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Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: You inform Gandalf about Dol Guldur and Thorin throws yet another insult.

Pairing: Thorin x Sister!Reader; OC x Reader.


Previous Chapter: Chapter 13

Next Chapter: Chapter 15

A/n: Okay so I wanted to post the next three chapters as one whole one, but there is so left much to write that I will not be able to get it done before I go camping so I’m just going to leave you all with this. I have 4k words written, but I am missing the escape from Mirkwood scene and dwarves meet Bard scene and that is too much for me right now. I will try to work on the next chapters while I’m gone, but that is so unlikely. Anyway, like I said I’m going to be camping so I’m going to be awol for three days. Anyway have a good weekend.

A few days later, when you are all healed up, you are packing your things onto a pony. You felt well enough to travel and for that you were glad. You mount on of the ponies and Gilrin pulls up next to you. You smile at him.

“Alright?” he asks, hazel eyes sparkling at you. You nod at him, smiling back. You look up to find Thorin glaring at Gilrin.

He feels your gaze and looks at you. You raise your brow as if challenging him to say something and he promptly sticks his tongue out at you before turning his horse to face the other way. He was such a child that you sometimes forgot that he was 195 years old.

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aka Imagine wanting to join the Company but they won’t allow you because you’re female. You decide to follow them until one day they see you

A/N - Okay so this one-shot is loosely based on this imagine. But I hope y’all enjoy it anyway. I actually had fun writing this one! It would have come earlier but I ended up getting into Avengers Assemble and… you know the rest. Dedicated to @hobbitfanfictions for reaching 50 followers! Well done darling. 

Words - 1714
Pairing - Thorin x Reader ish
GIF ain’t mine. 

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It all started a few months ago. You were a wanderer. A ranger. You never stayed in one place for too long. You longed for adventure! But adventure had been scarce for the last few years. That was until you came upon some extremely lost dwarves looking for a way to the Shire. They were going on an adventure - full of daring sword fights, damsels in distress and even a fire - breathing dragon. Like a good human, you led the dwarves to the hobbits home in the shire. In return, you wished to join them on their quest. And… well, that didn’t go too well.

“You? Go on a dangerous mission?!” one of them said.
“But you’re a girl!” another one stated as though you didn’t already realise this.
“I can fight! I won’t be a liability,” you tried to argue. You honestly thought that some of the dwarves didn’t mind your gender but the leader of the dwarves - a horribly moody man with a scowl permanently etched into his face - said no. Well, actually he said “You’re already a liability. You’re female.” So you were out of the company.

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More professors Larping (can't stop Please send help): You know how Sir Ian had to shoot the Balrog scene? How the basically put him in front of the green screen, put a tennis ball on a stick and said " listen now this is the Balrog, now act with it"? Yeah; that's what professor Gandalf did in the LARP. He put a fucking tennis ball on a broomstick and told them that it was the Balrog. He acted out an epic battle against a tennis ball. Aragorn would be SO inpressed if he was'nt so done with him.

“C'mon Thorin be in our LARP c'mon.” “No. I was a great king, but I died a long time ago and everyone cried for me if I come back all their tears were in vain.” “Thorin! I’ll be in your LARP, children, as long as I don’t have to do anything particularly acrobatic and I don’t miss second breakfast.” “Okay Uncle Bilbo you can be the one who kept the Ring safe before me.” “Did you know ARAGORN DIDNT KNOW ABOUT SECOND BREAKFAST???" 

 Okay but with this LARPing thing, we have to talk about the Rohirrim bc Eomer, Faramir and Eowyn show up a week late to this party with Loth, who prefers to sit and watch, their uncle who was a total nerd in college and is way too enthused about the idea of playing agai–he means for the very first time ever! And Faramir’s a little jealous of this one sided love story between 

Eowyn and Aragorn and Eowyn’s just super into the story part and keeps giving Faramir advice and Boromir totally doesn’t kill the Denethor character on purpose except he totally does and Eomer is that person who has never played before but is up for anything and picks it up quick. All while Loth shakes his head at this ridiculous gathering of people and occasionally rolls Eomer dice for luck. Apparently.


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Now I've scrolled my dash enough to see you're home now; glad about that. Cute things: Small Frodo in Erebor raising chickens, as Hobbits do, causing little fluffy chicks to follow Thorin around while he Kings. He's secretly thrilled about it.

Okay no but Thorin being followed around by a big line of teeny tiny chicks. So fluffy. So yellow. Thorin sitting there in a meeting only to have a quiet little cheeping suddenly come from his beard: no one is allowed to comment on the fact that the chicks hide in his beard for warmth. I’m so in love 

Alphabet Prompts: Thorin and Fili: Danger

D  Danger, Thorin&Fili, calamity-kitten

I am very grumpy due to continuing swollen ear canals today which means I have to write fluff, right?

Fíli’s Uncle Thorin taught him lots of things.

Fíli had a mama, of course, and a papa too, and they taught him all kinds of stuff, but Uncle Thorin said it was very important that Fíli learn things from him too.  So every Tuesday, Uncle Thorin would come and take Fíli away to train him about animals or metals or history.  

(Uncle Thorin was really kind of boring and stiff and super serious but he sang nice songs and he knew lots about lots so it was okay.)

But there was one thing that Thorin knew about that Mama and Papa didn’t:

Uncle Thorin knew about being a big brother.

He knew about big brothering because he had a little brother named Frerin who was waiting to meet Fíli in the Halls (“he’s going to like you a lot, Fíli,” Mama would say with a sad smile, “and spoil you rotten”) and Mama was his little sister, too.  Mama and Papa were little siblings, so they didn’t know anything about being a big brother like Uncle Thorin and like Fíli.

Because Fíli was a big brother too!  His little brother was Kíli, and Kíli was noisy and messy and cute.  

Uncle Thorin taught Fíli about how to sing Kíli lullabies and read him books, and how to trick Kíli into falling asleep sometimes with a really really boring story about elves, and how to wash Kíli’s little hands when they were messy.    When Kíli started pulling himself to his cute little feet, it was Uncle Thorin who taught Fíli how to hold Kíli’s hands and walk backwards so Kíli could learn how to walk.

And when Kíli  took his very first steps, it was Uncle Thorin who quietly took Fíli away from his parents’ celebrations, sat him down, and said:

“Fíli, your brother is walking now, and that means your life has now become on filled with danger,” in his very most serious voice.

Fíli’s eyes widened.  “It is?” he whispered.

Uncle Thorin nodded solemnly (he did everything solemnly, really).   “Yes.  Because now that Kíli is walking, nothing is safe.”

Fíli shivered.  “Nothing?”

“No.  Kíli can walk, which means soon he’ll be climbing, which means he can get wherever he wants – on your bed, on the counter, where you hide your toys, even,” Uncle Thorin leaned down, “to your ears.”

Fíli gasped and clapped his hands over his beautiful, sensitive ears.  “No!”


“But…but he grabbed them when he was tiny!”


“And you said he’d outgrow it!”


“And he did!”

“Yes.”  Thorin rested a hand on Fíli’s head.  “But that was before, when you could distract him with silly noises.  Now he’s going to be walking and touching and pulling on everything.  If you let him too close to you, he might even grab your braids if he starts to fall.”

Fíli made a noise of utter betrayal.  “Did…did Mama grab your ears?!”

Thorin nodded, his eyes dark and serious.  “Yes.  She did.”

“And…and did she pull your braids?” Fíli whispered, because his mama.  His mama.  How could it be?!

“So hard that sometimes she would still have my beads in her little fists at bedtime.”

Fíli gasped, his hands flying from his ears to cup protectively over the tiny beads that his mama made just for him.  “What,” he whispered, “what do I do?”

“The best thing is to distract him.”  Thorin reached into his coat and pulled out a small, soft item, pressing it in Fíli’s hands.

It was an animal – a sort Fíli had never seen before, in soft golden-yellow cloth, with button eyes and a ruff of reddish yarn.  It was soft and strong in Fíli’s hands, and warm from being tucked against Uncle Thorin’s shirt.  “Ohhh,” Fíli breathed, “what is it?”

“A lion,” Uncle Thorin said.  “They’re like oliphants, in that you may live your whole life without seeing one, but they’re out there, and they exist.”  He reached into his coat again and pulled out another, this one in dark gray fabric, its ruff out of midnight yarn.  “There’s one for each of you, so you can play with these together instead of letting him play with your ears and braids.”

Fíli beamed up at his uncle, gathering the twin toys against his chest.  He knew already which was his and which was Kíli’s.  “Thank you, Uncle Thorin!”

“You’re very welcome.  And remember, Fíli,” Thorin lowered his voice as Mama looked their way, her eyes narrowing with suspicion.  “There is nothing more dangerous in the world than a little brother or sister whose hands are going for your head.  They’ll grab ears, braids, and sometimes even noses.”  Thorin gently tapped Fíli’s, making the little boy’s eyes cross a moment.  “Whenever you have a  fight – and you will, all siblings do – you must make sure your head is much too far away for them to snatch.”

Fíli nodded seriously.  “I’ll remember,” he promised, before running off to show Kíli their new lions.

(Only a few minutes later, Fíli got to see his uncle’s knowledge in action – as his mother grabbed one of his braids and tugged and said, “Stop telling my son silly things!”

But  course it wasn’t silly.

And Uncle Thorin, braid still captured, sent Fíli a very secret wink to show they both understood how serious and dangerous little siblings could be.)


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Fanfic Recommendations - Bagginshield

I haven’t done a rec in a while (and I actually need to sort through my bookmarks to be honest), so I figured I’d compile a list of some of my favorite Bagginshield fanfics!  This list spans many genres, so I apologize if it’s a bit unorganized.  Summaries are taken directly from the author, and my absolute favorites are marked with an asterisk.  Also wow this got so long I’m so sorry

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So I was just thinking, what if dis goes to bilbo and asks him how sex with thorin is like?? Dis is trying to embarrass bilbo (in the jokey sister way) but then bilbo just whispers with a straight face "well he goes thorin and thorout" and dis can't even

okay, but what if this happened while they were having dinner with some other dwarves and everyone hears the question but only Dis hears Bilbo’s reply. She’s speechless for a couple of seconds, starts laughing and then turns to a blushing Thorin and says “Keep this one.”

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ok but A King's Speech AU where Thorin has a stutter and Bilbo is his unconventional speech therapist. or maybe they're already married and Gandalf is the wacky teacher, idk. i just need the scene where someone says, "why should I waste my time listening to you?" and Thorin my smol son yells, "Because I have a voice!"

okay OKAY i love The King’s Speech, it’s one of my fave movies. i need Prince Thorin, single/unmarried whatever, his father Thrain unfortunately deceased, and his grandfather King Thror nearing the end of his life and struggling with dementia accompanied by mood swings. Bilbo is the unconventional Australian speech therapist that Princess Dis drags Thorin too, and ofc Bilbo is the snarkiest sassiest person Thorin’s ever met and literally doesn’t give even one fuck about Thorin’s rank, and ofc Bilbo is going to help him, and ofc they’re going to argue and test one another’s boundaries and limits but Bilbo’s going to learn something about the value of human relationships and Thorin’s going to find his own voice, and ofc they’re going to fall in love and Bilbo will be there when Thorin makes his first radio broadcast as King. aksjdkasd!!!!!!!

I’m doing this!

1. Favourite character? - It’s Thorin Oakenshield.
2. Least favourite character? - Uuh, can’t hate Smaug because his voice (Benedict Cumberbatch, haha). So maybe The Mayor in Laketown? Too greedy. He saves food just for his own good instead his people in Laketown.
3. Have you read the Hobbit? - Yes!
4. Favourite scene? - When Bilbo saves Thorin from Azog.
5. Favourite dwarf? - Thorin!
6. Favourite wizard? - Gandalf, of course.
7. Where would you live in middle earth? - Rivendell would be nice.
8. What is your OTP? - BAGGINSHIELD!
9. Favourite quote? - “True courage is knowing not how to take a life, but when to spare it.” (Gandalf)
10. Fili or Kili? - Kìli.
11. Legolas or Thranduil? - Legolas.
12. Elves or Dwarves? - hard choice but alright, I choose Dwarves.
13. What race would you be? - I’d like to be a dwarves or elves. Hobbitses are okay too.
14. Favourite weapon? - Umm, morgul arrow? Don’t know so much about weapons.
15. Was there a scene that made you cry? - Yes. When Thorin apologizes to Bilbo for calling him an obstacle for their company. Bagginshield feels! ❤️
16. Would you have gone on the adventure? - No, I’m afraid of orcs and wargs. :“D
17. Have you watched the cartoon? - Well, nope.
18. The Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings? - Another hard choice. I choose The Hobbit.
19. Do you own any The Hobbit merchandise? - Unfortunately, no. But will be have one soon!
20. Are you excited for TBotfA? - BLOODY HELL, YES. WHERE ARE THE TRAILERS?

Done. I’m tagging everyone who read this. Tag me if you have done this too. Would be great to see your answer.

My feelings about our sexy dwarves during the period three years
  • Me in 2011: You've seen the posters of The Hobbit? Some dwarves are very uncharacterized. There is one dude who look like a pocket version of Aragorn. Peter Jackson is doing it just to attract teenagers. Arrgh
  • Me in 2011: What? You believe that the most sexy looking dwarves are Thorin, Fili and Kili? They are the most important dwarves in the book. I hate Peter Jackson.
  • Me in 2012: Dude, seriously, if you make a dwarf in D&D you have to scroll -2 in charisma because you're too ugly.
  • Me after Unexpected Journey : You know what? Thorin is not thaaaaat bad. He is majestic-looking, and he IS a King... So yeah, okay, I guess. But, my God, Kili and Fili are just ridiculous, they look like they came out of a dwarven boyband. Just not acceptable.
  • Me in 2013: *INSANELY shipping Bagginshield*
  • Me in 2013: Richard Armitage is the most handsome guy in the world .
  • Me after Desolation of Smaug: God, I hated DoS. No character was well developed. Excerpt Kili. He was the only one who was deepened and worked. And Fili, he was so loyal to his brother... was kinda cute.
  • Me in 2014: *obssessed over Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner bromance*.
  • Me in 2014: *nothing to do* What is this tag "Durincest"?
  • Me in 2014: *violently shipping durincest*
  • Me in 2014: Current Sexual Status: Thorin, Fili and Kili gifset and fanart
  • Me in 2014 responding to any criticism : DON'T YOU DARE TO MESS UP WITH MY DWARROWS YOU DARN SO OF A BITCH I'LL CUT YOU