okay i had to get this out of my system

i never knew i needed blepping yuri until @zephyrine-gale

also can i take a moment and say you and keilattes absolutely kill me with your art and memes. you guys are just *okay finger emoji* please proceed

So can we stop acting like people are obligated to TRUST other people, No one is obligated to trust anyone

No child is obligated to trust their parents
No child is obligated to trust their teachers
No child is obligated to trust ANY adult that they do or do not know.

No teenager is obligated to trust anyone they do or do not know either

No one is obligated to trust anyone. Stop acting like because you are their parent, or teacher, or doctor, or best friend, or sibling, or WHATEVER that they have to tell you everything, they don’t, stop acting like you have that right when you do not, it only causes further trust issues.

There is nothing wrong with trusting people but if people are forcing you to tell them things or getting upset with you for not trusting them enough to tell them something then that’s an even BIGGER reason not to trust them.

okay so I’ve been thinking way too much about the whole “everyone forgets Stiles” thing and it would have worked so well after 3B instead

post-nogitsune!Stiles blaming himself for Allison’s death and making a wish or a pact with a djinn or some kind of demon like The Wish in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“I wish I had never come to Beacon Hills - no, more than that, I wish I had never even been born”

and he ends up in this world where everyone is happy, his father and Melissa are married and Scott’s doing well and Allison’s still alive and everything is great and he just sort of exists as a shadow, witnessing it but not technically existing in their world

only plot twist it’s not real, it’s just happening inside his head, in the real world he’s in some sort of stasis and the gang is like “we have to wake him up, we have to save him” and Deaton tells them about a way they could go inside, into the vision, only it won’t work for Scott or the Sheriff because Stiles has already seen them in the “new world”

so Derek is sent into the vision and has to pretend he doesn’t know who Stiles is and gain his trust without revealing that things aren’t real, because otherwise they risk messing with the spell and erasing Stiles for real

and I have no idea how this would end but there would be SO MANY FEELS, just like, ALL THE FEELS, Sterek feels and Stilinski family feels and Sciles feels and Stallison feels and EVERY SINGLE FEEL ON EARTH would be included in this story which I am definitely not writing because I’m supposed to be working on 18 other things.

Reactions in Red Queen, Glass Sword and RQ3 (spoiler alert)
  • I just had to get this out of my system...so yeah
  • *Red Queen*
  • Me: oh okay nevermind it's totally Mare and Cal
  • Me: wait no Maven is cool
  • Me: i'm on team maven
  • Me: but he seems kinda weird i'm suspicious (DO NOT SAY HI SUSPICIOUS)
  • Me: ...and cal totally has a crush on mare
  • Me: wait what
  • Me: - but I still like you wtf is wrong with me
  • Me: So mare's with Cal now, huh
  • Me: A lot of betrayals and deaths...but I think i'm okay
  • Me: *cries every night* ok i'm not
  • *Glass Sword*
  • Me: So we're in for Mare x Cal moments
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Shade?
  • Me: So she gets captured
  • Me: Then we have this annoying cliffhanger epilogue
  • Me: But we're in it for Mare x Maven moments though okay here we go I think I can handle this
  • Me: no i cannot I also need mare x cal moments
  • *Checks releasing date for RQ3*
  • Me: WHAT
  • Me: 2017?

Anything at all can happen just before the sunrise.

Whenever I see Reaper76 fanworks of Gabriel teaching Jack Spanish, it inevitably reminds me of the scene/song from In the Heights, Sunrise, where Nina teaches Benny Spanish. Forgive me, Lin.

This has been stuck in my head for so long, I finally had to just draw it and get it out of my system.

I also love how the tone shift totally makes sense in the context of the musical, but here it looks like Gabriel’s just being moody.

[Bonus non-song scene also from In the Heights under the cut:]

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Okay, I have to get this out of my system:

I believe with all my heart that Greg was so happy about Sherlock’s finally getting his name right, he had to tell SOMEONE, and of course the most likely candidate would be Mrs. Hudson, downstairs on his way out.

After he told her with a big grin on his face, she almost certainly clasped her hands together, emitted an adorable high-pitched “Oooh!” And then hugged him.

There was that post on the Anidala tag on how Obi-Wan becomes the Skywalker’s pet and now I cannot unsee it

/is kicked out of the fandom for good 

Ed’s Kink Discovery

Okay this is just a short drabble thing that I apparently had to get out of my system after seeing @marmalade-draws-bellies​‘s great Edling stuffing art. I’m not sure anyone would like it and didn’t want it directly attached if it wasn’t their thing so here this is. It shouldn’t have affected me like it did but I am way too thirsty.

The pair had been going at it for over an hour. Ed and Ling had always argued about their eating and constantly bragged about who could eat more. Ling liked to assert it was him, with his ability to clear out mass quantities of food. Ed countered with he hadn’t really pushed himself and already was a glutton. So they decided to put it to the test, ordering as much room service as possible and cramming meals into their mouths as quickly as possible. 

At the start they had decided to take off their shirts to show off to the other just how much they were putting away and the true amount of their expansion. What had started off as showing their trim figures and muscled hardened from combat, soon started to show just how much the pair could put away and directly where it was going. 

They ate and ate, empty plates stacking up higher and higher as they plowed their way through the food. Their bellies swelled out, gradually at first but then becoming tight and round as the food stuffs emptied into their hungry and waiting stomachs. They kept going, though it didn’t help matters that they kept pace with each other and their stomachs bloating out together, almost in sync to the other.  

As they got bigger, they became a strange chorus of slurping, grunting, and burping. They nearly alternated the sounds among the other as they ate their way through the grub. Sometimes, they were on autopilot, just eating and slurping their way though; other times, they were in a state of delirium, almost drunk on food as they slowly forced themselves to keep eating to push through the wall of uncomfortableness that they felt. 

Finally, the pair reached the end of the ordered entrees and with a few grunts, both Ed and Ling got to their feet. Their bellies jutted out from their usual trim frames, an odd juxtaposition against their muscular arms and chest. They waddled a bit closer to each other as they leaned back to make more room for their bloat, only serving to make their bloat even more pronounced. 

“See! I’m bigger! I can eat more than you!” Ed shouted. “No, it was me! How can you not seem my stack of empty plates!” Ling retorted. They both glared at each other and got closer to look the other in the eye. “What? Are you blind? Can’t you see my stack?” Ed asked incredulously. “Oh yeah? Well what about my stomach? Definitely bigger than yours!” Ling shouted back. The glaring continued until finally both Ed and Ling were standing right in front of the other, their bare bellies touching near their distended belly buttons. 

Ling’s hand went up first to test Ed’s bloated belly and rubbed the surface in a poor attempt to gauge the size and growth of gut. “Wow…It’s so big….” Ling thought to himself in amazement. He blushed as he realized that he liked to touch the taut, bloated surface. 

Ed wasn’t much better. After Ling’s probe of his belly, Ed did the same, putting his hand on the top of Ling’s swollen tummy. He could feel the taut flesh under his hand as he rubbed and the warmth of each other’s belly touching and rubbing against the other. He blushed as well, much harder than he would have liked. “Why the fuck is this so hot?” He questioned himself, not really sure he liked what he thought the answer might be. 

“I-I dunno… it looks like we’re pretty even. Your gut feels and looks about the same as mine…” Ed stammered as he tried not to look Ling in the eye or focus on the gut that was pressing into him. “Yeah…it kind of does,” Ling said softly, slightly lost in his own daze from the situation.

“Dammit, then I’m ordering more food. I definitely will come out on top!” Edward said, though not really backing away from Ling’s touch. “Oh yeah? Well better make that double since I’m not giving up either! E-even if your gut is quite impressive,” Ling said with a shade of embarrassment. “Yeah…you too.” Ed grunted. “We can compare again…after round 2. I know I’m going to have to end up giving you a belly rub just so you’ll stop moaning…if you want that is,” he continued. “That’s a deal! I’m sure I’ll end up rubbing your belly first when you give up!” he fired back. Each one didn’t really catch the other’s point that they didn’t deny that would be rubbing the other’s gut in the new future. Ed went to the hotel telephone and picked up the receiver again. “Room Service? Yes I’d like to get a double order of everything on the menu as soon as possible. We’ll be waiting.” He hung up the phone and went back to “examine” Ling’s belly one more time before the food arrived. 

rohan in weird clothes + breakdancing heaven’s door

i was suddenly overcome by this insatiable urge to draw a rohan and i have no idea where it came from but i did not resist

seventeen members as awkward moments in public

s.coups - spilling something on your pants and looking like you peed yourself

jeonghan - laughing out loud after eavesdropping on someone’s conversation

joshua - getting stuck with a hysterical, crying, lost child

jun - losing your balance in the train because you’re too cool to hang on to the pole

hoshi - getting caught dancing with your earbuds in when you thought no one was watching

wonwoo - waving at someone who wasn’t waving at you

woozi - pushing a door that says pull with maximum strength

dk - running after the bus and not catch it in the end

mingyu - struggling and failing to get your arm through the loop of your backpack

minghao - being stuck walking behind your two friends because the sidewalk is too narrow

seungkwan - meeting someone wearing the exact same outfit as you

vernon - walking right into a pole while you’re distracted with your phone

dino - falling asleep on someone’s shoulder on public transport


okay so…… I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the past week and,,,,,, who will season five be about??? like, i know we’ll probably get some clues in s4 the way we did in previous seasons (focus on the unresolved noorhelm subplot in s1, isak living in the basement in s2, and arguably [since we STILL don’t have the trailer] the focus on religion and importance of Sana in s3) but right now just trying to figure it out i’m ???? 

at this point, my best guess is Jonas to be honest. I’m not really sure though, because I can’t think of what his season might focus on? BUt I basically eliminated all other possible characters from being main for season 5 for the following reasons:

+ I strongly believe s4 will be Sana’s. Her plot had been building since s1 and 2, and she had a lot of importance during s3. Sana as main just seems like a very logical choice at this point in the skam timeline.

+ Vilde will likely be the main for season six due to her character being so invested in russ time. I think this is also a logical choice for Julie to make since Vilde has been concerned about Russ since literally episode 1, so this will be an important time for her.

+ so unpopular opinion but…. I personally don’t think Even is going to get a season for various reasons, mainly that the show revolves around the group of ‘99s introduced in season one and their school/life experiences. The series has never revolved around him the way it has with the girl squad, Isak and Jonas. So despite being an overwhelming fan favourite, I can’t see Even getting a season without fundamentally altering skam’s main concept. Especially since by s5 he will have graduated. (I do think there will be some kind of focus on him in s4 at least, at the very least to follow up on plot from s3 the way s3 did with s2’s, and s2 with s1’s relationships)

+ I don’t think girl Chris will get a season, partially because I believe that her actor Ina is busy with many other projects and might not have time for that kind of commitment? Also I just get the vibe from Chris’s character that she’s there to round out the girl squad almost? (that sounds horrible but honestly she’s the goofy character who provides comedic relief, and has wayyyy less development than the other girls. unless they give her more focus in s4 I just don’t see her getting a season unfortunately…)

+ Magnus and Madhi were only introduced in s3, like Even, so I just can’t see them becoming a main. My belief is only the core cast introduced in s1 will become mains, since it just seems logical. (Although I guess Julie could completely surprise me haha)

so therefore logically the only possible candidate is Jonas. I’m curious as to what his season would be about, since he doesn’t seem to have any conflict outside of his s1 relationship with Eva….. I’d like to see him as a main though!

this is such a pointless post that got really long haha

Ron Anderson TWD - The Meta

okay, let’s do this. i want to get this out of my system. i rewatched 6x09 just to reopen the wound so this should be good. :)

The wasted character - Ron Anderson

the majority of the fandom hated Ron (scratch that - the whole Anderson family). which was deliberately supposed to happen i think (oops). like i’ve mentioned in my 6x09 meta post they created the kid for one purpose only and that was shooting Carl’s eye out but of course he couldn’t just do that randomly right…? they had to give Ron reasons thus giving the character depth. they had to make him three-dimensional. they had to create a path which led to him pointing the gun at the Grimes’. and i gotta admit they did a pretty fucking awesome job because Ron was as three-dimensional as a character can get under this short period of time. that’s the reason why i love him so much. the eyerony of this shit is - pun intended - they created this amazing build up just to have Ron shoot Carl ACCIDENTALLY. WHAT? IF YOU’RE GOING THERE WHY NOT MAKE HIM DO IT ON PURPOSE? BECAUSE IT WOULD’VE ACTUALLY MADE SENSE THAT WAY? BECAUSE THAT WAY YOU WOULD’VE ACTUALLY GIVE THIS CHARACTER SOME RESPECT? WHAT’S LOGIC? WHAT’S LIFE? and that is what i think makes Ron such a wasted potential. they created such a raw and honest and flawed character JUST to do the “dirty” work. the growth this kid could’ve had and wasting a redemption arc like this are both fucking unbelieveable.

what is also fucking unbelieveable is the amount of hatred this character’s got from the fandom. of course the show is operating with characters who have been on TWD since s1. it’s not surprising that fans tend to not be open at first when new characters are introduced. which is fine. it’s a normal reaction. i didn’t really like Ron at first either. but i do find that ridiculous when someone loves and understands a character like Daryl Dixon - and we all know what he’s been through - but they just CAN’T understand and/or sympathize with Ron’s situation…are you aware that Daryl and Ron are basically two sides of the same coin? you call a grown ass man with a past like his ‘precious misunderstood baby’ for example but a teenager is ‘a trash asshole’. congratulations hypocrite. (note: i love Daryl please leave my head on.)

and now let’s have a closer look on Ron’s life shall we because apparently there are people in the fandom who think he didn’t have any reason to hate Rick. or to be troubled. [coughs] [pulls out long ass list out of thin air jESUS GIRL CALM DOWN] where do i start: domestic abuse (both done to you and your family) + people turning their heads in the other way in your community and basically ignoring the domestic violence because they need the abuser for medical reasons + father killed by the new guy who thinks he’s God (abusive asshole or not it’s still traumatic) + mom is romantically interested in the same guy who killed dad + girfriend is romantically interested in mini-God (Carl) + probably having no one to talk to + having to adapt to the end of the world under little to no time + mom and brother eaten alive in front of you (bonus: *chop chop*) = damaged goods…[Rebel Wilson voice] whoop there it is. call THIS an easy life.

and for the people who say he was an asshole to begin with please stop talking and watch the very first interaction between Ron and Carl. he’s just the most gentle and kindest baby.

The wasted talent: Austin Abrams

Austin killed it. his portrayal of Ron’s inner turmoil was insanely good. what i particularly like about Austin is that he’s acting and talking with hands, eyes, face, voice, body at the same time and it’s in “harmony”. that’s a hard fucking thing to do. and he nailed this “harmony” in every fucking scene he had. I could smyphatize with Ron because the portrayal felt real and that’s why I wanted more and more and more of this character. and I did. I still do but 6x09’s happened…

The wasted relationship: Ron x Carl

The love triangle: so I don’t know what’s the reason but it seems like writers are obsessed with the 'OMG LET’S MAKE A LOVE TRIANGLE’ idea. to quote @gr8writingtips “writing tip #1374: instead of a love triangle try doing literally anything else”. it’s boring, it’s superficial and it’s the most cliche of all the cliches. this show is on its 6th season. it can’t just disrespect its audience with a love triangle. i mean come on. character development, interaction between the characters, backstories of the characters, bonding between the characters. these are what most of the fans are interested in at this point.

Ron x Carl - The friendship: let me ask you a question TWD writers? why the fuck do you hate one of your main characters so much? when was the last time Carl had a friend around his age? or had a decent interaction or bonding experience with the people on the show (except Judith)? do you realize what kind of friendship could have been between these two? with Carl teaching Ron how to live and survive in this world? supporting each other and protecting each other on runs? i wanted to see Ron learn how this life works. i wanted to see them interact. would have watched the shit out of these two becoming best friends.

Ron x Carl - The relationship: so here’s the thing. these kids had INSANE chemistry. AND THE SHOW HAS DECIDED TO DO NOTHING WITH IT! YOU HAVE DECIDED TO GO WITH SOMETHING AS CLICHE AS A LOVE TRIANGLE! YOU COULD HAVE MADE CARL GRIMES BISEXUAL (and of course Ron too). DO YOU REALIZE HOW AMAZING THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN? HAVING ONE OF YOUR MAIN MALE CHARACTERS BISEXUAL? THERE’S YOUR ORIGINAL IDEA AMC! reasons: representation in this fucking show is very rare. if you would have gone through with this idea the love triangle could have actually create a great base for the relationship (frenemies-friends-lovers and who’s not a sucker for that trope). you don’t ignore the obvious chemistry. insane character development for both Ron and Carl (if you still go through with Ron’s family dying and Carl’s getting shot but with not Ron shooting Carl’s eye out and not making Ron watch how Rick chops his mom’s hand off). cute scenes between these two i mEAN HAVE YOU SEEN THE HANDHOLDING (dat post got me famous what up)?!?!!? Enid just being her own badass self and teasing and supporting the boys and being grossed out by all the love and have them as her best friends without being a love interest…i mean COME ON.

to quote @indie-arrow “bitter little espresso deserved better”.

Bonus: Jessie and Sam

like i said they HAD to make Ron three-dimensional. they didn’t have a choice. in Jessie and Sam’s case though they had and they chose to go with the easier path which was making both of them this weird 2D/3D mix of a characters. and it seems like they made these two more two-dimensional than three-dimensional. i think that’s why they seemed kinda simple. like in Sam’s case his fearfulness was enhanced thus introducing him as a coward which was totally not the case if you look closer and think but you know. it’s whatever. and in Jessie they enhanced this semi-shallowness which sounds weird but that was really the case. like i said we were supposed to hate them (again: oops). but they still had potential.

i mean i don’t know man i just found the Anderson family really interesting and i just wanted to see them develop and grow. fuck my life. *mic drop*

on the agenda to hopefully get out of my system before i return to my hiatus:

- show the ages of my canon-fanon verse (because a bich don’t care about canon)

- talk about my abandoned Damian series that had strong Biblical Moses narrative

- show tumblr style Tim telling a story of what happened to Thomas Wayne’s C4 Chevrolet Corvette and why Bruce and Damian are keeping that story from Alfred

EDIT: okay I only got the Tim tumblr story done but it was worth it

Person of Interest rewatch » 1x18 Identity Crisis
“It’ll be out of your system in a few hours, but you should really drink this so you don’t get dehydrated.”


@gradblrchallenge​ day 8 | march 13, 2017

lord. okay, so, i worked until midnight last night on a memo that i had due, then got up super early this morning to work on another response paper due at noon today. i finished it but then was wiped out for the rest of the day.

i have a paper due at 1pm tomorrow, but i’m going to actually skip my first class tomorrow to work on that. definitely prioritizing getting a full night’s sleep tonight because at 8am tomorrow, there’s this external review breakfast for the department, and i need to vent about our prelim system a little bit.