okay i have a problem

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.

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I’m gonna add more is that okay:

• jean having problems as a child from gaining too much weight and then dieting and loosing too little weight and now he has stretch marks that make him super self conscious about his body
• armin being bullied as a kid for being too smart and when he gets into higher levels he’s badgered by people to do their homework and he’s just done with people’s bullshit
• jean and armin both crashing at their respective houses and staying up late at night ‘studying’
• jean being lowkey about his relationship with armin but then he finally gets the courage (via getting beaten up by eren for “making you see some sense you asshole”) and calls his mom at 3 in the morning and she’s just so full of support and even though she doesn’t understand their relationship right away, she’s fine with it as long as jean and armin are both happy
• armin and jean fighting over the volume in the car while traveling (“armin istg this radio station has 45 minutes of commercials just turn it off idiot” “jean don’t you dare mute that damn radio now we won’t know when the music comes back on and I /really/ wanna listen to taylor swift rn”)
• armin loving taylor swift and jean hating it but he listens to it begrudgingly cause it’s armin
• pillow fights just imagine how much feathers will fly around the room jUST IMAGINE IT
• jean beat boxing to armin to and armin singing off key on random songs
• they adopt a chihuahua and it’s the cutest and most ugliest thing jean has ever seen
• they name it harold
• harold likes to lick armin’s ankles and likes to nip at jean’s fingers
• jean going to the gym with eren and reiner to build up muscle because he starts to relapse into self body shaming again
• armin noticing jean’s increase in hours at the gym but he just feels so helpless and doesn’t know how to ask without setting him off
• one night jean comes home at like 1 am stinking of beer and armin is right there ready to chastise him for being irresponsible but then jean breaks down right in front of him and armin feels like such an idiot for not saying something before
• armin going with jean to a psychologist to help with his body image and calming him down with random things that he did throughout the day and rubbing his thumb over jean’s hand while they sit in the waiting room
• jean with curly hair in the morning; he uses a straightener religiously to get that perfect look
• armin growing out his hair and dying it rainbow pastel colors
• the sex is amazing okay they are not as innocent as they seem
• (“toys” are involved…maybe)
• jean likes to bite
• armin has an oral fixation hAh
• whenever they fight they make up and the sex is awesome
• armin brags about it to eren in the morning and eren’s like “dude I love you both like brothers but can you PLEASE not talk about your sex life this early in the morning” “eren are you jealous” “no-” “of course he is it’s jaeger-” “TAKE THAT BACK HORSEFACE”
• eren and mikasa taking taking them up on the double date offer (eren and mikasa are platonic/friend dating)
• jean and armin drinking out of one glass with two straws
• eren thinks it’s disgusting but mikasa is all for it with her deadpan expression
• encountering armin’s bullies at a grocery store and jean hustles up to them putting on his “bad boy” attitude and scaring them shitless
• armin snapchats the whole thing

[ SLAM DUNKS OKAY I don’t post munday pictures. It’s also Wednesday. BUT LOOK AT MY NEWEST FIGURE. JOSUKE LOOKS SO GOOD?? And him big 8) I’m so glad I got this. Only about 30 bucks too. I looooooove. ]

Okay, I have a problem with the way Tumblr tries to promote movies or artists. For example, Mad Max: Fury Road. The only thing I’ve seen on Tumblr is that the main characters are female. Like good for them, but the story? Is it good? Anything other than “the girls are leading”.

It’s the same thing for musicians, I’ve seen posts like “[artist] is a biracial bisexual feminist” or whatever, but what about the music? Is it good? Anything other than “she’s a feminist”.

Just…you can’t judge how good a movie or artist is based on those factors.

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Is it okay if I'm a feminist, but I don't have a problem with men in general? There's an exception if a guy is being shitty, then I have a problem, but overall I don't really have a problem with them? I just want to ask, and I apologize in advance if I said something that offended you.

Feminism isn’t about having a problem with men, it’s not about men at all. it’s about having a problem with the treatment of women and the patriarchal system we live in. 

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OKAY IM HAVING A PROBLEM BECAUSE I CANT FIND ANY PROOF ANYWHERE THAT I DIDNT TOTALLY IMAGINE WHAT IM ABOUT TO TELL YOU. I was at the Seattle show last week and I can't remember at what point, but the boys walked backstage and as they almost out of view the fucking CAMERA CAUGHT A MILLISEC OF HARRY WITH HIS ARM AROUND LOUIS. I am not kidding and honestly have no reason to make this up, I don't know what to do with the information, I can't find any video or anything with it but basically I'm dying

what what what what 

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What urls do you have and for what characters?

let’s see… (don’t be alarmed, I have quite a few of them. I’m a hoarder, okay?)

klaus —- 
bastionoftemperance, murderousklaus, banefulbastard, dastardlyklaus, volatilehybridking

elijah —- 
whorelijah, captaincondescension

alaric —- 
alcoholric (this one is honestly my favorite so I’m more reluctant to give it up)

stefan —- 

caroline —- 
neuroticrayofsunshine, queenofneurosis

kai —- 

hayley —- 

damon —- 
lovedrunksalvatore (also could work with stefan lbr)

general (could fit with multiple characters) —- 
castasthevillain, playingmyrole, notonthewrongside, ultimatelyunloved, covencomesfirst

Iain de Caestecker smiling is like seeing the sun shine after years of dreary gloom.