okay i did this for two reasons

This isn’t a TC blog buuuuuut, I figured I’d say something to maybe give you guys some hope.
I met my teacher when I was 15 and he was 31. Twice my age. We got too close and people started noticing we were always together. He never touched me, or flirted with me, or did any of that. He kept it professional and helped me through my issues.
Then he got fired for our friendship.
And he waited two and a half years for me to turn 18 so we could reconnect. He literally just wanted to make sure I was okay, because the last time we had actually talked, I was in the hospital for a suicide attempt.
So I got back in touch, I owe this man my life, he’s the reason I’m alive. And turns out he’s in love with me and just yesterday, on his 34th birthday, we made it official.
There’s hope for you guys. There was for me :)

Right vs Wrong

The Arrow 100th and it’s impact on Olicity

Okay guys. Before we go into tonight’s episode, I want to talk something out. I did a little bit of talking about this on Twitter, but I want to get more in depth with it here. I know a lot of you are probably nervous about the Lau/river scenes in tonight’s episode, especially if you’ve noticed they’ve cribbed some Olicity dialogue.

(forgive me for this gif)

I know everyone’s first reaction is to hurl in their mouth a little (it’s okay, I totally did too). But my next reaction was to HOWL with laugher. Because this was totally stolen from Olicity. 

If for no other reason, this should not bother us because the writers can’t even be arsed to come up with original dialogue for these two. But I do believe this parallel is on purpose. And I will tell you why if you follow me just a little bit further. 

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What Did You Just Say? (Part Two)

Summary: The team has found a way to annoy Bucky, but you’re not sure what’s going on.

Word Count: 426

Warnings: None

A/N: Okay, first of all, you’re all crazy and I love you for it. The feedback on part one has been absolutely insane and it’s amazing. This is going to be short (five part) drabble series because I miss Bucky. Also @bengalikutti​ is the reason this is happening. Bless her.

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You stared at your bowl of cereal, swirling the floating oats around with your spoon. It was way too early to be conscious in your opinion, but Steve was all about early morning training sessions. He sat across from you, blue eyes bright and shining despite the fact that everyone else was barely awake and grouchy. Sam and Natasha were leaning on each other, Natasha’s eyes closed and her breakfast untouched. Sam was actively fighting to keep his eyes open.

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Pinky Promise: a Josh Dun fanfic

Y/N: Okay this might not be factually accurate but again, it’s called (fan)fiction for a reason. But I did have a little fun with the formatting and structure of this one so I hope you like it!!! super fluffy stuff!

emute28 said:
Could you do Josh x reader when they were friends when they were little kids and Josh had crush on reader.Josh star touring and some how forgot about reader and they met like after 10 years?:) By the way you are amazing writer :)

*gender neutral, warning: fluff overload lol jk


“Three, two, one. Ready or not, here I come!” Josh’s voice echoed throughout the house. You giggled, trying to stifle your laughter as you crouched down even lower into the laundry basket, the weight of a sweatshirt draped over your head drooping ever so slightly as to block your vision. It was uncomfortable, but by far, probably one of the best hiding places you’ve picked. Spending time with Josh was one of your favorite past times. Every single day after kindergarten, you’d ride home with Josh and his mom and spend time with him coloring with crayons, eating milk and cookies, or in this case, challenging each other at a game of hide and seek. It wasn’t long before he was shouting your name desperately, sure he had lost you for good. “Y/n! I give up! Please come back!”

“Fine!” your small voice shouted out. You poked your head out of the laundry basket just in time to see him race into the room, panting for breath, desperate expression fading away and replaced by a hopeful one.

“Thank goodness!” he sighed, running over to you and picking you up out of the laundry basket, giggling. “I thought I lost you for good, y/n.”

“Nah,” you shook your head with a smile. “I’m just really good at hiding.”

“Don’t be too good,” he pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’d be really lonely without you.”

“I won’t leave you,” you rolled your eyes, picking the sweatshirt up off of your head and tossing it back into the laundry basket. “We’re best friends forever, remember?”

“Pinky promise?” he raised his eyebrows, reaching out his hand and sticking out his pinky.

“Pinky promise,” you grinned, linking his with yours and giving it a good shake. Your kindergarten teacher had taught your class a couple days ago that pinky promises were the most powerful promises there were. Ever since, you and Josh had sealed every deal with a pinky promise. It was like your own little personal handshake.


Everyone was supposed to stay in their seats. Your teacher had specifically told you that you’re not allowed to leave your table. You were all instructed to cut out hearts from the red, pink, and white construction paper, pick up a chocolate and tuck it in between the paper, and write who it was for and who it was from in pretty perfect cursive on the front with a silver marker. So you were probably on your fifth valentine when your best friend Josh came walking over to your table, sitting down beside you with a pink valentine in his lap. “Josh,” you hissed, staring at him. “What are you doing? You’re going to get in trouble! Go back to your seat!”

“I have to give you something,” he mumbled, fidgeting with the piece of paper between his fingers. His brown eyes started up into yours and you forgot about the possibility of getting in trouble for a split second. You looked down at the valentine in his hands and then flickered your eyes back up to his, letting out a soft laugh.

“We’re not allowed to hand them out until tomorrow,” you reminded. “Remember? When Valentine’s Day actually is?”

“I know, I know,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair and looking around nervously. “I just um, it couldn’t wait.”

“Really?” you looked at him, confused.

“I kind of wanted to tell you a while ago,” he shrugged. “I thought maybe right now would be a good time.”

“Okay,” you decided, watching as he handed you the pink heart and you unfolded it carefully. There, written in his usual all capital letters rather than the loopy fancy cursive, was his words. (Dear y/n, I really like you. I was hoping maybe you liked me too? It’s okay if we stay friends though. I just thought you should know. Xoxo, Josh.) Noticing he had picked out your favorite chocolate from the selection and tucked three pieces in between the pink paper, you smiled before looking up at him again, noticing how scared he was. He was fiddling his thumbs, biting his lower lip, eyes darting around the room anxiously.

“So, um, uh…” he stuttered out, not even able to string together a sentence of words.

“Hey,” you put a hand on his shoulder. “I like you too.”

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “You’re my best friend forever. Remember?”

“Oh,” his face fell. Why did he look so sad? He was your favorite friend. You had just told him this, too. “Yeah. We are.”

“What? Do you think I’m lying?” you tilted your head to the side, frowning. “I really do like you.”

“Pinky promise?” he whispered, eyes still full of uncertainty.

“Pinky promise,” you reassured, hooking his pinky with yours.

“Thank you,” he laughed.

“No problem,” you grinned, leaning over and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek, which surprised him completely. “Now get back to your seat before you get in trouble, silly.”

“Yeah,” he blushed, trying to hide a smile before rushing over back to his seat. Little did you know, it was Josh’s best day of his life yet.


As soon as the poster for the middle school Winter Wonderland dance was put up, your heart fluttered in your chest. Who the heck was going to take you? You barely even had any friends at your new middle school, and sure, you talked to your best friend Josh still, but mainly because he was just in your neighborhood. You had sort of forgotten about each other ever since middle school started, and grew distant, especially since you went to different schools. So a day before the school dance, absolutely desperate for a date, you nervously walked over to his house, poster clutched in hand. Right as soon as you were about to knock on the door, to your surprise, the door swung open and you backed away, startled. “Oh,” Josh’s eyes went wide, realizing you were right there. The two of you burst into giggles, then he opened the door even wider, his eyes darting to the paper held in your hand as your eyes realized he was holding a paper in his. “Uh, I was just about to head over to your house actually.”

“That’s funny,” you gave a small laugh. “Looks like I beat you to it.”

“Yeah,” he nodded slowly. He looked nervous, the same unsure eyes, lower lip bite, fiddling thumbs, anxious expression on his face. You had known Josh for years, and by now, knew very well he had horrible anxiety. You put a hand on his shoulder, something you’d learned that sort of helped him breathe a little better.

“What’s up?” you asked.

“Uh, you can um, come inside,” he decided, ushering you in and letting you sit on the couch. When you got there, he sat next to you, taking a deep breath before unfolding the piece of paper in his hand and showing you. “So there’s this dance tomorrow and I know I’m sort of asking last minute, but everyone in the grade is going and I don’t really have a date and uh, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me maybe?”

“That’s what I was going to ask,” you chuckled, showing him your poster. “Looks like both of our dances are on the same day.”

“Well uh, maybe we don’t have to go to a dance at all,” he shrugged. “Maybe we can just get some milk and Oreos, come to my house, watch a movie?”

“That sounds a lot better than a school dance,” you admitted. “I don’t really care for social situations. Or dancing. Or people.”

“Me either,” he agreed.

“It’s a plan,” you grinned.

“Pinky promise?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Huh?” you wondered. “Oh gosh, I almost forgot about that.”

“How could you forget?” he chuckled.

“I don’t know,” you mumbled. “It’s been a while since we’ve hung out I guess.”

“Yeah,” he frowned. “So let’s make up for lost time tomorrow night then?”

“Definitely,” you smiled, hooking your pinky with his. “Pinky promise.”


Research papers, finals week, the end of the semester, standardized testing, all of it was getting to you. It was four in the morning and you had gone three days now without sleep, your bloodshot eyes staring at a computer screen for who knows how many hours now, the seventh empty cup of coffee sitting beside you, an empty bottle of caffeine pills rolling off the bed, and you just about to lose your mind. If this is how high school was, you couldn’t imagine college. So you brushed off the mess of papers and pencils from off your lap and walked outside, deciding to clear your head on a long walk. You started down your sidewalk, when all of a sudden, you felt something hit you in the back of your head. You did a double take, looking behind you, but finding nothing. Hell, as sleep deprived as you were, you wouldn’t be surprised if you were hallucinating or making things up. You began to walk down the sidewalk again when you felt something hit your back, and you looked behind you to hear a voice whisper your name from… above? Yeah, you must definitely be going insane. But you heard it again. “Y/n! Up here!” You turned around and looked up, blinking twice when you saw Josh outside of his open window, waving at you. “Don’t make me have to throw another eraser at you.”

“Is that what those were?” you scowled, looking at the ground and realizing that indeed, that’s what had caught your attention.

“Come here,” he beckoned. “I’m dying of boredom and I haven’t seen you since sixth grade.”

“Fine,” you complied with a smile.

“I’ll open up the back door,” he decided. You walked over to the backyard of his house and watched as he was waiting at the door, opening it up and ushering you inside, letting you up in his bedroom. When he finally closed the door and you sat beside him on his bed.

“Woah,” you laughed, looking at him.

“What?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You got gages,” you smiled. “And a nose ring.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Yeah. Pretty sick, huh?”

“I think it’s cool,” you nodded. “It’s been a while. What are you up to?”

“Studying,” he groaned, showing you the plethora of textbooks and notebooks that scattered his floor. “Judging by the dark rings around your eyes I’m guessing you’ve been doing the same?”

“Yeah,” you sighed. “Geez, I haven’t talked to you in forever.”

“I know,” he frowned. “I miss you. A lot.”

“Me too,” you agreed. “Hell, before we know it, we’ll both be in college.”

“That’s a scary thought,” his eyes grew wide. “It feels like just yesterday we were playing hide and seek in kindergarten.”

“I remember those days,” you chuckled. There were a couple seconds of silence before you decided to speak up again. “Hey, are we still going to be best friends after high school? I mean, we don’t talk anymore, and I know we’ve kind of grew distant but-”

“Y/n,” Josh laughed. “Are you crazy? Come on, we’re best friends forever. Remember?”

“Oh yeah,” you rolled your eyes. “Want to pinky promise?”

“Sure,” he giggled, hooking his pinky with yours and giving it a shake before meeting his gaze with yours. “But uh, I think maybe we’re getting a little old for pinky promises.”

“What do you mean?” you wondered, confused.

“I think we should come up with a different way of sealing promises,” he shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe, uh, a little of this?”

“A little of wha- oh woah!” you began to ask when he leaned in to kiss you. His lips pressed against yours and when he pulled away, you were both bright red, wide eyes, staring at each other. “Woah.”

“I really like you,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you gave a nervous smile. “But uh, I think I need to um, get back to studying. I have a research paper due tomorrow and some tests and I just…”

“It’s okay,” he nodded, turning sort of shy, not sure how to react. “Um, good luck.”

“Yeah,” you took a deep breath. “You too.”

Leaving the room, and then the house, walking down the sidewalk, you weren’t sure how to feel. Maybe you overreacted, maybe you should go back and apologize, maybe you should’ve at least kissed him back. It wasn’t like you didn’t like it, fuck, you loved it. You wanted more, but you couldn’t. Josh was your best friend forever, your pinky promise, your childhood crush. It would never escalate to anything more than that, right? You shook those thoughts out of your head, thinking maybe he just wasn’t thinking right, maybe this was just another crazy hallucination, maybe this was just even a dream, or just the sleep deprivation getting to you. Either way, you decided to go home, give up on homework, take a nap, and let all that happened fade away. That was the last time you talked to Josh since graduating college.


Not to over exaggerate or anything, but your job actually sucked. After working your ass off in high school, getting a handful of years at college, and earning a degree, you were still stuck in your hometown working at a cheap coffee place making just a little more than minimum wage. You wished you could find a better job, or at least move out, but that costed who knows how much money, and you were still in student debt. It was a slow day, and you grew tired of staring at the empty atmosphere of the hotel, so you decided to get out from behind the counter and take a seat. You snatched a newspaper off the rack, made yourself a cup of coffee, and then sat down, flinging open the newspaper and starting to read. It was just the usual stories. Someone attempted to rob a nearby bank, a local bakery was closing down, there was a house fire a couple miles away, nothing much. You flipped the page, not really sure what to expect, but what you found absolutely blew you away. There he was, on a picture probably bigger than your thumb, memorable shining smile and those adorable squinty eyes, in your town newspaper. You read the headline: “Twenty One Pilots #1 on Top Charts.” Your eyes widened, staring more closely at the newspaper and doing a double take. Sure he looked different, but it was still him.

“Twenty One Pilots, consisting of band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, a musical duo from Columbus, Ohio place number one on the Billboard Top Charts this week,” you read aloud. “Their hit single Stressed Out has soared to the top of the charts and instantly become a worldwide favorite. With their eerie melody, unique lyrics, and strange vibe, the duo’s new album Blurryface has also skyrocketed up the charts, giving them a newfound recognition and reputation within the music industry. With Joseph’s profound delivery of lyrics and Dun’s steady beat on the drums, combined, they create an absolutely irresistible record that will be sure to get you singing along.”

“What are you mumbling about?” one of your coworkers snapped. “You look like you just found the cure for cancer or something.”

“No, no,” you laughed. “Uh, one of my childhood friends, he’s in this band.”

“Twenty One Pilots?” they raised an eyebrow. “I’m surprised you’re just now hearing about this. They’ve been playing nonstop on the radio for the past couple weeks.”

“I don’t listen to the radio,” you narrowed your eyes.

“They’re on tour right now,” they explained. “If I’m right, they’re coming here in about a week I think. They’re sold out.”

“Shit,” you frowned. “I was hoping to talk to him.”

“Well if you’re friends like you say, just hit him up,” they shrugged. “I’m sure he’d be able to get you in. Which one is he? Tyler or Josh?”

“Josh,” you explained. “We went to elementary school together.”

“Wow, must’ve been a real long time then,” they raised their eyebrows.

“Not really,” you shrugged. “We still talked in high school a little bit.”

“Ah, I see,” they nodded their head slowly. “Well I wish you luck and all, but there’s some stuff that’s got to be done around here. No time for coffee breaks just yet. Just because we don’t have customers doesn’t mean we don’t have cleaning to do.”

“Right,” you sighed. “Just give me a minute, I want to finish this article. Cool?”

“Sure thing,” they decided.

The next couple days, your mind was spinning. You had looked up all you could about this band. In fact, you couldn’t even believe it was real. Although you had sort of forgotten about Josh in college, you hadn’t forgotten about your entire childhood with him. You remembered all the hide and seek games during kindergarten, the constant flirting in grade school, skipping out on the dance and cuddling with a movie in middle school, and even your awkward kiss in high school. You quickly learned about how famous they had become, listened to some of the music, which was actually extremely amazing, and watched a couple interviews. Some things about him had changed. He wasn’t as nervous as he used to be, he had dyed his hair different colors, he had lost the nose ring, and he was definitely more confident and looked happier. But some things about him never changed, such as his sunshine smile, the way his eyes crinkled up when he got happy, his little laugh, the way he stared into space when he was trying to think, the lower lip biting, the small things that made you fall in love with him. Hell, he hadn’t even told you he loved you, and you hadn’t done the same. He probably actually hated you, especially after everything that happened, how you ran away after he kissed you, how you ignored him after all those years, how it was like you just flushed every single pinky promise down the drain.

So you told yourself to forget about him. Even when you heard one of the songs play in the coffee shop, even when his face showed up on the front page of the newspaper, even when you saw a customer come in wearing one of his band’s t-shirts, you told yourself to forget. You forced yourself too. Your insecurities and doubt ate you up, convincing you that he didn’t want to talk to you, that he probably forgot about you a long time ago, how those stupid pinky promises were just figments of your imagination. You prepared yourself for the worst. You thought he’d never talk to you again. You thought he’d forgotten about you. You thought he was officially out of your life. And when you expected it the least, that’s when everything got flipped upside down.


As soon as he walked into the coffee shop, you wanted to disappear. Shrink, hide, just plain teleport out of there, anything to keep him from seeing you. It had been so long, and it had ended on such an awkward note, you felt like it would just be extremely strange to talk to him again. Much less, he was famous now. Hell, he probably met so many other people and went so many different places he wouldn’t even remember you. Wasn’t he dating Debby Ryan anyways? Oh right, you weren’t supposed to know that, you just happened to accidentally discover that when you were high key stalking him online. Ugh, sometimes you hated yourself. You were almost about to make a bee line to the drive thru line when your coworker pushed you towards the cash register. “This one’s yours,” they hinted.

“Fine,” you glared at them, turning around and not ready for when you came face to face with him, the only thing separating you being the counter. You swallowed nervously, looking around before meeting his eyes with yours. Ha, and he was supposed to be the one with anxiety. “Welcome to the café. What would you like to order?”

His colorful dyed hair, those dark cocoa brown eyes, the way he wore a backwards snapback, the X-Files tank top, his gages, even the way his lips tugged up at the side and he tilted his head, it made your stomach fill with butterflies. You couldn’t lie, you missed him. He had changed, but he was still Josh. “You don’t remember me?” he frowned, eyes as if they were trying to search for something in yours. “Come on, y/n.”

“It’s been a while,” you sighed.

“It always is,” he rolled his eyes. “These days, anyways.”

“Look at you,” you pointed out. “You’re basically a celebrity now.”

“Me?” he laughed. “Nah, I’m just another dude from Ohio.”

“Sure,” you gave a small smile. “So what would you like to order?”

“I’ll take a black coffee,” he shrugged. “Something simple, you know?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“But more importantly,” he cleared his throat. “I was wondering if maybe I could have dinner with you.”

“With me?” you raised an eyebrow. “Hell, why would you ever want that?”

“Y/n,” he narrowed his eyes. “I’d love that. It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, but I mean, I don’t know. You could literally have dinner with anyone in the entire world you wanted. You’re famous now,” you explained. “Why me?”

“You make it seem like I’m not even human anymore,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on. I’d love to catch up. Isn’t that our thing now? Not talk to each other for a million years and then all of a sudden pick up where we left off?”

“Pick up where we left off?” you repeated. “I believe that was a kiss.”

“Yeah,” he smirked. “It was.”

“You really want to pick up there?” you laughed.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he winked. “No, but really y/n. We should talk.”

“I missed you,” you admitted.

“I always miss you,” he told you. “You’re my best friend forever, remember?”

“How could I forget?” you chuckled. “But hey, how’d Tyler feel about that? It looks like he’s been your replacement best friend lately.”

“You were there before Tyler,” he whispered playfully. “And he’s my best friend. You’re my forever. Don’t forget that.” You both shared a moment of laughter for a second.

“So later, um, is that a dinner or…” your voice trailed off.

“Date?” he finished.

“I’m good either way,” you shrugged. “It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date though.”

“We never really dated before, have we?” he wondered.

“No,” you shook your head. “We haven’t actually.”

“I think we should give it a shot,” he grinned. “You?”

“I’m up for that,” you agreed. “Later this afternoon work for you?”

“That’s perfect,” he replied. “I’ll see you then.”

“Pinky promise?” you asked, smile curling up on your lips as you reached out your pinky to meet his.

“Pinky promise,” he burst out laughing. “Always and forever.”


When you woke up, there were warm arms wrapped around you. The ghost of his lips pressed against your neck, the whisper of his words lingering in your mind, his dark eyes envisioned in your mind as you close yours. You fluttered opened your eyelids and yawned, turning around to face him. He smiled and you frowned. “You’ve been up this entire time?” you scowled.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “You’re cute when you snore.”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes. “Don’t you have a show tonight?”

“Tonight,” he reminded. “I still have the entire morning to spend with you.”

“Won’t Tyler be wondering where you disappeared to?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Nah, he doesn’t need to know,” he reassured. “It’s just you and me right now, y/n.”

“Thank you,” you whispered. “For last night.”

“Anytime,” he smiled. “You know I’m always up for a tub of ice cream, a Disney movie, and a deep conversation.”

“Don’t forget cuddling,” you reminded.

“I never forget cuddling,” he sighed. “Who do you think I am?”

“Hey Josh?” you barely whispered. “Can I tell you something crazy?”

“Well knowing that you’re a crazy person, I assume everything you say is crazy,” he teased.

“Hey!” you giggled, playfully shoving him away. He captured you in his arms, pulling you closer towards him and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

“Yes, you can tell me anything,” he reassured.

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and then opened them, looking into his. There was something you read online once, something about how people’s eyes never change since the day they were born. That’s why babies’ eyes look so big, because their size doesn’t increase or decrease. The eyeball is the only organism that doesn’t grow from birth. It was something peculiar to think about, especially at then at all times and places, but you couldn’t help it. His eyes were something you had fallen in love with the first time you met them. You saw how big and full of concern they grew when he was worried, how they darted around the room when he was nervous, how they grew soft when he was sleepy, how dark and intense they could become when he was concentrated. But most importantly, you loved the way they became all squinty when he smiled. It meant he was happy, and more than anything, you wanted him to be happy. “I know this is long overdue,” you began. “But um…”

“Yeah?” he wondered, looking at you, the anticipation hanging thick in the air.

“I love you,” you told him. “I always have, Josh.”

“Really?” he asked. There was a pause. “Even when you ran away that night? The first time I kissed you? In high school?”

“Even then,” you nodded. “I guess, I don’t know. I was nervous and scared and didn’t know what to do. I was stupid.”

“Like I was in third grade,” he laughed.

“What?” you inquired.

“When I gave you that Valentine card and told you I liked you,” he recalled. “I was so terrified.”

“I remember that,” you chuckled.

“Hey y/n,” Josh cupped your cheek with his hand, gaze caught in yours. “I love you, too. Always have, always will.”

“Pinky promise?” you smirked.

“Pinky promise,” he grinned, both of you linking your pinkies together and giving it a good shake. He wrapped his arms around you and gave you a tight hug. “Listen, it doesn’t matter where I am, what I’m doing, or how much time has passed. You’ll always be my best friend forever, kiddo. And I’ll always love you.”

“I missed you so much,” you sighed, closing your eyes tight and getting lost in the embrace. “I promise I won’t run away this time.  Think I’m here to stay.”

“Yeah?” he wondered.

“Definitely,” you answered. “I don’t think I would last another million years without talking.”

“Me either,” he admitted. “I think I’m going to keep you for good this time.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you smiled, pulling him in for a kiss. When you pulled away, he let out a small laugh. “What’s that for?”

“I’m just surprised, that’s all,” he shrugged. “You’ve never really been one for a kiss on the lips.”

“Well you said it yourself, remember?” you smiled. “We outgrew pinky promises in high school.”

“We’ll never outgrow pinky promises,” he laughed his eyes. “You know that as well as I do.”

“I guess so,” you joked.

“So um, you said something crazy. My turn?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Sure,” you decided.

“Would it be okay if, I don’t know, we were more than best friends?” he wondered. “Forever?”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying, Joshua Dun?” you asked.

“It sounds absolutely insane, but we’ve known each other for a little while now, and I know this is only our first actual date, but I want to live my entire life with you, y/n,” he whispered. His voice grew even softer. “I think I want to marry you.”

“Only if you seal it with an official pinky promise,” you decided with a grin.

“Then I pinky promise,” he reassured. “I promise to love you forever and always.”

“Then how could I ever say no?” you smiled.

I will admit, I had a dream that I cuddled Fox!Kaden  and I woke up wanting to marry him in Birthright. Just look at this happy orange fluff ball!

I am seriously in love with these boys xDDDD

So, Mario Tweeted the two photos below after their performance of “Musical Touken Ranbu in Itsukushima Shrine”.

Notice anyone missing from the second group photograph? Well, their taichou certainly did. LOL!

Sato Ryuji @ryuji7117

Like I said!!!!
I’m not there!!!!!!
What’s up with that!? Do you hate me!?

To which Daichi was quick to reassure.

Saeki Daichi @AND_swgD

I (We) do love you

Aw ♥ It’s okay Kiyomitsu~ Even if you aren’t in the photo, you are loved xDDDD But yes, Mario, we too would love a photo of the reunited Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu xDDDD

Editing to add more Team Sanjou with Kiyomitsu love (including Mario’s response to Ryuji and Daichi’s conversation) xD: http://rz-jocelyn.tumblr.com/post/153083729781/as-a-follow-up-to-this-post

Avengers Chatroom: Overprotective

Requested by Anon.

Pairings: Bucky x F!reader

Scenario: Tony, Nat, Steve and Vision are wanna-be parents who display CONSTANT VIGILANCE over the reader.

Nat has created a chatroom.

Nat has invited Steve, Bucky, Vision, Tony.

Nat: Tony I want you to fire your lab assistant.

Tony: Barry? Why?

Nat: Because he’s a creep and he shouldn’t be around Y/N.

Bucky: What did he do?

Tony: That’s no reason to fire him though. He’s good at his job.

Nat: He flirts with her ALL THE TIME.

Bucky: … Fire him.

Steve: What’s going on here?

Nat: Harmless flirting is okay, but you forget who I am. I can read peoples body language and he is up to no good!

Vision: I heard he’s had 4 girlfriends in the past two months.

Tony: He is fired.

Vision: So I take it there is no potential suitors for Y/N.

Bucky: Maybe there is.


Steve: Maybe it’s best she doesn’t date.

Nat: Yeah I don’t want her getting hurt.

Bucky: … Since when is it up to any of you?

Steve: We just want her to find the right guy.

Bucky has invited Y/N.

Bucky: Your parents are at it again.

Y/N: Really, guys?

Vision: We only wish for you to be happy.



Y/N: What if I found the right guy?

Nat: Age?

Steve: Job?

Tony: I.D Number?

Vision: What is his IQ?

Nat: If he can pass my tests then he is worthy to date you.

Tony: Is it the one with the knives? I love that one.

Nat: And if he hurts you, I will do something to him worse than death.

Bucky: You are all crazy.

Vision: We only want the best for Y/N.

Y/N: I’m not dating anyone, but I’m just saying.

Bucky: I pity the guy who gets to date you.

Steve: Nat, we’re late! Wanda and Peter must be waiting.Talk later!

Vision: I will join you.

Nat: I forgot we had to train them today.

Nat has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony: Maybe I can set you up with a nice guy!

Bucky: That won’t be necessary.

Y/N: Yeah Tony, I can find someone myself.

Tony: F I N E. But you come to me first when you find this guy.

Y/N: Don’t you have to meet Bruce for lunch?

Tony: Thanks for the reminder!

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: So, you pity yourself, Barnes?

Bucky: Doll, if they ever find out, I’m a dead man.

Y/N: I, your knight in shining armor, will protect you!

Bucky: You’re enjoying this waaay too much.

Y/N: Sure am. Meet you in the gym in ten minutes?

Bucky: Maybe we can have a repeat of last time, doll ;)

Y/N: I’m counting on it ;)

Steve has joined the chat.

Steve: Bucky I forgot to ask you if you went over the mission briefing?

Steve: Oh my god


Bucky: oh no

Y/N: Please don’t tell Nat!

Steve has added Nat.


Nat: What?



Bucky: I would never hurt her!


Nat has added Tony, Vision.

Nat: How long has this been happening?

Steve: You are too old!

Bucky: I am not!



Tony: Y/N why would you date Barnes?!?!


Vision: He is unstable.

Y/N: Are you doubting T’Challa? Bucky won’t ever revert to being the Winter Soldier.

Vision: Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight car.

Y/N: Really?

Bucky: Oh no, Y/N is my mission now.


Vision: It is good that he dodged it in time.

Y/N: I would really appreciate my boyfriend not dying. Or being tortured (NAT I’M LOOKING AT YOU).

Bucky: If I ever hurt her, which I won’t, you all have my permission to kick my ass.

Tony: We don’t need your permission to do that.

Y/N: Bucky makes me happy. That is what you all wanted for me, right? To be happy? So can you just accept our relationship?

Nat: You… have my blessings. Don’t forget, Bucky, that I know how to inflict terrible, paralyzing, pain in under 3 seconds. Also, don’t forget that I’m the only one that can calm the hulk down :)

Steve: I guess I was taking this too far. Sorry, Buck. You’re my best friend, there is no better guy for Y/N than you.

Vision: I am sorry I almost killed you, Mr Barnes.

Tony: You people are giving in too easily!

Y/N: Tony.

Tony: Okay, Okay! I approve under one condition though: YOU TAKE IT TO THE BEDROOM AND NOT THE GYM. GOOD GOD, WE TRAIN IN THERE. HOW DISGUSTING.

Y/N has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Tony has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Joyce whispering “I got you” while holding Eleven and hugging her just

Three Swipes, You’re Out

based off of this post made by @tamilprongspotter even though I have no idea how tinder works (there was a lot of wiki how involved and if you want a good laugh you should definitely check that out)

4.1k | ffnet

Lily downloaded Tinder the night her sister got married.

It’s not like- she was just drunk and lonely, okay? Which, she understands now is a pretty stupid reason, but she just watched her sister get married at twenty three, and excuse her for having a bit of an existential crisis just because she’s twenty and hasn’t had any type of fulfilling romantic relationship. It seemed like a good idea at the time even though she knows most people don’t use Tinder for actual relationships, but like she said, she was drunk. Of course, she also tries to convince herself that she’s just twenty; she doesn’t even need to go out and find some sort of fulfilling romantic relationship because she’s a strong, independent young woman who doesn’t need a man to feel fulfilled in life.

(If anyone asks why she’s arguing with herself over Tinder of all things, it’s just because it’s two in the morning and she’s drunk, with mascara smudged around her eyes, struggling to unlock her phone because her fingers don’t seem to work all of a sudden. Long story short, she’s a mess.)

Still though, the whole scenario is pretty fucking stupid, and Mary and they don’t stop taking the piss for almost two weeks.


In all honesty she doesn’t really expect to actually use the app.

She does set up her profile- and by set up she just means adding whatever pictures she thinks she looks cute in, actual descriptions be damned- but that’s about it.

Sometimes she might swipe through it when she’s bored, but it’s only because she’s curious. She wants to see the kind of people the dating app thinks she’ll be good with that’s all.

No other reasons whatsoever.

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Many people might feel that the kiss in episode 7 was the turning point in their relationship where they realised their ‘love’ for one another. But I feel like episode 9 really marked the moment where they realised how much they love each other and wanted to stay by each other’s side.

During this episode, the two of them were separated and did not have each other’s accompany. Yuuri was left to fend for himself in his free program in the Russian Cup, while Viktor had to fly back to Japan to make sure that Makkachin was okay.

It was very obvious that Yuuri was struggling with skating his program without Viktor there, but I would argue that it wasn’t that he had lost confidence without Viktor being by his side. The main reason why he could not perform as well was because he was DISTRACTED by his thoughts. For the first time since he met Viktor, Viktor was not by his side, and it made him realise exactly how much he missed and needed Viktor. That’s why he began to have all sorts of thought such as wondering what would happen if he did not get a gold, and what would Viktor do after the GPF or after he retires. And how he had always wanted the get the gold for the GPF but it was only when Viktor came into his life that he could actually vocalize his dream.

And the same goes for Viktor. Even though we aren’t shown what was going on on his side, he clearly had been thinking alot about Yuuri and evidently, missed him just as much. (As seen from how quickly he ran to Yuuri at the end of the episode). This separation, that the writers had artfully planned, allowed them to truly realise their feelings for each other.

And when they finally do meet, they literally, desperately run for each other. They literally cannot bear to be apart any longer and when they reunite, it can be seen that they both share the same weight of having something to tell something to the other person.

The “things” that Yuuri wants to tell Viktor and the “thoughts” that Viktor had been having are linked, or you could say, are about the same thing. It’s about their true feelings for each other, and the fact that they want to stay by each other’s side, not just being a coach and a student, but something more (lovers, to put it frankly).

And seriously, gosh darn it, the writing in YOI is so beautiful and well-done I just want to curl up in a ball and cry myself into a puddle of tears

I really love the Galra portion on the new poster/promotional art (which is also my new wallpaper, ofc).

Haxus getting carried away by Rover, Prorok looking on nervously as Sendak just attacks nothing for no reason, the one Galra soldier by himself looking dejected. Haggar looks like she’s getting ready to practice her Evil Laugh.

Then there’s these two;

Look at these guys, they’re buddies! I cannot remember if they were in the first season, anybody know? I’m pretty sure even if they were, though, they didn’t get names. Either way, brotp.

And then you have Thace, like;

Okay that expression is just unfairly charming on him, I did not sign up for this. Send help.

I’m rewatching season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy, and I just realized something. Callie’s biggest source of insecurity with George is that she felt like he constantly put his friends before her. She hated the fact that she felt like she wasn’t the most important person in his life. But then years later, when she and Arizona got together, she did the exact same thing with Mark. He was the permanent third wheel in their relationship and Callie would constantly brush off Arizona’s issues with Mark being so involved because he was “family”. But George told Callie that same thing…that Meredith and Izzie were his “family”. I’m just genuinely curious why the two are treated so differently, especially with all the talk of double standards lately. When Callie was upset about Meredith and Izzie, most people thought that was okay and that she had a very valid reason. But when Arizona felt the same way, people attacked her for it and accused her of not being understanding enough. So what is the difference? Why was it okay for one to be perturbed by it but not the other?

Better//NCT - Jung Jaehyun College AU
  • okay so this is my first time doing thing kind of thing
  • sooooo im v v sorry if this isn’t good enough hehe
  • you as a college student, you’re very focused on you studies
  • there is this one very cocky boy
  • named Jung Jaehyun
  • his actually one of the top student in your school
  • including youuuu
  • you two were basically competing each other
  • then there is one time u two were called to the principal’s office
  • there was a slight tension and a lot of awkwardness
  • lyk u were a ghost and vice versa
  • the reason that u two were called is bc….
  • your school is doing a kind of teambuilding activity
  • they asked you to be the hosts and facilitate like everthing
  • you two were making plans like this and that
  • but you were still being  awkward and you were kinda“uhm okay… how 
  • should we start this thing?”
  • he was like “leave it all to me. I don’t need your help”
  • “oh sure whatever you want. I’ll just stay here if you need some help”
  • you don’t really know why he was being like this to you
  • but little did you know jung-freaking-jaehyun has a teeny weeny crush on Y/N!!! 
  • SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! He has been crushing on you ever since you became enemies
  • well not really enemies but since you were competing against each other its kinda like that
  • but he didn’t know that you also like him
  • when he said he didn’t need your help
  • he really meant that he didn’t need your help bc within 3 days he finished everything
  • like everything
  • *claps 4 jaehyun*
  • but as you see him struggling you wentup to him and ask him
  • if he needs some help
  • so he said “are you blind?!?! Im fine!”
  • “uhm sure”
  • you didn’t really know what’s with him
  • or what is his problem with you
  • so you sat at the bench watching him do the stuffs alone
  • when he was done with everything and triple checked them
  • he looked at you and saw that you were feeling down
  • and he was like “OMG WHAT DID I DO??!?? I DIDN’T MEANT TO DO THAT TO HER!!1!!!11”
  • so he consulted his dearest hyung name Lee Taeyong
  • he is v popular among girls and he’s really flirty good at giving advices
  • “hyunnnngg send help!!11!!!11″
  • “WHAT IS IT???”
  • “i need your help!1 you know Y/N right?”
  • they basically talked abt you 
  • and our famous jaehyun asked for an advice on how to confess to you
  • the team building activities started and you two were excused from doing all of those activities
  • you were walking down the halls and you heard someone calling you
  • you turned and it was jaehyun!!
  • “look i want to talk to you abt something”
  • “go ahead” you said 
  • you both go to the rooftop of your building and talked
  • “i wanna say sorry for being so rude to you during the past few days”
  • “oh okay is that all?
  • “Y/Ni also want to say that i like love you”
  • “u serious?”
  • “yes i am and Y/N i love you for a very long time now. i know you dont feel the same way but can we be friends atleast?”
  • you were shookedt af and you dont know what to say
  • “i can’t believe this. i love you too”
  • “can you be my girlfriend?”
  • “yeees!”
  • let’s say that you two became the most popular and the most intelligent among your batch and you two were admired by all

that’s the end ppl! i hope you liked it! and feel free to request scenarios etc.!

“Your choices matter!!”

Okay that’s cute Bioware but like… why did our characters say the key phrase with literally no input from us? 

There are at least two classes, Imperial Agent and Jedi Knight, who have very important and core-to-their-class-story reasons to be completely against using the key phrase on Vaylin. Onomatophobia and “hi I was mind fucked and controlled by Valkorion too!”

So when Vaylin lifts one of those spires to throw at us, why couldn’t we have options that looked like this?


[Divert the spire] (shows if force sensitive)

[Use Keyphrase]

Why have them just automatically use the phrase even if its completely OOC for them to do so? Why can’t they go against Valkorion’s wishes and blatantly call him out on just wanting Vaylin dead for his own schemes rather than yours and the galaxy’s supposed safety?

AND WHY THE FUCK. Why the fuck was that finale sequence played out like some kind of big revelation? There are going to be characters, especially the jedi knight, who would assume and see Valkorin’s meat suit takeover as a fucking given.



There are many reasons why I don’t buy the cynical interpretation that Ariel gives away her identity for a man.

One of them starts in the next paragraph. Another one can be read here.

At the end of the movie, Triton transforms Ariel into a human upon whim.

Well, okay, not upon whim–we’ve just watched two acts proving how ardently Ariel and Eric care for one another–but the point is, Triton isn’t exactly straining when he turns Ariel into a human. No potions or incantations or expressive gestures, like Ursula did. He just taps the water.

The ease of this action suggests that this time, Ariel’s transformation is an option, not a sentence. Turning her back into a mermaid so she can come back to Atlantica is a matter of planning…the sort of schedule nitpickery that adults deal with when they visit their parents for the holidays.

So at the end of the story, it’s not about Ariel facing an ultimatum between her identity and her love-life, because there’s nothing permanent about the arrangement. It’s an allegory for a parent learning to support their child’s decisions. Ariel wants to try something new, and Triton respects her enough to allow it.

“The Lost Special”

So I do search fot ‘The Lost Special’ Arthur Conan Doyle wrote back on his time. But in Amazon. And the description of one of the books they’re selling was this.

[I underlined the most curious things to me]

It’s hilarious.

“passengers disappearing between two stations.” This reminds me of TEH, right?

“A letter appeared on the press.” Hmm, as the birth announcement of Rosie. Always the media.

“giving a proposed solution by a reasoned amateur.” Okay, so this was Sherlock himself?

“Doyle was ‘getting out some Holmes’ during the series hiatus.” DID I READ IT RIGHT???? DURING THE SERIES HIATUS????

“…of the unnamed detective it appears he was parodying his most famous creation.” This is how we felt about The Final Problem.

And for the end, the title. “Tales of Terror and Mystery” just like all those references in The Final Problem to terror films.

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The real reason behind Solar and Moonbyul's V App streams with Wheein and Hwasa
  • Moonbyul: *still salty af that Solar's still on WGM*
  • Moonbyul: Solar's purposely ignoring me
  • Moonbyul: Wheein go on a date with me and let's broadcast it on the V App
  • Wheein: okay!
  • Hwasa: this is a bad idea
  • Weeks later
  • Solar: she did WHAT?!
  • Solar: two can play at that game, Hwasa go on a date with me and we will also broadcast it on the V App
  • Hwasa: *facepalm* I told her that was a bad idea
I am happy

This ending was phenomenal and I like how it went.

First, Yuuri nailed his Yuri On Ice performance, got silver, Victor cried, he landed the quad flip, Victor is coach him again, and the love these two share is out of this world.

A lot of people did not like it because Yuuri did not win gold but I actually am okay with that. Reason is because I believe we just got a confirmation for season two with Victor coaching Yuuri again! So it makes sense!

Yuuri will most likely bring home gold in his next season while Victor will most likely retire along with Yuuri after! Plus, I think we’ll get the wedding we’ve been waiting for! I am very excited for the next season!

  • He would tease, tease, tease, tease
  • But he’d be one of the most amazing boyfriends ever 
  • He’d always be surprising you with flowers and food 
  • So like you’d be at home and he’d rush through the door with ramyun and your favourite flowers for no particular reason 
  • And he’d just smile brightly before kissing you and hurrying you into the kitchen to eat. 
  • When you’d ask what all this was he’d just turn to you and say 
  • “I did this because I love you" 
  • And it would just be the sweetest thing ever 
  • He’d do it throughout your whole relationship
  • Dates with wonho would probably be things like a picnic in the park or the cinema 
  • Like really chilled out 
  • but he wouldn’t care where you were as long as you two were together 
  • Okay so I feel that when it came to nicknames, he’s always want to call you princess or jagi or babe 
  • But I think that when it comes from your mouth he’d only want to hear his name, nothing else 
  • He’d love just hearing you say "Wonho” or “Hoseok”
  • It would drive him crazy and would make his heart skip a beat everytime 
  • Omg that would be such a cute scenario
  • I’m going to write that 

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