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I have a small favor to ask as I am v confused rn but could you post a brief description of the various gravity falls aus cus I know the names but I don't know what they're about so if you could inform me I'd be grateful please and thanks love~

Okay, this might take a bit.

Transcendence AU 

Essentially, when Bill fails the apocalypse and is dying, he makes one last desperate attempt to survive by trying to posses Dipper without his permission. Dipper fights back and by a hair’s chance manages to push the weakened Bill from his mind, killing the demon. Only, Bill has already rooted himself too deeply into Dipper and all of Bill’s power remains in Dipper, turning him into a demon and forcing him out of the physical plain. Because of his human origin, Dipper is the only demon capable of becoming physical without a rift, although it takes a while for him to figure out how. Now, while Bill was stopped from destroying the world, it was at the cost of the Transcendence. Pretty much the entire world becomes as magical as Gravity Falls and even more dangerous. Dipper becomes known as the demon Alcor and Mabel is his partner in cult bashing partner Mizar. There’s a lot of world building (reincarnation, prejudice against non-humans, monsters in everyday life, thousands of years as Alcor, Uncle Dipper, angels, other demons, awesome new characters, etc…) and overall, the blog is its own fandom that is constantly contributed to. TAU is the largest, most organized, and highest quality AU that I have ever seen. It’s huge. And fantastic. 

Here’s a longer summary.   This is its wiki.    Its TVtropes page.

Demonic Guardians AU -

Here’s the main comic behind it. Demons’ can have one human that if they bond with and protect, will make the demon stronger. There’s a catch though. If the human dies, a part of the demon does too. The stronger the bond between demon and human, the more damage will be inflicted on the demon when the human dies. Not all humans have a demon, and not all demons have a human. A bunch of the cast of GF have demonic guardians, each character having a different level of bond. Bill Cipher is Dipper’s guardian. Mabel’s is Dot Matrix (used to be named Tad Strange; might recognize him as the square with the bowler hat). Gideon’s is Kryptos (the star on top his tent). Stanley has Pi Mo (looks kinda like a coin). Pacifica’s is the Lumberjack Ghost. There’s a whole lot of fan made demons too. The creator is really cool. Outside of Demonic Guardians AU, she’s made the Danny Phantom crossover: You Smell Like Death, the Over the Garden Wall crossover: Garden Falls, and her own really good comic: The Boy Who Fell.

Monster Falls -

Dipper finds a magic stream called Fluvius Cantatis, some stuff happens, and everyone in the town gets turned into monsters. Dipper’s a Deertaur, Mabel’s a mermaid, Wendy’s a werewolf, Stanley’s a Gargoyle, Stanford’s a sphinx, Gideon’s a vampire, Robbie’s a zombie, Soos is a clay homonculus/golem, Pacifica’s a gorgon, Bill’s…human like, etc… This AU is mostly fan art and fanfiction. Sometimes the monster that a character is turned into is different, but this list is what they’re most commonly depicted as.

Reverse Falls -

I have no idea where this AU came from??? All the characters in this have swapped rolls and personalities. Gideon Pines is a kid visiting Gravity Falls with his cousin/best friend Pacifica Pines(or Southeast). While there, they meet the psychic twins Mabel and Dipper Gleeful who run the Tent of Telepathy. The twins are much darker and more powerful than Gideon from Gravity Falls. Will Cipher is an easily terrified Demon who just wants the twins to leave him alone. All the other character’s changes depend on the artist/writer. Robbie and Wendy usually swap. 

Relativity Falls -

This is essentially an age/generation swap. Twins Stanley and Stanford go to spend the summer with their Grauntie Mabel. The main switches are Mabel with Stanley, Dipper with Stanford, Wendy with Dan, Gideon with Bud, Pacifica with Preston, Abuelita(Maria) with Soos, etc… Most of the show is the same, with a few twists and the added personality of having a different character in whatever situation.

Anti-Gravity AU -

Though not to be mistaken for Relativity Falls, Anti-Gravity is also an age swap. Wendy and Soos are young kids who find Journal 3. Mabel and Dipper are teenagers who work for Grunkle Stan at the Mystery Shack. Pacifica has Robbie’s role (dating Dipper, to Wendy’s jealousy). Bud Gleeful takes Gideon’s place as Wendy and Soos’s enemy. Robbie is Soos’s bully. Other than that, all characters stay the same.

Reunion Falls -

Dipper and Mabel are separated at birth: Mabel growing up with their parents in California and Dipper being raised by Grunkle Stan. Eventually, Mabel finds out about Dipper and runs off to Gravity Falls to meet him. Without a twin, Mabel, while still bright and cheerful, is less out going while Dipper, growing up with Wendy and Stan as role  models, is more confident. The AU is the twins getting to know each other and bonding.

Only Child AU -

Mabel is stillborn, making Dipper an only child. Because of his parent’s ever growing grief over losing a child, Dipper is often neglected. Dipper has the same personality as cannon, but it’s buried under self-worth issues, survivor’s guilt, need to be loved, and shyness. He’s a sad child who really just needs a hug. He also knits sweaters; he always wears the red one he made (it looks a bit like Ford’s). The AU is Dipper’s stay at Gravity Falls with Stan and eventually reaches to him growing up and gaining a little sister, baby Mabel (who both he and his parent’s adore). The AU is all art right now, but the creator is eventually going to make a fic for it.

Fright Falls -

Mabel gets turned into a vampire. Dipper gets turned into a werewolf. The AU is their adventures as creatures of the supernatural. There’s a lot of cool art for the AU.

Immortal Pines AU -

Immortal Pines is a comic where Bill kills Mabel and Dipper, only to realize that it wasn’t what he wanted. He brings the twins back to life and makes them immortal by infusing them with his power. This means that they only exist in the dreamscape. The AU is them trying to get back to normal before they become too much like Bill.  The artist is cool.

Twin Demons AU -

Mabel and Dipper are the Demons, while Bill ‘Billi’ is the 12 year old human. Billi is an innocent, if lacking common sense, kid who’s come to Gravity Falls to stay with his Grunkle Stan. The twins are demons with big plans that involve Billi, much to his horror.

Blinded AU 

The Society of the Blind Eye doesn’t wipe Dipper’s memories of the supernatural, they wipe all his memory.  The Society takes him in, indoctrinating him into their ways. Bill visits and uses Dipper as a spy. The AU is an amnesic Dipper living with only the Society and Bill as company.

Apocalypse Falls 

Mabel’s decision in Not What He Seems has catastrophic damage on Gravity Falls. The Shack is destroyed and many people undergo….changes: physical, mental, even death. Dipper gains wings while Mabel’s mind spirals into madness. The AU just got rebooted, so the story-line is unknown at the moment.

  Gravity Rises -

Another swap AU, this time between personality and symbols. Mabel is Pine Tree, the intellectual and mystery obsessed twin. Dipper is Shooting Star, the laid back and creative one. Stan and Ford switch. Pacifica takes Gideon’s role as Crescent Moon, the leader of the Order of the Crescent Eye (Bill’s cult). She’s a sociopath and the main antagonist. Gideon takes Pacifica’s role as Lone Wolf, the rich kid turned anti-hero. Terrifying with his magic, even Bill is wary of Gideon. It’s a cool AU that’s very different from the show even though it’s partially a personality swap.

Joseon AU -

An AU where Gravity Falls takes place in the Joseon Kingdom in Korea. Everyone wears traditional clothing of the time period and place of the Joseon Kingdom. The AU is mostly fan art.

Coven AU -

Mabel and Dipper are the apprentices of Grunkle Stan in a wold where magic is common. Bill’s a magic cat.

Gravity Keys  -

In this AU, Gravity Falls is set in Key West, Florida. Mabel has a chicken instead of a pig, but other than that, most things stay the same.

Church AU -

It’s Gravity Falls, but in a church. Bill is a demon. Bill is in the Church. Dipper is just so angry at Bill. Things don’t go well.

Kitten Dipper AU -

Dipper finds a comb that has a cat shaped handle. When he brushes his hair with it, he gets turned into a kitten! The AU is Dipper the cat.

Carnivàle Falls 

It’s the 1930s. Mabel and Dipper go to stay with their Grunkle Stan at his traveling freak show. Gideon is a faith healer. The Dust Bowl is a problem.

Spy AU -

Stan and Ford are spys with Fiddleford building their gadgets. They’re trying to take down the Cipher Organization.

Camp Cipher -

Gravity Falls, but as a summer camp. The teens are counselors while all the kids are campers. Nice art.

Never Human AU 

Stanley Pines was stillborn, replaced with a Fae or Changeling. When in Fae mode, Stan had six glowing green eyes. There’s some angst of Stan learning to deal with the fact that he’s a monster and not actually related to his family. It’s later revealed that Dipper is also Fae, which really freaks him out. Mabel is super accepting, so everything turns out fine. It’s a really great AU with fantastic fics and art.

Ghost Stan AU -

Stan is a level 10 ghost. It’s awesome, and Stanley makes a great ghost. There’s a lot of sad. Stan’s dead. The AU has a whole bunch of fanfiction and fanart.

Joml AU/Grim AU -

Stanley befriends the Grim, omen of death. As soon as Ford finds out what Stan’s done he freaks out because, well, Stanley has the omen of death as his pet. Really cute and funny AU. Got some angst too though. Also, Stan makes his own journal.

Frankenstan AU -

Stanley dies pre-portal opening. Ford, being the idiot that he is, bring Stan back to life Frankenstein style with the help of Fiddleford. This includes digging up Stan’s body. It’s also got a mystery trio vibe going for it. 

Hetalia Characters as Even More Things I Say

America: “There’s an issue…I’m fAT!”

Canada: “That’s okay I forget my real name too.”

Germany: “True friendship is when they can spell your long confusing German last name.”

England: “Everyone is getting engaged or married and here I am rereading Harry Potter for the 27th time…”

Prussia: “Listen every song can be improved with an added flute solo.”

Ukraine: “My boobs are way too big for that! They need support…a lot of support.”

China: “I know I’m supposed to be an ‘adult’ and 'mature’ but I want no NEED that giant fluffy pink lama. I’m gonna name it Sprinkles.”

Liechtenstein: “Who wants to GO? Why are you laughing? I’m not joking! I might be small and wearing a dress but we will fight and I WILL WIN!”

Green-Eyed Monster - Castiel x reader (NSFW)

Summary: Cas gets worked up after reading Dean’s smutty thoughts about reader, so he decides to show Dean who reader belongs to.

Words: 2257 

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, semi-public sex, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, spanking.

Castiel x Reader

A/N: Now that it’s finally summer, I hope to write more stuff! <3 And hopefully not just Cas XD I need to give other boys some attention too, so if you want, you can drop a request in my ask or message it to me <3 

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But her...

Request: Can you do a Murphy x reader inspired by this quote? “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But her, oh god. I loved her so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Yes, of course! This idea is super cute.

Pairing: Murphy x Reader

Warnings: none.

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For Bellamy, it was an odd thing to see Murphy act so… so relax and sweet. So caring. This wasn’t the Murphy he’d trusted and then sent away like nothing. This wasn’t the Murphy that had lusted after killing a child because of a death he got blame for. And this was definitely not the Murphy he’d be strung up by and taunted by all for revenge.

This Murphy was almost, childlike. Smiling and laughing with his hands around your waist in enjoyment. Murphy almost didn’t care that he, Bellamy, was standing right before him, his eyes stuck on the two figures before him. If this had been any other time, Bellamy was positive that the boy would’ve flung forward to hit him or punch him or kick or something.

Instead he was too busy laughing at something you whispered in his ear.

Bellamy before had thought Murphy wasn’t even capable of loving something. Bellamy knew for a fact the boy didn’t even love himself, despite how hard he tried to hide it. Bellamy could see in the boys eyes the hatred he felt for himself, because now, Bellamy felt the same way. 

There was a darkness in his eyes that could only explain his rather arrogant and bold act, because he was trying to protect himself from being hurt. But now, that was lost and was replaced by happiness.

“Bellamy,” said man blinked, confused as he refocused on the image of you and Murphy. You smiled at him, waving. “You went silent, everything okay?” You asked, Murphy just watched on with a small smile, not really saying anything.

Bellamy grinned, even if he didn’t mean it and shook his head; “no. I am fine.”

 “You sure Bellamy?” Murphy asked, his voice rough with the hint that he may not care.

You rolled your eyes, “if you don’t mean it, don’t say anything John.” There was another thing. You called Murphy ‘John’ which was odd in itself, Bellamy heard that Murphy never allowed anyone to call him by that name, but you were apparently an exception.

“Anyways,” you suddenly clapped. “It’s nice of you to join us, Bellamy. I am gonna just take a shower, get settled.”

With that you walked away and Bellamy and Murphy were left with their awkward silence. Murphy walked up to the stove, playing around with the soup he’d been working on before.

“How?” Bellamy murmured.

“You’re gonna have to be more clear than that Bellamy.” Murphy teased, not looking at Bellamy.

“How can you love her?”

“Excuse me?” Murphy asked, his voice rough and suddenly cold. He turned daggers at Bellamy, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with Y/N, so-”

“No, you can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.“ Bellamy shook his head, confused.

Murphy stayed silent, before it clicked. “Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But her, oh god. I loved her so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.” With a small smile he finished, he turned back to the stove leaving Bellamy in his thoughts.

“Uh-Yeah, I’m A Dad!” *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Summary: You meet Steve for dinner, planning on telling him the news of the kid you had together, only you get a phone call from your friend about Joesph and Steve insists on coming with you- having no idea who he is about to meet.
Warnings: Swearing, asthma attacks
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clints Barton and Natasha Romanoff

The fifth instalment of this We Protect Each Other | No Intention | You’re Poison | I’m Poison, Remember?

You had arranged to meet up with Steve for dinner in the evening, a nice quiet little place a few blocks from your hotel. This was going to be the night you’d reveal that you both, in fact, have a child with one another. You had planned out the long speech in your head, repeated it a few dozen times in the mirror, and even recited it to your friend, Katie. It was tonight or never, you had to tell him.

You never kept Joseph in dark about whom his dad is, well you missed out the part that he’s Captain America. You had told him his name is Steve, he was a long-time friend of yours and by the time you had found out about having him, you were long gone and had no means to contact him; so you kinda lied. You didn’t ever think you’d run into Steve again, nor did you think he’d want to talk to you; it wasn’t complicated as it is now.

You zipped the side of your dress, taking a long, deep breath as you looked yourself over in the mirror. Your hair straight, makeup natural looking, dress looked amazing. You didn’t know what to expect from tonight. You saw a million and one different scenarios. You kinda hoped for the first, him accepting the news greatly and hopefully, building a relationship up to be a family. Your gut was saying something different; you were doing this for Joseph, not yourself. He deserves to have his father in the picture.

“Okay, I’ll be back before ten, you listen to Aunt Katie.” You bend down in front of Joseph who sat on the couch; he nodded with a small tired smile. You leant forward and kissed his head, wiping the lipstick mark you had left behind as he went back to watching the TV.

You were about to repeat everything to Katie before she ordered you out of the room, wishing you luck and softly shutting the hotel room door behind you before you had a chance to back out. You sighed and got yourself together, leaving the hotel and heading towards the restaurant.

It didn’t surprise you to know that Steve was already there, waiting as you arrived.

He looked good, better than what you remembered from a few days ago. Dress shirt and pants, a huge smile on his face as he obviously, gave you a slow once over. He stands up, embracing you and giving you a soft kiss on the cheek, helping you into your chair also; chivalry will never die as long as Steve’s lives. Steve orders the wine knowing your favourite, falling into uneasy silence as the waiter pours and leaves the bottle- Steve’s request.

“You look really pretty, Y/N.” Steve sighs out, chuckling at himself as you blush and smile lightly, although frowning at his tone of voice. “Bucky got into my head that this dinner was your way of trying to apologise or something, told me that I wouldn’t see you after this. Told me not to expect too much out of it, ya’know.”

You nodded, Bucky always looking out for his buddy. “He has every right to question my motives behind this dinner,” you say gently, “I don’t hate him for saying that to you, preparing for whatever this was gonna be. I’m not really sure why you agreed.” You chuckled, sipping the wine.

“I told you I forgave you,” Steve shrugged, “I wanted to see you again, I never wanted you to leave, no one did.” You raised your eyebrows, “if this is the last time I see you then… so be it, I’m not gonna waste it spending time talking about the past.”

You gave a gentle sigh, knowing you’d have to bring up the past at some point in order to tell him the news. Before you can, you are being asked what you’d like and then it’s talk of how the Avengers are. How Nat never stopped looking for you, although you had told Clint to tell her you’re okay. Bucky and Sam still argue but they’re getting better, which seemed hard to believe because those two will always argue over everything.

“I heard from a little birdie that you and Sharon had a thing,” You chuckled as Steve sighed, leaning back in his chair and nodded once. “She’s nice and pretty, what happened?”

He had raised eyebrows, probably, wondering why you’re asking what happened between him and another woman. “We both just weren’t feeling that… spark, I guess. We had a few dates but it was friendlier, how Clint and Nat hang out.” He shrugged and you nodded, “I think Sam is cosying up to her now, which is great, happy that’s he finally found someone to talk to other than yell at Barnes.”

You both laughed at that, “Tell Sam I approve and to ask her out already.”

“I will,” Steve nods as the food is served. “So… you got anyone or…?” Steve trailed off and not looking at you, you smiled lightly and shake your head.

“Not in the way you’d think,” He looked up and frowned, “it’s complicated. I didn’t really find him, he sort of just… appeared through a few months, when I saw him it was love at first sight.” You glanced up and Steve looks a little defeated, thinking you had found someone. “Steve, life is about making mistakes, right?” He nods, “And I’m an example of that, I ruined our friendship, trust by making a stupid mistake, then I left and that was a mistake too. But out of our-my-mistake came something great and I should have told you but I was scared to come back, rejection or I don’t know what it was. Another mistake I made was keeping this from you but-“ you’re cut off by your mobile going off.

You sighed gently at Steve, who nods as an indication you were able to take it. You stand up and head out of the restaurant with your phone, seeing Katie’s I.D flashing, you answer it quickly.

“Hello Y/N?” Katie’s panicked voice rushes through the receiver, “God, I am sorry to disturb the meal but it’s Joseph, we were watching TV and then he started to breathe heavily. I tried using his inhaler but it didn’t work, it got worse and he couldn’t breathe- I didn’t know what to do, I phoned the ambulance and we are on our way to the hospital. It was so bad, they need you here. NOW.”

You heart picks up its pace, “Okay, okay. I gotta get my things and get a cab, I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay? Stay with him.” Katie says a quick goodbye before you’re rushing inside the restaurant, Steve looks concerned at your panicked face and rushing to collect your coat. “Sorry Steve I gotta go, I have an emergency, and my friend is at the hospital.”

“Shit,” Steve frowned and began to leave money on the table. “Need a lift there? I have Sam’s car since my bike is with Tony.”

Not really thinking straight you nod and allow Steve to take your forearm and lead you to his car parked outside, you hardly registered him throwing on his leather jacket till you’re driving to the hospital. You prayed Joseph was okay; your heart beating a little fast and you couldn’t really breathe properly. You were too busy remembering the last time this had happened, him almost losing his breath.  

You hated not being there for him, to calm him down. He must have been so scared, your heart clenched tighter at the flash of his face, tears prickling in your eyes and then you felt something warm take a hold of your hand. You looked to see Steve’s hand holding your own, giving it a soft, reassuring squeeze.

He parked as close to the hospital as he could, you flew out of the car and watched as Steve followed, you would have told him to just leave but you knew him. He wouldn’t leave you alone to deal with this, this was gonna end badly. He held the small of your back as you walked inside, rushing to the counter where a woman looked up.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, my son Joseph was rushed in.” Steve did a double take as you spoke to the woman, eyebrows furrowing with confusion as the woman nodded before she could talk your name is being called. You both turn to see a tear-stained Katie running towards you.

She grabbed you and hugged you tightly, “I am so, so, sorry.” You nod and held her closely, “she’s the mum of Joseph Rogers.” Katie is saying to a doctor behind her, the man nods holding a clipboard.

“Joseph James Rogers, born October-“

“17 2012, he’s five years old and has type 1 diabetes and asthma. A list of health problems, I can go on, I just want to know if he’s okay?” Your voice stern but cracking at the end.

The doctor nodded, “I’m afraid only family can visit him as of now.” He tells Steve and Katie solemnly, Steve looks at you with minor confusion and concern.

“Uh- he’s the dad, he can come.” You say quickly and the Doctor nods looking through the files he had presented in front of him.

“Steve Grant Rogers, I assume?” He asked Steve, who is looking directly at you and you just stare ahead, not really wanting to deal with that look right now. He just nods once at the doctor, you hug Katie one last time before leaving and following the doctor towards the children’s ward.

He opens a door that has three other patients inside, one of them being your son and you rush to his bedside faster than lightening. Leaning over him as machines beeped showing his –somewhat- steady heartbeat. He always had heart conditions, much like how his father was back before the serum.

“He suffered a severe asthma attack,” the doctor tells Steve gently who is perplexed by the situation before him. “He’s stable enough now, he will have to run tests to make sure he is okay but he’s breathing on his own, strong boy you got.”  Steve with a permanent frown just nods staring at you running a hand through… his son’s hair?

He blinks a few times, “Can I-uh-have that?” He asks gesturing to the report on Joseph; the doctor nods and passes it Steve before going over to another kid for the moment. His blue eyes scan over the many, so many, conditions Joseph has before he settles the clipboard at the end of the bed.

He remains silent at the end of the bed, looking over his son. That was an odd thing to say or think about, he sighed gently remembering what you were trying to say before you got a phone call. You glanced up and gave a nervous, shy smile at Steve; he tries to give the same back.

“This isn’t how I planned on telling you,” you sigh gently and sit in the chair beside Joseph’s bed and Steve can’t help but chuckle. “I guess, this is Joseph and he’s your son, this was life’s way of payback for hurting you that night.” You shrugged and looked at your hands.

He timidly stepped closer to the bed, opposite side to you and hands in his pockets, standing over the small boy. Blonde hair, very small and glasses settled on the bedside table near him. Uncanny how he looked like Steve when he was small, he couldn’t fight the small smile that appeared on his face.

“I wish you called,” Steve sighed and you nodded biting your lip.

“You were busy being Captain America, doing what you do best; I didn’t want to get in the way of that.” Steve looked at you, “I didn’t want to raise Joseph in that world.”

Steve gave a soft exhale. “It was still my decision to make, two of us agreed to that night, one of us under false pretences’ and now again the same person was kept in the dark about another thing.” He ran a hand through his hair to stop from exploding at the sudden rush of anger.

“I’m sorry,” you mumble. “I came back here for Joseph,” Steve looked at you, “he’s at that age where he wants to know why he doesn’t have a dad, why I’m a single mum. I figured if you were in that diner on Tuesday, I’d take a chance and slowly ease you into it. If you weren’t there then that was it, I left it down to fate. Stupid I know, I should have called but would you have honestly answered if I did call you?”

“I would have answered because…” he trailed off, “well, you know why.”

“I did something stupid, I know, it’s a recurring thing with me.” You looked at Joseph and sighed gently, “What happened, happened. I left, I found out about him and I dealt with it the best I could. If you don’t want to be part of his life or mine, that’s okay. You don’t have to be, we’re fine without you. I just didn’t want to be lying to him anymore or to you.”

Steve rolls his eyes, “you think I can just walk away after finding out this?”

“I’m giving you the option to, Steve.” You tell him flatly, “you can walk out that door and he’d be none the wiser, I won’t judge you either. Having a child with me is the last thing you want, anyone wants. If you do, then that’s okay and we can arrange how you can be part of his life.”

“You still don’t get it do you?” Steve asked with a frown, “Why do you think I met you for dinner tonight? Or asked you for that matter?” You slump back against the chair, “The same reason I let you into my apartment, the same reason I spent the night with you, nothing has changed from then to now with me.”

It’s silent between you both for a few seconds, you taking in his confession of still being in love with you and him taking in the fact he’s a dad, not how expected to end this night. Before either, you or Steve can talk.

“Mum?” A soft, whisper asks and you’re instant on your feet. “Where am I?” He asks timidly.

You smile lightly. “Hey, you’re at the hospital. You had a bad asthma attack, worried poor Aunt Katie but you’re okay now, a doctor was saying how strong you was; proud of you.” You tell him gently and he nods, Steve passes you his glasses and you smile and help place them on him.

“Why is Captain America here?” He was looking at Steve who chuckled lightly, giving a little wave as you sighed gently.

After a long discussion of yourself and Steve telling Joseph that, Steve is his dad, you having to remind Joseph not to get too excited otherwise he’ll trigger another attack; he fell asleep, not without asking Steve a bunch of questions. It was cute to see them both interacting, you never thought that they’d meet, not like this anyhow.

You both sat in the chairs beside his bed talking; it felt like old times, like nothing had changed between you both. You eventually fell asleep in your chair after listening to Steve talk about how he’d like to be part of Joseph’s life, it made you smile that he was so willing to be there.


“You know, I didn’t know that.” A deep voice began to wake you from your slumber, “eight pounds seems excessive, doesn’t it? I bet Starks weighs like twenty cause of how big it is.” You recognised the laugh, it was yours sons. You fluttered your eyes open to see Steve at the end of the bed, chuckling with Joseph.

You shifted and watched as Joseph leant against many pillows, glasses on and eating what you assume is the breakfast served to him, cereal and yoghurt. Steve’s phone chimed a few times and he glanced at it, typing back a quick response.

“Who that?” Joseph asked and Steve grinned.

“Just a nuisance called Bucky,” Joseph chuckled. “Asking where I am, I don’t usually stay out all night, I’m kind of old in that sense.”

Joseph stop eating and looks at Steve, “you’re ninety-eight, makes sense that you’re tired of fighting crime.” You couldn’t hold in that laughter that erupted from inside of you, Steve wants to look offended but ends up chuckling.

“That’s it,” Steve sighed, “You’re grounded.” You and Joseph laugh at him, shaking your heads at his stern ‘fatherly’ demeanour.

After a few more tests and Joseph getting dressed he can be signed out, you hold his hand as you walk through the hospital, Steve towing beside Joseph as they talk about random things with one another. Having way more in common than you originally thought, it was like he had been around since the beginning, only little hesitation on Joseph’s part but he seemed… at ease beside Steve.

You walked to the counter, leaving Joseph with Steve as you signed his forms. Grinning as the receptionist commented on how adorable Joseph is, you nodded in agreement.

“Looks just like his dad,” she nodded and you turned to see Steve kneeling down in front of Joseph, smiling as he straightened Joseph shirt as he blabbered on about something to his son. “Very cute, indeed.”

You walk out of the hospital, this time Joseph holding Steve’s hand and he was such in a deep jumble of words that Steve seemed to be able to follow, you were in the car before you knew it. “Uh, where’s your hotel?” Steve asked.

“Can’t we go with him to the Avengers place?” Joseph asked you, you gave a small frown and shakes your head.

Steve is silent, “You know, later if you’re not doing anything and you want to, you both can stop by?” He didn’t look at you as he asked, “to maybe go over how we’re gonna go about this… whatever this is?” his voice drops to a whisper and you nod once.

“Um, sure, I’ll text you or something.” He nods as he pulls up outside your hotel, helping you and Joseph out of the car and into the building, “thank you for… I guess, being so you.” He chuckles as he hugs you tightly, kissing your cheek again.

Steve pulls away and looks at you, “I meant what I said last night, by the way.” You nodded with a small smile, Steve’s eyes look down at Joseph who is looking between you both, “see you later little guy, don’t give any trouble to your ma`” You grin at him.

“He may be your kid but he doesn’t go around fighting everyone,” you muse lightly.

Steve chuckled at that, “Bucky always over exaggerated those stories, you know.” You both laugh knowing Bucky never did that, it was all true, every single one he remembers and probably, forgotten.

Joseph reaches out and hugs Steve leg, tightly. You smile apologetically at Steve who is busy prying the boy off, then he leans down and hugs Joseph smiling, small arms wrapping around his neck and you can’t help but feel ashamed, plus guilty for keeping these two apart. Although it was like a magnetic bond between them both; they just instantly got along.

Steve held him a little tighter before he let go, smiling and nodding at something Joseph said before giving you a little shy smile. “He wants to know if he can come back with me… now to hang out.”

Joseph turns and looks hopeful at you, pleading green eyes and you sighed, “you can join us later after you change and talk to Katie, pleaaaaasseeeee.” He sucks in another breath as he loses his last, determined to carry on the word ‘please’.

“Okay, okay, fine.” You sigh with a little smile, “you need his inhaler and-“

Steve chuckled, “Bruce has one plus we got the medbay, remember?” You nod with a sigh, looking at Joseph with a little concern. “He’s gonna be fine, I promise. Text me when you arrive, yeah?” You nod watching as Steve takes Joseph hand, smiling as they walk out together.


Steve walked back into the base with a permanent smile on his face, till Bucky Barnes was stalking up to him, Natasha and Clint in toe; both of their eyes drop to Joseph who hides shyly behind Steve, Bucky eyes trained on his best friend.

“Well, well, look who decides to show up.” Bucky crossed his arms, “please, for the life of me tell me you didn’t do what I think you did with Y/N? Again.”

Steve chuckled nervously, “no, nothing like that, Buck.” His eye drops down to the small toddler clinging to his leg, Bucky follows his eyes and his steel ones widen, “uh… yeah, I’m a dad.”

Bucky’s eyes remained fixated on Joseph and then look to Steve, his friend gives a one shoulder shrug but before anyone can say anything, Natasha is skipping up to Steve and dropping to the floor with a grin and offering a hand to Joseph; introducing herself with a bright grin, she always had a soft spot for children.

Clint not too far behind is offering a smile and wave, Joseph still somewhat, shy and hesitant smiles at both but still clinging to Steve’s jeans as he looks from Nat to Clint.

“He looks exactly like you,” Bucky mutters, “well you know when you were cute and small, not tall and ugly.” Steve sarcastically laughs at him.

Bucky makes no move to get closer to the boy, making Steve frown at his best friend and Bucky just shrugs, knowing that’s enough explanation. “Joseph, that’s Bucky my best friend, he’s a little nervous about meeting you too.” Joseph widens his eyes looking at Bucky, who is stood a little behind Natasha. “Wanna go introduce yourself?”

Steve following a little behind Joseph, who tentatively walks up to Bucky, looking up behind his glasses frames at Barnes. “Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?” He asked Bucky, Steve held back a chuckle, must be an ice breaker for him.

“Uh-I actually didn’t know that,” Bucky frowns but smiles, “Sam’s must weigh double that amount because he has a fat head.” That makes Joseph laugh, Steve gives a little ‘tut’ of disagreement.

“It only weighs that much because of the human brain,” Joseph states and Bucky kneels down with a quirk of an eyebrow. “So, you’re assuming he has a big brain.” Bucky chuckles and looks at Steve with a big grin, “Falcons have tiny brains.”

“I love this kid.” Bucky sat on the floor, almost pulling Joseph into his lap but holding his shoulders with his human hand.

(I don’t know if this is the finale part, I am uncertain of that. I am just happy that I got this one done, took a heck of a long time. Let me know what you think. - Rosalee)

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Circumstance, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader (one)

Prompt: The Lin Angst fic with extra doses of pain

Word-count: 1,156

Warnings: The regular warnings fam. Cursing and a lot of SAD. So much SAD. 

Note: Chapter One: As Easy as Breathing

It’s hilarious how quickly I’m coming up with these chapters. This is such a departure from how I usually am, as you all know because it’s the reason why I’m so flaky with the writing anyway. Something to note, I guess: Chapter one occurs maybe three or four days before the prologue, which I’m guessing should explain a few things. Maybe. I don’t know. 

By the way, shout out to @butlinislin because they’ve been an absolute joy throughout my writing of this. I hope this meets your expectations, darling. :)

To counteract all this sad, the last part of Perks will be coming up soon. 

Much, much love. xx

Prologue | Chapter Two

P.S.: This is, indeed, Heights!era Lin. Enjoy!


“So my vacation is in two weeks,”


“And you still haven’t pulled your shit together.”

Lin groaned, but agreed nonetheless. “Yes, okay, your point?”

Karen only raised an eyebrow, expression caught between amusement and pity. Lin kind of hated it. “The moon-eyed look might work onstage, sweetheart, but keep it up offstage and you’ll be wearing a sign that says ‘I am desperately in love with this woman right here. Nobody else, just her’ around your neck in no time.”

He buried his head in his hands, rubbed at his eyes. A beep of a horn caught Lin’s attention and he watched as a taxi rolled perilously by, much to the aggravation of everyone else behind it. He wanted to take a photograph of this scene in front of him, apart from the renegade taxi; when the light hit Manhattan just right, the people are suffused with a honeyed glow and the streets breathe in the heat and noise. His view from the outdoor seat of a coffee shop wasn’t so bad, but they had a show in two hours. He told Karen so, and she rolled her eyes at his inelegant change of subject.

“All right, you mopey bastard, let’s get this shit running.”

They left a few bills as tips and Lin downed the last of his coffee, turned cold by the autumn winds. They barely dawdled for a few more moments before standing up to leave.

He didn’t know how many people knew—Karen knew because she was Karen and she got her way with things like this—and he could only hope that no-one else would find out. (Although at this point, it was kind of futile; he didn’t miss the sly looks and the carefully raised eyebrows that came his way whenever he so much as stood next to Y/N. From Chris especially.)

“How have rehearsals been?” Karen asked as they walked down 157th street, the words slightly muffled behind the heavy scarf she’d wrapped around her neck.

Lin shrugged. “They’ve been okay.” A bit of a lie, that one. They’ve been great, amazing really. And he knew he didn’t have to censor himself in front of Karen but anything concerning Y/N was territory he’d rather not share. And lately, a lot of things became related to Y/N.

Karen rolled her eyes once more. “Don’t bullshit me, Miranda. I know rehearsals have been bomb; you’re not the only friend I have in the company, you know.”

Lin laughed in spite of himself. “Why’d you ask me then?”

One edge of Karen’s lip quirked upwards, smug. “I wanted to hear it from you, dumbass.” She hit him over the head, Lin yelping at the brunt of it. God, Olivo could swing an arm. “Although, I am still of the opinion that you need to stop wrapping that large brain of yours around that girl; as if she isn’t already wearing your heart on her sleeve like some fancy cufflink.”

Lin already knew that. He’s heard this speech approximately more than fifty-three times.

He only shrugged, something of a smile lilting at his mouth. Karen shook her head, strands of her ebony hair whipping in the breeze.

When he arrived at vocal practice the next day, you were strangely absent.

It wasn’t that strange, for you were often late, but the fact that not even a wisp of you could be seen or heard was slightly unnerving. Lin, for the most part, managed to hide the fact that he was preoccupied with your absence, but he could not hide from Chris (and to be fair, he couldn’t hide much from Chris anyway), who cornered him thirty minutes in and questioned him not with words but with a look.

“I’m fine,” he said hastily. He was not having this conversation with Chris, because heaven knew he’d already done so enough times. “I just didn’t get any sleep—“

“Sorry, sorry!” A crash cut him off, followed by hurried, thundering footsteps and the slamming shut of a heavy door. “I know I’m super late, I’m really sorry.”

“Nice of you to join us, Y/N,” Karen said slyly, and Lin turned to the girl in question, who was panting and sheepishly running a hand through her hair. “Who were you fucking before you came down here?”

The cast and crew laughed, Y/N reddened, and Lin’s heart stopped.

“Shut up, Olivo.” Y/N said, still pink in the face, which only added to the amusement.

Lin laughed along with the others, but he could feel his heart slipping down to rest somewhere near his ankles.

Things carried on as usual, with only a few more casual japes concerning Y/N’s admittedly disheveled state being made in between breaks. You handled them with a swift punch to the shoulder and a flustered laugh.

“So,” Lin said as he slid into the seat next to you, something clenching in his stomach, “who’s the lucky one?”

You rolled your eyes, but the smile that decorated your lips told him that it was safe to ask. That might have made everything worse. “I thought you would be the one kind soul who wouldn’t ask,” you said teasingly, tongue bit between your teeth as you grinned. Lin’s heart almost couldn’t bear the tug of war; it was being wrenched up with elation and weighed down with despondency all at once and he was surprised his soul hadn’t fallen through the void it created. “I’m disappointed in you, Miranda.”

He could love you forever, he knew. If there was anything he was capable of, in that he was sure of.

Lin shrugged, the smile coming easily, because even when it was killing him, you could conjure happiness out of him as easily as breathing.

You fiddled with the phone in your hands now, your grin tempering into something smaller but no less powerful. In fact, your smile grew tender. The soft look that beheld your face both robbed him of breath and breathed life back into him.

(There were times when he was sure that he hated you, because it would be easier if he did, it would be much easier than doing whatever this was, standing aside as you took on lovers, as you looked elsewhere, because he wouldn’t push you if you didn’t want him. And you didn’t. But then he’d see you the next day, eyes bright and smile wide and his heart would yearn, and he couldn’t hate. He’d never hate you, he wasn’t capable of—)

“Robin,” you breathed, the name a sigh on your lips, and he took notice of how it sounded so sweet coming from you.

Lin smiled at you then, and his chest was going to burst, he just knew it, and then there’d be a mess on the wall because of it and god, Karen was right, you had his heart in your hands, and you didn’t even know—

“His name is Robin.”

Just some thoughts Re: MFWP’s April Fool’s Day Prank

(I have been writing this off and on all day. I needed to write things and let them stew and I am finally okay with posting what is now here.)

So, just a bit of backstory:

In My Forged Wedding Party, there is a character who is centralize to the plot. Her name is Lily Saionji. She is a Flower Designer who is very famous and the MC ends up working for her in the basic plotline of every story. She has a crush on Kunihiko, the MC’s uncle, and is very open about it.

Also, Lily is a transwoman.

This has always been a bit of a, shall we say, confusing thing for me in many ways. Mostly because of how she is treated in the story.

Like most non-heterosexual non-cis characters in Japanese media, her role is mostly played for laughs. Kunihiko is obviously very uncomfortable with Lily’s advances on him and the other guys find it very amusing that he is.

Several of the characters still refer to Lily as her birth/dead name Rintaro and will still refer to her as he/him. They do this even when she is in their presence and she asks them not to. Even if she asks them nicely.

This has been since day one. This is not something that came out of nowhere. Lily shows up in the story fairly early on and she, as well as the other characters quickly introduce us to her, letting us know all we need to about how her character is treated in the story.

This brings us to today.

(I’m putting this under a cut because this whole post ended up getting much longer than I planned on it getting.)

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Protect You

Request: could you do a story where your ricks daughter and you and Daryl have sorta liked each other from when you first met after everything happened ? Rick knows about everything and stuff and is okay with it because he trusts Daryl etc. Maybe something set when you first arrive at Alexandria and Daryl gets all protective over y/n with all the new people around.

I hope you like what I made out of it :)

“They have to be here somewhere. Eric wouldn’t leave without me.”, Aaron mumbles while the four of you walk in the direction the flare went off a few minutes ago.
“Who’s Eric?”, you look over to him while you stab a walker in the head and push it to the ground before looking back to Aaron.
“My boyfriend. We went out here recruiting together.”, he sighs and you nod before you look over to Rick and Michonne following you through the woods.

Still mad at your father you shake your head and follow Aaron through the woods.
You wouldn’t be in this situation if Rick didn’t burst out on him because he has a parabolic microphone in the car which made him believe Aaron’s people listened to his plan all along.
That again distracted you so much, you drove into a herd of walkers and crashed the car.

Which leads to the four of you walking through the woods and trying to find the other ones who were in the RV behind you, but got lost the minute you crashed.
You leave the woods and walk through the streets of the nearby town, hoping to find the others.
Including Daryl.
The two of you have been ‘official’ since shit went down at Terminus and your dad was surprisingly okay with you being with him.
“You see someone?”, Rick walks next to you and you shake your head while giving him the silent treatment.

“Come on Y/N, talk to me.”, he sighs and you shake your head before looking over to him.
“You know dad, I get why you’re careful after everything that happened but Aaron didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he tried to get us some place safe. Where Carl and Judith COULD be safe. You have to trust anyone at some point.”, you shrug your shoulders and walk a little faster to find the others.

A known whistle sounds up and you look around the corner to see Daryl standing at a door frame, waiting for you and the others.
“Took you so long?”, he looks at you and you smile a bit before placing a soft kiss on his lips and following the others inside.
You reunite with Maggie, Glenn and the rest of your group and with Eric.
“Thank god. What happened?”, Aaron storms to him and falls on his knees to look at him.
Smiling you turn around to Daryl and wipe some hair out of your face while you give them some privacy.

“What happened out there? Why’d you got lost?”, you look at Daryl while you lean against the wall and play with your knife.
“Where walkers everywhere. You guys were gone and Eric told us to take the way we took.”, he shrugs his shoulders and you nod while leaning your head against the wall too.
“Try to sleep. We’re safe here for the night.”, he mumbles and you close your eyes before you drift into a soft sleep.

“That’s it. Behind these walls is Alexandria.”, Aaron looks at all of you when he stopped the RV and pointed at the walls.
“We’re going in?”, you look over to your father and Rick takes his time before he starts to nod and all of you follow Aaron inside after he opened the gate.
From the inside this place looks like it was right from a movie and you need a second to adjust to the fact that this really seems like a safe place.
All of you just stand there and try to understand what this means when suddenly a woman approaches you, smiling.
“Aaron, Eric. I see you found some new possible members.”, she smiles and Aaron nods before pointing at Rick.
“This is Rick Grimes and his group. I think they would fit in here perfectly.”, he explains before he smiles at you and leaves with Eric to get him medical help.
“Nice to meet you Rick Grimes and his group. My name is Deanna. Welcome in Alexandria.”

An hour of talking to Deanna at her office later you sit on the porch of the house she gave all of you and look around.
There are kids running through the streets, people gardening. Members of the community being truly happy.
“Y/N?”, a young man suddenly approaches you and you raise up your head to look at a friendly face standing in front of you.
“Who wants to know?”, you raise and eyebrow and cross your arms in front of you while you try to figure out his motives.
“I’m sorry. My name is Aiden. I am Deanna’s son.”, he still smiles and holds out his hand for you to shake but you just look at him, unsure about what he wants.
“I know this must be weird for someone who was out there so long. All of this. But we’re really good people.”, he says with a soft voice and you shrug your shoulders while starring at him.

“You okay?”, Daryl suddenly shows up on the porch next to you and Aiden gives him a confused look.
“She’s fine man. Was just introducing myself to her and offering her a walk around Alexandria.”, he says and Daryl crosses his arms in front of his body while tensing up.
“She passes, though.”, he growls and Aiden takes a few steps up the porch before he stares at Daryl with crossed arms too.
“Yeah? Why don’t you let her talk for herself?”, he raises an eyebrow and Daryl takes another step forward while you sit there, observing the situation.
“Don’t push me.”, he growls before Aiden looks down at you and reaches for your hand to pull you back on your feed again.

“Leave. Before I make you.”, Daryl pushes his arm away and takes one closer step to Aiden to look him directly in the eye.
You have never seen Daryl like this before, all overprotective since you’re able to protect yourself but you can’t help it but find it hot.
“You think you have anything to say to me? Better watch your mouth before I’ll make you leave again.”, Aiden growls back at Daryl before he gives him a hard push and Aiden stumbles down the stairs until he hits the ground.
“What the hell man? What is your problem?”, Aiden quickly gets back on his feet again and Daryl is about to go after him when you finally get on your feet and place a hand on his breast.
“He’s not worth it. Trust me. Just let him go.”, you look at him and Daryl gives Aiden one hard look before he turns around and walks away.

“So what, Y/N? You with the psychopath?”, Aiden looks at you and you shake your head before you turn around and get inside as well to approach Daryl and raise an eyebrow in curiosity.
“Wanna tell me what got into you? You were never jealous before.”, a smirk comes to your face and Daryl shakes his head before pulling you into his arms.
“Don’t make a big deal out of it, 'kay? Just wanna protect you.”, he mumbles and you wrap your hands around him as well before hiding your face at his body and just enjoy this moment with him.


Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

If we go back i time eleven years ago, you might see the formation of Riverdale’s three musketeers. The twins, Y/n and Betty Cooper celebrating their fifth birthday with the right hand man Archie Andrews sitting next to Y/n proud of the fact that he already had turned five with his birthday a week before the two girls’.

As eight thirty rolled around, most of the guests had left a long time ago, except Archie. The three kids were playing hide and go seek in the front lawn. In a five year olds mind, the farther away from your house, that your parents allowed of course, was the perfect hiding spot, or pots since Y/n always wanted to hide with her older twin. 

“Go by yourself,” Betty didn’t mean to sound aggravated, she just was tired of Y/n hiding with her and then giggling so loud the whole block could hear. She wanted to  prove to Archie that she was the better hider. “Find somewhere else to hide. Go away.”

Y/n blinked as she held her new blue teddy bear close to her. “Fine.”

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OKAY so Percy can summon Carter (Kane) ONE TIME by saying his name so I want the greeks, romans, and norse (magnus) bloodlines to be present and WASHAM THEY’RE LOSING LETS JUST CALL UP THE EGYPTIANS TOO BECAUSE I NEED ALL THE MYTHOLOGY AT ONCE I LOVE IT

can we have the power boys (percy, carter, jason, and magnus) and the kickass girls together (okay but Reyna, Zia, Annabeth, and Sadie COME ON)




Frank being confused (and slightly annoyed that they can shape shift on top of their magic) “what do you mean you can turn into birds but only one kind”

is charmspeak like the persuasion words thing in egypt


i seriously need all my ladies together talk about deadly

ok but have i mentioned walt and nico HAVE I MENTIONED IT

“my dad is hades” “oh yeah well i’m the god of funerals” “what no you’re mortal” “i’m hosting him” “dude what the fuck”


will solace talking to zia like “no my dad has the sun” and she’s like “nah man it’s mine”





If he hurts you in a fight- Chen

You were sitting in your living room waiting on Chen to come back into the room. He was in your shared bedroom looking at the necklace he let you wear. You broke it and it was his mother’s. It was the only thing he took with him from home of hers and since he doesn’t really get to see her and since she is very sick, he holds it most dear. He let you wear because you had seen it one day and said you liked it.

Rocking back and forth you were very nervous to how he would react. You hear him and stand up. He goes to walk past you to the first door but you block him. “Baby, talk to me.” you plead with him as tears welled up in your eyes. Chen looks at you with anger and he tries to move past you. Continuing to block the door you don’t move. “Move. Now.” he says in a low voice you didn’t know he had, but you don’t move.

“Chen, just talk to me. I am sorry! It got caught on the handle of the dresser!” you try and tell him what happened but he was too upset to care. “Just let me leave for a little bit, okay?” he pushes you out of the way and you knock into the table beside the door. You look down and see blood from your hand from the glass of the picture frame on the table. You look up when you hear the door slam. Chen never turned around. Wiping your eyes you reach for your phone to call your best friend since the bleeding won’t stop and the cut is really deep.

You sit in the waiting room of ER with your best friend holding your hand that is not wrapped up. The doctors told you that the cut needs stitches, but it will be a little bit so they wrapped it as you wait your turn to be seen. You had thought about calling Chen, but you decided against since he was mad at you. Looking to your friend you thank her for coming and bring you here.

Meanwhile, Chen sits at the bar of Chanyeol’s kitchen with an unopened beer in his hand. “Dude, you pushed her? Really?” Chanyeol said from the stove as he was cooking dinner for him, Baekhyun, Sehun, and D.O with D.O’s help of course. “I know I was just so mad. I wasn’t thinking straight. You know that’s the only thing I have of my mom’s so it really upset me.” Chen sighed and sat the beer down, “That’s why after I pushed her I just left. I couldn’t face her.”

After he finishes his sentence the front door opens and in walks Kia. “Sorry I am late I had to make sure y/bf/n got y/n to the ER okay. I hope she is alright, Chen. Why didn’t you take her?” Chen’s eyes widen, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN TAKE HER TO THE ER?” and with that Chen rushes out of Chanyeol’s house. Running down the steps he get into his and dials your number on down the road, praying you pick up.

Chen’s name flashes across your phone, sighing you answer. “Hello?” you voice is shaky because you think he is still mad and would yell at you. “Baby, are you okay? Why did she take you to the ER? Why didn’t you call me? What happened?” you could hardly understand him with how fast he was talking. “I’m fine. I just cut my hand on some glass.” you can hear the noise of a car in the background of his phone call. “Baby, you have to be more careful! What happened?” he asks you.

You hesitate to answer, “I cut it on the glass from the picture frame on the table beside the front door.” you say in a soft voice. “How did you-” Chen doesn’t need to finish his question because he answers it for himself has he remembers what he did. “Oh God. Baby, no. I-I didn’t- why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you call me? Oh gosh, I am so sorry.” you hear a door slam in the background of his shaky voice. “It’s fine Chen. I promise. Okay? Don’t worry.” as you say the last word you see Chen run into the ER with the phone to his ear and tears running down his face.

He falls to his knees in front of you as you sit in a chair. He holds your bandaged hand in both of his on your lap and he sobs into them. “I am so sorry. I just walked away. I pushed you and then walked away. I didn’t even check on you.” Chen continues to cry and hold your hands. “Honey, get up. It’s fine, come on.” you pull him into the seat beside you. As you do this you see your best friend wave at you and wink before walking out of the ER.

“Look at me, Chen” he looks into your eyes. “Now, I know you didn’t mean it and you were upset so I forgive you.” he goes to say something but you stop him. “BUT I swear Kim Jong-dae if you ever do that again I am leaving, okay?” as you say his full name his eyes go wide and after you finish his eyes water again. “I swear never, ever again! I promise.” You kiss his nose and lay on his chest, “Good. Now, be my pillow I am sleepy and my hand hurts.” Chen is confused then after a minute leans back runs his hand through your hair.

After you leave the ER you both go back home. Chen would never forget what he did. He would spend the rest of his life knowing he hurt you and trying to make up for what he did to you. And you couldn’t help but smirk because you know no matter what you could never leave him. You love this man to much to do that. -Admin Unnie

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Looking for the past.

This is my incredibly late entry for @riversong-sam‘s 200 follower celebration challenge. My song prompt was Once upon a December from the movie Anastasia. Tags are from @mrswhozeewhatsis and the SPN Fanfic pond tag lists. If I have incorrectly tagged you then please contact me so I can remove the tag asap. This is also unbeta’d so any and all mistakes are my own.

Summary: You wake up in the arms of a man you don’t recognise, only to realise you can’t remember yourself. Are you safe with this man or does he mean to cause you harm.

Warnings: Memory loss, heightened emotions.

Pairing: Sam X Reader.

Word count: 718 :(

Originally posted by strengthcas

“Y/N…Y/N…wake up.” A deep male voice called out around you pulling you from your sleep. You opened your eyes to be greeted by a blinding light, blinking quickly you cleared your vision to see shining hazel eyes staring down at you. A man hovered above you as you laid on the cold hard floor, you didn’t understand why he looked so worried or why he kept calling that name but you felt drawn into his gaze. He ran a warm hand over your forehead, cradling the back of your head as he pulled you up gently so that your upper body was resting against his. You tried to struggle against him, fear building inside you as you didn’t recognise this man who was holding you so close, he held onto you, not allowing you to escape his hold. You continued to pull away from him, hitting at his chest until he let you slip away, a frown etched onto his face. You scurried backwards away from him, your eyes taking in your surroundings, you seemed to be in some kind of motel room, you just couldn’t understand why you were here.

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The following is what happens when you are missing one of your favourite shows, are watching the current season of another favourite show, and have a best friend that also watches both shows. I apologise for nothing and blame everything on her smurfiness @iamthegaysmurf​.

Headcanon: Waverly Earp is a HUGE fan of the British Drama Call the Midwife!

  • She talks about it so much that one day Wynonna and Nicole decide to binge watch it so that they at least know what she’s babbling on about.
  • Doc joins them around season three - he often cries more than they do.
  • Waverly comes home one night to find Nicole firmly tucked up against her sister, Wynonna softly stroking her hair. - a quick glance at the screen in front of them shows Patsy scrubbing furiously at a dirty window, Waverly understands. Later, Wynonna and Nicole greet Waverly with shouts of “We trusted you!” when she re-enters the room before Nicole breaks down - “They were so happy Waverly. They were happy and now… Now… What? Am I supposed to be grateful that Delia isn’t dead? Is that what they want? I just… I can’t…”
  • Doc returns to the Homestead, miraculously in time for the Xmas special, with beer and Nicole’s favourite chocolates - he was going to pick her some flowers but thought better of it.

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Weekly Update.
  • Sherlock: *Paces around the room.* Molly, my parents are coming over to the flat today.
  • Molly: *Looks up from book.* I'll get out of your hair. I am sure I can find something to do at the morgue.
  • Sherlock: No, I didn't want you to leave. I think it is time you met my parents.
  • Molly: What for. We haven't even gone on our first date yet. I can meet them after we know how it goes.
  • Sherlock: I know that the date will be spectacular. Will you just meet them?
  • Molly: Fine. But I must get dresses before they come. I will go home and get dressed in something more presentable. You better clean up this mess before they come.
  • Sherlock: I am on it. They will be here in two hours, so please hurry. I want you here when they come. *Gets up.*
  • Molly: I will. *Gets up, grabs coat and heads home to shower.*
  • Molly: I am sorry I took so long. *Walks through door, hanging up coat.*
  • Sherlock: It is fine. I had time to clean. *Walks out of kitchen.*
  • Molly: I never thought this place could look so clean. *Looks around.*
  • Sherlock: I had help.
  • Molly: From who?
  • John: Hello Molly. I must be the help he is talking about, even though I did it all.
  • Molly: Somehow I knew you couldn't do it all on your own.
  • Sherlock: I would take offence to that, but I have to get ready.
  • Molly: Aren't you ready?
  • Sherlock: It's my parents. I must be extra clean for them.
  • Molly: I feel under dressed know.
  • Sherlock: You look amazing. *Kisses her on the cheek.* John you should go home now. Your babysitter is charging more than they should. *Walks out of the room.*
  • Molly: Thanks again for helping with the flat. It looks great.
  • John: Thank you. I really must be going though. *Grabs coat and heads out.*
  • Sherlock: *Walks out with wet hair.* Can you help me with my tie? It looks better when others do it for me.
  • Molly: Yeah sure. *Stands up, and walks to him.* I think you do your ties nicely.
  • Sherlock: Thanks, but my mother always fixes it.
  • Molly: She might fix this one too. *Finishes tying it.* How's it look?
  • Sherlock: Looks amazing... Thank you.
  • Molly: Thank you.
  • Mrs. Holmes: SHERLOCK!
  • Sherlock: UP HERE!
  • Molly: Wow what an impression.
  • Sherlock: It always happens.
  • Mrs. Holmes: There you are Sherlock. Who is this lovely lady?
  • Molly: I am Molly Hopper. A good friend of your son's.
  • Sherlock: *Mumbles* A little more than a 'good friend.'
  • Mrs. Holmes: It is nice to meet you.
  • Molly: It is nice to meet you.
  • Mr. Holmes: There you are Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: Hello.
  • Mycroft: Sherlock, talk to mother. She thinks it dangerous to ride in a plane.
  • Sherlock: If it's your plane, it is.
  • Mycroft: *Mad whispers.* If you don't talk to her, no more free rides.
  • Sherlock: Mum, a plane it the best way to fly.
  • Mr. Holmes: *Looking at Molly.* Who is this.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Sherlock's friend.
  • Sherlock: Molly.
  • Mr. Holmes: Nice to meet you dear.
  • Molly: It is nice to meet you too.
  • Sherlock: I have made reservations for a new restaurant. We must be going or we will be late.
  • Mrs. Holmes: *To Molly.* He has always been like that.
  • Molly: Oh, I know.
  • Sherlock: ARE YOU COMING!?
  • Mrs. Holmes: Be there in a few.
  • Sherlock: Well then hurry up.
  • Molly: *Walks down the stairs.*
  • Mycroft: So did you get this reservation from one of your 'cases?'
  • Sherlock: Yes, I did. *Pulling Molly's coat on her.*
  • Molly: *To Sherlock.* Thank you.
  • Sherlock: We must go.
  • Mrs. Holmes: *Stares in shock.*
  • Mycroft: *Whispers to his mum and dad.* Are we not going to talk about that?
  • Sherlock: What is there to talk about? I did the case. He owes me a favor. Nothing to it.
  • Sherlock: *Pulls out chair for Molly.* Everything is free here, so get what you want.
  • Molly: Thank you.
  • Mrs. Holmes: *To Mr. Holmes.* Well I never thought I would see the day.
  • Mr. Holmes: *Back to Mrs. Holmes.* She must be something.
  • Mrs. Holmes: I think you are right.
  • Sherlock: Who is right?
  • Mrs. Holmes: No one dear.
  • Mycroft: So sence no one else seems to be asking it... Are you two dating?
  • Sherlock: We haven't gone on an official date, but yes.
  • Molly: *Blushes.*
  • Mr. Holmes: You are the first girl out of both these boys that we have got to meet.
  • Mrs. Holmes: It is so nice to know Sherlock found someone.
  • Molly: Thanks.
  • Sherlock: I think we better order now.
  • Mycroft: Changing the subject like always, little brother.
  • Sherlock: I am not hiding anything.
  • Mycroft: Yes you are.
  • Sherlock: No. I. Am . Not.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Stop bickering.
  • Waiter: What can I get you. *They all order there food.*
  • Mrs. Holmes: I want to know more about Molly.
  • Molly: There is not much to know about me.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Of course there is. Like tell us where you work.
  • Molly: I work at a morgue.
  • Mr. Holmes: Now I know how you two met.
  • Sherlock: We actually went to the same collage. Before I dropped out.
  • Molly: We were biology partners.
  • Mycroft: Sherlock never took biology.
  • Sherlock: Just because I didn't go to language doesn't mean I went home. I joined the class every day.
  • Molly: The teacher was always confused to why you were in her room twice.
  • Sherlock: I don't think I remember her name.
  • Molly: Mrs. Kigaman.
  • Sherlock: That's right.
  • Molly: I think I am going to use the restroom before the food comes.
  • Sherlock: Okay.
  • Molly: *Gets up and leaves.*
  • Sherlock: The food should be coming out in three minutes, if I am correct.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Sherlock, dear. Why have you never told us about Molly?
  • Sherlock: There is not much to tell.
  • Mr. Holmes: There is much to tell. I mean this is the first time any of you boys have even had a girlfriend.
  • Sherlock: She is not my girlfriend.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Then what is she?
  • Sherlock: The girl I am going to marry.
  • Mrs. Holmes: ...
  • Mr. Holmes: ...
  • Mycroft: ...
  • Mrs. Holmes: That is why you asked for grandmother's ring. It wasn't for a silly science experiment.
  • Sherlock: No. I thought I would give it to her soon.
  • Mr. Holmes: Well I am glad I brought it then.
  • Molly: Brought what?
  • Sherlock: Nothing.
  • Waiter: Your supper is here.
  • Mycroft: About time.
  • Mr. Holmes: Be nice Mike.
  • Mycroft: That is not that name you gave me. Use the name you gave me for haven sake.
  • Mr. Holmes: Be nice to your mum Mycroft.
  • Sherlock: *To Molly.* I am sorry about this. I mean my family can be a handful sometimes.
  • Molly: It's wouldn't be the Holmes family without it.
  • Sherlock: What is that supposed to mean?
  • Molly: It means I like your family.
  • Sherlock: Good.
  • Mrs. Holmes: What are you two talking about?
  • Sherlock: Nothing.
  • Molly: Well that was the best food I have ever tasted. Thank you for the night out with all of you guys.
  • Mrs.Holmes: Can't you stay any longer?
  • Molly: No I really must get home.
  • Mr. Holmes: Well then it was nice to meet you.
  • Molly: You too.
  • Sherlock: I will see you out then.
  • Molly: *Walks down the stairs.* Thank you again. I had a really nice time.
  • Sherlock: No, thank you.
  • Molly: For what?
  • Sherlock: Spending a whole dinner with my family.
  • Molly: I had a good night.
  • Sherlock: I did too. *Kisses her.*
  • Molly: *In shock.* Wha..What was that for?
  • Sherlock: My why of telling you I want to do this again sometime.
  • Molly: Thank you then.
  • Sherlock: Your welcome.
  • Molly: See you tomorrow Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sherlock: Good bye Molly Hopper.
  • Sorry this took so long. It took a while to write it all. Thanks for reading: )
Drunk Calls

Hank McCoy x Reader

Prompt Idea : 126. How drunk are you right now? -Request by anon. 

Originally posted by thelivingandtheloving

His phone rang, which caught him by surprise. It was late, real late, and he had no idea who would be calling right now. 

Hank glanced at his screen, your name was shown at the top with a picture of you displayed on the back ground. He was more confused now but grew worried. Maybe something happened? 

“Hello?” He breathed, feeling himself panic. “Y/N, Are you okay?” 

“Y-Yeah!” You hiccuped. “I’m awesome! how are you, Beasty?” 

He furrowed his brows, looking at the wall, and mumbled the word ‘beasty’ under his breath. “A-Are you sure you’re okay?” 

“Yes Hank! I am fine! I just wanted to hear your voice because I miss you.” You confessed. 

For weeks you had been trying to come up with a way to tell Hank, the man who brought you to the school for the gifted and tell him how you feel about him. but every time you got near him, you were a flustering mess. 

But tonight, you had drank a lot. So much, you wouldn’t even remember this tomorrow morning. Which also gave you the courage to call him up at 1:30 in the morning. 

“Y-You miss me?” He asked, growing even more confused. “Y/N, I saw you a few days ago.” 

“I know! I just, I miss seeing you everyday. Because–”

Hank noticed the way your words slurred, which made him realize something. “How drunk are you right now?” He asked, cutting you off. 

You let out a long breath, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Let’s just say I had a few too many shots.” You chuckled. 

“Y/N, where are you? maybe I should–” 

“Hank, for the love of God, let me talk!” You exclaimed. 

He took in a sharp breath, clenching his jaw tight. Once a few seconds passed of silence, you made that your queue to finally tell him how you feel. 

“I like you, like a lot. I like your dorky nerdy personality, and the cute little facial expressions you make when you are concentrating on something. I like how patient and calm you are. I like you.” 

Hank felt his stomach flutter as he hung on every word that fell from your lips. He couldn’t help but smile, wishing you were there with him just so he could show you how he felt as well. But of course, you were away for spring break with Jean and the others. 

So, he had to wait until you were back at home. 

“Crap, what the hell am I doing?” You groaned. “I’m sorry, I’m drunk. I shouldn’t had–”

“Y/N!” Hank cackled. “For god’s sake, let me talk.” 

You sucked in a breath and waited. 

“I like you too.” He smirked, though you couldn’t see him. 

TalesFromRetail: You have to give the cashier your coupon.

This just happened… Very hard face palm after this phone conversation. I work at a retail pharmacy that just underwent major renovations and our grand re-opening was today. Many people in the area were mailed coupons for bonus points for our rewards program.

Me: Hello! Thank you for calling (store name). How can I help you today?

W: I was in this morning and I didn’t get my bonus points. Spent $29 and I have a coupons for 4,000 points.

Me: Okay! What was your before tax total?

I asked because it often confuses people that their before tax total needs to be over the required amount (the coupon she has was if she spent $25).

W: $27. I live far away. Can you just add the points over the phone.

Me: I’m sorry Ma'am, but our system isn’t set up for that.

It is actually is possible, it’s is strongly against company policy.

Me: Do you remember which cash you went thorough? I can ask the cashier if they scanned your coupon and next time your in, we can give you the points.

W: I have the coupon with me.

Me: Did you give it to the cashier to scan?

W: No.

Me: Ma'am it’s just like any coupon, you need to give it to the cashier.

W: WELL, can you just enter the coupon code into your computer and give me the points?

Me: I can speak with my manager if you would like.

W: * silence *

I put her on hold. I know very well what she is going to say and my manager confirms what I told the woman. However, if the customer can make it in after the coupon expires, we we still add the points on. I return to the phone call and tell her what my manager said.


Me: None of the staff are trained in vitamins and they legally can’t give you advice. The pharmacist is, that’s why she told you to go to the pharmacy.


The company I work for supports it’s employees in 90% of customer complaints. If a customer’s threatens or swears at you, you are supposed to hang up immediately, which I did.

This happened early today, I hope she doesn’t ever come back in.

By: veh88

sometimes I think about the Ravenclaw Bronze Knocker, because I’m sure Rowena Ravenclaw was a very witty and fun conversationalist, and I feel like she probably wouldn’t have just made this lovely little knocker and said, “Okay, all you do is give riddles.”

no, I think maybe the door knocker has a lot to say, but it’s shy? or it’s embarrassed because sometimes people get very frustrated when they can’t get the riddle correct and it doesn’t want them to be angry with it for not letting them enter. there’s a lot of options for why the knocker might not always let people in on the fact that it can say anything it likes, not just riddles.

and I like to think that maybe, one night, some Ravenclaw comes back to the tower DRUNK AF and can’t get the riddle correct and finally sits down nearby to wait for someone else to come along. and all of a sudden this kid just goes, “Hey, can we talk?”

and the knocker’s like, “…..Pardon me?”

“Because I was thinking about riddles and I was wondering if, like, you’re programmed with a certain number of riddles and you just recycle them every so often or if you have an unlimited list somewhere or if you make some up as you go?”

and for a long moment, the kid and the knocker just sit there, looking at one another. and finally the knocker says, “It’s a bit of a mix of all three, really.”

and this kid’s off and running suddenly with a million questions. “Do you feel more like a bird or a door knocker? What do you do when nobody’s around? Can you move around like the paintings? Do you wish you could fly? Did you have witty banter with Rowena Ravenclaw? Do you have favorite students? Why do you never talk to us?”

and - huh- it just hit me that maybe the reason the knocker doesn’t speak is that it’s not supposed to make chit chat unless the students or teachers initiate it because, “Ravenclaw isn’t just about answering difficult riddles, you should be observant and kind and interested in everyone and everything; people are supposed to ask ME a question about myself before I’m allowed to speak to them casually.”

and the kid, who’s still pretty drunk but has kind of been sobering up during this, is like, “Huh, yeah, that sounds like something Rowena would do.”

and over the course of this conversation, the two have kind of become buds and the kid says, “Hey, do you have a name?”

and the knocker starts laughing and says, “Yes, but it’s getting very late and you should go to bed, so I will make you a proposition: I will let you into the tower for an IOU riddle. You can come back tomorrow with the answer, okay?”
and the kid’s like, “yeah sure okay,
I am super tired.”

and the knocker lets the kid in after giving them the riddle. the next day, the kid comes back with the answer and it’s the knocker’s name and they become really good friends and at first a bunch of people are really confused when they see their friend standing outside chatting with the door knocker but then everyone is so excited that it can talk and SUDDENLY THE DOOR KNOCKER GETS TO TALK TO TONS OF PEOPLE AND I just want the Ravenclaw knocker to get a lot of attention and love like the Fat Lady’s portrait does.

and that’s all, folks!

There Is No Escape - Part 2

Note: Thank you all so much for your likes and your kind words. I never expected the first part to do so well. I just hope this one is as enjoyable for you all too! <3

Summary: Your lack of memory is beginning to make your meeting with the green clad male both confusing and intimidating. He isn’t happy at all and his patience is wearing thin.

Captain Hook/Peter Pan x Reader

Warning: The mildest bit of violence/intimidating behaviour.

Words: 1468

”Who are you an-and how do you even know my name?”

The young male’s brows furrowed at your question. Not out of confusion but it looks to you like he is angry at what you said. A reaction that only manages to increase the confusion you are feeling at this point.

“That’s not even funny [y/n]. You’ve tried this whole little trick on me before….” His right fist clenched itself and it is then that you notice just how close it is to a dagger that is holstered on his hip. The movement of his hand looking like he is just itching to take a hold of it as he moves himself closer to you. His steps are slow but steady as a predators would be as it crept up on its unsuspecting prey. “…..and it didn’t end so well. You really want to go down that same path again?”

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Random Transformers Prime Bloopers!

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime, and its characters are trademarks of Hasbro and Discovery Family(Formally the Hub). All rights go to them. The bloopers are fan-made by me! Also M.B. is short for Micheal Bay,(Because he was the only director I could think of.) 

1. Optimus: That…was not why….I had you…retrieve the Fork…
Smokescreen: Uhhhhh…
Optimus: (Realizes what he said) DOGGONE-IT! FORGE!!!!!
M.B.: (Laughing) Okay…pfffft haha…C-CUT!!!!

2.  Ratchet: But Optimus, I don’t need my T-Cog, not like…wait what’s his name again?
Optimus: Bumblebee?
Ratchet: That’s it!

3. Jack: Wait, Why isn’t Optimus here?
Arcee: Primes don’t potty..PARTY!!
Jack: 😂😂😂😂😂
Arcee: Wooo…haha…can I try that again…?

4. Starscream: Lord Knockout sir…
Megatron:(Confused) …..
Starscream: D***IT!
Megatron: WOAH Starscream watch your language this is a kids show!

5. Knockout: (looking at his reflection) Look at this handsome devil, Wooo baby I’m rocking this red color, I am HOT!
M.B: Uh Knockout, the camera’s been rolling this whole time…
M.B: All of it….

6. Ratchet: (Transforms into robot mode) “Then tell you what….we….Scrap Wait, that was wrong….
M.B: CUTTTT! Okay from the top!

7.  (TAKE TWO)Ratchet: Then tell me what we can-(Transforms, but hits a large heavy box in the process, and it lands on his foot) Ratchet: 0_0 ”….My foot….“

8. Starscream’s Clone: “My Leige, we have failed you.”
Starscream: “I know.”
Clone: “H-How did you…?”
Starscream: “Just a hunch, and this throbbing pain in my…(Trips down steps) ….side….”
M.B: “Starscream, are you okay over there?”
Starscream:(In tears) “….I..can’t feel my left leg…”

9. Knockout: “Did you tell lord Megatron?”
Starscream: “He was… otherwise engaged….”
Knockout: “That’s your problem Starscream, you’re always letting Megatron step all over you, well now is your time to fess up, and tell him, tell him all about how we-blahbluhblah…I don’t know what I’m doing….”

10. Raph:(After Ratchet show him the Synthetic Energon.) “Awesome it works, Bumblebee!”
Ratchet: “No, no, the Synthergon needs….(realizes what he said and starts laughing)”
Raph: “Bwahahahahahaha!”
Ratchet:(Still laughing) “Forget the synthetic energon, I need a pair of glasses!”

11. (Ratchet comes back through portal to base)
Raphael: “Hey Ratchet look!”(points to monitor)
Computer Moniter: (Gets blue screen of death.)
Both: “S*** NOT AGAIN!!!!”
M.B.:(sarcastically) “The iMacs were too expensive, they said, we’ll use a Windows 8 computer, they’re just as reliable, and they never get the blue screen!!!!”

12.  Wheeljack: (Hits Soundwave and shatters his visor.) “There I go again shattering expectations.”
Soundwave: (Stumbles back and puts hand over face.)
Wheeljack: “Any last words!?”
Wheeljack:“Strong silent type, that’s right.”(braces for attack)
Soundwave: (Turns the other way still holding hand on face)
Wheeljack: “Dude are you alright?”
Soundwave: (Turns back around and reveals he’s bleeding badly.)
Wheeljack: “WE NEED A TOWEL OVER HERE!!!!!!!!”