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(Fluff anon) Sorry for flooding you with fluff :3 I just had to combat Angst's sad ideas from our messages. I literally woke up and there was a wall of text of sadness in my inbox. It made me cry. It was about what if one day Dark doesn't wake up, that the souls powering his body just ran out / dissipated over the years. ;w;

never apologize for the fluff! and oh my god that’s so sad, i can just imagine angst anon’s descriptions bringing on the full pain there. i hope ur okay now! 

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story time one time wjen i was 12 i fell off the school bus when i was getting off to go into the school and this monitor ran up to me freaking out n asking if I was okay but I hate when ppl get in my face and touch me so all I said was “please don’t touch me” and got up and jus walked away and to this day I still want to apologize for bein a lil bitch to the lady

MAX OHYMGOD NOOOO 12 year old you was not fucking having it

(it’s a sleepover!)

“The problem here tho is that Dean wouldn’t do the same for Cas”

yup, sadly, Dean would never prioritize Cas over his own safety/life

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He’d never forget to sleep out of sheer worry for Cas

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or defend him from people who bad-mouth him like some grumpy bodyguard-bear

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It would never occur to him to call Cas his family

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I’ve actually never seen him fight for Cas like the stubborn motherfucker that he usually is while shouting “CAAAAS!” like some tragic disney character

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Really, he could be more supportive of Cas, this profound bond thing is so unbalanced

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Okay I’ve been shawol as long as I can remember (I cried so hard today) but I want people to know that Jonghyun is such a sweet little pie He was so kind toward others he listened to their problems and would talk about it even if he would get hate for it... his music spoke for himself on what he was feeling (he was very down to earth) I want him to be loved so much because he was so loving towards everyone just like the puppy he is 💛💛 He put people before him ❤️

My condolences to you dear and the warmest hug I can give  ❤️

Jonghyun was one of the kindest people I saw and I am not even exaggerating.  What broke me apart the most was thinking of all the people he helped but how no one could save him … He chooses well his words and knows how to ease the pain of others. I am going to share some of his beautiful songs and lyrics in his memory that will never sound the same to me after today. And yes his music spoke for himself … too bad I only realize it now …

Just Chill HERE

“Sometimes, I wanna be alone, in my empty room
I wanna lay in bed and not think about anything
Sometimes, I wanna push back all the things
that suffocate me and be quiet
Sometimes I get scared, am I gonna be forever alone?
Everyone thinks it’s a waste but it’s not too bad
I’m gonna be lazy in my quiet room all day, oh
Only gonna sleep”

‘Just chill’ is one of the songs I listened to when it rained. I loved being in a car driving back home while it was playing. I used to think it was just a song about being lazy someday and needing some alone time.but now …

Gloomy Clock HERE (A song he composed for IU) 

I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
at this time, I’m depressed
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
what time is it now? 11:30
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
the gloomy clock ticks
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
why did I eat the ramen? I probably gained weight
It’s raining, it’s raining,
making things sticky, it keeps raining
I’m sleepy, I’m sleepy,
I’m too lazy to do anything

This was the song I listened to when I was reading a book while sipping some tea. It felt so calming and their voices brought peace to my ears. Today just reading how many times the word depressed is written makes me out of words.

1000 HERE (It does have a special meaning to me because of the date it was released)

1, 2, 3, another day quickly passes
1, 2, 3, tomorrow is already almost here
Pressing down on my shoulders,
pinning down the shadows
I need a place to comfortably rest

“Hug me, lean on my shoulder
Have strong trust in me”, you know that saying?
I know even though you don’t say it
That is very touching but
Please tell me even if you know

I listened to this song during my birthday and fell for it. It holds many memories. His voice and the lyrics made it turn like a virtual hug. 

Lonely HERE (Ft Taeyeon)

Baby I’m so lonely so lonely
I feel like I’m alone
I don’t want to make it obvious to you
I’m used to just holding it in
Understand me

This is a song about a lonely love, but … now I cry at “I am used to just holding it in”. Also, I always thought he had a genius voice. You can put him with anyone and he will not only sound angelic but make the one singing with him seem even more appealing. A voice that does not compete but marries any voice and makes it shine gloriously.

I’m Sorry HERE 

Look at us in our memories for a moment
You and me, the two of us inside good memories
We’re laughing, we’re crying
We’ve shared so many moments together

What kind of memories are you left with?
Was I really that indifferent towards you?
I want to ask you, I want to know
Am I really the only one left with good memories?

It feels like I’m always alone
The stories you told me
I thought you were just whining
I thought you always felt the same as I do
Walking the same road as you, feeling the same way as you
Inside my delusion, inside my head, you looked happy

I was bad, I was awful
With my selfish ways until the end
I was awful, you’re still struggling
A happy memory only to me until the end

Don’t go, don’t leave
To you in my forgotten memories
Don’t go, please don’t leave me
You know I’ll collapse like this

You’re still struggling, I’m so awful
Sorry, I’m so sorry
You’re struggling a lot, am I the only one okay?
I’ll still apologize irresponsibly

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m fine now, I’m sorry
I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I am sorry, I’m sorry

This is the song that expressed my feelings towards him tonight. When behind his smile he struggled and only now I realize his songs that I thought were a happy memory to me, some of them were a lonely cry that I didn’t hear. 

Diphylleia Grayi HERE (Skeleton Flower:  It turns transparent when it gets wet and dries white)

You’re a flower that becomes
transparent as you get wet
Our relationship, the white petal
becomes damp because of our remorse
Although, you’re transparent, you don’t disappear
When I can’t see you, I thought you aren’t even hurting
So what you couldn’t hold onto even though you knew
Actually hurts like being ripped apart, like dying
Because I’m drenched in tears
That blatant fault of mine can’t be seen now

This is one of the songs I consider a masterpiece. “When I can’t see you, I thought you aren’t even hurting … ”. Drenched in tears of his farewell I never thought a song I listened to because I found it simply stunningly pleasing will turn into a song that will hit me hard and will be Jonghyun giving me a life lesson even after he left. 

Even if the meaning of the lyrics changed for me, even if now his voice who used to be a soothing melody in the air feels like a beautiful sharp truth I didn’t know at this moment … I am sure that he will still be one of those artists whose songs I will play and love for a lifetime. His words, his existence, his actions were all encouraging. Even his last words on Instagram were ‘I pray you aren’t hurting’. How can we not be hurt when we lost you? And we should be the ones praying for you …

 Today the world lost a kind soul and inspiring man. December 18 will never be just another day. Again my condolences to his family, members, fans, and people who are just sad over this sudden goodbye. 

 May he find peace where he is now. RIP angel.

Voltron based off my biology class
  • Lance: *sneezes*
  • Keith: bless you
  • Lance: you're welcome
  • --
  • Shiro: *explaining formula* you have a 6, a 6, and a 6-
  • Pidge and Keith: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *slams hand on desk* SH I T
  • Shiro: wait no-
  • --
  • Hunk: why are we learning about plants I'm not a plant
  • --
  • Shiro: what the fuck are you doing on your phone
  • Keith: what the fuck are you doing with that haircut
  • Shiro:
  • Shiro: okay *walks away*
  • --
  • Keith: you ever just think everything is boring but then you realize that everything is made of cells
  • Lance: yeah, you call that 'woke'
  • --
  • Hunk: i feel obligated to apologize to every leaf i step on because they're made of cells and cells are alive
  • Pidge: bro, the leaf is dead, it's okay
  • Hunk: bUT WHAT IF ITS N O T
  • --
  • Allura: *nonstop giggling*
  • Keith: are you high
  • Allura: probabl y
  • Keith:
  • Keith: *looks into camera like he's on the office*
  • --
  • Keith: *gets test with only one day to study*
  • Keith: *hasn't studied*
  • Keith: this is homophobia
  • --
  • Pidge: go shove a centriole up your ass
  • Keith: bitch that's like one singular organelle- my ass already has organelles, you're basically telling me to shove a leaf up my ass for the additional organelles
  • Pidge: this started as a normal insult and now it's this
  • Lance: what part of that insult was normal??????
  • --
  • Lance: whomst’d’ve’ly’yaint’nt’ed’ies’s’y’es'nya'll'n't
  • Keith: N O FUCK YOU
  • --
  • Shiro: can i quit my job

These are my imagines from my old blog. If anything goes wrong, all imagines are under the “harrylillies” tag. x

Harry & Y/N fight at Anne’s house.

Y/N feels uncomfortable when listening to Carolina & Harry has a few people over after an eventful concert.

Y/N, Harry & three little muskateers.

Harry has the hots for Y/N…who is Fionn’s girlfriend.

Y/N’s Family Definition.

Late Late Styles Inspiration.

Side Effects May Include…

Y/N is Lux’s ballet teacher, Harry is in love.

Y/N visits Harry on the Dunkirk set.

Y/N is a fan and so is destiny.

Harry is interested, Y/N isn’t.

Y/N’s celebrity crush is on TV, Harry is not so happy.

Sprouts are not why Y/N has morning sickness.

Y/N is a nurse and Harry likes to hear all about it.

Y/N is an insecure artist and Harry likes meaningful tattoos.

Y/N had a miscarriage before but she’s ready again.

Y/N is older than Harry but Harry doesn’t care.

Y/N is a police deputy and gets hurt.

Y/N and Harry adopt a child after unsuccessful attempts.

Y/N is hard to get, Harry is determined.

Y/N and Harry’s families are together on a vacation, Harry and Y/N are not so sneaky.

Y/N is graduating medical school and nobody can make it to graduation.

Harry spoiling Y/N.

Mad Harry giving Y/N the silent treatment.

Ticketing cashier Y/N & Harry’s new friend group gone wrong.

Not labeled relationship, dates, kisses and Camille Rowe.

Dunkirk’s loudest cheerleader.

Y/N forgets Harry’s birthday.

Ring Fingers Tattooes.

No Strings Attatched.

Stuck in an elevator a panic attack happens and Harry shares a joke.

Y/N’s “I wish we had never met”.

A kissing scene between co-stars, Harry and Y/N, is what it takes.

Youtubers, Harry and Y/N, announcement’s vlog.

Shy Y/N is intoxicated and it amuses Harry. (+Wild Thoughts cover mention).

Road Trip love realization.

Y/N wants Harry to take a picture with a puppy as they stroll.

Alex one shot.

Harry’s and Y/N’s toddler runs on stage. 

Drabble/Prompt list!

86. “Am I scaring you?”

1. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” & 15. “Well you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.” & 14. “Take. It. Off.”

148. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

51. “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

67. “You’re strong baby, you have to be.” & 70. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

76. “Put your penis away.”

79. “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?” & 83. “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

142. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

41. “You’re going out dressed like that?”

56. “I’m late.”

99. “You got a cute butt.”

71. “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.”

43. “Frost the damn cupcakes.”

26: “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka”, 35: “Take your medicine.”, 43: “I feel like I can’t breathe.”, 44: “You need to see a doctor.”, 69: “We need to talk.” & 85: “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”

2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” & 13. “I lost our baby.”

64. “Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.”

29. “How is my wife more badass than me?” & 37. “Welcome to fatherhood.”

60. “Are you going to talk to me?”

67. “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”

2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

94. “I had a bad dream again.” & 57. “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”

132. “We’re not playing strip poker. I don’t care what I said when I was drunk.”

53. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”

30. “Be you. No one else can.”

28. “You’re still mad?”

61. “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!” 

48. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

38. “You leave whenever you feel like it.” & 40. “Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.”

87. “Stay awake.” 

40. “The kids, they ambushed me.” 

49. “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?”

128. “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting” 

Harry Song Prompt List!

13. “I see you gave him my old t-shirt.”

5. “How could you ever turn her down?”

12. “I’m selfish, I know.”

3. “She’s an angel.” & 5. “How could you ever turn her down?”

1. “Give me some morphine.” & 15. “Tell me that you’re sorry, too.”

Song Inspiration!

Sorry by Halsey

Ease by Troye Sivan

13 Beaches by Lana Del Rey


Distant (pt. II) (pt. III) - The one where Harry cheats on Y/N.

Steady Heart (pt. II) (pt. III) (pt. IV) - The one where Harry needs to increase his media exposure with a steady heart.

S U I T S : - The one where most of Harry’s iconic suits remind him of memories of Y/N.

  1.  {PINK} 
  2. {YELLOW}
  3. {RED}

Just A Warning (pt. II) - The one where Harry and Y/N are childhood bffs and she warns him about the gold diggers of girlfriends he has.

Gotta Get Better (pt. II) (pt. III)  - The one where Harry and Y/N are singers, break up and write songs about each other. 

Social Media Prompts!

Harry announcing his missus’ first pregnancy (Instagram).

Instagram PDA. (Instagram)

The missus surprises Harry and he tweets about it. (Twitter) 

Harry captioning the missus’ picture with his lyrics. (Instagram)

Logan Paul: does something absolutely terrible and is practically forced into making a less than 2 minute apology video that is like really superficial.

Shane Dawson: makes one bad joke a very long time ago then makes an almost 15 minute long video talking about how sorry he is that he was such a shitty person.


like I’m not a huge fan of Shane… He’s just not the kind of creator I enjoy… I’ve never been a fan of Logan either… but COME ON!!!! Really? Shane made one shitty mistake! HE’S NOT A PEDOPHILE!!!! 

moodboard - for @julietcapulct

happy birthday hollie! 🕊️

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How does one color so greatly pls explain the beautiful witchcraft!!

First of all, I’m so sorry for replying so late;;; I was on a hunt for some drawing skills in a Forbidden Forest >:D jkjk 

Thank you for your nice words!!

Okay so I tried to explain my process of coloring as well as I could, I hope it’s understandable;; Also my brain doesn’t want to think in English today so I apologize for any mistakes!

First, I recommend checking out [this] tutorial and other parts of it mentioned in the description of that post. These are really useful and helped me a lot!

Now let’s move on to my way of coloring (I’m using Clip Studio Paint Pro):

Also here’s a gif of the process:

So yeah I suck at explaining but I hope it helped somehow at least a bit ;w; I don’t know much, I usually experiment and rely on what I remembered from hundreds of tutorials and references :’D

Kill la Kill Official Manga Adaptation, Volume 3: Ryuko Matoi
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Oh! You are doing prompts? I know you can do angst because your soulmate story hurt my heart multiple times. *Sniffles* This is probably silly and I only had a few moments to think of it. But.. what about Draco making a list. Like, 'The 8 reasons I hate you.' Maybe they had a break up and definitely need to get back together. Each number on the list gets progressively weaker until he just admits that he hates that he misses him.. or some shit.

It shouldn’t have surprised Draco that Pansy found a way to break into his flat.  Her abrupt entrance did startle him, but not enough to move him from his place on the sofa.  

“It looks like a fucking crypt in here.  Have you died?” Pansy asked, dropping her things on side table.  She pushed Draco’s feet from the sofa so she had a place to sit.

“Piss off,” Draco mumbled, “I told you I would need some space.”

“Yes, you did, but you’re being an insufferable drama queen.  No one has seen you in weeks.  You skipped my Yule party last week and I’m still furious.”

“You didn’t invite me,” Draco said.

“I never invite anyone!  You know that!  But you’ve always been there.”


“Really Draco?”

“I don’t know what you want me to say.”

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omg what about swimming with 2013/14 Harry at a hotel you are staying at and you haven't seen each other in a while because of tour so he is in a clingy mood 😩👌🏼 holding you close in the water as he has his lips right against your ear telling you sweet nothings ughhh plz continue this -

“Yeh know what?” Harry starts off, hovering his lips teasingly over your skin, little droplets of water dripping from the ends of his soaked curls. His words are soft and so quiet, yet they give you chills that travel all the way down your spine, leaving settle goosebumps all over your skin.  

“I missed yeh.”

Harry pulls you closer to his body, wrapping his tattooed arms around you, and you nuzzle your face against his collarbone, feeling warm and safe as a cool breeze of wind travels through the air.

“Missed your voice.”

You feel his nails scratching lightly down your back, and travelling their way back up into your hair, massaging your scalp, causing your eyes roll back from the good feeling.

“Your touch and love.”

“Just yeh.”

Do you have one in blue? ~ Tree Bros

In which the computer lab scene happens, but it’s Pastel!Connor and Emo!Evan created by @softmushie. I got really carried away by this so I apologize profusely. It was actually kinda hard to write? But yeah. I really hope you enjoy it and I really adore your AU and all of your artwork/animatics!

Also! Two A.M. cotton candy party headcannon was made by @volarfinch! Thank you for the beautiful idea that will forever be one of the best headcannons ever!

WC: 1,455

Warning: Swearing, Panic attack, Implied suicidal intentions


Part 2

Part Three

Also it’s midnight here and I really should be in bed (but sleep is for the weak) so sorry about the horrible writing! Okay. I’m done. Go read.

“So, what happened to your arm?”

Evan turned towards the sound of the voice and nearly had to squint at the sight. Through all the holographic hair clips and shining, colored streaks of hair, Evan somehow managed to figure out that the source was none other than Connor Murphy, the kid he pushed earlier that day. He scoffed and unconsciously scratched at the small amount of skin above his cast but beneath his elbow. “I fell out of a fucking tree,” Evan mumbled.

“You fell out of a tree?” Connor repeated. “That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m so sorry.”

Evan rolled his eyes. “Why are you sorry? It’s not like you pushed me out of the tree.”

Connor stood uncomfortable, shifting his weight from foot-to-foot. He gripped the paper in his hand a bit more tightly. “I see, uh, no one’s signed your cast.”

“Yeah. I know,” Evan said, tossing his bag over his shoulder. Why couldn’t Connor take the hint that he wasn’t one to make conversation with? Just let him grab his paper off the printer and leave for his next class. The sooner he got this school day over with, the sooner he could get into his moms medicine cabinet.

“Well, I’ll sign it,” Connor smiled, tucking a strand of pastel pink hair behind his ear.

“Oh.” How was Evan supposed to react to that? Connor—the kid who’s constantly picked on for his love of bright and colorful things. The kid who Evan had pushed earlier that day because he was so mad at some stupid offhand comment about his own looks that he had to take it out on someone else. The kid who just so happened to be the older brother of Zoe Murphy, Evan’s crush—wanted to sign his cast. “You don’t, um, you don’t have to.”

Connor shrugged. “You have a sharpie?” Evan dug into his coat pocket and pulled out the black sharpie his mom had gave him that morning. Connor grimaced at the marker. “Do you have one in blue?”

Evan frowned. “No I don’t have one in fucking blue.”

The taller boy smiled and set the paper he was holding down on the desk beside him. He swung his backpack off his shoulders, unzipped it, and pulled out his cotton candy covered pencil case. “I think Zoe gave mine back to me,” Connor said as he looked through the small case. Evan could see that the pencil case was filled with dozens of different colored sharpies. Some of the caps had small teeth marks from when Connor held them in his mouth while he was using the marker.

“Here it is!” Connor smiled and uncapped it. He carefully grabbed Evan’s cast and, in big, bold letters, spelled out “CONNOR” with a small smiley face at the end.

Evan raised an eyebrow at the size of the name. “Oh. Wow. Thanks?”

“Don’t mention it,” Connor said as he packed up his things. He gasped and grabbed the paper off the desk, handing it to the emo boy. “Here. I found this on the printer. I think it belongs to you? ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ that’s you, right?”

Evan snatched the paper from his hands and stuffed it into his pocket. “Yeah. It’s just, um, it’s a shitty letter, paper I had to write for the, um, a class,” Evan managed to get out. He felt his palms start to sweat. Shit! Not here, not now! Please!

“Hey, are you okay?” Connor asked, putting a hand on Evan’s shoulder. “You look like you’re about to pass out.”

Evan pushed him away and stumbled out of the computer lab. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why did you have to have a panic attack now? And for some shitty reason, non the less! Connor hadn’t even read the whole letter! Probably? He did see it was my name. Shit. He read it, didn’t he? These thoughts ran through Evans head as he headed for the second floor boys bathroom. It was almost always empty which was great because Evan could go there when his panic attacks set in. He stomped inside and went to the back stall, stuffing himself into the back corner and tucking his legs into his chest.

He was so focused on leaving that he didn’t remember to close the bathroom door.

“Evan? I don’t really know what’s going on, but I don’t think I’m supposed to just leave you here alone,” Connor said as he entered the small bathroom. He closed the door and went to the back stall, kneeling in front of the slightly shaking boy. “What do you need me to do?”

Evan couldn’t answer. He couldn’t talk. Heck, he couldn’t even move his mouth. He just sat there shivering, trying to control his breathing.

Connor pulled off his multicolored vest and tossed it over Evan’s shoulders. “I know you already have a jacket on, but you were still shivering so this might help,” he explained.

Connor bit his lip as he watched the emo boy take big, gulping breaths. An idea popped into his mind. Connor went into his bag and pulled out his cotton candy pencil case once again, grabbing a purple sharpie from inside. He gently grabbed Evan’s cast and set it in his lap. “Hey, try this, okay?” Connor drew a small square on the underside of the cast. “When I trace the line up, breath in. But don’t let go until I trace the line going down, okay?”

Evan silently nodded, squinting through newly-forming tears to watch Connors square. He followed Connors instructions and was surprised at how well it helped to control his breathing. After 43 fully completed squares, Evan was breathing normally again. He was surprised when he heard his own voice thank Connor for helping him.

Connor smiled and capped the marker. “Don’t mention it. Again.” He put the sharpie away and pulled out a light green one. He started to draw a small vine with leaves on his forearm.

Evan watched, entranced by the calming stroke of Connor’s sharpie. He felt like a complete fool when he said, “can you draw that on my cast?”

Connor stared at Evan for a few seconds before breaking out into a giant grin. “Of course!”

The rest of the school day was spent hiding in the second floor bathroom. When the bell rang indicating school was over, Evan’s cast was covered in pastel colored flowers, sweets, different shapes, and even a mini self portrait of himself. Evan gathered his things and gave Connor his vest back. He was ready to go home and…oh. Right. His moms medicine cabinet. Evan forgot about that. At least today was a good day to end on, right?

“Do you want me to bring you pink or blue cotton candy?”

Evan looked at Connor with questioning eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Zoe and I are gonna have a two a.m. cotton candy party and I was wondering if you’d want me to bring you some tomorrow?” Connor explained, putting away his things and standing up.

“Why would you want to bring me some?” Evan asked and walked out of the bathroom, the pastel boy in tow.

“Because you’re my friend!” Connor said happily. “So, pink or blue?”

Evan shrugged. “Surprise me.”

“Okay. Yeah. Sounds good.” Connor spotted Zoe in the crowded hallway. “I’ve gotta go. But I’ll see you tomorrow, Evan!” With one last smile, Connor walked away from Evan and towards his sister.

When Evan got home that afternoon, he tossed his bag on the couch and made a beeline for his moms bathroom. She wouldn’t be home till late that night which left Evan with more than enough time to do what he needed to do. He opened Heidi’s medicine cabinet and scanned the contents quickly before finding what he needed; his moms sleeping pills. Unfortunately, the few Xanax Evan had left wouldn’t be enough to do the job. So these pills would be doing the honors.

As Evan reached for the pills, he couldn’t help but notice he used his broken arm. Of course, the first thing that caught his eye was the giant “CONNOR” on it. That’s right. Connor was bringing him cotton candy tomorrow. Evan didn’t know if he was getting pink or blue. With a sigh, Evan closed the cabinet and shuffled back into the living room. He plopped onto the couch and flicked on the tv, playing whatever show just happened to be on there.

Evan would have to wait on those pills for another day. After all, he just had to know what colored cotton candy his friend was giving him. Who wouldn’t want to know something like that?

~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~PART THIRTEEN

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 14:END]

Originally posted by jkguks

Jungkook quickly jogged in the direction of your dorm room. How could he be so stupid? Even if Y/F/N was his pen pal, he was willing to let go of you and your friendship? After everything? What a dick move, he thought to himself.

He didn’t know why you were the one apologizing when he was the dick who didn’t even look in your direction for the past two weeks. He wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t open the door.

“Y/N?” He lightly knocked on your room door. Were you even there?

“He’s here,” he heard a low voice through the door.

“Shut up, Tae!” He heard you shush through the door.

“Y/N, I know you’re there,” Jungkook sighed, leaning his arm against the door.

“I don’t need to hear it. I know I lied to you and I’m sorry, okay?” You murmured. 

“You’re not the one who should be apologizing. It’s me, really.”

“It is?”

“Yeah. I was an inconsiderate asshole who deserted you. Sure, I was hurt because I thought you were just averting me from meeting my pen pal whom you knew all along. But a part of me knew you wouldn’t do that. Yet, I didn’t listen to that part of me. So I stopped seeing you. At first, it felt like I was empty but then it hurt. Really hurt. I saw you around, alone at the cafe or on campus and damn, I was crushed. But I had my stupid pride and ignored your obvious sadness. You don’t know how much I wanted to walk up to you sometimes, but those times were when I was around Y/F/N.”

He heard you scoff at the mention of her name. He continued, “I honestly can’t believe that I was willing to give you up over something so stupid. You’re way too special to me, Y/N.”

“Meaning?” Taehyung shouted from the other side of the door, urging him to go on. Jungkook heard the sound of a smack and Taehyung winced, “Ow!”

From beside you, Taehyung sat criss-crossed, rubbing his arm which had a newly formed red mark on it. “What was that for?”

“Be quiet, would you?” You pleaded, nodding your head towards the door.

“Meaning I care about you…a lot. Maybe a little too much, for my own good,” Jungkook replied vaguely. What was that supposed to mean? You wanted to urge him to elaborate but it seems, once again, Taehyung beat you to the punch.

“Which means?” 

“Y/N, I love you.”

Before you could process what Jungkook had just said, an inhuman sound was heard from next to you. 

Turning your head to the side, you saw Taehyung laying on the ground, clutching his chest, and his eyes shut.

“Namjoon hyung owes me twenty dollars!” He hollered, jumping up. “Y/N, I’m helping you out here. Have fun!” Taehyung opened the door and made eye contact with Jungkook for a split second, before breaking out into a grin. 

“Good luck,” Taehyung patted Jungkook’s arm and slid past him and ran out of your dorm. Your eyes stayed glued to the carpet floor under you.

“You what?” You managed to speak. 

Rubbing the back of his neck, awkwardly, he sighed, “Yeah, I know; funny way of showing it, right? But I guess I was just so hurt by what you ‘did’, and my pride got in the way.”

As if breaking out of your daze, you shook your head, “But I lied to you first. Yeah, you made me feel like absolute shit, but it was my fault. If I didn’t lie in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened.” You stood up in front of him. 

“You had a good reason,” He said, softly.

“Being insecure? Wow, what a great reason,” You rolled your eyes at yourself.

Jungkook took hold of your hands, “I made you feel insecure. I was rude enough to accuse you for not being my pen pal once I got here. I’d do the same if a girl showed up at my door and looked at me the way I looked at you. But believe me, I never looked at you like that again.”

When you said nothing, he took it as an opportunity to keep talking, “As we kept hanging out, I realized how freaking attracted I was to you. Not because of your appearance, not gonna lie though, you rock the whole I don’t give a fuck about my hair look, but because of your personality. Whenever you were looking away or telling a story, man, I only had eyes for you. Call me cheesy but I don’t care. Y/N, I definitely don’t deserve you but please take into consideration my apology,” Jungkook pled, not letting go of your hands.

 Looking down at his hands holding yours, you realized just how well they fit together. Feeling your cheeks heat up, as if you were just remembering that he was confessing, you looked away. 

“Kook, I know you hurt me, but I forgive you.”

“That easily? No way. Can’t you yell at me or scold me?”

“Kook, I’m not your mother. I forgive you. It’s Y/F/N who I don’t, nor will ever forgive.”

Biting his lip, he looked down at you. “No offense because I knew you two were friends at one point, but she’s annoying as hell.”

“Oh, I know,” you scoffed with laugh.

“Seriously! If she wasn’t exposed I probably would’ve found out sooner that she wasn’t my pen pal. She was so…clingy? Definitely not my Sarcastic Princess,” he finished with a smirk. 

Your Sarcastic Princess, huh?” You raised an eyebrow.

“I still can’t believe I didn’t realize. You’re the same person! I mean, at least I don’t feel bad anymore, though,” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Feel bad about what?”

“I was kind of torn…I had this small crush on her but then I had feelings for you and you have no idea how confused I was as to how I could like two people at the same time. Turns out, it wasn’t two people.”

Rolling your eyes with a smile, you said, “Well, hey, if it makes you feel any better, the feelings are mutual.”

“They are? Even after–”

“If my actions were so easily forgiven by you, why can’t be yours?” You shrugged. “Plus, who needs drama? I miss our lazy days when all we cared about was that essay we needed to write for the next day.”

“I like the sound of that,” Jungkook smiled, thoughtfully. If he didn’t love you as much before, he certainly did now. Relationships weren’t perfect, but for the two of you, your fizzle happened before it actually started, and that was okay.

“So? Past is in the past?”

“First I need to do one thing…Hm, make that two things,” Jungkook grinned. 

“What?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“Firstly,” He began, before cupping your cheeks and placed a soft peck to your lips. It lasted only a few seconds, but it was enough to make your heart race.

 After pulling away with a cheeky smile, Jungkook grabbed your hand and tugged you out of the room. 

“Secondly, how about we get some revenge?”


Part 14?👀👀👀

BTS ReactionYou Being Too Insecure to Fool Around With Them

Requested by Anonymous“Hey there your writing is amazing! May I request a reaction? Where their s/o is insecure with their body (chubby, scars, stretch marks, etc) and worried to fool around with them?”

Note → This one is a good one! LOL, thank you for requesting and pls, feedback is very much appreciated. ♡

Jin — Stumbling into his bedroom, you were suddenly on his bed as he broke the passionate kiss from your lips and feathered his own over your neck — his warm fingers brushing against your skin as they reached up your shirt. As much as you wanted to enjoy this, your mind was attacking you with words as sharp as knives, haunting you whilst your hands quickly went over his in a panic. “Stop.” Your voice was cold, piercing the air as Seokjin looked to you with wide eyes.

And immediately, he understood as he watched you grip your t-shirt with an unconfident expression.

He kissed your cheek, pulling you towards the fluffy pillows as he wrapped his large arms around you in reassurance.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga — The moment he lifted your legs off the ground to wrap them around his waist while pinning you to the wall and attacking your lips fervently, your heart constricted as you began to worry — about not having the right body, not knowing how Yoongi expected you to be, not being enough. “N-no,” you mumbled, pulling away from him as his features flashed with hurt, “I can’t.”

Wrapping your own arms around yourself, you looked away from him once he asked if he did anything wrong, and as time passed and your insecurities were brought out to light — he smiled warmly.

“No matter what,” he whispered as you rested your head on his shoulder, “you’ll always be beyond beautiful to me.”

Originally posted by eunbeams

J-Hope — The night flashed before your eyes, not even fully processing what was happening as you and Hoseok were suddenly on a bed inside a dusky bedroom where a large party was roaring outside the walls. Your eyes were clouded with lust, feeling his smooth lips leave chills running down your skin and it wasn’t until he stood up to unbutton his jeans when reality decided to slap you in the face and you began to panic.

Immediately, you rolled off the bed and landed on the fluffy rug as Hoseok quickly went to your side and asked what was wrong, which you replied: “I have to leave.”

Instantly, he pulled you into his broad chest as his arms clung onto you tightly. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered, “regardless of how you feel, I would have waited an eternity for you. Please, don’t ruin yourself with those thoughts and just speak to me.”

Originally posted by itsbangtanposts

RapMonster — Sitting on his lap, you stared at him in shock as you had slapped his hand that had crept up your shirt away, the boy only raising an eyebrow. “Are you okay?” He questioned, and as you gulped once, the words calmly slip your mouth.

You weren’t asking for attention, only laying out what and how you actually felt about yourself to the one you loved — yet, his expression only softens in remorse before an apology springs into the air. “If you feel that way, then obviously I’m doing something wrong.”


“Yes, (y/n).” He whispers, staring into your eyes. “I promise I’ll help you, no matter how long it takes — I’ll make you feel beautiful.”

Originally posted by sugutie

Jimin — “Jagiya,” he whispered, the name alone nearly warping you into another world. You felt his hips thrust into yours, both of you still in your clothes as you let out a soft moan; never feeling Jimin working to lift up your shirt. Yelping in fright once you feel him peck your fading scars and not so pretty stomach, you push him away as you hide under the fluffy blankets and leave him beyond confused.

He laid there staring out the dark window while trying to process what he did wrong, only remembering the brief flashes of the incident that had caused you to ignore him. Sighing, he lifted the blankets to find your back facing him and immediately, he hugged you.

“I love you, okay?” he whispered into your ear, “I know how it feels, trust me, and I will help you through it.”

Originally posted by mrtonguetechnology

V — “What’s wrong?”

His question lingered in the air, the ‘plop’ of his lips leaving yours echoing inside your brain as you could only stare at him in shock. “What?” You questioned, wondering what Taehyung could have meant until he narrowed his eyes and at that moment you knew, you knew he had caught on to your sliver of fear.

After explaining to him on how you hated your body, disliking the various scars painted around your skin — he embraced you into his chest before leaving a huge and wet kiss onto your cheek, making all negativity melt into the ground.

“We can cuddle,” he says, flashing you his boxy smile beneath the darkness, “anything. As long as I’m with you, I’ll always be happy.”

Originally posted by cuteshibes

Jungkook — “Will you still love me?” You asked in between breaths, “will you still love me after seeing everything beneath this clothing?”

The question caught him off guard, hearing you voice your insecurities to him at such a moment that his libido had vanished. He held you against his chest, watching you dig you face into his neck whilst you fell asleep, watching you breathe the slightest and crinkle your nose before sleep began to drown you into darkness.

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered to no one in particular, “anything that makes you, you — I’ll fall in love with. So you don’t need to feel worried, never.”

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character aesthetics | jason grace

for @cindersart

i’m fighting myself. i know i am. one minute i want to remember. the next minute i want to live in the land of forgetting. one minute i want to feel. the next minute i never want to feel ever again. [x]

anonymous asked:

I need a reddie soulmate au where all the losers have soulmarks except Eddie and Richie, but they still like each other so much and one day when Eddies sad about not having a soulmark Richie draws something on Eddie and draws the same thing on himself and as I wrote this I actually started tearing up WOW

imma do some headcanons!! y’all ready??


-everyones SAID to be born with a soulmark. a little tattoo (heh) somewhere on your body that matches identical to someone elses

-some people, however, are born soulmate-less. meaning that they have no tattoo and are destined to fall out of love for the rest of their lives

-richie and eddie don’t have soulmate marks

-however they are veRy gay for each other (but they dont admit it)

-one day eddie sees stan and bill being a cute couple and he just gets sad

-bc he knows he’ll never have that and he just :((((

-richie immediately notices

-he pounces on eddie like “whats wrong?”

-eddie mumbles that its stupid

-richie assures him nothing hes upset about is stupid

-eddie explains his feelings. how he wants to be in a relationship like them and how he has no soulmate and its just not fair.

-richie stays silent for a moment before pulling a black permanant marker out of his bag

-“richie wtf are you doing”

-richie draws a small heart on his thumb.

-he takes eddie’s hand and draws the same thing

-eddie most definitely tears up

-eddies liked richie for a couple years and this is just the icing on the cake

-eddie quietly mumbles that he likes richie but he hopes he doesnt hear

-oh boyo …. he hears

-“awe, you like me, eds?”

-“shut up richie”

-“why would i do that when i gotta tell you i like you back?”

-they start dating

-even if they arent “soulmates”, they love each other and want to stay together and they’re trying their hardest

-one day, they get into a fight and eddie storms out of richie’s house

-richie chases him down, apologies, and everything is okay. they didnt break up, they discussed what happened and fixed the problem

-richie wakes up the next morning to a scream

-he jumps out of bed and hes like “WHTA HAPPENING are yOU OKAY”

-eddie holds out his hand and theres a small heart on his thumb

-“it wont come off i dont unDERSTAND”

-richie lifts up his hand and he has the same one

-they both realize it at the same time and smile so big

-they proved the laws of the universe wrong. so wrong, the universe made them soulmates.


anonymous asked:

LAMP, au where everyone is born with wings distinctive to their personality but can only fly after meeting their soulmate (can be platonic if you want), fluff please!!!

**This got so ridiculously long, and I am so, so ridiculously pleased. This is 2,760 words. How did this happen? 

Warnings: Small amount of swearing, some angst but I couldn’t resist a fluffy ending, lots of tears shed

This is poly sanders, Romantically involved because I’m a sucker for romance**

It happened when Virgil was born. There was a problem with the birth and he had to have surgery done, resulting in the loss of his wings.

“What did they look like?” He used to ask his mother. She’d tell him how soft they were, how dark they were, the color of the night sky dipped in the ocean. How beautiful they could have become. After awhile, he asked less and less sad to hear about what could have been and what would never be, and by the time he was ten he had come to hate the mere mention of his non-existent wings.

All of the adults pitied him, all of the children teased him.

Virgil was teased for it, of course he was, all throughout school. All the other children had wings, all the other children would find their Soulmates.


It was bitter on his tongue.

Another tragedy all the winged beings encompassed themselves with.

Everyone had a Soulmate.

‘You probably don’t even have a Soulmate. That’s why they took your wings away.’

At first, he denied it. He wanted so desperately to fit in. He told them, he did have a Soulmate, and his Soulmate would be the most beautiful person ever. They’d tease him. They’d laugh at him. They’d tell him he was wrong.

He’d never have a Soulmate.

And he grew to hate them, too.

He grew to hate his non-existent Soulmate. The reason he was teased. The reason he was mocked. The reason he was alone.

Virgil would never have a Soulmate.


It was years after he had graduated high school that he met another with very similar thinking to his own.

They had run into each other on the street. An accident, really. Virgil hadn’t been looking where he was walking, hood pulled up and eyes cast down, and had collided with a man as he turned the corner.

Logan, he’d soon learn, hadn’t been watching his steps either; nose buried in some book more important than his steps.

Virgil was sarcastic and bitter, Logan was frozen, frowning at his wings.

“Do I know you?” He asked finally, as Virgil stepped past.


“You sure?”


“It’s just….” He shivered.

“I don’t care.”

Two years later, and they were happily living together as a couple.

Logan had similar thoughts to Virgil when it came to Soulmates.

“I don’t want my love to be determined by “pre-existing forces”. I should be allowed to decide for myself who I live the rest of my life with.”

Semi-similar to Virgil at least- Logan’s view point wasn’t stemmed from years of self-loathing and teasing.

“Good thing you got me then,” Virgil would say, smirking. After all, they loved each other, but Logan couldn’t fly.

He once said that his wings felt odd whenever Anxiety was around. Lighter almost, but said his heart felt that way too and then the conversation would usually lead into the “emotions” territory, which both men were terrible with.

But, they knew they loved each other, and that’s all they needed.


“I…. I met my Soulmate today.”

Virgil immediately dropped his phone to the couch, eyes wide for a split second before falling flat and empty.


“Yeah…. It was… odd. My wings,” He glanced behind him, flexing out the gray feathered appendages so they brushed the ceiling and then folded them back and frowned, “I felt…. they fluttered. All on their own. It was like air was-”

“Yeah, I get it,” Virgil cut him off. Logan snapped his mouth shut.

Virgil didn’t like talking about his own wings, yes, but he seemed to live through Logan. Always asking to feel the otherswings, to groom them. He’d ask for Logan to tell him how they felt in the wind, how it felt to sleep, how it felt to have them pet…. He may not remember having his own wings, but he did seem to miss them.

“I’ll take you flying one day,” Logan told him one night as they curled together in a hammock, his left wing draped over them. “I’ll carry you in the sky with me in the night. Just you and me.”

“If you’re flying you’ll have your Soulmate,” Virgil had pointed out bitterly, a word very accurate to anytime he discussed Soulmates.

“Sure. I’ll find them, but I don’t need a Soulmate. I have you, and you’re all I want.”

“Look, just get on with it already.” Virgil’s words snapped Logan from his thoughts.

“Get on with what?” He asked in confusion, not an emotion he particularly liked, but one he found himself dealing with often when it came to his boyfriend. For someone who didn’t like feelings, Virgil had quite a few of them.

“You’re leaving, right? You’ve discovered your real Soulmate, you’ve realized being with me is foolish and you’re going to go be with them, right?” He wasn’t looking at Logan now, simply staring at his lap. His tone was emotionless.

“Hey,” Logan’s tone was sharp. He immediately walked over and sat beside the other. “Virgil,” He picked up the others hand and got no resistance. “Yes, I’ve found a Soulmate, but that means nothing. I’m interested, I suppose that’s the pull of the soulbond, but I would never, ever leave you. It’s you’ve I’ve fallen in love with Virgil, and it’s you who I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with, soulbond be damned.”

Virgil couldn’t stop himself, “Don’t say that.” He sniffled, “I know the power of a soulbond.” He didn’t, obviously, but he had been told, “I know it’s nearly impossible to resist. I don’t…. I don’t want you to hurt, because you’ve ignored them, I-….”

Logan reached out and lifted the others head, his own eyes meeting Virgil’s watery own.

“I just don’t want you to leave me-” His voice cracked at the end, and Logan was holding him then. Whispering soft sweet nothings and promises he would never break.

He would never leave Virgil. He could never leave Virgil.

If he could, he would give his own soul to him.


Through lots of talking, and after many months, Logan began happily dating his Soulmate, Patton. Whom, he’d come to find, was not his only Soulmate.

“Who knew you were so high-maintenance,” Virgil joked when he found out.

“It’s very upsetting,” Logan had frowned.

“How so? We not enough for you now?” It was a joke, but Logan always took Virgil’s self-depreciating humor seriously. Some small part of Virgil was thankful for that.

“You shouldn’t measure yourself out like that. Virgil, you’re greater than you know.” He kissed the others head, “And, I was referring to the fact that I still am unable to carry you through the skies.”

“Hm, well I’m still holding you to that, so get on that “finding your other Soulmate and/or Soulmates” thing.”

Logan smiled.

“Yes dear.”

After about three months of Patton and Logan being together, Virgil finally met the famed “Heart”.

Virgil never understood why Logan referred to him like that. Yes, Logan gushed (though, he wouldn’t admit to it) about the other and his emotional state of every second of every day, and how open he was about his feelings, but the nickname was still out of place.

Then, Virgil saw him.

His wings, large, red, and shimmering, were the shape of a heart when extended to full length. A large extension of the man himself.

It took merely three weeks for Virgil to fall head-over-heels for the other man, but he never said a word. This was Logan’s Soulmate- Virgil didn’t belong anywhere in that mix.

So, he kept his distance. He stayed out of the confusion that was Soulmates. Especially, Soulmates that weren’t his.

Puppy love, he called it. He was sure it’d pass.

It didn’t.

Everyday, it seemed his affections grew, until one day he confessed his feelings to Logan, apologizing over and over about butting in where he doesn’t belong, about getting in the way of his and Patton’s soulbond.

“Virgil,” Logan had said, “Virgil it’s okay. You can’t help who you love, anymore than I can. Love is okay, Virgil. You’re the one who taught me that. It’s okay.”

And a day later, Virgil had more than he could have hoped as he sat inbetween his partner of so many years, and his partner of seven minutes.

Patton had, or so he said, loved Virgil since the day they met.

Virgil said Patton was just being dramatic.

Patton only ruffled his wings in reply.


“Why don’t you understand, I have no control over this?” Logan ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

“You said you did! You said you’d never leave me! That you chose me!” Virgil yelled back, tears streaming down his face.

“I can’t choose who my Soulmates are, it’s not my fault!” Logan shot back, raising his voice in frustration more than anger.

He had met his Soulmate. Apparently, he had only two. He had all but flown (literally, he had to restrain himself) when he had run into a young man hurrying out of the local town hall, the two running hard into each other, but Logan having leaped back (okay, maybe he had kinda flown) so he didn’t fall.

Logan could finally fly.

He had flown home immediately to tell Virgil, who had been ecstatic to learn Logan had found his other Soulmate. Getting to know Patton and understand Soulbond’s better had really opened his mind and allowed him to see past what years of pain had done to him.

A week later, Logan was already dating Roman, and that’s when things got rocky.

Roman was all Logan talked about. Roman was all Logan thought about. Roman was all Logan cared about.

Then Pat.

Patton met Roman.

Lo and behold, Roman was his final Soulmate as well, and he had soared with love, high into the sky.

Roman had a third Soulmate, though, as Virgil had been told he still couldn’t fly.

And now, two months later, Virgil was done. He had been hoping, he had been hoping so hard things could work.

But his love wasn’t even close to enough when it came to soulbonds. They would always be more. They would always be better. And they would always be…. not him.

He knew he loved Logan and Patton. He knew they loved him, too. Though his mind liked to say it was lies, he had put all his faith and hope into their love and he would trust them with it.

It was hard though.

He wanted to believe the others loved him. He wanted to be enough for them. But, it was obvious now that he wasn’t. He’d never compare to their souls. He’d never compare to what they had.

Not him.

Not the wingless, soulless nobody.

Not Virgil.

Which lead to now. When Virgil had declared their relationship over. When he said he was leaving.

“You said you understood that I was with them! If you didn’t like that I was with them, why didn’t you say something?!” Logan fumed.


Virgil screamed, and the tears fell.

Everything was silent.

“Because, I could never, ever make you choose. Because, I know that you could never choose me over your soulbond.”

“What do you know about Soulmates?” The words left his mouth in rage, and died immediately in the battle.

It didn’t matter.

Their damage was done.

Virgil sobbed and covered his mouth with his hand.

“Virgil, I didn’t mean it-”

He was gone. Out the door like lightning, and tears falling like rain.

He wouldn’t know, but Logan immediately called Patton, and both took to the skies to look for him.

Hard to find one man in a city though, however hard they looked.

He managed to make his way towards the center of the city, twisting through streets until he was sure he had to be in another Country, walking for long, long hours he never wanted to end. He didn’t want to go back and face what had happened He didn’t want to face the reality he had been thrust into.

Why couldn’t he just have a soulbond like everyone else? Why couldn’t he have been normal?


He fell backwards as another person collided with him.

He kept his gaze on the ground as the other lept backwards into the air.

Another person to rub it in his face how alone he was.


Suddenly, hands were holding his face, and making him look upwards into the face of one of the handsomest men he knew. Though, to be fair he was, had been, dating the other two.

“You’re- why are you crying? Are you hurt?! Is my first act upon finding my true love only to hurt them?! Oh, how tragic! How dismal! How utterly horrific of me! I must-”

“Let go of me,” He pushed the other off and scrubbed at his eyes with his hands, “you didn’t do nothin’. I’m fine.”

“Well, that’s one relief,” The other sighed, but then he knelt down and was brushing the hair from Virgil’s face, “But, when I find out whoever it was that hurt my Soulmate, they won’t be so happy.”

Virgil chuckled bitterly, the salty tears finding the corners of his lips as if to remind him he needed to be sad.

“Don’t know if you’ve noticed buddy,” He motioned to his back, “But, I’m afraid you have the wrong guy.”

“Nonsense!” He jumped at how loud the other became, “It was your touch that brought me flight, thus it is your final soul that is bound to mine!”

Virgil scowled at the ground, “Look. I don’t have a soul, so it can’t be me. Just leave me alone!”

His pursuer stayed silent. He crouched down in front of Virgil and brushed the hair, once more, from his eyes.

“I don’t know what’s befallen you in life to make the sun so dark in your eyes, and I can’t take those filters away, but allow me to help, and I can brighten the sun tenfold until all you can see is its beauty.”

And it was all Virgil needed.

He had lived, all his life, every waking moment, believing he was soulless. That he couldn’t be anybodies. He couldn’t, wasn’t, like others. And suddenly, this man swoops in and tells him he has a soul. Further yet, that it has a mate.

And he’s sobbing again, and he’s being held and whispered, too. Told that everything would be okay.

He hears, vaguely, the other mention carrying him in flight to Virgil’s home, but he turns him down.

Logan, his first love, currently one of his only, had promised him his first flight. And now, he may never ever get it, but he wouldn’t destroy that promise. He held it dear, closer to his heart than his soul, and he couldn’t give it away.

“Okay, let me call for my others, and they can come help, okay?”

Virgil didn’t understand, but he nodded anyways.

A few short minutes later, he heard it.

A loud clap as shoes met pavement, and then he was being barreled into and pulled from his supposed Soulmate into new arms.

“Virgil, Virge, thank God, thank God,” Someone wept, “I was so worried, so scared, I didn’t- I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

It was Logan.

It was Logan that was holding him.

He clutched tightly to his shirt.

It was Logan who came for him.

Soulbond be damned.

It was Logan he loved.

It was Patton he loved.

His heart wrenched.

….This was it. What he didn’t understand before.

A solebond hurt.

A solebond hurt so much.

He may not love him now, but he knew. He knew he’d love him later.

He knew he’d love his soulmate- this man he had met only an hour earlier.

Had he known, he would have recognized this feeling many years ago, when he first met Logan.


“Thank you.”

He’d say, as he leaned into Logan’s chest, wind ruffling his hair as they flew across the stars.

Roman was twirling through clouds, attempting to be Peter Pan and discovering that clouds are, infact, made of water.

Patton was connecting stars with his flight pattern, creating large dogs, and fluffy cats in the sky.

“I always keep my promises.”

~College!au Pen Pal Namjoon~PART FOURTEEN:END

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13]

Originally posted by parkjiminer

“You’re my pen pal,” Namjoon repeated for the millionth time. “It all makes so much sense now.”

“It does?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No wonder, Hoseok hyung was acting so giddy lately. I thought it was just the fact that I was going to stop by the dorm–”

“You were?”

“Heh–uh, yeah. But you technically know that since I told you…as your pen pal.”

Closing your eyes, you suddenly remembered all the texts you two’ve exchanged as pen pals. How did you not realize sooner? It was obvious!

“I wanted to apologize–”

“So that ‘girl you hate’ is actually the girl who ruined our relationship?” Your heart sank. You remembered her. She sent you sweet smiles months prior to her snake-like ways. While you were with Namjoon, she found a way to insert herself into her life, but not as a close friend. No, she was more a familiar face you grew to like to see in public.

Who knew her target was your boyfriend? She walked past you with her sweet smiles and cute greetings and at the time, you didn’t notice the winks and flirtatious smiles she sent Namjoon. 

And he fell for them. He started to engage in conversation with you and at first, you thought nothing of it. Then the arguments began…

“What’s gotten into you?”

“C’mon, live a little!”

“Live? You do know that I can’t just blow off my education right?”

“Skipping a day isn’t going to blow off your education, Y/N,” Namjoon muttered. 

“Sure, but it will when this is the fourth time you asked this week!”

“You know what? Whatever. I just wanted to do something fun with my girlfriend but, of course, you’re too consumed with your own life to acknowledge mine.” And with that, he stormed away from you leaving you in front of the building of your next class on campus. 

The next argument you had was what led to your downfall…

“Hey, babe.”

“Hey,” you replied softly, not forgetting the argument you had a few days earlier.

Namjoon leaned down to give you a peck on the cheek and sat across from you in the cafe. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh, our fight?”

“What fight?” He looked up from his coffee with a confused brow raised.

“The one about skipping class?”

“Oh, we’re over that right?” he waved you off with a laugh. You squinted your eyes as if analyzing him. What’s up with him? He’s acting so different lately.

“Well, I’m not,” you crossed your arms. Not only did he not apologize, he didn’t even talk to you until earlier that day when he said to meet him at the cafe. You thought he was going to apologize but you guessed not. 

“What do you mean? You’re not over it?”

“Uh, Joon, you yelled at me for caring about my education and said I’m too consumed with my own life.” You were hurt. It was like he didn’t even know he did something wrong. 

“Well because you are. You never have fun! That’s okay, though. I found a new ditch buddy,” he smiled warmly. 

“Ditch buddy?”

“Yeah, you know that girl you talk to sometimes in the hall? The one I just started to talk to?”

“Oh, Y/F/N?” Your furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Yes! She’s who I was with the other day. She’s really cool, you know? I can definitely see you two being friends,” He grinned.

“Nice to know but uh, you still haven’t apologized.”

“You still want me to apologize? Fine, I’m sorry–”

“What’s is going on with you lately? You’re acting so off,” You frowned, grabbing your coffee cup and tossing it into the garbage. Namjoon followed you out of the cafe and walked along campus.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re acting so cold lately. When’s the last time you’ve told me something about your day? I miss your stories you tell me,” You smiled softly at the thought of the random events he went through that he told you about. 

“Geez, I didn’t think you liked them that much,” he rolled his eyes. “Besides, telling them twice isn’t the same.”


“I told Y/F/N first.” Oh. OH. 

“You told her before your own girlfriend?” You were more confused than anything else. How did he get so close to a girl he met a few weeks ago? It took him a few months to open up to you. 

“Yeah…” he shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal. 

“Okay,” you stopped in your tracks and turned to him, “Why do I feel like you care about her more than me? Now that I think about it, you sure seem giddy whenever we’re in the same room as her.”

“She’s cool. I like being her friend.”

You rolled your eyes, “It’s kind of like you’re wrapped around her finger. Pfft, like she’s the one who persuaded you to skip class,” You laughed humorlessly. When he didn’t reply, you looked back up at him.

“She didn’t,” You trailed off, your heart sinking even further down your chest. 

“She said it’d be fun!”

“Who even are you? You don’t do your homework anymore and it’s like you’re a completely different person!”

“Not my fault Y/F/N is showing me a fun time while you’re not.”

You blinked, speechless. Did he just say another girl was treating him better than you have?

“Well, if she’s showing you such a fun time, maybe you should date her then,” you huffed. 

“Hah, maybe I should!” He paused before holding his arm out, “Wait, Y/N, I didn’t mean that–”

But that’s all you needed to hear before tears brimmed your eyes and you walked away from Namjoon.

“I’m such an idiot. Y/N, you don’t know how lost I am without you. I thought you were holding me down but actually, you were the one pushing me in the right direction. I was just too stubborn to realize.”


“No, please. Let me speak. Even before our breakup, I treated you like absolute shit. I was hanging out with another girl just because she caught my eye because of her wild nature. And that is honestly the worst thing I could’ve done. She knew I’d run straight to her after the break up. But I’m the one to blame. I wish I knew how amazing you were since the beginning. You’ve always been there for me and I wish I was there for you.”

“You have been. You just lost yourself a bit,” A smile tugged at your lips. You knew how bad he felt. Hell, you’ve been talking to him about you all these months.

“I love you, Y/N,” He declared, causing your heart to flutter. It’s been a while since you heard those words from him and it was something you were yearning for. “Would you ever forgive me?”

“You sure that I’m the one you want?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Then that’s all I need to hear,” You pulled Namjoon into a tight embrace. Leaning away from him, arms apart, you leaned in and gave him a chaste kiss to the lips. 

“AH! Yes!! Finally! Who came up with this plan? I did! Yes, I did!” An ecstatic Hoseok jumped from behind the couch. He pulled you both held each other in a tight hug.

“Hey, wait a minute. You referred to me as Jerkface!” Namjoon smirked, looking at you. 

“You pissed me off. Aren’t I allowed to, big guy?”

“Fair enough, babe.”

“And don’t forget: You left me on read on purpose!”

“It was funny!”

As you two bickered over your past pen pal conversations, Hoseok was watching from afar next to Jungkook, smiling.

 “Who would’ve thought, though? Exes being pen pals. Must’ve been fate.”

“Must’ve been.”

AND ITS OVER!! I GAVE SOME BACKGROUND INFO ABOUT THE BREAKUP TOOOO HAHA;;;SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! I literally started writing this at around seven and didn’t finish till now omgggg

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EXO / Their S/O being sensitive because of her past

Request: Hellooo:) I would like to request an Exo Reaction: Their GF/fiancee/wife is a very sensitive girl, who gets hurt easily and cries easily. She gets scared when they yell at her in a discussion or fight. Shealso   didn’t get much love at her parents home. Thank you:)            

Thank you for your request! Hope you enjoy! ♥️

TRIGGER WARNING! Harmful past relationship with family members. Also, some strong language.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Minseok was tired. Exhausted, actually. He had just returned home and all he wanted to do was rest because, in seven hours, he’d have to be up on stage again. And this schedule has been going on for weeks. At first, you were really scared for his health because you thought he was working literally 24/7.

“Minseok,” you said softly, while he lied on the bed. He opened his eyes to look at you. “It’s 2am. Was the show really that long?”

“No, the show ended at 10 or so,” Minseok answered with a yawn. “I stayed out with the guys for a little while.”

You contemplated this. “And what about yesterday when you returned home at midnight?”

“I don’t remember,” Minseok shrugged his shoulder simply.

Slowly, you started to realize that he was spending time with the other members after performances and that was the reason why the two of you only hung out when you were sleeping. You weren’t mad at him for spending time with his friends, but doing this every night when he was about to go on tour and wouldn’t see you for months was making you feel somewhat rejected.

And this feeling of rejection brought back a lot of negative memories from your childhood. You were never the main priority and suddenly feeling as if you’re not a priority for your long-time boyfriend, caused tears to well up in your eyes.

You turned your back to him as you tried to calm yourself down, not wanting to give in to the feeling, but not being able to control the tears that started to fall down your cheeks.

“Y/n?” Minseok’s concerned voice was suddenly heard from behind you. “What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

You couldn’t reply, afraid that if you did, a sob would escape your lips.

“Y/n, look at me,” he asked, sitting up on the bed and leaning forward to rest his head on your shoulder. “Is it because of me?”

You tried to shake your head but instead ended up taking a shaky breath, making Minseok even more scared. He was quick to catch up what was wrong as he knew you well enough to read your emotions almost better than you.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry,” he said, quickly getting up from the bed and walking around so he could see your face. “Please don’t cry. I realize I’ve been away from you for too long.”

“It’s o-okay,” you tried to tell him.

“It’s not okay, I’m really sorry,” Minseok disagreed. “I’m not leaving you. I’m taking you to the show with me tomorrow. I don’t want you to be alone.”


Originally posted by daenso

When Junmyeon returned from his fourth interview that day, you could tell that he was very tired and in a bad mood. Not wanting to start a fight with him, you chose to give him his space until he calmed down.

Soon though, he entered your shared bedroom by loudly slamming the door open. You flinched in your seat and turned around to look at him.

“Did we not agree that you’d do the grocery shopping today?” he asked with an annoyed expression.

“Oh! Shit, Junmyeon, I completely—”

“—forgot, yeah. How many times have you forgotten to do that this week? Three? Four?” he snapped.

“I’m sorry, I can go to the store right now if you want me to,” you tried to say.

“Don’t. I’ll do everything myself,” he said, turning around. “Like I always do.”

That last part of his sentence felt like a punch to the face. It was as if he’d subtly called you useless. Taken aback by this, you just sat there for a moment, feeling your hands slowly start to shake. He knew you were sensitive when it came to fighting and you couldn’t blame him for being tired and annoyed, but did he really have to take it out on you?

Suddenly, the door of the bedroom slammed open again. You got up from the chair, afraid he’d yell at you again.

“Where did I—” Junmyeon started but then stopped himself when he noticed the fearful tears in your eyes. “Are you crying? W-why are you crying?”

You looked down, not being able to look him in the eye. “I’m sorry I’m so useless.”

“Useless? Why would you—? Y/n, you’re not useless,” he said, reaching you in a few quick strides across the bedroom. “Did you think that because of what I said? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

He wrapped his arms tightly around you before you could answer anything.

“You’re not useless,” he repeated again. “You’re the most important thing in the world to me.”


Originally posted by baekhyuntella

You’ve been scrolling down your Twitter timeline when you came across something that caught your eye. It was a tabloid article that claimed to have pictures of Yixing kissing another girl. Normally, you would have just ignored it and kept scrolling because you trusted your boyfriend, but this time you pressed on it. It was the third article about him cheating that you’ve seen in the past two days. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little concerned.

The article quoted a source that claimed Yixing has been seeing this girl for the past few weeks and that he really liked her. Your heart started to beat faster as you continued to read the article, despite the sensible part of your brain telling you that there was no way this was true.

And then, much to your surprise, you saw pictures of Yixing actually holding the hand of some girl you didn’t recognize. You could tell that the pictures were recent because of his outfit that you had helped him choose. You started to feel sick. All the other articles you read didn’t have any proof but this one seemingly did.

You couldn’t believe that after opening your heart again, even though every single person you’ve ever loved has left you alone, you were about to be hurt all over again.

Suddenly, the door of your apartment opened and you saw Yixing’s happy face.

“Ah, jagi, I’ve missed you so much!” he said, walking towards you to kiss you hello.

Affected by the article you just read, you turned your face, so his lips pressed on your cheek.

Yixing gave you a concerned look. “Is everything okay?”

“Uh, yeah,” you said, trying to hide the article on your laptop but your suspicious movement caught his eye and he turned his head, noticing the picture of him with a girl you had just seen.

He swallowed deeply and seemed to go a few shades paler at the sight of it. You took this as a sign that this was definitely serious and excused yourself.

Just as you stood up and tried to walk back to your bedroom so he wouldn’t see you cry, he grabbed your hand.

“Y/n, stop,” he said. “You know this is bullshit, right?”

“I don’t know anything,” you said, using your free hand to cover your face.

“What do you mean? You know I love you!” Yixing said, trying to pull you closer. “That’s Chanyeol’s sister. She was getting out of a car and I was trying to be nice and help her, so I took her hand. Are you listening to me? It doesn’t mean anything.”

“This isn’t th-the first time I’m reading an article l-like this,” you told him through quiet sobs.

“Why are you even reading—Y/n, listen to me,” Yixing looked somewhat annoyed but he kept his composure because he saw you were hurting. “None of these articles mean anything. They’re just trying to cause rumours. I would never leave you for anyone. Never. Don’t forget that.


Originally posted by progamerbyun

This was one of the busiest weeks of your life. You had three exams in the course of five days and you spent all of your time studying. So, when Baekhyun came over to your apartment, he wasn’t surprised to see you surrounded by books and notes, as you were getting ready for your last exam of the week.

“Hi, baby,” he announced himself, hoping you’ll stop studying for a moment now that he’s here.

You simply nodded in acknowledgment and continued to highlight the important paragraph of the chapter you were reading.

“Can you take a break?” Baekhyun asked, a little surprised that you didn’t bother to even look at him.

“Not right now,” you answered. “I still have three chapters of this book to get through.”

“Okay… but you do realize that I’m leaving for tour in, like, a week?” Baekhyun continued. “I won’t see you for months.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” you said, still not raising your head. “I’m just really busy this week.”

“Right,” Baekhyun said, suddenly feeling angry at this rejection. “Okay. I’m leaving then.”

“You could come back a little later,” you suggested hopefully. “I’ll probably be done in a few hours.”

“I’m not sure I’ll want to,” Baekhyun answered and was about to open the door of the apartment when he heard you shut your book.

When he turned around, he saw you stare at him with wide eyes, fear evident in them even though he was across the entire apartment from you.

“You won’t want to?” you asked quietly, your heart hammering in your chest. The irrational fear of another person leaving you and never coming back slowly creeping into your brain.

Baekhyun’s stomach dropped at the sight of your distressed face. He sprinted across the apartment to be closer to you.

“No, no, I’m sorry I said that,” he apologized immediately. “I just want your attention, I didn’t mean to say that, I’m sorry. I-I’ll take a nap while you study, okay? I’ll be right here when you’re done.”


Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Neither one of you could even remember what the fight was about, although you were sure that it started out as a small argument and then escalated within a few seconds. You tried to keep your posture but you already felt close to tears as Chen snapped back at you in a raised voice.

“Jongdae, you need to—”

“Don’t tell me what I need to do!” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air in exasperation.

This sudden movement caused you to flinch involuntarily and take a careful step back as the tears, that were threatening to come, finally broke free, along with the memories of never being good enough. Of never being loved enough.

It took Jongdae a moment to realize that you had started to cry quietly, since he had his back turned to you and was breathing heavily. When he finally turned around, he had already opened his mouth to yell, but his voice got caught in his throat as he saw how fragile you looked.

You had your arms wrapped around yourself with your face turned to the side so you wouldn’t be looking at him, with tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Oh my God, Y/n,” Jongdae whispered, finally realizing that his unnecessary fight and every single argument was cutting your heart into small pieces. “I’m sorry. I take everything I said back. Let’s forget this day ever happened, okay? Please don’t cry.”

Carefully, he wrapped his arms around you, wanting to see if you’d push him away but you didn’t. You couldn’t. You let him hug you as tightly as he was able to.

“I love you so much,” he was whispering now. “I’m never fighting with you again, I promise. I can’t stand to watch you cry.”


Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Chanyeol had locked himself inside of his room, working on a song. You decided not to bother him and only knocked on his door to bring him food and ask him if he’d like to do something. He always said no, cutting you off. So, when he finally exited his room at 11pm, you suddenly got very happy to finally see him again.

“Have you finished the song?” you asked excitedly.

“No,” he replied shortly as he made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“I could have brought you water,” you tried to say helpfully. He ignored you as he turned the tap on.

You swallowed, not knowing how to keep the conversation going.

“So… how come this song is taking this long?” you asked slowly, not wanting to offend him, and just wondering when were you going to get your boyfriend back.

“Because I can’t get it right,” Chanyeol began ranting as he turned the tap off. “Because the song is the stupidest thing ever.”

“Maybe you should take a break,” you offered as you noticed that his stress was getting the best of him.

He placed the glass down on the counter.

“I can’t take a break! I’ve told you this over twenty times already,” he snapped and turned around to face you, not realizing how menacing he looked when he was towering over you with an angry expression.

You took a step back, feeling anxiety pool in your stomach. A sudden feeling of déjà vu overcame you as your mind traveled back to all of the times you’ve been downgraded and put down by your own family.

You looked down, nodding simply, suddenly very afraid of what Chanyeol was going to say or do next.

“Y/n… are you okay?” he asked, surprising you slightly.


“I was being an asshole, wasn’t I?” he said, realizing. “I’m sorry. I’m really tired. I don’t know why I snapped at you like that. I’m sorry, Y/n, please don’t feel bad.”

You nodded again, trying to recover and get rid of the anxious thoughts racing in your head.

“I love you,” Chanyeol said, hopefully.

You couldn’t reply right away and Chanyeol panicked mildly, running towards you. He lifted your chin, so your eyes met, and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’m not going back to work until you smile,” he told you. “And tell me that you love me even if I’m being a pain in your ass.”

You laughed at this, making him smile softly.

“That’s my girl,” he said softly. “I really am sorry, Y/n.”


Originally posted by lovinthesoo

You and Kyungsoo have been in a relationship for almost a year, and you haven’t gotten into a fight once. Your personalities completed each other so well that you never disagreed about anything. Which is why it was a shock to you both when you found yourselves arguing about the future of your relationship.

“I’m just afraid,” you told him when for the twentieth time he insisted it was time to confirm your relationship in public. “I don’t want people to start hating on me. I don’t want to be in the spotlight.”

“Well, I don’t want to keep you a secret,” he shot back. “We’ve been together for so long. I’m sick of lying and saying that I’m single.”

“Why does it matter?” you asked. “A relationship is between two people. Why do we have to make it a worldwide issue?”

“A worldwide issue?” Kyungsoo raised his eyebrows, laughing humourlessly. “Since when is our relationship an issue?”

“It’s not… you know what I mean,” you sighed.

“No,” Kyungsoo countered. “I don’t know what you mean. And I don’t know why the fuck you’re being so difficult.”

All air had suddenly gone out of your lungs. You’ve had heard these words said to you before. You never wanted to hear it again, as even the memory alone was enough to bring you to the verge of tears.

Kyungsoo heard you take in a shaky breath and all of his anger disappeared the moment he realized what he had said to you.

“Oh my God, no, no, no,” he muttered, coming forward to take your hand and kiss it. “I must have gone crazy for a moment to actually say what I said to you. I don’t mean that. You’re not difficult. You’re the love of my life.”


Originally posted by katherine8595

You’ve seen him get jealous before. His jealousy usually showed itself in the form of insecurity, making him clingy and needy for your attention. This time, however, it was a completely different story.

“Have you seen what people are saying?” he shouted. “They’ve been tweeting me for the past two days about how you were seen hugging some guy. There are even pictures to prove it!”

“He’s one of my good friends, I’ve already told you this,” you tried to explain.

“Right. And you just so happen to hug him right in front of the cameras, yeah?” he pushed. “Multiple times. In different locations.”

“I hugged him when I said hi,” you tried to stay calm. “And then when we were saying goodbye. That’s two times, Jongin.”

“And that’s two times too many!” he insisted, not realizing how childish that sounded. “How do you think it makes me feel when I’m away and all I can think about is my girlfriend hanging out with some guy?”

“For the tenth time, he’s my friend.”

“That’s not what it fucking looks like!” Jongin shouted, losing his patience completely, and angrily hitting his fist on the counter in front of him.

You jumped back after this, looking at him with horrified eyes. His sudden violent outburst was new. Unfortunately, this was not the first time you’ve seen someone lose control in front of you.

Suddenly overcome with fear, you took a few more steps back, further away from him, despite knowing very well that Jongin would never hurt you.

He realized he’d stepped over the line immediately, running a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry,” he said, not daring to come closer to you. “I shouldn’t have… Y/n, I promise you, this it the last time you see me lose control like that, okay?”

You stayed quiet, not knowing what to reply, but also not knowing if you’d be able to talk even if you did have what to say.

“I would never hurt you. You know that right?” he asked quietly. You managed to nod. “Okay. Good. Can I hug you? Please?”

You nodded again. He walked out of the kitchen and towards you, wrapping his arms around your body tightly, letting you know how much he loved you not in words but with actions.


Originally posted by sehunicorne

You were just teasing him, trying to get him to smile after he’d had a long day. However, he misunderstood something you said and got offended.

“Wow,” he scoffed, standing up from the couch where the two of you have been cuddling. “Is that really what you think of me?”

“Sehun, no. I was kidding,” you said, not smiling anymore.

“Well, it’s not very funny,” he said, walking out of the room.

“Okay, I realize that now—” you started to say, following him out of the room.

“You realize that too late,” he cut you off angrily, without stopping.

“Let me apolog—”

“Your apologies don’t mean shit!” Sehun yelled, stopping in the hallway and turning to face you.

You were taken aback by this. He was never one to scold you and you knew it must have been the stress, but it still forced you to remember all of those times you couldn’t please your family. All of those times they yelled at you for doing the smallest thing wrong.

You thought you’d left them behind, but Sehun’s outburst brought all of it back.

You nodded and turned around, deciding that maybe it’d be better if the two of you took a time-out. But you didn’t get very far because Sehun caught up to you and blocked your way.

“Wait, I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

“It’s fine. It’s my fault,” you said automatically.

A pained expression settled on Sehun’s face as the words left your lips.

“It’s not,” he said softly. “You apologized. I didn’t listen. It’s my fault and I’m sorry.”

You dared to look up at him. “I really didn’t mean what I said.”

“I know,” he nodded, extending his arms so he could embrace you. “Let’s go back to doing what we’re so good at.”

“Which is what?” you asked as you entered his arms, allowing him to hug you.

“Cuddling,” he answered. “And being so in love it’s disgusting.”

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