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“If you still want me dead,” I said, “you might have to try a bit harder.”

Lucien loosed a breath. “That’s not what I intended.” I gave him a long look. “I wouldn’t shed any tears,” he amended. I knew it was true. - ACOTAR Chapter 18. 

There my body was, prostrate on the ground, my head snapped to one side at a horribly wrong angle. A flash of red hair in the crowd. Lucien.

Tears shone in Lucien’s remaining eye as he raised his hands and removed the fox mask. - ACOTAR Chapter 45 


I know we see this season is from Sana’s eyes but I really hope for a scene when Isak tells Even that nothing, absolutely nothing can make Isak think less of his boyfriend and that yes, he will be with him and love him no matter what. That Even’s past does not define him and that no matter what he did or didn’t do, that’s okay. Everything is okay. Isak understands it.

And I want to see Even finally coming to terms that he can really tell Isak things that he’s afraid to and feel no fear of Isak might not accepting him, because his boy will follow anywhere and that there’s no reason for Even to underestimate Isak’s feelings for him. Even finally realizing that. That is what I want to see for them in the end. Their trust and love for each other growing even more.


Clary and I have always had each other’s backs. We had our entire lives. That’s more than I can say for you or Alec.
You do not get to talk about Alec, mundane!

So I’ve watched this scene many times and like many others, that “lap dog” comment bugged me. I often wondered why would he let someone refer to Alec as his lap dog, why would he let anyone demean his parabatai like that and then immediately proceed to defend Alec. But that’s just it. He’s defending Alec. Every time he spoke out against what Simon had said during that scene, it was only to defend Alec.  

I care about a bunch of people. Just don’t care about you. 
Me, or what… What’s it called, your… your parabatai?
Whoa, watch your mouth. You don’t know a thing about me and Alec.

Twenty bucks says he leaves you hanging tonight.
Not a chance.

Anytime Simon said anything that indicated that Alec isn’t honorable or reliable or trustworthy, you can see Jace get noticeably irritated.

But when Simon had a go at him, “You treat him like a lap dog,” he didn’t bother saying anything against it, he doesn’t care enough to defend himself. Jace said in this scene that he cares about a lot of people, that Simon just wasn’t one of them. So he didn’t care about Simon’s opinion of him. But he cared about what anyone else thought about Alec to say ‘no, you’re wrong, don’t talk about something you know nothing about’, even if it was Simon. Basically if anyone questions Alec and his integrity, or go after their bond, and Jace will have have no problem telling them how wrong they are.

(Another thing about the scene above is as soon as Simon outright said that Alec doesn’t have his back, Jace snapped. I can’t help but wonder how many instances that came to his mind where Alec did have his back in all the years that they have known each other.)

  • Naruto: We got you a present Sakura-chan!
  • Sasuke: Tch. So annoying.
  • Kakashi: Allow me to translate. He means "Happy birthday, Sakura!"
prom || part 1 || peter parker x reader

this is so stupid and unnecessary and just so bad smh i just got the idea and went with it. if i get enough comments tho saying y'all want a part two, I’m down. AND BY THE WAY THANK YOU FOR 450 FOLLOWERS WTF YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY ILY GUYS SM THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME AND MY STUPID SCHEDULE AND OVERALL STUPIDNESS!!!!!! ANYWAY on with the story

tags : @running-outta-time @munalisax @i-just-wanna-run-hell

words : 2508

warnings : brief scene of attempted rape (goes as far as “He hooked his fingers over my pants to pull them down” then stops there. If you feel uncomfortable, please skip over that part. I don’t want to make any of you guys upset or anything of the kind. Thank you.)

Part 2



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The train ride to Midtown High was nothing short of uneventful. The day had been gloomy and wet; rain pouring from every direction.

Walking into the school, kids had been wringing out their hair and sweaters. Most looked upset that the weekend had ended and week had begun with such a slow start.

You, despite trudging your way into the school and class, had felt happy. The rain was something you like a lot; it was something your family chastised you for, but you found joy in the grey clouds and incessant tapping of the water.

When you’d plopped down in English class, you placed your elbow on the desk and leaned your chin in the palm of your hand, staring in front of you with a dazed look. A boy had been sitting in front of you; one who you admired very much.

Peter Parker was one of the best students in Midtown High. He was only a Sophomore too, as you were, and he never ceased to correct teachers when they made mistakes presenting. He was a member of the Decathlon team, led by Liz Allan; everyone knew he liked her. A lot.

You couldn’t help but stare at the boy everyday, anytime you could. You liked how his brown hair fell into his eyes at times, and his chocolate brown eyes would widen in confrontation by Flash Thompson, or a teacher, or anyone really. You remember when he used to have a stutter back when you’d first seen him in the fifth grade.

Speaking between the two of you stayed to a minimum; he didn’t know you all that well, the occasional project only ever happening where the two of you would talk.

As it turns, today, things were going to change.

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Emergency Brake

Spencer Reid x Reader

You’d seen him almost every morning for the past twelve weeks on the way to and from work. You assumed he lived in the same direction as you as he was always on bus into the city in the morning when you got on, and stayed on it after you got off.

Occasionally he wasn’t on the bus and you always wondered why. Was he ill or on vacation, did he work away?

Maybe one day you’d ask him.

More than likely not. You’d just settle for admiring him from afar.

You looked forward to seeing him, even if you didn’t ever speak to him. He was pretty. Dark brown hair that was perpetually messy, hazel eyes, and a jaw bone you were fairly certain you could cut glass on. He was by far one of the most attractive men you’d seen in real life.

He almost always had a book with him, a different one every time, and you wondered how the hell he got through them so quickly. You bought books with you too but it took you three to four days to finish one. Whereas it seemed to take him less than a day, the book he was reading on the way home often different to the one he had in the morning. He was either a super quick speed reader, or he had a super short attention span and got bored with the story line easily.

Today was cold and the bus was packed. You’d spotted him at the front of the bus, one empty seat across the aisle from him. You took it, seeing him glance up at you and smile shyly. You smiled back and sat down, tugging your ear buds out and shoving them into your bag. You didn’t mind listening to music on the train but you always turned it off when you got on the bus for some reason.

Four stops away from yours, a heavily pregnant woman boarded and looked around for a seat. No one moved to offer their’s up, everyone avoiding eye contact.

You sighed and went to stand up, catching her eye and motioning to your chair. She smile gratefully and made her way towards you.

The man opposite you looked up from the book his nose was buried in and frowned, seeing you exchanging your seat with the woman. He went to stand.

“Here, have mine instead,” he offered.

“No no no. It’s fine. She can take mine. I’m up now.”

You moved out of the way, the woman thanking you and sitting down. The bus began to move again.

“Well at least have my seat then. I’ll stand.” He rose from his seat and you saw that he was almost a foot taller than you.

“Seriously it’s fine. I get off in three stops anyway and you’re always on here after me. Sit back down. It’s okay.” You smiled at him in assurance and after a moment or two, he reseated himself.

You gripped the pole next to where he was sat, holding on tight. You hated standing up on public transport but you weren’t about to make a pregnant woman stand and you didn’t want to take his seat, even though he’d offered.

You watched him push a lock of his hair back behind his ear, closing his book and putting it back in his messenger bag.

The bus stopped suddenly, jerking you and making you stumble, knocking his head with your bag as you clung onto the pole trying to keep your balance. You were too short to easily reach the overhead strap.

“Shit. I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine. I’m okay. I have a hard head.”

Two more passengers got on the already crowed bus and it set off again. At the next stop, the bus jerked again. This time, you lost your balance completely and wound up on the attractive man’s lap.

Your eyes widened and you scrambled to get off, his own face shocked at the stranger he now had sitting on his knee.

“Fuckity fuck. Shit. Fuck!” you pulled yourself upright again, bright red with embarrassment, his own cheeks flushed.

“I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry!”

He started to chuckle, amused rather than angry.

“Are you sure you don’t want my seat? You seem pretty desperate to get in it.”

You laughed back at him, your embarrsment subsiding slightly.

“I’m sure. I’m just clumsy. One more stop anyway.”

The next stop came and you were seriously considering complaining to the transport agency about this drivers breaking. Again you were sent stumbling into the man’s lap, frantically grabbing at the pole to pull yourself up so you could get off the bus and get home, ready to research a new way of getting to work so you would never have to see this man again. So far today you’d hit him with your bag, and landed in his lap twice.

He was trying to help you but your bag had landed awkwardly and had somehow tangled with the straps of his. By the time you were upright and able to start moving, the bus had pulled off.

“Balls,” you sighed.

“That was your stop wasn’t it?” he asked you.

You nodded in response, moving to pull yourself off his knee where you still were.

He put his arm out, stopping you.

“Listen, just stay put. It’s probably safer that way. The next stop is mine anyway so we can get off together. I don’t want you falling into me again and making me miss mine too,” he grinned at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back.

He had such a nice smile, wide and happy with straight white teeth. His eyes sparkled when he grinned, making his handsome face even more beautiful.

“I’m Spencer,” he introduced himself.

“Y/N. I’d offer you my hand, but I figure we’re kinda beyond that now right?”

“Well you are sitting on my knee. I guess we are. Right, the stop’s coming up. Think you can handle walking down the aisle without falling over?”

“Who knows. I’ll probably still manage to fall into you or something. You might just wanna wait for a few moments and walk a few paces behind me.”

“You might be right there,” he replied, teasing you.

The bus stopped again and you hauled yourself up, rushing down the aisle and shooting the driving a filthy look as you got off. He wasn’t the usual driver and you blamed him for your embarrassment.

“Y/N… Wait.”

Spencer called after you and you haulted in your tracks, turning towards him.

“Erm… Do you have far to walk?” he asked, looking down at his feet nervously.

“Nah, I’m only five blocks out. The exercise will probably do me good. I’m really sorry by the way.”

“It really is okay… Listen… Erm….. You like coffee right? I see you with a Starbucks cup most mornings,” he was still shuffling his feet, not really making eye contact.

“I live on coffee. I swear I probably pay the manager’s wages single handedly with the amount I spend in there.”

“Would you…. Erm… Would you like to get a coffee with me sometime, maybe?”

He was asking you out?

He was asking you out!

“Really? You wanna get coffee with me?” You were totally surprised. This guy was way out of your league. Yet here he was, stuttering slightly and stumbling over his words.

“Only if you w-want to… It’s okay if you don’t… I understand,” he finally met your gaze, rejection already set in his face.

“Do you wanna go now? I kinda owe you one.”


“Sure. You can tell me how you manage to get through so many books…. ”

“You notice that I read?” he seemed totally surprised.

“Yes. It’s hard not to notice you. You’re kinda the best thing about my journey.”

He blushed before replying, “You’re kinda the best thing about mine too.”

You both smiled shyly at each other, before you decided to take the intitate and reach for his hand.

“Coffee shop’s this way.”

Feysand au

For the prompt: ‘you’re a vet and i’m pleading with you to save my goldfish and you’re the first vet i’ve visited to not ask me if i’m sure i don’t want to go and buy another goldfish for three dollars’ au

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Now enjoy some Feysand goodness.


“Please somebody help!”

Feyre burst into the vet’s office in a frenzy, her hair flying all around her and her eyes wide as saucers.

She then immediately froze, looking around the tiny waiting room and seeing everyone staring at her, even the various dogs and cats and the one random parrot.

“Um, ma’am?”

Feyre jumped at the secretary’s voice, whipping her head around to look at the most stunning blonde woman she had ever seen. The woman gave her a bright, sweet smile.

“Are you alright?” She asked cautiously.

“I – what – no!” Feyre finally managed to spit out, rushing to the counter. “Please, I need to see the vet immediately, it’s an emergency. No one will see her and I’m getting really scared and –“

“Slow down, honey,” the woman – Mor, according to her nametag – said gently. “What kind of pet is it, and what’s wrong?”

Heat bloomed on Feyre’s cheeks and she glanced behind her at the rest of the waiting room eavesdropping on her. She leaned over the counter as close to Mor as she could get and mumbled incoherently.

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Mind Trap Chapter 9: Amor Part 2

Who’s ready for the second part?

Prev Chap: https://sailormew4.tumblr.com/post/166159162861/mind-trap-chapter-8-amor-part-1-whos-ready-for

Next Chap: https://sailormew4.tumblr.com/post/166233321131/mind-trap-chapter-10-realidad-last-chapter

Chapter Summary: Love will always a way


Keith sneaks around the sludge as he sees Allura, Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk in a sludge net. He sees inner demons. The one from earlier that he fought, one with two heads, one that resembled a tree with multiple faces, the puppeteer, and the Sludge-Baku guarding Love.

Keith is about to rush in to fight the demons before he feels a weight. He checks and sees it was the heart rock then suddenly he whispers, “Patience yields focus.”

Keith looks to see the Paladins as he sneaks over as Hunk sees him as he cheers, “Keith-!”

Keith shushes him quiet as Hunk gets the other’s attention. Keith watches the inner demons as he takes out his knife as it lets them out.

They quickly rush as they hide behind a sludge covered pillar as Shiro asks, “How’d you know where we were?”

Keith takes out the sludge hand as they all cringe except Pidge who stares at it in fascination as she asks, “Interesting. How’s this thing going to help us?”

“Watch,” says Keith as he squeezes the hand. “Now if you don’t want to be crushed into submission by us. Tell us how to stop the ‘bad thing’.”

The other Paladins glare at the hand as Shiro makes his hand glow as Pidge smirks evilly as the hand shakes and points to a hole underneath Love.

Pidge uses her lenses to zoom in as she explains, “The sludge is coming from the demons, but the demons are coming from what seems to be a well.”

“Or a vault,” says Hunk as he looks in that direction as well. The Paladins look at him weird. “You know the mental vault the place where you keep the-”

“'Bad things’,” finishes Keith finally understanding what they need to do. “Okay, I think we can each take one demon. Lead them to the vault. Save Love.”

“How do you know its love?” asks Pidge with a teasing smirk.

Keith grabs the heart rock as he says, “Uh this kinda gave it away.”

“Why’s it broken?” asks Allura curiously as Keith shrugs placing the rock back inside a pocket.

“Alright Team, let’s do this for him,” says Shiro as he places a hand in the center.

“For our best buddy,” says Hunk as he places his hand on Shiro’s hand.

“For our family,” adds Pidge putting her hand on Hunk’s.

“For our Blue Paladin,” adds Allura placing her hand on Pidge’s.

Keith looks at the hands as he finishes, “For our Lance.”


They all look at each other from different sides as they all let out a mighty battle cry rushing to the inner demons.

Hunk rushes the Sludge-Baku, Pidge wraps her Bayard around the two headed demon, Allura uses her whip to grab the puppeteer, Shiro tackles the tree, and Keith shows the Hermaphrodite it’s hand as a taunt.

The demons hiss in annoyance as they rush to each Paladin as they each run in different directions.


Hunk leads the Sludge-Baku near the vault as he forms his cannon as he shoots at it. The Sludge-Baku wraps around Hunk as it hisses at him. Hunk glares at the beast as he says, “You’re not an inner demon. You’re a reminder of the time my best friend saved me and entire planet.”

The Sludge-Baku hisses in pain before Hunk sees the tail in the vault as he slips out it holds as he climbs on the back as he aims his cannon as he says, “I regret not spending time with Lance more, but he’s like a brother me. I still care and love him. And I’m grateful that he still sees him as a friend!”

Hunk blasts his full blast as the Sludge-Baku hisses at him as it sinks into the vault. Hunk jumps off the head before he enters the fault as he sees the lid of the vault as he closes it and says through the comms, “The Baku is in the vault and I found the lid for it too!”


“Nice work, Hunk,” congratulates Allura with a smile. The Puppeteer swings at Allura as she dodges. She cracks her whip as she hears the whispers.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Allura shakes her head as she argues, “Lance wouldn’t do that! I’m sorry I dragged him into a war, but he is a great Paladin of Voltron!”

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Allura growls as a sense of protectiveness for Lance burns inside her as she lets out a battle cry tying the demon as she yells, “No! Lance is an important part of Voltron! He will always be an important member! And anyone who says otherwise hasn’t seen him in action!”

Allura throws the demon into the vault as Hunk opens the lid as she pants as she says through comms, “Two down!”


“Great job Allura!” congratulates Pidge as she tries to shock the two headed demon. She shots her Bayard trying to shock it, but the heads connect causing her to stick against demon. She growls in annoyance as she remembers what this demon represents.

She growls as she twists her body and kicks the two heads at once as she says, “I know what Lance probably thinks I think of him, but it’s completely wrong! I tease him because he reminds me of Matt! And I guess instead of telling him I’m joking I forget cause he reminds me of Matt….”

Pidge glares at the demon as its shuddering in pain as she finishes, “So yeah Lance is everything I say but he’s something special too… he’s family!”

Pidge then runs around the two headed demon as she ties and shocks it as she whistles to Allura and Hunk to open the vault. She slides the demon in with cheer, “Two heads is in! Two more boys!”


“Great work, Pidge,” congratulates Shiro as he smiles seeing less and less sludge in the mind. He actually sees real mind trees as he hops on one as he tackles the demon tree. “Now to deal with you.”

The demon tree swings at him back and forth as Shiro dodges as he punches and kicks the tree as he tries to think of the words that he mentioned earlier as he says, “Lance isn’t a disappointment! He’s not a burden! And certainly not a waste of space!”

While punching he sees the faces in tree more clearly. He’s seen those before, during the mind meld training. It’s his family, but obviously not all of them just some. That’s when it clicks.

Lance thinks he’s a disappointment to everyone. He growls as he holds two branches like arms as he shoves the demon towards the vault with each word as he says, “Lance, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m sorry. For everything. Every time I told you to be like Keith or something like that. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re the best Lance we got.”

With a final push Shiro pushes the demon in as he says through the comms, “Only you Keith. Go save Lance.”


“Thanks, Shiro,” says Keith as he wonders what could possibly be the demon’s weakness or what part of Lance it is connected to.

The demon hisses as it says, “Pick one! Pick one! Pick one!

Keith yells in frustration as he keeps swinging at the demon. He slashes as the demon keeps hissing at him as it causes Keith to drop the hand as it forms back. Keith swears under his breath as the demon throws him against a pillar as he groans in pain.

Pick one! Pick one! Pick one!

Keith mutters through the comms, “Guys! I’m at a lost. It keeps saying 'pick one’.”

“Pick one?…. His sexuality,” he hears Hunk whispers in a drastic tone.

“His what?” asks Keith shocked they’re even talking about that as red tints his cheeks.

“Keith, I’m about to share something that I swear by Lions that if any of you say something to Lance without him saying to you first I will personally hurt you,” starts Hunk through the comms as Keith dodges another attack.

“Please, Hunk, tell us! I know how to keep a secret. I just want to save Lance,” says Keith as he ducks and swings another attack.

“He isn’t straight Keith. He’s bisexual he likes both boys and girls. He’s been ashamed of it since his Abeula and Dad dissapporved and got hard core rejected by a boy he liked. That’s always been an issue for him,” explains Hunk as Keith’s heart breaks slightly.

How could someone so happy and kind have this much anguish and hardship. It makes Keith sick. Keith stares at the demon as he says, “You know what! So what if Lance is bi? Who cares?! It all depends on the people that really care for him… like us. We’ll accept him. Lance is… dare I say, perfect the way he is.”

Keith stabs the demon as he quickly drags it to the vault before the wound heals as he kicks it into the vault. They all lean on top the lid as the demons try to break out again. Pidge says, “They’re still fighting! What are we missing!?!”

Keith looks at the lid it’s missing the lock. A heart shaped lock. He goes through his pocket as he finds the heart shaped rock as he mutters, “This better work Lance.”

He shoves the rock on the lid as it forms a lock as its finally done. Keith looks in the direction of Love as he rushes over as the broken heart statue reforms as Love begins to fall. Keith catches him while the Paladins follow him as he asks, “Lance? Are you okay?”

“Keith? Guys?” asks Love as he blushes he’s in Keith’s arms before he smiles and grabs Keith’s hand. “You guys did it.”

Love sits up as Keith asks, “Are they gone… for good?”

Love looks at Shiro who sighs sadly as he answers for Love, “Keith, inner demons, no matter what, they don’t go away. They’re just repressed.”

“So, Lance will always feel this way? No matter what… we can’t help him?” says Keith as his eyes are downcast.

Love grabs his arms causing Keith to be gasp in shock as he reassures, “You can always help repress it out there. You don’t have to keep fighting in here. Lance is strong with you guys not without you. I promise Lance will be fine.”

Keith smiles as the other Paladins smile with him at the comforting words.

Allura then notices her hand is fading as she points out, “Looks like it’s time to go.”

The other Paladins look at their own bodies to see it’s going from fading and solid.

Love looks at them as he says, “Don’t worry. Lance is all right. Plus, I think you know how much he already loves you all.”

The Paladins chuckle as Love looks at Keith as he blushes, “Oh and Keith… I know you’re having doubts on what Lance feels for you so here’s a hint.”

“What do you me-?” asks Keith as he’s cut off by Love kissing him on the lips. He hears 'ooo’s of shock, gasps of embarrassment, and snickers of future teasing.

Love pulls back as he winks and says, “Go easy on us and be patient and see you in the real world.”

Suddenly Keith as well as the other Paladins see darkness.

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 15/?)

Hi Guys! I’m still on my holidays I wrote this part on my phone and I can’t really add links to previous parts ATM. I will edit everything when I’ll be back home xx


I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before leaving home for Jeff’s party. Originally it was supposed to be my New Year’s Eve party but since I broke my wrist I wasn’t really able to prepare anything and Jeff decided to do in at his place as his parent were in Aspen with mine. I spent there whole day helping him as much as I could with Zach, Sheri and Jess and two hours ago we got back to my home to prepare for a party. It’s hard to wash and make your hair look decent when you can’t use one of your hands so Sheri’s or Jess’ help was necessary.

“So how it’s gonna be with you and Monty today?”, Jess asked while doing my hair.

“Normal. Just how it was before we started hooking up”, I shrugged.

“I’m not really sure that’s how things are supposed to be”, she said quietly.

“He doesn’t like me like that, Jess. I finally understand that and I’m okay with this”, I saw Jessica and Sheri giving each other look that clearly had some hidden message. “What?”

“No, nothing”, Sheri shrugged, she was obviously lying.

“Just please, can we don’t talk about him anymore? Don’t mess with my head…”

It was supposed to be first time I’d see Monty since he came to my house drunk after Bryce party and since later we promised to act normal and I was curious to see if it actually was going to work. I wouldn’t mind if it did as we had another semester of chemistry together starting soon and we really need to cooperate.

Besides of that I wanted to move on with my life. And to move forward you have to make a peace with your past. I already accepted the fact that the two of us is never going to be a thing, now I have to work out healthy relation with him.

We drove to Jeff’s, many people arrived before us.  We walked in, Zach handed us a drinks before we even closed door behind us.

“We’re waiting for Justin and Montgomery and we’re gonna get whole gang photo together”, he said.

“They aren’t here yet?”, Jess asked.

“Yeah, Monty’s flight from Vermont was delayed and his picking up Justin on his way here.”

I went to the table with snack. Stress eating, that’s my thing.

“You’re stressing about seeing him, huh?”, Sheri stood next to me.

“What? No”, I chuckled with my mouth full.

“Come on”, she rolled her eyes. “Don’t stress, you promised each other clear start so act normal.”

“He’s not even here, so I act stuff my mouth with food to the point where I can’t even chew”, I rolled my eyes. “And I’m okay with everything. I’m in the process of fixing my karma and inner energy.”

“Good… Cause they’re here”, she said, sipped her drink and walked away.

I slowly turned around and saw Justin with Montgomery greeting with everyone, Jessica basically jumping at Foley as they haven’t see each other for a week when she was visitng her grandma. Montgomery looked over people, his eyes met mine.

It felt like I was melting inside and I hated myself for that. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I was supposed to look at him, smile and feel nothing expect for normal sympathy.

I sent him a little smile, he waved at me and walked up to me.

“Hi”, he said with a smile.

“Hey, how was Vermont?”, I asked holding cup with drink tightly.

“Good”, he nodded. “You’re still wearing that thing?”, he pointed at my left hand, still injured.

“Yeah, unfortunately. But I’m taking it off before winter prom, so that’s okay.”

“Okay, love birds”, Zach stood between me and Monty and put his arms on our shoulders. “Group photo”.

We went with him to the place where Jeff and rest of the people were standing and Tyler with his camera was ready to take a photo.

“Wait, wait”, Jess said after Tyler took few pictures. “Y/N show off your left arm.”


“So that later, in a few years, we can place it in timeline”, she rolled her eyes.

“What am I even supposed to do with it?”, I asked as I was squizzed between Zach and Montgomery.

“Put it on Monty, or whatever”.

As if standing really close to him posing for a photo wasn’t awkward enough. I gave him apologizing smile and put my hands on his shoulder. When we were done with photos I quickly walked away and took Jess to the side.

“What the hell, Jessica?”, I asked.

“I thought about it while I was at my grandma’s and I came to the conclusion that you two would be great together”, she said.

“Jess, it’s not gonna happen”, I sighed. “We barely even started acting like civilized people for the first time in a month.”

“Everyone thinks so…”, she crossed her arms.

“Everyone except me and him. Jess, leave it”, I said and walked away.  

Time was passing by, everyone was having fun, we were taking a lot of photos, laughing and dancing. Montgomery was keeping his distance and didn’t come anywhere near me after group photos.

It was almost midnight and everyone went to the backyard to watch fireworks because view from Jeff’s backyard was lit. I took my cup of champagne, as let’s be honest no one uses glass at high school parties, and stayed at the back of the crowd and sat on balustrade.

“May I?”, Montgomery showed up next to me.

“Sure”, I smiled.

He sat next to me.

“So, how’s last party of the year going?”

“You know”, I shrugged. “Drunk, single, without midnight new year’s kiss… Same as always”.

Everyone started counting down and so did I although I felt Monty looking at me the whole time, I ignored it.

“…Three, two, one, happy new year!”, I said and looked at him with a smile.

“Here’s your new year’s kiss”, he said and leaned towards me and placed his lips on mine.

I was so shocked, I didn’t even reacted, I didn’t kiss him back. He moved away, I look at him with eyes wide opened.

“Maybe it wasn’t midnight kiss from your dreams, but now at least you have shitty one”, he said and walked inside.

I sat there, still in shock, unable to move. I looked around and saw Sheri looking at me.

“Go!”, she mouthed and pointed at house.

I jump off the balustrade and run inside. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I felt it was just as stupid as looking for him at last Bryce’s party but he made a move, he kissed me, he wasn’t even that drunk.

“Monty…”, I run to him and kissed.

This time I felt like he was a little shocked. For a second I felt like all my pieces are back together.

“Happy new year”, I whispered when I took a step back.

“What’s happening?”, he asked.

“I don’t know, I could ask you the same thing, you kissed me outside”, I said.

“Well, I started new year by kissing the greatest girl I know, what can be a better way?”, he chuckled and put his hands into his pockets.

“I’m the greatest girl you know?”

“You were my best friend I have ever had”, he said completely seriously. “You are the only person that gets me. Boys are great, sure, but… I never talk with them about my parents, they never ask me how I’m doing, you know what I mean?”

I nodded my head.

“You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for… I’m sorry for that kiss, it probably made you feel uncomfortable”, he apologized.

People started walking back inside.

“Come with me”, I took his hand and went upstairs with him.

“Where are we going?”, Monty asked.

“To talk somewhere quieter”, I said as I kneeled down to find key to Jeff’s parents’ bedroom that Jeff glued under the shelf after he locked the room so that no one would go inside.

“So, tell me more about how I’m the best friend anyone could ever heard”, I said when I locked the door after we got in.

“Now you’re making fun if what I said, I’m not saying anything more”, he crossed his arm.

“Can we be honest for one time if we’re trying to act like an adults?”, I asked.

Montgomery took a deep breath.

“Okay… It’s just… I never had anything like this with anyone before. You were the only one to actually confront me about my parents, you’re the only one that knows how shitty things with them really are. I mean sex was great too, but… You are just amazing as a person and that’s where your parents did great job. And I really started feeling like we were becoming friends and then you suddenly ended everything and I guess I didn’t expect it and didn’t know what to do…”

“Montgomery, I didn’t want to stop being your friend, I just decided we should stop hooking up”, I said.

So that was it… He liked me as a best friend and then I suddenly shut things off after false pregnancy alarm and he thought I don’t want to have anything do to with him. I could understand that. If he really feels I’m that important to him as he claims I can only imagine how he felt. If Jeff or Sheri ever wanted to stop being friends with me I wouldn’t take it well.

That also meant he liked me only as a friend. Nothing less, nothing more…

“Is that why you were acting like this lately?”, I asked.

“Well, you were always talking how shitty person I am, how badly I treat girls, that I’m bully… And I was mad at you, so I kinda wanted to meet your expectations I guess…”, he shrugged looking down.

“Jeez, Monty”, I came closer to him and hugged him. “I’m sorry I made you feel like this”, I whispered. “Can I ask you something?”


“What about Tina?”, I could barely even say her name out loud.

“I’m not proud of what happened with Tina, but from the start I wanted to show off with her, I didn’t really have to try hard, because that girl was a lot. I’m sorry that she got obssesed over you and you ended up with broken wrist”, he said, hugging me the whole time.

“It’s okay”, I laughed. “You couldn’t know she was crazy.”

“There’s one more thing… Nothing ever happened with her. Or with that girl at Bryce’s party. I didn’t sleep with them”, he said.

“What?”, I took a step back to look at him even though I couldn’t see his face as it was totally dark in room.

“I didn’t have sex with them”, he repeated. “I don’t know, I kinda thought that you should know”, he shrugged.

I hugged him again.

If I had found him at Bryce’s party before he had went to that room with that girl would I actually told him about my feelings? If I did how would things were between us now? Now that I know he sees me as a best friend and not someone he could get romantically involved.

Maybe things were better that way? Sure, my heart still was a little bit broken because of the fact his feelings weren’t exactly what I hoped them to be but now, after we cleared everything (okay, almost everything) I felt that I can handle being just friends with him and I was actually grateful I didn’t find him at last party because telling him I like him as more than friend would probably scare him of.

“Okay, my friend, let’s have some new year fun”, I said.

“Sooo… We’re okay?”

“Yes, we are”, I laughed. “Now let’s go, before Jeff sees we are in his parents’ bedroom, it’s a no-go zone.”

We went downstairs and then spreaded in opposite directions, Monty went to the boys, I went to kitchen to make myself a drink.

“I saw you”, Jessica whispered into my ear which made me jump a little because she scared me.


“I saw you walking down the stairs with Montgomery. You were upstairs? What did you do? You hooked up? You’re together now?”, she asked excited.

“No, we didn’t hook up, we’re not together, we’re friends”, I answered and saw excitement washing away from her face.

“What are you talking about?”, Sheri joined us.

“She was upstairs with Montgomery. They are friends. Didn’t hook up”, Jessica replied in my name.

“Is it good thing or not?”, Sheri asked confused.

“Good”, I answered before Jess could say anything. “We had a talk, I know why he acted they way he did, he said I was the best friend he ever had and… You know, we sorted things out, we’re friends.”

“Bullshit”, Jessica snorted and walked away.

“What is her problem?”, I asked.

“Well, she was really rooting for the two of you and for the whole bad boy transformator thing, she’s probably little dissapointed you don’t end up as more than friends”, Sheri explained.

“Well, I’m okay with the situation right now, I’m happy to be friends with him…”, I shrugged.

Sheri stared at me for a moment.

“Good, if you’re happy now, that’s the most important thing”, she smiled.

Obviously, it wasn’t my dreams come true, but it was the closest I could get with Montgomery and that had to be enough and I wasn’t gonna try to push the limits of my luck.

commonly used swedish phrases translated

as used by me

herregud - lord-god (used in any and situations)

ÄHMEN/JAMEN  - you can’t be serious/this is ridiculous/yea, you are complaining but I also want to complain about something

jahaaa - oh, okay, I see what you mean

ahaaa - I finally understand this thing that’s been bothering me ALL DAY

vafan - what-(the)-devil? (ranges all the way from “yeah, okay, why not” to “this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and my eyes will never be clean again” depending on how you stress the syllables)

nämen - no-but (used in pleasant surprise, or as a disguise for a unpleasant surprise) ex: I only speak to you when it’s socially unacceptable to pretend I haven’t seen you bc we have literally nothing in common, “nämen hi!” OR “I got off early from work, and I brought kanelbullar!” “nämen, how nice!”

skitsamma - shit-same ex: I am on the verge of giving up/I have already given up, I don’t give a fuck OR I am pretending I don’t care but I actually do and I will show it just enough to guilt trip you

ba - shortened version for “bara” which means “only”, often used in a similar way as “was like” or “said” ex: and then he ba “I hate macaroni” and I ba “who the fuck hates macaroni?”

ja skoja ba/asköjba -  used when telling people you were only joking, regardless of how obvious it was that you were joking

kavla upp ärmarna - rolling up the sleeves (to make a real effort)

fullt ös medvetslös - full speed unconscious (the rad way to say you go all in)

andra bullar - other buns (the situation will change) ex: he might have won the debate yesterday but I have spent three hours looking up arguments to prove him wrong so next time I see him it’ll be andra bullar

full som en alika/fyllekaja - drunk as a jackdaw (fucking drunk as hell)

har du sett på maken - have you looked upon the likes of this ex: I didn’t expect this to happen and I am mildly surprised 

aa fast nä - yea except no (I don’t agree and I am right)

rövhål - dearest (used on your loved ones)

love me right ⎪III

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader 

Words: 852

Warnings: none

A/N: Nothing much to say. This is for @just-some-drabbles‘s writing challenge. The prompt has yet to make its appearance lol. I’ll let y’all know when it does.

Love Me Right Masterlist

“Stupid, Stupid, Stupid” Bucky repeated banging his palms against his head

The hallway had gone silent ever since he heard the door next to his close. After he had regained composure he had gone outside to look for the girl but he was meet with a dead silence. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way she had run for his aid and he just pushed her way.

The thought made Bucky uncomfortable. It wasn’t his fault, at least not completely, it had been and involuntary reflex, a mere defense mechanism. After what he went through anyone would have done the same.

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for @trulymadlysydney 

You were slumped in the couch, watching reruns of an old tv show after a long day of work. Harry was upstairs on a phone call and hadn’t seen you since that morning. You were practicaly falling asleep on the couch and you decided to go to bed. You open the door slowly and quietly, as to not disturb Harry. He was sitting on a chair across from the door, looking tired and stressed. He gives you a small wave and a smile as soon as he sees you walk through the door. He points to his phone and makes a face to express his fatigue with the call. You flop on the bed to wait for his call to be over. You watch him get up from the chair and pace the room. The two of you would pull faces at each other to see the other smile and hopefully make him laugh on a call. “okay…. okay… i understand…. yes… okay bye” he finally hangs up the phone and that’s your cue to stand up and wrap your arms around his waist. He holds on to you tighly and you bury your head in his chest. “sorry about that, my love” he would say into your hair and you would just hum in response. You felt him pull away slightly and you watch him take out his phone again, “another call?” you ask, trying to hide your discouragement. He shakes his head and music starts to play from his phone, specifically “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis. He would turn it down so it was playing softly and return it to his back pocket. You would smile up at him sleepily and return your head to his chest. He would place on hand on your head, cradling it in place and the other around your hips. The two of you would sway like that, comfortably, enjoying each other’s company. The only sound between you is the sweet song on repeat. “Should we go to bed, angel?” harry would whisper, kissing your head. “Hmmm” you would reply, equally wanting to sleep and stay like that forever.

Cillian Murphy Imagine

Originally posted by gumshoevideo

Being a make up artist opens up a lot of doors for you. You get to work with many amazing people and on amazing sets. Some are music video sets but you spend most of your time on movie sets. This time you were on the set of Dunkirk. In this movie you had a chance to work with people like Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and many more. 

Harry always made jokes making you laugh. Tom would always tell you about the new stunt he was going to do and tell you cool stories about the movies he had done before. Cillian, he was different. You and him would spend more time together then any one else. Cillian would try to get to know you. He would ask questions about your family, friends, future plans, job. He was interested in the every detail of your life even the parts you thought were very boring, but Cillian didn’t think that. To him you were the most amazing person he has met. 

“Morning” Cillian pulled you out of your thought. Looking at the clock you saw it was too early for people to show up. Usually the set life begins around nine, but you liked to be there faster and get everything ready. You didn’t like to be unprepared. 

“Morning. You’re early here” you smiled at him as Cillian sat on one of the make up chairs. 

“Yeah, I guess I got here too early. How are you doing? Did you finish that book?” as always he remembers every detail you told him. This started to happen a lot. He would get to set before everyone else and you two would sit in the trailer and talk. Sometimes one of you brings breakfast and coffee other times you both do it. As time went on and you spent more and more time with Cillian, those morning few hours became your favorite out of the whole day. You told him thing you’ve never said to anyone else and he did the same with you. Cillian opened up about his thought on the social media platform and his thought about “fame”. It surprised you how you two never ran out of ideas of what to talk about. When filming ended it was a bit bitter sweet, but you were left with amazing memories.

The last day you were putting make up on all the actors every one seemed sad, to say good bye. Every one had became such close friends. The guys were so used to coming to you and getting advice. Harry was sad about not being able to tell you his horrible jokes. On the last day Tom was so sad not to tell you his stories. He loved how you would react to them. One person didn’t say much about it being the last day, Cillian. You started to think that maybe you didn’t mean to him as much as he meant to you. He didn’t speak the whole time he was in your make up chair. It was like he had gone cold on you. When you were putting away all you things for the last time it did feel like could cry a bit, but just when you thought and felt that, Cillians voice came from behind you

“Can I talk to you?” he stepped in the trailer closing the door behind him. You nodded at him, and tried to smile, but you couldn’t give him an actual smile. “Listen, I’m sorry I was so cold today. I was just so upset about this movie ending. I’ve never felt like that before so I was a bit confused” you felt relived to know he wasn’t mad at you or anything else. 

“It’s okay. I understand. I feel the same way” you finally gave him a real smile. 

“Yeah, I’m gonna miss our talks” him saying that, made it harder for you to leave the set. You would miss them too, a lot. “There’s something I’ve wanted to ask. Would you like to go out to dinner with me?” you stared to smile even bigger, the sadness you had before suddenly wasn’t there anymore. 

“Yeah, I’d like that” you two looked at each other smiling. Looks like all the talks you love to have won’t be stopping. It even looks like it will end better then you could ever hope for. Walking off set was sad, looking back at everything made you smile, just thinking about how amazing this adventure has been. But at the same time you were happy, because one thing ended an another amazing one stared. 

Eye Contact (Yongguk Short Story)

Au Note: Idk with this one guys, I thought it might be cute but idk how I feel about this short. What about you? 

Genre: ???

Word Count: 1222

Originally posted by soooldout

Eye contact is a strange thing. It can prove someone has done something wrong by the avoidance of it or it can be the start of something amazing. Unfortunately, I had both happen to me on the same day in the span of a couple minutes. My now ex-boyfriend and I were at the shopping centre as I was preparing last minute for one of my close friend’s wedding which we were attending together the next day. At first the day was going great, that was until I had purchased the pair of shoes that I had wanted to wear to the event. We had just left the shoe shop when he stopped abruptly and said he needed to talk to me. I thought nothing of it because he sometimes acted strange anyway, but I did not expect the words he managed to choke out.

‘I’m sorry (Y/N), I can’t do this. I’m in love with someone else; it’s got nothing to do with you or anything like that. It’s got everything to do with me though. I just don’t love you anymore.’ If that wasn’t enough embarrassment already, people passing by stopped to watch what would happen. He avoided my gaze, whether it was angry or not, he would look anywhere but directly at me or make eye contact with me. I only stared at him, the newly gained attention stealing my voice from me. 

‘So, yeah, that’s it, there’s nothing you could possibly say or do to change my mind about my decision.’ He just had to keep talking didn’t he? He just had to take the opportunity of the crowd gathering to turn my embarrassment into humiliation. The only thing I could think to say to try and direct the attention off of me was to make a comment about what I had just bought.

  ‘Well, that was a complete waste of money, why couldn’t you have said this before I bought these shoes for the wedding tomorrow?’ If he wants to publicly humiliate me, I can counter attack against him. The crowd doesn’t have to know that we were only attending a wedding; they can believe that the two of us were getting married if they wanted. Technically, I didn’t say it was our wedding so they thought of that themselves.

  ‘I guess I won’t be missing much anyway seeing as you weren’t the greatest in bed with all your weird kinky shit. I guess it’s also pretty lucky that I’m not being dumped the day before our wedding, because I honestly never thought we would last long enough to even get engaged which was correct.’ He was flushing a bright shade of red by now. 

I glanced at the crowd surrounding us, but one particular pair of eyes caught mine. I’m not sure if it was pity for me being dumped publicly or something else glimmering in their eyes but whatever it was gave me a strange sense of strength. I smiled at this stranger, who happened to flash a smile at me and send a wink my way. My god, not only is he gorgeous but he has a beautiful smile too. My ex looked behind him at the stranger I smiled at; the stranger’s smile immediately disappeared and was replaced with a cold hard glare. The kind of expression that would make anyone scared for their life. This stranger made him look like he was wetting himself with just a look of disapproval. It was a very funny sight to witness. What this stranger said next surprised everyone in the crowd including myself. 

‘I know we are complete strangers, but so you don’t have to attend the wedding on your own and look like a complete loser, I would like to offer my presence. So, the purchase of those shoes won’t completely be a waste of money, I would like to go with you.’ Wow, he sure has a deep voice. He pushed through to where I was currently standing and smiled down at me, his height was definitely intimidating to a shorter person like me. He said goodbye to the crowd and my ex-boyfriend, grabbed my hand and marched me right out of the shopping centre. Once through the doors we both burst out laughing. I liked this stranger already for his sense of humour and the way he saved me from that humiliation. He was smiling at me again, that beautiful smile could make any woman or man weak in the knees. 

‘You don’t have to accept my offer of myself going to the wedding with you. When our eyes caught each other’s, your eyes had a glint of mischief in them that I just could not resist. It was just too good of an opportunity to pass up, I apologise if I embarrassed you even more.’ Smiling like crazy, I tried to suppress my laughter long enough to respond. 

‘Please do come with me! Like you said, the shoes I just bought will not have been for nothing if you go with me. Unless you’re uncomfortable with this whole thing than its okay, I understand.’ He glanced down at me and finally agreed, much to my surprise again.  

The following day we had arranged to grab a late breakfast before starting the journey out to the venue. We both knew that there would be a lot of questions about the two of us and we wanted to know a little bit about each other to be prepared. The drive out to the venue was longer then I had expected but it gave the two of us more time to get to know each other. To my pleasure it gave us more time alone. It gave me more time alone with the handsome stranger who I now know as Yongguk. Unexpectedly he grabbed hold of my hand and gave it a tight squeeze; I guess he sensed the nerves crawling through every inch of my body. 

‘Don’t worry, I’ll be by your side the whole time and if the questions become too much to handle, we will leave. I promise.’ He flashed that killer smile at me again before his attention fell back onto the road ahead of us. However even though he was focused on the road he hadn’t let my hand go. It was comforting, and made me feel calm; almost as if we have known each other for a long time. He was the first to speak again after a few minutes of driving in silence. 

‘You know, (Y/N), I have a feeling that this is going to be a fun experience. And strangely you’re making me feel at ease, I think you’re actually good for me as weird as that sounds. It’s like you’re suppressing any nerves I have and I like that. I don’t feel like I need to go to the doctors for some sort of anxiety medication, so thank you. Thank you for allowing me to feel this way.’ I looked over at him, his expression was calm and happy, and he had a small hint of a smile stretching across his beautiful face. That smile makes me forget simple words and makes me smile as well. It’s a contagious smile. All I could manage to say at this point was a hushed reply. 

‘Me too.’

“I miss you so much.” (Ethan)

You and Ethan have been together for a little over a year. You both have just graduated high school and you went off to college and Ethan moved out to California with Grayson to make a name for themselves in the YouTube community. You were half way across the country from each other. 

And you absolutely hated it.

You wanted nothing more in the world than to just see him and wrap yourself in his arms. You wanted to see him in person, not just on face time or in pictures on instagram. You missed him like crazy and you hated that there was such a long time in between the times you see him.

“How was your day?” You asked him. Every night, at around 9pm, you and Ethan spent a few hours on the phone, catching up with each other and filling each other in on what happened to you during the day.

“Good. Just full of a lot of meetings and what not. I miss coming home and not being able to see you. There are just some things that I wish I could tell you in person. How was your day?” He asked.

“Pretty chill, actually. My class got canceled this afternoon, so I’ve just been in my dorm, catching up on homework.” You said. You spent the next couple of hours on the phone, just talking about everything under the sun. You enjoyed talking to him like this. Even if it was about nothing of importance. You loved hearing his voice.

You talked for a little while longer, until you both got quiet for a while. Just then, you heard what sounded like a faint snore.

“Awe, did baby Ethan fall asleep?” You asked. You sat there silently as you listened to Ethan mumble over the phone, trying to decipher what he was saying. 

“Ethan, are you still on the phone with (Y/N)?” You heard Grayson ask.

“Oh, shit. (Y/N)? You still there?” Ethan asked.

“I’m here baby.” You said.

“I’m sorry I fell asleep. I’ve just been so busy with meetings and what not, I’m so tired.” He explained.

“It’s okay babe. I understand. I have finals coming up and my professors have been assigning homework like there’s no tomorrow. You wanna go to bed?” You asked.

“I hate cutting our conversation short.” He said.

“It’s okay babe. We’ve been on the phone for like two and a half hours already. I don’t want to keep you up.” You said.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Of course.” 

“Okay, well I’m gonna go to bed then. Good night baby.” He said.

“Good night. I love you.” You said.

“I love you too.” Ethan said as he made a kissing noise through the phone. “Night baby.” He said again and hung up. You took your phone away from your ear and stared down at your screen, Ethan’s picture still on the screen.

“Ugh, I miss him so much.” You said as you threw your phone down on your bed. You showered, and when you got out, you had a snapchat from Ethan.

You smiled to yourself and snapped him back, and put your phone on the charger, and slowly drifted off to sleep.


(A/N): This was supposed to be a part of a chapter in a fic I’m planning but I havent wrote anything of that yet so, i thought why not post it as an x reader oneshot for now. Also, reader is in college and is ‘majoring’ in Game and Entertainment design. i dont really know much about it but i did some research so i hope its accurate.

Kuya= older brother, Bunso= youngest in the family

Pairing: Markiplier x Filipino fem!reader (platonic)

Warnings: Mentions of Panic/Anxiety attack, and disownment. 

Word count: 1558

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Pairing - Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Murder AU

Word Count - 3k

Part 4/?

Synopsis - When y/n’s husband is accused of murder she’s sure he’s innocent. But as detectives find clues that point to him as the perpetrator, will she stand for her husband or against him?

A/n - Idunno if anyone reads this but if you do enjoy (:

Preview Part One Part Two Part Three



a feeling or thought that something is possible, likely, or true.

Trust is one of the most important things you can have in a relationship. Without it, it is impossible to have a healthy relationship.

I wish I could say that things got better when Hoseok picked me up but it didnt. At least I was able to sleep, as soon as we arrived back to our house I passed out. I was drained and my bed never felt so comfortable. In the morning Hoseok woke me up, letting me know that he had the maid run me some warm bath water and breakfast was being made for me. The bath was relaxing, I was able to clear my mind even if just for a second before Hoseok came into the bathroom with a cup of coffee in hand.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked handing me a mug full of the black liquid and sitting in the love seat I had in my bathroom. His eyes furrowed a bit as if he was worried but also upset.

“I’m fine just a little headache.” I answered taking a sip of the coffee. It was bitter and disgusting, I hated black coffee and my husband knew that. I wasn’t sure if he was punishing me for getting so drunk or if he just wanted me to sober up. Maybe both.

“I’m so sorry that my actions caused you to feel the need to get so drunk. Ive never seen you like this before.” He said. He seemed extremely apologetic and my heart hurt a little.

“I just, I just thought I was over what you did to me. But now it feels like I’m reliving it, and I thought I could trust you but I can’t.”

“I’ll do whatever I need to do to regain your trust. I may have not been honest about how many times I was with her, but I want to be honest about everyting moving forward.” He said.

I wanted so badly to believe him, to put all of my faith in him and never think about the situation again. But we had tried that. I thought that I knew the whole truth and was blissfully unaware that I was in fact, being decieved.

“Okay. What else do you want to tell me?” I asked.

“Well I wasn’t completely honest about where I was the night Mina died.”

“Where were you Hoseok?” I asked sternly.

“I went to meet her.” He said.

“You cant be serious?” I said rubbing my head. I thought that my headache was fading but it had only gotten worst. The pain was a pulsating ache and everytime I would look Hoseok in the eye my head would throb.

“Im serious. She sent me a text saying that she needed to talk to me about something important. I went to meet her at a location she sent me but she never showed up.” He stated.

“Hoseok why would you try to go and meet the woman that you cheated on me with?” I was really trying to understand his logic at this point. I never asked him to stay away from her. He was the one who told me he wanted to stay away. So why would he feel the need to sneak around and meet her. Was he seeing her again?

“I know it was stupid. I was worried because she never called me, she never even talked to me. We both agreed we wouldn’t talk to one another after the affair and I worried that something was wrong if she was suddenly requesting to meet me.”

I thought about it for a while. That’s why he was running late to meet up with me the night of the charity event, because he went to meet her.
What else could he be hiding? I wondered.

“What else are you hiding from me??” I demanded an answer.

“Jagi, that’s everything. I swear.” He said grabbing a hold of my hand. “I’ll never hurt you again.”

I closed my eyes taking in a deep breath. I wished I could believe him, that everything could just go back to how it was a few days ago but I couldnt, we couldn’t.

“I just need time.”

“Okay, I understand that.” He said.

After exiting the bath, Hoseok finally went to work and I had the house to myself, with the exception of our housemaid. I went to look for her, I wanted to apologize for all the craziness that’s been going on with the police coming over and what not. Our home usually wasn’t this chaotic.

I saw her as I entered the kitchen, and she noticed me as well greeting me with her warm smile.

“Feeling better Mrs. Jung?” She asked. I wondered if I still looked like hell, considering how drunk I had gotten last night I was sure that I did.

“A bit, Mari how is everything going?” I asked sitting down at the kitchen bar as she continued to clean and then pausing to answer the question.

“I’m okay, Mrs. Jung. How is everything?”

“It’s a little hetic right now but Im managing. I just wanted to let you know that we have officers coming over again later today. I wanted to warn you ahead of time so that you weren’t alarmed.”

“It’s no problem, I knew that they cops would have to interrogate Mr. Jung after everything.” She stated and her sentence caught me off guard.

“Everything?” I wondered what all she knew about this entire situation.

“Yes well since you and Mr. Jung were really close to Mrs. Kim.” Close? I’m not sure if I would use that word to describe Mina and I’s relationship, especially after the affair.

“I guess you could say we were kind of close to her. It’s just so unfortunate that this happened to her.” Even after finding out that her and Hoseok had seen eachother on a regular basis I still felt geninuely bad about the gruesome way in which she died.

“Yes it is, do you know how Mr. Jung is going to be prosecuted?” She questioned causing me to look at her as if she had lost her mind.

“Prosecuted? Why would Hoseok be prosecuted.”

“I just thought, I thought that… ” She started. But stopped as if she was afriad to speak. Any thoughts I had that Mari didn’t have an clue about the situation were quickly cast out of my mind. She knew something, possibly more than I and I needed to find out what.

“Mari, I’m getting the feeling that you know more than I do. Please tell me everything that you know.” I begged.

“But Mr. Jung instructed me not to tell you.” She said. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was some type of secret that my husband had instructed our housemaid to keep?

“He did what? Listen Mari, I promise he won’t find out about this conversation. But now you need to tell me everything.”

“Okay.” She stated sitting down next to me.

“It all started a couple of months ago. Mina would come over often and Im sure you are already aware of what they would do. But lately they would aruge a lot, I overheard Mrs. Kim say that she didnt want to be involved anymore because she loved her husband. But Mr. Jung was very upset and he told her she had no choice but to continue seeing him.”

My heart was hurting and I was struggling to keep up with what Mari was saying without changing my demeanor and expression because I honestly was hurting and disgusted all at the same time. Mari noticed and stopped talking.

“Im fine, please continue.” I spoke.

“The last time it became violent. I believe you were out taking care of business when she came over. I tried not to easedrop but I heard Mina crying. She was saying that she was sure she was pregnant and knew that It had to be Mr. Jung’s child. He become so upset, I could hear them shouting from the living room. He told her that she needed to get rid of the child or else he would.”

“Oh god, no.” I breathed out in total distress.

“Mrs. Jung please don’t tell Mr. Jung. That night when he had seen that I was in the kitchen and had heard everything he warned me against telling anyone. He said that he would let me go and I can’t afford to lose this job. I have a family to provide for.” She reasoned.

“Don’t worry.” I said softly taking slow and steady breathes to calm down, you aren’t going to be fired. I really appreciate you letting me know all of this Mari.“ I said forcing a smile to reassure her.

I let Mari go home for the night, she usually stayed in home with us but her husband and children lived on their own so she would occasionally go visit so I decided that it would be best for her to do that. When she was gone I took out my phone to call the detectives who were assigned to Mina’s case and they told me they would be over shortly.

The time I waited seemed to go on for forever. And while I waited for them I thought over and over again about Hoseok. Was he really capable of killing someone? I believed he was the most warm hearted and caring person on the planet. He hardly ever raised his voice and was so mild tempered. The person that Mari described to me when she went over his conversation with Mina was not the Hoseok I knew. He seemed harsh and aggressive and I didnt know what to think.

A year ago I would have said that there was absolutely no way my husband would be capable of hurting anyone. But lie after lie he was breaking my heart and losing my trust and I didn’t know what to do or how to feel.

The more I thought the more I wondered if I was making the right decision in acting so fast to reach out to the officers. I didn’t know what I was doing or if I was making the right decision. The doorbell ran interrupting me mid thought and I knew that there was no more time for pondering. I needed be an adult and handle this situation so I calmed myself and went to answer the door.

I filled the officers in on every unpleasant detail that the maid had shared with me. I hated to do this to my husband but Mina was pregnant and her murder was gruesome. Whomever was responsible for that, may it be Hoseok or whomever else needed to be held accountable.

After hearing everything that I had to say the detectives said that they needed to do a search of our house so I waited anxiously until they were finished. Namjoon returned with something that was in a plastic bag. I could not tell what It was from a distance but as he got nearer I realized that It was a hammer and my eyes widened.

"Mrs. Jung, are you familiar with this?” He asked giving me a closer look and as I inspected it I saw very visible blood on it and my heart rate started to increase.

“I um - I think that could be ours. Where was that?”

“It was in hidden in your fireplace. We believe that this could be our murder weapon and based on this and your statement today we are going to preceded with an arrest.”

My hand quickly covered my mouth and a stumbled back, Namjoon reached out to help me. “You are going to arrest him?”

“We have the murder weapon and plausible cause. We are going to get a warrant and we should be back shortly.”

This was all happening so fast and before I knew it the detectives were leaving, and I was staring out of my dining room window waiting for my husband to arrive home. His car pulled up moments later and he entered the house taking off his shoes and heading towards my direction

“There you are baby. I’ve been trying to call you to see if you had eaten. I picked up take out.” I heard him place something on the table but I didnt turn around I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.

“Are you still upset?” He said approaching me from behind and wrapping his arms around my waist. I finally spun around to face him my eyes were watering and I knew that he could tell something was up.

“Y/n, are you crying? Baby I know you are upset with me. But please don’t cry. He said wipling away at my tears.

"Did you - do it?” I finally managed to say.

“Did I do what?” He asked genuinely concered.

“Did you kill her Hoseok?” I asked.

“What?” Hoseok said as if I was telling some sort of joke and he couldn’t understand the punchline. “You aren’t serious are you?”

“You cant lie to me anymore, you have to be honest now.” I said through tears.

“I didn’t kill Mina!!” He yelled and I immediately shut myself off. I didn’t want to hear the lies I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I remained silent fixing my gaze back on the window.

“Look at me y/n. You have to talk to me.” He said but I continued to ignore him.

“Turn around and talk to me.” Hoseok demanded as I looked out of the window. I didn’t want to look at him, if I did I knew that I would be moved by his soft features, the face that I had fallen in love with.

“What have I done to you? What could I have done to make you believe that I could be capable of doing something this horrible?”

“Look at me!!” Hoseok yelled as he hit the dinning room table causing a glass to fall and shatter on the floor. I jumped in fear from his actions. In the entire time I had known him I had never been so afraid.

I felt a wave of relief but also nervousness as I heard police cars in the distance. The cars approached our mansion and I saw that the gates were opened and they were coming  in. Moments later they entered the room.

“Jung Hoseok you are under arrest for the murder of Kim Mina.“ Namjoon said.

"What the hell is going on?” Hoseok yelled.

“You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.”

“Did you do this?” Hoseok asked as the officers started to secure handcuffs on him.

The look that he gave me wasn’t one of anger. I think that I could have handled that a bit more. The look that he gave me was one of pure hurt, it was as If I had taken a knife to his abdomen. I felt absolutely horrible and refused to look at him.

“Y/n please look at me.” He said as he was being dragged out of our house by Taehyung and another officer.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him and I could only look out of the window. I watched as they dragged him to the car and before they put him in the back seat he looked at me and I that’s when the tears I held in started to pour down my face.

I let out a loud sob breaking down and Namjoon just stared at me as if he wasn’t quite sure what to do. He finally walked closer to me and after what seemed like minutes of uncertainty he pulled me into his arms allowing me to sob on his chest.

We stayed like that for a while before I calmed down a bit and was able to sit on the sofa.

"I’m sorry that you have to go through this, but regardless of what happens you are a very brave person y/n.” Namjoon stated.

“Brave? All I did was turn in my husband.”

“You are seeing that Mrs. Jung’s family gets justice for her murder even if that means that your husband is taken away from you. That’s bravery y/n.”

“Well thank you.”

“If you need anything, anything at all.” Namjoon said placing his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

Namjoon left and I was alone. Being alone is the worst possible thing to he when you have so many thoughts in your heard. Because you have no one to distract you from everything you were thinking. I tried to turn on the Tv just to have some sort of Distraction but I just stared at it blankly as I pondered my current situation.

Was Hoseok going to be convicted for Mina’s murder? If so how long would he be in prison? Did I need to call a lawyer to get divorce papers? And how is Jin going to feel when he finds out that his best friend possibly murdered his wife?

So many questions, so many thoughts. It was all too much and I wanted nothing more than to run away but I couldn’t. I couldn’t change anything about my current situation and it left me to wonder

Is life going to get any better?

wennbergbabe  asked:

I've only seen half of Wonder Woman but I liked it so far! Im so glad you're taking requests for it now! :). Okay I have two prompt ideas for you (if it's okay). One is a crossover with Diana and Natasha romanoff "who do you choose" where they both like y/n and it's time for you to choose and I'll let you decide who.. my other one is Steven Trevor "I will stand by you no matter what".

I’ll do the first one here and the Steve one in another post. Next time please send the requests separately if it’s not too much to ask, it makes it easier for me :P I love crossovers, and I seriously love these two ladies, because they’re so beautiful and soft but also so badass and hardcore, they’re goals! Thanks for requesting some more stuff, honey! <3 

Originally posted by wonders-woman

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After the fight I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins, it made my feel invincible. Like I could face anything, like I could take on anyone.

“Y/N” Nat called me, making me turn around to meet with her. 

When I saw her expression, however, I felt vulnerable again. That was not something I could face, even if the adrenaline still lingered on my system. But how could I face Diana and Nat? 

“The fight is over” The first one said gravely, staring at me. 

Her dark eyes and Nat’s fair ones were piercing me, expecting some words from me. But since I gave them none, the redhead spoke up. 

“You can’t keep this up any longer” Natasha sternly told me. 

“You can’t expect me to…” I sighed, overwhelmed. “I love you both!”

“Who do you choose” She insisted, demanding an answer. 

I looked at them both. They were equally beautiful, equally strong and I loved them so much. The only thing that made me want to choose between them was knowing that I was hurting them. 

They both loved me back, but things weren’t working out so far. I needed to make up my mind so they would stop suffering because of me. 

I closed my eyes and searched in my heart, hoping I had a sudden revelation. And to my surprise, I did. 

Perhaps it was the effect of the adrenaline, that made me feel awake and alert. But I was suddenly sure of who I wanted by my side, even if it was painful to abandon the other like that. 

“Diana” I said out loud, nibbling on my lip as I opened my eyes. 

When they locked with hers I knew I had made the right choice. I loved her more, judging by the butterflies in my stomach, by the way glancing at her took my breath away. 

Then came Diana’s tender and beautiful smile, even if she looked at Natasha and sent her an apologetic look.

“Sorry, Nat” I gulped, hating to hurt her feelings. Even if I knew how strong she was. “I still love you a lot, but…” 

“It’s okay” She nodded, walking closer to me. “I understand, and you finally made up your mind” 

Her lips grazed my cheek ever so lightly and she sent me a small smile.