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Krazy Kol

Pairing: Kol x Damon x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1147

You’re beyond pissed at Klaus for daggering your boyfriend, Kol, then running off, leaving you on your own for years and years. Klaus is a smart man, because after all these years of searching, you never found him. It was to the point where you almost gave up.

It was Kol that found you. After getting undaggered, Kol dealed with Klaus, making somewhat amends with him, then made it his mission to find you. The mission wasn’t that hard for him because he compelled a ton of detectives to aid in finding you, which luckily, didn’t take long. The rest of the Mikaelsons welcomed you with open arms, letting you move into their mansion that Klaus had built here in the small town of Mystic Falls.

Tonight’s the night of the Mikaelson Ball. Last week you had to drag your boyfriend, Kol with you to find a dress because Rebekah’s been busy lately tending to her own needs, which you completely understood. 

You were with Kol for the first few minutes of the night, then the two of you separated to greet and mingle with the guests. 

You even chatted with Elijah for a bit, then he ended up ditching you to speak with Niklaus. Your boyfriend was nowhere to be found, so you just decided to mind your own business, admiring the light fixture, with your half empty champagne glass in hand. 

A man that you haven’t met yet stops to chat with you. He had black hair, blue eyes and a sharp jaw line. He was good looking and all, but you love Kol. “You look too pretty to be standing here alone.” He smirked. His presence startled you a little.

“Oh really?” You questioned, tilting your head in curiousness.

“And did you, I don’t know, come here alone?” Being very obvious about it, he gave you an elevator look.

You laughed at his attempt to flirt with you. “I live here actually.”

“Oh, so you’re a Mikaelson.” He did quotation marks with his fingers when he mentioned ‘Mikaelson.’

You rolled your eyes at his remark. “No. I’m with a Mikaelson.” You teased, copying his quotation mark fingers.

“Even better.” The dark haired man said sarcastically. You can easily see through him and right off the bat, you can tell he’s one of those sarcastic assholes. This is going to be a fun conversation.

“I didn’t get your name?” You asked.

“Damon Salvatore.”

“Oh, so you’re one of the Salvatore brothers. I’ve heard loads about you. I’m Y/N.” You put your hand out to shake Damon’s, which he was happy to do.


While this conversation was going on with Damon, you had no idea that Kol appeared nearby with Rebekah, watching the two of you. Only you and his fellow siblings know that Kol can be the crazy jealous type. He’ll go as far as breaking a man’s neck for touching you.

“Who on earth is this bloke breathing the same air as my darling?” Kol asked.

“That’s Damon Salvatore. You don’t remember?” Rebekah was a little surprised that he doesn’t remember seeing Damon before. It was the day that Kol, Finn and Rebekah got undaggered. But, Kol was obviously heating with rage that all he cared about was torturing Klaus that he hadn’t been aware of his surroundings, so I guess it makes perfect sense as to why he doesn’t remember Damon.

“I don’t, quite actually. How about I go over there and rip out his arms.” Kol clenched his jaw, then attempted to walk over to you and Damon, but right before he had the chance to take another step, Rebekah grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Are you mad? Mother will kill you if you ruin her party.” Rebekah snarled. There was no way she was going to let Kol make a scene.

“Fine. I promise I’ll behave, sister.” Kol sighed. He chugged his champagne glass, leaving it empty. Then, he walked over to you and Damon. Setting his glass on the nearest table.

(Back to you and Damon…)

“So which Mikaelson do you have wrapped around your finger?” Damon twirled his pointer finger in the air. “Let me guess, the noble Elijah.”

“Very funny, but no.” You laughed. Never did you find any of the other Mikaelson brothers attractive. Klaus is crazy and vengeful, while Elijah and Finn are just too old for you. Kol was the perfect fit for you. Other than being a psychotic original, he’s charming and he knows how to have fun. 

“I mean come on, he has nice hair and he’s always dressed to the nines. What’s there not to love?” Damon shrugged.

“You’re ridiculous. Stop.” You stifled a laugh.

“What do we have here?” You heard a voice growing closer behind you. You already knew who it was, so you didn’t have to turn your head to look, being that it’s your boyfriend, Kol. Before you and Damon could get another word out, Kol continued. “Oh yeah, you were just leaving, mate.” Kol narrowed his eyes at Damon.

“Kol, stop.” You demanded to your boyfriend. Oh no. Here we go again with his jealousy streak.

“So it’s Kol Mikaelson that you’re canoodling with.” Damon said to you, making a joke out of the confrontation. You admitted with a nod, feeling very uncomfortable about where this is going to go. There’s no stopping Kol once he’s started.

Kol walked up closer to Damon, being just inches away. You sighed, looking up at the ceiling. “Perhaps it’s best if you go bugger off elsewhere. We wouldn’t want it to get ugly.” Kol growled, keeping his eyes focused on Damon.

You noticed that a couple of people picked up on the tension between the two men, so you thought of it as your cue to stop it. If Esther was to see this, she wouldn’t take it lightly with Kol. “Okay, that’s enough.” You grabbed Kol by the arm, breaking his view of Damon.

“Whatever.” Damon rolled his eyes at Kol, then walked away to go find someone else to bother. It made you feel relieved that Damon didn’t take it personal.

“Seriously Kol?! You know your mom would probably kill you if you fucked up her party!” You pushed Kol in the chest. The last thing you wanted was to lose him again because of his own flaws, which infuriated you.

“You think I don’t know that, darling? That’s why I didn’t gouge his eyeballs out the moment I walked up to him.” Kol put his hands on your shoulders, calming you down, then he shot you that cute smirk of his which you couldn’t resist, making you quickly forgive him.

“As crazy as you are, I love you to death.” You smiled while shaking your head.

“And I love you, sweetheart. Always and forever.” Kol grabbed your hand, planting a long kiss at your knuckles.

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When I Was Your Man // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt/Song: When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Fingering, Cheating, Swearing, and Angst.

Word Count: 7,956 (No ragrets. I like detail, okay? I enjoy making you feel like you’re just as involved in the story as the characters are. So, sue me.)

Disclaimer: I don’t know who the gif belongs to because I found it on Google, but credit to them none-the-less.

Your name: submit What is this?

Wiping his clammy hands down on his crimson red pants and taking a much needed deep breath, Stiles Stilinski walked into the loud dance club to attend his ex-girlfriend’s birthday party. Which he technically wasn’t invited to but went anyway, because the man knew no boundaries. He did know, however, that she probably didn’t want to see him ever again and yet he couldn’t find it in himself to stay away. He absolutely hates that he had to continuously lie to protect the woman he loved, the woman he still loves, from the supernatural world but what he truly hates the most is that he’d have to constantly let her down because of it.

He’s lost count of all the times he had to cancel on their dates because someone in this chaotic town needed saving or how many times he had to try to come up with excuses to cover up his secret only for her to see right through them everytime. It broke Stiles’ heart to know that he continuously deceived her, but he knew that he had no other choice since he didn’t want her anywhere near the danger the pack always faced.

The day she ended things with him is the day Stiles hates the most in his life. He couldn’t handle the way she cried as she told him all of the nights she spent sobbing because of him or all of the times she felt betrayed because her own boyfriend would deny telling her the truth whenever she asked. Stiles’ heart shattered when he watched her walk away from him, never turning back, and it still remains that way. It’s already been two months since they broke up, but the wounds were definitely still open.

“Stiles?” He heard a voice call over the loud music and the human instantly turned around to see a familiar redhead. “Is that really you?”

“Yes, Lyds.” He smiled at her shocked face. “It’s me.”

“You seriously came to your ex-girlfriend’s party without an invite?” Lydia smirked, now chuckling along with him. “How daring of you.”

“What can I say?” Stiles shrugged. “I’m a badass by nature.”

The laughter that erupted from the banshee’s throat should’ve offended him, but Stiles laughed along with her instead. They both knew Stiles was a big softie and not exactly a badass, but he could still be tough whenever it was truly necessary.

“Of course you are.” The redhead snickered, lightly patting him on his broad shoulder. “But, I would avoid staying here if I were you.”

“And why is that?” Stiles narrowed his eyes at her, surprised when she, suddenly, stopped being in a light-hearted mood and became serious.

“You don’t know?” Lydia cleared her throat, nervous now that she realizes she’s the one who has tell one of her best friends the bad news. That without a doubt will hurt him even more than he already was.

“Know what?” Stiles asked, now anxious along with her. “Lydia, you’re scaring me.”

“S-She has a boyfriend.”

The second those words came out of her mouth, Stiles’ already broken heart dropped down into his stomach and shattered even more, which he honestly didn’t think was possible. A gaping and bleeding hole took the place where he once had a beating heart. Stiles felt as if the Winter Soldier himself had punched into his chest with his powerful metal arm and he was officially done for. It doesn’t even matter what Stiles does to try and fix himself, he’s now always going to be broken.

“A boyfriend?” He asked, his voice weak and Lydia winced at how pained he sounded.

The redhead just nodded, turning herself around to point to the couple wrapped in each other’s arms on the dance floor as they moved their bodies to the beat of the deafening music. Stiles reluctantly followed the direction of her finger and bit down on his bottom lip to somehow keep from crying when he saw the girl he so desperately loved dancing beautifully. He watched in awe at the way her hair bounced against her shoulders as she happily sang the words to a song Stiles had never heard before. But, he already liked it just by the way she seemed to. Jealousy and hurt flooded his body at the sight of some unknown guy dancing closely to her with his hands gripping her waist, the same waist Stiles held onto whenever they were intimate. The same hips he loved planting kisses on when he moved lower and lower down her body until he reached the area she desired him the most.

“I should probably go.” Stiles stated, trying to swallow the hard lump in his dry throat.

“Yeah,” Lydia nodded, but then smirked with an idea. “Or you could get a quick drink first. It is open bar after all.”

Tearing his eyes away from the painful scene, Stiles looked down at the banshee and nodded. Lydia smiled and lead them through the sweaty crowd and towards the bar, the smell of alcohol getting stronger with every step they took.

“Bartender!” Lydia called once they reached it, slamming her hands down on the counter. “Can you get me two beers, please?”

“Two beers coming right up.” The polite man smiled and pulled out the two their drinks from under the counter.

He snapped the tops off with a specific tool and slid the beers over to the redhead, who easily caught them before they could fall off the surface.

“Thank you very much.” Lydia smiled back at him as she handed Stiles a bottle.

The young man immediately took a swig and enjoyed the feeling of the bitter liquid making its way down his once dry throat. Lydia looked at him with a kind smile on her face, taking her own sip of the drink. She put the bottle back down on the counter as she licked the remaining liquid off her lips, but Stiles didn’t dare put his drink away. He needed this beer more than anything to somehow feel better at the realization that he lost the girl he actually believed he could get back, forever.

“Are you okay?” Lydia asked, noticing how quiet and still he was. Two characteristics Stiles Stilinski certainly never displays.

“No, I’m not.” Stiles answered truthfully, taking another sip of his alcohol.

“I know what it’s like.” She patted his shoulder to comfort him. “But, hey think about the bright side. At least she’s not a lizard who turned into werewolf then left you to go to London. Or a former Alpha that actually killed people you knew and ended up dying before you could ever see him redeem himself.”

A muffled laugh escaped from his lips even though he was still drinking from his bottle and Stiles swallowed his liquor before turning to look at Lydia whole-heartedly.

“Right, but at least things between you and Parrish seem to be working.” Stiles answered.

“Yeah, when he’s not on fire.” Lydia scoffed. “And I’m not even talking about sex.”

This comment was enough to make Stiles’ heart a little less heavy as he detached his attention from the dancing girl to his best female friend and her spicy sex life.

The dancing girl, on the other hand, was currently wiping away the accumulated sweat on her forehead as she continued dancing with her new boyfriend. He was the sweetest and most attentive guy she’s ever met. He always makes sure to spend as much time with her as humanly possible, so much so that his GPA score in college had been dropping from his lack of studying. It was very refreshing to her, having a boyfriend around all the time… something completely different from Stiles Stilinski.

However, it wasn’t at all his fault. He couldn’t control the supernatural or make it go away, but he believed it was his job to at least save the people this world puts in danger. It hurt her so much to know that Stiles had a mysterious secret she could never be apart of. She knew that Stiles loved her and only ever did what he thought was best. But, it’s too bad it just wasn’t enough.

As if on cue, the heartbroken girl turned her head at the exact moment that Stiles decided to take a peak at her. The world screeched to a halt when their eyes locked and finally saw each other again after being separated for two whole months. Her eyes were wide and her jaw dropped at the sight of the brown haired boy with freckles painted all over his fair skin. Her heart immediately beat faster and she felt as if it would suddenly jump out of her chest and fly towards him. She missed him, there’s no doubting that. And apparently, so did her body and soul. The way she’s feeling right now, just by the realization that she’s in the same room as him, was enough to know.

Stiles carefully put his bottle down on the bar counter and tuned out everything Lydia was currently saying, his attention only focused on the girl gazing at him. Her face was completely shocked and he chuckled internally at how astonished she looked. Stiles could see the blush heating up on her face all the way from the other side of the bar and it made his heart flutter to know he still had an effect on her.

Lydia stopped talking absentmindedly when she noticed Stiles slowly lift his hand and wave with a smile on his face towards someone on the dance floor. The redhead turned to see just who he was greeting and immediately smiled when she realized it was exactly the person he came here to see.

“You should go say hi.” Lydia suggested.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Stiles answered, no longer waving to her but still holding the gaze.

“Oh, she already sees you.” The banshee shrugged. “I see no harm in at least going over there to wish her a happy birthday. I mean, at this point, it would be rude if you didn’t.”

Stiles carefully thought over Lydia’s suggestion, her words repeating in his head over and over again. He wanted to talk to her desperately, but then again he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable in any way. He knows how recent this all still is and he’s well aware of the pain pooling inside of her just like it was in him.

“Fine.” Stiles nodded, taking a deep breath before standing up.

Stiles’ ex-girlfriend’s eyes widened even more, which wasn’t thought possible until now, when he stood up from the bar stool and began walking over towards her. She didn’t know whether or not she wanted him to approach her, but she definitely knew that her heartbeat rose with every step the boy she still loved took.

That’s when the unexpected happened and neither one of them were ready for it. The techno beat song that was echoing in the dance club ended and was replaced with a slow love song. But, not just any love song, their love song.

Stiles immediately stopped in his tracks and she immediately stopped dancing. Her boyfriend looked at her with a confused glance, but her focus was locked on Stiles. Neither one of them knew what to do as all of the memories, the times they spent together, the intimate touches and the feelings came crashing down on them with full force. They both almost fell at how weak their knees felt.

The way she was gazing at him right now made a new sense of confidence coming from an unknown source spark in his blood and an idea lit up in his mind. It could either end up really well or really badly, but Stiles didn’t give his anxiety the time to think it over. He moved his legs once again and continued walking towards her which made the girl panic. Her boyfriend continuously asked her if she was okay but she couldn’t even answer, too nervous over the boy approaching her.

“Hi.” Stiles greeted and she swallowed nervously at the sound of his voice again after so long.

“H-Hey.” She responded and completely let go of her boyfriend to push her hair behind her ears, a habit she has whenever she felt anxious. Which Stiles knew about and couldn’t help but smile at how adorable she looked.

“Hi.” The boyfriend spoke up and Stiles took his attention off of her to look over at the source of the voice. The young man told Stiles his name even though it was pointless considering Stiles would forget it in a matter of minutes. “And you are?”

“Stiles.” The boy with freckles answered, politely extending his hand out towards the fellow guy. They both shook hands with kind smiles on their faces.

“What brings you to the dance floor?” The boyfriend asked.

“I was actually wondering if I could borrow your girl for just one dance.” Stiles requested and the girl felt like she was about to faint. She didn’t know if she had it in her to be able to dance with Stiles without falling apart.

“Sure, but don’t steal her for too long or I’ll get jealous.” The boyfriend chuckled after taking a few seconds to think it over. The man was undoubtedly a good person and Stiles actually liked him as he turned around to place a chaste kiss on his ex’s lips. “I’ll be over at the bar with the boys if you need me.”

She just nodded and he looked at Stiles one last time before smiling at the both of them and walking away. She gazed up at Stiles with doe eyes and he couldn’t help but smile at how beautiful she was. Extending his hand out to her, she took it and he placed it on his shoulder at the same time that he used his other hand to put it on her waist. When both of her hands were on his shoulders, Stiles rested his other hand on the other side of her waist. Their faces were just inches apart as he stared intensely into her eyes, her heart pounding heavily against her ribcage at how lovingly he gawked at her. It’s been a month since she found a new boyfriend but Stiles certainly still had her wrapped around his finger.

“You know, when I found out you had a new boyfriend I was really hoping I’d hate him.” Stiles spoke up as they started to sway their bodies to the rhythm of the song that belonged to them and no one else. “But, damn, I actually like the dude.”

“Yeah, he’s a really nice guy.” She laughed at Stiles’ surprising compliment and the breath-taking sound made his heart stop.

“You really know how to pick them.” Stiles chuckled, quirking his eyebrows at her to make her laugh again and a smile appeared on his face when it worked.

“I guess I do.” She giggled, letting her head fall on his chest for the slightest second as she laughed before picking it back up. But, this time she was no longer laughing and had a serious expression planted on. “I just don’t know how to keep them interested enough to stay.”

“What are you talking about?” Stiles questioned, furious that any boy would ever dare think this amazing girl in his arms was boring. “Who was stupid enough to think that?”

She looked at him with pain evident in her eyes, water glossing over them. Which only meant she was about to cry and Stiles’ gut wrenched at the scene. The last time he saw her cry was when she ended their relationship and it was the worst thing he’d ever witnessed in his entire life. Stiles strongly believed that this beautiful woman should never had tears in her eyes, only sparks of happiness.


Stiles felt as if he was just trampled on by a herd of the biggest elephants on the planet when she referred to him. The three lettered word took the shattered heart in his body and pounded it until it was a mere pile of dry dust, making him feel worse than he ever had.

“M-Me?” He stuttered, not being able to think properly. “How?”

“You always canceled on dates, you never texted me or called me back enough, you always put your secret life first that you’d never let me in on, and you constantly felt this need to lie to me for no real reason.” She listed, trying her best to wipe away her tears but there was no point due to the immense amount running down her cheeks. “I guess I just wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Don’t you dare say that.” Stiles shook his head, taking one of his hands off her waist to place it on her flushed cheek. “You were- you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Then, why didn’t it ever seem like it?”

“Because things are more complicated than you can imagine.” He defended, but she simply scoffed at his ridiculously vague response. “Look, I need you to believe that whenever I lie to you, I do have my reasons.”

“It’s too bad that I don’t believe you.” She pulled his hand off her cheek and began to slowly detach herself from his hold.

“No, don’t leave!” Stiles panicked, not wanting her to leave his presence just yet. Or ever, really. “I-I still love you and I know that I can make it up to you somehow-”

“Stiles-” She cried, not wanting to hear him speak because she knew that if he did she would be putty in his hands soon enough.

“Wait, just let me finish.” He interrupted her just like she had interrupted him, his voice already desperate. “I know I messed up and I know I can never take it back. But, I can change from now on and, I promise, I will change. You have my heart and I am nothing without you so please– please –don’t do this. Just come back to me and I swear I’ll do everything right this time. I’ll always pick up your calls on the first ring, I’ll buy you flowers every damn day, I’ll take you to every party this town can offer because I know how much you love to dance, I won’t cancel on dates anymore because you will always be my priority, and I promise I’ll give you all of my hours when I have the chance.”

He confessed the beautiful words with such emotion and love in his frantic voice that it made her heart stop and melt in her ribcage. Even though she’s been trying to move on and find a way to forget him, there’s no doubt that Stiles Stilinski still had the key to her locked heart. She wanted to be with him more than anything, but she also wanted to respect herself. Men always say they’re gonna change, but they never really do and she knew that. Even though she wasn’t used to it, the girl had to put herself and her own feelings first this time.

“Will you tell me what you’ve been hiding from me?” She asked, hoping desperately that he would say yes.

Stiles’ face fell to the floor in defeat because he knew that that wasn’t possible. Everyone that gets involved in his dangerous world either always gets hurt or… worse. And Stiles would never forgive himself if something happened to the woman he loved. He would rather lay down his own life than ever let her be vulnerable to the risks and threats that come with the supernatural.

“I-I can’t.”

“Then, I can’t go back to you Stiles.” She responded, her heart breaking even more. “I deserve better than this.”

“I know you do.” Stiles’ voice was weak with the tears threatening to escape his eyes.

“But, I still want you in my life. I still want to be friends.” The girl requested and Stiles scoffed at the common sentence every former couple says but never actually commits to. He felt her soft hand rest on his chin and lift his face that had fallen to look up back at her. “Stiles, I’m serious. I can’t lose you.”

“I can’t lose you either.” He confessed, feeling small.

“Promise me you’ll be in my life.” She requested. “Even if we don’t have the emotional stability to see each other all the time, just promise me you’ll at least be there for the big moments.”

Stiles looked into her breath-taking eyes and he felt himself getting lost in them. She was everything to him and he would never want to lose her friendship, even if that meant having a painful one. Butterflies made their way into her stomach when the edges of Stiles’ lips curled into a beautiful smile.

“I promise.”


Lydia Martin rushed down the halls of the beautiful hotel with the life-saving tool in her perfectly manicured hands, the sound of her heels clicking on the floor as she ran. Quickly opening the door to the dressing room she so desperately needed to approach, the redhead strode inside along with Malia hot on her trail. Their eyes landed on the girl that used to date Stiles who has now become one of their best friends and smiled the second they saw her smile at how breathless they both were.

“I got it!” Lydia celebrated, walking over to the girl and handing her the mascara that was in her hands.

“And I got this.” Malia smirked, gesturing towards the alcoholic beverage in her grasp.

“Congratulations to both of you.” (Y/N) laughed, taking the mascara Lydia was giving her and opening it to apply it on her eyelashes.

“Do you need help?” Lydia asked, closing the door to the dressing room.

“I’m okay.” She smiled, but immediately groaned when she smudged mascara on her eye lid. She turned away from the mirror she was using to face Lydia, who already had a grin on her face. “Please save me.”

“Alright, Alright.” The redhead chuckled, walking closer and taking the mascara from her. “Lydia Martin to the rescue.”

She began to put on the mascara on her eyelashes as she internally appreciated the rest of the makeup on (Y/N)’s flawless face. She had a simple smokey eye that really made her eye color pop along with the perfect amount of blush spread across her fair cheeks. She hadn’t put lipstick on yet considering it’s the last thing you should do when applying makeup, but Lydia already knew the right shade that would tie up her entire look.

“There you go.” The redhead smiled when she finished the job and closed the mascara, putting it on the dresser her friend was using. “All set.”

“Thanks, Lyds.” She smiled, her entire face glowing with happiness. “You’re a life saver.”

“I know.” Lydia smirked, pushing her strawberry blonde hair behind her shoulders for sass.

“You know who else is a life saver?” Malia spoke up, walking over to sit on the small couch. “Scott.”

“And why is that?” Lydia questioned.

“Because I just overheard someone was trying to sneak in and he took care of it.” Malia shrugged, taking a sip of her drink.

“Who was trying to sneak in?” (Y/N) asked, curious that someone would try to ruin her special day.

“I don’t know.” Malia shrugged. “But, the dude was absolutely hysterical from what I heard.”

Even though the girls didn’t want to believe her, Malia actually had a point. The person that wanted so desperately to enter the hotel indeed was hysterical. But, the thing was, he wasn’t just any person. He was Stiles Stilinski and he would stop at nothing to get inside to the girl he still loved after being away from her for an entire year.

“Bro, you know this isn’t a good idea!” Scott exclaimed at his best friend frantically trying to get out of the Alpha’s grasp. “Go home.”

“Scott, I can’t just go home!” Stiles whisper-shouted, careful not to let any of the guests know about the scene he was causing. He didn’t want to make things any worse than what he already had planned. “I have to see her.”

“And do what exactly?” Scott questioned, his eyes narrowing at the human.

“Stop her from marrying the wrong guy!” Stiles yelled and the werewolf let go of his best friend from how shocked he was, his jaw dropping and eyes widening at the process.

“You can’t do that.” He shook his head. “Stiles, don’t do that.”

“I have to, Scott.” The human answered, fixing his vest and letting out a sigh. “She’s the love of my life and I can’t let her walk down that aisle if I’m not the one at the end of it.”

“Stiles, this is the most idiotic plan you’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot considering all of the really bad ideas you’ve had before.”

“I don’t care.” Stiles huffed. “I have to talk to her.”

“Okay, fine.” Scott stated, his voice challenging. “I’ll let you in if you give me your invitation.”

Stiles’ eyes dropped to the floor in defeat and he shifted on his feet as Scott watched his best friend with a pained heart. He hates that he has to do this, but he’ll hate himself even more if he lets him go and Stiles gets hurt even more. The girl he loves is getting married today and she’s not just gonna drop everything for him. Life isn’t a movie, it’s real and usually comes with disappointing endings.

“I-I can’t.”

“Because you don’t have one.” Scott said and Stiles just nodded. “Don’t you think that’s enough of a sign to let you know that this isn’t something you should do?”

“What would you do if it was Allison marrying someone else?” Stiles asked, picking​ his head back up to look at Scott.

“I’d let her.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” Stiles disagreed, knowing his best friend would fight for the love of his life until his very last breath. “And I’m not letting (Y/N) go either.”

“Stiles, you’re just gonna get hurt.”

“So, be it.”

Before Scott could even expect it, Stiles rushed past him and immediately ran down the halls towards the room he just witnessed Lydia and Malia entering. His detective skills made him deduct that that’s where the bride was and he approached it without even thinking, Scott running right after him.

The same door flew open from two running young adults for the second time today, but this time (Y/N) didn’t smile and lightly laugh when it was revealed who had barged into her dressing room. Instead, her smile she had on with the girls had faded.

Awkward tension instantly invaded the small space when hers and Stiles’ eyes landed on each other, her heart already stopping and her breath hitching in her now dry throat. Stiles was also shocked, not knowing what to expect when he finally saw her again after all that time. Neither one of them said anything, they just kept their wide eyes locked together and didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were both breathing heavily.

“I’m so sorry!” Scott shouted, breaking the awful silence. “I-I tried to stop him, I swear! But, he wouldn’t work with me and-”

“Scott, it’s okay.” The bride intervened his panic with a weak and strained voice.

“I-It is?” Scott stuttered in surprise and she nodded, everyone else in the room just as shocked as the werewolf.

“So, you’re the crazy dude trying to break in?” Malia spoke up and Stiles just nodded as well, not willing to take his stare off of the girl he wanted to be with. “Makes sense.”

Stiles’ eyes trailed across (Y/N), taking in her sight after missing it so much. She was so beautiful he had almost forgot. Sure, she was only in a purple satin robe and her hair was down in its natural state, but the young woman looked breath-taking to him anyway. And Stiles himself looked amazing to her. He was wearing a white button up shirt with a silver vest on top of it and a silver bowtie to tie everything together, not to mention the black tuxedo pants, and (Y/N) was certain she would faint at his never ending beauty.

“Guys, can you give me and Stiles a minute?” She asked and everyone’s eyebrows raised.

“Are you sure?” Lydia asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay.” Lydia nodded, grabbing Malia’s hand as they walked towards the door. “We’ll be at the temple.”

The redhead got a hold of Scott last before she pulled the three outside and the werewolf shut the door behind them, leaving the two exes alone in the same room together. And to say they were both extremely nervous wouldn’t be enough to describe how intense everything felt.

“I wonder if my invite got lost in the mail.” Stiles cleared his throat, speaking up first. “Because I’m pretty sure I was supposed to receive one.”

“I-I didn’t think you’d want to come.” The bride responded nervously.

“Yeah, but I made you a promise, remember?” Stiles answered, taking a step towards her. “I’ll never miss the big moments.”

Her heart fluttered and she immediately stood up, approaching him as well. Their bodies closer and already craving the other at how much they missed each other.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here.” She confessed and Stiles smiled.

“Me, too.”

“Did you bring a date?” She asked and Stiles scoffed at her question.

“I could never.” He shrugged like it was the most obvious thing ever.

“Why not?” (Y/N) tilted her head to the side, confused as to why someone so handsome like him wouldn’t have a girl attached to his arms.

“Because I’m in love with someone else.”

She didn’t even have to ask who it was, just by the way he was gawking at her like she was the only girl in the world made her already know. She hadn’t cried since that night she saw Stiles at her birthday party, but that strike was about to be ruined with how the familiar burning sensation poked in her eyes.

“Stiles, y-you should really go.” She stuttered, worried that if he stayed something would happen between them.

She loves her fiancee more than anything in the world, but there’s always going to be something there with Stiles. He was her first boyfriend, her first time, her first love, her first everything. That kind of person doesn’t just go away in your life, they’ll always be there lingering in the back of your mind and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

“Not without doing this first.” He shook his head, taking one more step towards her until he finally reached her.

Stiles’ hands gently grabbed her cheeks and, without even thinking twice, he crashed his soft lips against her plump ones. The bride couldn’t even find it in herself to stop him, her mind and body already falling into a trance. She understood that letting him kiss her was wrong especially since she was about to get married to another man in a few, but all she could think about was his familiar mouth moving against hers.

The kiss wasn’t just any simple kiss though, it was full of love and saudade. A word in portuguese that means a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent someone that one loves. Saudade was once described as “the love that remains” after someone is gone and is the recollection of feelings or experiences that once brought excitement, pleasure, well-being, happiness. Which now triggers the senses and makes one feel alive again.

Once they both needed to breathe, Stiles pulled away but kept his hands on her face. He smiled at how swollen her lips now were and she felt thankful for not having put any lipstick on before he arrived.

“I love you.” Stiles stated, caressing her skin with his thumb and smiled.

She didn’t say it back or really had the time to if she wanted to say it in the first place because the next thing she knew Stiles’ lips are back on hers and he’s pushing her towards her dresser, the back of her knees hitting the edge. Stiles’ hands moved from her cheeks to swipe away all of the makeup on the dresser, throwing them on the floor, and lift her up on the surface. When his lips went from hers to place tempting kisses on her neck as he slowly untied her robe, (Y/N) immediately snapped back into reality.

“Stop!” She exclaimed, instantly pushing him off of her and breathing in the air her lungs were begging for.

“Did I do something wrong?” Stiles panted, his voice worried.

“Yes! I’m about to get married, Stiles! You can’t just kiss me or try anything else!”

“I-I’m sorry.” He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Leave, Stiles.” She ordered, pointing to the door. “You can’t be here.”

“No, no, no. I don’t want to go and I know you don’t want that either.” Stiles shook his head frantically, approaching her again. “Remember when you asked me to always be in your life?”

“Yeah, but not like this!” She flailed her arms to express her frustration. “I want us to be friends not destroy each other with our lingering feelings.”

“I’m sorry, I really am. But, my feelings are always gonna be there.” Stiles placed his hands on the surface around her thighs, but didn’t dare touch her out of respect. “Especially since how we ended things so abruptly! I never got the proper closure.”

“And neither did I.” She retorted. “But we have to move on, Stiles. We’re just two disasters that are detrimental to each other. We aren’t meant to be.”

“I can’t be apart from you.”

“I can’t be with you.”

Silence filled the room as they both thought, neither one of them ready to except the other’s terms. Stiles can’t imagine a life not alongside (Y/N) and she can’t imagine a life constantly being lied to with him.

“Does he make you happy?” Stiles asked suddenly and she certainly didn’t expect it.

“Yes, he does.”

Stiles couldn’t handle the truth she just confessed to him because in that moment it finally hit him will full force. He would never get the girl he was in love with back ever again. She had slipped from his hands and there really was nothing he could do to have her return. The gorgeous bride before him was the one that got away.

“So, is this it?” He asked, not caring that there were actually tears escaping from his eyes. “Is this the end of our love story?”

She didn’t dare say anything because she knew if she did she would burst into tears and sobs. Instead, the bride just nodded.

“C-Can I say goodbye?” Stiles asked, never feeling more vulnerable in his entire life.

“Yeah.” She shrugged, thinking he was just going to hug her and leave but was completely surprised when he kissed her again.

Stiles held tightly on her waist and kissed her with so much force, she almost fell back on the mirror. (Y/N) knew that this would be their last kiss ever and therefore didn’t feel the need to stop him. She allowed Stiles to kiss her with everything he had in him and she kissed him back just as passionately. Both of them forgot the whole world around them as they let themselves fall into this moment of pure weakness.

“I’ll go now.” Stiles breathed, pulling away and placing one last kiss on her forehead as he let go of her to leave the room.

The blushing bride thought long and hard before she decided that that wasn’t enough to say goodbye. She was well aware she was about to get married, but she also knew that this was the last time she’d ever have the opportunity to be with Stiles again. After today, they would be officially over and, for that reason, she immediately grabbed his hand and stopped him in his tracks. Stiles instantly turned around with wide eyes when she pulled him back to her.

“Wait,” She stated, spreading her legs for Stiles to settle in between them and placing her hands on the back of his neck. “Not yet.”

Before he could even ask what the yet meant in her sentence, her mouth returned on his and this time she was the one that kissed him hard. Out of pure instinct, his hands rested on her waist and she tugged his hair which earned her a small moan from Stiles. She took advantage of this and slid her tongue inside, Stiles moaning again in surprise.

“What are you doing?” Stiles panted, breaking their kiss the second she began undoing his bowtie and threw it on the floor.

“Saying goodbye the right way.”

He finally understood what she was getting at when she pushed his vest off his shoulders and began unbuttoning his white shirt. Stiles didn’t waste any time either, considering she was literally on a tight schedule, and untied the straps of her robe. The satin fabric fell on her dresser and Stiles let out a shameless moan when he realized she was completely naked.

“I didn’t want any panty lines.” She shrugged, taking off his shirt. “And the dress has a built-in bra anyway.”

“Oh, I am in no way complaining.” Stiles smirked, letting go of her to quickly unbuckle his belt and open his pants. They instantly fell on the floor and he pulled off his boxers as well, stepping out of both pieces of clothing.

The two gawked at each other, enjoying the sight of one another’s naked bodies after spending so much time away. Stiles licked his lips at her perky nipples, waiting to be nibbled on, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of his increasing erection. He wasn’t at his full potential just yet, but the young woman still believed he looked incredibly sexy.

Stiles’ lips attacked her neck and sucked hard on her pulse point, his hands wrapping around her back as he pushed her bare body into his.

“Don’t leave any marks.” She requested and the words without a doubt wounded him because he knew she didn’t want any evidence of their time together. Even though it hurt like a bitch, Stiles pushed the pain down and focused on making her moan.

Which he definitely succeeded in because in a matter of seconds, the bride was a whimpering mess under him and the sounds jolted through him straight to his dick. What turned her on even more than what he already was doing to her was the delicious feeling of his erection rubbing against the inside of her thigh.

“Stiles, we don’t have much time.” She moaned, her hips bucking against him and begging for the friction to calm down the throbbing ache in her core.

“Are you wet enough?” He asked before bringing his hand down her body to slide his finger through her surprisingly soaking folds. “Oh, you definitely are.”

Stiles’ middle finger landed on her swollen clitoris and her eyes immediately shut when he rubbed slow circles against her wet nub. The increasing feeling of desire rushed through both of their bodies and he couldn’t help himself when he attached his mouth on one of her inviting breasts, sucking hard as his tongue flicked her nipple. The bride could already feel pleasure build inside of her and she knew that she would lose her mind if he wasn’t in her soon enough.

“Stiles,” She panted, the young man’s cock twitching at the sound of her begging his name. “Please.”

“Okay, okay.” Stiles nodded, biting down on her nipple and letting go of her now wet breast with a pop. “I don’t suppose you have a condom on you, do you?”

“No.” She laughed. “But, we don’t need one.”

“We don’t?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

“I’m on the pill.” She stated and the pain inside of him resurfaced when he realized just why she was taking such precautions.

Stiles didn’t want to think about the fact that she was having sex with someone else and that, after tonight, he’ll be able to touch her, kiss her, hold her, make love to her as much as he damn pleases. The woman that has his ruined heart in her hands was going to be a wife and what hurt most was she wasn’t going to be his wife. The young man decided to ignore his feelings and just enjoy this one last moment with her as fully as he could.

Stiles removed his hand from her core and used it to pump himself a few times as she spread her legs more for him. When he felt like he was ready enough, Stiles aligned himself with her entrance and slowly pushed in. (Y/N) immediately moaned at the feeling of his thick staff stretching her tight walls and Stiles was a mess of so many different emotions.

Of course he was extremely turned on and loved that his cock was now buried deep inside of her, but he was also sad and actually felt like crying. Saying goodbye to the hope he had of being with her again was the hardest thing he’d ever have to do and Stiles, honestly, didn’t know if he could bear it. Sure, the girl he was currently making love to wasn’t the only one in the universe. But, to Stiles it seemed like she was.

He thrusted inside of her slowly and let his head fall on her shoulder at the incredible sensation of his member sliding in and out of her tight walls. Pleasure grew quickly in the two, both of them enjoying the feeling of being one again. The throbbing inside of her stopped, but appeared in Stiles instead. His cock unable to hide how much he adored her warm and slick core around him.

After making sure she was ready for it, Stiles increased his pace and was pounding inside of her in no time. All of the built up sexual frustration and tension between them really helped to make the knots in their stomachs tighten immediately. Stiles hitched her feet up on the dresser and (Y/N) couldn’t find the self control in her to keep her screams down. Stiles was fucking her in an entirely different angle, repeatedly hitting a sensitive spot she didn’t even know she had, and she didn’t care if people could hear how loud she was.

Stiles didn’t care either, in fact he secretly wanted people to hear. He wanted everyone to know that he was the one giving her immense pleasure and that no one in the world could make love to her like he could. She was screaming underneath him and her core would occasionally clench around Stiles, making him scream out as well. The continuous fast pace and hard thrusting didn’t take long to make the two near their much anticipated orgasms.

Not only did the dirty sounds of their moans and screams echo in the dressing room, but so did the sound of the dresser roughly banging against the wall along with their connected and wet groins slapping together. The sounds were music to Stiles’ ears and he never wanted to ever stop being with her. But, he knew that that wish would soon meet its end from how obviously close she was to falling over the edge. Without really wanting to, Stiles brought his hand down to her clitoris and rubbed intensely to guide her to her release.

The knot inside of her instantly exploded and spread an inexplicable amount of pleasure all throughout her body. It was so intense that she couldn’t control her own shaking and her core clenching down on him. Which, in response, Stiles immediately came as well. (Y/N) moaned at the feeling of his heated liquid shooting up inside of her and Stiles didn’t stop thrusting any time soon. He wanted to soak in this last memory they would create together as much as he could and he wanted it to last.

It was when she put her hands on his hips to stop his friction from how sensitive she’d become that Stiles halted his movements. Her ex-boyfriend then proceeded to place sweet kisses on her neck and cheeks before reluctantly pulling out. Stiles enjoyed the sight of her completely breathless because of him and his wet dick glistening with her juices one last time.

(Y/N) used her robe to clean herself up as Stiles put his clothes back on. His pants were the first ones on, followed by his white shirt and vest. The bride jumped off the desk and Stiles instinctively ran to her aid when her knees wobbled and she almost fell.

“You okay?” He asked and she nodded with a smile, giggling at the situation.

“I couldn’t be better.”

“Well, you are getting married today after all.” Stiles smiled.

“Which reminds me!” She pulled away from his grasp and rushed over to a rack that held her absolutely gorgeous wedding dress. “Can you help me put this on? I’ll help you tie your bowtie.”

“Of course.” Stiles chuckled, putting his undone bowtie around his neck as he approached her.

Stiles carefully and kindfully helped her put her wedding dress on and he almost fainted at how beautiful she looked. His eyes watered at the breath-taking sight and he envied her groom because he was the luckiest man in the entire world.

“How do I look?” She asked, spinning around in her dress happily.

“Words cannot describe how amazing you look.” Stiles answered truthfully and the bride blushed in response. “He’s a lucky man, you know.”

“I do know.”

“(Y/N), I hope he’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.” Stiles confessed, gazing straight into her doe eyes. “I hope he always pick up your calls on the first ring, I hope he buys you flowers every damn day, I hope he takes you to every party this town can offer because I know how much you love to dance, I hope he never cancels on dates because you will always be his priority, I hope he gives you all of his hours when he has the chance, and I hope he does and is everything I should’ve when I was your man.”

“Me, too.” She responded, unable to hold back the few tears that rolled down her heated cheeks.

“Goodbye, (Y/N).”

“Goodbye, Stiles.”

The bride fixed Stiles’ bowtie with a never ending smile on her face and when they were both finally ready, the two former lovers walked out of the dressing room and headed towards the temple. Stiles entered the room first and sat right beside Scott, who definitely had a confused look on his face especially since his best friend smelled mostly of sex. But, also of another prominent emotion that made the werewolf’s heart burn as he watched Stiles gaze at the girl he loved so dearly when she happily walked down the aisle: sadness.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked his brother.

The word saudade is not only the definition of an inexplicable longing for someone you lost, but it can also carry a repressed knowledge that the person of longing might never return.

“Yeah, Scott. I really am.”

Stiles Stilinski knew that he would never get her back in his arms. But, he also knew that as long as she was completely happy-

He would find a way to be, too.

jemma autism checklist

[fitz post here]

someone: jemma’s not autistic 

me: *pulls receipts* 

okay here we go! here is a very detailed post explaining why jem is totes autistic 

to sum, she shows a lot of traits of atypical autism (which is more often how autism manifests in girls) and displays a lot of traits necessary for a diagnosis. she is awkward and blunt in her social interaction (needing to be reminded at times how to act “appropriately”), has a deep passion for her specific interests, is literal minded, stims, was probably hyperlexic, has trouble lying and improvising language, and shows signs of alexithymia

(big thank you to @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot for helping with this, as well as the anons who sent in suggestions!) 

this and more under the cut! lots of gifs ahead, image descriptions added for accessibility 

allistics feel free to interact with this! 

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Behind The Scenes 3 (15.5/???)

Author’s note: Okay, I’m going back to the regular story again. One of these days i really have to figure out how long this is going to be. You guys are close to catching up what I am writing already. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angst

Word count: 3521

City: Manila (Day 3 continued and beginning of day 4)

Summary: Just when y/n find a way to avoid the Jungkook topic with Jimin, something else blows in her face.

WARNINGS: small mention of suicidal thoughts.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


After the small laugh, things quickly got awkward again and silence hung heavy in the room. By now you were seated at the small desk and Jimin was sitting at the edge of his bed looking down at his phone, thinking of what to talk about.

“So um…” Jimin’s voice quickly faded.


“Nah, nevermind.” He said, but you could tell he really wanted to say something.

“Jimin you know you could tell me anything.” You reassured him. “Boy, look at me being a hypocrite.” You thought.

He scrunched his face up. A part of him still didn’t want to bring the topic up.

“C’mon Jimin just tell me.” You really wanted anything to just end the awkward silence.

“Fine… but don’t get mad…”

“I won’t.”



“Ok… I was gonna bring up the kiss between you and Jungkook back in Fukuoka… I know it’s stupid, but I got a bit jealous… Ok, I got really jealous.” He admitted.

“Shit!” you thought. Now you felt like you were on the sun and your entire body was on fire. You felt a thousand times worse now. “I’m such a piece of shit! What kind of friend am I?!? I’m making him hurt more than he has to. I should tell him! No! I shouldn’t tell him! Is there a point to tell him?!? If I tell him, he’ll probably hate me. But would he really hate me though? Yes, he would! I’m betraying him!” you tried to calm yourself down. You were quiet for too long and felt he at least deserved to know some of the truth because you knew you weren’t gonna be able to tell him the whole thing.

You avoided his gaze and your feet began to tap to release your nerves again. “Oh yeah that… about that…” you began to play with your nails. “I only did that cuz Yoongi and Aiko kept staring at us…”. This part was technically still the truth, you weren’t completely lying to him by explaining that detail.

“… Yeah. Tae told me that was probably the reason why you did it, but I don’t know, I guess I was too jealous at the time to notice it… I stared to get a bit mad cuz I thought there was something going on between you guys… Which, in hindsight, it’s stupid to do that cuz it’s not like I can change anything… But you guys aren’t dating, right?”

Sure, he said that he’d be in the wrong for being mad about you and Jungkook, but that fact that’d he was mad in the first place scared you. You knew he’d be hurt deeply if he found out.  Plus, with the way he was staring at you, with a glimmer of hope lost in a sea of uncertainty, you still couldn’t get yourself to do the right thing. “… Nope! Of course not.” You lied. “I still have feelings for Yoongi.” At least that part wasn’t a lie.

Jimin let out a sigh of relief. “So how is that whole thing working out for you?”

“Not good. Now I know how you felt about me before… I hated seeing Aiko and Yoongi together. It hurts me a lot still. I found myself hating Aiko sometimes even though she has probably been one of the nicest girls so far… I knew I shouldn’t have hated it her especially when I remembered why Yoongi even got her in the first place…”

Jimin flopped back in his bed. “Having feelings sucks!”

“I agree.”

An alarm began to go off and Jimin pulled his phone out to end the annoying sound.

“What’s that alarm for?” you asked.

“I set it for you.” Jimin sat back up. “Tae told me that after fifteen minutes he wants me to tell you to go to his room. He had said he needed to talk to you too.”

“Me? Why?”

“No idea, but he was serious about it too.”

“Oh… Then I guess I’ll go now…” you stood up and made your way to the door.

“If it’s stupid drug drama keep me out of it, if it’s any other drama, then tell me everything!”

“Ha, ok!”

You made your way to the door to leave, going off to V’s room alone.


Jungkook marched right back up to her. “What the fuck do you want?” he hissed.

She lightly placed her hand on his chest. She could feel his heart race and his breathing getting deeper. “I just want you silly.” Her arms snaked around his neck and she got on the tips of her toes to place a kiss on his lips.

He dodged her lips just in time. “Lailani.” He voice was stern already.

“I can’t forget about you Jungkook. Just one last time and no one has to find out about anything.” She whispered as seductively as she could.

She closed in for a kiss. This time he didn’t move away, but he didn’t exactly kiss back either. She knew she was going to have to kick things up a notch. Her hands gripped his shirt and guided him to the bed, placing him at the foot of the mattress.

She slid of straps of her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall as it may. The snug material of her dress clung to her curvy hips, only her bare upper half was exposed. “Do you like what you see?”

From the look on his face, he did.

Lailani pushed him down on the bed and crawled on top of him. “Just one last fuck Jungkook. That’s all.”

He couldn’t take his eyes off her body. “And you won’t tell anyone, right?” He hesitated to place his hands on her waist.

She leaned down to bring her mouth to his ear. “Not a single soul.” She whispered. Time was beginning to run out. She went in for a kiss and began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Jungkook?” A weak voice called out.

Lailani let out a fake gasp as she whipped her head around to see a watery eyed Y/n standing in the room. The timing was perfect.

“Jagi!” Jungkook immediately retracted his arms. “It’s not what it looks like!”

Y/n didn’t say anything else, all she did was run out of the room.

“Baby wait!” Jungkook called out. He looked up at Lailani in anger. “Look at what you did!” He pushed her off him and ran after Y/n.

Lailani landed on the floor with a hard thud, but ignored the pain. She got right back up and grabbed V’s phone from where she last placed it to send another text, this time to Rap monster. *Ok, its done. When do I get my money?*

It took a while, but eventually he replied. *you don’t see a cent till we land in Singapore*


You tried to run down the hall, but Jungkook caught up to you before you could even pass the hotel room you shared with him.

“Wait! Please let me explain!” he begged, staying as quiet as he possible could.

You whipped around and slapped him across the face.

He looked back at you in shock. “Baby?”

“I’m not your “baby”!”

He pulled you close and tried to rest his forehead on yours, “Please don’t say that, just let me explain. Please let me explain!” He pleaded.

You tried to worm your way out of his arms, but he refused to let go. As you were in front of your room, he struggled to hold you with one arm while the other tried to get the door open. Once successful, he dragged you inside.

“Get your hands off me! Don’t touch me after you had that bitch all over you!”

He let go of you “Y/n-“

“I knew it! I knew I couldn’t fucking trust you! I’m such a fucking idiot to think you were different now!

“But I am different!” He insisted.

“No you’re not! You are still the same fuckboy you always were! So what, you just couldn’t keep it in your pants you decided to go for her instead of me?”

He took a step closer to you. “No, no! She tricked me!”

You backed away from him, accidentally bumping into the dresser. “You’re an adult Jungkook! Plus, with the kind of games you play, you’re are the last person to be tricked into sex!”

“Jagi, believe me! She- she has Tae’s phone! She was pretending to be him! Tae isn’t even back yet!”

“And she just so happened to be half naked when she let you in?!? Were you just “not able to help yourself”? Is that it?!?”

“I tried to walk out, but then she threatened to tell you that she and I slept together before. I didn’t care about that, but then she threatened to go to the tabloids. She told me that she just wanted to sleep with me and she’d keep her mouth shut.”

You shook your head at him. “Of course you weren’t gonna turn an offer like that down.” you’re tone emphasized how much you didn’t believe him.

He stayed quiet.

“You make me sick.”

“I wasn’t gonna go through with it! I was gonna stop. I didn’t even like it when she kissed me, but then you walked in! I was gonna stop!”

“That’s a bunch of bullshit! Don’t expect me to believe that crap!”

“It’s the truth!”

“Really? Then if it’s the “truth” then what are you gonna do if she goes to Tae and “lies” that you were all over her? What are you going to do when Namjoon finds out about this?!? What-”

“There is still a chance they won’t find out.”

“Don’t interrupt me!” you shouted. “What are you going to do when that slut still goes to the tabloids over this? Cuz technically, according to her “offer”, she didn’t get what she wanted and she can still go tell everyone about all of this! So, what are you going to do when that happens?!?”

“…I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out somehow! And then in Singapore, Lailani won’t even be a problem anymore!”

“That’s not the fucking point!” you yelled. “Everything has fucking consequences Jungkook! I can’t take this bullshit anymore and you’re making it all worse! You’re fucking everything up the way you always do!’ you voice cracked and you could feel your tears falling. “I regret saying yes to you, now I’m dealing with the consequences.”

He stood quiet in defeat and you actually saw tears leaving his eyes.

You couldn’t stand the sight of him anymore, so you escaped to the balcony. Jungkook didn’t follow you and you were glad he didn’t.  You curled up to a ball in the corner of the balcony and broke out into more tears. You cursed at Rap monster for having you so fucked up in the head that you still kept your sobs to a minimum. You wished you had the courage you had back in Fukuoka, the courage to make another big scene that would get people’s attention. Now, you were just a hyperventilating ball on the 11th floor balcony of a 5-star Filipino hotel. You were scared. Jungkook had broken the truce. Lailani could still reveal everything and Rap monster would be furious if another scandal broke out. Whether Jungkook was to blame or not, you knew you would still be punished, no matter what you did, things were always going to be bad for you.


The previous night was not the best night for you. Most of your time was spent crying on the balcony wishing you had someone to runaway to. It was then and there that you wished Suga would bust into the room and demand that you talk to him. Now was the time you really just needed him. You imagined yourself in his arms again. You always felt so safe in his embrace no matter what the situation. All you wanted to do was be with him. Jhope was also someone you wished you could just go vent to about everything, but in the end, you still didn’t trust either Suga or Jhope. Jimin was also out of the question. Even in the few minutes you were in his room, you were constantly hit with the pang of guilt. If you went to his in this state, he’d interrogate you over what happened. You didn’t even want to think of how he’d react to everything. Maybe you deserved to hurt like this. It was karma’s way of getting back at you for betraying Jimin.

That night was also the first night that you actually contemplated suicide. Before, you always brushed the idea away, convincing yourself that if you followed orders, everything would end for the best. Now, now you were just tired of all the crap and you were terrified of what was to come. Being out on the balcony, it was just so easy to throw yourself over the rail and let yourself fall. However, when you so much as tried to climb the small fencing, you chickened out. Your cursed yourself after every failed attempted. You hated yourself more and more for being such a little bitch about it. You tried to convince yourself there was no point to living, but for some reason you couldn’t get yourself to climb over.

It wasn’t until you cried yourself dry that you went back into the hotel room. You walked to the bathroom without looking in Jungkook’s direction. From the corner of your eye you could see Jungkook at the desk wearing a black hoodie with his head down on the table.

You didn’t exactly wash up or anything in the bathroom though. You just realized that you still needed a bit of space from Jungkook. After what felt like forever, you swiftly got out of the bathroom and got into bed despite the fact that Jungkook was still in the room. You hid under the covers and tried to go to sleep to forget all that happened.

From under the covers, you could hear Jungkook moving. As his footsteps got closer to the bed, you could hear subtle whimpering in combination with sniffles. Soon, you felt the sheets slowly being lifted back and his weight getting on the bed. Still in an emotional state, you whipped around and screamed, “Don’t you dare get back on this bed!”

Jungkook quickly retreated to the desk without a peep.


When you woke up, you figured you only slept two hours considering that the sky was dark when you looked out to the balcony. The only source of light in the room was coming from Jungkook’s laptop screen.

You could see his nose was red and his face was streaked with dry tears. You remained quiet as he pulled out his phone and made a call. “Yes, hello! I’d like to make a reservation for two at 7pm… I’ll be there in one week… Can’t you move things around?… I’m sure if you threw my name in, things would fix themselves… Ok, I’ll speak to him… I’m Jeon Jungkook… Yes that one… I wouldn’t hesitate to do so…” He said in English. “That’s great! We’ll be there right at seven. Thank you.”

After hanging up, he went back to scrolling on his laptop and you continued to observe him. “Who was he on the phone with?” you thought.

Suddenly, the door clicked open. Jungkook quickly rubbed his face dry and you shut your eyes and pretended to sleep.

The footsteps of the man you hated could be heard walking into the room. “Why aren’t you asleep?” Rap monster’s stern voice asked.

You froze. You thought you were caught.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Jungkook retorted. His tone was just as harsh as Rap monster’s.

You carefully peeked your eyes open to see what was happening. Rap monster’s silhouette was looking down at Jungkook’s illuminated face as Jungkook kept his eyes on his screen.

Rap monster leaned down over him. “That didn’t answer my question. Let me try this again… Why isn’t the little fuck up in bed with his girlfriend?”

Jungkook still didn’t seem intimidated. “She’s not my girlfriend.” He mumbled.

“You know you should be in that bed with her.”

“I don’t want to share the damn bed with her! I’m tired of all this stupid shit and the last thing I want is to plan this crap in front of her.”

Rap monster shook his head. “Damn, I’m disappointed in you. Just when I thought I could trust you again. I told you to take care of this shit back in Osaka! What’s happened to you, little maknae?” he asked mockingly.

“I’m not a damn kid!” Jungkook hissed. “All this shit with y/n is stupid and pointless. So, I fucked her! You were the one that hired her! This shit is on you! I shouldn’t be stuck with her because your stupid plan blew up in your face and I didn’t want to clean your mess.”

“You talk a lot of shit considering what a little bitch you are. I thought I made you better than this. After Yoona, you were my right hand man, but now-“ Rap monster slammed the laptop shut, startling Jungkook. “Now you can’t even look me in the eye as you talk shit.” He growled “Let’s not forget how fucking stupid you are. You can’t even see the masterpiece I’m creating.”


“Have you forgotten that I only make things happen for a reason?!? The bitch in that bed is my third cash cow! Don’t you see all the attention we get with the two of you?!? Yoongi shuts that damn mouth and keeps his head in his notes and well, you are a sad sack lately. She’s a win-win for me… But things don’t stay the same for long. I’m going to change things soon, you can count on that. Maybe if you’re a good boy till the end of the tour, I’ll do something in your favor, but for now, just focus on those plans.” Then he left the room.

You couldn’t help but panic. “Is Namjoon gonna do something to me soon? Are those plans about me?!? Who was Jungkook on the phone with earlier?” Immediately you sat up.

“Shit!” Jungkook jumped up. “You’re awake!”

“What exactly were you guys talking about?!? What “plans” is he making you do?!?” you demanded to know.

“You heard all that?”

When he stepped up towards you, you moved back, pinning yourself against the headboard. “Just fucking tell me what you guys were talking about?”

“Well it’s supposed to be a surprise…”

“Tell me!”

“Ok… Back in Osaka, Namjoon told me to make some plans for an “anniversary” date.”

“Bullshit! We did the whole amusement park thing so we wouldn’t do any anniversary crap.” You pointed out.

“Yeah, I thought that too, but he changed his mind and told me to do something for the two of us. I was gonna tell you, but then the Hiro thing happened and at the time, I thought I’d keep it a surprise to make you feel better.” He maintained a gentle and guilty tone as he spoke to you.

You stayed quiet. You studied him as you analyzed his explanation.

“I never had a chance to plan anything… After the whole Fukuoka thing, you getting upset over Aiko, and then what happened with Lailani…” his voice faded “… I just wanted to make up for everything and surprise you with a fancy dinner and stuff.”

You still kept your wall up, not sure if he was telling the truth or not. “So why did you say all that crap about me?”

You had nowhere to go as Jungkook made his way up to you, sitting at edge of the bed. “No y/n, I didn’t mean any of what I said!” He gently grabbed your hands. His eyes begged you to believe him. “I’m sorry I sounded so mean. I love getting to be with you and getting to share the bed with you and getting to do everything with you.” He leaned in for a kiss, but you moved your face away from his. He cleared his throat awkwardly before he spoke again. “I just- I only said what I said so he wouldn’t think there was anything between us. But… is there even as us anymore?”

You pulled your hands out of his and looked away from him. You didn’t know what to tell him. Right now everything was running through your head and you couldn’t think straight. “… I don’t know.”

“Y/n please give me another chance!” He was practically begging. “I fucked up! I admit it! You were right, I didn’t think, but believe me, I wasn’t gonna sleep with her. I was gonna stop, I swear! Y/n I don’t want to lose you, just give me another chance, please.”

You still didn’t know what to do, but with the puppy dog eyes he was giving you, it was going be hard to say no.

anonymous asked:

Have we talked about Dean's line, "What'd you let him talk to you like that?" Because I know people loved Dean's protectiveness which it was but it was also interesting because Cas doesn't let Dean talk to him like that. So I loved that it made us think about Cas' comfort with the Winchesters (Dean) and how he feels safe enough with them to fight right back. Whereas with the angels, he's not comfortable, he's not safe. He doesn't belong. We only fight back when we feel safe enough to do so.

Hi there, and yeah, I’ve seen a few gif sets of the line (and a few more of various crack takes on that whole conversation (HASHTAG MARRIED)), but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone tear the whole line down. So, let’s do that! :D

There was a lot of weight to that line, even just surrounding the circumstances leading up to it. It’s established right from the start of the episode that Dean and Cas have been giving each other the silent treatment for at least several days. Neither the Superwiki nor the episode itself give us an exact timeline, but I don’t think it can possibly have been more than a few days, since they open with discussing how busy Cas has been to have made the whole “Find Kelly” board, and the discussion about Mary leads us to believe that she just dropped them at home and went off hunting again, with Dean mentioning how “quick” she jumped back into it.

Regardless of timeline, Sam and Dean’s conversation establishes that it’s been a few days since they got home, and that Dean and Cas have been essentially giving each other the silent treatment for that entire time.

And the entirety of Sam and Dean’s talk about this is:

DEAN: I’m not pissed that he cares about us. You know, I’m… I’m grateful. But Billie said that there would be cosmic consequences if that deal got broken. You have any idea what that means?
SAM: No.
DEAN: Neither do I. But I’m pretty sure it ain’t jelly beans and g-strings.
SAM: My point is, Cas thought he was doing the right thing.
CAS: I was doing the right thing.
DEAN: You sure about that?
CAS: Yes.
DEAN: I’m not so sure. And what if the other shoe drops?
CAS: I’ll deal with it.

So we already know from this entire conversation that Dean’s only upset that Cas essentially took on the burden of their deal, that it seems like the “consequences” are now going to fall on HIM instead. And the consequences could potentially be worse than their original deal, because cosmic consequences (in the Winchesters’ history) have a tendency to escalate…

(interesting side note: while I’m typing this, I’ve got 7.03 on in the background, and in the scene where Dean kills Amy Pond he uses the same phrase, “Maybe in a year, maybe ten, but eventually the other shoe will drop. It always does.” Then he stabs her and says, “I’m sorry.” I just… there was already a parallel made between this scene and the scene at the end where Dean tells Lily Sunder that she’s done, but Cas tells her to come find him if she can’t forgive him. Okay. Sorry. Just thought that was interesting that the same “the other shoe” line was in that conversation above, putting the scene from 7.03 as bookends for the entirety of 12.10.)

(this is why I should probably turn off the tv while I’m answering questions. Digressions ahoy!)

So already we know that Dean’s not talking to Cas because he’s upset that Cas isn’t talking to him, essentially. When you boil the whole thing down to the simplest elements, Dean and Cas are BOTH pissed at EACH OTHER for trying to take the cosmic consequences on THEMSELVES, INDIVIDUALLY.

This is BOTH of them saying, “No it’s on me. I’m protecting you!” and the other replying, “Well, no, it’s on me. I’M protecting YOU!” And both of them trying to out-protect the other. I mean… married much?

*imagines an infinite loop of Dean and Cas stepping around each other to stand between the other and the nebulous future potential cosmic consequences and just laugh-cries forever*

But when there’s an actual physical and immediate threat, Dean’s ready to drop their tiff to stand shoulder to shoulder with Cas. Dean’s grumpy about the fact that Cas DOESN’T immediately allow him to stand with him against that threat, and the fact that Cas was ready to storm out of the bunker to face that threat alone.

I think that was the first time Dean realized that he and Cas weren’t on the same page here. That Cas might not have understood WHY Dean was so upset.

Yeah, Dean and Cas had been having a spat, but over the course of the episode, Dean and Cas BOTH get a clearer picture of what the other really needed to hear, and it clarified the DIFFERENCE between the way Dean was snapping at Cas (because he cares about him and is WORRIED for him and just wants Cas to let him HELP), and the reasons Ishim was snapping at Cas (because he’s an ASSHAT and ANGRY and bears a GRUDGE against Cas).

And now, Cas can see the difference.

But there’s also the fact that Cas was willing to take a bit of abuse from Ishim because they had history. Ishim had been his commander at one time, and Cas had taken orders from him. Cas also cared about Benjamin, and had said to Ishim that finding Benjamin’s killer was his primary goal, and so he was willing to take a little abuse for it.

And Dean sort of understood that line of reasoning. There’s a lot of abuse Dean would be willing to take on Castiel’s behalf, too. That’s one thing family does for each other, right?

Family might argue and get grumpy with each other, but when it’s time to take a stand against an external enemy, Family is supposed to drop their squabbles and face the enemy together, side by side, as a united front. Sorta like this:

When the first thing Cas was confronted with when walking into the Wright Spot to meet Ishim was this antagonistic scene:

Ishim and Mirabel, presenting an already divided front, with Ishim clearly looking confident, like he already knows he has the upper hand. Already it’s not about Benjamin, but Ishim is trying to make it about Castiel…

Cas doesn’t understand WHY Ishim might be angry about Cas’s involvement now (I mean, Cas doesn’t know yet that Ishim’s already on the defensive here, and is scrambling to keep the truth about Lily from coming out, so he gives him the benefit of the doubt, puts his issues aside for the greater good… until he DOES learn the difference.)

(I was just telling lizbob that I’ve been working on this ask for the last two hours because I keep getting distracted by 7.03, then 7.04, and now 7.05, because I am a sucker for extreme pain… and the parallels are SO RELEVANT to s12… and she directed me to this tangentially similar message she answered already, because she’s not letting herself get drowned in extreme Dean Feels like I’ve been all morning… so for compare/contrast, have her answer too:


Anisah tries to make a tutorial :) 

There is probably a list of people who should never make tutorials, and i’m on it… but here we are anyways ~

(this is a very detailed tutorial from start to finish, so please bear with me lols. also, its super long, so under a cut it goes )

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I’m Sorry, Sammy

Originally posted by lord-bat-jesus

Pairing: Husband!Sam x Husband!Lyle x Wife!Reader x Husband!Dean
Word count: 12,347
Author :
Mel & Brit
: Typical SLD Warnings, NSFW gifs.

Part 104 of She’s Leaving, Dean.

You had slammed up your wall as soon as it hit. You were in the bathroom for a few minutes, feeling off. “Gabe.” You whined out. “Please…”

“Oh, bathroom scene, huh?” He grinned.

“Gabe. Please, please tell me I’m sick.”

He shrugged and leaned on the counter. “Alright, you’re sick.”

You looked up at him from where you sat on the floor. “No…”

He smiled. “Sorry Sugar.”

“Oh god no. We were so careful… Shit. It’s too soon Gabe.”

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Ragethirst highlights: City of Darkness

You guys.

You guys.

I honestly don’t know if I can do this movie justice. There was just. So Much™ going on. But I will try.

Also, shout out to Chuch’s brother, who bravely joined us for his first ever Ragethirst and somehow managed to keep up with us. Truly a worthy soul.

  • We begin our journey with the villain nutting to Wagner-esque music. We know he’s a villain because he listens to classical and waxes rhapsodic about wine. (He didn’t actually nut, but suffice to say we know what Collin Chou’s O-face looks like.)
  • His #1 henchman is basically Chinese Snape with more scimitars per square inch.
  • While Snape is busy killing people, the villain offs a guy with… an ice cube. (The victim wet himself, we crossed piss off the kink bingo. Not five minutes in.)
  • Cut to a K-pop looking boy (Joe about pissed herself) aggressively playing guitar. He runs afoul of more villains, plays the guitar at them, kicks everyone’s asses, and runs into a herd of cyclists to escape.
  • Listen. I lost track of the “plot” right about here. Basically all I can do is give you random highlights of things that happened from then on, but don’t expect any of this to make sense.
  • Donnie’s at the supermarket shopping for his cop boyfriend, who’s talking to him on the phone. Donnie scolds him that he wants to make him some good food for once because Pen only eats crap stuff. (Seriously, you expect us to read them as straight?)
  • Guys with machine guns burst into the supermarket. Donnie tells Pen they’re making a movie, holds the phone up to one of the bad guys, realizes they’re not making a movie, and proceeds to kick ass.
  • Random point of interest: Donnie wears tracksuits almost exclusively throughout and I hate that he looks so good in them.
  • Pen, aka cop bf, shows up as the villains have two people hostage and he and Donnie proceed to Road to El Dorado them. 
  • This is getting long already, Read More it is.

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Same, Cas. Same.

Lizbob was laughing at me earlier because I’m in the middle of this seemingly long stretch of episodes that involve Major Fandom Disagreements. And this is one of them. Because of this ^^


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ROSE REVIEWS… THE X-FILES - S1.E5: The Jersey Devil

<< 1.4 Conduit —————————————- 1.6 Shadows >>

I was feeling snarky so decided to unwind with another of my very serious and scholarly X-Files recaps. The Jersey Devil is one of my more favourite S1 episodes because of the number of ridiculous things that happen…but how did it stand up to my vague attempts to quantify my love of this show rigorous scoring rubric? Find out under the cut with gifs and random unconnected observations galore…

Laugh now Scully… while you can…

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Klamille mention in 2x14

Can we talk about that literal 10 second moment in this past episode? Seriously, I think that one little mention has made my top Klamille moments list. I just can’t stop watching it, it makes me so happy! 

I didn’t expect it. Klamille warriors were all going crazy because we knew they’d finally have  a scene in the episode, but we had no idea we’d get a mention by Klaus himself. What’s great is that for once he brought Cami up. Other people do and we see how just hearing her name throws him off and makes him stop and think (see http://freakishlyvintage.tumblr.com/post/95953800086/klamille-klaus-reaction-whenever-cami-is). But this time Klaus brings her up all on his own and it is oh so worth it. It means he’s had Cami on his mind whether at the back or the forefront and it all came out in this little snippet of their argument.

Let’s break this down. All during this episode we have Klaus and Elijah on opposite sides. They get into the usual arguing, except this time they both dish out some low blows.  Elijah calls out Klaus’ insecurities about being a father to Hope, saying he’s afraid Jackson will be a better father because perhaps he’s the better man. Ouch. Elijah went there. This gets Klaus worked up, causing him to lose some of that control and get defensive so in turn he mentions a sore spot for Elijah: his psychological state. 

But that’s not the kicker. Klaus brings up Cami his therapist. Where in the hell did that come from? Had Klaus been thinking about  Cami and Elijah spending time together this whole time, had he been growing jealous and now it all just came out? Or was Elijah’s analysis so spot on it reminded him of Cami? Was he just showing his paranoia and possessive tendencies yet again? Either way, it was clear that at the back of his mind Klaus had Cami on the brain. When I heard him bring up his therapist I was shocked and just thrown off because  It just comes out of no where, and apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought so.

I love Elijah’s face. Thank you Elijah, I thought I was the only one that just went “wooowww” His eyebrows raise in surprise as if he’s thinking  a mixture of “I had no idea you felt this strongly and where the hell is this coming from” But that could just be me because that’s what I was thinking too. You take time out of insulting Elijah to bring up your therapist? What does she have to do with anything Klaus? Shouldn’t you be back dogging on your brother? But Klaus doesn’t stop there.

Okay, as a Klamille shipper can I just say I love how all of this emotion just comes out? Klaus’ voice raises up, he gets loud, and at the end when he says her his voice trembles. He’s hand is up, you can just tell he’s so passionate and he’s lost control. This argument went from him being sardonic as usual and making smart remarks to a place I don’t think Klaus thought he would go. 

Also, this is where I laugh my butt off at the “Klaus just sees Cami as his therapist” argument (I’ll try not to spend too long since I already posted about this). Okay, maybe you could get away with it by just looking at gif #2, heck even #4. At that point all he said was “How was your time with my therapist? Was it helpful?” Yeah, if that’s all Klaus said I’d think she didn’t mean too much to him. That lies perfectly in the normal parameters of Klaus making a dig at someone. But he took it further. The height of his emotion is  ”It was a great risk leaving you alone with her.” This is the only point in this argument where Klaus starts yelling. Look at the emotion he’s showing in his eyes, it goes from Klaus being his normal defensive self to Klaus showing he cares for someone else’s well-being. That goes beyond just her being his therapist, she means more to him. He was worried about Cami’s safety because he knew his brother had been off mentally. As a Cami fan I was happy to hear him voice his concerns because I was certainly worried about Cami’s safety. Especially after Elijah almost slipped up. Klaus knew there was a chance Elijah would hurt her, and Klaus would have felt guilty if he had, because he considers Cami under his protection. He wants to keep her safe, it was a great risk because he could have lost her, or have her hurt on his watch and Klaus doesn’t want that. Not after what happened with Mikael. He trusted Elijah with someone he cares alot about and if some thing would have happened to her he would have been mad as hell. 

After this outburst of emotion he goes back to his usual calm manner. He’s back to the low controlled voice as his focus shifts back to Elijah saying “These days who knows what you’re capable of.” But we saw you Klaus, you lost it for a few seconds once you started thinking about Cami.  It just shows that he’s been thinking about her all of this time, probably worried about her safety the moment he left her with Elijah, and it all just came out, probably unexpectedly.  That’s what makes this one of my favorite Klamille scenes. It’s probably the shortest one we have but I’ll take it. 

*gifs are not mine, they are taken from klamilledaily** 

roughfoxs  asked:

hallo again neechan! how about kaisoo you think, I mean ksoo now look more than the first he more lil different, and jongin seems always to avoid ksoo, although they make a few moments and looks very awkward. pls give somespam gif too, ilysm♡

Hello :D

[again as always this is purely my opinion, I don’t claim this as a fact whatsoever, and im deluded so if you go complaining [“kaisoo aint real just co-workers ur post is a disgrace to exo-L it taints their professional relationship” etc] it wont make a change, it wont change my opinion about them, so save your time, do something better than sending hate on kaisoo and their shippers]

Honestly, imo the reason why soo looks thicker/buffer right now has a correlation with his acting career (he got a main role in that romance drama and according to rumor he will get a main role in upcoming movie titled ‘Hyung’), so he wants to look good, I guess. 

Also I think another reason is bc he is tired people make fun of his petit upper torso (for ex: in that show – I don’t remember the name of the show – he promised that he would work out after the MCs mocked his shoulder).  

About nini avoids soo, honestly I don’t see it? he still glances at soo on the stage, even though it’s not much like he used to do in the past but I think that bc there is something happening to him. 

He looks tired af imo (if people are tired usually most of them would not really up to do friendly shit – at least im not. I look like I want to murder people when Im tired/sleepy/hungry),

and I think that’s why soo reached up / initiated skinship first (to cheer him up, to make sure he is okay). Do you remember about the gif where he looked sick and soo kept stealing glances at him? Don’t you feel the similarity of that past moment with the new current moment? Or is it just me who feel it?

About them being awkward, I don’t think they’re… There are many people say that kaisoo is dead, they’re awkward etc etc just bc they don’t do lovey dovey things on stage/public.

It seems that they forget (or they don’t know bc they’re new fans? It seems that older fans / people who have stayed in kaisoo fandom for quite long don’t say something like this) that kaisoo is BTS couple. BTS = behind the scene. Ofc they wont go around parading their PDA in public/stage. Plus I think that the manager would let them do that.

Bc come on, do y’all honestly think that the management haven’t noticed that the fans are onto them? Do you really think they would let that happen? Do you really think that the band would still be successful/famous if few of their members are proven to be in same sex relationship? 

NO, unless we lived in a new world where homophobia and all the bad stuffs didn’t exist.

So once again, I would ask you this; do you honestly think that the company would just sit their ass glued on comfy office chair and do nothing even though few of their money maker group members are rumored to be in that kind of relationship for real?

You honestly think that the manager hasn’t told nini or soo “hey cut off the skinship in public, people carry smartphone with camera that can zoom 10x and produce HD quality pict nowadays” or “wait until you guys in the dorm” or “please restrain yourself on stage” etc?  

Also Ive noticed that ever since the recent scandal (another member left, you know the usual SM stuffs) happened, the band has changed their fanservice tactics.

They used to do a lot of couple fanservices (pretending to kiss each other, giving heart pillows or flowers, patting each other butts etc) but nowadays they don’t do that.

Sure there are still some butt back patting or brief hugs but that’s just it.

It would be WEIRD if suddenly kaisoo do things (being cute and adorable and making single people jealous) like before if other members don’t. 

They would stick out like a sore thumb and thus betraying their BTS image, right? I mean they’re famous for being subtle but at the same time obvious bc their action is too subtle to be fanservice but too lingering to be casual contact between platonic friends.

Plus they don’t have many group schedule… (and we all know kaisoo are never in the same small group; like for ex small group for radio interview. Idk why. 

when kai chen pcy did that radio interview (’ksoo isnt quiet you just need to know how to talk to him’ interview) fans spotted soo was shopping alone for shoes so it meant soo had free schedule why he didn’t tag along? 

why the manager didn’t put him too in the group I mean the more the merrier right? I mean wouldn’t it increase the listeners so I don’t think the radio studio would against the idea soo to tag along, its not like they didn’t have another chair for one person in the studio) …so ofc we rarely see their moments nowadays.

And it seems they’re also busy with individual jobs so it would make more sense that they would spend time with each other inside the dorm instead of going out (like that bubble tea date or that 15 feb café date) bc they’re already tired, so ofc fans wouldn’t be able to take sasaeng pict of them.

So i dont think they’re fighting / being distant with each other bc imo just bc we dont see it, doesnt mean it doesnt happen. 

i mean, there are many idols who have gf/bf but the public couldnt even sniff on it. there are also a possibility that kaisoo have gf/other bf but then again they get jelly when one of them being touched by other people so… yeah. BUT IM CRAZY I MEAN ITS NOT LIKE NINI GLARES AT GUYS WHO ARE GETTING TOO CLOSE TO SOO OR ITS NOT LIKE SOO ROLLS HIS EYES WHEN NINI BEING CALLED BY THAT NOONA IN THAT RADIO INTERVIEW. IM JUST SEEING THINGS CUZ IM DELULU.

anyway thats my opinion, i hope i dont offend you, or anyone, somehow… cheers. 

P.S: stop with this topsoo vs bottomsoo nonsense. Ive seen this shit a lot on kaisoo tag if you like bottomsoo then go read bottomsoo fanfic if you like topsoo then go read topsoo fanfic jfc people its not that hard.

Stop fighting, we already have enough shit to deal with from the outsiders /a.k.a homophobic haters and ‘other otp’ haters/ and now some of you fighting each other just bc of some fanfic preferences. It’s like we are already at war with other countries and now you guys are starting the civil war, as if there’s not enough war for us already.

(And its not like we know what they do behind the door so stop saying “he is [insert desirable position] bc of [insert reason]” as afact. Please refrain to use the word ‘fact’ to support your preference (if you use ‘imo’ or use gifs/picts etc to support your preference sure go ahead dude/dudette) bc this what triggers people to go batshit crazy and fight.)

I mean they could’ve been into BJ, HJ, 69, thighfucking etc than the actual penetration (bc anal requires a thoroughly preparation and the after effect isn’t that convenient /walking is hard, sore bum, etc/) or perhaps they prefer cuddles and kisses more bc healthy relationship isn’t based on just sex. Just stop this nonsense. Stop fighting please *cry in Spanish*

Anyway since this is already long so I would limit my kaisoo spam

blurry but we know who they are ( ̄ー ̄)

do you stare at your ‘friend’ more than 3 seconds [yes i counted, and no this gif isnt slowed just look at soo’s eyes movement] when they put something inside their mouth?

i love this gif

if you like it put a ring on it

someone is enjoying the view

nini to that person in the right in last gif be like no no u cant touch his hand

babe u dont want to be punished later, do u?

and baek was like ‘oh i know who wrote this’

this was pretty much how ksoo stans reacted to soo’s buing buing

/adore you - by 17 is playing on the background/  I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy~

aww look at soo he was like, what really?

and nini was serious when he said this

soo was like: nah i dont need anything

and nini was like: nonsense. hyung needs my love.

are u sure it’s a hint for the song or u just want to say that line for soo

sometimes i too like do stretching on top of my platonic friend while maintaining eye-contact


son calm down

and last but not least

this is hilarious to me bc it seems nini did this so he could see soo’s reflection on his phone screen lel

Companions react to Sole dressing as the Silver Shroud as a form of Role-play/foreplay

Enjoy! ;) This react took a while longer than intended  because I have to do this on my fiancé’s laptop as he brought his along as mine is getting fixed.  But his closed itself down randomly, making me lose all I wrote. So I had to start from scratch. 

Grinned at Sole with a misschievous sparkle in her eye. Hasn’t tried this kinda thing yet considering where she was at but definitely wants to give it a try. Mentions she’ll gladly play the whole superhero thing along but also suggestively mentions that that doesn’t mean that Sole will be the one to get all the fun out of it. Sole’s gonna have to show her just how ‘good’ they are.

Doesn’t reaaally understand the point of it and gets excited over the whole hidden identity thing. She presumes there’s some sort of reason why Sole does it and naturally connects the dots to mean ‘undercover’ or ‘someone is listening in’.  She just wonders what she’ll be if Sole is the ‘Silver Shroud’. She knows of sidekicks and figures she’d be a very good one due to her scientific skills. 

She gets what Sole means but isn’t sold on the idea.  She remains annoyingly serious in Sole’s opinion and just asks “What are you doing?”  Sole mkes a half-assed attempt to sell her to the idea but fails drastically. “ I am the silve… ok, I’m just messing around.” “Messing around? “

After intially wanting to say ‘Cut out the bullshit’, figures it could still get entertaining to go with it. “I’m sorry, who the fuck are you?” “I am the Silver Shroud!’ ‘I get it, what does that mean?” She has Sole explain their alter ego until they’re kind of annoyed with her. “Sorry, couldn’t drop the chance to do that… Shroud.”

Willing to give it a try at first but doesn’t manage to get really into it. Sole notices and says they can just be themselves too, no problem. A relieved haylen says ‘Oh I was hoping you’d say that’. They call it off and Sole  just decides to seduce her just being themself which earns them a “You’re still a superhero to me.”

Piper plays along. “The Silver Shroud huh? I suppose you couldn’t be tempted for an interview?” Sole smiled. “ I’m afraid I cannot reveal my true identity.” Puper leaned forward a bit. “Well, you can’t mask that ass, I’d know it anywhere. But for tonight, I’ll pretend I don’t … if I get to see underneath that disguise of yours.” Drags a pleasantly surprised Sole to the bed while taking off their clothes.

Cannot be convinced to do it. “I’m terribly sorry Sir/Mum but I cannot do this. My core… ehm heart goes out to you, not your fake persona. I shan’t make love to you when it doesn’t feel real.”

Really doesn’t understand what Sole means at all. He’s completely unfamliar with the concept so Sole dros the act and explains it to him. Since that kind of broke the mood for Sole - and since Danse had only just been explained what it was in a very matter-of-fact manner, they dropped it. A few nights later, however, Danse surprised Sole by saying ‘You know how you like to imagine … Scenes?” “Yeah.” “ Can we try that again?” That night Sole actually had fun in their SIlver Shroud persona,… a lot of fun.

Deacon’s used to disguises, taking names and acting a part. He instantly joins in ; “Ah, the Silver Shroud has decided to visit my lair.” He walked on and turned his back on Sole, folding his hands. “I know you chose to keep me alive after our previous encounter. You couldn’t resist… admit it.”, . Long story short; he plays his self-chosen role of the arch-namisis who the Shroud has a lot of unresolved sexual tension with brilliantly. They both have a blast and agree they ought to do that again sometime after they’re done.

Not only familiar with the concept but  already knows that he loves it. “ Ooh I love roleplay. Who will I be? A zombie pirate?” Sole didn’t break role and said. “I came here to see the renowned misschievous mayor of Goodneighbor, known for his impulsive character and especially his scandalous behaviour. I’ve come to…” Hancock yanked them closer to him by the waist and whispered in their ear. “ Let me guess, to come? That can be arranged.”

He’s got an edge over Sole with the comic book talk due to the fact that he’s read a lot more of them than Sole has. He takes a second to get what Sole’s getting at but when he does he says. “ You wanna play Catwoman/Superman? I’l be your Batman.” He’s up to try anything once, just like that mutfruit thing Sole suggested, and definitely wants to try this too. “ I am the SIlver Shroud!’ “ And I am all yours.”

Maxson would have immediately told Sole to call off this nonsense if SOle hadn’t sounded like they meant it and weren’t joking around. He was aware of their alternate persona but wasn’t very impressed with it. He simply decided he wouldn’t stand in their way as far as that went for as long as it didn’t interfere with Brotherhood missions. He did kind of turn it into some sort of power play though. He showed Sole every square inch of the room that night, 

Is primarily amused.  “Well, I’ve had masked visitors before but they came to either kill me or have sex with me. I’ll warn you, they never succeeded at either. But which one will you be trying tonight?” “ I require your assistance in an important matter detective.” “ I’m listening.” “ 

Ever the romantic he walked closer to Sole and said. “Babe, is all this necessary?” “I’m the silver shroud!’ “ If I have to choose between some fake version of you and the saviour of the commonwealth him/herself,… I choose you.” Sole dropped the act and kissed him. Roleplay just wasn’t Preston’s kinda thing.

Accidentally breaks Sole’s mood in talking too much about what Sole’s actually doing. “ Are we trying this roleplay thing now? I mean, it’s okay. Just a little kinky ya know? Which is really good, don’t get me wrong just… “ 

Doesn’t respond to any of what Sole is saying until they break character and say. “X6! Why aren’t you saying anything?!” “I’m ignoring you.” “Why?” “Because this is ridiculous and some sort of long lost comic hero has nothing on the heir of the institute.”

Rey Palpatine?

Rey Palpatine?

Okay so this is the first of a couple of meta’s I’m publishing in the next couple of days. Today we’re going to discuss the possibility of Rey Palpatine, and all the crack theories my brother and I have come up with. Let’s segment this up all nice and stuff.

First off, why isn’t it the other guys? We have three major contenders for Rey’s heritage, our own certified Mamamia.

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Valkyrie Part 11: Being Alive

A/N: You can find all the other parts to this series here. If you have any suggestions for the story or want to read a specific scene etc, please let me know. :) (Thanks to @sofiasunivers for the gif!)

Plot Summary: Stiles and Y/N are in a surprising new situation after Theo’s attack. As Allison comes back, she brings some old friends, new information and a problem that only Y/N seems to be able to solve. 

Warnings: None, really. Just a little jealousy maybe. 

Persons involved: Reader, Stiles, Allison, Malia, Kira, Scott, Lydia, Liam, Isaac

They don’t leave you out of their sight for the next few days. You weren’t even allowed to drive back to your apartment. Scott got some of your things for you and you had to move into Stiles’ house for now. Needless to say that they haven’t found Theo. There is no sign of him anywhere, which doesn’t surprise you at all. He has always been exceptionally good at hiding and waiting for the right moment to make a move. So you keep waiting too.

In the meantime your anger and disappointment has turned into utter desperation. You can’t believe the mess you’ve gotten yourselves into. Your face may have healed but you almost doubt that it will stay scarless for very long. Or it will be Lydia. Or Liam. Or Scott. Well, the list is endless and you have no idea how to stop it.

A week passes until you finally get a new lead. In form of Allison and others. You’re resting on the bed in Stiles’ guestroom, staring at the ceiling and brooding as he enters. His serious expression worries you immediately.

“What? What’s going on?”, you ask startled.

Stiles seems mildly surprised by your heavy reaction. “Nothing bad. Allison came back. She wants to talk to us in the living room.”

You push out a relieved breath. Just a conversation. These days you are expecting another catastrophe every second, it’s making you really paranoid and slightly panicky.

Stiles waits for you in the doorframe, then you leave the bedroom side by side and walk down the stairs. This happens quite often in the last few days but it feels good. Safe. Protected. The rest of the pack is waiting for you down there and not just them. There are two new faces under your group of friends that you don’t know yet and the presence of unfamiliar people makes you a little uneasy. They observe you as curiously as you observe them.

“Y/N, that’s Kira Yukimura, kitsune, and that’s Malia Tate, werecoyote”, Stiles introduces you, pointing them out for you.

Kira shoots you a soft smile that seems absolutely sincere and you try to return it as best as you can. Malia on the other hand just nods shortly. Malia. You have heard that name before. Suddenly you remember and the realization hits you. Of course! Stiles’ ex-girlfriend. You hadn’t even given her a second thought but here she stands, looking gorgeous and slightly intimidating. God, how long are those legs? It gives you a sting. And another one as Stiles leaves your side and casually stands next to her while you sink onto the sofa, forcing Liam to provide some space. You look away from her and try hard to get your emotions under control. You can’t let them riot like that in a room full of werewolves.

“Soo…what did you wanna tell us?”, Scott asks Allison. She looks a little tired but apart from that she seems to be okay. She crosses her arms in front of her chest and her gaze isn’t directed at anyone in particular.

“We think we might have found out what this woman is. And who that werewolf was that Y/N found last Friday”, she reveals.

This has some effect. A hush rolls over the group and you automatically exchange a look with Stiles. Until you remember Malia’s presence and become somewhat embarrassed. Okay, you definitely have to concentrate on somebody else while she’s in the room. You have no idea what’s going on with you but you have more important things to think about right now.

“How did you find out?”, Lydia offers herself as your next object of interest.

“At first I met dad and he had some conversations with friends of his. Beacon Hills isn’t the first town that had to suffer those kind of losses and hunters have been investigating them all over America. They gave us a few hints and we did some research. That lead me to Chicago where I not only discovered what we are dealing with but also that Malia knew the dead boy.”

“You did?”, Stiles retorts surprised.

“Yeah. Kira too”, Malia answers casually, shrugging. She doesn’t seem too sad about his death, though, so they can’t have been very close. “He went to college with us. And his pack won’t be very happy to find out that you buried him in the woods. You should really reverse this decision.”

“Yeah, great, we’ll do that. Digging him up”, Stiles interrupts her, grimacing in the prospect. “Let’s get back to the important things. Why did he come here? What was in the letter and why did they kill him?”

“Still impatient”, Malia states with a little smirk on her lips. Great. Now you’re coming to the nostalgic and remembering relationship moments part. Exchanging looks and wishing those times back. Whatever. It’s seriously bothering you more than it should and Isaac is already shooting you glances and frowning.

“He was here”, Kira continues and breaks the weird tension that probably only you are feeling. “to warn you guys. At least that’s what his alpha told us. And that kinda answers your other question. The problem is: they didn’t wanna tell us more. They wanna meet you guys and talk personally.”

“So we’re supposed to meet up with a pack that could’ve some information, eventually, but who we don’t know anything about?”, Stiles asks sceptically. “I don’t know. That seems really dangerous and stupid to me, to be honest.”

“They have never seemed hostile to me”, Kira reassures him. “And they also wanna meet in a public place. I always had the feeling that they are good people.”

“The dead boy must have been or I wouldn’t have been sent to him”, you add quickly.

“Let’s skip this discussion for now, I’ll think about it later”, Scott says, reminding you all that he is the alpha. The one who makes the big decisions. Everybody turns to look at him and while you would’ve felt totally uncomfortable under such observation, it seems absolutely natural to him. He even manages to smile softly. “What about the woman, Allison?”

“Let’s put it that way: she’s more powerful than we thought”, Allison answers gravely. Yay. Good news are really piling up here. “My dad and I think that she’s a siren.”

“The siren from greek mythology? That lured men into their deaths at sea?”, Lydia questions astonished.

Allison nods. “Exactly. Well, they seem to have evolved and they’ve become really rare. What’s really important is that they feed from chaos, despair and destruction. The more they cause, the stronger they get. This one has caused quite some damage in a lot of cities now, so she should be more than hard to kill. They also appear as beautiful woman, making men feel safe and charming them until they strike. Their victims usually don’t even realize that they’re in danger until it’s too late. So our guess is that this particular siren is gathering her strength, a lot of strength, to do something huge. Maybe something that has to do with Theo and why he’s helping her.”

You ponder on that for a moment. You don’t like it at all (a state you have become quite used to) but it seems to make sense. She only kills men. The chaos she caused is tremendous. And she definitely is beautiful in an incredibly creepy way. Also Theo always felt drawn to dangerous creatures, especially women. The only question is…

“So what’s she planning to do for him?”

Allison just shrugs. “No idea. Maybe this other pack knows.”

Maybe. To find out you’d have to meet them. And that’s not your call to make.

It seems like every single one in the room is sighing. You are one of them. You all have to deal with this information before you can make any further moves, so Scott declares the meeting to be finished. You kinda feel the need to leave. Maybe because Stiles turns around now to have a chat with Malia. So you stand, ready to take flight, but as you look up, you are greeted by Isaac’s wide grin. His legs are too long too, make him too quick.

“He got you”, he states with a nod in Stiles’ direction. Quiet enough so nobody can hear you, all of them are busy with something else anyway.

You look into his blue eyes and try to appear as innocent as possible. “No idea what you mean.”

“Right. You know, I’m a little disappointed. You’re really interesting, but I guess my chance is over”, he teases you, smirking. You could’ve been embarrassed but you actually have to laugh. Not because this is so absurd, but because he is the only one acting lighthearted and it’s contagious.

“You are too tall for me anyway”, you retort apologetically and his grin grows a little wider.

In this moment, Allison appears behind his back and interrupts your little conversation. You are sad about it. You wanna laugh more. And talk to someone who’s not constantly worried, although noticing far too much for your taste.

“Y/N, can I talk to you for a sec?”, she asks you. You believe to see a trace of despair in her eyes that catches you off guard. She seemed confident before, suddenly she’s a lot paler and her emotions seem to be confusing. At least Isaac looks confused.

“Ehm, yeah, why not?”

It’s Isaac’s sign to leave, which he does, but Allison still bites her lip uncomfortably. “Maybe somewhere more private?”

“Okay…”, you reply surprised before you questioningly point at the staircase. Allison nods and follows you into your new bedroom. You don’t even notice Stiles’ looks in your back.

In the room, you close the door behind you carefully and sit down onto your bed. Allison keeps standing for a moment, nervously fidgeting with her hands. It’s obvious that she’s seriously struggling with something. In the end she sinks down next to you with a heavy sigh.

“Y/N, I need your help with something”, she reveals, staring at you intensely. Your astonishment even grows. Allison Argent needs help from you? She always seemed so tough and strong. A lot stronger than yourself feel anyway. But now you catch a glimpse behind the curtain and a scared girl hides there.

“Okay. With what?”, you retort, trying to make your voice sound reassuring instead of irritated.

“It’s…it’s about the state I’m in.”

“You mean the walking dead thing?”

She grimaces as I speak the word. “Yes. I did a little research on that too but it wasn’t very efficient. Since…since I came back, I’m feeling different. Almost like the whole world has become a little darker and I’m the only one noticing it. I…I feel cold and distant all the time. But I don’t wanna feel like that. I just wanna feel…”

“Alive”, you mumble, frowning. What she’s saying is logical. Having been dead must have some consequences. “I get that, Allison, but where do I come into this?”

“I saw what you did with that werewolf back in the morgue. How you were able to search his mind.”

“Only with Lydia’s help”, you remind her.

“I know…I know. But…Lydia can’t be involved in this.”

Because she’s too close to her. Allison obviously doesn’t even have to speak things out for you to understand her. Of course she wouldn’t want her best friend in her head like this, in the darkest corners of her consciousness. You don’t know if you want to go there either.

“It’s possible to dig through your memories connected to your death”, you admit. “But it’s not gonna be pleasant. And I have no idea if it will have any effect whatsoever.”

Allison presses her lips together. She looks so very desperate that your heart aches while you watch her. You can’t even imagine how it must feel to live like that. How wrong it must feel.

“Please, Y/N. I have to try”, she finally simply states.

You sigh and rub your temples. You’ve gotten soft. It’s just impossible to say no to her, so instead you promptly take her hand in yours and try to concentrate and empty your mind. Especially from Stiles related thoughts.

“Okay, I’ll try to make this quick”, you say. “Close your eyes. Don’t think about anything. Let me lead you.”

She does as you tell her and you close your eyes yourself. You can sense your link immediately and it’s quite easy to connect with her, maybe because she’s so willing. At first all you can see is darkness. There are no emotions or voices or anything. Then it suddenly starts and it’s almost overwhelming. You can see Allison from above, lying on the floor in Scott’s arms, blood on her stomach. A wave of emotions rolls over you. Love. Fear. Sadness. Intense and vivid. And while you’re still staying in the same place, other pictures mix in. Herself laughing with him, feeling thoroughly happy. Herself crying in the hospital, feeling devastated while somebody (must be her father) is holding her. Herself feeling strong and powerful as she kicks somebody’s ass. It’s a life full of feelings. A life well lived.

You can sense how she wants to stay there. But an invisible force is drawing you away from all that. A wall seems to build itself in front of you, locking those experiences away for sure. All that’s left is the darkness.

You pull out of her head and gasp for air. Allison does the exact same thing. Her face is pale, she looks a little sick. You don’t, you’re just feeling exhausted and sweat is covering your palms.

As you both have calmed down a little, Allison looks up at you expectantly, her brown eyes full of dimmed hope. “What does it mean?”

You smile at her sadly. “It means that it’s your own choice.” She blinks confused, therefore you add: “Those emotions are still there. But you are blocking them yourself. You are scared of what could happen if you let them flow. So it’s your own choice. You have to decide if you want to go the easy way or if you want to start living again.”

–> Part 12

Dark Felicity

I mentioned in my 5x07 meta that saw a potential for a dark Felicity arc & was writing a post, but I received an angry comment and it kinda dissuaded me from finishing it. Now, after the latest press release, I felt encouraged to go ahead. 

Our girl has been suffering for a long, long time. It looks like the show is finally poised to deal with it. She has been saying she’s okay but she is clearly not.

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Behind The Scenes (3.5/16)

Author’s note: I have the last few lines of the previous part so things won’t be confusing. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Tiny bit of fluff (Suga)

Word Count: 1861

Summary: Suga informs you on a few things…

WARNINGS: physical abuse

Other parts:  HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Suga nudged your shoulder. “You wanna go to my room?”

You gave him a small nod. You both got off and you followed him into his room.


Suga went to his bed and pulled out his phone. You ever so gently closed the door behind you and went over to his bed. He moved over to the wall and patted the empty space next to him. You flopped down on the bed and let out a long sigh.

Without looking up from his phone, he asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really… I just…  I just hate this. The last few hours actually felt normal… but now I’ve snapped back into reality.”

He put his phone away and turned to you.

You did the same. “I’m scared Yoongi.” Your voice broke. “I’m so scared and paranoid. I can’t sleep. Whenever I do, I just get nightmares that he’s going to hurt me or hurt my family or hurt you… guys. That he just going to hurt everyone. I’m still so scared.” You felt so frustrated and couldn’t help but let a few tears out.

Suga moved closer to you and brought you into a hug. “It’s okay. I know you’re scared. I’m scared too, but it’ll be okay.”

“Thank you Yoongi.” Your words came out muffled as you spoke into his chest.

“For what?”

“Everything” you looked up at him and wiped your tears away. “Thank you for standing up for me and for keeping that monster from hurting me.” You began to cry again. You tried your best not to be too loud.

“Don’t worry about it y/n…” he moved your hair out of your face.

You dug your face back into his chest and continued to cry. Eventually you stopped, but Suga didn’t let you go from his hug. You didn’t mind. You felt safe in his embrace.



“I’ve been wondering something for a while now.”

“About what?”

“Why does Namjoon always comply with your threats?”

“What do you mean?”

You looked up at him.“When he tried to kill me and when he wanted to use me as the mule, you threatened that you would quit. Why doesn’t he want to lose you? Wouldn’t it be easier for him to get rid of both of us?”

“That’s always a fear of mine, but at times it doesn’t seem likely… I’m an important part of his whole plan.”


“Well, back before we debuted, I found about his whole drug thing. I originally wanted to rat him out. I didn’t want his stupid shit to ruin our chances of debuting, but he was able to convince me not to do so. He said that what he was doing would give us some extra money… We made a deal. He would let me have all creative control with the music while he still keeps charge of his drugs stuff…”

“Why did you go with the deal?”

“I don’t know. I guess- Well, at the time I really loved the idea of controlling our music. I felt like my dream was coming true! Plus, by the time I found out, Namjoon and I were already really close. Even though I did contemplate snitching, just the thought of actually ratting him out made me feel as though I was backstabbing my brother. How could I betray him like that? How could ruin his dream of being an idol? Now- now things just spiraled into what they are now?”

“… How did he get into the whole drug thing?”

“He got into it when he got into the underground rapping scene. He claimed he never did drugs, just deals, but I’m not sure. I just know that he worked his way up the ranks and now he doesn’t have to deal with any more of the risky shit as often as he used to. Now he has people under him that do that stuff for him. I don’t know how high he is on the ladder, but I know he’s up there.”

“How did you even find out about everything? Didn’t he threaten you when you found out?”

“Um… In the beginning, he’d always be out of the dorm when we weren’t busy. I would question him about it and he would always change the subject. Then some guy would start dropping by and the dude looked pretty sketchy and all. He would talk to Namjoon really quick and then he would just leave. One day I accidentally walked in on them talking and I overheard a lot of stuff. After the dude left Namjoon saw me and just straight up told me everything. He tried to get me to be his right hand man, but I kept saying no. That’s when he came up with that deal. So now, without me there is no one to write the music. If he replaces me there is no guarantee that the next person will be okay about this whole drug thing. If I’m gone who is to say the other members won’t get upset with him? Without me his plan falls apart.”

“How does he get the other members to go along with anything? The manager? The stylists?”

“With Jin… as far as I know, he is blackmailing him.” He whispered suddenly.

“With what?”

“Jinjin and his ex. Namjoon is the only one, other than Jin obviously, that knows their real names and where they live. Namjoon threatened Jin that he would reveal the fact that he was a dad and that he would reveal their identities. It wouldn’t surprise me if the threatened to kill them too.”

You let out a tiny gasp. Just the thought of little Jinjin getting hurt made you want to cry a bit all over again.”No!… What about Hobi?”

He let out a sigh. “I don’t think I should be the one to tell you that y/n. Maybe you should talk to Hoseok about that… Well, just in general, I’ve told you too much. The less you know the better. You should pretend you don’t know anything.


“You look tired. You should try to sleep before Jin tries to take you back into your room.”

“I don’t think I can sleep.” You said turning to face the ceiling. “Actually, I’m surprised that Jin hasn’t come for me yet.”

“Yeah… Let me go check…” Suga crawled over you to get off the bed. He slowly turned the door knob and peeked out into the living room. Just like you had done, he ever so gently closed the door. You had moved yourself to the wall, so Suga lay where you did previously.

“What is he doing?” 

“The fucker is knocked out. He didn’t even take Jinjin to bed. They are both sleeping on the couch.” he said pulling out his phone.

“What do I do? Do I go wake him up and tell him that I need to go to bed?”

“Nah. Jinjin might start asking questions.”

“Well should we go to my room then? You can lock the door afterwards?”

“True… but I’m already lying down! We’ll go later.”

“Ok, just as long as it’s before the monster comes back. What time is it? They might be back soon?”

“It’s 12:45am. They are usually back at like 2 right? We have a good hour.” He said staring at his screen

“Ok… Yoongi, can I use your phone with you?”

He looked over at you. “Why? What do you want to look at?”

“Nothing really. I just haven’t used a phone in forever. I’ll look at whatever you are looking at.”

“Ah, fine!” he said, pretending to be annoyed. He extended out his arm for you to rest your head on. You squirmed your way over to him and put your head on his arm. He held his phone for both of you to see the screen. He was originally reading an article about the buzz over the release of the BTS videos, but then he opened YouTube. “What do you wanna watch?” he asked

“Um, I don’t know, something funny.”

“Fails? Jknews? What about music videos?”

“Wait! Can we watch animal fails? They are so cute and funny!”

“Aish! fine!”

You both watched video after video of cute animals. You did your best to hold in the feels while Suga silently judged you. Then you moved on to watching reaction videos and fail videos and then music videos. Everything was good until you two heard the front door open about 30 minutes later.

“Shit! Let’s pretend we’re sleeping!” Suga whispered, putting his phone away.

You quickly rolled over to face the wall. Suga turned onto his stomach. You could hear faint sounds of the rest of the boys taking their shoes off and walking all over the dorm.

You could hear Jimin talking. “Where is she? She’s not in the room.” He must have been in the living room if you were able to hear him so clearly.

You could hear Rap monster wake up Jin and telling him to take Jinjin to bed.

Suga’s door creaked open and you heard V’s voice. “Awww they’re sleeping!”

Then you heard Jimin say. “When the cat’s away, the mice will fuck. I should have known that she would be in here.”

“Get the fuck out of the way!” you heard Rap monster whisper angrily. You heard him step into the room. You tried really hard to make it seem as though you were actually sleeping. “This fucking bitch!” you heard him whisper.

Before you knew it, you felt him grab your arm and forcefully pull you off the bed. He knocked Suga off the bed as he pulled you. You let out a scream, but he slapped his hand over your mouth and nose.

“Namjoon, let her go!” Suga said

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Rap monster ordered. He proceeded to painfully drag you down the hall. “You’re so fucking lucky that Jinjin if here, y/n” he whispered into your ear

You couldn’t breathe. You tried to pry his hands off of you, but he was too strong. He kicked open your door and pushed you inside, down to the floor. You gasped for air and began to cry.

“Shut up!” he pulled you up and shook you. “Why the fuck weren’t you in your room?”

You didn’t answer. You couldn’t even catch your breath, before he slapped you hard across your face. “Stop crying or I’ll give you a real reason to cry.”

You did your best to keep any sounds from coming out of your mouth. When you failed to do so, he slapped you again.

“Jinjin was already asleep! Why the fuck were you not in the room?” he asked shaking you violently.

You stayed quiet. You looked over to the door way and saw Jin and Jimin staring at the both of you. “I don’t know.” You eventually mumbled.

He slapped you again on the other side of your face. “The fuck do you mean you don’t know?”

You stayed quiet, you couldn’t think straight.

“You know what? Fuck this! I’ll deal with you later!”. He threw you to the floor and ordered Jimin into the room before locking you two in.

You crawled over to your bed and cried into your pillow. Jimin didn’t say anything. You just heard him walk around the room until he turned off the lights.

You didn’t get much sleep that night. You spent most of the time awake, just feeling dead inside.


So, earlier when I was writing my post about Eggsy and Tilde, I realized that I need a whole separate post about how Eggsy loves and respects women.

So here, have a gifset of Eggsy loving and respecting the women in his life.  And also, have me telling you why every gif here is a good example (as well as discussing a few scenes that aren’t pictured). The wall of text under this read more is akin to the Great Wall of China.  Beware.

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