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time for some late night body positivity. because this is my blog and I do what I want.

so here’s me. no makeup, no filter, nothing. I have really bad skin. redness, acne, and psoriasis all over my face.

this post is just to say that even though i’m really dang self conscious about my skin, it’s still me. and I will love it, whether or not others consider it worth loving.


Just since coming to Virginia, he’d seen what he called home ransacked and burned and blasted wide apart no less than thrice. He’d fired an RPG at a gas-filled lake, only half-certain that the flames would not engulf him as well as the walkers that circled the pond. He’d sprinted into a clutch of enemy soldiers, fully expecting to be outflanked the second his fist connected with Dwight’s scheming chin, only to find Jesus Rovia bounding into the space at his side, fighting off dead and living alike in his aid.

This should be a piece of cake in comparison. So why did his mouth feel so dry, and his stomach like it was tied in a thousand knots?

Illustrations that go with my fic, “Everybody’s Gotta Start Somewhere”, on ao3❤

“Did a voice whisper in his ear that he had just passed the solemn hour of his destiny; that there no longer remained a middle course for him; that if he were not henceforth the best of men, he would be the worst; that it behooved him now, so to speak, to mount higher than the Bishop, or fall lower than the convict; that if he wished to become good be must become an angel; that if he wished to remain evil, he must become a monster?

…Or he could just get fantastically baked. Utterly smoked. 420, 24/7.  That was a possibility too.” 

hi i just wanted to say a lot of people may be side eyeing stuff happening this season, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something to side eye! people will have their speculations and if you think it makes sense for you to be cautious, then go for it! but don’t take this fandom’s word for how things will go down this season. a lot of people are making more guesses this season compared to the last because there’s way more of us now, so they’re bound to be correct on some aspects but it doesn’t mean they’ll be right about anything! julie almost always manages to surprise us and the story is creative and wonderful so just let yourself enjoy it that way! if you enjoy reading all the different theories even if they all cant come true, then go for it! but no need to feel like you have to read them or agree with them just to go along with the fandom! <3

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vellichorium  asked:

Im having some feels... aunt cass had to deal with her siblings death as well as her brother/sister in law... then raise their damn kids for ten plus years.... and then one of them dies... is aunt cass fucking ok cause im not hhh

my heart why did you have to remind me about this

I’m not sure if she’s okay, but I bet that sometimes it overwhelms her that she’s lost so many family members that she loved and she is so strong to continue doing her work in the cafe and taking care of herself and Hiro she just needs a hug tbh 

Drawing Compilation #4 (Chara x Xaki edition)

I couldn’t stop myself. Greyscale shipping shenanigans have been officialized (whatever that means).

Thank goodness this is a crossover AU.

(drawings below the cut)

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Daaamn Im so bitter I never experienced…like… Yknow… Relationship? Not even person having crush on me? If anyone ever showed interest in me it was just for having sex 😒

Dear Journal,

This afternoon we watched about 6 episodes of the teletubbies laying on the couch with Teddy. Sirius and I both fell asleep but Teddy stayed awake all the time. He was almost hypnotised by the four characters. We both woke up when we heared Regulus and Sophie coming downstairs. Sophie was wearing a beautiful baby blue dress with white high heels and Regulus was wearing a white button-down shirt.

“Where are you two going?” Sirius asked.

“Dinner! I’m taking my beauty to a fancy place downtown.” Regulus smiled, kissing Sophie’s blushing cheek.

“Okay then, have fun! And be careful!” Sirius said.

“We will! Don’t wait for us, we might be late.” Regulus said.

He helped Sophie put on her coat and closed the door behind her.

“Merlin he’s a gentleman! I raised him well.” Sirius smiled to himself.

Teddy extended his arms so I could hold him closer. I looked at the clock and It was time for his bath.

“Oh! It’s time to take a bath for my little Teddy bear” I said.

“Bubbwes!” Teddy said, laying his little hands on my cheeks.

“You want bubbles?!” I smiled.

“Yes!” He giggled.

So I put in a lot of bubbles in the bathtub. Teddy had his little duck that floated in the warm water. Sirius always made these fun hairstyles with Teddy’s shampooed hair. Both boys laughed everytime. While I washed Teddy’s tummy, he noticed one of my old werewolf scars on my arms.

“Dadda hurt?” Teddy said, worry in his small eyes.

“No baby.. Dadda is not hurt. It’s just an old scrach.” I saddly smiled at my little boy.

“Okay.. lowe you dadda.” Teddy said.

“I love you too Teddy. I love you so much.” I smiled.

After bath time, I wrapped his little figure in a towel. Once in his room, I put on his onsie and took him in my arms to rock him on the rocking chair.

“Dadda?” I heared his tired voice as I rocked him.

“Yes love?” I whispered.

“Dadda sing pwease?” Teddy asked.

“Oh.. Dadda is not good at singing. Do you want Padda to sing to you?” I said, brushing my finger on his cheek.

“No.. You!” He smiled.

“Me? Oh well okay..” i said.

I cleared my throat and started singing. Teddy closed his eyes and smiled, hugging my chest. As I sang, I noticed Sirius leaning on the door frame, watching us with a smile on his face. He mouthed “i love you” as I continued singing to the adorable baby in my arms.

April 24th 1978

Someone once asked me if I believe in love at first sight and I said No.  I take it back.

She bounded into the empty apartment wearing old overalls and the room lit up.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’d read that written so many times but never thought it could be true.  “She lit up the room when she walked in.”  So cliche yet there it was, happening before my eyes.

She was smiling and laughing, running a hand through her short, bright ginger hair.  I’ve never met anyone before or since with that exact shade.  If I stumbled upon someone in the streets with that shade of hair my heart would jump up to my throat and I’d probably get hit from freezing right where I was.  I’d be terrified and full of hope all at once just at the chance that it could be them.

But I don’t think it ever will happen.  And I don’t know what I’d say.  I’d either start shouting their name, “I love you” and “I’m sorry.”  Or stand frozen just hoping that they’ll see me and make the smallest talk, afraid of scaring them away.

Years later and I don’t know why it still hurts this much.  Hot tears rolling down my face for someone lost to me long ago.

Maybe this is what the love of your life feels like.  Never leaving.  Always wishing to stop. go back and kiss her. fight harder. do it differently. go and find them again. 

Because I did fall in love with her in that first moment.  And again when she slowly held my hand in a dark movie theater.  And again when she played her guitar and sang after an afternoon of watching cartoons.  And every time she laughed.

Each love I’ve had is different.  At least I think so.  I think they’ve been love.

You don’t have to fall in love at first sight.  But you can.

And if they ever found this, I think I would be mortified.  But if you think it’s you.  If you’d let me, all I want to say is that I miss you.  terribly.  but more importantly: I’m so proud of you. for living your life. and if, by some small chance… I’d take it slow this time.  Take back some of the stupid things I said.  just start over.