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Donald Pierce x Reader

Warnings: None

Note: SOrry this really sucks. 

Summary: Soft Donald Pierce, and feels. That’s all you need to know. 

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anonymous asked:

Tell us about someone good in your life? Tell us what makes them great?

((OOC: I’m going to say my mum. Her name is Cathy, and she is where I got about 80% of my cuteness from. She is an absolute sweetheart, and she has devoted so much of her life to making sure her family is safe and supported. When my sister and I were very wee, my dad decided that he wanted to get his BA in Music, which meant moving across the country, taking acting jobs to pay for school, but otherwise being unable to provide much financially. My mother took on a job in the school dad went to, in the HR department. And she has worked university jobs ever since, doing the full 9-5 work week, so that my dad could have the freedom to pursue his dream. Now they both work in different schools, and mum writes novels on the side. She’s an absolute wonder, and I love her to bits.

Also, she makes incredible dumplings, and she has a wicked laugh, and she will occasionally now send me pictures of hunky actors with their shirts off. She’s given me permission to marry Daniel Radcliffe if I want to, because she thinks he’d be a laugh at family get-togethers. She is the best mum.))


“you stare at him, and he just stares right back. and that’s when the attack comes.”

Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz (Threesome Smut) - late for class

You ran through the school, you knew you were going to be late for class, and it was English with Mr Urie ‘fuck’ you thought to yourself as you slowed and the door and saw everyone sitting in their desks.
Mr Urie was sat on the edge of his desk doing the typical 'hipster teacher’ thing. But he definitely looked good doing it, his shirt was rolled up and unbuttoned at the top with his tie sitting loose, you could see a few of his tattoos and his hair looked great, slicked back to the slide slightly with a few strays.
You realised you had been stood outside the classroom door for a few minutes just staring, making yourself even more late, so you finally walked into the room.
The whole classed stared at you, which you knew was inevitable.
“Miss Y/L/N, you are very late, what happened?” He asked, his voice making you melt.
“Um, sorry, I was trying to find your homework to give you” you replied flustered and the whole class groaned 'brilliant’ you thought to yourself you were an outsider as it was, let alone after dropping the whole class in it from reminding him you had homework.
“Okay, well, I need to see you after class. And don’t moan at y/n guys, I never forgot about it” he crossed his legs still sat on the desk.
Everyone pulled their homework out of their bags, and by everyone it was less than half the class.
You wondered to yourself why he wanted to see you after class… why? Surely he could just send a letter and be done with it.

The class seemed to take a lifetime, you kept fantasising about Mr Urie pulling you up onto his desk and fucking you senseless, to the point your underwear was feeling wet.
'Snap out of it’ you thought to yourself not only is he your teacher but it’s not like you’re even in his good books.
In almost perfect union the class picked their bags up and left the room, leaving you alone in the class with your heart throb of a teacher.

You stayed at your table and waited for him in silence, he was trying to look busy play with paperwork a few moments later he walked over, slowly, making you tingle.
He sat on the edge of the table “Miss y/l/n what are we going to do with you?” He sighed and his hand slipped over yours.
You suddenly felt confident with his hand on yours it was like electricity flowed through your body. You stood and leaned across the table to him “I don’t know sir, what are we going to do” your hand slid up his leg.
He twitched, maybe you shouldn’t have done that you panicked.
“Well, you’re confident, just asking for more trouble aren’t you?” He stood up and walked to you.
“Maybe” you replied sitting on the table and tugging his tie pulling him between your legs.
“You are breaking a lot of rules” he moaned and you grabbed at his crotch.
“Punish me then” just as you finished talking his lips smacked against yours it felt like fire. Your arms went around his neck and pulled the two of you closer into the kiss.
“I have been waiting for this, for so long” you said to him planting kisses on his neck.
“I was hoping you’d feel like that” he started to unbutton is shirt.
“Are you sure you wanna do this here?” You asked, you want it but you weren’t sure if you were gonna get caught.
“It’s okay, everyone has gone home now, I wouldn’t worry too much beautiful, nobody will find out” he stood shirtless, putting his clothes on his desk and closing the blinds.
“I trust you” you said as you undid your jeans throwing them to one side and taking your top of sitting back on your desk in your underwear waiting for him.
“Well don’t you look amazing” you could see the bulge in his trousers as he unbuckled his belt. He them down, leaving his boxers showing the tent his hard cock made.
You pulled your legs around him, and pushed his boxers down with your feet “well you’re eager” he growled into your ear, pushed your panties to one side.
“Are you ready?” His thumb playing with your clit.
“Yes” you squirmed and moaned under his touch
“Yes what?” He inserted two fingers slowly pushing them in and out.
“Please, sir” your head titled back letting him kiss your neck as he fingered you.
“Good girl” he lined his cock up and slowly pushed himself into you, letting you adjust to his significant size. You moaned loudly as the door creaked open.
“Shit” you shouted burying your head into his neck.
He turned as you held onto him still hiding yourself.

“Um, Hi Brendon, we were meant to be carpooling?” You recognised the voice and turned to see your Photography teacher Mr Wentz stood awkwardly in the doorway “y/n?!” He asked now looking half angry half horny as you saw from his trousers.
“Yes sir” you said, not sure what to do.
He shut the door and walked further in.
“Sorry Pete I completely forgot” Mr Uris replied, was he seriously having a conversation with another teacher as you sat on a desk in your underwear with his dick in you?! 'This is unreal’ you thought.
“Well you can either join in, watch or report us, but by the look of those trousers I don’t think it will be the latter” you said bluntly getting impatient.
“Well she’s feisty” Mr Wentz said to Mr Urie.
“Yes, I’m feisty and fucking horny so make your mind up” you snapped.
“Don’t worry I’ll shut her up” Mr Urie replied, turning you over so you leaned against the desk and slamming himself back into you making you wince in pleasure.
“So will I Brendon” Mr Wentz walked towards the front of you and unbuttoned his jeans, showing a tattoo just above his crotch.
He took his semi erect cock out and you took it into your hand, slowly rubbing him up and down. You gently licked him, hearing slight moans escaping your lips.
You took him into your mouth, slowly and deeper.
Mr Urie continued fucking you from behind, one hand working your clit, the other holding you.
You were moaning onto Mr Wentz’s cock making him get closer and closer to climax, Mr Urie’s moans were getting louder too, the room was filled with the sound of sex.
You orgasmed without warning, your whole body started to feel numb with pleasure.
Mr Wentz started to push himself further down your throat, you gagged slightly but knew he was gonna come, you quickly felt his load hit your throat as you tried to swallow most of him.
He moved down and kissed you passionately, as soon as he did, Mr Urie grabbed your chest and leaned over you getting as close as possible, you weren’t sure whether it was out of jealousy or not.
He became heavier and sloppier with his thrusts he was reaching his climax and moaned your name as he came inside you.
He slowly came to a stop and stayed still kissing your back lightly completely out of breath.
“Fuck” he said softly
“Yes” you replied
You turned around exhausted and sat back up on the table looking at both or your teachers, not sure what to say.
Mr Urie grabbed his clothes, re dressing himself and Mr Wentz buckled his belt.
“Thank you sir” you said sheepishly feeling extremely exposed.
“I think you can call me Brendon now” he chuckled to himself.
“Yeah, you might as well call me Pete” he kissed your forehead “I’ll get the bus back, I think you two might need to talk, your secret is safe with me” he left the room.

Brendon passed you your clothes, and gently moved your hair out your face “do you want to come back to mine for a shower?” His eyes melted your soul.
You nodded he saw how exhausted you were and helped you put your clothes on. You slowly stood up and he wrapped your arm around your waist and the two of you left to his car. You were on cloud nine.

I Don’t Need You- Brother!Draco

“Honestly, Draco, who are you so annoying?! Can you go one day without insulting someone?” I said. He just rolled his eyes. “And now you’re going around and hexing first years? I didn’t think you needed me to tell you that’s not okay! Have you no common sense?”

“What I lack in common sense, I make up for in sarcasm,” he smirked, making me punch his arm. “Ow! Okay! I’ll tone it down a bit. Gods, you’re gonna leave a bruise!”

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my bed hair looked p. fabulous this morning

NYCC Days 2 and 3 - Kishimoto Signing, Boruto Movie, Vin Diesel, OH MY!!

Continued from here.

I think I can combine my write ups for these actually.  Friday was the big day for the Kishi signing!  In addition to the usual gang I got to hang out again with Sawyer some more which is always cool.  Never thought I’d ever meet him let alone befriend him.  Cons just bring people together I guess, lol.  But yeah I had an extra ticket to the signing and decided to let him use it. He actually shares the story about it in his latest review (I’m the Erika he’s referring to btw ~_^).  


But long story short, they were so strict about the ticketing that he and a couple others couldn’t use them even though they were legitimate tickets.  In the end we got stuff signed for him at least. Besides, he already got to meet Kishi (as he so interestingly describes). 

But with that disappointing fiasco aside it was a pretty cool moment to meet Kishi. They had a lady there that converts your name to katakana. When I told her I was Erika she was like “whew”, clearly relieved to have such an easy one for once, lol. There are Japanese Erikas (as well as Erikos) if you didn’t know.  

I had a fan question that I thought I could ask during the Thursday panel, but for the signing I’d been planning to talk to him about my trip to Japan and how I visited the exhibition etc., so in the end I just stuck with that since it could spark a little more conversation. Since I speak some Japanese it was a little surreal to talk to him.  They asked where I got to see it and I told them Osaka.  I had quite a few items that he could sign, but they limit you to one personal item. So in the end I had him sign my Michi book from the exhibition. We also got those commemorative posters you see on the right.  He signed it with a golden sharpie. Top left is my name in katakana. There’s a big poster we got too but it’s rolled up and I’m to lazy to whip it out right now. 

The translator and the store’s staff were oohing and ahhing at my Michi book because apparently it’s EXTREMELY exclusive.  His translator was telling me that she couldn’t make it out there in time to see the exhibit in order to get one for herself, but she definitely wanted one.  

After me, CommanderKuruma was up next and he gave Kishi a portrait of the Uzumaki kids drawn by Gabzilla. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw it.  

I couldn’t stay much longer afterwards, so from there I went to the Blade Rave. I actually bought sharingan contacts thinking they’d double nicely as vampire ones.  I think it worked out:

By the end of the night I was covered in “blood” and others got drenched (much like in the film) but I don’t have the group pic atm.  Surprisingly enough it’s not as messy to get off which was a relief, lol.

Saturday - Day 3

Saturday was about the Boruto movie.  I joined my friends in line balls ass early (though they actually camped the whole night).  I was happy to at least don my favorite birthday shirt of Agent Carter (I’m a fanatic if you didn’t know).

The Hammerstein Ballroom was really nice

They interviewed Kishi and Junko for a few minutes and I was able to upload it

Anyone who attended the con knows how strict they were about people getting pics with Kishi. Even the people who lined up Thursday for a Kishimoto signing Saturday afternoon probably couldn’t get a pic with him.  Well, this guy here might be the only exception.  This is honestly one of the best Kisame cosplayers I’ve ever seen and I’ve been going to cons for over 10 years. I’m really glad he got the chance to meet Kishi. He said it was an honor that Kishi wanted a pic with him and of course they let him do the same. 

As for the movie. It was nice seeing it in Japan but seeing it with nearly 2,000 narutards in North America brings a whole new energy.  I think I enjoyed it even more this time around.  Everybody was so enthusiastic about the scenes. There was so much cheering from character intros in the beginning, to badass action sequences, even to the end with SasuSaku’s shot (the fangirls represented, I must say lol).  I believe Kishi and Junko stayed to watch the film with us so I wonder how they felt with a considerably rowdy crowd compared to how it is in Japan. 

I did a brief interview with TV Tokyo so who knows where that’ll show up if at all, haha.  They asked who my fave was of the new group and I said Sarada. The reporter said she was extremely popular so far (no surprise), lol.    

After that I went back to the convention center for The Last Witch Hunter panel with Vin Diesel and Elijah Wood.  Love those guys. Unfortunately I left my camera back at my friend’s place so I had to make do with my phone, but I did get some pics and videos:

The movie looks like it’s going to be really cool.  I’m actually slotted for a screening of it this Tuesday (movie critic over here), but I totally plan to see it again and that decision was further supported through Vin announcing that they would be  giving us all FREE tickets for when it’s released!!  Thank you, Fandango! Thank you Vin! He was definitely the most popular there getting most of the fan questions. I started to feel a little bad for Elijah and Rose but they seemed okay. 

I had to head back after that to finish a homework assignment, but all in all it was a fun con!  I don’t believe its claim that it’s bigger than SDCC. SDCC definitely has more people.  In general it’s still not at SDCC’s level as far as I’m concerned, despite Vin saying Main Stage looked bigger than Hall H. HA! No.  Not even. He’s just being nice. Even the local NYCer next to me shook her head because she knew better, lol. I do like that they offer wristbands for panels and I think they do a better job at hyping the crowd before a panel (there was a DJ and a hype man there), but since SDCC doesn’t do room clears and seating throughout the day, they don’t really need to.  They fit more panels in that pay anyway.

Not sure if I’ll be there next year. It will depend on what’s going on but I did have a nice time hanging out with old friends, making new ones and making new memories.  I’ll end with with a couple of fantastic costumes…and avelociraptor , just cuz.

Interview pt.1

Characters: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Slight angst, Highschool! AU

Word Count: ~1k

Part 1/??

Part 1 Part 2Part 3 ❣ Part 3.5Part 4

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“I got Kim Taehyung!”

“Jung Hoseok for me!”

“Oh please, I’m the luckiest here! I’m with Park Jimin!”

Everyone in the room was shouting out the names of the most popular boys in school, neatly written on small post-it notes drawn from a hat. What was going on? Well, you were a part of the school’s newspaper club, and this week was all about interviews.

“Hey [Y/N], who did you get?” A fellow peer asked.

“Oh uh, I didn’t check my paper yet..” You trailed off, unfolding the small note and taking a glance. You paused for a moment. Shit.

“Well, who is it?!” Before you knew it, the paper was snatched from your grip and read out loud. “Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team Captain, Min Yoongi! Woah, lucky!!” She cheered.

No. You were the opposite of ‘lucky’. You and Yoongi had recently broken up, or rather, he dumped you. Now there couldn’t be anything more awkward than having to interview him about his life.

“Okay everyone, the interviewees have all agreed to meet up with you here after school tomorrow. Please have your questions prepared by then.” The club director stated, then dismissed the meeting.

As you walked home, you simply couldn’t stop thinking about what tomorrow would be like. Out of all students, why him? Why did you get stuck with the one that crushed your heart mercilessly?

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