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but imagine this

bucky wakes up from cryo and t’challa and tony are staring at him and tony’s holding a fucking metal arm (a nice one that he made for bucky) and just when bucky’s about to freak the fuck out tony’s like

 “don’t worry i’m just here to help you! 

im just giving you a HAND”

ᵇᵘᶜᵏʸ ᶠᵃᶦᶰᵗˢ

me: i cant stop basing my self worth on how sexually appealing i am to everyone around me and i wish i could change this but because of trauma this is literally the only way i can have any sort of self worth

person: just dont care about what other people think!! you gotta stop thinking about other people and only think about yourself!!!!:) you don’t need to do that!!!!!

me: *screams*

i swear if i find out theres a post going around saying lies about my opinions on things because of this im going to flip. I know how people are and they are like OMG GOTTA STOP FOLLOWING DESSERT STIMS CUZ THEY _____ whatever..  i cleaned up the blog a little. sorry if i haven’t been replying to the anon asks. thanks for all the support and im just done talking about this stuff? thats why i am not able to care about who follows me in the first place, this is too much stress and drama for me. 

at this time 27 unfollowed and why? idfk. i didnt do anything wrong but okay. 

black list my text posts. I tag them not tasty

guess what i made 

you guessed it

another danganronpa kin discord chat!!

we’re looking for anyone to join from any of the games or the animations, really! the only rules are 

1) you gonna be kin with one/some of the dr characters obviously
2) you gotta be nice to us
3) its not entirely mandatory but you gotta at least be okay with or respectful of doubles

if yall wanna join or have any questions message me at @mastermind-souda​ or reblog this post and ill get in contact with you !

She's perfect- pt. 2

(A/N):I am forever salty about this

Request: Will you make a part 2 to She’s Perfect?

Warnings: angst, cheating, swearing

 Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms,  @superwholockian309

Read part 1: X

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   "(Y/N),“ Steve gingerly places his hand over yours, squeezing it ever so softly. "You gotta leave him, I love the guy but goddamn you deserve better,” You sniffle softly, unable to do anything other than sit there, wallowing in your own pain and self loathing. 

    “Maybe if-” you wipe at your nose, sniffling once again. “Maybe if I was more like her-" 

    "Stop right now,” Steve squeezes your hand more, almost painfully tight. “This has nothing to do with you, okay? You’re perfect-” you chuckle dryly, well, what was supposed to be dryly but it came out more watery and choked off due to your tears. 

    “Apparently I’m not,”

    “No (Y/N), you are, all of us see it, all of us except those two.” Steve sighs softly, his thumb rubbing soothing circles into your skin. “We’d all kill to get someone like you and Bucky’s wasting his chance. (Y/N) I know you hate to hear me say this but you need to leave him, this isn’t good for your health  and-” You suddenly break, your facade crumbling to the ground at his words. 

   "I can’t leave him,“ you cry, burying your face in your hands. "I want to but I love him and- and-” without another word Steve pulls you to his chest, hugging you like you’d never been hugged before.

    “I know (Y/N), I know you do,” Steve runs a hand over your hair, attempting to soothe your cries. You helplessly sob against him, no doubt soaking the front of his shirt in tears.

    “I’ve given him everything,” you cry, your shoulders shaking in effort. “I’ve given him my all and this is what I get?" 

    "It’s not fair,” Steve whispers, his hand cradling the back of your head as though you were made of glass. “It’s so not fair and you don’t deserve any of it,”

    “He doesn’t love me,” you ramble, your emotions taking hold and forcing words out of your mouth, causing you to spill your entire heart out to Steve. “I can see the way he looks at her,” Your tears now are thick and heavy, nearly choking you as you attempt to speak. “He used to look at me like that,” A chest rattling sobs rakes through your body and you cling to Steve tighter, willing your pain to stop. 

    “God (Y/N)- I’m so fucking sorry, I- I-” Steve’s sentence cuts off suddenly and his hold tightens around you, his entire body rigid. “Get the hell out of here,” he suddenly growls, low and rumbling in his chest. 

    “Steve, what’s going on? Are they okay-” It was Bucky’s voice, hoarse from his previous activities.

    “I said get the hell out," 

    ”(Y/N),“ it was Nat’s voice. The thought of seeing either of them made you sick to the core and you swore you could feel the bike rising in your throat as you helplessly kept yourself buried in Steve’s chest. "What’s wrong? What happened?" 

    "Take one more step towards them and I swear to god I’ll kill you both,” Apparently Nat stops in her tracks, a look of pure shock overtaking her features. 

    “Steve-” Bucky states again, his tone scared. “What’s wrong? Please, you’re freaking me out," 

    "I don’t think you have the privilege to know what’s wrong, I think you lost all privileges the moment you laid eyes on Nat.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?" 

    "Oh my god you two, it’s so fucking obvious even I caught on. You think you’re trying so hard to hide your secret little affair but it’s not working, everyone here knows what you two are doing behind closed doors…(Y/N) included,” Bucky’s expression drops as does his heart at Steve’s words. Nat looks at her best friend with an expression of despair, a look she rarely ever wore. “Did you know that (Y/N) is blaming themself for this? Hmm? Do you know how many times I’ve had to sit outside their bathroom door and listen to them crying about they’re not good enough, maybe if they were a bit more like Nat that maybe you two wouldn’t have done this? Do you know how many times I’ve had to tell them how fucking perfect they are and how you two are the biggest dumbasses on the face of this earth?” Bucky bites his lip as guilt washes through him, Steve’s words striking something deep within him. “They treated you two so fucking perfectly and then you two go behind their backs and do this bullshit?" 

    ”(Y/N)-“ Nat begins, taking a step forward as she reaches her hand towards your shoulder. 

    "Don’t touch me.” You manage, your first words since the two walked in the room. “Don’t you dare touch me.” Nat takes a step back, pulling her hand to her chest as though your words had burned her. “Just- just get out of here,” you sigh, clinging to Steve tightly. Your heart ached in your chest and you felt as though you could barely breathe as you told your two closest friends to leave you alone.

    “(Y/N), I’m so-” Bucky begins, only for you to cut him off harshly. 

    “I don’t want to ever see you two ever again,” you mutter, glaring at them angrily, hoping your glare hid how much you were hurting. “I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to even hear your names ever again,” you sniffle, although you keep your glare up. “I’m done with you two and I’m done with the avengers,” Everyone reels back at your words, including Steve, clearly taken aback by your statement. “I’m leaving tomorrow night and I’m not gonna come back,”

   "(Y/N),“ Nat whispers, her eyes swimming with tears.

    "No,” you shake your head, your courage growing. “I told you I don’t want to hear you ever again, I don’t even want to think about you,” Your tears come back, stinging harder than ever but you will them away, if only for a few minutes. “Steve, I’m gonna need some help packing,” Steve nods, almost numbly as he stares at you. 

   "Yeah…yeah, I can help,“ You nod, managing a small smile. "Thank you,” You whisper, not even acknowledging Nat and Bucky’s heartbroken looks.

    You had always wanted to be perfect for Bucky, always tried your hardest to be the best you could but as you were packing that day, folding up laundry to place in boxes you realized something. It wasn’t that you weren’t perfect for him, it was that he wasn’t perfect for you. 

 ~Extended Ending~ 

    Bucky sat at the kitchen table, staring at his food numbly, not even looking at the coffee Nat had placed before him. To be honest the two were heartbroken from their loss, they could barely speak, they weren’t eating, and they weren’t sleeping either. The day (Y/N) left the two stopped their relationship, their grief and guilt eating them alive. 

    “(Y/N)’s joined this new group,” Steve smiles softly as he looks down at his phone, scrolling through some photos (Y/N) had sent him. The two perk up at the mention of (Y/N), pained smiles crossing their features. “They’re called the x-men, I think Wade’s even part of the team,” Steve smiles as he stops on a particular picture, his heart warming at the sight. “Looks like they found someone to finally treat them right,” (Y/N)’s smiling as they playfully kiss a certain German blue skinned mutant on the cheek, looking as happy as Steve had ever seen them.

New Years Kiss - Part Three

Summary- Your second meeting with the vigilante is short and sweet, however it leaves you questioning a lot

Part Two

Send in requests 

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Time couldn’t go slower right now, it seemed as if every minute was an hour long wait, bringing you closer to seeing the webslinger again.

To say you were excited would be the wrong word, you preferred the phrase ‘a millisecond away from a devastating mental breakdown’, or the word nervous to shorten it down a little.

Your parents were fairly concerned at the sight of you checking the time on your phone every thirty seconds, foot tapping on the wooden flooring non-stop. What worried them even more was the fact that Order of the Phoenix was currently being shown in TV, but you were acting like you couldn’t care less.

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i fav and comment on every one of my sisters uploads to da but she neverr faves mine.

“I fave the ones I understand” she says.   “ You are very knowledgeable about neanderthals” says she.




we a l w a y s pull through, oh, when we try.

Title: The Last of us: Calm Before The Storm

Chapter: 1

Universe/Fandom: The Last of Us

Warnings: Language

Notes:  Here’s the first chapter. It’s going to start off with the parts from Left behind then start turning into it’s own thing. It’s going to be a AU where Riley never got bit. Bare with me on this. This is my first official fic. Hope everyone will stick around for it because I want this to be a long one.

Word count:  4,236

Read at FFnet or here

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“What shitty luck… Of all the countless marines on this sea… We had to run into this man!!

Hey guys! This is my dog Prince! Look how cute he is.

But I’ve got some terrible news though. 

Today on February 1st he was hit by a car. He didn’t make it obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this. I didn’t get all the information because I couldn’t hear over my sobs. But the person that was driving the car was also texting. They didn’t even look back. My family was stricken with grief and shock. My sister didn’t stop crying and wailing because he’s gone. I can’t write all the details because it really hurts right now. I actually tried to write this earlier but I couldn’t see the keyboard through blurry eyes. The point of this message is; DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!!! IT CAN WAIT!

What if instead of my dog it was a child? Then another family would feel like they’ve been shot in the heart 10x. Think about that. But Prince was my best friend. And to stop anyone else from having the same fate as him I’m putting this message out there. FOCUS ON THE ROAD!!! IT CAN WAIT!

suchastart  asked:

If you have time enough, a part two to the youtubers AU would be so fantastic! Or I can definitely send over some more prompts if you want to work on something new :)

A continuation of this fic. Always for you, Mina. :3


“Are you filming me?”


“Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be.”

“That’s how it is.”

“Alright, then, if you’re gonna play that game…” Percy pulled out his phone and propped it up on the bed in front of him. “So Annabeth Chase -“ she giggled when he said her name “ - tell me everything.”


“Well, yeah.”

“What’s there to tell?”

“I think that’s a question you need to ask yourself.”

“Is this going to be in your next vlog?”

Percy shrugged. “Isn’t that why you’re filming me too?”


Percy smiled, the kind of smile that made his cheeks sore and he should really stop or else it’ll get stuck that way. On the one hand, it wouldn’t be so bad…

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the worst thing about liking kpop is all the Bad Blood (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2014©) between the fandoms. I wish everyone would keep their Eyes Open (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2012©) and just love the music and stop being so Mean  (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2010©) to each other

Let’s talk about how Max feels about Warren.

Well, that wraps that up. Goodnight everybody!

But seriously, lets get into this. Max sees Warren as a good friend but far, far from a datable person. Here is another interaction.

Max very much does not want to think about her and Warren together. She politely does not want to explain the thought makes her

She also recognizes Warren hangs around on the off-chance of running into her.

A common occurrence?

Alright, so we can see that Max does not like the thought of her and Warren dating and recognizes Warren hangs around to talk to her, so she sorta knows how he feels. So what about going to the drive-in?

These are all listed as unwanted and undesirable things. Max is not interested in any of these things.

If you say no when he asks?

She does not want to lead him on. She does not want to lead him on. Max has no interest in dating Warren at all and is monitoring her actions to make sure she does not give any impression of wanting to. Once again, she knows how Warren feels and it makes her uncomfortable.

If Max says yes to going out to the drive in:

She does not want him to make a move on her. At all. The ‘egomaniac’ line is Max reassuring herself that he not want do make a move on her. She wants to see the movie to stop thinking for a while with a friend who is literally described as a ‘geek brother’. Not a date, just hanging out.

So, if Max is so against any potential date things with Warren, why would she agree to going out to the drive in? Well, for one, hanging out with a friend. It is fun to do, you know? But we can point to another reason.

Max feels guilty that she focused on Chloe and did not check in on Warren (who has been seriously flashing around his black eye) and feels she owes him one. This is Max, feeling guilty, having this feeling. It is up to her to make this decision, although she is feeling social pressures about quid pro quo thinking. She feels obligated to Warren, not potentially romantic. Feels the weight of social convention.

So that’s it. Max’s thoughts on Warren with some added thoughts from myself. So I think me and Max can agree.

Warren as a friend?

Warren as someone to date?

Okay one last thing, I was going to add this in the tags but I feel I should add it here. I’m not going to say people can’t ship Warren and Max. Ships happen. It is a ship some people feel happy seeing. But please, stop telling people it is proven in the game.


today was weird

You And I: The "What The Fuck Ben Winston" Masterpost Feat. Blogs I Follow

holy shit where do i start? uh okay you guys know i support my boys in everything they do and that i love them so much but holy hell what did i watch. let us begin.

i’ve seen the fandom against Ben before but holy fuck. this time is different. and hilarious.

i’m already laughing and we just started

But seriously. I’m not even a Zayn girl and this is so fuckin true.



it really would be

very true


damn the tags




the second 1 though im crygni








okay. now we move on to my favorite. the topic of THAT ONE FUCKING HARRY GIF WHICH I LITERALLY HAVE A FOLDER FOR. LOOK.


and now we will go to the topic of just harry

bby im sorry but i can’t watch it again. i gotta go to another tab when it plays. love you tho

this is so fucking true.

the tag makes it.

only reason i’m trying to.

now it’s the larry transformation.


now louis

i think all of them are tho

the use of this gif is perfect.

now niall

getting some niam and ziall in there too my b

now liam my bby who looked like a 30 year old man.

now leeroy

and OF COURSE zayn

i’m down

now a random fan’s mother’s opinion

it made my day.

okay now we move on to just random directioner thoughts so just sit back and enjoy.


and this ends our You And I: The “What The Fuck Ben Winston” Masterpost Feat. Blogs I Follow


Heyyy! Look who made it to 6k! I was suppose to do this when I hit 5k but I was lazy af and put it off. I needed someone to tell me to do it or I probably would of held this off again so thanks to espinosa-is-bae , I did it!

I’m kinda picky about who I follow so if I follow you, you are like amazing!!

I’ve made a lot of friends from tumblr and I’m pretty sure I have more friends on here than in school! Haha.

All the people I talked to in group chats, (which is about 75% of the blogs tagged here) you all are gucci af! ✌️

I am positive I missed someone that deserves to be on this follow forever, sorry!

***^A lot of people changed their URL so I couldn’t find them and tag them :(***

screwyoudallas camdawgdallas & taylorcaniffsluts: You guys were the first 3 magcon (or whatever our fandom is) blogs I ever followed before I made this account. So because of you three I made this account and I haven’t stopped posting. So thanks!

jackgilinskywhores: I love you but Gilinsky is fucking mine okay, bye. #minijackgilinsky #sidehoe 😏

scarycaniff: So glad were friends and I met you!

idiothayes: You are perfect at poetry! Thanks for helping me a little with my science homework! I gotta A!

thebootysquad: This is the best squad ever lol 😘

Thank you to the people who like and reblog a lot!!!






These are amazing blogs I follow!


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Lol this took forever but these are the blogs I will follow forever, I love you all!

This is probably my last follow forever because this one took to much effort and I’m a lazy person so…..