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Charm Me (Hogwarts!AU)

Part 2/?

Paring: Nalu 

Summary: hogwarts!au where every so often Hogwarts calls for a “house swap” where basically one student from each House is randomly selected to spend a month amongst new housemates. Lucy Heartfilia, star pupil of Ravenclaw, has been selected to spend her time with Gryffindor, which would have been okay (bearable, at least) had it not been for one boy in particular… and what is it about the way he sneaks around like he does? 

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“For the love of God! I mean it, Lucy, I am so over this dumbass House swap!”

Gajeel slammed a heavy fist down on the wooden table, his eruption startling one of the first year students so badly that the spell they’d been practicing on an open library book suddenly backfired and shot soot in their face.

Lucy winced, wanting to suggest that they use their tie to wipe some of the dust from their nose that they’d left, but the first year had already scampered away before she had the chance. 

Gajeel wasn’t fazed, however, and continued, “I so much as sneeze due to all the damn houseplants in their common room and I’m surrounded by a chorus of ‘bless you’s’ all at the same time! Like they practice that shit in their spare time! And if one more person offers to hug me or, God forbid, ask me if I need help finding anything, I’m gonna hex the-“

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Okay, quick and probably ridiculous idea. I’ve been recently proposing the idea that Alt!Calliope, as a dead cherub more true to her base nature than our Calliope and Caliborn, essentially treats the dream bubbles as her domain to curate. She has absolute power here, as well as a sworn duty/desire to protect the bubbles. Come to think of it, in a way, this fittingly posits her as an opposing force to Lord English.

But the real point of what I’m saying here is this: Lord English had post-scratch Damara as his literal Handmaid, right? She was the Handmaiden of Death. In different ways, of course, both English and Alt!Calliope represent Death. That being said, shouldn’t Alt!Calliope have a handmaiden of her own? Wouldn’t it at least be fitting?

I believe that might be Aradia. We already know she’s made it her duty to look after the bubbles and all the ghosts within them, so is it possible that Alt!Calliope is employing her in this service, possibly without Aradia’s knowledge?

If Aradia does know, though, isn’t it possible that she’s been in direct contact with Alt!Calliope? Is that why she’s been so close at hand with Meenah, with Vriska, with the ghost army? Is that why she’s been so silent? Does she know exactly what Alt!Calliope is like, and could she be avoiding leading the heroes to her both for AltCalliope’s own safety, and also because she knows this isn’t the Calliope they need?

If you still love The 100/parts of The 100, that’s okay!

The 100 fandom has been incredibly draining recently, and for a LOT of different reasons. Some of it has been ridiculous. Plenty of it has been entirely valid.

Since last night I have already seen people worrying that because a portion of the fans are planning to ‘boycott’ the show, that it will be cancelled. I’ve got a list for you.

1. At the end of the day, if people no longer want to watch the show then they are 100% within their rights to stop watching the show. That is their prerogative.

2. If they are actively trying to pressure other people into boycotting the show by shaming them for supporting this 'problematic shit-fest’ then they are being dicks.

The 100 is very clearly not perfect, but I want to say to anybody out there that is being made to feel guilty for still being invested/still enjoying it - THAT IS OKAY.

 I think that this idea that it is the most racist  and homophobic show on the planet is utterly ridiculous. That said if something has hurt/upset/triggered anybody - then I’m sorry, and I encourage you to do what’s best for you.
If the shows ratings drop and it gets cancelled because enough people have been turned off, fine. Because I would never suggest that anybody stick with something that was hurting them.

But before you shame or pressure somebody else, remember that this show has also done a lot of good things? It doesn’t excuse the bad, but those good things might be HUGE for different individuals in the same way that f/f representation was huge for others.

1. We have a bisexual lead female character. That’s awesome.

2. We have a LOT of awesome ladies being badass characters in general. (Hey, even in last nights flashbacks -  lady scientists!)

3. We have a GLORIOUS mentor/mentee relationship that has developed incredibly organically between TWO WOMEN, one of whom is a WoC of strength and integrity.

4. Our leading male is of Filipino heritage.

5. We have a character arc (belatedly, I’ll allow) in which we are going to see an AWESOME female character learn to live with her disability.

6. We still have other LGBTQ characters on the show, and I think the writers introduced these characters (or in Miller’s case, confirmed their queer status) because of fans asking for more representation. Yes, they fucked up with how they handled the Lexa situation - but it was also out of their control in some ways. But I’m sure Niylah is coming back (holding out for more f/f rep), and while I’m convinced Bryan is a red-shirt…

7. …I’m pretty confident that Minty is coming - a gay relationship between two PoC.

8. I know people have issues with the way Pike/Jaha/Hannah have all been showcased so far this season, and I get it. But PoC characters are far more prominent on this show than a LARGE majority of shows that get WAY. LESS. shit than The 100 does.

9. Pretty much the whole core cast are either PoC or women, actually.



I cannot put into words how important Raven’s arc is to me this season. I suffer from a chronic illness, and the fact that I can identify with RAVEN FREAKING REYES is incredible to me. And do you know what? I’ve seen a pitiful amount of people talk about the importance of this representation. And that’s fine, because we all identify with different things. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

My message is it’s your choice. I can absolutely see reasons why you may take issue with the show. I can totally see why you would want to stop watching the show if it makes you angry and upset.

BUT DO NOT feel shamed by other people if you still love it, take good things from it, or want to fangirl over it.

Okay, first of all I just have to say, WOW. I can’t believe that I’ve already passed 1k followers on this blog. When I decided to make this blog a few months ago, I had no idea what would happen with the blog. It definitely exceeded my expectations! 

I’ve met so many awesome people because of this blog that I probably would have never met if I hadn’t decided to start it up. Being a part of this community has been a great experience thus far, even through all of the ups and downs that have happened. So, thank you all so very very much for this and I don’t know what else to say lol Just a little side not here, if you’re not aware, this is a SIDE BLOG. So if I follow you, it’ll be from my main blog (@thedivinezeros).

Without further ado, here are some blogs that have made my experience in this community and my dash a happy place ^_^

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again, i can’t thank you guys enough for everything! love you guys! <3

AHHH I still can’t believe I’m here already! Its been such a short amount of time, I’m honestly shocked. i had no idea Caelestis would become so popular!

Excuse the shitty half-assed, five minute graphic while I go on a rant about how much ily okay.

Caelestis was SUCH a spontaneous muse. I’ve had spontaneous muses before, yes. Ones that just popped up, but Cael LITERALLY came out of nowhere. I never expected her to get so big and so precious to me.

Originally, I made her as a purely dramatised historical portrayal, but then I was like, why limit her? So now I have many, many partners in different fandoms and time periods. So far, Cael has fit well into anything I put her into, and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for giving me a follow, and liking this morally ambiguous seer :’)


Basically the ones that I’ve written with a little more, and/or who I trash with a lot. U nerds.

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