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I’d love to know...

Okay, seeing as I’m nearing the end with the pages about Gaea worldbuilding (the only ones left are the Zaibach and Freid pages), I’m throwing this out there, because I think soon I’ll be ready to translate some more (little by little). I am not fluent in Japanese or anything, but I try. 

Things I am curious about and very willing to do translations regarding to:

  • Eries’ abdication, her supposed feelings for Allen
  • first and last names of characters which were never mentioned in the series or official materials afaik, such as Balgus Ganesha, Miguel Lavariel, Hitomi’s brother Mamoru  
  • the accursed colored birthdays of characters or any other reference to the dating system and time measurement on Gaea
  • anything about Sylphie the Mermaid (just because)
  • Hitomi and Van (and I suppose some other characters) being a few years older in the movie

If you see/know about an artbook or other official material which could be in relation to these (like, a picture of Eries with some text, a character profile which seems to include a date of birth etc.), please let me know and I’ll be on it.

Also would appreciate:

Knowing the source of this drawing by Hiroshi Osaka:

Source/better quality image of this sericel or whatever it is:

Source/better quality image of this artwork (I suspect it is a poster from a magazine):

I think that’s it for now.  I would have more but gotta stay a bit realistic. :D

If you feel like, you are welcome to add your own stuff (reblog this, message or tag me in the post). 

Maybe I or someone else from the nice Esca folks could help. For example, if you have some bit you would like to be translated, well, maybe I could do that. But it has to be specific , not just “can you find something on xy” (ideally also with a scan or a good picture of the text). I also probably wouldn’t be able to do blocks of text, but a paragraph, a short comic or such is fine.


Congratulations, Armand and Treville! I’m so pleased you’ve successfully solved EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM facing France which obviously you have if you’ve got nothing more pressing to attend to than this contest that is essentially you two boys saying MY daddy personal private army can totally beat up YOUR daddy personal private army.

(And here I’d beren thinking Treville was the calm reasonable one.)

Well, okay, it could be argued the contest is really Louis’s idea (which is how you automatically know it’s stupid), but since Armand and Treville have by this time managed to pretty effectively wind each other up,

it sounds like a SUPERAWESOME idea to them, even though they of all people should know better.

At least in the end d’Artagnan does FINALLY become an official Musketeer* which seriously about time, but I just wish the third to last episode with Armand had contained a lot more substance and a lot less Vinnie Jones.

*We’ll overlook the part where d’Artagnan had no business even being part of the contest since he WASN’T one of Treville’s Musketeers when he did the fighting which was kind of the whole point of the thing in the first place, but whatever.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any shows you'd recommend besides Voltron and why? Preferably accessible from Netflix if that's okay.

Hmm, if you’re into animation with a fantasy/scifi focus, I have a few recommendations, yeah. First, Avatar The Last Airbender, that’s a given. I don’t think it’s on Netflix, but there’s a tumblr post going around with a remastered download. Since all we can buy officially right now are rather low-quality DVDs, it’s a boon. Cowboy Bebop is hands-down one of the best anime I’ve ever seen, not on Netflix but on Crunchyroll and Hulu for free. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is also 10/10, free on Crunchyroll as of recently. Samurai Champloo is on Hulu for sure, I’ve seen it there.

For Netflix shows, you can see Firefly there, as well as Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, and Blue Exorcist. Also the original Netflix series Stranger Things is absolutely amazing, and I’ve heard good things about their new Series of Unfortunate Events adaptation, but I haven’t started watching it yet. I’ve watched a few episodes of Trollhunters and am enjoying it so far, but I’m a little put off by the treatment of the fat character, Toby. (Voltron fandom thinks the treatment of Hunk is less than ideal, ho ho ho boy, don’t watch Trollhunters.) Anyway, hopefully that’s a good start.

If you like anime (I already listed a bunch, sorry), I have a profile on Anime List. I haven’t updated it in a long time, but if you sort by completed shows and my score, a lot of really good ones will rise to the top.

news!!! (regarding my imagines/fanfic

Okay, so I’ve decided to officially add Queen and Donovan to the list of people I’ll write for. I’m not really sure why I didn’t to begin with, honestly. I love both and I think I’m knowledgable enough to write something decent for them.

Also, if you request an imagine and I end up writing a book (like I have for the last two, dammit, Robert), I’ll probably just write it as a traditional one shot.

Okay! So here’s the list of artists/bands I now write for:

-Led Zeppelin

-The Doors

-Pink Floyd

-The Beatles



More may be added in the future, but for now, keep sending requests! I’m actually having a lot of fun with this.

Here is a link to everything I’ve written on this blog so far :)