okay i i think this is the official last one


Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Sometime after 4.18
Genre: Angst/Comfort

A/N: I hope you didn’t forget me yet. I hope you like this, it just sort of poured out. As always you can thank @allenting​ for encouraging my headcanons (what would I do without you to feed my giant ego).

I think this was the hardest thing for me to write. I really wanted to get the conversation and the reasons right. I hope I managed to keep it in character.

I’ll appreciate any feedback!!

For the longest time, Erin’s favourite part of the day was coming home and snuggling into Jay’s chest after a tough day at work. Now, she has to be satisfied with a long-awaited beer at her favourite bar. The added bonus is that Jay is also there at the moment, and she can at least stare at him longingly, if nothing else.

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Roommates (Part 2)

Roomates (Part 1) and Roomates (Part 3)

Summary: When y/n is forced to rent out her extra room, Im Jaebum was the last person she expected to have to share her living space with… luckily, he kept things interesting.

Genre: romance (kinda?? it’s coming I promise), hot roommate (okay guys i’m officially making it a genre), playboy!, (NEXT CHAPTER’S GONNA GET SMUTTY Y’ALL)

Word Count: ~1000

A/N: Hi everyone!!! Thank you so much for the positive feedback on part 1, I’m glad so many people enjoyed it! I have one more section I want to write and then it’s done!! This part is kind of a transition portion more than anything I think, but let me know your thoughts anyways. ALSO I will do requests if anyone has any?? I just realized this week that I haven’t ever really said that so feel free to send them in if you want!

Update: Part 3 is up y’all!

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this is torturous electricity between both of us - reader/ryan

Summary: Ryan goes on a date with another girl and reader finds out. Reader returns to work and this is what happens.
Characters: Ryan Haywood, Ashley Jenkins, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Michael Jones (briefly), mentions of Gavin Free and Jeremy Dooley
Pairing(s): Ryan Haywood/Reader, Miles Luna/Reader (platonic)
Word Count: 2,293
Warnings: A N G S T, brief mentions of panic attack, swearing, break up
A/N: This was originally a vent that I was gonna scrap but I started to like where it was going, so I edited some stuff and threw some names in there. Shoutout to Ryan for being my guinea pig. The song I listened to whilst writing this was Landfill by Daughter, I recommend you have that playing as you read. Enjoy!

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Shirayuki stood outside The Mountain Lion tattoo shop, her purse clutched tightly in between her hands as if it were an anchor holding her down and keeping her grounded. There was a lump building not quite in her throat, but seemed to be lodged in her chest with the same weight as a ball of molten lead. Was she really going to do this? She had convinced herself that it was because she wanted to check on the plant she had sold him, but part of her knew better. The truth was that he was just… fascinating.

Ugh. She sounded so foolish.

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jeffersonjaxson  asked:

so ben & ros get really competitive over who's gonna get the first word and keep trying to get The Baby to say 'mama' or 'dada' for WEEKS, with dirty tactics and trying to bribe a one year old with chocolate included. naturally, the Baby looks up at them with chubby cheeks one day, grins happily, and says "merc" first. Ros facepalms and mutters 'montagues' whilst Ben is already walking into the next room shouting "MERCUTIO, YOU UTTER SHIT-"

A while ago I asked for rosvolio baby headcanons, and Meg responded. So here are all of them, presented without commentary, for popular consumption (and also bc they were clogging up my inbox and I wanted to keep them safe.)

The Baby is called The Baby for the first month because they can’t quite pick out a name, and they don’t want to weigh down the kid by giving it the names of their dead friends straight up, so The Baby ends up w ‘romeo’ or ‘Juliet’ as a middle name depending on the gender. unfortunately, they let Livia and Mercutio choose the first name, which is how their baby ends up with the most ridiculous name in Verona. they hyphen their last names.

hear me out: ros is absolutely exhausted in the first few weeks after giving birth and sleeps a lot, but one night wakes up to an empty bed and looks to find Ben sitting next to the cot, half-asleep sitting up. she asks what he’s doing and he goes bright red and mumbles “I was just - I was watchin’ her. she’s so small, ros. I wanted to make sure she was alright’ and Ros just starts crying and sits there beside him for the rest of the night, holding his hand and her daughter’s

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regarding Our Garden Home

*screaming* OKAY ILLUSTRATIONS ARE DONE, EDITING IS DONE (maybe? might add a 200 word end scene right before i post in about ~9 hours)


definitely managed to save the best illustration for last, somehow. i’m REALLY EXCITED TO SHARE THIS

(a preview)

honestly after this final illustration i think i’m officially calling myself a writer/illustrator. i love this one so much

this fic is so precious to me.. i don’t even have words for how much personal importance it has

anyway SLEEP k bye

ao3 link: Our Garden Home by almaasi (a Dean/Cas garden fairy AU, featuring more fluff than anyone can sensibly handle. will be 36k as of tomorrow)

GO READ IT AND ENJOY IT and subscribe so you get an email when i upload~!


Pack Mom - Part 11

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Request 1//  Derek and Y/n lets Liam babysit Talia and he’s nervous so she gives him a list to do with her. Once they come home from a movie they see Liam playing with her

Request 2//  Part 11 to pack mom where the pack find out that not only does Liam call the reader mom but he now calls Derek dad and they’re slightly weirded out and obviously Stiles is the one to say something against it but then Derek gets super protective over Liam saying he’s part of the family and later that night the couple surprise Liam with adoption papers wanting to make it official and Derek even tells him if he wants to change his last name to hale please

A/N// Sorry, But This Part Is A Bit Longer Than The Other Parts But I Hope You Don’t Mind

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8  Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14

Well, I don’t believe that Liam didn’t know anything about looking after a baby because he was so good at it. When he and Talia were both together they were both laughing, smiling and having fun. Talia might only be 7 months old but I would always catch Liam reading books to her and play with toys to keep her entertained. But the one thing he has never done is look after Talia alone, Derek or I have been with him. So we had to put him to the test. Derek and I had the best Idea how we could do that too. When Liam was out one night having a games night around Masons house and Talia was fast asleep tucked into bed, we talked about adopting Liam. 

We both thought it was a great Idea he was part of the family and we both saw him as our son, so why not make it official. So we wanted to surprise him, so we planned for him to look after Talia for a few hours on his own and we would lie and tell him we would be going to the movies, but we were actually going to get the adoption forms.

The only problem was that we could have to get permission from his parents and they would have to sign the adoption forms. We had no idea of what they were going to say, but we kept our fingers crossed and hoped for the best.

We planned to go out around 6 pm so, in the meantime, the pack was around, just chilling out. The pack arrived around 11 o’clock, and as soon as Lydia stepped through the door she was straight over to Talia and picking her up cuddling her. Everyone took a seat and were chatting and having a good laugh. Everyone was in deep conversation when Liam came out of his room.

“Mom, Where’s Dad?” He asked making the room go silent. I could have heard a pin drop. 

“He’s in the kitchen, sweetie” Liam looked around the room, while everyone just stared at him. He just gave me a nod in return and went to find Derek. No one said a word, they just stared at each other,  not only that he called me mom but shocked that now Liam called Derek dad.

Derek and Liam came back into the living room. No one said a word, as they didn’t know what to say. The only noise that could be heard was from Talia. That’s only until Stiles had to say something. Come on it’s Stiles obviously he had to say something.

“Dad? You call Derek Dad? That is so weird!” Stiles exclaimed,  speaking what everyone was speaking. When I looked over at Liam, he was looking down at the floor avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room.

“Yes he does Stiles if you have a problem with that leave, he’s family so if he wants to call me dad, then he can,” Derek said getting super protective over Liam and putting his arm around his shoulder. “So do you have anything else to say?” Derek asked

“Nope,” Stiles said simply not wanting to get on the wrong side of Derek. Nothing else was said about the situation. The pack left around 5 o’clock so Derek and I could get ready to go to the “Movies”. 

When I finished getting ready I went down to Liam as Derek went to get ready. Liam had a nervous look on his face.

“You alright sweetheart?” I asked pulling him into a hug.

“What if something happens when you are out?” Liam said

“Just ring us, but nothing will happen, I have seen you look after your sister so many time and you do a great job of it. She is lucky to have a big brother like you” I told him hugging him tighter. 

“But I’m nervous, I don’t know what to do” Liam informed you.

“Would it make you feel better if I wrote you a list of what to do?” I asked. His smile grew wider and he gave me a nod. I let him go and went to get a piece of paper and a pen. 

   To Do List

 6:00// Keep her entertained

 6:30// Feed her. Food, bowls and spoons are in the cupboard

 7:00// Give her a bath, toys are all in the cupboard. Get everything you need before you put her in the bath. DO NOT LEAVE HER BY HERSELF!

 7:30// Play with her a bit, then get her settled for bed. You know her bottles are, fill it up with her milk and warm it up. MAKE SURE IT ISN’T TO HOT!

 8:00// Bedtime. Her not you

 P.S// You will be fine baby, you have nothing to worry about. Love you. Ring if you need anything.

I handed Liam the piece of paper. 

“I put where everything is in case you forgot where it was, I put till her bedtime but we might be back before that but if not you have everything you need to do” Liam looked up at you and smiled. Derek came downstairs ready to go. 

“Right, Talia is asleep so she will wake up soon, so have fun,“ Derek told Liam walking towards the door. I gave Liam one last hug before I left.

"If you need us just ring, I love you,” I said kissing him on his head.

“Okay I love you too and have fun,” Liam said and we headed out of the door, ready to make Liam officially our son.

Liam’s P.O.V

I was so nervous to look after Talia by myself. But before I could think of anything else I heard her crying. I went to her room and picked her up out of her crib. As soon as I did that she stopped. I rocked her a bit then I went downstairs and looked at the list what mom left me. “Keep her entertained” . I got out all her toys and placed them on the floor and I sat down with her. I loved her laughter so much. It was the cutest thing ever. We played with puzzles and teddy’s. 

It turned 6:30 and ready to feed Talia. I picked her up off the floor and took her into the kitchen and sat her in her high chair and got her some food. I sat down in front of her and started feeding her. She was defiantly a messy eat. Talia got it everywhere. She definitely needed a bath. So that is the thing I did next. 

When I read the list, mom told me not to leave her alone, so before I ran the bath, I got everything she would need and took her into the bathroom. I ran the bath and grabbed all her toys. I took all her clothes of ready to bath her. I made sure the bath wasn’t to hot then placed her in. She loved the bubbles so much. I gave her all her toys and kneeled down next to the bath not taking my eyes off her. She started splashing and getting water and bubbles everywhere.

“What do you think you are doing?” I said sweetly, causing her to laugh. I let her play with her toys for around 10  minutes they I got her washed then got her out and wrapped her in her pink fluffy towel. I got her dressed and took her back downstairs.

Y/N’s P.O.V

We had the adoption papers in our hands. We just need Liam’s parents to sign them. And that is where we are headed right now. When we pulled up outside I began to get really nervous. Derek grabbed my hand.

“Stop worrying, they will probably do it anyway, when have they ever called to see if he was okay? He as lived with us for over a year now” He told me, and it was true they never called to check on him.

I knocked on the door and Liam’s mom answered. 

“What do you two want?” She asked sounding rude

“We want to ask you something,” I told her

“Go ahead then,” She said sound annoyed. I couldn’t get the words out, but before I could say anything Derek spoke.

“We want you to sigh these papers" 

"What are they?” She asked snatching them off him.

“Adoption papers, We want to adopt Liam,” Derek told her.

“You want to adopt that little brat, the one who ruined this family because of his anger, go ahead I will be happy to sign them” How dare she talk about Liam like that. She hasn’t even spoke to him in ages. His anger has got a lot better. Derek could sense my anger and told me to go and wait in the car, and that is what I did. I couldn’t listen to her talk about my baby like that.

I watched her hand the papers back and practically slam the door into his face. He got into the car looking shocked.

“Did she sign them?” I question

“Yep, he is officially our son,” Derek told me. I hug him so tight, I couldn’t wait to tell Liam.

Getting Home//

When we got home we walked into the loft and Liam was sat with Talia on his knee, she was drinking her Milk and he was reading a book to her. 

“Hey, sweetie did everything go okay,” I asked kissing his head.

“Yeah she was good as gold,” He told me

“Come here princess,” Derek said and took Talia to bed. I wanted to wait till Derek to tell Liam.

I sat on the sofa and pulled Liam into my lap and hugged him tight. 

“So she was good?” I asked

“Yeah she was, we had fun, I fed her and she is such a messy eater,” Liam told me laughing. 

“Glad you had fun sweetie,” I said, then Derek came downstairs.

“I’m going to go bed and leave you to alone,” Liam told us, but I pulled him back into my lap.

“Liam we have something to tell you,” Derek said.

“Have I done something wrong?” Liam asked 

“No, Liam, we didn’t go to the movies tonight,” I said, earning a confused look.

“Where did you go?” He questioned. Derek handed him the papers. He opened them up and his smile grew wider and wider.

“Ar…Are they real?” Liam asked with his eyes filling up with tears

“Yeah they are, Liam you are officially our son now,” I told him with tears in my eyes. Liam didn’t know what to say he just hugged me then got up and hugged Derek.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. This is the best surprise ever” We ended up having a big family hug.

“And Liam if you want to you change your surname to Hale, only if you want to, You don’t have to,” Derek asked

“Liam Hale, I like it”

Part 12?

No More

rucas one shot, post Texas

a/n: so everything is pretty much the same canon stuff, only they’re juniors and not in the 8th grade

“Are you only here because Riley told you, you two are brother and sister now?”

Maya looked Lucas square in the eyes, searching for an answer. She did, she had asked him the question he was hoping she wouldn’t. He didn’t want to lie. It was true, though. He was only exploring this new scenario because he couldn’t have Riley the way he wanted. Maybe that was wrong of him to do. Another part of him was doing it because that’s what Riley said she wanted, and he tried to do everything he could to make her happy, even date her best friend.

“Answer me Friar.”


“Well, that answers that.”

“I only said your name.”

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ispeakforthebeez  asked:


Okay, so I’ll try my best to tell you what I think I know, but I only joined the fandom last July and I know Final Haikyuu!! Quest came into being long before that. 

I think the concept of FHQ first manifested in an Ennoshita movie poster, which was official art drawn by Furudate-sensei himself. It might have been the first of Ennoshita’s many movies, back when we first learned that he was a writer and director. The poster in question is the first one in this post.

Since then, the concept has become rather popular with the fans and more official works were dedicated to FHQ. I believe the second light novel includes a few chapters on FHQ, which details the hero’s company journeying forth to the castle to defeat the Grand King Oikawa (and not the actual confrontation). Some people have already translated (or at least summarized) those chapters on tumblr. 

I understand that the FHQ concept has been incorporated into a Nintendo 3Ds mini-game called Haikyuu!! Quest (which you get the code for if you happened to get the first copies of the Haikyuu!! Tsunage! Itadaki no Keshiki!! game). You can also find character profiles of the hero’s company (Hinata, Kageyama, Kenma, Aone, Iwaizumi) and the villains (Oikawa, Kuroo, Shimizu, Nishinoya, Tanaka) on tumblr. The profiles list out the characters’ stats, weapons, strengths and weaknesses and relationships with each other. A lot of FHQ fanworks stem from the information found there. This post has the profiles kindly translated to English.

There’s also this very cute video of picture dramas (with English subtitles) for the FHQ game, which might have been used as promotion for the game (I’m not entirely sure). 

If you watch the video you’ll understand that the game is actually very dorky and not at all angsty. The original movie poster, however, did have the words “(Approximately) all of America cried” in orange, suggesting that the movie has its sad elements. We fans actually have little information about the FHQ universe aside from what is listed above, so the rest is up to the imagination.

There are a few things that give FHQ a high potential for angst, though. While the story of how the hero’s company met may be different from that of the manga universe, the dynamics between the characters are largely the same. Aone and Kenma are still quiet and communicate generally best with Hinata. Iwa-chan and Kageyama know each other from their past with Oikawa. This prompts fans to interpret relationships in FHQ as ones similar to that of mangaverse. That’s when angst happens.

1. FHQ essentially split up two pairs of childhood friends (Oiiwa, Kuroken) and made them fight each other. 

a) As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Iwa-chan’s profile says he used to be Oikawa’s friend. If you look closely at the tip of his sword, you’ll see that the design there is the same as the one at the hem/corner of Oikawa’s clothes. This suggests that Iwa used to be Oikawa’s knight. 

Iwa used to fight for him. Now Oikawa’s the big bad. He wants to take over the world. Iwa needs to stop him to save him from himself. Blood will be shed.

b) While Iwa-chan is the one who left Oikawa, it’s popular belief that Kuroo left Kenma to join the dark side. Kuroo is also listed as Kenma’s former friend. His profile also says that nobody knows why he decided to go evil. This prompts fans to speculate that he’s not really interested in helping Oikawa achieve world domination. What could possibly be his motivation? Some say he’s doing it for the very best friend he left behind.

2. Kageyama also knew Oikawa. He was probably one of Oikawa’s soldiers alongside Iwa-chan. He possibly looked up to him. Possibly wanted to learn from him. Now he’s here as part of the hero’s company, about to kill whom used to be his king.

3. Oikawa wasn’t always the demon king. When Iwa-chan befriended him, he was probably a kind, happy soul. There’s a reason why Oikawa turned evil, just like there’s a reason for mangaverse Oikawa to be bitter and angry. It’s probably a sad story.

4. It’s a story about war. If the hero’s company succeeds, Oikawa and co. die. If Oikawa wins, Hinata and co. die. For the fans, this is a lose-lose situation.

Theory thingy

Okay so I didn’t really see anything about it yet so I just gotta take the wheel and start. I think that the whole “Who killed Markiplier?” story is a an actual story, written by no one less than our dearest Host. How do I come to that conclusion? Well last night (at least for me night) an audio was uploaded to the official Tumblr blog of ‘Who killed Markiplier’. On the audio was nothing special, it was just a low sound, with silent music and the distant noise of a feather on paper. The Host is the only one who would be likely to use a feather to write. That would also explain the Mayor and the Colonel being so similar to Dark and  Wilford. They’re based of off them.

The Host plans Mark’s death?

otababaeisukesoryu2  asked:

Can i request jealous for butler until midnight?I know a lot of people haven't played that so if u havent then maybe kissed by the baddest bidder?thanks

mOf course sweetheart, this is my first “official” request so I’m going to make my best, also I haven’t play BUM so I’m gonna go with the kbtbb one, I hope it’s okay (any spelling or grammar mistakes I’m deeply sorry)

Eisuke- ‘too late’ he kept thinking as he looked at his watch and his surroundings for the third time in ten minutes, he had invited you to a date last week, and you had seemed so excited that he couldn’t understand why were you being so late, it couldn’t have been work since he called Kenzaki to confirm that your shift was already finish, you couldn’t have forgotten either ‘cause he gave you the clothes for the special occasion that same morning, so what happened? why weren’t you running towards him in panic for making him wait as always? his irritation somehow change to concern, what if something happened to you?
“Tch, she has some nerve making me go looking out for her”- he thought while making an excuse for his movements, he entered to the hotel and then he saw you, you were walking towards the main door but you weren’t paying attention, since you were talking cheerfully with a young and handsome man Eisuke haven’t seen before. He felt his blood boiling, you were making him wait for another man? and what’s more, for some wimpy loser like the one who was walking beside you? ooh you were going to get punished that night.
“Eisuke!” -you called happily as you noticed him, he looked how you took the hand of the guy and tug him along with you in his direction, his eye twitched a little- “sorry I’m late, but I wanted to introduce you to someone” -you said, oblivious to his rage
“it’s that so?” -he said coldly, his eyes jumped from the hands of both of you still together to the sweet expression that the guy was giving you; you nod, not noticing the clear killing aura Ichinomiya was giving, he was just about to call Soryu to have some of his men taking him out of the hotel and of your life, when you talked
“Eisuke, this is Seiji, my little brother, Seiji, this is Eisuke Ichinomiya, my… fiancé” -you said while blushing a little 
“nice to meet you” -the guy said with a smile, in the other hand Eisuke fake a smile as fast as he could, ‘right now… was I jealous of….’ he blocked that thought, he took the hand that was being offered to him and shook it - “I’m sorry for interrupting, my sister said you had a date, but I hadn’t seen her in so long that I ended up monopolizing her”
“Oh please don’t worry about it, what’s more, if you aren’t busy right now you could join us for dinner so we can get to know better” -the CEO offered, having a good look he did see the resemblance
“Oh but I couldn’t….”
“I insist, I would like to know more about my beloved _____’s childhood” -Eisuke said, your brother then agreed with a smile, you were happy as well as somehow worried since you thought you saw a wicked smile in your boyfriend’s face. He showed the way to the restaurant and in a moment of distraction he whispered to you - “you are going to be punished tonight so you better be prepared”
“whaaa-??” - your face turned red as you could only imagine what kind of punishment ‘the king’ had prepared for you for making him wait.

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Out Of The Equation

Prompt: Riley decides she doesn't like Lucas anymore.
A/N: A quick one shot based around the time the “triangle” was in full effect. Side note* this was written quickly so there’s probably errors. Not my best but it popped into my head so whatever. Hope its okay.
Word Count: 2467

 ♡ ♡ ♡

Today was no different than any other day. At least not when it started. My friends and I went to school, like we always did. We ate lunch together like we always did and we hung out at my mom’s bakery after school like we always did. It was a routine I had gotten used to. Every day was Groundhog Day and I hated it.

I sat there on the love seat, that was clearly only meant for two people, and sat with me was my best friend, Maya and right between us? Lucas, our shared love interest and good friend.

This was another thing that had become routine. The three of us would always sit next to each other, making sure things were “fair” until this triangle came to an end. It was exhausting and I am completely over it.

Every so often Maya would ask me if I still liked Lucas and I would answer yes and then I’d ask her if she still liked him and she’d answer yes and the whole thing was just never ending. Nothing ever changed, that is until today.

The three of us sat there squeezed into one another when Maya turns and asks me in front of everyone. “You still like him?”

I sat there for a moment contemplating what to say. Right now I wanted nothing more than to be done with this triangle.

“No.” I say calmly, making direct eye contact.

Everyone is completely caught off guard. Lucas especially.

Maya blinks her eyes at me trying to process what I said. “What do you mean, no?”

“You asked me if I still like him and I don’t. So the answer is no.”

“You don’t?” Lucas’ voice falls flat.

“No.” I shrug my shoulders. “So if you guys want to be together, by all means…”

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@mpiekarz  replied to your post “hey hockey people, question: did the pens actually go to their white…”

i dont think they were ever invited officially. if they were, they would for sure go

@samwilsonn replied to your post 

they haven’t gone but like the person before me said they would definitely go if invited

oooh, okay, gotcha. I thought it usually happened in summer, but I just looked it up and last year’s visit was Oct 4th. Now I’m hoping one of the players says something critical of Trump and he uninvites the team like he’s apparently doing with the warriors

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Hello I'm here with an ~angst~ prompt for one of my fave TFC writers: imagine Ichirou not kiling Riko after the last match. Instead he makes Riko officially retire from Exy (an easy story to sell after Andrew shattered his arm) so Neil thinks that now being under Ichirou's protection feels he won't have to worry about Riko ever coming after him. But bc of Riko's "endless daddy issues" and losing Exy, the one thing in his life he had, bc of Neil...he wants revenge. I want Andreil angst


  • ichirou didn’t kill riko.
    • instead of killing him when he called neil up to the tower, he stripped riko and tetsuji both of their team. 
    • and he called the police when he was done stripping them of any tie they had to the moriyama line
    • neil had never been as satisfied as when he saw riko and tetsuji pushed into the back of a squad car as the foxes left the stadium. 
  • riko was put on trial, and so was tetsuji
    • tetsuji’s came first, and neil discovered they were both staying in a hotel under surveillance 
    • he felt safe for the rest of his school year
  • summer hit, and tetsuji’s trial went into overtime because no ravens would testify
  • neil was staying in palmetto with aaron, abby, and wymack while nicky visited erik
  • kevin was in georgia for the trial, and andrew went with him 
  • neil almost followed, but he would wait until riko’s trial to head out there. he couldn’t vouch as much for tetsuji’s guilt as he could for riko’s, and while he wanted to do anything that could get him sent away, only kevin knew enough to throw tetsuji under the bus
    • after all, kevin lived there for years. neil was only there for a short time. 
  • neil’s basically alone, now, no one protecting him
    • it’s not the best choice, but he can protect himself
    • andrew and kevin will come back as soon as kevin is done tesitfying
    • he talks to andrew on the phone every morning and every night, since andrew checks in
    • he plays exy with aaron when he can, practicing footwork 
    • (aaron is a ruthless defense against neil, and it only makes neil try harder)
  • so he goes out to exites because he can and he’s neil and has time to kill
    • abby lets him take her car
  • he’s good for a while, but then he gets a call from andrew as he’s looking at racquets
  • all andrew says when neil picks up is “riko is missing.” 

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Roommate trouble. Tony Perry Imagine

Can you do a tony (Perry) where y/n loves tony. They’re bffs and they live together but he gets a gf and she’s a total bitch to y/n and she tries to tell tony but he takes her side and kicks y/n out and days later he goes look for her? xx

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I walk into my apartment and see my roommate, Tony, digging through our coat closet.  “What are you looking for?” I ask. That closet is rarely used. We usually just through stuff in there we don’t have room for in our rooms.  Tony turns around and is holding nice dress shoes.  “These.” He smiles. He’s wearing a suit and tie.  “Damn. You look nice. What are you up to?” I ask as I straighten his tie.  “I have a date!” Tony says with a huge smile.  “Oh?” I say, shocked. “With who?”  “I met this really pretty girl at the mall the other day. I asked for her number and we’ve been texting a lot so I asked her out.” He says as he puts on his shoes.  “Oh…that’s awesome.” I say quietly.  “Yeah, I’m running late. I’ll see you later!” He says, quickly hugging me and leaving the apartment.  “Have fun.” I yell before the door closes.  For the next few weeks Tony continuously goes out with this girl and then he finally brings her to the apartment.  “Y/N, this is Emily.” Tony smiles.  She’s pretty, a little short. She’s has a nice body and pretty brown hair with some blonde.  “It’s nice to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you.” I say trying to be nice.  “Same.” She smirks. “Are we done? Can we go to your room now?”  Tony nods and they leave the room.  What the hell just happened? Emily starts spending the night and is over constantly.  A few days after meeting, Tony has to go do something with the band.  “Can you keep her company?” Tony asks me.  “I think she can be okay for a few hours Tony.” I say, annoyed. He only talks to me when she’s not around.  “Please Y/N.” He begs.  “I’ll do what I can.”  “Thank you.” He smiles, hugging me.  He goes to him room and tells Emily about the plan and then leaves.  I get up and start some laundry and then make my way to the kitchen. Tony is kind of a slob so the kitchen can get dirty real quick.  I clean all the dishes and clean the counters. Emily still hasn’t left his room.  I vacuum the living room and clean all the windows. I go to put the vacuum away and Emily comes out and sits on the couch.  I start folding my laundry and Emily walks up to me.  “What’s your problem?” She says rudely.  “What do you mean?” I ask, confused.  “Why are you messing with my relationship? Tony doesn’t even like you.” Emily says getting closer to me.  “I haven’t done anything. We barely talk.” I say trying to contain myself.  “Whatever. He hates you anyways.” She says walking back to the couch.  “I don’t really care.” I scoff. I grab my clothes and go to put them in my room. As I’m organizing my clothes I hear the door open and close.  When I finish I come out and Emily is crying and Tony is staring at me.  “What the fuck Y/N?!” Tony yells.  “What?” I ask.  “Why would you attack Emily like that? She did nothing to you!” He yells.  “What the hell are you talking about? She came out here. She got in my face. I didn’t do anything.” I yell back.  “Yeah right. Why would she do that?! She doesn’t even know you!” Tony yells even louder.  “Ask her! She did it. I was cleaning the house and she tried to start shit.” I yell.  I can feel my face getting red. My hands begin to shake.  “Get out.” Tony says meanly.  “Who?” I ask “You!” He yells. “You need to leave. Now.”  “I fucking live here!” I yell.  “Just go.” He says, taking Emily into his room and slamming the door behind them.  This definitely isn’t worth it.  I pack up all my stuff except my furniture and pack up my car.  I get to my friend’s house and ring the door bell.  “Y/N?” Jaime says. “What’s going on?” “Tony kicked me out..can I crash here for awhile?” I ask, trying not to cry.  “Of course!” He says, hugging me.  Jaime and I grab my stuff and put it in the guest room.  “What happened?” Jaime asks while he hands me a cup of tea.  “I don’t even know. Tony’s girlfriend got in my face and then told Tony it was me. He freaked out and told me I had to leave.”  “She’s horrible. She’s trying to get Tony to leave the band.” Jaime says, sipping his coffee. “Are you serious? Have you guys said anything?” I ask in shock.  “Of course, but he freaks out every time we do. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but something has to change soon.” Jaime says, rubbing his eyes. “He’s changed and not for the better. Everything he’s cared about is nothing now.”  “I know.” I say quietly.  At least I’m not the only one who hates this chick.  Jaime and I say goodnight and go to our rooms. The next morning I wake up to knocking on my bedroom door. I open the door and it’s Tony. I try to shut it as soon as I see him, but he’s stronger than me and he slips into the room.  “What do you want?” I ask quietly.  “We need to talk.” He says, sitting on my bed.  “I think all was said yesterday Tony.”  “Y/N, please hear me out.” Tony says sweetly.  “Hear you out? You kicked me out of MY apartment because your girlfriend of not even a month told you to.” I yell.  “I’m sorry! She was crying and I didn’t know what to do!” He explains.  “So just assuming she is right and kicking out one of your close friends is the route you thought was best?”  “Y/N, I really like her.” He says before standing up and walking towards me.  “I hope so because you’re ruining all your friendships.” I say, stepping away from him.  “Y/N, don’t be like that.” He says, trying to grab my hand.  “Don’t be like that? We’ve been friends for three years Tony. I have always been there for you and always supported everything you’ve done and you treated my like I was nobody.” Tony tries to say something but I stop him. “I was in love with you. I watched you go and date someone else and I was as nice as I could be to her and she was horrible. You picked some bitch you met two months ago over your friend of three years. There’s nothing else to say.”  “Did you say you loved me?” Tony whispers.  “Get out.” I say trying to hold back my tears.  “Y/N.” He whispers.  “Tony, go. I’ll be getting the rest of my stuff on a later date. I’ll make sure you and princess Emily aren’t there so I don’t bother you two.” I say. I open the bedroom door so Tony knows to leave.  Tony looks at me one last time. He goes to say something and then decides against it. He just looks me in the eyes for a minute and then leaves.  A few days later Jaime and I grab my furniture and I officially move into Jaime’s place.  Tony only calls me once and then stops trying.  Whenever we would fight Tony would call and text me nonstop until I had to answer.  I guess I’m no longer worth the fight.  PART II *I hope this was okay! I was thinking of maybe a Part II if you guys like it!! Let me know and send in some requests! :)*
Malec College AU Prompt

Jock!Alec and Nerd!Magnus AU where Alec needs tutoring for chemistry and goes from smooth jock to stuttering doofus in 0.2 seconds around Magnus. I need this for reasons.

Another total fluff piece that went out of control I’m beginning to see a pattern

College AU, SportsGod!Alec, HighlyEducated!Magnus, where Alec doesn’t play hard to get–at all

Author note: All chemistry based errors are the fault of my college professors

“Where you going, Lightwood?” Jace calls out from across the field.

Alec flips Jace off instead of answering him, knowing that his best friend would just make fun of him for cutting out of rugby practice early to go see a tutor. But their coach catches eyes with Alec and waves him on, yelling at Jace to shut his trap and focus on the ball. Coach thinks this tutoring session is a good idea (he’s a coach who stresses academics as much as the team) and really, Alec needs the help.

His chem class is kicking his ass. And if he doesn’t get his grade up then there’s a chance he could be cut from the rugby team. 

He shoulders his duffel bag, crosses the quad and heads for the science building. It’s a glass and metal structure new to the downtown campus, and even as striking as it is, Alec hates the sight of it.

He’s never been particularly good at anything that has to do with advanced math, but he’s been able to hold his own–until now. He can’t get equations to balance, can’t remember what’s an acid and what’s a base, and he’s sure that one of these days he’s going to send the multi-million dollar science building up in flames when he mixes two of the wrong chemicals together. It’s all so frustrating, because rugby he gets. He can pick up pretty much any sport and do well at it–football, soccer, basketball, archery…. But put him in a lab and it’s like his eyes, brain, and hands are no longer able to communicate with each other, let alone get in sync.

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Wow, I have never done anything like this before. I suppose this is pretty over due, but I am considering this also to be my late follow forever in addition to me being here for a little over a year and 1,000 + followers! 2016 has been one hell of a ride but hey, we all got through it and that’s all that matters. And I don’t know about you, but I am ready to start the new year with more wild and great adventures. Let’s look at 2017 as a new year to start fresh and hopefully, become a better version of ourselves. With the holidays around the corner, I wish everyone a very happy, safe, healthy Christmas. Over the past year and four months, I have gone through so much. There were numerous of people who came into my life and left, friends come and go but that’s life. So I want to specifically give a special shout out to those who have stuck with me through thick and thin. This is for you guys.

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