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I Miss You (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warnings: none, just fluff

Dedication: I’d like to give credit to @jefferyatkind​. The edit is hers and she makes a lot of edits like this one, check out her blog https://jefferyatkind.tumblr.com/ I love her edits so much and yeah.

(I dedicate this imagine to you because from the moment I saw your edit I knew that this could be a great story)

You walked to class with you best friend alex. Yeah, that’s right, the Alex Standall. You were friends ever since FML. And after hannah, He was your second closest friend.

Right now you were walking with him to Biology. “Hey y/n! Standall! wait up” you heard a familiar voice call. You turned around smiling seeing your boyfriend, Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey. “Hey babe” you said greeting him. “Where are the dickwads?” you asked teasing him. “y/n/n!!!! They’re my friendsssss” He whines. “They’re skipping first and second period” Alex answers nonchalantly. you sigh at their stupidity, you mean yeah, they’re kinda your friends but doesn’t mean you agree with everything they do. you kiss Zach on the cheek, “That’s all???” he says pouting. you laugh and peck him on the lips then we enter bio. We were early by 10 minutes so the only people here were You, Alex and Zach. “Hey, Dempsey, are you going to the fun park with the gang?” Alex asks Zach as he settles down in his seat. “Yeah” he replies as he puts his arms around you.

“Are you going babe?” he asks you

“Aww no, I can’t. midterms next week. YOU SHOULD STUDY TOO” you replied. “Yeah but, you’ve met my mom, I studied for midterms since last week and all i have to do is review” he answers.

“Oh well, too bad for me then” you reply sighing. “Come on babe you have to go. Or else I’ll be lonely” he whines pulling you closer. “I wish I could baby” you say kissing his forehead. Then the teacher enters and you start your first class of the day.

—— lunch time ———

“Yo y/n! Ready for fun park later?” Justin asks as he and Jessica sit down at our table. “Nah, I gotta study” you reply sighing. “BOOOOO!” Bryce shouts. You roll your eyes and listen to them plan about their day.






You finish studying earlier than expected and all you could think about is Zach. I hope he’s okay. you thought. As you finished packing your phone lights up and all your friends are sending you snaps. One from Jess, one from Justin, one from Alex and one from Monty. “Why isn’t Zach messaging me?” you though aloud. You watched all their snaps and see how much fun their having. “I should’ve gone” you said to yourself “They’re probably on their way home anyway” you say glancing at the clock. 7:00pm it read. You sigh once again as you see Zach has a recently updated story. “Let’s see how much fun he had, enough to not send me any snaps or what” you mumbled as you opened his story

came out. Your heart melts at the sight of your cute boyfriend. You slide to message Alex on snap.

You: How’s my baby?

Alex: Annoying as fuck. He wouldn’t shut up about you not being here.

the definition of disgusting puppy love

You: Yeah yeah what’s up with the puppy? Is it clifford? Clifford was my favorite thing ever when I was young

Alex: He won it in the basketball game thing in the arcade part of fun park

You: Of course, basketball.

Alex: He says he would’ve given it to you and it would’ve been the perfect romantic whatever but you aren’t here so he just made himself miss you more

You: My boy is so sweet 😌💖

Alex: If you think that’s sweet then this is even better. He’s been hugging that thing while he’s sleeping and he says he’ll still bring it home for you

You: …….

Why are you guys watching Zach sleep? Where are you?

Alex: Still in fun park. We’re staying until Saturday night so everyone can study on Sunday. We rented a hotel room in the hotel beside it

You: And you all fit?

Alex: Duh, Bryce booked the biggest room there was. And its in the top most floor. You could fit too actually

You: I’d go but i don’t want to sleep in the same room as that rapist 🤢🙄

Alex: Nah. This is his so called “redemption” moment Monty and him have their own room in the floor below. And we locked our doors.

You: Soooo who are you guys with?

Alex: Justin, me, Jess, Sheri, Zach, Marcus

You: The 6 of you in a suite?

Alex: yep

You: Damn hold on

You ran out your room to see your parents having dinner. “Hey sweetie” Your mom greets. “Hey mom, i have to ask you something” You say kissing her and your dad as a greeting. “You want to go to the fun park with your friends don’t you?” your dad says even before you can utter a single word. “Y-yeah. how’d you know?” you ask confused. “I saw Zach after my business meeting in the hotel. He really misses you. I asked him why you didn’t come and he said because you had studying” he explained.

“but since you’re probably done” Your mom adds trailing off. “You may go” your dad replies motioning to your bags on top of the staircase. “You knew I was going anyway? And you DO know its overnight…. right?” you ask both of them as you walked up to grab your bags. “Yeah and we’re okay because I trust you and Zach” Your mom says kissing you goodbye. “I’ll take you” Your dad says grabbing his keys.

You walk to the card and head out. You quickly send Alex a text

You: I am on my way don’t tell Zach. It’s a surprise!! Do you guys want pizza? xx

Alex: Yes please 🙏🏻

“Hey dad, is it okay if I buy Pizza for the gang?” You ask shyly. “yeah sure” and with that you park and get some pizza


“Hey guys let’s order pizza” I yell. A chorus of sures and hell yeses were being thrown. “Alright” I said laughing slightly. I notice everyone is in the common area talking except one certain raven haired male. “Zach we’re ordering pizza” I tell him walking in his room to see him still cuddling the stupid red dog. “I don’t want any” he says hugging it tighter. “Alright” I say closing his door. Man I hope y/n gets here soon. Her boyfriend is too whipped.


“y/n, y/n, wake up!!” your dad calls as he shakes you lightly. “5 more minutes” you whisper putting your jacket over your face. “Are you sure? In 5 minutes I can turn around and go back home and you’ll miss surprising your boyfriend” he says turning the car around. “WHAT I’M HERE? ALREADY?” you yell sitting up. “y/n! Stop shouting we’re in an enclosed area, but yes we’re here” your dad says pushing you out the door. “Thanks dad” you say throwing him a smile then kissing his cheek. “See you tomorrow” you say before closing the door and walking inside the building.

You finally reach the room and press the doorbell thing. “Wow the pizza guy is fast” you hear Jess say on the other side of the door. “Hey I’ll get it, he might be cute” you hear Sheri call and right after the door opens. “y-“ you cut her off before she can yell “shhh it’s a surprise” you say whispering and putting your finger to your lips as if you’re telling her to be quiet. “Well I’ll say”Jess says walking in the room. You hug everyone then turn to Alex. “Where’s my cotton ball?” you ask the bleached blondie. “In that room. He’s terrible without you. The Clifford hit him hard” he says motioning over to the door beside us. You grab a piece of pizza and a paper plate then you try to open the locked door and when you accept that you can’t open it, you knock on his door instead. “Alex I told you I don’t want any pizza” your boyfriend grumbles as he opens the door. His face turns from gloomy to shock. “y/n???”

“You don’t want any pizza even if it comes with me?” you say pouting.

He quickly gets out of his state of shock and wraps his arms around you “darling if I knew that all i had to do was to order a pizza, I would’ve called ages ago” he whispers in your ear then kisses you. You melt in the kiss and pull him towards you. As the kiss becomes more passionate you hear a cough behind you. You both pull away to see your friends glaring at you guys playfully. Sheri counts, “one… two… three” and all together they shout. “GET A ROOM”

You all laugh at each other then you and Zach walk back in his room cuddling, as you replace the big red dog with your small petite body. And neither you nor Zach would have it any other way

Surprising Grayson on Tour

I know I’ve already written an imagine of this same concept, but I got this idea for a “Grayson is on tour and (Y/N) comes to surprise him” imagine and wanted to do another one. Enjoy :)


“Gray, I miss you so much.” You said to Grayson over the phone.

“I know, I miss you too. But, we have a couple more shows left, and I promise, as soon as I get home, I will spend every single second of my free time with you.” He said. 

“Awe, you don’t have to do that.” You said.

“No, I do. And I want to.” He said. You spent about an hour on the phone, before Grayson had to go to get ready for the show.

“Okay, I gotta go. I will call you after the show. I love you babe.” He said.

“Okay. Tell Ethan I said hi. Good luck tonight baby. I love you too. Bye.” You said, hanging up.

Just as you hung up with Grayson, you finished packing your suitcase and called a cab to head to the airport. Grayson had no idea, but you were actually flying out to their next city, the night before the twins were supposed to get there, to surprise him. You and Ethan formed this plan to fly you out, and you were so excited to see them both. You loaded all your bags into your cab and rode to the airport. Once you got your bags checked and made it through security, you grabbed a bite to eat and headed to your departure gate. You sat there, waiting for boarding calls, and you got a text from Ethan.

“Hey (Y/N), super stoked to see you tomorrow. Grayson is going to lose his mind when he sees you.” The text read.

“Awe, I’m excited to see you both too. You know, it’s really sweet of you to do this for Grayson. And for me, so thank you.” You replied.

“It’s no problem. I know how much you two missed each other. I can be nice sometimes. 😂 Well, the show is starting soon, so I gotta go. See you tomorrow. 😊” He said.

“Alright, good luck. See you tomorrow. 😊“ You replied. You put your phone in your purse and sat there reading a magazine until you were able to board the plane. Once you finally got on, and found your seat. You had a ten hour flight ahead of you, so you figured that you would try and get in some sleep.

* * *

Once you landed, you text Ethan and updated him on your location.

“Landed about an hour ago. Just checked into the hotel and got to room.” You replied.

“Okay, great. Our flight gets in tomorrow morning at around 10:30, so we’ll see you tomorrow, ready to greet us at the airport amidst a million fans.” He said.

“Boy am I excited. Well, I’ll let you get some sleep. See you tomorrow.” You replied. You put your phone on the charger, showered on got ready for bed. You tossed and turned all nigh, too anxious and excited about seeing Grayson to actually sleep.

The next morning, you made got up and put on a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. It was chilly outside, so you threw on Grayson’s black Obey hoodie that he left with you before going on tour. Once you got to the airport, you found a huge group of people waiting one of the gates, so it was safe to assume that was the gate the twins would be coming out of. You tried to push your way towards the front of the crowd so you would be one of the first people he saw.

While you stood there waiting, a few people recognized you and asked to get pictures with you, which made you feel a bit weird, but you obliged. After a while, you heard everyone start screaming and you turned around to see the twins coming through the doors.

“Here girl, go get your man.” One fan joked as she helped push you to the front of the crowd. Grayson was on the opposite side of the crowd, but Ethan redirected his attention towards you.

“Hey Gray, that girl over there looks really familiar.” Ethan said. Grayson turned towards your direction, locked eyes with you and the widest smile spread across his face.

“(Y/N)!” He cheered.

“Hey baby!” You smiled as he pulled you into his arms, giving you the biggest and tightest hug he’d ever given you in the eleven months that you’d been dating. He smiled at you and gave you the sweetest kiss, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy. You saw camera flashes going off around you, but you didn’t care. You were so excited to finally see Grayson and be in his arms again.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” He said, hugging you again, rocking you back and forth.

“Well believe it baby, because I am. Now, go take pictures with your fans, I’ll be waiting outside and we’ll head to the hotel.” You said, kissing him again.

You made your way through the crowd and waited outside for the twins to finish taking pictures and meeting fans. Once they finally made their way outside, you called a cab and headed to the hotel.

“So, we have two rooms, (Y/N) is in one already from last night, and I’m assuming that you two will share the room tonight, so I guess I’ll get a room to myself tonight.” Ethan explained as you walked into the lobby of the hotel. He checked in to get the keys for his room and you made your way upstairs.

“I’ll give you some time to settle in, and for you two to catch up, then we can go get some lunch later.” Ethan said as he walked down to his room, which ended up being a bit down the hall from yours.

“Alright, see you later.” Grayson said as he followed you into the room. He set his bags down and pulled you into his arms, kissing you softly.

“So, are you gonna tell me what the heck you’re doing here?” He asked.

“Ethan had this idea, that since we missed each other so dearly, he wanted to do something for us. We planned this out about a month ago for me to come surprise you.” You said.

“How did I get lucky to have two very great people in my life, always looking out for me.” He smiled, kissing you again. “When did you get in?” He asked.

“Last night, I got here just in time to come meet you at the airport today. I’m so glad to be here, I really did miss you.” You said.

“I missed you too. But, things like this do have to end. When are you going back home?” He asked.

“I’m here as long as you are. Except I’ll go home when you two head to the next city.” You said.

“And then it’s only a couple more weeks until I’ll be back home to see you again.” He smiled. 

“Exactly.” You said, kissing him.

“Well, I’m gonna get out of this airplane clothes and change for lunch.” He said, walking to the bathroom. You nodded and lied on the bed, opening up twitter.

“Y’know, being the girlfriend of a famous boy is rather interesting.” You said, scrolling through your notifications, noticing how many followers you’d gained in the last couple of hours, how many people were tagging you in photos, calling you “queen” and complimenting you, saying how cute and Grayson were.

“Oh yeah? What makes you say that?” Grayson asked from the bathroom.

“It’s just, your fans are wild. They recognized and noticed me as your girlfriend at the airport today, and they came up to me, asking me for pictures and whatnot. It took me aback. I mean, of course I love being recognized as your girlfriend, I just wasn’t expecting it.” You said, following a few people back.

“A girl as beautiful as you deserves to be recognized.” He said. He came out of the bathroom and stood in front of his bag, shirtless, trying to decide what to wear. You snuck a candid of him and let out a small giggle. “Looks like I got a room with a view. 😍😍“ You tweeted, along with the picture.

“Did you just take a picture of me?” He asked.

“Nope.” You laughed, causing Grayson to roll his eyes. “Hey, you should wear this sweater, it looks good on you.” You said, pulling his green crewneck out of his suitcase.

“Well, since you’re wearing my favorite sweater, I guess this one will do.” He said as he slipped it over his head.

“Hey, that’s not fair. You gave this to me four months ago, before you even went on tour.”

“I know , baby. I’m just kidding.” He laughed.

“Besides, you told me you loved me in this sweater.” You said, sitting up on your knees, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Well, it’s true.” He said, placing his hand on your hips, kissing you softly.

“I love you.” You said.

“I love you too.” He said, kissing you again. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Grayson went to answer it.

“Are you two done catching up and sucking face? I’m starving.” You heard Ethan say.

“Yes, we are too. (Y/N), you ready to go?” Grayson asked.

“As ready as ever.” You smiled.

The three of you headed out to lunch, and you spent the time catching up with Ethan as well as more with Grayson. Granted their stories weren’t much different than each other, you still enjoyed hearing their different interpretations of the same situations because they were always hilarious and entertaining. Being with the twins again made you feel at ease and as if you hadn’t spent three months apart. Picking up exactly where you left off, as if there was no time between the last time you’d seen each other.

After you finished eating, you spent a few hours out on the town, going to all the tourist spots in the city. It was a perfect afternoon with the twins, and you were so happy to be with them. You ended up being out for a long while, and started to get hungry again, so you grabbed a bite to eat for dinner, then headed back to the hotel.

“It’s getting late, and I’m super jet lagged, so I’m gonna head to bed.” Ethan said as he walked down to his room. “I’ll see you two in the morning.” He added.

“Alright, good night Ethan.” You and Grayson said in unison. You and Grayson headed back into the room and changed into your pajamas and snuggled in bed.

“Mmm, I’ve missed this so much.” Grayson said as he wrapped his arms around your waist, lying his head on your chest.

“Me too.” You said, running your fingers through his hair. You lied there in a comfortable silence, scrolling through your pictures from the day, as Grayson did the same. 

“Awe, baby, look at this picture I took at the airport when you first came out. It’s so cute.” You smiled.

“I know I can always count on you for good candids.” He smiled, looking at the picture you took of him earlier in the hotel.

“And I can count on you for always looking pretty for candids.” You said. After a while of going through pictures, posting some on instagram and twitter, Grayson started to fall asleep.

“Baby, come up here and go to sleep.” You said, patting the pillows next to you and pushing him off of you.

“No, no. I’m still awake.” He mumbled, his eyes closed.

“Gray, you were snoring. You need to sleep, you do have a show to put on tomorrow.” You said.

“But I’m not tired.” He whined, rolling onto the pillows and starting to fall asleep.

“Okay, sure you aren’t.” You laughed. You put your phones on the chargers and turned the light out. “Good night Grayson.” You said, kissing his temple.

“Mmm, good night baby.” He said. You lied down next to him and rubbed his back to help him fall asleep.

Update 2/10

Lafayette: *packing in the room next door*

Mulligan: John… Alex… I gotta tell you something.

Laurens: This outta be good. *slumps back in chair*

Hamilton: *continues packing and sipping coffee* What is it?

Mulligan: Do you guys know why we are going to France?

Laurens: No… why are we going to France?

Hamilton: I thought we were just going on a vacation.

Mulligan: We are going because… *pulls the ring out of his pocket* I’m proposing to Laf.

Hamilton: *drops coffee and gasps* NO WAY!!!

Laurens: *jumps up from chair* OH MY GOD!!! *screams*

Lafayette: *comes rushing in* WHAT’S GOING ON?!?! IS EVERYONE OKAY?!?!?!?!

Mulligan: *quickly puts ring in his mouth*

Laurens: *quickly pushes Lafayette out of the room* GET OUT! GET OUT!

Lafayette: WHAT?! WHYYYYY?!


Laurens: *finishes pushing Lafayette out of the room and locks door* Phew!

Hamilton: Did you really put the ring in your mouth? 

Mulligan: *spits out ring* Yeah… now, I gotta go wash it.

Laurens: Ew.

Hamilton: Shush, John. It was the fastest place he could put it.

//I got a picture of the ring for you guys!//

“Proud“// Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: n/a

Word count:738

Requested: yes|| Request are open

Request: Can you do a Jack imagine where they’re at a festival and Y/N is drumming for a few people and Jack is really proud of her? Super fluffy (change it if you want) xx

A/n: So guys I think I might take a slight break from request only because I have soo many original ideas and I don’t want this blog to just be full of request if that makes sense. Love you guys!


 "Good morning guys,“ your boyfriend Jack said into his vlogging camera. "Today Y/n and I are going to a music festival,” he said. You stood in the bathroom brushing your teeth and pulled your hair into a bun. “We originally planned to just go with a couple friends but a few nights ago, Y/n got a call from one of her mates and he’s in this band that is performing today,” he said.

 You set down your toothbrush and turned to watch him. “And he was like ‘Y/n hey you play the drums right?’ And she was like 'kinda a little bit’ and now she’s performing with them today,” Jack said. You smiled at his cuteness. “But long story short, their drummer got sick so Y/n is filling in and I’m ready to see yet another talent of my beautiful girlfriend. I’m excited. Are you excited?” He asked you turning the camera around. You smiled, “yeah.” He smiled back.

 "So after she’s finished doing whatever she’s doing then we have to go meet up with her stylist person,“ he said standing. "So I need to get dressed, do my hair all that jazz.” “And you better hurry because we can not be late,” you said in all seriousness. He laughed and you shot him a look. He turned off his camera and as you finished curling your hair. “I want to vlog today but I really don’t want to carry my camera around and I know my phone will die,” you complained. 

“Just take a bag and take your camera in it,” Jack suggested. “You’re right,” you said smiling. You grabbed your camera and turned it on. “Hey, guys! So today we are going to a music festival where I am going to be drumming with a band that belongs to one of my friends. If you follow my twitter then you should already know. But anyways, right now I am waiting for Jack to finish because we have to go meet my stylist,” you said as Jack walked out of the bathroom. He came up beside you and kissed your cheek making you smile.

 "Alright I gotta go get all pretty,“ you said. "You’re already beautiful,” Jack said making you blush. “Stopppp,” you said pushing him playfully. He laughed and grabbed his sunglasses. “Okay so I need to pack a quick bag and then we are heading over to my stylist’s place,” you said turning off the camera. You grabbed sunglasses and put them on your head. You grabbed a bag and put a portable charger in it, a water bottle and stuff for your camera.

 You walked into the kitchen and jumped up on the counter and grabbed an apple waiting for Jack to finish. You took a bite and Jack walked in. “Ready princess?” He said vlogging you. You covered your mouth as you chewed and nodded. He smiled and turned his camera off and walking over to you. He stood in between your legs and you smiled, leaning down you kissed his lips lightly. You both vlogged on your way to the home of your stylist. You grabbed his hand and walked inside.

 You got your makeup done, hair was done, and changed your clothes. You walked into the room where Jack was sitting and was vlogging you. “Damnnnn my baby is stunning!” He said. “Do a turn for the vlog,” he said. You twirled and smiled making Jack smile. Your hair was braided into two dutch braids and your makeup was just a basic brown smokey eye with a line of gems along your forehead.  You wore a gray crochet top with high waisted ripped jean shorts. 

You guys made your way to the place the festival was being held. You both go through security and went backstage. Jack, of course, vlogged the whole experience and you were glad because everything turned out so well. Yu walked offstage after your set and Jack smiled at you. “I’m so proud of you baby girl,” he said pulling you into a hug. 

You smiled and kissed his lips. “I love you,” he said. “I love you too,” you replied. Your friend, aka the band leader, came over and thanked you for filling in. “It’s really no problem, I had so much fun,” You reassured. You both caught up for a few minutes then said goodbye to go enjoy the rest of the show with Jack.

aethersea  asked:

hey so in your abo verse the kids are just being raised in the middle of the war, cause anakin apparently thinks that's just the best idea, but how long until padme or obi wan try to take them somewhere where they WON'T be under constant fire? and how badly does that go for them? like, anakin snarling "they are MINE dammit they go where I go" and the clones meanwhile trying to explain that no, they'll take care of the kids, it's okay, they've got this, really war zones aren't that bad it's FINE

Most likely it goes like “what, I delivered them already, we can finish this campaign” while the clones are like “BUT AREN’T YOU STILL BLEEDING??” and Anakin’s like “pff BARELY, jeez, don’t be such squares” and then the 501st just go on about their business while Anakin is dragging the twins around. Whatever, he’ll take some maternity leave whenever they get back to Coruscant. Oh, you need what planet liberated, Master Ti? Okay sure, we’re on it, HEY REX PACK UP THE NURSERY WE GOTTA BOUNCE. The what, Plo Koon tries to say, but it is too late, Anakin’s already hung up and moved on, LIFE GOES QUICK COUNCIL, GOTTA KEEP UP. 

Ahsoka is not sure this is their best idea and prooobably they should go home and drop the babies off with the senator, but also, babies are cute and she will eviscerate anyone who touches them. TWICE. 

Start of something good

For @tayvinfanfiction (request: Can you write about Andrea /Austin & Scott and / or Adam’s family finding out about Taylor and Adam’s relationship?). Hope this is okay, I wrote it quickly tonight!!

10TH March 2015


I woke up with a smile on my face. Really the smile hadn’t left my face for a few days, not since Taylor and I went on a proper date for the first time as an official couple. That was 4 days ago now. Taylor was leaving LA today to go back to Nashville for rehearsals, but we were having lunch together at my house before I drove her to the airport, partly to give her drivers and security a break but also so we could spend more time together.

I got out of bed quickly and went to have a shower. Taylor had said she would be here at around 11 and she was bringing food, and it was already 10am!

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apparentlyimbucky  asked:

Imagine Bucky during the short reprieve I suspect he's going to get (he at least had time to shower and dry his hair, he goes from dingy and dirty to nice and clean in the clips we've seen thus far) and someone suggests/offers the option of just letting Bucky hide and lay low, but Bucky rejects it outright. He's going to be part of the action, because he knows that's where Steve will be, so that's where he belongs. "Shut up and hand me that rifle, I'm not hiding from anything."

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Steve says. Bucky is staring at the array of weapons set before him, and his expression is inscrutable. “We can get you out of the country. We can put you somewhere safe.”

“Yeah,” Bucky says. “I guess I always wanted to see some place I haven’t blown up yet. Madrid, maybe.”

“Madrid. Okay,” Steve says. “I can get you there.”

“Maybe after all this is finished,” Bucky says, and picks up a small gun, opening the chamber and loading. He feels Steve’s stare and turns around. “Look, Steve.”

“I want to keep you safe.”

“Wherever I go? Safe is not an option,” Bucky says. “That’s how it’s been for seventy years, and that’s how it’s gotta be now. At least for a little bit. HYDRA made me hide. HYDRA made me a ghost. HYDRA kept me safe. I’m not going to hide anymore.”

He packs away the gun, another one for insurance. Ammunition is next, then bombs, and knives, and nonlethals last. Then he turns around at Steve, who carries a shield instead of a gun and wears his heart on his sleeve instead of a wire.

“I’m ready for all this to be over,” he says. “Aren’t you?”

Shields serve no purpose except to deflect.

Thank you, @alloutforthewar​!

Things you said when you were scared.

It took three days, but she finally stopped hanging up as soon as she heard my voice.  Something was wrong, I could hear it in the crushing silence on the other end of the line before a =click= signaled that the call was dead and I was left staring at the receiver, dumbfounded, growing angrier by the second at the interminable drone of the dial tone.  Naturally, I’d had dispatch trace the calls as soon as they’d started coming in, but it had only confirmed what I already knew. Our psychic connection is nothing if not reliable.  Not even the phone company could sever it.

When had she ever not had words for me? There were times when I was convinced that she would never shut up, when her endless encyclopedic recitations of facts and studies was kind of a turn-on, but now I was finding myself desperate to hear just one or two syllables from her, to know at least that she was alright, even if she was refusing to tell me what the hell was going on.  I had to remind myself that when it came to her personal life, to the unknowable secret heart of Dana Scully, she was less than forthcoming.  That she was even dialing my number in the first place should have been a kind of comfort. But when it comes to her, I’m unabashedly selfish, and I’ve always wanted more than she was willing to give me.

If I’d learned anything about my partner over the last five years, it was that she would tell me something when she thought I was ready to hear it, not when she needed to unburden herself.  She was funny like that.  Her unerring instincts for saving me from myself were really the only reason I hadn’t just jumped on the first flight out to San Diego the first time she’d hung up on me, Bill Junior and whatever he might think of what that said about our relationship be damned. For once in my life, I decided to be prudent.  I was kind of proud of myself, to be honest, that I was giving her her space.  Even if my fingers were actually itching to dial her number as soon as she hung up on me. She’d only been gone a couple of days, I reasoned.  What could she possibly have to tell me that couldn’t wait until she was ready?

“Mulder, it’s me.”

“Hey, Scully, Merry Christmas.  Nice of you to finally let me pick up the phone.” I knew that passive-aggressive probably wasn’t the best tone to be using after she’d been so damn skittish, but I was pissed.  She was lucky I hadn’t decided to hang up on =her= this time.

“I’m sorry.  The last couple of days have been…uhh…”  Uh oh.  Her voice was wavering by the time she trailed off.  This was serious.  

“What, is it your mom?  Are Tara and the baby alright?  I remember you saying she was due any day now…”

“No, no.  Nothing like that, Mom’s fine, Tara’s fine, she’s ready to pop.”

I nodded though she couldn’t see it, letting her find the words she seemed to be searching for.

“Uhm…I need you to come out here.”

“You need me to fly out to San Diego?”

“Yes.  As soon as possible.  I’ve already checked, there’s a flight leaving Dulles in an hour and a half.”

My heart was thudding wildly in my chest now, and I started throwing clothes in my carry-on.  “Scully, you need to tell me what’s going on.  Are you alright?  Is it the cancer?…”  Please, God, not the cancer again.  I’d just gotten her back.

“I’m fine, Mulder.”

I almost threw my phone against the wall. Instead, I chewed on my lower lip, closed my eyes, counted to five, and tried again.

“Okay, Scully, I know your standard operating procedure is to tell me that you’re fine, but you’re scaring the shit out of me right now.  You’ve been calling me at all hours only to hang up, then when I finally do get ahold of you, you’re telling me you need me on the first flight out there but you won’t tell me why.  Now, I’m never going to say no to a little wintertime jaunt out to San Diego, to be honest I’m pretty damn sick of snow and I’d love to be out there with my toes in the sand, but you really need to tell me what the hell is going on, because I’m starting to get really worried over here, Scully, and-”  

“I have a daughter, Mulder.”

I froze, my toiletry bag dropping to the ground. Shaving cream, my razor, and half a dozen Tylenol PMs spilled out onto the floor.

“Uhh…I’m sorry, what did you just say?”

“Her name is Emily.  I’m still trying to figure out how she’s here and how she’s mine, but I got the DNA results back yesterday.  There’s absolutely no doubt that this little girl is my biological daughter.”

Black spots started swimming before my eyes, and I realized dimly that I was hyperventilating.  Scully had a daughter.  What the fuck?  A daughter. When? How?  My brain was no longer processing complex information.  It was just a string of expletives and question marks.  And deeper, a niggling, awful numbness had started taking root in the back of my head.  Scully had a child. Scully was a mother.  

“Her parents are both dead, under extremely suspect circumstances.  She’s become a ward of the state, Mulder.  She has no one to take care of her.”

Oh, God.

I was going to lose her.

“Mulder?  Are you still there?”

Always, Scully.

“Yeah, yeah…I’m here.  Sorry, I’m just…I’m kind of in shock here, Scully.”

She took a deep breath, laughed a little. It wasn’t a happy sound.

“You and me both.  I, uh…I need your help trying to get to the bottom of this, Mulder.  And…”  I heard her foot scuffing the floor wherever she was. Nervous. She was nervous.  “And I’d really like for you to meet her, Mulder.”

Her.  Emily.  Scully’s daughter.  

Oh, God.

“I’ve just gotta finish packing and I’ll be out of here.”

She let out a quiet sigh of relief.  

“Thank you.”

Always, Scully.  “I’ll call you when I get there and get a car rented.”



She hung up on me again, but this time, I let the dial tone go until the operator’s mechanical voice told me that if I’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again.

Emily.  I spent the entirety of the five-hour flight wondering what she’d look like, and if the moment I saw her face would be the moment I’d finally be able to find it in myself to stop being selfish.  

Day 3: Order (Jikook)

Omg this is definitely an acceptable prompt. Thank you for sending this in! I hope I did it justice. Please enjoy!

Warnings: second hand embarrassment on my part cause something very similar has happened to me before, it may not be relevent but I don’t really know how the Korean school system works so I just used my school system

Jeongguk stretches to the left, then to the right. He puts his fingers to the keys of his laptop, then takes them back off. He sighs and looks around the coffee shop he’s currently in. It’s warm inside, and there’s just a few people scattered around the booths and chairs, trying to find shelter from the cold outside. The shop is already decorated for Christmas, though it’s a bit early.  

Jeongguk stares at the blank document on his computer. Just one more paper before Christmas break, and he’s free. A short story. Except, nothing’s coming to mind until…oh wait! That’s perfect!

Jeongguk starts typing furiously. His mind is racing faster than his fingers can write. He’s just getting to the good part when a waiter walks up and places his coffee in front of him. The waiter, distracted himself, sends a quick “enjoy your drink” to Jeongguk before starting off to another table.

Jeongguk barely pauses, not even looking up from his screen, but he mumbles out, “Yeah, love you too.” He’s writing those exact words down when the waiter freezes.  

“Wait, what?” The waiter turns on his heel and walks back over. “What did you say?”

Jeongguk sighs in frustration and stops his work to look up. “I said…” and that’s when it registers. He knows his face is currently turning a very bright pink and he moves his gaze around the room, looking anywhere but the surprisingly cute waiter staring amusingly at him.

“Sorry! I meant thank you! I was just writing and I-” the waiter bursts out laughing. Jeongguk scowls and tries in vain to get his face to return to normal color.  

“I didn’t mean it!” Jeongguk whines. The waiter calms himself, but not before breaking out into another fit of giggles.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh at you. But you just looked so cute when you realized what you said. I’m Jimin, by the way. You should at least know my name before confessing to me.” Jimin winks at him. Jeongguk hides his face in his hands.  

“I didn’t mean to…” He mumbles again. Jimin laughs again and Jeongguk smiles beneath his hands. Jimin’s laugh sounds like bells and his eyes turn to little half-moons when he smiles and…shit. Christmas is really getting to him. And maybe Jimin is too, just a little bit.  

Jimin lays a hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder and squeezes. “It’s okay. This kind of thing happens more often than you think.” Jeongguk looks up to Jimin just as he’s called by another waiter who’s got an order ready.  

“I gotta go. But thanks for the laugh.” Jeongguk throws back his head and sighs for the umpteenth time that day. Jimin leaves him, skipping down to another table. Jeongguk watches him leave, surprised by how disappointed he feels that Jimin didn’t stay longer.  

Later that morning Jeongguk finishes his short story and packs up to leave. He’s on his way out the door when he hears a voice call out.

“Come again soon Jeongguk-ie! Love you!” Jeongguk almost trips out the door and Jimin is reduced to giggles again.

“Shut up!” Jeongguk is so flustered he doesn’t even question how Jimin knows his name, but he doesn’t rule out the possibility of coming back. In fact, he thinks this might end up being his favorite coffee shop.      

Lols, sorry this was so short. I hope you like it!

Words: beginning, accusation, restless, snowflake, haze, flame, formal, companion, move, silver, prepared, knowledge, denial, wind, order, thanks, look, summer, transformation, tremble, sunset, mad, thousand, outside, winter, diamond, letters, promise, simple future. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR PROMPTS!

Disclaimers: Just Jikook for now (this may change), any rating, I may not post a fic everyday but I will attempt to complete all 30