okay i am quite finished now

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I need to finish describing, The sound when you are polishing shoes. And your voice probably sounds like the blending of two paint colors. The relaxing purr of a cat. The soft sound of fresh, falling snow. I bet it is quite relaxing, like the way a page of a book turns..Okay, I am done now..

I think you are assuming my voice is better than it is?? Omigosh ^^

what do you think my voice sounds like?

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Yes, please post another. And if you have time, can you put a link of all your fics/one shots? I am on the beach and have read two out of three books I brought, and I still have a week + airplane to be read. 🔷just someone

Okay, I’ll post now <3 Sure! 


That’s on fanfiction.net, not yet finished but it’s got quite a few chapters.


That is a oneshot series.

And I’ll be posting a fanfic on here in an hour or so :3 Ooh, I need to do that, go to the beach, just relax and read. It sounds like the perfect moment. I think you just inspired me XD 

Attention! !

So.. Just a heads up I’m in the process of remaking. My new url/account is now katamariforever.  I believe i am nearly finished ovo soo since I’m almost done here it’s okay to go ahead and unfollow me here and follow my new account! { links here }

STORY TIME: Tell me the time where you are now and one (or two or more) thing(s) that is/are making you happy right now!

I’ll go first. It’s now 7:54 p.m. and I’m happy because though I’m far from who I want to become, I’m slowly getting there and accepting me, for me. I finished dinner with the parents. We actually spoke more than we have in a long while. We listened to some songs and filled our stomachs with great food and soup. I also am thinking back to a few hours ago at work whereby an MBA student (one of the regulars and one of my favorites) caught sight of me when he stopped by and asked me if I was okay. I replied things were kind of difficult right now and that I quite tired. He grabbed a lifesaver mint from the jar we keep at the desk and passed one to me. Then he said: “wait, I have something better” and ran off. He came back in a few minutes with a bag of pretzels he had stuffed in his locker just in case he was hungry another time and gave them to me. The fact that he went the length to cheer me up although it wasn’t necessary to give me one of the snacks he might regret tomorrow or the day after for not saving for himself. I told him to take it back three times, fair enough, right? 

All right, tumblr, I finally did what you wanted and started watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Having finished Season 1 last night at 3 AM against my better judgement, I’m now in love completely. I’m also total Phryne/Jack trash. Like, seriously. (Is there a ship name, or…?)

But someone please tell me why Season 3 is only 8 episodes?! And it looks like it aired this year? Is it on break? Is it in trouble?! IS THERE GOING TO BE MORE?!?!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

(Don’t spoil anything thoough ‘cause I still have more to watch!)