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Judging You Softly - Pt 4

yeah so I forgot to add that I’m legally fucking blind without aid in my fic but u know what this is a self-insert fantasy i have permanent contacts. Yeah. those have been invented. 

Tbh I have no idea where this fic is going, but I’m okay with that. I promise, though, that shit will pick up in the next chapter. This is more just me putting all my fucking weird ass ticks and phobias on paper. I didn’t realize how much I did them XD 

If u wanna be tagged or not tagged lemme know! I’m on a roll with this, two chapters in a day, so I don’t want to clog anyones notifications. 

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Okay so awhile ago I made a post about making an informal group consisting of small-time TJLC bloggers. I decided to go for it! The group will be both for making friends and to give audience to each other’s theories. Once we get some membership I will start up some games and discussions for us all to get to know one another. If you want to be in the group:

1. REBLOG this post. For now, that’s how we’ll establish membership (I’ll figure something else out for the future)
2. FOLLOW the other people who have reblogged this post. It would be a good idea to check this post every so often to see if someone else has reblogged. (I promise I’ll figure something else out :))
3.TAG your friends. Tag people you follow, who follow you, or who you don’t even know but think might be cool. This is the biggest way I have of finding more people to join, so please help! To start with, I’ll tag everyone who liked the original post, but I’ll keep adding more.

Looking forward to getting to know you all. If you have an idea for a name for us, put it in the reblog!

 “I called out to the gods, but the wrong ones came.”

“Something I’ve created, that cannot wilt.”

“And if you lost me, wouldn’t you search, Sans? What would you give up?”

Gods wilt, Sans. Give up.

That last line isn’t canon, calm down.


REAPERTALE is amazing. Absolutely beautiful, and I love the concept of a Life Goddess Toriel and a Death God Sans, ok? This was a lot of fun to draw, and I did the Yin-Yang background because “balance” thing. No entropy Chara, you gotta stop.

Also, I have now headcanon-ed that Sans has glowing tears, because there is light in everything, and that Tori occasionally wears Japanese flower patterns. Don’t ask why, just accept. Also, yes, Chara just broke a soul.

Can you catch the super mini easter egg that might be easy to see?

And, of course, ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE LOVELY @renrink!!!

For the sidelines of dealing with our bad news, in the hopes of some smiles:

Imagine Alex teaching Michael how to play basketball. It’s only fair after all the training that he gives something back. 

Imagine his smug grin when he discovers that he might have just found that one thing the archangel isn’t awfully good and unbeatable at (except for showing emotions and empathy, but that doesn’t matter now). Because let’s face it, Michael might have inhuman stamina, and long limbs, but I’m convinced Gabriel is the one more for throwing things, ans also the one with the better aim (*cough-cough* New Delphi *cough-cough*). 

Imagine what extra training would await him, because Chosen One or not, I’m sure Michael doesn’t take that well to losing and being gloated over.

Now I also imagined this in my little AU where everybody lives, and Michael and Gabriel are Alex’s weird quasi-uncles. 

Imagine Alex and Jeep playing against Michael, because it’s not cheating when your opponent is an archangel.

Imagine Michael getting fed up and calling a very confused and frowny Gabriel, and telling him, dead-serious that he needs back-up. 

Imagine Gabriel being really, really, real big brotherly done with his twin when he realizes that he doesn’t have a chance but to learn the rules and join, because archangels cannot be beaten in some stupid, human game.

Imagine Gabriel wondering, all along, if this is enough for Michael to change his stand on the Extermination war, because this is the most insufferable thing he has ever been bribed into.