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take it in your heart (high school au)

harry is new and awkward and louis is not new and popular and both share a passion for so-bad-they’re-good horror films

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Fanfic Recommendation List

So @sirikenobi167 suggested I do a fanfic recommendation list to celebrate 100 followers. I will try not to make this too long, because their is so much out there and it’s all good. Basically anything I have bookmarked on ao3 I love: http://archiveofourown.org/users/toreadistolive/bookmarks So I’m going to try to hit the highlights and if there is something special about the fic I will note it (of course I have written some myself so go check it out http://archiveofourown.org/users/toreadistolive/works) These are in no particular order, and almost all are Dean/Cas or Supernatural. Sorry. Okay here we go:

1. Dear Dairy-probably my favorite fic of all time. Seriously it’s perfect everything that I love: hurt Cas, Shipper Sam, over protective Dean, and a surprise twist at the end. http://archiveofourown.org/works/4781885

2. Anything by thelonelywriter or @ughcas http://archiveofourown.org/users/thelonelywriter/pseuds/thelonelywriter

3. Anything by KaitlynSpeight or @the-queen-unitato http://archiveofourown.org/users/KaitlynSpeight/pseuds/KaitlynSpeight

4. Anything by SiriKenobiWinchester or @sirikenobi167 http://archiveofourown.org/users/SiriKenobiWinchester/pseuds/SiriKenobiWinchester

5. Anything by Aini_NuFire http://archiveofourown.org/users/Aini_NuFire/pseuds/Aini_NuFire

6. Family Road Trips-I read this one every December  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6358115/1/Family-Road-Trips

7. Reckless-first fic to introduce me to Sastiel https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6380431/1/Reckless

8. Dean’s Babysitting Hell http://archiveofourown.org/works/2270400/chapters/4987887

9. Your enemies closer http://archiveofourown.org/works/9164155

10. Same Deep Water http://archiveofourown.org/bookmarks/161982798

Seriously guys there are so much I could just go on and on, just look at what I have bookmarked, most are Destiel (some wincestiel thrown in) but it’s all good.





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eyyyy babe/lieb for 7. 'Indirectly - while talking to somebody else' maybe possibly??? <3

1. this was so much fun, 2. thanks for thinking up a new prompt to accommodate my failure, 3. this is barely a drabble, this is approaching straight-up fic territory, 4. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN THIS PAIRING IS SO MUCH FUN.

okay here we go

“You look good, kid,” Bill announced. His sharp eyes looked Babe up and down. “Real good.”

“Gee, thanks, Bill,” Babe laughed, shaking his head. “You’d think we hadn’t seen each other for months.”

“Close enough,” Bill shrugged.

He leaned against the railing of the porch, his eyes absently scanning the crowd inside. Malarkey, Muck, and Penkala were the hosts, so of course the house was packed with people. Bill liked packed house parties. Reminded him of his fraternity days. But it’d been two weeks since he and Babe had the chance to actually hang out in person, so they’d grabbed a few beers and staked out the back porch for a few minutes.

Joe Liebgott wandered into his field of vision. He was standing on the outskirts of the crowd, strolling around with one hand in his pocket and a beer in the other. He turned his head and spotted Babe and Bill, and raised his hand in a quiet toast. They nodded back, and Joe deliberately turned his head, giving them privacy, and snagged Talbert from the dance floor.

“How’s that going?” Bill asked.

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happy earth day


Things get broken, and sometimes they get repaired, and in most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.

A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara.  

dating Sebastian Stan would include

(( also friendly reminder: my requests are open! i write pretty much anything marvel ++ some dc ))

- Eating takeout nearly every night

- Watching random documentaries

- Being space/NASA nerds

- Going to galleries and museums and exhibitions

- Him trying to impress you while working out (and when he’s not working out)

- “Seb stop flexing we’re in a museum.”

- You learning Romanian/if you’re multilingual he’ll learn your language

- Dirty !! talk !!

- Him doing push ups on top of you and giving your little kisses everytime adfhdusj

- Speaking Romanian when he’s angry

- Taking photos of each other ALL. THE. TIME.

- Posting them on Instagram with cheesy captions that everyone finds sickeningly cute

- Dinner with the Marvel squad

- Being each-others no.1 supporters

- “Hey Seb, Mission Report, December 16th, 1991.”
“Why am I dating you.”

- Messy hair twins

- Going to conventions

- (If you’re a brunette) You getting shorter hair and him making jokes that you look like Bucky

- Emergency dance parties

- “Forget Tony’s parents, I wish I was dead.”

- “Seb, no.” “Seb, YES.”

- Giving each other constant reassurance

- Him being handsy

- Netflix and chill (let’s be real)

- ^ But also watching every show on the damn site

- Being actual couple goals

- Lingering kisses

- Gentle but rough

- Back rubs (giving and receiving.)

- Being in a group chat with Seb, Anthony, Chris, Lizzie, Scarlet and RDJ (and so on)

- Being completely and utterly devoted to each other

- Stealing his shirts

- Finally understanding what people mean when they say their significant other is their best friend

You’re gonna have to pull the trigger, then

For @nataliecrown and @alienor-woods, those beautiful monsters.  Post 410 spec.

A gunshot cracked near his ear and echoed in the small chamber.  Bellamy stopped and saw the perfect round hole where it was buried in the thick cement wall, his brain not fully comprehending what he saw.  He was still thinking about Octavia, left out in the black rain, a wave of fire bearing down on her.  The present was oddly flat and meaningless compared to that;, unreal and distant.

“Bellamy, please,” Clarke begged.

Slowly, he dragged his eyes from the bullet hole to her face.  Her eyes were dark, cold pits, fear and sadness etched into the creases in her forehead.  “What are you doing?” he asked, his ears still ringing.  His vision tunneled as he stared at the gun.

The gun in Clarke’s hand.

The gun pointed at him.

“What I have to.  Like always,” she replied.  The gun was trembling but her jaw was set.  Determined.

Determined to shoot him.

“Octavia’s out there,” he pleaded.  “She’s— she’s out there.  You can’t expect me to—”

“– if you open that door, we die,” Clarke interrupted.  “All of us.  I can’t let that happen.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do,” she said, her voice breaking.  Tears filled her eyes but didn’t fall.  “After what I did— they’ll kill us for it.  I have no choice.  This is…this is who I need to be.”

The words landed like a body blow.  He’d said that to her once in a vain attempt at comfort and hearing them now sent ice down his spine.  But her hand was still shaking and a tear fell, so he took a step down and then another.  “Then do it,” he said, thankful his voice was steady.  His heart was cracking in two but he sounded sure; certain.

“Bellamy,” she whispered.

“You know I won’t leave her out there.  So do it,” he urged.  “This is who you need to be, right?  If you believe that, then do it.  Kill me.”

“Bellamy, please,” she repeated.

“You have no choice,” he spat.  He reached the floor but she didn’t lower the gun, just swallowed hard.  “And neither do I.  That’s my sister out there.  So if you’re going to shoot me, shoot me.”  

He walked towards her and Clarke shook her head in despair.  “Don’t do this, please.  You know— you know I can’t.  I need you.”

“Do you?”  His mind was clearing now, disbelief giving way to anger.  You need me?  You left me.  And now you might kill me.

“I do,” she said, and it sounded like a sob.  He drew closer, the gun still between them.  “You know I do.  I— I made sure you were safe.  I couldn’t do this without you.”  She took a shuddering breath.  “I love you,” she said, and it felt like a slap.

In another life those words might have brought him joy, but now they just pissed him off.  “Then choose,” he growled, and stepped right up to her.  The barrel of the gun pressed into his sternum; cold and hard and deadly.  “Do it, or let me save my sister.”  

Clarke met his gaze and he saw his death flicker there.  He swallowed, not letting himself break, and wondered if she’d do it.  A tear tracked down her cheek, then another and then another.  And then the moment passed. 

“They’ll kill us,” she protested, but Bellamy just wrapped his hand around hers and slowly tugged the gun away from his chest.  It clattered to the floor and they collapsed into one another, Clarke’s face mashing against his shoulder and his arms coming up to hold her.  The anger that had flared in his gut dimmed— not yet cold ash, but no longer threatening to consume him.  Clarke sobbed and he felt his own tears start to fall fall.  “I did what I had to,” she kept murmuring, and he smoothed her hair down and nodded.

Because this world wasn’t fair and never would be.

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“You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?” au sterek? <3

OK, I wrote you a quick little thing. :)

now also on ao3


When Derek shows up at Stiles’ back door that morning with a basket full of about three dozen cookies, all carefully iced to look like Batman and Spider-Man, Stiles doesn’t say anything. He just gets up from the kitchen table and opens the screen door, and then he looks down at the basket for a long, long moment, and then he rubs the heels of his hands into his eyes and groans.

He looks kind of… unkempt. He’s wearing the same sweatpants and lacrosse hoodie he’d had on two days ago when Derek saw him at his mailbox, and his hair is sticking up everywhere, and it’s obvious he hasn’t shaved in a while because there’s some actual stubble there. Derek didn’t think Stiles was even capable of facial hair. It only adds to his attractiveness, but still, Derek can’t help but be concerned.

Derek doesn’t usually start conversations, but today he feels like making an exception. “Are you okay? This is a lot more baking than usual, even for you.”

“What? What do you mean?” Stiles says, dropping his hands to his sides. His face cycles through about five or six different expressions before settling on something that’s probably trying to say “innocent and oblivious,” but… well. Derek might not know Stiles that well, but he knows Stiles is definitely not either of those things, ever.

“The cookies,” Derek says slowly. “That you leave on my doorstep a few times a week while I’m out on my morning run.”

Stiles glares down at the cookies Derek’s holding like they’ve betrayed him.

“We don’t talk about it,” Derek says slowly, unsure, “but I thought you knew that I knew it was you. I mean, no one else in the neighborhood even talks to me.”

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important facts & quotes from hidden oracle reread #4 part one

i cited everything from the hardback edition bc im a nerd 

- page one apollo is already making pop culture references (1)

- meg is such a badass oh my g od (14)

- riodan does such a beautiful way of explaining things in this novels. awe-inspiring. mind blowing. example: “Her eyes glinted darkly like a crow’s. (I can make that comparison because I invented crows.)” (14-15) wow. beautiful. 

- so i understand this series is going to be about Apollo’s redemption and ~~~~finding himself~~~~ or w\e but JESUS PLEASE RICK you can’t just say “She [Meg] reminded me of the strays my sister was always adopting: dogs, panthers, homeless maidens, small dragons.” (15) WITHOUT PROVIDING SEVERAL BOOKS AS EXAMPLE FOR SAID SENTENCE all i want is a book focused on artemis and her army of small dragons and lesbians dear gods please 

- omfg can you just imagine sally having to go over to Percy’s room and having to tell him that the greek god of the sun apollo was there to see him omfg. imagine the salt. imagine both of them just groaning. imagine.

-”If I had still been an immortal, I might have flirted with her [Sally Jackson] myself.” (30-31) l o l Sally is a middle aged married woman seven months pregnant and still bringing in the gods you go girl im proud of you

- Sally Jackson is one of the best characters in the entire series. citation: every riodan book ever even the non-pjo it’s a fact 

- i 10000% support the idea that percy gave apollo the led zeppelin shirt as a sneaky joke he’s so smart i love him so much

- “Percy laced his fingers. They were long and nimble.”(35) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- He [Percy] would have made an excellent musician.” (35) f u ck 

- literally all percy wants is to “stay alive” long enough to go to college, meet his baby sister, and see his mom get her book published my heart is broken for this boy (35-36)

- the return of the seven layer dip fuck me up (40)

- jfc that poor Prius it’s been through so much (52-54)

- page 67 and Percy’s already made two comic book references he’s such a canon nerd 

- “Cops love me almost as much as teachers do.” god Percy Jackson what are you doing to me

- apollo tried to order a pizza to CHB and honestly same (73)

- g o d will solace jfc wow

- we’re to assume Will’s a skier (his Okemo Mountain jacket & skiers tan) (82) and now i have to write the inevitable fic that comes out of this fact

- Will’s mom was a alt.-country singer from Austin, Texas (83) which wow and honestly makes the fact will is a horrible singer 1000% better

- yellow daises grow year-round in the Apollo cabin, and it smells like fresh linens and dried sage. (83)

- kayla is aiming for the olympics and honestly im so proud already 

- fact: any and all solangelo interaction have me crying into my book 

- “Will put his hand on Nico’s shoulder, ‘Nico, we need to have another talk about your people skills.’” lol this implies that they’ve had this talk before and im dying to hear it

- the Hermes kids are big fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show (95) and now i have to write a seperate list of headcanons for this fact

- speaking of, Apollo used to cosplay as Rocky bc why not. (95-96)

- listen i know im solangelo trash BUT - “Will and Nico sat shoulder to shoulder, bantering good-naturedly. They were so cute together it made me feel desolate.” im destroyed (110)

- “but if I sit alone at my table, strange things happen.” “it’s a mood disorder” “i cant control it” stfu nico u nerd u just want to sit with your boyfriend im dead (110)

- Will nodded serenely. “It’s the strangest thing. Not that Nico would ever misuse his powers to get what he wants.” death to goody-two-shoes will solace 2k17

- off topic but CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE CHIRON THO. like. this happens and will and nico are just standing there. in front of him. telling him they have to sit together OR NICO WILL JUST HAPPEN TO PUT CRACKS INTO HIS CAMP. just imagine. him staring at them. sighing. deciding not to fight this one. agreeing & watching them giggle away bc they’re so SNEAKY & now they can EAT TOGETHER WOW 

-   lol when Meg was going to town on the hot dogs and “Julia and Alice watched her with a mixture of fascination and horror.” (111)

- “Will and Nico exchanged a look that might have meant, here we go.” (112) okay im sorry im just sO GONE FOR LITTLE MOMENTS LIKE THIS I JUST WANT NICO TO BE HAPPY AND COMFORTABLE IN HIS RELATIONSHIPS OKAY

- apollo refers to the seven as “the A-list” (112) same tho

- Jason, Piper, Coach Hedge, Mellie and baby Chuck are all in LA with Piper’s father like???? (113) THIS IS SOMETHING I NEED TO SEE? What’s the living arrangement? Is Jason living with Piper? OH GOD IS JASON LIVING WITH HEDGE AND MELLIE? DO THEY ALL LIVE IN SOME BIG PLACE PIPER’S DAD RENTED OUT???? do Piper and Jason babysit? do they have family dinners? how’s baby chuck doing??? how are they all adjusting to domestic life?? I NEED TO KNOW THIS IS ALL VERY IMPORTANT TO ME 

- lol nico’s just as pissed as eveRYONE IN THE FANDOM about Leo’s not-death and im living for it (113)

- also nico carries around Leo’s lil ‘IM ALIVE LOL’ letter\hologram\thing? like i get it was completely for the plot but?????? “i look at it whenever i want to get angry” (114) like ok nico u lil bean whatever u say u little emo shit

- apollo’s little ‘lol when u have a headache in olympus hephaestus just cracks open your skull and removes whatever brain god\dess u just birthed up lol it’s so much easier ugh’ (116) w h a t t h e f u c k 

- fact: harley is adorable no citation needed

- also you’re telling me chiron, basically as old as time itself tbh, doesn’t speak portuguese? k (120)

- “i am merely assessing how well paolo’s arms are functioning after surgery” (120) those are some big words william u nervous or something??

- “hmph” - nico di angelo, 2016 (120) 

- this isn’t really important but there’s a satyr named herbert and he’s my new favorite character sorry i dont make the rules (124)

- ok so there’s an unnamed random camper who mutters in Italian (127) and now i’ve got the BIGGEST headcanon that this random girl and Nico (omg maybe a few others????) meet a few times a month just to rant to each other in Italian so none of them get sloppy with the language and u g h im such a bitch for nico di angelo frienships

- “A boy in the crowd gasped, ‘she’s a communist!’” (127) i fucking hate this book omfg

i’ll do more later in order to mentally prepare myself for the dark prophecy but it’s 3 am and im tired  

Here We Go Again

Okay I feel the need to clear some things up again for stupid Karamel shippers so here we go. So let’s go down the bullshit and address each one.

  • Mon-El Is Confirmed For Season 3

No he isn’t. There is absolutely zero confirmation that he is in a third season. His series regular status also doesn’t mean he has a permanent place on the show. Stop spreading this nonsense like you know what you’re talking about.

  • Mon-El Is A Series Regular

I already addressed this but Karamel shippers seem to think they know what they’re talking about so I feel the need to make it clear again. Being a series regular does NOT mean you’re there for the entire series. Series regulars leave shows ALL OF THE TIME, especially after only a single season. Being a series regular does not mean what you think it means! I can’t stress this enough! Being a series regular only means that he can return at any time for however much time the writers need him. If they don’t need him, he won’t return.

  • The Article

The Karamel belief that Mon-El is confirmed for season 3 is based on ONE interview in a magazine where it was very briefly mentioned he would have further character development in season 3. This interview was done before Karamel even happened, and before the extreme backlash towards his character.

So what does that mean exactly? The writers may have told Chris they were thinking of bringing him back for the third season, then changed their minds later. Which considering his reduced role and screen time in the final three or four episodes, they were probably already doing.

One magazine article that was extremely vague and written before the backlash does not a season 3 confirmation make. Stop referring to it as evidence when it has most likely been changed based on how the fans reacted to him.

  • Mon-El Will Return

It was hinted that Mon-El could return in the future. For some very odd reason, Karamel shippers decided this meant he was confirmed for season 3 and he wasn’t going to be gone long. The person who hinted he may come back was making a guess, and not exactly a crazy one.

I also believe this isn’t the last we’ll see of him. HOWEVER, I do not think he’ll come back as a permanent fixture on the show. I think he will come back to settle his story with Kara for good before leaving on a more permanent basis. This could be for an episode or two at most, not an entire season like many of you are thinking.

The problem with the Karamel fandom is that they look at vague guesses as established facts that prove their wild ideas when they do nothing of the sort.

  • Star-Crossed

An episode that was literally called Star-Crossed and romeo and juliet references. Star-Crossed refers to relationships that are ultimately doomed, and romeo and juliet are two of the most famous star-crossed lovers in literature. Star-Crossed lovers have an intense but short lived relationship before either going their separate ways or dying. That’s the point of the relationship, to be intense but short before ending permanently.

But don’t worry Karamel shippers, I’m certain that the show’s multiple references to it when highlighting Kara and Mon-El’s relationship were absolutely unintentional.

  • Conclusion

Please for the love of God stop spreading false information! Stop looking at “maybes” and “what ifs” and calling them facts. You Karamel shippers keep pointing at things that aren’t evidence and calling them evidence. You’re seeing what you want to see.

Besides the fact that Mon-El can’t even survive on Earth anymore, there’s no way in hell the writers are going to risk that much negativity by bringing him back permanently. Maybe for an episode here and there sure, but I doubt they’re going to have a character that is almost universally hated be on the show full time. It’s an epically stupid business decision.

Quiet - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

Originally posted by deniz-is-a-witch

A/N -  Thanks so much for the ongoing support for all the one shots I keep spamming you guys with. Any requests would be appreciated 

Bucky x Reader - Bucky gets jealous over Steve’s constant need to save you.

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of smut.

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