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I saw somewhere that Andrew Robinson wanted to do an ep that was Cyrano de Bergerac but with Bashir and Dax(?), and I was wondering, if you were still taking prompts, may I ask for a fic like that? Thanks, your writing brightens my day!

I didn’t know if you wanted Dax to help Bashir or if you wanted Bashir to try to win over Dax, so I’m going with the first option. If you want something Bashir/Dax, please feel free to ask. c:

In truth, I’ve never read or seen Cyrano de Bergerac because I’m uncultured like that, but I read the plot synopsis and I’ve definitely seen variations of the story before. I’ve decided to write a variation of it that’s not exact and include Miles O’Brien for comedic purposes.

Cyrano de Bashirac

Julian messed up.

He realized this several evenings prior while in the solitude of his own quarters. During late, lonely nights, just as he was about to drift off, Julian got in the habit of imagining what it was like to curl up against his current love interest. That night, his mind rotated over the idea of a broad chest, wide shoulders, a soft stomach, and Cardassian chin ridges that brushed against his hair. Julian tried to pull himself closer to that image, an unconscious smile curling onto his lips, before realizing that Garak had to be the one in the vision. His eyes shot open. The image didn’t leave. In fact, Julian longed for it to be real.


Julian did his best to hide his emotional understanding during the day, especially when he ate lunch with Garak. Although their conversation was normal, Julian felt the tug of his heart when their eyes met, when Garak smiled, when the man leaned closer to whisper something in earnest even though there was no need for the action. And when he wandered away, his mind fluttered to the midnight meandering his mind dared cross. He couldn’t keep going like this. He had to tell someone.

He told Miles, who looked rather unsettled by the whole matter. He tried to whisper his displeasure, but the natural noise in Quark’s forced the man to speak louder.

“I can’t believe you’d like Garak of all people,” Miles said, “Never mind that he’s a Cardassian, Julian. He can’t be trusted. Even Captain Sisko would say something against it.”

“What would Benjamin be against?”

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Ok I'm going to be greedy and ask a second question. Flash forward in SALverse: the Nain Rouge issued Jack a pretty terrifying threat. Jack thought he was going to die at the time, and he had other things to be frightened of, but does he start worrying about the Nain Rouge again? Does Pitch? Does the Nain Rouge get to eat Jack, at the end?

No really, I have no idea.

I never planned to write a third installment, and I genuinely want Jack and Pitch in the SALverse to have a happy ending. So as far as I’m concerned, they have it.

And because of that, there’s no real reason for me to contemplate anything else that might happen in that universe. It’s a hard thing to explain as a writer, because I know as a reader (from personal experience) that once something is over you often keep thinking about it and hey, that’s often how fanfiction happens! :D But for me as a writer on this side of it, it’s done, because I said and did what I wanted to do in that universe.

So it’s really up to you and others, anon, to decide what happens there. :D In my head, they’re just mostly pretty damn happy.

Everyone else in the room can see it

Everyone else but you two

Baby you light up his world like nobody else

The way that you flip your hair gets her overwhelmed

But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

You don’t know oh-oh!

You’re my OTP

If only you saw what I can see

You’ll understand why I ship you so desperately

Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe

You don’t know oh-oh!

You’re my otp!

That’s why you’re my otp



& with the black banners raised the crooked smiles fade former heroes who quit t o o l a t e who just wanna fill up the trophy case again ♚