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Perfect Wife x Woman of Dignity parallels


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favorite characters edit || rose calloway & connor cobalt

“i can hear your heart beating.”
“it beats in equal time with yours. toujours.”

such a happy life

prompt:  nervous flyer and random seat mate AU? simon or baz could be either one :D

a/n: this took on a life of its own



baz glances up from his book at the strangled hiss. it’s his neighbor, the cute one with the blond hair- he looks sick. and terrified. baz winces, turns back to his book.

the plane starts a little as it starts taxi-ing, and the blond jumps violently in his seat. baz sneaks another sideways look at him, taking in his corded arms and tightly shut eyes, and feels an unexpected twinge of pity.

he really is cute.

“i have some flight sickness pills,” he suggests casually, flicking his eyes away when the man snaps his head towards the unexpected intrusion. “if you want.”

he can feel the suspicious glare raking up and down him, and shifts his head forward to hide his sneer. and his blush.  


“because i don’t want to be vomited on. obviously.”

the blond stiffens even more, if that’s possible. “no.”

“fine,” snaps baz, and returns to his book.

he doesn’t know why he even bothered.

they’re actually in the air now, and baz is fairly sure that the man would be crying if he had slightly less pride. as it is, he’s very loudly sucking in air and shaking so that baz can feel it from a seat over. he rolls his eyes.

“honestly- take the fucking pills, okay? jesus.”

“i don’t need-” he cuts off as the plane hits turbulence, and his entire body seems to blanch. he freezes, face twisted with panic.

christ- okay, look, just- deep breaths, okay? in, and out.” because it looks as if the stranger has stopped breathing. he doesn’t protest, just squeezes his eyes eyes shut and follows baz’s instructions. 

color returns to his cheeks, slowly, and baz sits back. “do you want-”

i do not want the fucking pills, okay?”

baz sneers. “i was going to ask if you wanted a soda, or something. calm down.” 

he blushes. “umm. right, sorry.” he shuffles awkwardly for a minute. “thank you. my name’s simon.”


he manages to fall asleep, head drooping over to rest on baz’s shoulder. baz thinks about shrugging it off, but takes one look at his face (an awkward affair involving precarious twists of the neck) and decides against it, going back to his book.

the stranger- simon- wakes up, turns green, and hurriedly engages baz in conversation.

they live near each other, it turns out.

they exchange phone numbers. 

“i- well, i wanted to say- i mean- thank you,” mumbles simon, blushing fiery red. 

“it was nothing,” dismisses baz, quirking the corners of his lips up.

“i- you’re- text me,” simon blurts, and immediately flushes darker.

“i will,” says baz, his half smile becoming a fully fledged grin.

they actually end up talking.

simon’s sometimes fucking irritating, but he’s mostly adorable.

they meet for coffee when they can.

they’re at the starbucks where baz works, while he’s on break.

simon teased him mercilessly when he found out.

“you’re so fucking posh, i thought you’d be-”

baz huffs. “what, snow?”

“i dunno,” simon grins. “a king, or something.”

baz grimaces. he’s not far off. “just a barista.” 

simon gives his his signature sarcastic look. “just a barista,” he mimics. baz furrows his brow, genuinely confused.

“what’s that supposed to mean?”

“nothing, baz.”

one day they go to simon’s flat, after. he opens the peeling door and gestures grandly in. it’s a mess, but baz was expecting that.

“snow, there are-”

simon blushes furiously as he tosses the various clothing items on the couch into the next room. “i wasn’t exactly planning for company, baz, this was a spur of the moment thing.”

“i can see that,” baz sneers, eyebrow raised- but he’s holding back a smile.

they kiss for the first time over crumpled napkins and empty coffee cups- baz breaks away first, reluctantly, face burning and lips parted in a surprised ‘o’.

“sorry,” says simon immediately, face and neck and ears flushed bright red, “i don’t know why-”

baz grabs his collar and smashes their lips together. it’s a little messy, but so are they. 

and it makes simon shut up.

they’re cuddled together on simon’s couch when he asks him to move in with him.

“i know you don’t really like your flat, and- well, you’re over here often enough, so i just thought-”

“snow,” says baz slowly, “are you asking me to move in with you?”

“well, yeah,” simon says, watching baz’s face nervously. baz’s face is still as stone- then he grins.

“of course.” 

and simon wraps his arms around baz’s neck and pulls him down for a kiss that leaves them both gasping.

baz proposes on a beach at sunset, because god damn it some things are cliches for a reason and simon deserves the best. always.

they’re wandering along the waterline, occasionally dipping their toes in the surf, fingers twined together. simon’s grinning, eyes sparkling and hair a mess tinted red by the setting sun.

baz is grinning too, because how could he not when simon’s this happy?

and they’ve stopped.

baz doesn’t feel like his body belongs to him, he’s so nervous- he doesn’t want to mess up. 

simon’s looking at him expectantly, so he clears his throat and reaches for his other hand- they’re facing each other head on, now.

“simon snow,” he begins, and his voice catches. he clears his throat again. “simon snow. you’re everything.”

simon opens his mouth, brow furrowed, and baz silences him with a wave of his hand. “no, just- not now.

“you’re everything, okay? i love you. so much. and i had a fucking speech planned out and now i forgotten it all, of course. 


“you were my annoying neighbor on that flight, remember? i thought you were going to puke all over to me, and you wouldn’t take the flight sickness pills for whatever reason and then you practically had a bloody panic attack but you were fucking cute so i tolerated you. and then i got your phone number.

“and then, when i was feeling bored and lonely, i texted you, and you texted back. and we kept texting. obviously. you remember this.

“and then we met for coffee, and you teased me because i was in my uniform, and i remember wanting to kiss that stupid grin off your face. i didn’t.

“so i fell in love with you and one day you kissed me and all i could think that night was thank fucking god that i had gone on that shitty holiday and thank god you decided that you’d try flying just one more time, right? because otherwise we wouldn’t have met. and i think you saved my life.”

he pauses to swallow, and chances a glance up at simon’s face. his eyes are wide. 

and baz pulls out his ring, and kneels. he doesn’t even care that he’s getting sand all over his suit.

“simon, i love you. so much. 

“will you marry me?”

for a single, heart stopping moment, it’s completely silent but for the sound of the crashing waves.

but then simon’s choking out a “yes, yes yes, of course you bloody idiot-” and tackling baz and there’s sand everywhere but they don’t care, they’re so full of happiness and love-

baz is married in black and simon in white. penny jokes that they’re like yin and yang. they grin at her, hands locked between them.

baz never wants to let go.

“until death do us part.”

they even do that together, falling asleep with wrinkled old fingers clasped and identical peaceful grins.

they lived such a happy life.


Godsucks that I can’t see you right now.

 I’m smiling.

Me too.

i am a lonely captain of this lonely ship but i won’t give up!!!




Where Clarke and Lexa decide that their shin dig that approaches into the night is a date and they really like each other. Featuring Clarke loving to cuddle and my Mac (in the first snap) because who can find a picture of a picture of high school musical playing on a laptop or TV.


Agents of Shield Rewatch → Eye Spy

May: Bus to short bus.

Ward: Go for short bus.

Coulson: Next time I’ll decide what we call ourselves, ok?

and now what have i done
my reach, falling short
just when you needed me

samhellbound vs ruedesarchives
Prompt: Forgive Me by Nural