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Okay I followed you fairly recently because of your awkward Hanzo comics and can I just say....you are so cute like your art and the tags you add to stuff you reblog you're just so cute n sweet and I love it and I wanted you to know that

hey thank you so so so very much???? this is such a nice and sweet message it got me smiling so so big today aaaa!!! thaNK you so muCh please have t hIs doodle :’’3c

It's okay to be a man who...
  • Is emotionally sensitive
  • Is honest about having feelings
  • Is open about having flaws
  • Likes cute and pretty things
  • Likes dressing in cute and pretty things
  • Is delicate
  • Is elegant
  • Is unsure whether it’s okay to be those things
  • Dances and sings with enthusiasm and heart
  • Empathizes with the feelings and experiences of others
  • Admits being wrong
  • Cries

And it’s understandable that you’re afraid to show all of that to a world that seems determined to erase it from you.

No matter what they say, you are who you are.

Nyctophilia (Grayson x Original Character)

Request: none. just got inspired because im a complete night owl and can highkey see myself in a situation like this (minus the grayson/cute guy part)
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1,403
A/N: Okay I have a few things to say: one being that I am aware this isn’t in the “you” “y/n” POV and that’s solely because I am not as comfortable doing it like that. I like first or third person typically so I made my own original character for this au but I hope that’s alright. also, yes.. I made Grayson older in this au because idk i wanted him to be an adult i guess! If you liked this, let me know or give feedback, please. I really really would appreciate it and it will encourage me to continue writing. I feel like the Dolan Twin Tumblr community needs more of that! also please please please don’t be shy.  TALK TO ME OR REQUEST SOMETHING that I should write. I would love to make new friends and make you guys happy by filling your requests.


Grayson pressed his hands against the cool surface of his bedroom window as he stared at the large moving truck across the street. In front the truck was a little white car. Grayson had thought it was empty until he noticed a petite young woman clad in a floral sundress and strapped sandals struggle her way out of the driver’s seat, her large handbag tugging at her slim shoulder and her sunglasses sitting low on the bridge of her nose. He watched to himself as a man approached her with a clipboard, offering it to her eagerly. Despite the man’s impatience, the girl looked towards him, brushing her wildly messy blonde hair from her face and offered him a warm smile.

After signing her name in numerous places on the clipboard, the girl was left to struggle yet again with her bag, readjusting it on her arm. Grayson wondered if he should be bold and run outside to offer help but he decided against it as the girl removed her sunglasses, pushing them to the top of her head to reveal her emerald green eyes. A frown etched her full lips as she glanced up at the sky.

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[rubs hands together] I've got an cute scenario for you! Kyoya and Kaoru finding their crush's sketchbook and they decide to flip through.. to find sketches of themselves that happen to be quite accurate.. and detailed.. and surrounded by hearts!

omg this is so cute?? ? Beckett and i legitimately fought for like ten minutes over who got to put this one down in words (despite the fact that we both came up with the ideas). i as the superior sibling obviously won so im writing this as beckett makes me tea. (also im sorry if kaorus seems more in depth buT INSPIRATION STRUCK OKAY) - Admin Kits

To say that Kyoya was curious when he saw that you’d left your sketchbook in the clubroom was an understatement, especially since it was well known that you pretty much hissed at anyone who so much as looked at the blasted thing.

Of course, his interest was definitely peaked. You carried that book around everywhere, always scribbling something down in it, much like he did with his own little black book. What could you possibly be drawing that you felt the need to be so secretive about?

His first thought upon seeing your various doodles of characters he didn’t recognise and pretty scenery was to hire you to draw for the club. He couldn’t deny that you were very talented. But as he continued to turn the pages, he began to notice who the subject of most of your drawings were, and as he reached the last page, there was no denying it.

It was lucky that no-one was around to see Kyoya’s brief loss of composure. He was, for once in his life, stunned. If anyone were to confront him on it, he’d brush it off and tell them that he’d always had his suspicions that you felt this way. This would of course be a big fat lie, but it didn’t stop him from tracking you down and returning a little bit more than your sketchbook, a rare, genuine smile gracing his features.


As he stared at your work, Kaoru couldn’t deny feeling a little guilty about invading your privacy.  If his brother was here right now, he’d fully endorse this bout of snooping, but Hikaru wasn’t here, and Kaoru knew that he should know better.

His curiosity won out anyway.To be frank, he had no clue what you were being so secretive about. You were good, and that was certainly nothing to be ashamed of, he mused, flipping through the pages until he saw his own face staring back at him.


Thinking back on it later, he realised that that was the moment when his feelings for you were really solidified, because it wasn’t ‘one of the Hitachiin twins’ sketched onto the page. It was Kaoru. Perfectly, subtly him in the same way that Kaoru could tell his own reflection apart from his brother’s. It felt intimate and touching and overwhelming, and it was probably why he didn’t notice you coming back into the room until he heard your sharp intake of breath behind him and he nearly dropped the sketchbook.

He turned to stare at you, still in some sort of daze as you spluttered, trying to explain yourself even as he strode forward and desperately, if somewhat clumsily, pressed his trembling lips to yours.

- Admin Kits

OUT OF ‘NIP. okay, so lol everyday is full of adventures ever since i got Gideon…

long story short… the word got out about Gideon.

so it started by me telling my sister cause the secret was weighing on me so much. she was honestly in disbelief at first like “OOOOOOH MY GOD…. SHUT UP. SHUT UP.” and kept saying shut up about a few more times before she said she couldn’t believe it… and then laughed incredulously at me… and her husband was just cracking up in the background. eventually they wanted to see the puppy and they agreed with how cute he was. she suggested i take him back but i absolutely refused and let them know iw as already looking at apartments…

my sister told me not to be irrational and do something right now. for all i know my mother would be fine with and we would work something out. but for now to keep hush hush about it until she visits in April…

well, we hung up and my mom surprisingly calls me to tell. she tells me the landlord text messaged her. and there was a HORRIBLE pause… i was just waiting for her to explode on me… but then she said “So our neighbor decided to move out because there are mice in the garage which we’ve known about since forever.” and i… legit sat here wide-eyed as fuck… and she goes on to say “your sis can pick up her cats and it’ll just be you and marley, so everything will be fine even if they do an inspection. so i’m not worried about it.” and in my head i’m just saying FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKMYLIFE. 

i didn’t even tell her anything… i hung up after awhile. and immediately called back my oldest sis who just told me to tell my mother the news since i wouldn’t know how she reacts, besides she couldn’t do anything if i planned to move out?

so… i called her back and said “I … don’t know how to tell you this… you’re going to be so mad at me… but i have things planned and i’m sorry–… i got a puppy…” and i blurted out i was looking at apartments. but then my mom was like “… we can work it out—… you don’t have to move.” and we just kind of sat and spoke with one another for a long time, both of us cried?? and my mom was just saying how she wanted to be home?? uwu; so i think she accepted this feat because she’s so lonely out in Florida and she even said if this makes me happy, then we’ll make it work.

THUS my anxiety is poof. i love my family, my mother–i could never wish for better, and i’m just so so so so thankful that things will work out one way or another. <33 so Gideon is officially a part of the fam now. C:

Prompt Request Dean x Reader

@trashforwinchesters: Ooh Ooh prompt 7 with Dean x reader? If that’s okay?

HELL YEAH IT’S OKAY! I was so pumped to write this, that I wrote it, and I’m going to go ahead and post it! It’s short, but I’m hoping you all love it anyway! BECAUSE IT’S CUTE.

Prompt: 7. “Stop saying you’re sorry!”

Word count: 255

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Dean slammed your bedroom door behind him, his eyes fixed on you.  You and Dean went on a hunt together while Sam is in bed resting.  Sam being sick gave you the chance to do both jobs; research and kick ass.  However, the only thing that kicked ass, was the vampire that got away.

“Look, I’m sorry Dean,” you said as calmly as possible.  When Dean was angry, you didn’t argue.  It would only make things worse, that’s not something you wanted.

“Stop saying you’re sorry [Y/N],” Dean shouted.  “That vampire could have tried to turn you into one of them, or worse, they could have killed you.”


“No,” Dean interrupted you, his voice harsh.  Dean rushed up to you, his face inches from yours.  “Do you know what it would be like to live without you?  Do you know what it would be like if I had to kill you,” Dean asked, his voice cracking.

“Dean, listen-,” you tried to get out, but Dean interrupted you once more.

“No you listen [Y/N],” Dean whispered, no longer furious.  Dean was more scared of losing you than anything.  He had lost so much already, he couldn’t bear losing you too.  “I can’t live without you, please be more careful,” Dean begged.

“Okay,” you spoke softly, pressing a kiss to Dean’s cheek.

Dean pulled you into a tight embrace, balling your shirt in his fists.  You stood there for a while in Dean’s arms.  If Dean never had to let you go, he wouldn’t.

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About Last Night...

5sosaresquirrels asked: Hey:) how is your day going? I was wondering if you could do a one shot with Harry about falling in love with your best friend? I know you’ve done with Louis before so its if you don’t want to, because I know the best friend topic can get boring :) But any way, have q good day love!

Word Count: 710

A/M: Don’t worry my dear, I love the best friends idea too. And lucky or unlucky I got some inspiration for it. And may I say your icon and URL is too too cute okay? Little babies:)


You woke up the next day to find yourself still in his bed, but he had disappeared. You tried to remember last night and your smile instantly came back when it did. At that moment he had come back into the room and instantly met eyes with you.

“Hi.” He said somewhat awkwardly.

“Hi.” You smiled.

He began to scratch at the back of his neck awkwardly, “Ummmm… By any chance, do you remember what happened last night? Cause… I can’t… remember…”

You felt your heart fall in your chest and your smile disappear. “You don’t remember?”

“No. I just remember some videos and then it’s a blur. I do remember drinking…but that’s about it.”

You frowned, “I… I don’t remember either….” You lied.

—–Last Night—–

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[TRANS] 150225 K-POP! Now “UKISS’ LOVE on This” - About Jun 

All: Hello, we are UKISS!
SH: This week we’d like to about UKISS’ maknae Jun. I think there are still a lot of people who don’t know well about Jun’s personality, so everyone please promote him properly~
HN: You can leave it to me
SH: Okay, Hoon!
HN: Yes. Jun is really cute. When we met him for the first time, he didn’t say a word at all
SH: Not at all, right? (zenzen, “correcting” Hoon’s pronunciation)
HN: Yeah, though [back then] he didn’t say a word at all, when we got along well,  [I found out that] he’s really a cute person, and he would talk about lots of things, and as a big brother, it makes me want to protect him
SH: Indeed. If we simply look at his appearance, he’s tall and his face looks a bit old
HN: Soohyun is just joking~
SH: He looks really like an adult, but his heart is as pure as a child
HN: Oh pure. He’s Jun so he’s pure(junsui)
SH: Ah right. It’s not funny, Hoon. What about you, Kiseop?
KS: Well, Jun is a “practiceholic.” He would look for the parts that he’s lacking and work hard on it
SH: Exactly
HN: So that’s why he’s good at singing, dancing and rapping
SH: He’s a multiplayer~
HN: Yeah~
SH: Eli, what about you?
Eli: Isn’t Jun still a rookie? But I think he’s a bit like Kiseop, like a perfectionist. He would practice more and work hard on the parts that he’s lacking, and be more..
HN: In order to improve himself
Eli: Right?
SH: Jun, what do you think?
Jun: It’s really embarrassing. I’m still lacking, but I’ll try my best!
SH: Everyone, please give Jun lots of support
All: This was UKISS! See you next week!