okay i have a problem

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jisoo, our pretty, beautiful noodle, has great arms

oh hell yeah he does….

he freakin does …………….. 

Are these jewel-lookin’ things on my face eyes? ‘Cos I’m gonna be honest, they feel like eyes, an’ I dunno if I’m alright with that.

A-an’ why’s it always stands that wanna fuse with me first, anyway?!

sooooooooooooooooooooo hit em’ bc I have 1.7K saved messages lmao

okay so like i have a huge problem and i have the weakest shittiest memory in the world, so these messages are stored for a reason.. they’re a daily reminder to stay strong and to keep fighting bc there are so many of you out there fighting too. i love you all so much and am so grateful for every single message sent.
most of them are just the messages i had before tumblr created the “CHAT”.
screams bc there are so many newbies screams bc the ogs left but here’s to like some bc I’m bout to watch scene stealers xx ( jaypark & uglyduck) - no particular order !!!* ( rereading all this and im like 10 / 10 “IMY” like the real issue is.. where was I lmaaaaaaao )

@18jww - LUV YOU TON XX have a beautiful day hun 
@milkisoda - there are bad days and there are better days, but you deserve all the love in the world !! stay strong~ you got this c;

@arcane-sonder - to the strongest one out there, you’re the best !! YOU DESERVE THE ENTIRE WORLD LUV YOU
@vampitae - GOD. I FUCKING MISS YOU TOO DEATH. DON’T FORGET TO FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS *cries a ton ( lmao i came across the message where i though you knew me irl and i panicked awwwh lol )
@dwejigogi - “you’re hot. hahah luv me!” (i was so weird back then pls forgive me)
@wildtaelephant - YOU BETTER STAY STRONG BC IM STAYING STRONG TOO i luv you to death xx never give up~
@fuck-jongin - WHERE ARE YOU omg don’t overwork yourself with school and stay healthy my beautiful friend
@ohhobi - i love you so much and you make me cry all the time bc your words hit me so hard. god i miss you tons. i hope you’re doing okay and taking care of yourself !! stay lovely and kick asssss
@j7nseok - og the real one ! stay poppin and pls continue to luv khh bc what am I going to do w/o you
@92hyoseob - I DON’T KNOW WHERE I WENT TBH everything slipped by and it’s been like a whole yr. I LOVE YOU AND SORRY FOR BEING LIKE A LAME antisocial bitch but IM STILL HERE <333
@jinfy - LMAO WHEN DID YOU CHANGE YOUR URL OMG IMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i miss our long talks or well our updates tbh ): and I just wanted to say thank you for everything and i love you so much. I will always be here on tumblr if you need anything tbh. life is always fluctuating and i hope your life is full of happiness and fun bc you deserve it all hun ~ YOU DESERVE IT ALL 
@mydreamsillionaire - youre an angel. 1LL slayyyyin. i was going to the sf 1LL tour but it got canceled. rip. hope your life is poppin and full of fun xx
@ygnj -  hope youre doing well c: stay strong and keep having a beautiful life xx

WELL THAT’S IT lmao I finished like 22 pages of messages and there’s so much more, but still I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who messaged me and really supported me for the pass… idk three? four years?!!!! I won’t ever forget you all so I’m always here (don’t plan on changing my url) !

inhale.exhale.breathe. xx em / kim



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”

Pigfarts Draco is my favorite Draco.

He is so sassy…

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You know what I really want to see actually, Yang with a fan. Like some smart alick kid, who can be from Patch, or Vale, or even one of the other kingdoms, who got really attached to Yang during the Vytal tournaments. Maybe they have a little sibling they take care of and protect (hopefully not to the same degree) and thought it was so cool two sisters were on the same team, maybe they heard a pun or two around all the explosions, maybe they just like hand to hand fighters.

Have them be a mix of horrified but also refuse to believe what they saw was real. I imagine at least a little of Yang’s “he attacked me first!” got through before they cut the tape. Have them be unconvinced at the official explanation of stress induced hallucinations. Have them scower over their recorded tape looking for proof that their hero didn’t do it. Have them find somethings mall, like a weird blur half way through the fight, or that when really zoomed in, through its pixelated, you can kind of see that Mercury’s pants are completely undamaged and that doesn’t make sense!

Have people not believe them but they refuses to disbelieve or give up hope.

And then have them meet. Have Yang meet a kid who is in awe of her and believes her. Who isn’t family, has never met her, but thinks she’s awesome. Who gave them encouragement and strength to take care of their younger sibling. Who is never in need of protection of her, and really doesn’t need anything physical or tangible at all, just think she’s so cool.

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Red: 5 facts about my best friend!


@asksunnycide Nex was a super cool person I loved talking to, and our friendship has evolved into that of a sibling relationship, but we’re still besties, too. I love that we can be utterly honest to one another and there’s no offense taken or meant, we’re just trying to help one another and that’s really big to me.

@askabowwow Okay, okay, Terra, I consider you a bestie because of how long we’ve known each other and how much I kept hoping you’d come back and wondering if you were alright. Fact: You’re one of the biggest sweethearts I know with such a big heart and you welcome so many people, it’s impressive.

@askthekeyphantom Jack is a potato. There’s your fact. (He’s also a nerd who is really fun to talk to and he’s very good to his friends)

@fawfulofthebeanbeankingdom Tye is one of the most reasonable level headed people I know, and is always ready to go to bat for her friends. It’s great.

@prince-chomp RYAN… is a dork… Fact: He sends me messages about the moon. Whenever the moon looks cool, he would skype me to let me know so I would go check it out, too. It’s a pretty unique thing to our friendship (no one else does that to me) and it’s really nice actually, I like my moon forecast thank you. He’s also pretty awesome to talk with.