turn too sharp, you started to drift, and then you went over the side
  • Luckily you weren’t very far up the mountain at all, you only fell about 15 feet before you hit the bottom of the hill
  • The car ended up on it’s side–your side–and you had smacked your head against the glass, knocking you out and slicing up your face
  • Jumin had no idea what was wrong with you tbh, he just saw unresponsive MC, blood everywhere, car on its side
  • Luckily he had the presence of mind to call an ambulance, and managed to get you out of your seat to the back seat, which was considerably less damaged, and find your pulse
  • Emergency services got you guys out really quickly, and you both ended up in the hospital–Jumin had broken his ankle at some point, which he honestly hadn’t noticed in the panic, whereas you had a concussion, a broken arm, and two broken ribs
  • Not to mention you two were both scratched up and bruised pretty badly
  • He probably cried when you came to, he was so worried that you were going to go into a coma or something
  • When you guys are able to check out of the hospital, Jaehee and Yoosung come by to help you guys get home–Seeing as you’re in a wheelchair, and Jumin’s on crutches, you guys look kind of pathetic tbh
  • So Yoosung tries to push your chair out to the car as fast as possible while Jaehee fends off the reporters, and then…
  • The reporters got a snapshot of your face when you saw the car door opening, but it wasn’t particularly needed, seeing as Jumin couldn’t get your expression out of your head–that is, one of complete panic
  • You managed to shove it aside enough to tentatively get in the car, but the instant you were both in there, you found yourself wrapped in a tight hug as Jumin tried to comfort you
  • You honestly cried the whole way home
  • And so did Yoosung, who was sitting in the seat behind you guys, and is a sympathetic crier
  • After about a week of this, Jumin got over his own issues regarding cars, but realized that you hadn’t, so he offered to hire a therapist for you
  • You said no, that there was no reason for it and Jumin just
  • MC, you can’t even think about getting into a car without having a panic attack
  • That’s when you finally broke down about the whole thing, and admitted how guilty you felt about driving you two off of a cliff, and about how you felt like it was your fault, and you had this feeling of being a bad luck charm, almost, in the car, and you were worried he’d get hurt again
  • And he just grabbed your arms–well, arm–and looked you dead in the eye and told you how wrong you were, and how if anyone were to blame, it would be him for wanting to go up there in the first place when it clearly wasn’t safe and
  • Wow, you guys have issues
  • You two ended up both going to the therapist, and as a result, you ended up driving again in no time, but Jumin stopped wanting to drive places.  You wonder why.


  • You were out on a Dr. Pepper run when out of nowhere someone missed a stop sign and T-Boned you
  • You got out with surprisingly little injury, actually, but the car was totaled
  • And it was one of Seven’s favorites
  • But when you called him to let him know what happened, you swore you could hear him running to the the scene
  • “Oh God Oh God MC are you okay?!?!”
  • “What the hell Saeyoung you have like five other cars”
  • “……Oh. Yeah, I do. But then, you’re only a few blocks away.”
  • He ended up going back for it and bringing it back while the EMTs examined you and made sure you were okay
  • He stopped by the side of the road and was going to help you in when you froze up
  • He wasn’t quite sure what was happening and almost called the ambulance people back over when he realized you were just scared
  • So he sat down in the car first and pulled you in for a hug, slowly inching back until you guys were lying down on the seat
  • You were still shaking, but not nearly as much
  • He stayed there for a while, trying to figure out the best course of action, while you finally calmed down enough for him to get back in the driver’s seat
  • When he realized that his big plan was no longer necessary, he got back in the driver’s seat and drove you two back home
  • You guys didn’t leave the house for two days or so, he was just really busy with work, but at one point you needed to go and pick Saeran up from an appointment and Seven was in work mode so he brought his computer into the car
  • You started driving, but a few minutes in, you accidentally hit the brake a bit harshly, and suddenly you were back in the old car, and someone was coming at you way too fast, and you were shaking with tears streaking down your face
  • You managed to get to the side of the road, but you were already in a full-blown panic attack
  • You were so out of it that when you finally returned to your senses, you had no idea why you were wrapped up in Seven’s hoodie, or why he was rocking back and forth with you in his arms, humming soothingly
  • When he realized that you were back to the land of the living–because believe me, it feels like you’re dying sometimes when you’re in that state–he sat you up and decided that now would be the time to talk, no matter how inconvenient it was
  • After a while of you trying not to cry while you explained how paranoid and panicky you felt, because you were so afraid that you would be distracted and hurt someone, he finally pulled you in for another hug
  • “MC, as long as I’ve known you, the only thing you’ve cared about is the safety, wellbeing, and happiness of others. I know you, and I know that no matter what, you would never let yourself get distracted to the point of hurting someone. You’re too selfless for that. Keep your chin up, okay?  I’ll drive us to Saeran’s appointment, and while you’re still panicking and paranoid, I’ll gladly drive you wherever you need to go. But I need you to know that I don’t doubt you, and you shouldn’t either, okay?”
  • ….Saeyoung I swear to God that is the sweetest thing
  • “Thanks, I got it from Expert Playboy, Volume II™”
  • Sweet moment over


  • AAAAAAA???????
  • AAAAAAA?!?!!?!?!?!?!
  • What happened, MC
  • Let me murder them for you
  • Calm down bby it was just a fender bender
  • You were driving to the ice cream parlor with him when someone rear-ended you and just. Up and drove off.
  • He was pissed and screaming curses in the trail of the already long gone vehicle, but you were still so shaken up
  • He didn’t even realize how terrified you were until you had to start up the car again
  • He went to grab your hand, and you froze completely rigid
  • Saeran knows that look, he’s had it multiple times before
  • Luckily, you’ve done this enough that he knows what to do
  • In an instant, he gets out of the car, over to your side, pulls you out, and into the back seat, where he just holds you there for a long time, riding out your panic attack by running his fingers through your hair and letting you bury your face in his shirt
  • After it’s over, he takes the wheel and finishes the drive to the parlor
  • No, he doesn’t have a license, but God help the officer that pulls him over today
  • He makes sure you get your favorite sundae with all of your favorite toppings
  • Nope, no holding back, we’re splurging today, we’re getting the whole ice cream parlor if that’s what you want
  • Usually the date would consist of witty banter and judging the other people in the store, but Saeran is awful at initiating conversation–he can carry one on, but you’re always the one to start things off, and today you’re just quiet, and so the whole date is quiet
  • He finally gets tired of it and has you sit in his lap, and you’re considerably less upset now, because physical contact is a big thing for him, he has to be really concerned if he’s not only initiating it, but insisting on it, and holding you there
  • Finally you manage to speak up and say something about one of the other couples there, and how one of them is wearing crocs
  • And so the date proceeds as normal, until you get out to the car, and suddenly his hand is being crushed in yours
  • He ends up driving home again, while you’re anxiously looking over your shoulder every five seconds, eyes darting to and fro
  • You guys rarely leave the house anyways, so it doesn’t become an issue again until you need to go and get groceries about a week later, and Saeran is busy working on his computer
  • So you go out to the car, get into the driver’s seat, and just… break down
  • After 20 minutes or so, Saeran calls to make sure you remembered to get chocolate syrup, and when you explain that you hadn’t left yet, he hangs up, goes out to the garage, and gets in the driver’s seat with you in his lap again and
  • He just sort of… demands that you explain what the problem is
  • Cmon bby you can’t just demand people talk about their feelings while they’re crying, that’s not how it works you goofball
  • Finally, you confess that you were just so worried that something would happen again, and you would end up hurting someone or getting hurt, or worse, if Saeran was in the car, and you ended up making some big mistake that resulted in him getting hurt-
  • And it was at this point that he was going to put his hand over your mouth
  • And it was at that point that he realized that slapping a hand over your significant other’s mouth while they’re pouring out their feelings isn’t particularly romantic
  • “…..Oh God, this is going to be so cheesy”
  • He ended up kissing you, which was, yes, very cheesy
  • But also not something that ever happens, so you didn’t get the chance to savor it before he was pulling away and muttering something about you being one of the best drivers he knows, and how he doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re safe and comfortable, and if it means you not driving, that’s okay, but not to blame yourself
  • AW
  • “Just…. Don’t tell anyone that I kissed you to stop you talking”
  • You end up feeling more comfortable after a few more weeks, after more practice and a few more trips to the store
  • But maybe you should break down more often ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Philip Shea is Officially a Dork

(Sorry in advance for not including GIFs, I am unable to make any)

Okay, but like, he so is. He sent Lukas a video that was just clips of the two of them being adorable together, he “made (them) a playlist”, the scene where he asked Lukas completely seriously about his stomach hurting, when he took a silly Polaroid picture of Lukas… He is such a Dork in Love™ and it makes my heart hurt with happiness.

That is all.

Okay you know what I love about this damn show, especially this season? Sure, the episodes might be short, but there is not one clip that doesn’t have a purpose to it and isn’t in some way moving the story line along. It isn’t like other shows where there’s a random specific character storyline each week that adds some comedy and then is never talked about again. Even the cute scenes aren’t there just to be cute, they have a PURPOSE to them. All the clips are so perfectly linked together, and in each clip we learn something new about one of the characters, or later figure out how that clip contributed to their character development. EVEN THE DAMN RANDOM LOCKER SCENES ARE IMPORTANT. That’s why every episode seems to feel so BIG, because there’s never just an episode that can get tossed away as one that doesn’t really matter. And THAT is good writing.

Can I just say that I actually kinda love the lack of clips right now?

Like, okay. The previous 2 weeks were HELL for Isak. We know that because we lived it with him. He was not okay. And that was a mixture of accepting himself and being heartbroken and isolating himself from loved ones because he felt inadequate.  

But then he did what we all didn’t expect, he listened to the doctor and TALKED. He talked to his best friend, he talked (and apologized) to his “godfather” and he talked to his group of friends. He let down barriers. He stuck up for himself with Even. He made the first move. 

Now he’s that new person. He’s talking when something is on his mind and he’s not hesitating with Even. But the best part? He’s created a safe space for them. 

Because you see, even though all this amazing stuff happened, they clearly don’t interact at all together at school. And when Sana mentioned the article he froze for a second. And when his dad said he wasn’t sure if Isak was joking or not, he looked like he wasn’t breathing. 

So I love that we don’t get to see them right now. I love that we know they’ve spent every free hour available together. I love that Isak’s apartment is now this safe zone. I love that he’s comfortable enough there to sit on his bed with Even wrapped around him as he talks to Eskild. That he let him take a picture and send it in the group chat. 

I love that right now, they’re probably just starting to get up to go to school. Probably groaning about the early hour as they lay there wrapped around each other. 

I love that they get to have this time for them  ❤️

bobaga said: Okay so I’ve been lurking on your blog since forever and lately your deluge of thoughtfully written and downright fascinating essays and ask replies have been making my days, it’s so fun to read and I love how K-fans view Jimin (pretty fairy!!) and how you’ve described their Kook/min fics. And also how you describe their dynamics, really it’s opened my eyes a lot ♡_♡! I love you! Just wanted to share that when you described Jimin as “shockingly savage sometimes” it reminded me of 4:22 in this YouTube clip of an ASC behind-the-scenes special (watch?v=FnlehceM_Mo). Always exposing his members 😂 How can a mochi be so savage

Thank you ♡ That video may me realize(?) something. The way Jimin talks and acts (and even the way he sounds) has changed significantly since their early years. Back then, he was so much more temperamental like a teenage brother. Now he’s legit scary like a middle age Korean mother who’s had enough of your shit.  

Seriously, Jimin may be a manggaetteok but mess with him and he’ll become a super spicy tteokbokki that will leave you breathless, crying, and feeling like somebody slapped you right in the face.

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Sort of like that ^

tonight i hope for little glimpses in the clip where everyone just … acklowedges each other???

where eva and isak just acknowledge each other and smile at one another and share a few words. and that kollektivet are SO happy seeing even happy. and that sana and isak and even just have a lil bit of a banter session. and the boy squad with even are chilling and laughing. and vilde’s making rounds around the party making sure everything’s okay and she thanks isak for hosting and isak’s just *shrugs* “it’s cool!”. and that it’s all just a lovely, warm, filled with love atmosphere where even’s comfortable and smiling and isak, in his quiet way, is there, beside even, for when maybe it may get a bit overwhelming.

and isak just has a moment to take everything in and acknowledge how far /he’s/ come and how at peace /he/ is within himself, with his parents, with even, and sonja and emma, and all his friends.

because: alt er love. now, everything, is love.


I JUST WATCHED THE SIX THATCHERS AND IT WAS SO UPSETTING! It was amazing but please don’t read this if you have not seen it. SPOILER ALERT! As soon as the woman aimed at Sherlock, I knew Mary would save him and I cried when she died. I was in suspense from start to finish and I knew there would be a clip at the end of the credits. The clip, although it was short, completely shook me because I thought Mary and Sherlock were okay. She then told him to ‘go to Hell.’ I loved it but it was very upsetting. I knew Mary was going to die but I didn’t think she would this episode. It was like it should be at the end of the series and should be a finale. But it was not.

I’m just gonna rant about skam s4 for a bit
So before watching the last s3 clip, I honestly thought that a season about even would feel like forced, idk, like if they wanted to keep evak as the main plot of the series, I really wanted a season on sana or magnus, but once I actually watched that last clip I was like ??????? The only thing that makes sense is a season about even now???? If we don’t count that looking into the camera moment, the alt er love and Henrik intagram updates with evens pictures and also “see u in s4” (boi pls stop teasing) there’s so many things we don’t know about Even, like his relationship with his parents, why he changed schools and who told vilde about the manic episode in the old school. ALSO WHO IS MIKAEL I NEED ANSWERS if he was evens best friend what we did not see anything else about him ????? what happened between them ????? Why doesn’t he like baz luhrmann’s love stories ????
See in s2 we learned about William and his family through Noora (4 what? I ask myself if he won’t be coming back) but all we actually learned about even is that he is bipolar, he can draw, he likes nas and also wrote the best love story ever (yes I am talking about putin and superman and Sarah Palin and cats dying of aids) but there’s so much more to him
I think that s4 will be in fact about even and will deal with mental illnesses as the main topic

Just my thoughts tho

okay so it’s around 5am in Oslo, so in a few hours I’m expecting another clip of:

-isak waking up & being so relieved and happy that even is there with him this time
-general sleepy cuteness
-isak maybe moving away and demanding answers, because although he’s obviously whipped as fuck and so in love, he will remember the last time they were in his bed, and what happened after & doesn’t want a repeat
-long, sweet kisses, with emotion just pouring out of each
-mainly answers please although let’s face it, I’d be so down for just general fluff

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I adored that new clip until everyone on my dash started screaming about the 'broganes' then I just wanted to cry because it's just uncomfortable when people do that? You feel me? Anyway I still love that new clip and shiro and Keith are so cute I love my space children :')

SAME THO??? like wow okay you do you bUT FUCK THAT SHEITH CLIP WAS SO GOOD I DIED 1528489746 TIMES


hey taylor! at school we have to read the giver and my teacher played to trailer for it just so we could get a general idea of the book and when it played your clip for a second i was so proud i literally jumped halfway across the school (okay maybe not haha) anyway i love you and you make me so confident! sending you a hug(:
love, caroline @taylorswift

Okay but you can’t tell me that les amis wouldn’t get into a ringtone war where they’re all stealing each other’s phones and changing the ringtones, and points are assigned arbitrarily for the best ones

For instance, Joly gets five points for changing Bossuet’s to Get Lucky

Feuilly is awarded twenty points for changing Courfeyrac’s to a clip of Marius shrieking, which causes courf to fall out of his chair the first time it goes off

Jehan gets fifteen points for changing both Joly and Combeferre’s to Witch Doctor

Grantaire gets twenty points for changing Bahorel’s to the nyan cat song, but then gets fifteen points retracted because Bahorel liked it and decided to keep it

And everyone agrees that the person who manages to get Enjolras will get the most points, because Enjolras guards his phone with his life pretty much

But then during one meeting Enjolras is in the middle of a really passionate rant when his phone suddenly starts blaring Never Gonna Give You Up, and everyone goes dead silent. And Enjolras just slowly turns to look at Combeferre and whispers ‘you fucking traitor.’