okay i had to say it

yeah not to discourse but can you all stop saying every lesbian chose to be a lesbian im glad some of you had that when working through compulsive heterosexuality but it makes me so uncomfortable for ppl to say i chose being gay when i was gay the whole time and literally couldn’t help not being gay once i realized at 13 because it was just overwhelmingly who i was. it was a split second moment for me realizing and it was one of the scariest things as a 13 yr old to go through considering the environment i was living in and if i had any choice in the matter i would have repressed it further. let’s try some nuance when trying to describe every lesbians experience okay

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Okay so you know how after people get their wisdom teeth removed, they're super loopy from the stuff used to knock them out(I think)? How do you think TFP Optimus, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Wheeljack and Ratchet would react to their s/o after they've had their wisdom teeth removed? Super loopy, silly, saying the strangest things, probably really flirty. And then their s/o has to be taken care of for a few days because their constantly out from pain meds and can only eat certain things. XD

I’ve never had any experience with laughing gas, but I’m afraid. I hope I’m one of those rare cases where all my teeth grow in right.

Optimus Prime

-He’s not sure of the exact side effects of Nitrous Oxide on humans, but given your nonsense ramblings, he can take a pretty educated guess.

-He isn’t phased at all, even when you get all flirty.

-While you’re knocked out, he carries on with life as he normally would, checking on you from time to time.

-He’ll take care of you as best he can, when you’re awake. No promises he’ll always be able to be there, but he’ll let you know when he has to leave.


-S/O, are you okay? You’re saying things in English that don’t really mean anything in English*.

-Even when you get all flirty, he stays pretty calm. He just wants to get back to base, so you can lay down.

-He worries about you when you sleep. What if the gas doesn’t wear off like you said it would? What if you’re permanently like this?

-Once you awaken, and he see’s you’re alright, he’ll continue on as normal, taking care of any needs you have.


-WTF S/O? You need to chill. Seriously. You’re talking about stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

-He tries to talk with you, and laughs along to all of your “jokes”. When you et flirty, though, he starts to stutter.

-No one else will put up with this Chatty Cathy, and he’s bored. He wants his S/O back. Wake up!

-When you do wake up, he does his best to take care of you. He’s not entirely sure what that entails, so please help him.


-Whatever, kid. Chatter all you like. He doesn’t care. He’ll tune in and out of your ramblings every once in awhile, but he knows none of it will make any sense.

-When you flirt with him, he flirts right back, twice as hard.

-While you’re out, he doesn’t forget about you, but it seems like he does. He doesn’t check on you. He figures if you need help, you’ll scream.

-Once you’re awake, he’s a little more attentive. He’ll stay close to the room, so he can be right there if you need anything.


-Shut. Up. He almost can’t take it anymore! Trying to decipher your words is like trying to understand human pop culture. It’s impossible, he swears!

-When you get flirty, he rolls his optics. You would say that.

-Once you’re asleep, he’s relieved. He becomes strict about everyone in the base keeping their damned mouths shut.

-You wake, and he’s glad you’re feeling better. He won’t get you everything you want, and treat you like a princess, but he will do what he can to help you recover.


“If the taint was bad enough to put that dragon on Heaven’s hit list, these aren’t goin’ to be enough. I’ll do what I can to get ya more.“

“Thanks,” Yusuke reached to take the jugs. Jin pulled them back just slightly, a glint in his eye. Finally, he pushed them into Yusuke’s hands and said decisively,

“Welcome to yer rebellion.”


So I had story A Dragon For Rebellion (#1) by the wonderful @where-inari-sleeps for this year’s @yyhbb (Yu Yu Hakusho Big Bang) and I must say I was digging the Noragami AU for this one and how well the characters are written.

Yusuke Urameshi, a god, finds a tainted dragon and becomes more than determined to save it. Just sayin’. It’s pretty neat. :D

You can read the story here:

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

P.S. Here’s a bonus Hiei sketch. I decided to go with a looser style this time around. Trying something different….also the top first version has some like…underwater sketch bubbles……..yeah. 8D 

I’m quitting my second job.

Ya know that one that I do from home on the computer? Yeah. It was a seriously tough choice, but I finally put in my notice and my last shift will be on 8/31. I can’t go through another year of working 65-80 hours/week. 

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^Legit feels. The weeks leading up to my notice gave me such anxiety, but I wrote this during my break earlier and I’m so exhausted. As much as I love the company (and I’ve been with them for almost 3 years!), I know this is the right choice. I also have a million teacher things to do and I had to stop because it was time to work, which is what always happens. Tonight will be yet another night of minimal sleep, but I know I can power through.

Right? Is it too late to say send coffee? Okay, fine, send coffee tomorrow.


this is a pic of YOURS TRULY as a wee bairn and my brother meeting me for the first time. I plan to draw a lot of Bree/Ian insp. from our dynamic (He’s Bree/I’m Ian for sure) and just had to share this pic. 

Please note: 

  • The hand coming from stage left (one of my grandmothers I’m guessing) as though to say ‘GENTLYYY/can’t be rough with the baby!” 
  • His little half grin that clearly says  “How ‘bout I do anyway?” 

Don’t worry, you’re looking at a set of soon to be BEST BUDS <3

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you should expand on your sid giving geno road head thought

i was gonna but then i last night to @honeycombhenry i was like…why we all assuming sidney can deepthroat??? what if he has a terrible gag reflex?? boy locked himself in the bathroom and hid because the first time he tried to suck dick he puked a little and Geno had to coax him out by knocking on the bathroom door repeatedly and saying “IS OKAY YOU THROW UP A LITTLE ON MY DICK????” and Sidney is screaming back “IT’S NOT OKAY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE”

im sorry but people in their teenage years until they’re like 30 will disappoint you, it’s just how it is. they are immature, exploring and trying to figure themselves out so theyre going to mess up a lot and that’s okay as long as they grow from it, just don’t waste your time trying to get cuffed up young (i know i’m not one to talk because i got married/pregnant young but i didn’t get married because i was inlove and i got pregnant because that’s how life is when you have unprotected sex) it’s sounds cliche but it’s so true when people tell you to enjoy yourself and build yourself first instead of trying to get into a serious relationship so young, it’s emotionally draining and distracting. just live your life and grow, someone will come along when they are meant to. not everyone that makes you feel good is the one REMEMBER THAT

what she says: im fine

what she means: the one thing i crave in life is a high quality pink guy photoshoot. we’ve had like 5 joji ones so is it not the time for a pink guy one, especially now that he is gaining attention and becoming a bigger musician? i want that aesthetic shit right now. straight faced looking at the camera with great lighting, that would be beautiful. maybe a smile picture too. why doesnt anyone listen to me whe

okay y’all we need to talk about how much better a shadowhunter and leader alec had become since he started being true to himself and letting himself have emotions.

like right up until he kissed magnus at his wedding, alec lived by the “emotions are nothing but a distraction” mantra. and i’m not saying he was a bad shadowhunter then, but he was too closed off and really couldn’t see past himself, jace, and izzy. to alec, if the three of them were okay, everything was fine.

but, now that he’s opened up, alec cares more. yes, of course he cares about magnus, that’s a given, but other people, too. like clary and simon and luke and the downworld. now that he’s opened himself up, alec’s world has expanded from beyond himself and his siblings. now, he doesn’t just care about being a good shadowhunter, he cares about being a good person, too.

i love how they showed that emotions aren’t a distraction, they make you stronger

idk it’s ten at night and this doesn’t make sense i just really love alec lightwood and his character development

HHHHHHHHHH so correct me if I’m wrong but discrimination is only discrimination if it’s about something you can’t change, right (this is a workplace specific question)?

Like I was bitching to my mom that I had to ask my manager if I could redye my hair blue because they only want natural hair colors, and she told me “they can’t stop you, that’s discrimination.” Only if I was born with blue hair??? The employee handbook says “natural colored hair and no facial piercings.” (Ear piercings are okay so long as you don’t wear dangly ones but idc all I have is ear piercings.) They can’t be discriminating about something you chose to do, right? (Legally, I mean. Legal discrimination.)

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I just wanna say during the 2x11 episode, sometimes the characters remember previous memories, like Jeremy knowing the widows are called "widows" and when Wayhaught kissex each other, Jeremy's reaction is not loud or surprised cause.. maybe he remembers those two were together previously. Soulmates

Yeah. because it’s a glamour spell (I’ve heard the word thrown around) and not really THAT strong, all the characters had little ripples of recognition here and there. 

Plus Jeremy is still canon gay in that reality so his reaction was more an ‘oh okay’ kind of thing. 

So I just (FREAKIN FINALLY) watched the Christmas Special
  • Okay, first of all, holy crap, Mari and Adrien can SING 
  • I don’t even know what to say about Plagg singing
  • I was NOT aware the zoo keeper’s Alya’s father 
  • The transformations are so sad, I can’t 
  • Marinette’s so dense, oh my god, freakin hell 
  • Okay, but seriously though, why didn’t Hawk Moth name Santa Clause “The Grinch” instead of “Worse Christmas”? 
  • The amount of semi-dabs that “Worse Christmas” had been doing, like what even? 
  • Is no-one gonna talk about how Gorilla’s scared of spiders?
  • Okay, but… Adrien returning to his usual self when he reunites with Ladybug? Like… can we please?
  • Adrien saved the villain. Like, that lilla baby is such a cinnamon roll, oh my god
  • Chat Noir being constantly thrown off the slid 
  • Alya’s younger sisters are so cute and tiny, oh my god, I need more of them 
    • Also, they’re best friends with Manon, fight me 
  • Okay, from the first scene in the bakery, I suspected this episode’s a musical, but I legit didn’t realize it actually IS a musical until Chat was singing to the villain 
    • Meaning: it took me… 19 minutes… and like 5 songs… to realize the episode’s a musical 
  • Chat singing “Cataclysm”…???
    • Like… can we please just…?
  • Okay, but all the class and their parents visiting Adrien???? It’s so pure??????
  • Happy birthday to one of the most wonderful people I've ever had the honor of finding. I can't imagine how different my life would be if I didn't have a person saying it's okay to be different bouncing around my head and telling me that the way I am is great and I shouldn't change myself. So thank Chuck for Misha freaking Collins existence.

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Heyyy just wanted to say thanks for unknowingly helping me with a lot of my body confidence issues!! I used to have really bad disordered eating tendencies and now I can almost always fight off the bad thoughts that pop up sometimes because of my past issues with food. I think that you've truly had a positive impact on that aspect of my struggle so thx my dude

okay, in all seriousness, this is the most heart warming message i’ve ever received. you owe yourself so much of the credit baby but thank you so much this is so flattering and ah i wish i could hug you you’re so beautiful i’m so proud

Okay I examined rick's thought process at the end of Vindicators 3: Return of Worldender, and here's what I got

drunk rick says what sober rick is really feeling/wishes he could say. Sober rick knows this. that’s why he’s so defensive about drunk rick’s statements and actions. sober rick also knows that drunk rick is illogical and overly emotional:

it was revealed and confirmed that drunk rick had set up the ending ride/monologue for noob noob, yes, BUT it doesn’t matter who the ride was for, because sober rick, knowing full well that drunk rick says what he’s really feeling, assumed that drunk rick was talking about morty. so he all but stated that, when sober, that’s how he really feels.

drunk rick is emotional and irrational. he felt betrayed by morty and supported by noob noob. of course he made some big monologue about how much he appreciated noob noob and how morty “had his head up his ass.” sober rick didn’t remember noob noob. he got drunk in the first place because he felt betrayed by morty. he knows that, if drunk him is emotional and irrational-considering all that we stated before-that drunk rick would probably accidentally let slip how betrayed he felt and how important morty is to him. (not to forget how absolutely shattered he looked when he thought morty was dead!)

in conclusion;
regardless of who the ride was for, sober rick accidentally let slip how he truly feels by assuming what his drunk self was saying. he accidentally told us all the truth. in assuming that his drunk self was saying that he cared deeply for morty and was jealous, he revealed to us all that that is exactly how he feels when sober.

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Name: Makela

Nickname: I have many- most people call me Mak, but also Mac ‘n Cheese, Macaroni (Roni for short), Lollipop, and Aak (idk either).

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 5′4 (I’m young okay but please don’t ask me how young lol)

Nationality: Half Japanese and half American

Sexuality: Asexual and panromantic (I think)

Favorite fruit: Pomegranate!!

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite Smell: I think vanilla

Favorite book: If I had to chose I’d say The Fault in out Stars by John Green

Favorite animal: Giraffe

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Tea

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-6 I think

Cats or Dogs: BOTH!!

Number of Blankets: It depends on the weather- If it’s warmer I have less but if it’s cooler (which it never is here) I have more.

Dream trip: Supernatural convention!!

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Okay so, I got inspired by the anxious anon to just come out and say this, since I myself get quite uncomfortable with voicing my thoughts. I'm kind of a huge fan of baby jeon (honestly who isn't) and I got into your writing when baby jeon only had like 6 posts, and so I would go on almost daily just to re-read them and my heart would flutter every time there was a new one. I am now a mother to be, and my only wish is to be able to take care of my baby like Y/N does Jeon - expecting anon

i’m reading this just as i wake up and honestly, this is the most heartfelt message ever gotten for baby jeon and i am just??? CONGRATULATIONS???!!! AKSDJLAKSDJLAKSDJLAS I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I REREAD THIS WHOLE THING AGAIN AND NOW I’M A PUDDLE OF EMOTIONS I’M JUST SO HAPPY FOR YOU

Fandom adults, please read.

When I was a minor, I thought nothing of doing nsfw roleplays with 18+ friends. I thought it was fine to talk to them about nsfw headcanons. Discussing kinks, sex, all of that with my 18+ friends seemed completely normal.

Photoshoots at conventions had an order to them. Group picture, individual shots, and then shipping photos. If that person kissing my cheek was 19, I had no clue and it didn’t matter. It was all normal. Nobody asked how old I was, if I was okay with this, etc.

There were so many things I thought I could handle and was handling fine that ended up messing me up. I know I’m not alone in this.

Fandom adults, please let this end with us.

Don’t roleplay or discuss nsfw with minors, no matter how comfortable they say they are. End the inclusion of “shipping portions” in photoshoots. Keep nsfw talk out of group chats that include minors. Protect them, even if they don’t think they need it.