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Alex Standall X Reader

Request:  Can you do an Alex Standall imagine where his girlfriend always calls him black parade Gerard as a cute little joke because their first kiss was to an MCR song?


You were waiting outside the school doors for your boyfriend Alex so that you could walk home together. You soon noticed him walking out the doors so you walked up to him. “Hey my little black parade Gerard!” You almost shouted as you grabbed him into a hug.

“Why do you always call me that?” He asked you with a mixture of annoyance and confusion. “Do you seriously not remember?” You questioned him. “I don’t remember, sorry, could you remind me?” He said with a small smile on his face. “Ugh, fine.” You groaned as you started telling him.  


You were hanging out with your best friend Alex, who you had a huge crush on. You guys were currently watching Edward Scissorhands when suddenly Alex said something. “Hey, lets listen to some music!” He said excitedly. “Um, okay go ahead.” You giggled. 

You soon heard the beginning to your favorite song, ‘The Sharpest Lives’ by My Chemical Romance. “Oh my god Alex I love this song” You practically shouted. “I know that’s why I picked it” He chuckled as you excitedly danced around.

“Oh come on Alex, I’m not gonna dance by myself!” You laughed as you pulled him towards you, causing you to fall onto the couch, with Alex on top of you. You soon realized that you were leaning in towards each other. Soon your lips were together, after awhile you pulled apart. 

“Umm, so I don’t know if you noticed but I like you, like really like you.” He said to you nervously. “Well that’s good.” You giggled. “What?” He asked confused. You giggled even more at his reaction. “I like you too, you idiot!” You laughed as you kissed him again.

                                       ~End Of Flashback~

“Oh yeaaahhh.” He said, remembering the rest after you finished telling him. “Yeah, then a week later you took me on a date and asked me to be your girlfriend” You replied, smiling. “And I don’t regret it, and I never will” He told you, before he kissed you.

Toriel switch part 2

Gorgette quickly began to pick herself up.

“ Stay down !!” Qf Toriel demanded. “ Your suppose to be scared of me!!!”

Gorgette gave her a questioning look. Then she started giggling again.

“ She’s like a ticking time bomb of giggles that won’t shut up!!” Qf toriel angrily thought.

“ Is something wrong ….Aahh!!”

Qf toriel threw a snowball at her.

“ Hey that hurt !!” Gorgette whined.

Qf toriel took a step back. Her eyes were filled with pure terror. She stopped to think for a minute. Her eyes shifted towards gorgette.

“ This must be those alternative universes that alphys is going on and on about!!” Toriel thought. “ This is that d***n alphys’s fault!!!”

“ Hey you…” She turned around to gorgette , only gorgette wasn’t. ( Only an outline of her..Like you see in animes) .

Gorgette was staring at a window on a house nearby.

Qf Toriel slowly walked near her.

“ What are you looking at!!??” Qf toriel demanded.

Gorgette’s eyes softened.

“ It’s like you already forgotten.” Gorgette said softly. “ You said to asgore on that night, if you two ever got married , this house would be for your children!”

“ K.k..k-KID!!” Qf toriel flushed “with asgore!!”.

She grabbed gorgette’s collar and slammed her to the ground.

“ Don’t YOU dare think that I will ever marry such a loud , non sensitive JERK!!” Toriel fumed.

“ HEY what’s going on !!” A voice from the distance called.

He was wearing a purple sweater with a white jacket over it.

“ Gorgette are you okay?” He shreiked.

“ Yeah…” Gorgette blushed as the strange boy felt her hand.“ Thanks asgore.

” A-A-A asgore!!!“ Toriel mind questioned.” This can’t be asgore , this thing is so handsome , unlike that one I have in my universe.“

Asgore looked at gorgette and then to toriel.

” Tori , what happened?“ Asgore questioned.

Qf toriel’s eyes fumed with rage as she grabbed asgore’s collar and raised him in to air.( What is up with her and grabbing people’s collar?)

” Don’t you dare Tori me !!“ Qf Toriel yelled fiercely. ” I don’t know who you are or where you came from , but your not asgore !!!!“

Asgore shreiked in fear as she began to ignite a fireball from her hand.

Suddenly she started laughing hysterically.

” I don’t care if your not my asgore!!“ Toriel’s hand slowly came up to asgore’s face. ” But you will die by my hands.“ ( Don’t ever call her Tori)

Suddenly before she could fire the fireball , a bone bone charged at her head causing her to black out.

” Asgore are you okay?“ A skeloten in a blue jacket (Wich had a Royal Crest on it ) yelled.

” Sans , is Tori okay “ asgore questioned as he felt his neck(and pulse).

” That’s not toriel , asgore “ sans said as he looked at the uncontious qf toriel in the snow.” You see while I was training with our toriel …“

* Flashback*

Toriel and sans just got done training.

” You did great Tori!“ Sans said as he handed her a water bottle.

” Thanks !!“ Toriel said.

Suddenly toriel started to fade away.

* End of flashback*

” We should take this toriel back to my castle and try to get some answers from her ,okay" sans began to carry qf toriel on his back.

“ Okay !” Asgore hesitantly answered.

Gorgette , asgore , and sans along with an uncontious qf toriel headed towards sans’ castle.

To be continued.

Perf who should toriel meet next.

Clear | Josh Dun |

A\N: Sorry, I haven"t proofread this yet, so know that there probably will be typos etc!

Plot: omg hello so would you be able to write an imagine with josh about how you have really bad anxiety and you just come home every night for a few weeks really drunk and he tries to help you??

Imagine: Josh Dun x Y/N
Words: 1.320
Warnings: Alcohol, anxiety


Last time you checked the clock, which was a long time ago by now, it said 11 PM. After that you’d lost not only track of the passing hours, but also yourself. Your mind had starter buzzing some time ago, which meant: GET OUT OF HERE!

But your feelings gotten the best of you. Your mind was a blur, and the feeling of anxiety made your senseless and vulnerable to anyone or anything around you.

It had all started earlier that night, when you and your best friend Josh had fought. You’d told him about the party you’d been invited to.


“Sorry, I can’t hang tonight,J,” you passed around your room, phone in hand, while waiting for him to respond. “I- uh have plans.”

You knew very well, how Josh felt about you and parties. He didn’t like it. Josh wasn’t an ass, but just overprotective, because he knew about me and my anxiety attacks. We had those in common.

“You sound like someone who’s up to no good. Mind sharing?”

I sighed. Busted.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just Jenna throwing a little party tonight.”

A sigh travelled it’s way into my ear.

“You know what I think about those… You can’t handle them, Y/N… You get anxious, panic and then in an attempt to blend in and comfort yourself; You drink your brains out. It has happened before, and it could totally happen again.”

“I know, but I can’t just stay at home and do nothing forever, Josh!”

“I agree, but you could go with me to the movies instead! That way you get to leave the house, without getting hurt.”

I felt myself getting annoyed with his statements. He might be my best friend, but right then, he was just acting like my dad or something.

“Oh stop it! I can’t stand you, when you’re like this!”

“Excuse me?”

I could easily tell that he was confused, shocked even.

“Don’t act like you don’t want me to go with you instead of attending Jenna’s party.”

“I’m not… What’s your point here?”

“You’re just pissed, because I’m gonna spend time with other people.”

Silence. I had to check that neither of us had hung up. Nope. Still on.

“I can’t believe you. You make me sick right now, Y/N.”

Hearing those words coming from him really hit me. Hard. My chest suddenly felt tight, and it was like someone had placed tons of bricks on my shoulder.

“I can’t do this. If you can’t realize that I’m only trying to look out for you and your wellbeing, then there’s no good reason for me to stick around. Bye, Y/N.”

Beep, beep, beep.

I looked at my phone and saw that the call had indeed been ended. The sadness from hurting and doubting my best friend was so strong, that it took over and turned into mad anger. So much that my brain twisted the whole situation, instead of letting me come back to my senses. For some reason I was persuaded: I was going out tonight, and not even Josh was gonna hold me back.


I should’ve listened to him. Why am I so stupid? What time is it? I can’t even remember how many drinks I’ve had by now. I was fumbling around the crowded room, when suddenly a blonde walked up to me.

“Hey, Y/N. You okay?”


“Yeahhhhhhh, turtally fine. Have we met?” My words were as clear as my vision.

“Eh- It’s me. Jenna?”

“Oh, nice to meet you, Jenny. I have a friend with that exact same name.” I paused in my drunkness. “I think?”

Without giving it a second thought, I felt my body, which was out of my control, push past the blonde and continue further into the crowd. Everything was so loud, and the lights and colors all mixed in some annoying kind of blurred rainbow. Make. It. Stop.

By then I must’ve reached some kind of dance floor, because people started crowding around me and I felt my the air get thicker. So thick that I felt it get stuck in my throat, making it impossible for it to get to my head.

“Oh man.”

My already heavy breathing hitched. I needed to get out of hear. Sweat formed on my forehead, but I wasn’t sure if it was caused by the heat or my body freaking out. All I knew was that I needed air. Fresh air. Now!

I stumbled all around the room for what seemed like forever, not being offered any help, before I reached a door. I didn’t know where it’d lead me, but I stopped thinking twice about 3 drinks ago. I opened the door, while holding onto what felt like my last breath, when I suddenly fell through the door and was hit by not only what seemed to be the sidewalk, but also the cool air of the night. Or morning… Whatever time it was. So I just laid there for a while, breathing heavily, trying to even out my breathing. That’s when I started crying, for what I thought was no reason.

“I need hrome,” I choked out.

And with that mindset, I got off the ground and started walking. I didn’t really know where my almost blown out brain was making me go, but I trusted it. Don’t ask me why. You’d think people would stop and help, when they saw a crying girl stumbling through the streets, but no one did…

After a walk that seemed to last forever, even though I don’t seem to remember much of it, I finally found myself standing in front of a door. My brain automatically made me knock, not even knowing who lived behind it.

I knocked and knocked and knocked. No one. So I let my tired legs crumble under me, as the tears spilled on my red cheeks and I surrendered to the weakness of my body. I felt myself falling asleep against the cold door. That was until it suddenly disappeared and I fell against two, soft poles.


I heard a warm voice. It felt like home, which made my cry. Again.

I suddenly felt two arms wrap around me, and my body was now resting against someone instead of something. The firm chest felt familiar.


“Yeah, it’s Joshy,” His chuckling lips were pressed to the top of my head.

“How come I’m hrere and not there?” I pointed at nothing, before my arm fell back against my body. It was too weak.

Sigh. “I really don’t know, but I’m glad you are.” Silence fell over us, as I felt his strong arms hug me closer, before he started stroking mine. “God, you’re so stupid, Y/N… And God I love you anyways.”

I was still crying, but his kind words made me cry even harder.

“I lurv you too, Jish.”

“Uhumm… You better, because you’re coming inside with me.”

“Cool,” I croaked out tiredly.

Next thing I knew, he lifted my limp body and carried me inside, where he placed me in his warm bed. Then he left.

“Nooooo,” I cried out. “Come back, I’m so sryyyyyyy. I won’t party evr again.”

“Don’t you worry your little, drunk head too much. I was just grabbing you a clean shirt.”

I felt him take off my sweaty shirt, before sliding a fresh, soft one on me, before pulling off my uncomfortably tight skirt.

“There you go. Feel better?” He hovered over me, and his beautiful, brown eyes seemed to be the first clear image that night. I nodded, which made him send me that stupid smile of his.

“Good. Now sleep. See you tomorrow for a rough round of hangovers,” he chuckled before placing the covers over my body and dumping his body next to mine. Even when my brain was nowhere near clear, he still seemed to be. I loved clear.

Okay, so, tbh I don’t believe that Anakin would have killed Obi-Wan on Mustafar if he’d had the upper hand and that stupid leap never happened. Let’s imagine for a moment that Obi-Wan falters or doesn’t get the chance to hack Anakin’s limbs off. The scales would then definitely tip in Anakin’s favor. But I just don’t think he’d be able to deal the finishing blow.

Like, imagine it in a movie or something, he’s standing over Obi-Wan, lightsaber raised to strike but suddenly there’s a flashback of all their good memories together and he realizes he can’t do it. Just as Obi-Wan couldn’t. Because they’re brothers, they’re partners and Anakin loves Obi-Wan, he just hates what he represents.

The whole time, Anakin was trying to make up reasons to hate Obi-Wan while in reality he was just hurting because Obi-Wan didn’t seem to love him as much as Anakin did him. (Obi-Wan did, though, but it was a bone-deep love that couldn’t crack through his immaculate Jedi upbringing.)

However, love is an integral part of Anakin’s being, to the point that it becomes violently physical - i.e. he almost crushes the ones he loves with it, so in the end he can’t end Obi-Wan’s life.

That’s why all those post-mustafar prisoner!Obi-Wan au’s are so likely in my mind. After Anakin lets Obi-Wan live, he keeps him by his side even if that’s against his master’s will. That’s how possessively Anakin loves. Deep down though it’s still love.

It’s just tragic how different they are in that aspect…

Good Intended Trickery

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Good Intended Trickery

Peter Parker X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): “Is this your inbox? I’m so sorry; I’m new to Tumblr and I don’t quite know the layout of it. Could you do a fanfic where the Avengers tease the reader about her feelings for Peter Parker and she blushes and is all shy about it and tries to deny it? You can choose if she was already aware of her feelings or if she didn’t realize she liked him until the Avengers said something about it. She and Peter are already best friends before this “discussion” with the Avengers happened. Sorry, I’m really picky!” And “hi! i was wondering if you could do a peter parker x reader imagine where the reader is a new recruit (with the powers of johnny storm, fantastic four) and is about a year younger than peter and the avengers keep pushing the two to get together and just a lot of awkward and shy peter. also, could you make this when peter is about 17-ish and make the reader super confident and have her super into makeup and stuff. i hope that was understandable! thank you sosososososo much!”

Notes: Whoooo that looks like a lot but it isn’t trust me haha. The prompts were super cute tho!!

Warning(s): None.

(y/n) had never thought of Peter actually becoming their boyfriend until the Avengers teased her about it. Not really the Avengers, per say, but more like Tony and Clint. It was just a regular day training when the two men walked into the training hall. It smelled faintly of smoke and burning material, which had been put out, due to (y/n)’s ability to project fire like Johnny Storm. They caught the two teens laughing before Peter waved goodbye, walking out the back exit. Stark whistled as he came up beside (y/n).

“Well well, look at you two! I haven’t seen a couple closer than-”

“Wait, couple? Oh no, Mr. Stark, Peter and I aren’t a couple. We’re just really good friends!” (y/n) said, frowning at Clint who raised an eyebrow.

“Really? Because you two seem really close, like really close. Admit it, you like a him a lot, don’t you?” He purred. (y/n) frowned, a blush coming to their cheeks. It was true that they had a crush on Peter but they were afraid of ruining their relationship with him.

“….No. I don’t.” Tony could only grinned when he saw the blush, “So you dooo like him! Well then, perhaps Arrowhead here and I can, oh I don’t know, figure out a way to help get you two together.” Tony waggled his eyebrows, smirking. (y/n) frowned and began to walk away, “No thanks, guys. I’d rather it happen on it’s own, not forced, if I did like him. But thanks though.” Tony and Clint watched them walk away, smirking to one another. Oh they had a plan.


(y/n) was putting on makeup getting ready for a day at the mall when they received a text from Peter. They put down the lipstick in their hand and opened the text. The phone almost burned up in their hand if (y/n) hadn’t squealed and thrown it in a fit of happiness.

The text which caused this outburst read: Hey (y/n) um…I just wanted you to know that I really really like you. Like…I love you. And I wanted to know if you would go on a date with me on Saturday? We can work out the time later :)

After picking up the phone it took less than a second for (y/n) to confirm that yes, she wanted to go on a date with Peter Parker.


Peter wasn’t doing too much when he got a text from (y/n). He had liked them for a long time now and he cursed out loud at the text he got. Aunt May leaned over the counter, an eyebrow raised. Peter took a deep breath and apologized before texting back a reply.

Received from (y/n): Hey Pete! I’ve liked you for a long time now and wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date? I was thinking Saturday, we can work out the time later, if that’s alright c:

Delivered to (y/n): Whoa, heck yeah!  I have to admit, I’ve liked you for a long time too. Saturday works great for me!


Tony and Clint grinned wickedly from Tony’s lab. They fist bumped as Natasha and Steve walked over. Nat stopped at the screen of Tony’s monitor. It didn’t take long for her to scoff and slap them both over their heads, “Really, you two? You couldn’t just let them play it out? You just had to play match-maker, didn’t you, Clint?”

Neither man said anything as they snickered, they didn’t need to. It was obvious that they were just glad that their little plan had worked, and oh how well it had worked indeed.


Saturday at the mall had been great. Peter hadn’t seen (y/n) so happy and outgoing in a long time. Sure they were confident in everything they did, not to mention hella beautiful with or without makeup, but just seeing them so happy had his chest warm. He laughed as they pulled him along once more, in and out of stores. It was only when they were exiting that either of them caught a glance of Tony and Clint behind them.

“Hey! What the hell are you two doing here? And how the hell has the paparazzi not bombarded you yet?” (y/n) asked, a hand on their hip. Peter stood beside them, holding their free hand and looking at the two Avengers nervously.

“Okay one, I put them on a restraining order- actually F.R.I.D.A.Y. did for me but hey look at me, not bombarded in public!” Tony did a little dance, laughing at his freedom from cameras.

“And two, what? Can we not enjoy a nice little day at the mall? See how everything went?” Tony sipped at his smoothie while Clint grinned, “Nat thought it was stupid but look how well it turned out!”

“…What turned out well?” Peter asked, curious. (y/n) suddenly had flashbacks to their talk in the training hall the other day and groaned, “You two set us up, didn’t you? Fake texts and stuff, yeah?”

Tony snickering was the only confirmation (y/n) needed before they felt the heat in their bloodstream. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to trick a hormonal teenager who could project fire onto going on a date with their crush. In hindsight, Tony Stark and Clint Barton should have saw that coming.

In the end though? (y/n) could only smile into Peter’s chest the next afternoon as they watched Netflix. They would have to thank Clint or Tony the next time either of them allowed themselves to even be in the same room as the young teenager, seeing Tony still had a pretty nasty accidental burn going down his arm. Well it kind of served him right, (y/n) sighed and resumed enjoying the afternoon with their now very happy boyfriend.

CHARLOTTE’S KILLER plus Wren is Uber A.D

Okay I know i have no followers at all bc i just created this blog. This is just a brainstorming of my ideas/theories/logic/questions etc… Please if something doesn’t add up just be nice and tell me. Like I said is my first time doing it. OKAY SO this last month pll re activated my obsession. Part of my “theories” are inspired by many amazing theoriests (sorry if i can’t remember but credit to you all!) but is mostly things we all figured out and i connected it to my logic. Things that actually do make sense. I apologize for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language:)

QUESTIONS  Possibilities 

  • So in 7x06 in Jenna’s flashback Cece/Charlotte (OKAY I’m gonna call her Cece sorry) Cece, Rollins/Archer and her were talking like the best friends they were. Cece said that Alison will go later that day to meet the new doctor, Elliot Rollins, and the only way she can get out of Welby is by making Elliot convice Alison that she’s better now/seduce her and he did. ALSO Jenna told Emily that she introduced Archer and Cece. Basically she made him come to Rosewood for an unknown reason and she had contacts that gave him a fake passport etc. The real question here is why would Jenna introduce this 2 people? what’s the point? Why were Jenna and Cece suddenly friends if back in s4/5 she was scared of Cece? Bitch almost drown her, set fire to her house… I ain’t buying that shit that they became friends out of curiosity. Plus they did met before in Khan’s party (that truth game back in s3) #plothole1.  

 Okay the interesting part starts here, I read somewhere that why would Cece be mad at Ali if she was with Elliot when that was exactly what she wanted? I had to re-watched those 2 scenes: jenna’s flashback & ali’s flashback at welby. She [CeCe] pretended to be mad at Ali bc she was “hooking up with her/my doctor” when that was her plan since the beggining, according to Jenna. She acted all mad and dissapointed at Ali and went to the bell tower on purpose bc she knew that Alison will follow her. I believe that someone was waiting there to kill Alison in Cece’s orders but somehow got confuse and killed her instead. Or maybe Cece herself wanted to kill Alison bc let’s be honest, she never loved her. Why on the hell would she torture her & friends for years with the excuse that she didn’t “listen”? or maybe was really crazy prob. Anyway this is a possibillity. OR this person/killer wanted to kill both, Ali and  Cece. Either way Mary and Archer thought Ali did it but I’ll talk about this in other post. Cece died accidentally or on purpose idk but she’s dead.

Something that caught my attention this week was the line Mary said to Elliot at the end of 6x20 “That’s what Charlotte would’ve wanted” Okay, how would Mary know what the fuck Charlotte/Cece would’ve wanted if she said to Ali that they never met?#plothole2 (7x06). Jenna said that she was looking for her biological mother [Mary] and that she will find her. But WHY? What does Jenna gets from helping her? For me Charlotte and Mary did met and were close. That’s how she got the Drake last name for her alias Cece. There’s no way in life Drake is the maiden/dad’s last name of Jessica and Mary. If so, Jessica would’ve had forced Charlotte to call herself CeCe other lastname but Drake bc it would be too suspicious that Jason’s girlfriend has the same last name that her mother’s maiden one even if they never thought they could be related. Yes, Jessica didn’t knew it was Charlotte until that day the went on summer but still. Idk its just me. Like, did Jason, Kenneth and Alison never asked her what was her dad’s [jessica] last name? the one she was born with. Anyway i just find it really odd. So yes, basically Charlotte knew who was her mother all along and lied big time on 6x10. (its necessary to say that she is a transgender. I personally don’t believe it that much but this is a sensitive topic and the writters wouldn’t change it bc they will really get attack for faking all the trans story which will be even more bad representation for the lgbt community. They deserve respect too<3) 

NOW WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. CHARLOTTE’S/CECE KILLER. Back to Jenna and all the bennefits she would get by helping Cece is keeping her close. I’ll put it this way. She knew Archer idk how? and was looking for Mary so she made her come and join Archer to stole the Carassimi Group money and blah. Idk why but i found it funny “The blind leading the blond”. She was gaining both, Archer’s and Cece’s trust over the years so she could attack them and blame Alison like always. Jenna has always hated Alison. She+liars blind her, blackmailed her with the Toby sex tape etc etc etc… Also Jenna was afraid of Cece like i already said (S3/5 i think so)she almost killed her, and set her house on fire. Maybe she was the one who wanted to kill Alison and got confuse, or wanted to kill both blond’s that night. She’s one of the only characters that never reedem with Ali and like Aria once said “I don’t think Jenna is the kind of person that forgive easily” or something along those lines. But she did with Cece? why? to get close to both! you know what they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Maybe you’re saying “she’s blind” well BITCH CAN SEE. She did lied about having her sight back who knows if she wouldn’t do it again? There’s this theory that says that her stick match the murder weapon. here is the link http://tremolux.tumblr.com/post/147725190520/reconsidering-the-weapon creds to @tremolux yep that makes sense. And NO ONE will ever suspect of a blind girl bc you know, she’s blind even if she has a million reasons. Rosewood pd are idiots, remember. Plus nobody knew she was in town. She just came to Radley hotel out of nowhere and surprise the girls with her noisy stick. She was in town all this time and nobody noticed it. In my opinion Jenna had the perfect motive to kill Cece & Ali but only killed Cece bc Ali went home earlier and she had to stick to her plan bc then she could never do it. Was a now or never situation. Maybe Cece asked her to kill Alison and that’s why she went to the church on purpose but she betraded her and that was the end of Charlotte Drake. She has the perfect aliby. Not being in town. Being blind. She’s a geneous! She killed her, pushed her from the bell tower and make it look like a suicide, and put the flowers in her hand. Ran away only to come back and frame Melissa making her look like she did it go away again and come back when Elliot died. 

SORRY if its toooo long but just wanted to point that out. Just put half of my notes here. Like, real life logic not pll logic but hey, you never know! 

I think that AD >> IS THE SIBILING >>AD IS AVENGING CECE >> AD is the older/youngest/fraternal twin. AD IS #WREN (will post my master theory soon)





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to be continue… shh

Redamancy | Stiles Stilinski (Part 3)

Author: @adriannahobrien09

Fanfic Part Three Summary: Stiles tells Scott about what happened between the two of you the night before and says how there is still so much sexual tension between the two of you… he can’t help but think of taking you into Coach’s office to help the tension… ;)…

Warnings: NSFW, smut, protected, cursing (?)

Pairing: [Fuckboy]Stiles Stilinski X (Reader)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 2,068

(Y/N) = Your Name

[GIF not mine ((:]

A sigh fell from Stiles’ lips as he walked over to his locker in the boys locker room since his next class was gym. Today was cross country so he had to run which is something he wasn’t a big fan of. Stiles made it to his locker to be greeted by Scott, who’s locker is right next to his.

“Hey.” Scott said, closing his locker. Stiles unlocked his and opened the door, “Hey, Scott." Stiles replied, taking off his flannel and black t-shirt, tossing them into the locker.

"So I saw you leave the party with that girl (Y/N).” Scott said with a smirk as he started putting on his black sweatshirt. Stiles nodded, “Yeah, how do you know her name?” Stiles asked, slipping his grey sport shirt and nike tank top on.

“I have a class with her too.” Scott nodded, and Stiles sighed.

“So, how was it?” Scott smirked and Stiles arched a brow.

“Good.” Stiles said.

“Really good or just good?”

“Really good. She’s different than all the other girls I.. you know-”

“Sleep with?” Scott cut him off.

Stiles nodded, “Yeah. And now there’s so much tension between the two of us, like I cant help but stare at her..” He said. “And we are partners for the project in English. It’s like the teacher knew about us and put us together.” Stiles explained and Scott looked over at him.

“Do you want to do her again?” Scott asked.

Stiles rolled his eyes, “Don’t say it like that. But if the moment was right then yeah I’d do it again.” Stiles replied.

Scott raised a brow, “You never hook up with the same girl twice.” He said as if he had said it multiple times before.

Stiles nodded, “I know, but since we have this project and since there’s so much tension, you never know what will happen. Oh, and I got her number.” He said.

Scott nodded, “You’re not into her are you?” Scott questioned.

Thoughts of your lips and flashbacks to last night suddenly clouded his mind. The way you taste, how you felt, how he had so much fun, how it was one of the best nights -or best hooks ups- so far.

Stiles shook his head, “No.. I don't have different feelings for her than any of my other hook ups.” Stiles replied.

Scott chuckled, “Okay, well if you keep messing around with her you might actually start to have feelings for her.” Scott said, leaning on his own locker. Stiles sighed, shutting and locking his locker.

“I know, but she’s just a hook up, someone I messed with while drunk last night.” Stiles shrugged. Scott raised a brow, “M-kay. I’ll believe you, but trust me, it’ll happen.” Scott replied, and Stiles looked over at him with narrowed eyes. Coach Finstock entered the locker room, blowing his whistle.

“Let’s gooo! We can’t waste time, I don’t want you guys turnin into fat slobs before our big game.” Coach shouted, making both Scott and Stiles roll their eyes.  

It was now fourth period and you were sitting at your desk, not paying any attention because of someone sitting behind you. Well, he wasn’t directly behind you but he was in the row behind you. Lydia was sitting at your left and he was sitting behind her.

This he was Stiles. And even better, you could feel his stare locked on you, but you didn’t want to turn your head to look at him. Though, you couldn’t pay any attention to what the teacher was saying because you couldn’t quit thinking about it.

Finally having the guts to look, your turned your head slightly to the left and you saw Stiles sitting while nervously bouncing his knee, his eyes locked on you. You turned your head back to face the front of the room, crossing your legs.

It’s finally lunch and Lydia and you were sitting at a bench outside with your trays of food sitting in front of you. There were more friends you could sit with but the two of you would rather sit alone ‘cause lunchtime is chill time.

Lydia was in the middle of talking about this guy she was interested in by the name of Aiden when your phone went off in your back pocket. You grabbed your phone, turning it on to see it was a text from Stiles.  

Your eyebrows furrowed, and Lydia looked at you with the same expression, “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“It’s Stiles. He told me to met him in Coach’s office.” You replied, and Lydia’s eyes widened.

“You know what’s gonna happen right?” She whispered. “Do you have condoms?” She questioned.

Your eyes widened, “Lydia,” You mumbled. “I’m not a slut.” You replied.

“You’re my slut.” Lydia said as you stood up from the bench.

“Haha, yeah, yeah.” You smiled, walking off towards the doors of the school.

Walking through the halls of the school, passing student’s you had finally made it to Coach’s office door. Fuck you wanted Stiles so bad again, you felt yourself tingle from the thought.

Opening the door, you stepped inside and shut the door behind you. During lunch, Coach Finstock is usually outside eating or yelling in the cafeteria. Stiles stood, leaning against the desk in his usual flannel and jean outfit.

“Lock the door.” Stiles simply ordered, and you did, twisting the lock. You’d thought he was going to tell you something important since he ordered you to do that.

A sigh fell from your lips as you made your way towards him, “So what’d you ne-” Before you could finish your question, he placed both his hands on the sides of your neck and smashed his lips against yours.

Slightly taken aback, you kissed him softly and placed your hands on his cheeks. This was no drunken decision, he actually wanted you. He couldn’t help but crave your lips, and he dreamed of how they’d feel somewhere other than his mouth.

Not breaking your lips from each other, Stiles turned you around so your back was against the desk and he pushed you against it, his lips pressing harder against yours. You felt his tongue glide across your bottom lip, and you parted your lips and gave him access.

Stiles’ body was pressed against yours, and you could feel his already hard bulge against the inside of your thigh, that’s how close you were. He must’ve already been thinking of the things he was going to do to you before you came.

It felt as if it was all in a rush. Stiles’ lips started trailing down your jawline and you swiftly unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down by the waistband just enough to reveal his boxer briefs. But Stiles was quick the grab the small, flat,  square shaped packet and you knew it was a condom. And Just before Stiles could leave mark on your jawline, you softly whispered, “No hickeys.”

Stiles smirked, “I’ll try.” He purred, his lips slowly trailing down to the side of your neck. Slipping your hand inside his boxers, a sigh fell from both yours and Stiles’ lips at the feel of his cock in your hand.

Pulling down his boxer briefs, you started to teasingly stroke his shaft in an agonizingly slow pace. Stiles groaned, placing his forehead against your shoulder while you pumped his length, making you feel more aroused at the feel of him.

The feeling of Stiles’ breath made a chill run down your spine and you shuddered. Stiles lifted his head from your shoulder, tearing the condom packet open before putting it on. He then placed his lips onto yours, his hands making their way toward your jean short button.

Unbuttoning your shorts, Stiles pulled them down and they fell to your feet, and you stepped out of them. His hands were then snaking under your thighs to lift you onto the desk behind you.

You placed both your hands on his cheeks, kissing him deeper than you did before. Your lips started to feel numb from them being pressed against his with so much force. Stiles spread your legs apart so he could stand in-between them and place his hands on your thighs, slowly raking his nails up your bare thighs till they reached your panties.

You ran a hand through his hair, your eyes fluttering open and removing your lips from his so you could make eye contact with him while he hooked a finger inside your panties. He helped take them off and you shimmied out of them, tossing them onto your jean shorts.

Stiles’ arm snaked around your back to pull you closer to the edge of the desk. Your core tingling in excitement. You two didn’t bother taking off your shirts since it had to be quick. Stiles’ lips latched onto your neck while he hoisted your leg onto his hip, and your took that as a sign to wrap your legs around his waist.

You placed your forehead in the space between his neck and his shoulder and you felt him teasing your slit with his tip. You bit down your lower lip, feeling yourself become more heated and aroused.

“Stiles,” You softly moaned below his earlobe, which seemed to encourage him to continue. You bucked your hips forward, kissing up the side of his neck and you felt him slowly push himself into you.

A soft breath or sigh fell from your lips, your forehead against his. Stiles tilt his head to latch his lips onto yours, slowly pulling himself out and slowly thrusting back in, in an agonizingly slow pace.

“Stiles, just please fuck me already.” You begged, your lips ghosting over his. Stiles let out a grunt, his fingertips digging into your hips as he started to thrust into you in a smooth rhythm.

You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and you hid your face in the crook of his neck. Rolling your hips against his, soft moans fell from both yours and Stiles’ lips as Stiles started to fasten his pace.

Stiles placed his forehead against your shoulder and you threw your head back, your mouth open slightly agape as his thrusts got more forceful and deeper. Stiles’ nose was ghosting over the side of your neck, soft grunts falling from his lips. You leaned your head back down and hid it in the crook of his neck once again.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last much longer.” You moaned, pursing your lips together while you screw your eyes shut. Stiles softly nibbled your earlobe, “Cum. Cum all over me, babygirl.” Stiles rasped.

That’s all he had to say to send you over the edge. Your vision darkened and a string of moans fell from your lips while you felt yourself dissolve into pleasure, releasing onto him. Stiles continued to thrust into but in a much slower pace so you weren’t overwhelmed.

Once you came down from your high, you knew Stiles was close because his thrusts were becoming sloppy and he was panting in anticipation. Stiles removed his face from your shoulder and placed his lips onto yours, “I’m close.” Stiles whispered against your lips.

You nodded, placing your lips onto his. You started bucking your hips against his in hopes of helping, and the next second Stiles had reached his high. Stiles came followed by a few groans. Stiles slowly pulled himself out, and you let out a breath. 

“We should probably get dressed before someone catches us.” You whispered, a soft smile spreading across your lips. 

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Preference #122: He Leaves Marks on You

Louis: Shit. Dammit. You curse yourself silently as you push your hair away from your neck, leaning in more on the sink on the bathroom counter to peer closer into the mirror. Yep. There it was, a huge purple and maroon mark directly on your neck, under your ear. Your weak spot that Louis loved to abuse. You sigh. First day back at work since Christmas break and you were gonna show up with a mark that basically said Hey everybody, I got some! You can’t help but examine it further, hoping that maybe if you looked at it enough, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal. You were standing only in your bra and panties, your hair disheveled and your makeup smeared. Basically you were a hot mess. Plus you don’t have any makeup with you. You curse yourself again for coming over to Louis’ on an impulse. “Hey sexy,” Louis’ gruff morning voice says into your ear, a kiss landing on your shoulder. You jump, having been so withdrawn into the bruise on your neck. He presses himself into you, clearly wanting more. Otherwise this would make you mewl, but you suddenly flip yourself around, facing him, and not having it. He responds with brows raised, and presses himself into you so that your chest rests against his, and his tight boxers press against your exposed lower body…Oh. “Look what you did.” You accuse, pointing to your neck and trying to keep composure. Damn was it hard. He goes wide eyed, but smirks before biting his lip. “Ooh, that’s a good one…” he says, a huge smile on his face. “Damn.” You roll your eyes. “Louis I have work today! And no makeup!” He leans into your neck again, kissing the area and making you weak at the knees. Fuck. “You can leave your hair down.” He murmurs, and his breath makes you shiver. He begins to bite and nibble on your collarbone. “Besides…” he says hoarsely, “What’s a few more….?”

Liam: It amazed you that you had gotten any sleep last night, even if it was an hour or two. Having Liam around the house recently wasn’t the same as before he had left for the tour. He was constantly out, and when he was back, he was either passed out or too tired to do anything. Your images of intimate reunions and wine and endless conversations to make up for lost time was shattered every time he walked out the door to go clubbing or god knows where. You’d finally given him a piece of your mind as he made his way into the front door late last night. Of course he was drunk, but you had to say something. “I’m tired of this, Liam. What are you even doing?” You asked, arms crossed. He rolled his eyes. “I’m just trying to have a good time, babe,” he slurs, walking towards the kitchen. “I’ve been touring all month and I just want t’go out, tha’s all.” You follow him into the kitchen as he opens up the fridge. “Well I thought you would spend time with me but clearly I was wrong.” It only escalated from there, as you had claimed that he didn’t love you as much as he once did. He yelled, you yelled back. Finally you had had enough and decided to storm out. “No (Y/N) we’re not done here!” he said before reaching out and yanking on your wrist, pulling you backwards. His grip was tight as you winced and met his eyes. “Liam!” You cried, “Stop!” He glared. “Don’t you ever think I don’t love you!” he yelled. “Ever!” “Liam! You’re hurting me!” you said as tears formed. All color left his face and he dropped your hand immediately. “Babe, no.” he says weakly, “No, I—” You run from the room before you break down totally. You are snapped back into the present, the next day, as you hear Liam come into your bedroom and sit down on the bed. You look at him in silence as he takes in your similar appearance—teary-eyed, fatigued, and emotionally drained, just like him. “Babe…” he begins, his voice still weak. When you bring your hand up to brush away some hair from your face, he lets out a gasp. Your left hand, the one he’d grabbed, had a bright, fresh set of bruises that matched Liam’s grasp. HE swallows hard as any composure he’d had left cracked completely. “Oh god.” He says, “Oh god no. No…” He suddenly takes you into his arms, sobbing. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He repeats, rocking you. You sit in silence as his cries fill the room.

Harry: Harry liked his sleep, so you let him be as you padded around the apartment in the morning light, searching for something to eat. His cabinets held the most random things—a pack of sprinkles, onion dip, and a huge pack of uncooked rice. You finally come across a pack of tea and prepare the kettle. When you finish, you wander into his living room and sit down on his couch. This was weird. You’d never been here before, so it felt like intruding to explore his home without him, but you didn’t feel like lying in bed and you couldn’t sleep anymore. You curl your knees up to your chin as you lean back into the couch, careful not to spill any of the hot tea on your exposed legs. You wore only a tank top and a pair of panties, the summer heat warming up the entire apartment. You begin to peruse a golfing magazine, as you had nothing else to do. “Hey.” A gruff voice finally says. You jump as Harry wanders in, his hair a mess, clad in boxers. “Hey.” You reply, “want some tea?” Harry shakes his head, joining you on the couch. “Sleep okay?” He asks after a pause. You nod. This was strange—what do you say after waking up on the first morning together? He suddenly sucks in breath. “Did I do that?” he asks, his eyes caught on your lower body. You follow his gaze to your hips, exposed in the gap between your tank top and underwear. There sit several bruises, mirror images on both sides of your hips. Flashbacks of last night appear in your mind. You remember his tight grip on your waist as you had lowered yourself onto him slowly, causing him to cry out in pleasure. But he wasn’t accepting the teasing and needed you now so he’d pulled you onto him. Roughly. But you couldn’t complain, it was the hottest thing you’d ever seen. “Shit.” He now murmurs, touching the purple circles, “I’m so sorry. I-I don’t know what came over me.” You chuckle. “I do.” He runs his fingers through his messy hair. “I really didn’t mean to hurt you, I can’t apologize enough—” “Hey.” You reply, placing your hands on the sides of his face to look him straight in the eye. “It’s alright. They really aren’t bad, I didn’t even notice them…” He groans. “I feel terrible.” “Trust me, Harry, these bruises are a small price to pay for the… incredible time I had last night.” And with that, he blushes slightly and grins.

Niall: You sit down in the classy restaurant, dressed in your nicest lace dress. You had to keep it together, since last night you had gotten exactly 0 hours of sleep due to your…reunion with Niall. The first day of your return to London obviously had to be spent with Niall, but now you were meeting up with your girlfriends at your favorite lunch spot to update each other on your lives. Thanking the waiter after he took your drink orders, you begin to gossip, per usual. “So (Y/N),” one of your friends says, sipping her water, “how was your trip? And your ridiculously cute boss?” You blush. “IT was great, and he was fine.” “Yep, he’s fine alright.” Another friend remarks. You all burst into laughter, swooning over men like teen girls. “Oh but it looks like you were more eager to get back to Niall, huh?” Your other friend whispers, holding back a laugh. “What?” You say, confused at what she meant. She points to your neck and you freeze before quickly pulling out a pocket mirror. Oh. A large purple hickey in the shape of Niall’s perfect lips stained your neck. You shut your eyes. How did you not notice that? “I’ll be right back.” You say shortly, to which your friends laugh hysterically. “You guys suck.” You say with feign offense, rolling your eyes. You reach the bathroom to apply foundation and decide to whip out your phone, dialing Niall’s number before you can even think. “You are the worst.” You say as soon as he answers. “(Y/N)?” he says in response. “You gave me the worst hickey last night ya know?“ You say, "I’m sitting with my friends in the restaurant and they pointed it out to me.” “Where are you now?” “In the bathroom trying to cover it up. God it’s like we’re in high school again.” Niall laughs loudly into the phone. “God that is classic. I’m not gonna apologize for that.” You frown. “You are gonna pay for this.” You say with feign toughness, finishing up your foundation, which had covered the hickey fairly well. “Oh yeah?” Niall says quietly, “Are you gonna punish me?” You freeze, taken aback by his reaction. “Niall!” you squeal. He lets out a laugh. “I’ll let you get back to your friends. But I am curious what you’re gonna do to me later…”

Zayn: Every moment had been exquisite since you had landed. You couldn’t ask for a better start to your honeymoon, what with the intimate private flight, the gorgeous beach cabana Zayn had picked out for you two, and a restless night of rediscovering each other’s bodies by candlelight. The cabana was so tucked away, no one was there to bother you, which is just what you had wanted. Now as you lay in the plush king bed, your head nestled against Zayn’s tattooed chest, you smile, your eyes still shut. “It’d been too long babe…” Zayn murmurs, his voice thick and coarse from the few hours of sleep he’d gotten. A giggle leaves your lips. “Hey,” you reply, “you try planning a wedding for a thousand people without stressing. I was busy!” You shuffle around a bit, flipping so that you’re faced away from Zayn and feigning offence. “Heyyy…” Zayn laughs, “Where are you going…”He pulls himself up only to lie right back down on top of you jokingly, causing you to be pinned and facing him. He grins eye to eye as he takes you in, his eyes travelling down your upper body, but stops at your upper chest and bites his lip, still grinning. “Yep. Too long.” He says. You crinkle your brow and look down. Little purple and red lovebites peppered your chest and collarbones, evidence of Zayn’s constant need to have been touching you, kissing you last night. “Zayn!” you groan, thudding your head back on the pillow. He can’t help but smirk at what he’d done. “It’s not my fault that you’re so…” he leans down to kiss your chest again and whines slightly, his hot breath hitting your skin, “damn irresistible…”

Photograph || Luke Hemmings

                                           By: fangirl-94                                  

                                  Author’s Note: Listen this while reading :)


It’s been four months since he left from tour.

It’s weird being at home without him. It’s like something is missing. A piece of me is gone now, the same way he did with his lugagge, that day when we said goodbye at the airport.

His clothes, or at least some of them still in our shared closet.  And as I get closer, looking for something to wear, his red flannel caught my attention. 

And even though I’ve spent the last weeks forcing myself to believe that I was okay, that I wasnt sinking in sadness I just couldnt help it… 

I took it and wrapped the cold fabric around my now shaking shoulders. The feeling of emptiness hit me suddenly, just as fast as the scent of his perfume. Warm tears flowed fastly through my now blushed cheeks.

Missing him like this was killing me. Memories and flashbacks in my mind, the great moments we had, the joy we shared, the kisses, the fights…

I held the phone, determinated to call him and tell him how much I missed him, that I needed him here with me but… I had to be strong, because he was trying his best to make this love work. 

And I had a little reminder of that. I took the polaroid photograph I always carried with me, from the pocket of my jeans. His baby blue eyes filled with joy and happines stared at me through the worn paper.

And written with his sloppy letter I could read the lines that kept me for falling apart everytime I missed him.

Omg idk why i’m writing this :’(

I’m gonna sit on the corner and cry. I’m a little bit emotional and yes, I was inspired by Ed Sheraan’s song photogrpah, cause ginger is love and he gives me chills and apparently inspires me a lot!

And I wrote it different, actually I like it better this way, so it’s not an imagine or anything, tbh is just a random inspired writing :) hope you like it anyway!

Sooo yup, enjoy♡ And feedback is great so inbox me here loves :)