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Tombstone Troll?

Okay but seriously, why did Matt put a code on his tombstone that only two other people in the galaxy can read? My thought?


Why did he even have a tombstone to begin with? Perhaps the Galra attacked at some point and caused them to separate again. For some reason he assumed his father would check the memorial because I find it hard to believe there’s anyone in the resistance that doesn’t know it exists and then instead of finding his dead son he finds his code :D

I mean, his father is literally the other person he knows in space that knows the code so why else put it on his tombstone?

Of course this begs the question of why Matt never mentions he met up with his father to Pidge. Perhaps he saw no point? I mean, this theory is assuming him and his father were separated so maybe he didn’t see the point in bringing up. You know, why give her hope just to take it away sort of thing?

Of course it could also be as simple as Matt assuming his father will be rescued by the Resistance and then joining them like he did but that still begs the question:


anonymous asked:

Why can’t some straight people understand the importance of representation for us LGBT people? I’ve seen posts from some straight shippers calling LGBT people names for asking RT for representation. Like, why? They don’t know the experience of what it’s like to be the minority. The oppression of the minority in every aspect of life hurts, specially for the LGBT community. They think a simple picture of two boys in the show will suffice. No. It doesn’t work that way. And they don’t get it.

okay first thing i just want to say i know i get this last night but usually i answer right away but i’ve been busy and trying to limit discourse so to everyone if i dont answer a question right away its either im busy or im just not in the mood but i will get to it. Now for the question

There are many reasons why but you did hit one on the nose. the “They don’t know the experience of what it’s like to be the minority”. Like, small tangent, like if you are a cis, white, or straight youre not gonna understand fully or know right away the struggles of trans, PoC, and non-straight people. If you grow up in a place that is mostly cis, white, straight people, that is all you are gonna know. Some people will be willing to listen and learn others refuse because they are set in their ways and think they are better. They don’t know what it is like not to see themselves in media and think whenever someone asks for something, it is pandering (ie, think of that kid in grade school who gets mad when you are given something because you need it but since they didn’t get it, it’s “unfair”)

Now with the post, yeah no, those two guys don’t do much. Yes, it’s nice to finally see some LGBT+ characters but as others have said, its like throwing a bowl of soup to and saying to eat that while everyone else is having a feast. There was one post from someone pretty much saying like “look they have gays, RT isn’t queerbaiting, shut up!”

Again, as said before, it is not enough and it’s not what people want. People want to see an main lead and/or someone who will keep coming back and be prominent. This one bit might be a sweet taste but its does not excuse 5 year without LGBT+ characters and lies (ie the im not great at romance, yet het ship everywhere). It really is annoying to see post that are like “look RT finally did it, why are you still whining” because again, we are starving. Don’t give us soup while you eat a feast. 

Honestly we would not be in this mess had RT just given LGBT+ characters when asked. And this isn’t “give us ships now!” its, just fuckin tell us who is like Bi or Pan or Gay or who is Trans. Show girls flirting with girls or guys blushing over other guys. Have a character use they/them pronouns or maybe (correct me if im wrong here if this is decent rep, I’m sorry if its not) if a character gets called one set of pronouns, they get visibly upset and ask to use different ones. There are so many ways to add LGBT+ characters then just ships. 

Just coming out and saying “Yeah Blake is Bi” is a better start then two bros holding a potted plant. Fuck, the loud house a kids show has done a much better show with the MC best friend having two dads (so they aren’t main characters but they show up a lot and are talked about) or how one of the loud sisters was shown to have a crush on a girl (while it falls sort of into shipping it doesn’t also because as far as i know they aren’t together but it still was shown this sister is anything but het)

sorry this got long but tl;dr: people who grew up only seeing themselves won’t understand the struggles of others and some will not even bother to learn and correct themselves and RT’s two gay guys are soup compared to a feast everyone else is having and you can easily add characters other ways

All For Show

Valentine’s Day Special #2

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader

8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon. 

Warning : Language

Word Count : 2,434

Three knocks, that’s all it took before Steve opened the door. He stood there, wearing a tank top and sweats, and his hair damped from sweat, which only meant he just came back from the gym.

“Hey, didn’t expect you here today.” He smiled, waving you in.

“I know, but I needed to talk to you.”

You walked in to his apartment, and plopped down onto his couch. His place was like your second home. You were always there, and if you weren’t, then you two were at your place.

“Beer?” He asked, walking to the kitchen.

“Nah, just water.”

Steve tossed you a water bottle, as he started back toward the living room where you waited.

You took a big swig of the water and felt the cold liquid trickle down your throat. Making you feel somewhat at ease.

“So what did you need to talk to me about?” Steve asked, leaning against the wall across from you.

For some reason you were feeling nervous. Which was strange. Steve was your best friend. You two were so close, you were able to talk to him about anything. He’s seen you in sweats with no makeup on. He’s helped you when you were a drunken mess. And yet, you were somehow nervous about this topic.

“Y/N.” he snapped his fingers, catching your attention. “You okay?”

You slowly nodded, running your hand through your hair. Something you did when you were nervous.

“So my sister is throwing a couples party tomorrow night, and when I RSVP’d a month ago, I was dating Jared-”

“The asshole.” He cut you off.

“Woah, language.” You teased.

He dramatically rolled his eyes and huffed. “Anyways, go on.”

“As I was saying, I told her I’d go and now she’s expecting me to be there.”

“So?” He drawled out.

You swallowed hard, meeting your best friends gaze.

“I was wondering if you can go as my fake boyfriend.” You slightly winced as the words finally fell from your lips.

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A Good Thing

“Bobby, you can’t keep doing that to him.”
Bob raises his eyebrows, putting down his fork. “Doing what, Alicia? Corralling our son into talking about his crush?”

Or, A fic about Bob and Alicia noticing Jack’s feelings for Bitty before even he does.

Bob Zimmermann is kind of messy, only a bit of a smart ass, and just a tad hard of hearing. Yet even without perfect hearing Bob can’t miss the affection in his son’s voice when talking about a certain line-mate.

Bob Zimmermann is many things, but he is no idiot.

“Did you get that paper done for your…what was it again- american pie class?”

Bob looks over his shoulder just in time to see Alicia send an appraising look from the couch. He catches a hint of a smile.

He winks back and she rolls her eyes in return.

Bob turns again to the large window, the white light blinding him for a moment. The large expanse of grass is still littered with snow, lining the way down to their lake. A blank sky hugs the horizon.

“Women, food, and American culture, Papa.”

“Right. So how’d you do on the paper? Did Eric help you out?”

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BACK WITH ANOTHER ONE-SHOT!!! I told you guys I’d have some canonverse klangst, so here it is! Longer than my usual one-shots, and while I don’t want to give a vague summary… there’s a bomb involved. So. Yeah, that’s a thing.

This one is actually inspired by this absolutely gorgeous, angsty art/mini-comic by @littlecofiegirl who is an amazing artist that you should definitely check out!!

I saw this comic on my dash and I loved it so much that I was immediately inclined to write for it? Anyway, here it is! I hope you enjoy!

The plan had been going flawlessly.

Key word being had.

Shiro and Lance were both searching opposite sides of the base for their captured teammate, and Pidge and Hunk were too occupied giving Shiro directions through the maze-like corridors that they neglected to warn Lance of the approaching Galra heat signature.

A cat blocked his path in the hall, staring at him with large, yellow eyes. It didn’t move to attack, but it also didn’t run away.

“Um… guys?” Lance tried over the coms, lowering his gun just a bit. He wasn’t about to shoot a cat, but he still wanted to be on guard.

He didn’t hear the Galra behind him until her hand was on his shoulder.

That was mistake number one.

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you’re welcome


Keith has two dads.

Now bear with me here, let me explain myself. Remember, this is just a headcannon. But I have /reasons/ and /hopes/ okay?


Now, it has been shown who Keith’s human dad is, yeah? You know, the good ol’ hillbilly that brought upon a bout of beautiful Texan Keith memes.

Now the whole question is, “Alright which galra did the hillbilly fuck in order to have a kid who’s half galra and half human?”

When have we ever seen a female galra besides Allura cosplaying as one? Trick question, we never have. Like, ever. They’re all male. Every last one of them.

So either A. Something happened to all the females and we don’t know what.

Or B. Good ol’ hillbilly daddio fucked a male galran, some good old fashioned mpreg took place, and out popped our beloved Texan emo.

I am voting on Thace being the other dad.

Redemption // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: Jungkook scenario when your pregnant unplan baby he finds the test when you get home he starts yelling, blaming you throwing things,tells you to gtfo of his life with the baby saying fucked up things. So you leave Korea 3 year later you come back with your daughter and you guys see each other again he tries to win you back angst beginning but fluff ending?

words: 8942

category: heavy angst + fluff ending

author note: it’s time to see how good destinee’s character development skills are. also y/n didn’t leave, jungkook did. hope that’s okay. im so proud of myself for writing this?? I didn’t give up and I’m glad i didn’t. anyway, this took forever to write you can literally see my writing improve as you keep reading its kind of funny anyway let’s go!

- destinee

Originally posted by sugutie

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Missing Person (Jughead One-Shot)

Summary: Part one of a Jughead series I’m writing.

Part one: Archie and Veronica talk about old days

Word count: 797

Requested? No

Prompts: None

A/n: I will be taking requests for Jughead as of now.

Part 2 Here

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Archie and Veronica walked side by side, each step another second of the present wasted on focusing on the past. They spoke of simpler times when your school year was designated by a number rather than a name. Archie shared a story of his younger days with Betty which soon ended in a comfortable silence, followed by Veronica’s query.

“What about him?” She asked gesturing down the road to a beanied author walking away from hanging a missing person’s poster on poles and mailboxes. “Doesn’t he fit in to your tales?”

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

Archie was hesitant. “Yeah, we were friends.”

“What about them?” she asked gesturing to the person in the photo. “I’ve seen the posters around town. I thought this place was a quiet one but so far there’s been a dead body and a missing person.”

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Lams Rebel AU

John paced around the living room/actual bedroom Alexander and him shared. John sighed and snatched his phone from the charger to see maybe, just maybe Alex had sent him a message. 

Nothing. John rolled his eyes and walked onto the cold balcony. The night sky clear with what John thought was doubt and regret. John gripped phone as the normal ping of a new text message. John looked at it and breathed back tears as Alex typed. 

John I’m at Jeff’s. 

John sighed and used the back of his hand to wipe away the tears threatening to fall. John typed back despite his hands shaking. 

Oh!Well are you coming back? 

Those two minutes were the longest in John’s life but finally Alex responded. 

Sorry John But I’ll stay at Jeff’s for tonight. 

John looked at the message and wanted to throw the phone off the balcony and cry just like he’s done before. This is normal, why couldn’t he accept it? Alex didn’t love him. 

It’s okay, I mean you have no reason to justify, we’re not a couple or anything.

John took a shaky breathe and watched the message Alexander typed. 

C’mon you sound salty. 

John tried on last time to blink back his tears before responding with the one sentence he also thought of. 

Just saying the truth.

John gave up and let the tears fall. He didn’t care anymore, he just wanted the truth to stop hurting him like it always did. Finally he mustered up the courage to type another sentence. 

Have fun you two. 

Alexander  knew that John was hurting behind the innocent words. He never wanted to hurt his best friend. 

John please, I don’t wanna hurt you.

John wanted to laugh. He wanted Alex to see how much he hurts every time. 

Pft well too bad. You know you do it all the  time.

Alexander never knew how to handle this, he loved John but never in the same way John did to him. 

I told you I’m not interested in you. 

John wanted to scream but he knew that would be hated in the morning. He typed out a message that was straight forward and he wasn’t proud of that. 

And yet you keep seducing me Alex.

No one responded and John threw his phone on the couch. Lafayette listened to the whole scene and it broke his heart. He sighed and walked in to see John crying. He walked to him and placed his head on his chest.  

John didn’t say anything, just took the comfort. Lafayette closed his eyes and let John sob, no talking was ever needed with these two. All John ever wanted was to be happy like Laf was when he and Herc started to date. That’s all he ever wanted and yet is was too much to ask for. 

                                                 THE END!!!

okay listen. jongin is my ultimate bias, my favorite idol, my precious bear. i hope he had nothing to do with this hairstyle. (and i doubt he did since he hated his cornrows from 2013)***


sm needs to fucking stop with the cultural appropriation! it never has been, never will be cool for two reasons:

1. the people you take these hairstyles from for the ~aesthetic~ can’t wear them out in public, to their jobs, without being told they look like they haven’t bathed/they look like animals/they look unprofessional/the list of insults goes on!!!
2. NONE OF THESE IDOLS HAVE THE RIGHT TEXTURE HAIR FOR THIS SO THEY ALL LOOK LIKE FUCKIN TRASH. an actual, real Black Person with dreadlocks looks great, it’s the non-black people who appropriate who look like trash–jongin LITERALLY HAS NASTY ASS GRINCH FINGERS HIS HAIR LOOKS SO FUCKIN CRUSTY JESUS 

but it’s not just sm–ANY artist/stylist/company that condones the use of or continually uses black hairstyles is at fault. that’s a long ass list of people. and with every new group’s debut, every comeback, every year, the list gets longer. i can’t think of a single idol who’s apologized for their appropriated hair (though i can think of at least one who’s defended it…) and that’s not okay. 

it’s our job as fans to call this shit out when we see it. that doesn’t mean we have to stop stanning these groups or idols (i could never drop jongin, i love him too much) but just because they’re your faves doesn’t mean you can let this slide. 


***ALSO. don’t think i didn’t notice sm only does this shit to jongin. he’s the only member of exo to have had an appropriated hairstyle for a comeback (others may have had it for one performance but it’s not a Look associated with them) and i seriously doubt it’s a coincidence that the member who’s made fun of most frequently for his darker-than-average skin is the only one to get black hairstyles. jongin is a beautiful golden tan but he’s NOT. BLACK. and yeah maybe they give the most noticeable hairstyle to the center/visual/face of the group but they never did that shit to luhan so yeah that’s probably not it. fuck outta here with that double header colorism + appropriation sm. 

Hard To Tell - Jeff Atkins/Reader

chapter 6: confession

word count: 1890

tagged list: ( i have to work on this,, again )

chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 - chapter 5 - chapter 6 ( you’re here! )

When you went to school the next day, you received stares. Does that come as a shock? When you were rifling through your locker, two hands were placed on your hips.

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to (some of) the girls who built me up
with clay
from sippy cups
and playground days:

1. flower girl in the yellow shorts: you are the softest shade of self and i want to paint masterpieces from your unapologetic way of living. let’s drive away next year to the city that chose us. of all the girls i have scoured for my reflection, i see the most of myself in you. whisper to me the ways you scare and disappoint yourself, i bet our shame and secrets are the same.

ii. fierce girl of foreign tongue: you came to us jagged from the times they broke you and scarred from the times you tried to break yourself. inject me with your courage the way you infect me with your laughter; loud opinions look good on you and i want to try them on too. most of all i love how you taught yourself to be gentle. i know it was hard to yank off the armour you welded yourself into but i hope the feeling of our love against your bare skin is worth it.

iii. girl i have loved longest: among the jewels of the world you shine brighter than all. i think kindness must be stitched deep into your soul. here is a small slice of advice (crumbs in comparison to the bakery of wisdom you offered me over cups of earl grey tea): it is not your job to save any person except yourself. you have a gift for bandaging wounds, but first pick the glass out of your own cuts. remember there are leeches out there who will cry until they suck you dry. old friend, you are not a sponge, you were made for more than soaking up the woes of others. say no when you have to, scream if it that’s what it takes to be heard.

iv. butterfly girl fluent in words and numbers, english and equations: i’m sorry that i did not get to know you better, did not hold you closer. we’ve known each other for over two thirds of our lives but for the most part we stayed on the fringes of friendship. you were always quiet. i know silence too, i understand it well. but here is a pact that should be spoken: as we forge a path into this strange new world, let us discover what it is not to hide behind the tongues of friends. let us not close our hearts and mouths out of fear.

v. enigmatic girl with the changing hair and restless heart: during my mole months i did not see daylight until i received you message. (are you okay? i miss you) i never told you but you were the only reason i left the house that week. thank-you, girl whose love folds along the equator. i always envied your ability to belong anywhere. but one humid night you admit to me that you feel lost, adrift. torn between two people who want to hurt each other almost as much as they want to love you. please know that no matter how far and long you run you will always have a home in me.

vi. tiny girl with the mile-a-minute voice: how the letters and days twist together when you are close. i love you for the way my laughter spills out, ugly and loud, when you talk. i love how deeply you care, how some memories etch themselves into the back of your skull. i did not know such passion could be contained in the entire cosmos - never mind in your elfin vessel.

vii. brilliant girl with the world at your feet: please throw me the scraps from your life. you are the most beautiful creature i have ever beheld but that is the least of your accomplishments. is there anything you can’t do? teach me to speak like you, stitch like you, write like you, think like you, challenge myself like you, work like you, love like you. you could soar so high on the wings you built yourself, you could see things we could never dream up. my only request is that you don’t lose sight of me, waving from the tallest hill i can climb.

viii. fire-hot girl with the ice-cold eyes: you were the final one to join our circle and you made it whole. your jokes have a bite, your compliments have a kick. you could make the sun orbit you, you could make the stars rearrange themselves for the chance to shine on you. saturated girl, i know how hard it is to allow for vulnerability, to tell someone you care. sincere love is throwing yourself off a cliff and trusting the waves to cradle you, but believe me, nothing else compares.
—  to my eight sisters, thank-you for our seven days, thank-you for our six years // L.H.

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Warnings; SMUT, fuckboy!au, badboy!au, foul language, oral sex, slight infidelity.

Word Count; 3,041

Originally posted by yoonmin


Slamming the door as you sat in the passenger seat of the car, you struggled to catch your breath. “Sorry it took me so long, my dad and Tommy came home from the store. I had to run here,” you breathed, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

You noticed his jaw clench at that, “Maybe if you didn’t make me pick you two blocks from your house, you wouldn’t have to run,” Yoongi sighed, leaning into his seat.

“Oh yeah, and then you can start coming to family dinners with me and my parents,” you spoke, sarcasm dripping from your words. He chuckled bitterly, “Whatever, I just don’t want to have to slow down for you because you’re tired and can’t keep up.”

Your eyes narrowed at his statement, “Trust me, Yoongi, I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” you spat, before removing your jacket from your shoulders, revealing you brand new bralette. You silently hoped that he’d notice it or at least spare a glance your way but he didn’t dare take his eyes off the steering wheel as his hands clutched it tightly.

Arguments between you and Yoongi happened more often then you’d like to admit, but the problem was never sex. If anything, the sex was the only part of your relationship that wasn’t completely and utterly screwed up. It was never a problem before but now, as you sat a few feet away from him, fiddling with you fingers as he made that statement, you couldn’t help but feel insecure in his presence. Wanting nothing more than to put your jacket back on, and screaming a loud, “fuck you,” before slamming his door and running home, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

One year ago, you promised yourself that you’d never catch feelings, simply because Yoongi doesn’t do feelings. But after not seeing him for a whole week, you couldn’t help but realize how much you missed him and grown to like him. The relationship between the two of you was purely physical yet you somehow enjoyed his company more than anyone else in your life. The thought of him being upset or in a bad mood made your heart tug.

“Are you okay? I mean, are you mad for some reason?,” your words were quiet. You had never felt insecure with Yoongi, he always made sure that you were comfortable with everything you guys did but for some reason, his words made you feel off. You weren’t sure if he even wanted you in his car still, although he was the one who messaged you, asking you to meet him.

He didn’t respond for what seemed like hours. The car was quiet as you neatly folded your jacket and threw it behind your seat.

“Should I be mad?,” he snapped, whipping his head around to look at you. His eyes softened as he noticed your bralette and the way your hands fiddled with the hem of your skirt. He pushed his seat backwards. “Just keep up, please,” his words sounded bitter as he pulled you over the center console, onto his lap to straddle him. His voice was harsh but his hands were gentle against your skin.

He placed soft kisses on your collarbones as his hands traveled up and down your thighs. All of your anger and insecurity quickly dissolved into lust. Your arms travelled to the back of his neck, lightly pulling his hair, allowing you access to his lips. You moaned out in pleasure as he kissed you aggressively, tongue slipping into your mouth as you slowly began to move your hips.

You were never a fan of dirty talk or rough sex but after meeting Yoongi, you just wanted him touch you however he wished. It’s been 1 year since you started hooking-up. You met him at a party, where all the seniors were crushing on him. He had already screwed majority of them, along with the juniors in your year. You remember hearing about him a lot, partially from his past conquests but majority of it was from your father, the sheriff. Yoongi has had his fair share of run-ins with the law, nothing too big, just some trespassing, underage drinking but none within the past year.

God, you’re such a slut,” he said as he slapped you rough on the ass. You moaned into his shoulder, lightly biting at the clothed skin. His fingers danced across your lacey bralette before ripping it straight down the middle. “Jesus Christ, I just bought this, Yoongi,” you sighed. He rolled his eyes, not bothering to look you in the eyes or apologize.

Quick kisses landed on your chest before his mouth got caught around a nipple of yours, as his hands lifted the top of your skirt, pulling it up so it was resting mid-stomach. “Slow down, my dad isn’t expecting me back for another 2 hours,” you spoke into his neck.

Your words fell upon deaf ears and he pushed you back into the steering wheel to undo his pants. You eyed his hands, waiting for the moment his member would spring out. Maneuvering your way under the steering wheel, you pushed his seat more back, allowing you the space to give him the blow job of a lifetime as he liked to call it.

The second his member was out of his hands, resting in front of you, you noticed his lack of posture. Why wasn’t he hard? Could Yoongi not get it up? Could you not get it up? After all, it was your job to get him riled up, right? Deciding not to listen to the voices in your head that were telling you that he had simply lost interest in you, you placed him in the palm of your hand. He groaned, as soon as you began to pump him. You watched as he began to harden under your touch.

“Fuck. Hurry up,” he snapped. You halted movement to glare at him, ignoring the fact that his eyes were closed and that he couldn’t see you. He peeked through one eye as he felt you stop. “Ok, if you wanna be a little bitch and not help me get off, then I’ll do it myself.” He pushed your hand away from him and you winced at loss of contact. “Don’t be a dick, Yoongi. Have a little bit of patience.”

You watched him play with his balls, lips watering at the sight of him getting himself off. Waiting for him to harden to your satisfaction, you slowly began tracing circles into your arms. A loud groan left his mouth, causing you to look up at him again, noticing how hard he was. Before you could stop yourself, you placed you hands on his, lowering your lips as you looked up at him through you eyelashes.

Yoongi knew that you hated oral sex. In fact, before you met him, you were anti-dick mouth. He had mentioned several times before that although it was a rarity, you had the mouth of God.

Placing tiny kitten licks against his tip, you softly dragged your nail up and down his cock, causing him to twitch. “Stop fucking teasing me,” he snapped, just as you were about to place him in your mouth.

Had it been any other day, you would’ve stopped and left him to finish himself off but instead you listened, wrapping your mouth around him. You changed positions so now you were sitting on your knees, hands resting around the base of his hard on. You bobbed your head and watched his hands grip the seat. He quickly shot up, thrusting himself hard into your mouth, causing tears to form as you gagged.

“Fuck, get up here,” he lifted you by your armpits so you were straddling him once again. You gripped his dick and positioned yourself over it before he pushed your hips down, sinking onto it. Loud moans made their way out of both of your mouths. “A-ah, fuck Yoongi,” you moaned as he placed feverish kisses along your neck, working his way down towards your breasts once again.

It didn’t take long for the pit of your stomach to tighten. “Jesus, don’t do that,” he slapped your ass as you clenched your walls around his cock. “I think I’m gonna cum soon, Yoongi. I feel it.” At the sound of your words, one of his hands made its way towards your clit, rubbing slow circles as the other hand kneaded the one of your breasts that wasn’t currently occupied by his lips.

“Mmh, yes. Please don’t stop, fuck, I’m so close.” He pulled his hands away from you and detached his lips from you, placing his hands on your hips to lift you up. You winced at the sudden lack of contact that your whole body felt. He was almost completely out of you before he began to slam back into you.

“God, I love your cock,” you screamed as loud as your voice allowed you to. Your walls clenched tighter around him, causing a loud groan to slip out of his mouth.

“Yeah baby, you love my cock,” he said as he continued to ram into you. “You love it because you’re a little whore. But nobody can make you feel like this, not even fucking Tommy.” His words were dry, absolutely no lust or sex appeal in them. You pushed your hands down onto his hips, not allowing him to thrust into you anymore. A wince left your mouth at the lack of friction but enough was enough. You stared at him as he rolled his eyes and let out an angry groan for what seemed like the thousandth time today. His eyes focused on his lap while he avoided eye contact with you, deciding to focus on his cock that was still inside of you.

You tugged on his hair, signaling for him to look up at you. “What’s your problem?,” you sighed. He threw his head back into his seat, combing his hands through it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he shrugged. You could feel his member begin to go limp as he shifted in his seat.

“Damn it Yoongi, we aren’t in the fouth grade. I can tell that you’re angry about something so go on, spit it out.” You slowly lifted yourself off of his member causing him to wince. Scooting back slowly so you could place his softening cock into his pants, you looked up at him, “Come on.”

“Fuck, I already told you I’m fine. Stop acting like a whiny girlfriend, you are not my girlfriend,” he snapped at you. You felt your heart sink to your stomach as the weight of his words set in. You aren’t his girlfriend so why did his words hurt as if you were?

“I know that, Yoongi. You’ve been acting like a total dick all day. It wasn’t even enjoyable for me because all I could think about it how much of an ass you’re being right now. I know damn well that I’m not you girlfriend but we’ve been doing this for a year. You’d think you’d wanna at least pretend to care about me, especially when I’m fucking you,” you snapped. The words came out louder than you intended, not realizing that your hands were shaking as they sat in your lap.

You covered your chest as he turned to you, suddenly wishing you had something to cover yourself with but not wanting to have to reach behind your seat to grab your jacket.

Eyes focused on you, he spoke, “Why are you still with him?” You knew all too well who he was referring to. Why did he decide to bring that up right now? That can’t be the reason he’s being a total asshole right now, could it?

Yoongi made it clear that he didn’t want anything serious from day one. No feelings, no relationship, just purely physical attraction. You broke your promise to yourself the day you began to get butterflies when he’d stare at you or when his hands slowly stroked your thighs causing goosebumps to line your skin. Maybe he had broken his promise too, you silently hoped. Although it was highly unlikely that the freshly-graduated fuckboy of highschool would ever grow feelings for the senior good girl.

“Why do you keep bringing up Tommy? Leave him out of it, this is between you and I. He has nothing to do with this,” you said, voice calmer than before. You suddenly flinched as he punched the steering wheel in front of him. Yoongi was never violent around you. You stared at him, eyes wide in shock. “What the fuck do you mean this has nothing to do with him? It has everything to do with him. You can’t have two guys, it doesn’t fucking work like that,” he shouted.

“Stop yelling at me, Yoongi. You’re scaring me,” you tried your best to stay calm, not wanting fear to show in your voice. You weren’t afraid of him, Yoongi would never put his hands on you in a way that you didn’t want him to but this is the first time he had ever yelled at you like that and you had to admit, it was a bit frightening.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s just- I don’t understand why you need him when you have me,” he rubbed his temples and rested his head against the steering wheel. Yoongi was never good at showing his feelings and you both knew that.

“Yoongi, stop saying that. You were the one who told me, in the very beginning of whatever the fuck this is, that it was only fucking. No strings attached. You can’t just go back on your word like that,” you said. You weren’t exactly sure why those words were coming out of your mouth when in reality, you wanted nothing more than for him to go back on his words.

“You’re right. I made the rules babe so I can go back on them if I want to.” Your heart beat began to race as you heard the pet name he used for you. His tone was soft and low, “and I want to,” he said.

“Stop doing that. You don’t get to play with my feelings like this. What we have is good, it’s been working but don’t promise me something that you aren’t gonna be able to keep in the long run. You don’t really feel like this, you’ll get over it in a few weeks and you’ll probably go back to fucking other girls,” the words left your lips with an exasperated sigh. You knew Yoongi was being genuine right now but you weren’t sure if he knew exactly what it meant for him to be saying those words.

Silence fell over the car and for once today, it wasn’t completely hostile. “Don’t do that. Not now,” he spoke softly. “Don’t tell me what I feel or what I should be feeling. That is for me, I know what I mean and I know exactly what I’m getting myself into by saying this.”

“And as for other girls,” he paused to rub the back of his neck. “I already told you that I haven’t slept with anyone since we started fucking and I don’t want or need to.”

He leaned over the center console, one hand reaching for your fingers that fiddled with your skirt and the other reaching behind you to grab your jacket. “I’m being one hundred percent right now. No, one thousand percent, that’s how much I want you all to myself. Please,” his eyes pleaded with you.

The gears in your brain began to turn as you pondered the possibilities. “What about my dad?,” you questioned. Yoongi hasn’t gotten into trouble for at least a year but knew that it’d be hard for him to confront your dad after the reputation that he had.

“It’s fine, I’ll just introduce myself to him,” he smiled, realizing that you were actually taking him seriously. He wanted nothing more than to make you offically his since last year. “If he’s anything like his daughter, I’m sure he’ll love me,” he winked at you, a grin playing on his lips.

“Yoongi, don’t ruin this. I’m being serious, I won’t be able to handle it if you fuck up or hurt me.”

“Okay baby, I promise. I won’t do anything dumb,” he squeezed and kissed your hands, intertwining your fingers with his. “So does that mean it’s a yes?”

You nodded, slowly. It wasn’t gonna be hard for you to end your relationship with Tommy, in fact, you were relieved that you’d be able to cut him loose.

You met Tommy a few months before you met Yoongi and frankly, your relationship was nothing special. He wasn’t ugly, he just wasn’t…Yoongi. His personality was alright. Your whole relationship started off as a ‘crush’. He confessed to you in front of all of your friends, with his friends standing behind him and you didn’t have the heart to say no so you just nodded and agreed to go on a date with him.

“I’ll talk to Tommy tonight.”

He grabbed your face in his hands and placed kisses along your jawline, cheeks, nose and eyes. “I’m sorry for being a dick, I just couldn’t stand hearing you say his name,” he breathed. “I never wanted to scare you, that’s the very last thing that I’d ever want. You’re my baby and I’m sorry if I pushed it a bit too much today.”

“It’s ok, Yoongi. I know but you can’t just be an ass everytime something happens that you don’t like. And I’m not scared of you, I could never be scared of you.” You nuzzled your face into his hands, craving his touch as the fire in your stomach roared to life again.

“Now that we got that out of the way, how about we finish what we started,” he grinned. It didn’t take long for you to forgive Yoongi, it was always an easy task. You slowly nodded as you hopped over the center console again, “Just try to keep up,” a knowing grin set on your face as you winked at your boyfriend.

anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do how rfa+v+Saeran would react to seeing old self harm scars on MC or MC relapsing? I am almost 1 year clean from Self harming but today is one of those bad days I get urges to do it. If you don't feel comfortable doing this it's okay :) Hope you have a good day and keep working hard 💪🏼❤

i’m so proud of you for staying clean so long, i know how hard it is!! i have scars myself from 1-2 years ago, so this was comforting for me to write as well :) i hope it helped you feel a bit better, remember that you deserve being happy! ❤ i’m always here if you need someone to talk to 

Trigger warning: self harm

Zen (this turned out really long whoops)

  • A lot of his fans were jealous of you, so you got a lot of hate for being “to ugly and fat for Zen”
  • You were home alone as he was at rehearsal, so he couldn’t scold you for looked down at your thighs in disgust
  • They were faint, but the old scars on them gave you an idea. You hadn’t done it in a long time, but you remembered that it did feel calming to a certain degree
  • You went to the bathroom, popped out a blade from your razor, took a deep breath and let yourself feel that familiar burning
  • Suddenly you heard the front door open and Zen’s voice telling you he was home early
  • You scrambled to find something to wipe the blood away with, and ended up just messily wiping it away with a paper towel before pulling on a pair of his sweatpants and going out to greet him
  • He smiled when he saw you, then frowned
  • “Princess, I feel rude to ask, but are you on your period? You’ve got blood on your pants”
  • Shocked, you looked down and saw that the cuts appearantely were too deep for your messy wiping, so there was quickly growing blood spots on your legs
  • Zen was no stranger to people with bad mental health around him as he was a public figure, so he quickly suspected what you had done
  • When he saw that the spots got bigger his fears were confirmed, and you saw his entire face fall
  • “I-I can explain…”
  • He cupped your face and looked straight into your eyes with the saddest look you had ever seen 
  • “Listen here… I know a lot of my fans don’t treat you right, is that it?”
  • His worried stare was too intense, so you looked down with tears in your eyes and just nodded
  • He sighed and pulled you close to him, kissing your head
  • “I love you so much, it hurts me too… But harming yourself won’t do anything good, you understand that? Can I see..?”
  • Hesitantely, you nodded again and pulled down the pants so he could see, and he got down on his knees and started kissing your thighs, not caring that they were bloody
  • “I love every single part of you, you understand that? Let’s go clean and wrap this up, I will protect you. Even if it’s from yourself”


  • He convinced you to cook with him
  • You were supposed to make cookies, but the only thing you managed to make was a total mess
  • By the time you finally got them into the oven, you both had dough and flour all over from the food war you had
  • He offered to clean some up from you, and when you agreed he blushed and kissed you
  • When you smiled into the kiss because he tasted like cookie dough, he gained confidence and slowly pushed you back to the wall, where he pinned your wrists over your head
  • You moaned softly in suprise as he wasn’t usually this dominant and it was really hot I’m always a slut for dominant Yoosung
  • Wanting to see what effect he had on you he pulled away for just a second, when his eyes were pulled to where he was holding your wrists
  • The sleeves you usually made sure were always covering your scars had rolled down to your elbows, revealing all of them
  • You saw his eyes go from filled with lust to filled with worry, and you looked away from him in shame
  • “They’re all old… Right?”
  • You nodded and he sighed relieved, before he hugged you tight
  • “You mean so much for me, I don’t want you to ever feel like that again. Please talk to me if you feel bad, okay? Can you promise me that?”
  • You agreed and he kissed your head
  • “I think it’s time for cookies and cuddles”


  • You had such a crush on her, but she was either really oblivious or just didn’t like you back
  • No matter what the reason was, it really hurt and you couldn’t help but feel insecure when all of your flirting got turned down
  • You really didn’t want to stoop so low as to go back to your old self harm habits, but it was so hard
  • In addition to the fact that you lived with her, the stress of running a café and your parents not accepting that you had a crush on a girl, it all got too much for you
  • One day when she was grocery shopping, you couldn’t help but find a small knife in the kitchen, locking your bedroom door and resume your old habit
  • You tried to keep them relatively shallow so they would heal quicker and lower your risk of getting caught, but once you started you found it hard to stop
  • You sobbed softly but because of that you didn’t hear Jaehee return from the store
  • Not finding you in the couch where she left you, she wandered around the appartment untill she heard you and stopped in front of your room
  • “MC? What’s wrong?”
  • When you didn’t answer she got worried, found a spare key and unlocked the door with a warning
  • You didn’t even bother trying to hide what you were doing, you just hung your head in shame as she gasped in shock
  • “W-what do you think you’re doing? Give me that knife!”
  • She quickly took it from you, ran to the bathroom to get a first aid kit and found you full on crying on the bed
  • Putting bandages on your wrists she softly said “Shh… I don’t know why you did this and you don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to, but please know that this isn’t going to make anything better”
  • When this just made you cry harder, she kissed your newly bandaged wrist
  • “I… I care way too much about you to see you like this, you should know that. Please come to me if you ever feel like this, okay? I can’t ever lose my reason for happiness”


  • Whenever the two of you made out, you would always stop him when his hands started roaming under your shirt
  • Which he thought was fair, considering that your relationship was still new and you probably just weren’t comfortable enough with him yet
  • A few weeks after you started dating he offered to take you on a vacation, figuring you needed it after the stress of the party and hacker and all that
  • With Elizabeth the 3rd safely at V’s house and a mansion by a private beach rented for the weekend, he wanted to spend some time alone with you
  • He was suprisingly fond of the beach and wanted you to take you swimming there, but you kept declining
  • Kind of upset, he asked if there was any spesific reason why
  • You shrugged it off and said that you just weren’t in the mood, that you were tired and wanted to nap instead
  • He encouraged you to do as you pleased, not showing how hurt he was that you declined his offer
  • An hour or so after you had fallen asleep, he got bored and went to check on you and saw you sleeping, your shirt riled up revealing dozens of scars on your belly
  • His heart broke when he realized that was probably why you were so insecure about intimacy and going swimming
  • Careful not to wake you up, he hovered over you on bed and kissed your stomach
  • Despite his efforts you still woke up, and squeeled suprised when you saw him practially praising your biggest insecurity
  • “Kitten, I don’t ever want to see you do this again, but please understand that I love everything about you and you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re like a tiger, these stripes show that you are strong. Promise to not hide yourself from me anymore, okay?”


  • Yet again he was doubting your love and pushing you away
  • He yelled when you tried to hug him, not knowing that the reason why you were clingy was that you were feeling like shit and needed to be comforted
  • You knew you were overreacting when you stopped by the bathroom to get a razor before returning to your shared bed (that he rarely used), but it just hurt so much that he didn’t trust you even after months of living together
  • Taking a deep breath, you pulled the leg of your pants and traced the outline if your old scars on your shin with the razor blade
  • Seven did realize how much he had hurt you, and just to be sure he checked the security camera he had installed in your room
  • When he saw that you were hurting himself he rose from his chair and ran to the bedroom, desperate to stop you
  • “Stop what you’re doing right now!”
  • You looked at him with tears in your eyes and yelled “so now you care?!”
  • With a firm look he pulled up the sleeve of his hoodie, showing his own scars and cuts
  • Taken back, you looked confused at him
  • He just smiled sad
  • “I know life is hard, okay? I know I am a shitty boyfriend, a shitty brother, a shitty person. But that doesn’t mean you are, do you understand that? It might not seem like it right now, but I really do love you. Like, I really love you. Can we make a deal? If you try to never do it again, so will I”
  • You nodded and hugged him, both of you apologizing for not being there for each other


  • Being practically blind, he depened a lot on his touch
  • Because of this, he had really sensitive finger tips
  • As weeks passed and you got closer to the handsome photographer, you let him touch and explore more and more of you
  • His new favorite hobby was to just run his hands over your smooth skin, trying to picture exactly what you looked like
  • During a particularly steamy makeout session you were on his lap, his hand travelling up your thighs where he could feel raised lines on your otherwise close to perfect skin
  • Pulling away from the kiss and raising an eyebrow questioningly, he kept tracing the lines
  • You hesitated before you admitted that you had self harmed, and he asked you if you had any other scars
  • Nodding despite his lack of sight, you took his hand and placed it on your wrist so he could feel them
  • He smiled sad and kissed your wrist
  • “You don’t have any fresh, do you?”
  • When you confirmed that you didn’t, he held you closer and kissed your nose
  • “I like everything about you, you know? You’re human, bad things are bound to happen sometimes. You got through it though, and I’m proud of you for that. Please remember that”


  • He didn’t like to admit it, but something about you pulled him towards you
  • The way you always put up with his bursts of anger and sadness and comforted him, made him care for you more and more as time passed
  • So when he saw you sleeping on the couch, his first reacting was to smile as you looked cute and carefree
  • And as he did find you quite attractive (not that he would ever admit that), he couldn’t help but let his eyes roam over your sleeping body
  • When he saw the scars and cuts on your wrist where your shirt had riled up your arms, he got mad
  • ?? Who had dared to hurt someone as nice as you??
  • He woke you up suprisingly gently, wanting to know who he needed to kill
  • Disoriented from sleeping, you said that he didn’t need to worry but he refused to give up, so he asked his brother
  • He admitted that he had seen you harm yourself but hadn’t really figured a way to confront you about it yet
  • Saeran got even more mad and walked back to the couch where you had gotten up and was now lazily stretching
  • “Why the fuck are you hurting yourself? Explain!” he growled and pushed you against the wall
  • Stuttering and ashamed you explained that it was a way to deal with sadness, but he didn’t get it at all
  • “Giving yourself another type of pain will just make you more sad, you idiot! God, what’s wrong with you?”
  • Hearing the guy you were crushing on saying this to you and literally growling made you tear up, and you saw his expression change to one of sorrow
  • “I-I’m sorry, okay? It’s just… You’ve helped me so much and I want to return the favor, but I have no idea how to. You… You are special, I don’t want you to be sad”
  • You met his eyes and saw how sincere he was, and was suprised when he hugged you tight
  • “Please don’t ever do it again, MC”


✰ * º ❛   that 70′s show sentence starters   ❜

‘  you know what your problem is? i’m too good looking.  ’
‘  god, what did you have for breakfast this morning? carnation instant bitch?  ’
‘  oh, is this what we’re gonna do today, we’re gonna fight?  ’
‘  because you’re breaking up the band, yoko!  ’
‘  an apple? where’s my candy, you son of a bitch.  ’
‘  she told me she loves me and then i told her i loved cake…  ’
‘  how’d you’d like to own a little bit of my foot in your ass?  ’
‘  look, if i could run across the beach into my own arms, i would.  ’
‘  you know he never liked phones. he said he could hear voices in ‘em.  ’
‘  when my time comes, i wanna be buried facedown so that anyone who doesn’t like me can kiss my ass.  ’
‘  you know what your problem is? you’re really cute… so no one ever told you to shut your pie hole.  ’
‘  god, we are such the… perfect couple?  ’
‘  you’re cold? well damn, i can’t control the weather!  ’
‘  the gym, or as i like to call it, the institute of things i can’t do.  ’
‘  well, i’d like to help but… not as much as i’d like not to.  ’
‘  don’t put me in your fantasies. i don’t even like being in your real life.  ’
‘  i don’t like people. i like rock n’ roll, sex, and pizza – in that order.  ’
‘  i’m not loving anybody that i’m not legally required to.  ’
‘  and if somebody doesn’t tell me i’m cute in the next five minutes, i’m gonna scream!  ’
‘  don’t hate me because i’m beautiful.  ’
‘  i can’t count on much in this crazy world, but i can always count on you.  ’
‘  i’m going to go out, meet some boys and crush their hearts one by one.  ’
‘  where zen ends, ass kicking begins.  ’
‘  you guys are fighting like cats and whores.  ’
‘  cake is good, but you cannot have sex with cake.  ’
‘  well, my head says no, but my heart says no.  ’
‘  the three true branches of the government are military, corporate, and hollywood.  ’
‘  hey man, if you don’t get caught, everything’s legal.  ’
‘  yeah, but god didn’t see that. i was in my van, and he can’t see through lead.  ’
‘  college is for ugly girls who can’t get modeling contracts.  ’
‘  college is for women who don’t want to marry the first idiot they meet and squeeze out his bastard moron children.  ’
‘  i was never happy. i was just less pissed off.  ’
‘  sometimes when i’m alone, i just love to cuddle.  ’
‘  i have a definite opinion on this… i don’t care.  ’
‘  when he’s unhappy, i know our relationship is in good shape.  ’
‘  all right, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs put their foot in your ass.  ’
‘  that’s your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.  ’
‘  we have some breaking news: i’m toasted.  ’
‘  but i don’t want to go outside. there are people out there.  ’
‘  oh, please. i’m a hot-looking, smooth-talking, frisky-assed son of a bitch.  ’
‘  no, i’m not pouting. that would upset our routine. god knows i wouldn’t want to move in a new direction and accidentally slip in a puddle of fun or anything.  ’
‘  i’ve just decided being sad is a waste of my time.  ’
‘  he called me ugly on the inside and the outside. i’m sorry, but he’s just wrong about the outside part.  ’
‘  i don’t really cook much. i just plan on getting by on my looks.  ’
‘  no, no, no, you just don’t move on from me. i’m like alcohol. you need a twelve-step program to break my smell.  ’
‘  you know, being here under the stars, sitting on the grass makes me really glad i’m not poor.  ’
‘  the person i love the most is me!  ’
‘  i was voted most popular, best legs, and now godmother? what can’t i do?  ’
‘  why am i alone and all of you less attractive people are happy?  ’
‘  it’s better to have loved and loss than to be butt ugly.  ’
‘  okay, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: everyone loves me.  ’
‘  why get out of bed when you can read about people who got out of bed?  ’
‘  i got a lot of free time. i mainly use it to nap and cry.  ’
‘  i’ll just curl up in the fetal position and think about pancakes.  ’
‘  have you been in bed all day?  ’
‘  last night i only slept like… nine hours.  ’
‘  i pity you because you’re dumb.  ’
‘  responsible people don’t go around getting their nipples twisted.  ’
‘  they want to kill rock n’ roll because they know it makes us horny, man.  ’
‘  i would love car sex… or just sex… or just a car.  ’
‘  no, i don’t feel bad. i don’t feel anything.  ’
‘  man, think about it. we hold information that could crush the very heart and soul of one of our best friends… i live for days like this!  ’
‘  it’s like we’re too old to trick or treat and too young to die.  ’
‘  talking isn’t gonna help me, okay? what’s gonna help me is, like, drinking.  ’
‘  hey, yeah, that’s the worst idea i’ve ever heard!  ’
‘  i wish i was an octopus.  ’
‘  thanks, but i’ve gotta go to sleep because i have a big day of misery ahead of me.  ’
‘  life is too short to spend it with people who annoy you.  ’
‘  well, for your information, i’m already sorry i was ever born.  ’
‘  i don’t have a hickey. i was using a curling iron.  ’
‘  give me a reason why i shouldn’t set you on fire.  ’
‘  i’m a hottie, you’re a nottie.  ’
‘  prison is not an option for me, okay? i can’t pee in front of other people.  ’
‘  man, time really flies when you take two naps a day.  ’
‘  oh, no. now i have to act normal.  ’
‘  oh, i just remembered i can’t loan it to you on account of i hate you.  ’
‘  i’ve been diagnosed with a disease that makes me irresistible to women.  ’
‘  you know what the best thing god ever did was? boobs.  ’
‘  i’m like ketchup. i go good on everything!  ’
‘  when we were about to fool around and i said that i washed my hands, but i really just got done playing with like six dogs.  ’
‘  there’s a rabbit stuck in a tree and i want to return that rabbit to the wild so it can lay its eggs.  ’
‘  if this is about maturity then i want nothing to do with it.  ’
‘  a wedding without a trampoline? that’s crazy talk.  ’
‘  i don’t wanna blink ‘cause i’m afraid to miss even a second of your cuteness.  ’
‘  you seem normal around your family, but out in the real world, you’re kinda nuts.  ’
‘  i could get arrested. i could go to girl prison. this freakin’ rocks!  ’
‘  my parents are fighting all the time and they want me to choose sides, but i can’t because they’re both idiots.  ’
‘  why would sally sell seashells down by the seashore? i mean, that’s a terrible location for a seashell stand.  ’
‘  i’m not strong, but i know a lot of ways to destroy men emotionally.  ’
‘  i don’t have feelings for him. i just hate that bitch for making him happy.  ’
‘  i’m not jealous, i just want to pop that inflatable bitch and watch her fly around the room.  ’
‘  hello, it is me, the object of your desire.  ’
‘  i’m a beautiful girl with a shrill, demanding voice. i’m pretty hard to ignore.  ’
‘  a gold digger is what these idiots call a woman who knows that love eventually wears off, but money is forever.  ’
‘  you see, a more productive use of my time is revenge.  ’
‘  i cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth.  ’
‘  i don’t answer stupid questions.  ’

Make Me, Styles

Originally posted by thestylesgifs

A/N: So this was a requested imagine! Basically, you and Harry go to the same college and you bicker and act like you hate each other, but on the lowkey y’all both got a thing for each other. After a fight Harry comes over to your place and you end up fucking. ( my descriptions are trash but trust me just read it) Also I think this gif would be what Harry would look like if he was college age so let’s just go with that. Also for the purposes of this imagine let’s pretend Harry is not famous just the average college kid. Enjoy!

Warnings: Smut

Word count: 2.5k

You loved college. The freedom, the independence, the friends you made. It was your third year and a couple of your closest friends sprung for a little house off campus so you didn’t have to be confined to the closets they called dorm rooms. Everything was great, except for one thing. Rather, one person: Harry Styles.

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nude wars — preview

pt1 | pt2 preview

pairings: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: smut, touches of fluff / frat!yoonkook

description: Okay sure, maybe having a threesome with two best friends from the same frat wasn’t the smartest thing you’d ever done. But hey, when the result was them vying for your attention in the form of scandalous snaps, breathy audio messages, and unspeakable texts, well then the decision definitely wasn’t that bad.

— Or alternatively, your phone getting caught in the middle of Yoongi and Jungkook constantly trying to one-up each other in a war of sexting (and just maybe romantics).

note: so I know pt2 was supposed to come out today, but I’ve been sick for the past week and a half and I actually ended up having to go to the hospital yesterday bc I guess I wasn’t taking it seriously enough. but yeah, I thought I could at least post a tiny snippet ;;

It took all of five minutes into your shift for the post-sexting depression to kick in. The only word you could use to describe today’s atmosphere at work being completely dead. There were barely any customers to keep you occupied, leaving you to watch the time tick by as your only form of entertainment, second by unbearably miserable second burying you deeper into a realm of inescapable boredom.

And this continued on… For five miserable hours, until you finally managed to gain some relief. Your good friend and co-worker, Jimin, finally coming in to start his shift.

“Someone looks like they had a long night. Let me guess, another late night on greek row?” He snickered, making his way behind the counter to join you.

“Haha, very funny, but… Yeah,” You ended up admitting, causing chuckles to fall from both of you.

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Tutor — Park Jimin (02)

Originally posted by marikit257

Part 1

Requested: Yes
Words: 2880
Warnings: fuckboy!Jimin, Smut!!!
Description: Park Jimin, the guy in school that everyone wants, is your tutor. While tutoring you, things get a little heated.


It was Saturday morning and you woke up fairly late, because you had trouble going to sleep last night.

No matter how hard you tried to think of something else, he was still on your mind.

Park Jimin.

Your school’s fuckboy, your tutor, your crush.

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Sometimes things are great! Sometimes… they’re really, really not. This is my personal plan for fixing everything when I don’t know what to do, and I thought other people might find it helpful. If you identify with this sentiment, but don’t think this is the right way for you to work on the problems you’re facing, that’s totally fine, and sometimes these aren’t things to work through by yourself.

This is what works for me, but really consider what your goals are and consider this as less of a how-to and more of possible framework to figure out where you want to go. A lot of this also refers to managing things within my apartment that aren’t super applicable if you aren’t the one responsible for your own groceries say. Use what’s useful and skip what’s not. You’ve got this.

Step One: Breathe, baby. This probably feels awful, whatever’s going on. Icky maybe. And that’s something that should change, but before the visible problems can shift, take a look at how you’re taking care of yourself right now. This step is the reset button - just a beginner’s step in areas that are central and maybe stressing you out. Stop the cycle of whatever was throwing you off.

I like to start with the executive function stuff. There might be a lot you feel like you have a lot to do - it’s been a while since things have been good about notes on all those readings, right? But unless there’s something absolutely 100% immediate and pressing, this first:

  • Drink some water. Wash your water bottle or a cup you like to drink from. Just one dish. The rest of them can wait just a little bit longer. Keep remembering to drink water. You’ll feel better.
  • How’s your room? Can you do some laundry? Get some things in the trash? Make your bed? Start with a single task that will get some things off the floor, but doesn’t feel scary. Leave the rest of it. You can fix it later.
  • When was the last time you ate something? Has it been a while? If there’s something at home, good. Eat that. If there isn’t, go pick something up from somewhere you feel safe. Worry about vegetables later. Eat anything right now.
  • Find somewhere you feel comfortable. Pick something acheivable. Do that thing. Whatever you’re ready for. Nothing scary. Nothing heavy. Spend some doing enough work that you feel like you’re being productive again; like you’ve finished something because you have! Then come back. Do you feel better?

In the interest of space, the rest is under the cut. :)

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