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Sorry for vanishing, guys, but I’m back ( for a little while, anyway ) with a new mascot and still totally hyped ! I’m glad to see so many of you have commented on the post regarding an ooc chat already, ily all, but I would like to wait until more of our members have had a say before making a final decision, even if the consensus seems pretty set, so far. In other news, we have 5/11 of the recently accepted accounts in, which is great – thank you for being so speedy !! I’m planning on posting the accounts we have this evening ( GMT time – although, we do have quite a mix of timezones, so nothing’s set in stone just yet ), but there are still 21 hours left for everyone else to get their’s in. The intro post / cabin assignments etc. will all go up after the accounts are posted, then you’ll be free to post your own intros and get started whenever you’d like !!

250lb ➡️ 150lb
Last night I was trying to find some old photos from before I lost the weight… I looked in albums of friends and family events and I literally could hardly find any. It was like I wasn’t even apart of those memories! It reminded me of how I used to hide from the camera. Literally hated taking my picture. I would avoid them at all costs. Who would have thought I would ever be looking back and wishing I would have taken more! ha.
Anyways- here’s a photo from almost exactly 5 years ago. How ironic that I’m eating cake in the picture! lol. Okay not so funny.
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been messaging me and commenting on my transformation pictures!! It reminds me of how far I’ve come and encourages me to continue my efforts of living healthy. “Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”
This quote has stuck with me since the beginning and I’ll never forget it.
Failure has and will always be apart of the process. I have failed in diets and changing my lifestyle literally hundreds of times. I was notorious for sticking with it for a solid 3 days then binge eating until I made myself sick. It was a terrible cycle and I couldn’t stand myself afterwards.
I found myself spiraling into a deep depression and the pain of living in my own body was killing me. It wasn’t until I learned to accept the failures as a part of the process, that I finally started to stick with it.
I’m an ‘all or nothing’ type of person. And unfortunately.. when trying to lose weight… this can be a huge disadvantage. I had been living in that mind set for so long and the moment I would give into temptation I would give up completely. 'Well I cheated already today so mind as well throw in the towel and eat the whole kitchen’. It took me a lonnnng time to get out of this mindset but when I did… I finally started to see results.
I made up my mind ✔ Changed my mindset on how I viewed dieting and ultimately how I viewed myself✔stopped making excuses ✔ and NEVER let the failures keep me down.
Hope this photo encourages you!! 💪🏼😘 #progress #transformation #physique #diet #gains #muscles #beforeandafter #weightloss #nevergiveup

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A/N: I had a bit of trouble with this one as I have no experience with being tall (because I’m like a fucking midget) and couldn’t think of anything. Hope it’s okay :)


Anonymous: Omg if you do a short one please do a tall one since I’m like 5'7 I think lol

Warning(s): Little hint of smut and violence

Word count: N/A


• You being more or less the perfect height for him (apart from being a few inches taller (but he doesn’t mind)).

• You sometimes feel manly and unattractive because you’re taller than him (he soon changes that though ;))

• Heels just can’t be a thing.

• Struggling to fit inside his car (he can only just about get in there).

• Being taller than him just makes you feel self conscious about your height.

• You joke about his height and how small he is (despite it being average).

• Some days you feel like his mum next to him.

• Other days you feel like a supermodel next to him.

• There’s no in between.

• People always make comments (but the Joker will always sort them out).

• He absolutely loves your long legs.

• The henchmen have been caught numerous times talking about your “beautiful pins”.

• “J, I feel like a giraffe.”

• “You’re a sexy giraffe.”

• Your beauty makes up for the fact you’re taller than him.

• He just genuinely doesn’t care because he loves you.

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Taejin Save me Taehyung meets Jin and loses him, non linear verse

If there’s something to be said about Kim Seokjin, it’s that he’s always been so beautiful.

✘ 1k words, TaeJin, non linear verse. For @fuckmybiaslist

There are Good Days and then there are Good Days and Taehyung decides that days like these were the Best kind.

“What’re you thinking about?” Seokjin asks softly, and Taehyung’s really not in the mood to talk, splayed over Seokjin’s lap like this on his couch, staring up at him, the elder’s fingers in his hair on a Sunday afternoon. When he finally manages out an answer, his voice is hoarse from disuse and there’s a twinge of neediness in it.

Typical. Seokjin loves it though.

“What I’m thinking about?” Taehyung echoes, shifting his position from his head on Seokjin’s lap to swinging his legs on either side of Seokjin’s waist so that their faces are inches apart. The afternoon sun streams in through the window and Seokjin is so pretty in it, golden and illuminated from every angle.

He’s always been so beautiful.

“Mmhm,” Seokjin hums, small smile playing on his lips and it is then that Taehyung assumes it’s a Good Day because Seokjin always entertains Taehyung when he’s in the mood to play.

“About how pretty it is outside. And how it’s gonna rain today,” Taehyung says, inching closer to Seokjin’s lips. He’s always had pretty lips, pink and plush and it’s just about Taehyung’s favorite thing about Kim Seokjin.

“That’s it?” Seokjin asks, eyebrow raised, feigning hurt and Taehyung places a hand on Seokjin’s face. They’re rough to the touch, Taehyung knows, hands calloused from hours of gripping cameras too heavy for his weak arms, from writing pages of notes, from bending over a computer and editing into to the night.

Seokjin claims that they’re just about his favorite thing about Taehyung though.

“And how we’re wasting a day like this being inside,” Taehyung says, letting Seokjin tug him down to the claim his lips, and it’s a little too gentle but enough to set Taehyung on fire in seconds, wherever Seokjin’s fingers trail accidentally and maybe he’s already a raging inferno by the time Seokjin lets go.

“And?” Seokjin urges, lips slightly parted and swollen from the kiss and he’s always this damn kissable, Taehyung thinks, but he wants to play a little longer.

“And that we should be outside, seizing the day,” Taehyung purrs, swinging himself off Seokjin’s lap and standing up.

There’s a sharp gasp from Seokjin and Taehyung laughs, tugging Seokjin off the couch and get him out of the apartment too.

“You’re impossible,” Seokjin mumbles and Taehyung kisses him again, this time a quick peck on his lips.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Taehyung says, slipping out of the door and beckoning Seokjin to follow.

“It’s going to rain,” Seokjin points out, smiling and Taehyung shrugs, staring up at the sky.

“It won’t when we’re out.”

Seokjin takes the umbrella anyway.

“Is that really all you were thinking about?” Seokjin asks later when the storm clouds are right above them, and Taehyung finally gives in.

“You, hyung. I’m always thinking about you.”

The smile Seokjin gives Taehyung then is when Taehyung thinks this really was one of the Best Days. Even when it rains like crazy later and Seokjin can’t put enough ‘I told you so’s’ into one sentence.


There are Bad Days and then there are Bad Days. Taehyung hates every kind, honestly.

“God, you scared me,” Seokjin mutters when he finally walks into the apartment to find Taehyung sitting up, arms crossed on the couch. Taehyung can think of a string of things he’d rather have heard from the love of his life at 2 am. Especially at 2 am. Especially when he should’ve been home four hours ago.

“Where were you?” Taehyung asks in a measured voice, but from the way it shakes, he knows even Seokjin can probably tell.

Except maybe he can’t, because Seokjin reeks of cigarettes and too many bottles of soju and bad cologne that wasn’t Seokjin’s. It’s just about one of Taehyung’s least favorite things about Seokjin.

“None of your damn business,” Seokjin snarls and Taehyung flinches and pretends not to notice his tone of voice.

“There’s dinner in the fridge,” Taehyung sighs, getting up from the couch and heading to the bedroom but Seokjin blocks him.

“Stop babying me, I can handle myself,” he growls, voice laced with a kind of hatred Taehyung finds too painfully sharp to possibly be directed towards him, but it is.

“I’m just trying to- ”

“I can’t stand that about you,” Seokjin yells, planting his palms on Taehyung’s chest and pushing him back till Taehyung hits a wall and tears sting at his eyes.

There’s loud voices exchanged then, pointed fingers and harsh words Taehyung has never been good at giving or receiving, bags pulled out from under the bed and things thrown in haphazardly as Taehyung steps out into the cold night.

“You’re impossible,” Seokjin yells before slamming the apartment door shut and Taehyung sags and crumbles on the empty street, engulfed in a deep darkness he can’t escape.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Taehyung whispers into his hands and if he had to rank Bad Days on a list, this was easily the Worst.

It rains again that night.


Taehyung’s lacking sleep as usual. It was probably evident, the way he was sure his hair was sticking out at odd angles at this point from running his fingers repeatedly through them, shoulders drooping but eyes focussed on the model in front of him.

“Seokjin’s our biggest contract yet,” Jimin tells Taehyung at the coffee break later and Taehyung has to tear his eyes away from Seokjin talking up the makeup ladies to tune into what Jimin is saying.

“That famous?” Taehyung says, but he doesn’t doubt it.

Kim Seokjin has always been so beautiful.

“Sure, he’s walked the foreign runways too,” Jimin says, deleting a few pictures off his camera, already distracted. Taehyung’s too busy eying Seokjin from across the room to pay attention either. He looks softer in real life than the magazine covers, more human, Taehyung thinks, but there’s something else Taehyung can’t really put his finger on.

There’s a moment Seokjin turns his head and their eyes meet, and Taehyung holds his breath. He’s breathtaking, quite literally, Taehyung realizes, and then Seokjin smiles and him and winks before turning away and Taehyung’s left feeling a little dizzy.

That’s what’s really different about Seokjin in person.

He’s got a smile that left him weak in the knees. Taehyung’s always been a sucker for those.

He’s definitely going home with Seokjin’s number today.

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OMG, I love Pearl's momswap theme! Question though; is she gonna be Peridot or Jasper? 'Cause you said she would be getting a lot of Jasper's dialogue, but, IDK.

she’s pretty much Jasper, yeah. but less of an aggressor and more like this promised threat waiting in the shadows. mostly, Steven and the others are wary of her because she seems to have Big Bad Jasper pretty spooked for some reason.

homestuck-4-you-4-ever said to facet-5:
Okay but have we all considered; Momswap!Pearl is just, somehow, a really buff AND smart pearl. You know Buff Pearl’d be amazing.

eh, not so much on the buff side, since i’m trying not to change them too much, but she will be handing a few butts back to people. some more enthusiastically than others.


Hair Color Pt. 3 (soulmate!Michael)

Requested: yesses! The idea came from this amazing anon!

Words: 1538

A/N: okay, listen i really need your opinion on this! did you like it or was it directly crap? please say something and come with ideas to the series, if you have any - i might use them. also like… should there be more parts? i literally have no idea! also i’ve been listening to james bay which makes me very… there’s no word for how james bay makes me feel.

Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

PART 1! - PART 2! - PART 4! 

Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

You didn’t think much of it after. Actually your life was going pretty well. Somehow you ended up at a party with Sally and getting a few shots down in you, you and Carter kissed. You hadn’t really kissed anyone before. Well, not like that. You’ve kissed boys, it’s just this kiss was… different. Carter didn’t even notice your lacking skills. The next day, he asked you out on a ice-cream date and you couldn’t help, but to say yes – because saying no is hard.

“I’m sorry bring this up, but have you ever dyed your hair? “ Carter said after understanding the problems with your soulmate. “Like chosen your own color? “

And you definitely had tried. After the 5 Seconds of Summer concert, you dyed your hair a natural brown, which clearly wasn’t the choice of your soulmate. He immediately changed it back to the purple. You tried some different colors, but he really just wanted the purple hair. So you decided to let it be and just move on. Dyeing your hair that much couldn’t be healthy.

“Yes, but he’s always dyeing it back. “ You said with ice cream hitting your tongue and thought back on the 5 Seconds of Summer concert and the weird coincidence with the guitarist. Of course, it was a coincidence, but you couldn’t stop thinking about it at night. You actually listened to some of their music now and you figured out the names of the boys – Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke.

“What about your soulmate? “ You asked Carter. He looked at you with his pretty, brown eyes and a small smirk.

“Listen, it’s all very cute and stuff. But who says you have to be with your soulmate?“ He leaned in and whispered it like it was a secret. Those words hit you. You had always thought of it to be the only way. You didn’t say anything and you were sure, you must have looked scared.

“But hey, that’s just my opinion. It just kinda ruins the whole “young-romance-thingy”. “ He said leaning back in his chair. The sun was shining down on his tan skin and he looked beautiful. “It ruins our relationship, you know? Our chances of ever being together? “ He said, making it sound like a question, clearly waiting for an answer. He looked down on his hands, so you couldn’t get eye contact – which made it harder for you to turn him down. So you didn’t.

“It doesn’t ruin our chances. “

“So you’d like to go another date with me? “ Carter asked, looking up, catching your eye. You saw the sweet hope in his eyes and you didn’t want to see that hope go away.

“Yes. “

Quickly, one date more, turned to two. Two turned to three. And all of a sudden you and Sally had boyfriend-brothers, which Sally of course loved. She thought double study dates were one of the best things ever, even though you would just be distracted. Bill and Sally fooling around, kissing each other and just generally being loud would distract you. Then Carter wanted to show of a bit too, which you weren’t very fond of. But he quickly notices your annoying face and trembling leg.

“Do you wanna go to the library? “ He would ask and you both would go down to the library, finishing up the work. You were quickly done, since you weren’t the dumbest chick in class. Carter, on the other hand, was a bit slower. He sometimes needed help for some questions, and you would just giggle at him.

“Stop laughing at me! “ He exclaimed, putting down his pencil with a smile on his face.

“I can’t help it! “ You said, laughing in your wooden chair, almost failing off. “You’re so cute. “ You placed a small kiss on his cheek, making him blush.

“Stop it, I can’t concentrate. “ He muffled picking up the pen and starting writing notes from the reading again.

“Yeah, I get it. “ You said, throwing a couple of purple locks behind your back. “It must be hard concentrating with such a BEUATIFUL woman sitting right next to you. “ You yelled throwing yourself back in the chair.

“That’s not why. “ He said cheekily. You sat up and slapped his arm. “Of course, that’s why, babe. You’re the one who’s tripping me of. “ He said, moving closer to your face.

“Good. “ You said before kissing him. He then turned back to his homework and you would just watch him.

This wouldn’t last forever, would it? He was definitely not your soulmate, that’s for sure. But did you have to be each other’s soulmates to be in love? Were you even in love? He was the first boyfriend, you’d ever had and you really did like him. At first you thought he was just like his brother; a total fuckyboy. It wasn’t anything bad towards him or Sally. He just got a reputation for being a douche – but then again, that was the kind of people sally went for.

“I’m done! “ Carter bawled, smacking his book and throwing his hands in the air. “What do you want to do? “

“Honestly, I just want a cheeseburger. “  You said, getting up from the chair and taking your own books with you.

“McDonald’s, here we come! “ Carter yelled behind you making you shriek as he lifted you of the ground and carried you out of the library.

Bill and Sally would go with you guys too, being the loud, obnoxious couple who was really into PDA. You and Carter would always follow behind, laughing at small inside jokes and funny stories. You would all get cheeseburgers and some fries. There wasn’t anyone at the restaurant, except from you guys, the cashier and a middle-aged couple in the corner. It was pretty late, so you wouldn’t except there too be crowded like it normally was. While Carter and Bill was telling a story of their childhood, the door opened making the little bell ring. Two very tall guys walked in. One guy wore a baseball, but you could see the blonde tuft of hair sticking out. They both wore sunglasses and you wouldn’t have recognized them if it wasn’t for the purple hair.

“Sally! “ You whispered, kicking her under the table. “That’s the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer. “ Sally looked towards the disk, where they were now standing, probably figuring out what to get. Sally’s jaw dropped immediately and she stood up.

“Let’s go and say hi. “ Sally lifted her brow like you had an actual choice. You looked over at Bill, who was already up beside Sally. Carter shrug and got up too.

“C’mon, babe. They’re humans too. “ He said, holding his hand towards you like you needed help to get out of the chair. But he didn’t know why you didn’t want to meet them. It was Michael – the one you’ve thought was your soulmate. And confronting him was scary and you knew that was what Sally wanted you to. So you took Carters hand and walked towards the guys. Sally was of course the first one to speak up.

“Hi. “ She said quietly but loud enough for them to turn around. “Luke and Michael, right? “ She pointed towards them as she said their names. Michael took of his sunglasses, looking you up and down.

“Haven’t I seen you two before? “ He asked. His grey eyes were and when he squinted them, his eyelashes would almost hit his cheek.

“Yeah. “ You could barely talk, and it was terrifying. It wasn’t Michael who made you nervous. It was the fact that he might could be your soulmate.

“We were at your show a couple months back. “ Sally said, showing of her chest and giving them looks. Bill, who was standing right next to her, didn’t seem to be very happy about that.

“Oh yeah I remember! You guys almost sneaked onto our tourbus! “ Michael exclaimed, not showing any grudges. “You still have the same hair color as me! Awesome! “ He high-fived you clearly not thinking about what it could mean.

“Which brand is yours from? “ He asked. You opened your mouth, closing it again.

“I don’t know. “ You said, avoiding looking at Michael. Instead you looked over at Sally who was wide-eyed and clearly filled with curiosity. Because what if?

“How can you not know? “ He chuckled, his eyes crinkling. Luke was ordering now which was distracting.

“I didn’t really choose it. “ You bit your lip, waiting for Michael to get it. Carter kept pulling you closer, clearly not happy about what was going on. 30 seconds passed before Michael said anything.

“Did you try to dye your hair pink once? Then brown? Blonde? Pink again? “ He asked wide-eyed. This was it. You looked over at Carter who was just as surprised as Michael was. You knew this could ruin your chances of getting with Carter – but Michael Clifford was your soulmate and there was no going back now.

“Yes. “ You whispered almost like the word hurt.

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Appetite for Destruction (Part 10)

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1340

Summary: AU. Love happens where you least expect it, like with your fiance’s brother after you’ve just moved across the country to live closer to his family.

Warnings: Infidelity, Angst,  Smut, Crying.  (Apologies if I missed any.)

A/N:  Loosely based on 2:20: What Is and What Should Never Be and of course named after one of the greatest rock albums of all time.  

Okay, wonderful people.  This is that last part.  All I have written for this story.  And so now you get the choice of this being it, or if you want about 2-5 more chapters.  But regardless, I want to thank everyone that’s read, liked, reblogged, commented, or messaged me about this story.  You’re all amazing and wonderful and I really appreciate it.  

Tags:  @dancingalone21, @jessiedangerous, @spnblooging  @hugwinchester, @butiaintgonnaloveem

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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Choosing to be a child would have been easier.  She could have packed a bag, and left that evening, emailing her boss, leaving a voice message on Sam’s phone.  

Choosing to do the right thing was harder.  

Choosing to care for herself was the hardest.  

Instead she took a shower and went to bed, pretending to sleep when Sam came home later, the bed dipping as he crawled in beside her.  The next day she submitted her two-week notice. The day after that she tried to tell Sam the truth.  She failed, and tried the next day, and the day after, and the day after.  

Two weeks passed and the date circled on her calendar had finally come: the date she would leave Kansas and her engagement.  Y/N sat to write the words she couldn’t find the voice to say.


We like to believe we’re the hero of our own story.  I think most of us go through our lives without being tested.  We live in a fantasy perpetuated by gentle seas.  But there are moments in life when you’re tested, when you truly meet yourself and discover that you’ve been the villain all along.  

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hello sorry if this is too much to ask but if you don't mind you you mind doing a post/pic compilation about the subtle height difference between 2jae and how cute it is? hehe thank you!!

Hi anony ヾ(^∇^)

It is never too much to ask! And i will never mind doing anything that involves helping you or doing something realted to 2jae because even though they are probably an inch or half an inch how tall are they? at first he was 5′8″ and i thought Youngjae was 5′9″ but now i hear he is 5′10″? It is so cute how small Youngjae looks compared to Jaebum (ノ_<。)ヾ(´▽`)

OKAY FIRST! SINCE YOUNGJAE WAS LIKE 5′7″ maybe from the beginning, and Jaebum is old my age he was probably done growing but it is so more noticeable here!!!!!!!!

Ok but this will be long, sorry /.\

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Day 5 (finally 😂)

Day 5/30 Day Writing Challenge

Fandom: Uncharted 4

Word Count: 1824

Author’s Note: Oh look, another Naughty Dog game sorry not sorry They make me feel things okay? But this one is for Uncharted 4. I realise its been more than a day since my last update, but my internet was shadey and I’ve been working, and now I’ve decided that I’m just gonna write when I can/feel like it. I’m not gonna feel guilty for having a job. (That is in no way me having a go at anyone. I’m the one who makes myself feel guilty. You are all ovely little beans :))

Prompt: “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “Don’t care. Shut up”

Well that fucking sucked! You thought to yourself as you collapsed face first into the wet sand, spewing sea water everywhere and struggling for breath. You’d just managed to suck in a breath of air when another wave hit you in the back and knocked you on your face again. Spluttering, you tried to push yourself back up onto your knees so you could attempt to crawl further up the beach, but your strength had deserted you after fighting so long and hard against the stormy waters you’d been tossed into.

“Y/N, come on!” A voice called through the storm and you felt a hand around your upper arm, dragging you up and urging you to keep moving. Opening your eyes, you struggled to see through the onslaught of rain to whoever had your arm. Lightning lit up the sky briefly enough that you caught a glimpse of three birds on his neck, and you sighed in relief. It was Sam.

Of course it was. Now that you thought about it, you remembered hitting the water hard, getting battered around so much by the stormy sea that you didn’t even know which way to swim to find the surface. You’d just started to panic when a hand had found yours, dragging you upwards, and when your head had broken the surface, it had been Sam who’s hand was in yours. But Nate…

“Where’s Nathan?!” You gasped as you stumbled up the beach on shakey legs, looking around for any sign of the younger Drake.

Sam just shook his head, his eyes wide as he stared at you. “He’s fine! The current dragged him further up shore. We need to get to high ground and send a signal!”

What if he was still in the water? You were just about to protest when thunder rumbled over head and made you jump out of your skin. You’d never been a fan of storms, and now you were stuck in one, out on some weird remote island, half drowned with no shelter… You were kicking yourself for ever answering the call when Nathan Drake called for your help those weeks ago.

“We need to find some shelter!” Sam insisted, letting go of your arm to take your hand instead, squeezing it reassuringly. You let him lead the way, and slowly the two of you managed to get off the beach and into the semi sheltered jungle. Despite your exhaustion, the two of you managed to keep moving for a while before the looming face of a cliff halted you.

“We can’t climb that in this. We’ll slip and die before we make it half way,” you pointed out, even though the rain had slowed down somewhat. Water was still pouring down the rocks like a deadly waterslide, and it was still pretty dark from the storm clouds. You knew Sam wouldn’t argue, but you could tell he wanted to be moving, finding Nate before Shoreline did. Taking his hand again, you waited until he was looking at you were speaking. “We’re no use to him in this state anyway. We need to get some rest and wait for the rest of the storm to pass. First thing tomorrow though. We’ll find him,” You promised, seeing Sam’s shoulders slump before he nodded and turned away from the grey rocks.

You followed him a little way back, hugging yourself against the chill that was creeping up on you. It was cold, and if you didn’t find some shelter before nightfall, the two of you were in for a long, cold night. Everything was too wet to even attempt a fire, and with Shoreline probably on the island, you didn’t want to announce your position.

So you kept your eyes out for anything to take cover under, but it was eventually Sam who called back to you that he’d found a cave, so you hurried to his side and looked where he was pointing. It would be cozy, but the two of you would fit in there, so you just nodded and hurried inside, Sam close behind you.

Once you were out of the rain, you danced around on the spot for a moment, too cold to stop moving, and by the looks of him, Sam was the same. You’d have asked him if it was worth risking a fire, but you were quite attached to your tongue, and the chattering of your teeth didn’t inspire you with confidence that it would survive the question. Instead you kicked off your boots and then ignored Sam’s bewildered look as you started stripping down to your underwear. It went against every instinct to remove your clothes when you were already so cold, but you had to get the excess water out of them if you wanted any hope of warming up.

Sam figured that out too and followed your lead. Soon enough the two of you were shivering violently while you debated if you should put your clothes back on in the hope they’d dry faster. You were about to pick up your shirt to put on when a body was suddenly in front of you, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close.

“Body heat,” he explained quickly when you tensed up, so you just nodded and nuzzled closer, feeling the slightest hint of warmth begin to spread between you, even though the two of you were frozen. It felt so good, and you couldn’t get close enough to Sam.

It took you a moment to realise that you were almost purring as he ran his hands up and down your back to warm you further, and you stopped as soon as you realised what you were doing, but of course Sam had noticed. Burying your face in his chest, you finally risked speech.

“Shut up.”

Sam just chuckled and continued rubbing warmth into your cold body. “I didn’t say anything.”

Shaking your head, you couldn’t help but smirk a little. “Don’t care. Shut up.”

After a couple more minutes of the two of you hugging and rubbing warmth into each other, you slowly stepped back, your face bright red as you looked up at Sam. He had a strange look on his face, and you wondered what thoughts were running through his head at that moment, and if they were anything resembling your own. You’d liked Sam for a while, and the two of you flirted so bad that Nate and Sully had regularly told the two of you to get a room, and threatened to kick you out of the plane, but nothing further had occurred. Much to your disappointment.

“Put your clothes back on,” Sam suggested, nodding to the clothes you’d laid on the floor to dry, and you frowned a little. Apparently his thoughts were not in the same place as yours, so you quickly turned away to hide your blush, bending to pick up your clothes and quickly tug them on, your breath catching as the cold material made contact with your skin.

When the two of you were dressed again, you claimed a spot by the wall and lay down on your side, facing the outside of the cave and the spot that Sam quickly chose, laying down between you and the outside. Trying not to let your thoughts stray again, you quickly closed your eyes and tried to get some sleep, though you doubted you get much sleep with Sam so close to you, yet still so untouchable. In an effort to distract yourself, you started mentally singing your favourite songs, wishing you had your ipod with you.

You were just about to start your mental guitar solo of Bohemian Rhapsody when you felt something touch your face. Your first thoughts went to huge cave lurking spiders, so your eyes flew open and you were about to scream when you realised that it wasn’t a giant furry arachnid, and was instead Sam’s hand as he brushed your hair back off your face.

“What are you doing?” You asked when you realised how close he was to you and the way he was looking at you.

“You were shivering again,” he whispered, edging closer and holding his arm out to you as an invitation to use it as a pillow.

Trying not to seem too eager, you moved closer and let him put his arm around you while you snuggled into his chest. You could feel his breath in your damp hair, and after a while it was clear he wasn’t able to sleep either, so you decided to fill the silence with words.


His arms tightened around you a small amount as he grunted an answer.

“You worried about Nate?” You asked, feeling like it might be a stupid question. Sam was always worried about Nathan. You thought it was pretty cute, even if Nate was a grown man, and had been in plenty of life threatening situations before, without Sam as back up. In fact, you had been his back up a lot of times since Sam ‘died’.

Sam just sighed and shook his head a little. “No. Not really. He’s made it this far without me… and besides, we Drakes are hard to kill,” he chuckled, to which you gave a grin and nodded.

“No kidding!” You laughed as you slid your hand under his tee and touched the scars that were left from his near death experience 15 years before. He froze up at your touch, sucking in a breath, so you quickly removed your hand and blushed. “Sorry, I…”

“Have cold hands,” Sam finished, laughing a little, and you sighed in relief. “I know I’m irresistible, but if you could keep your hands off me until they’re a little warmer, I wouldn’t complain,” he teased, so you pushed him away.

“Shut up!” You protested, unable to stop smiling. He caught your hand on his chest and even in the dim light you could see the smile on his face and the way he was looking at you. The same way he always looked at you. The same way you were probably looking at him at that moment too. So why had neither of you made a move yet?

“Are you going to kiss me or not?” You eventually asked, bored of waiting around for Sam to man up.

He didn’t seem totally phased by the question, and shrugged.

“You know, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that for a while now. To be honest with you though, I expected more of a "Sam I’m so in love with you! I have been for so long! Take me home and make me yours!” He teased in a high voice that sounded nothing like you, so you rolled your eyes and pushed his chest again.

“Oh my god, shut up!” You yelled, moving forward and kissing him quickly to cut off anything else he wanted to say.

Imagine Luke realizing how much he likes you...

“I swear if I have to look at one more photo of y/n on her date I’m going to throw my phone away,”  Luke grumbled, exiting out of Instagram.
“Sounds like someone’s jealous,” Michael snickered, patting Luke on the shoulder. 
“I’m not jealous,” Luke defended. “I just don’t understand why she has to post so many pictures… Okay, we get it, you’re having fun on your date.” 
“She posted one photo,” Calum said, looking at his own phone. 
“Someone is definitely jealous!” Michael chuckled. 

Luke rolled his eyes, flicking his tongue against his lip ring while looking down at his phone, seeing the photo of the two of you he had set as his background. The both of you had wide smiles on your faces, Luke’s arms wrapped securely around your body, his chin resting on your shoulder. It had always been his favourite photo, the sun had hit you hair at the right moment, the light bouncing through the colour and your eyes were the brightest he’d seen them. It was a sight he wanted to see over and over again; except he wanted to be the reason, not this guy who didn’t know anything about you. 

Luke’s eyes went wide as he realized what that meant, realizing what his band mates had been saying to him for months. He liked you. 
Jumping up from where he had been sitting he looked around madly for his car keys, Michael, Calum and Ashton looking at him with concern. 
“Where are you going?” Cal asked, his eyebrows knitting together. 
“To see y/n,” Luke answered with a shrug, heading to the door with his keys in hand. “I have to tell her how I feel.” 
“She’s on a date!” Ashton called. 
“Exactly! I have to tell her while I have the chance!” 

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so I just launched my joint studyblr/booklr, and to celebrate, it’s time for some blogrates! 


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azulaludgate  asked:

Top 5 Scenes you would have wanted to see in Hamilton?

Okay okay, in no particular order of preference.

1) I wish we’d had closure on Theodosia? Like, is it ever even mentioned he lost her? I don’t know. I think it’d have been good to have the reprise of Dear Theodosia, to make sure the audience knows what happened to Theo Sr. 

2) More Peggy and in particular her interacting with Alexander.

3) I wish we’d seen that Eacker was a Burr partisan so it makes the foreshadowing and the sense of doom even stronger for the future Burr-Hamilton duel.

4) More Angelica, maybe showing us that she was in correspondence with so many important people and that she was so highly regarded by many. 

5) Closure on Lafayette like “Lafayette’s a smart man he’ll be fine” No he wasn’t!!!!!! You ruined his life!!!!! Not really but you know? Poor Laf. 

anonymous asked:

Eeeeeeee!!! Okai, okai, how about Kevin now?? :3

What, are we going to go through the whole cast? Not that I mind of course~

First impression

Alright I have to tell a story. When I first got into Night Vale, I binged it after getting past episode 5. That was the hump for me, and after that I couldn’t stop listening. I was so excited and I was loving the town and the characters. Then I get to Sandstorm. I’m very interested and liking the idea and then Kevin comes in. And I fall in love with his voice. Even more so than I had with Cecil. I just adored the sugary sweet tone in his voice and how happy he was and how he looked around with fascination. I was kind of disappointed when Cecil finally came back.

And then I discovered there was a Part B to Sandstorm. I was utterly ecstatic. I turned on the episode and listened gleefully as Kevin talked with the banjo in the background. I was loving every second of it…until Cecil came in. Because then he described what was surrounding him. The blood, the viscera, and suddenly I began feeling very, very scared of this wonderful town called Desert Bluffs. And when Kevin came back, his sugary tone made me feel sick to my stomach. I wasn’t so sure about Kevin at that point.

So my initial reaction went from absolutely adoring to utterly horrified in thirty minutes.

Impression now

Now that we have more backstory to Kevin and we know more about him, I really, really like him. I think he’s a wonderful character with a tragic history and should be in more episodes to earn him the redemption arc that’s missing between his character now and the third part of Triptych. I also really want some Kevin backstory.

Favorite moment

Ooh I’m not sure if I can pick out one particular moment that I loved of his. Really just the entire episode of Triptych is one of my favorite Kevin episodes and I remember listening to the episode on repeat one afternoon when I was drawing him.

Idea for a story

I don’t have many WTNV story ideas, so I don’t have one for Kevin. But if I were to make one up on the spot, I’d probably try to think of how he meets the Desert Bluffs version of Carlos, because I know that he has to exist somehow.

Unpopular opinion

It would probably have to be that Kevin didn’t do anything wrong. This does not mean that he hasn’t done horrifying things, because he clearly has. Murdering several people to use their blood as decorations for the walls is clearly a bad thing. But he didn’t do anything to deserve what he got. Kevin was a bright-eyed (literally) guy who loved his town and his work and the Smiling God/Strex just took that away from him and turned him into the monster that he is now. And I know that a lot of people probably share this general idea, but it’s heavily shadowed by the horrifying side of Kevin that was brought on by Strex’s brainwashing, which unfortunately creates a lot of discourse in the fandom about whether or not Kevin should be looked upon as a good character or not. I see a lot of people either woobifying Strex (like fans have done to Loki and other villains) or turning him into a horrifyingly sadistic character that deserves no redemption. Kevin is neither of these. He’s a normal guy that was forced into becoming a horrifying monster and he’s going to have a tragic end when he’s old, sane, and realizes what horrible things he did as a result of Strex. And he did nothing to deserve such a fate.

Favorite relationship

I actually really like his relationship with Cecil as it’s highlighted in Triptych. Cecil was an important part in his dedication to the revolution against Strex in his youth, which has stuck with him even as he’s an old man. I just think that really says something about the Kevin that’s hidden under layers of brainwashing, and I really want to see this explored more.

Favorite headcanon

While it’s actually canon now, I loved the headcanon that Kevin had no eyes at all rather than having black, bug-like eyes. I also like thinking that Kevin doesn’t look exactly like Cecil. Such as he has different colored hair or slightly different skin tones, etc. Having them be exactly identical just…never really clicked with me? I always pictured him similar, but with different colors, like how Night Vale and Desert bluffs are characterized as opposite colors.

Send me a character!

Okay so, more or less detailedish review of the alfie thing

No pictures provided bc I’m on mobile and I can’t attach them so it’s gonna have to be when I get home or when I figure out how to do photosets with the app. Also you’re gonna have to wait until merel gets to go on tumblr for her side of the story ANYWAY:

- we got there at like 5.30 pm which was a very bad idea for ME because it was windy and my cold italian self was like GOD I’M GONNA GET SICK FROM THIS (no I didn’t but whatever XDD) but anyway there was like literally no one else except a couple Japanese girls who then left *shrug*
- anyway we’re there for one hour and something and then alfie shows up walking down the road with the pret a manger white box thing like GUYS COME ON DO ACTORS HAVE TO BUY THEIR OWN LUNCH REALLY
- okay so we didn’t stop him THEN because seriously he was about to have lunch poor guy so we waited another twenty minutes and then he shows up with a photographer in tow which we didn’t notice at the beginning and I kinda sent merel ahead because there were a lot more chances he’d remember her and I was kinda like I NEED TO NOT LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT
- anyway he remembered her/the theon book and they talked a bit about it and she’ll tell you more because really my recollection is what it is
- so then I went like HEY NOW *I* HAVE A THING FOR YOU and gave him the book and I was gonna start with my speech but then the lulz started because the photographer goes like ‘hey you can talk but you need to not be in my way’ and I was like okay what is said way and like he positions me in someway and it was hilarious in retrospective because like the guy was there taking pics and alfie had the book there and I think it must have showed in some of them while I was on the other side of the sidewalk going about what it was and the likes while he thanked us IT WAS SURREAL
- anyway then he came back and he was like omg that’s amazing thank you so much and the likes and idk guys he was in front of me I don’t even remember what I said other than being like NO THANK *YOU* and also have a good show, at which he goes like 'oh are you coming to the show’ and I was like WELL SURE WE ARE (I mean man I don’t come from italy just to stalk the backdoor xDDD) and he was all like AH NICE WELL ENJOY IT aw
- then like we met him again outside after it was over to get our stuff signed and like he couldn’t take pictures because then everyone else would have to and they’d be there forever but like who cares I didn’t really need one xD also he was all like aw I’m really glad you liked it and really he was amazing ;____; and so NICE I just ;___;

Also I was gonna post my thoughts re the play but since I’m gonna tag this with theon AND my battery is at 3% now AND I think I need to not be on mobile to do halfway srs theater critiquing it’s gonna be for when I come back but tldr I loved it and I thought everyone was great in it and btw ot5 everywhere. XD I’ll be back for part 2/the pictures when I can ;)

Been working on Wurr book 5’s script whole day today. I want to get this first scene fully thumbnailed before I start drawing the pages, but it’s getting longer than expected. And it’s starting to look like there might be more stuff in this book than I originally thought there’d be. Whoops.

I might have to bump this book’s ending to the next book instead. Which, okay, this book’s structure allows that. I’ll still have nice stuff to end the book with. It would, however, mean that I’m not going to get to sneak in some characters I’ve been waiting to have around for several years now, who were supposed to show up at the end of this book.

Hrumph. Patience isn’t fun.

Simone/Zac AU

Okay I guess I could have written my beginning teaser more clearly. But please stop encouraging someone to write the Simone/Zac fic with that beginning. That is literally the beginning of a fic I am working very hard on. I encourage every writer who likes the idea to start a fic of their own! But please please please if you do, do not use those words as your beginning because I am working on a fic and that is my opener.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat with this post. But I have seen about 5 people tag other writers in something I’m working on and asking them to do it. And it’s just really frustrating.

helloooooooo! i have picked the members for the evanstantrashnet! it was v hard and stressful but i love u all very very much okay okay here we go


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