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Okay finally watched ski lodge part 2 (SPOILERS)

I found the different use of “like” and “love” interesting
Maya and Riley LOVE each other
Maya and Josh LIKE each other
Also Maya told Lucas to tell Riley he loves her…and he didn’t
Not sure exactly what to think of that but I think it could have something to do with only Maya and Riley LOVE each other, no one else loves them like they love each other, not even Lucas.

I also think that Josh can totally see how Maya loves Riley. Not just as a friend but as more than that. I think Josh can tell.

I also think that Farkle and Smackle are absolute relationship goals!
They are so adorable 😍

Riley and Lucas still seem awkward.
(There is no way they have the chemistry that Riley and Maya do)

Finally Maya admits she never liked Lucas! 🎉

I think the last scene is so important

Boys come and go, but Rilaya are forever
(It’s basically canon)

If I think of anything else to add, I will
If you think of anything else I should consider please message me!

Do not fret Rilaya shippers

I think we will get our happy ending
Besides, we don’t know anything until it is final

Okay, so yesterday I found with pokemon go that a good way to find a very rare pokemon is to be at your catch quota of 250, at which point a bizarre man-shaped pokemon will show up, and the game will point out that you are at your quota of 250 pokemon and ask if you want to pay money to increase that quota. And if you say no, the bizarre pokemon is gone.

EXO { Baekhyun } Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Admin Incy ♡

if you haven’t noticed, this isn’t actually part four. he did not get his leg stuck in a sewer again. do not worry.

written by admin avyon !!


  • “Where’s Baekhyun?”
  • “I don’t know.
  • “Wow really?! Tell me, girl.”
  • “Okay, so the reason he was been missing is because he got his foot stuck in the sewers again. Please come and save him.
  • “Okay, I will be there in 1 second.”
  • “Into the toilet I go . …. .. … .”

Note: Big fat hen = Chen

Okay, so I wasn’t tagged, but I found this on @oneheartforamillionthings blog, and I really wanna do it ^^

Rules: Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end.

The artist I’m selecting is:  f(x)

What is your gender? Pretty Girl

Describe yourself: Summer Lover

How do you feel? Déjà Vu 

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Ending Page

Favorite mode of transportation: Airplane

Your best friend: Dracula

Favorite time of day: When I’m Alone

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Beautiful Stranger

What is life to you? Glitter

Relationship status: X

Your fear: Danger

I tag: @epikshoebox @jenk-pop @chickenpanda98 @donnervall @kpop-them-cherries @sklnnyred @t-aewoon @sebootyisbootyful @aeneanet @dalmascas

andhiseyesweregreen  asked:

I've just recently found your blog, but my love for Where Do the Flowers Go knows no bounds and it's undoubtedly in my Top 5. Thank you so much for writing it and I'm eager to read what you write next. ❤️🌸❤️🌸

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This message genuinely made me so happy

I wish I could tell you everything about what was going to happen, but I can’t and I just want to

Where Do the Flowers Go Masterlist


oKAY but I just found this and I can’t tell if I’m crying or laughing or both but I’m shaking and squeaking send help

Also I’m memorizing this

  • Burrn:why was i included in this conversation
  • Smol;bean:story of my life tbh
  • Hercthemerc:is jefferson gonna bring tacos everytime you’re in the hopstial
  • Hamil-done:I HOPE SO
Okay guys, I just found probably the best SNL episode and you should definitely watch it... Why?

Because Melissa McCarthy is the host;

Because you need to see Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. This is the first sketch of the episode and it’s freaking awesome:

Because the only Ghostbuster missing is Kristen Wiig (It would have been better if she was there but we still got Kate, Melissa and Leslie);

For all y’all Yatesmann shippers, the last sketch is Kate and Melissa playing a lesbian couple who love cats;

At the very end when the credits are rolling there’s the cutest shot of Kate and Melissa hugging for a long time. After Melissa makes her ending speech both her and Kate start looking for each other to go hug. It’s super cute!!!!

So go watch, here’s the link…^

If you prefer looking for yourself it’s season 41 episode 13.


i made a drawing for @eeli-ah!!? well, actually, 2?? KINDA?? I MEAN, the first one is the “actual” one, I just couldnt bare to delete the 2nd one,,!! hahah yeah!! >x<;;

oc aesthetics → TALANASH ADAAR @warden-enchanter

“I’ve been a sword-for-hire long enough. Let’s put those days behind me. The faster you bury my old life, the better.”