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mik @mikamee nd georgia @1honeybf tagged me for selfies so here we are girlies (ft. my fave filter) some1 pls send these to vernon ๐Ÿ’Œ

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| | > I love how people get so god damn salty about that post I made about Widowmaker being taller than Hanzo. Like – guys. She’s taller. I’m sorry that upsets people but even without her heels she’s still taller then him like just let Hanzo be short it’s okay like –

He’s standing flat footed and she has her legs spread apart and she’s still a bit taller than him. Hanzo is literally standing at his full hight, back straight and head only slightly bowed and she’s taller then him with legs spread out and her own head bowed a bit and hanzo’s little hair poof doesn’t count 

Also aLSO I know that it’s kind of blurry but literally her heels are like, one inch guys she’s not wearing seven inch heels into battle even from a distance you can see that her heels aren’t gigantic. 

once again

I’ll reiterate 

because even though I mention it in the post people still bring up the heels like they’re magic shoes that give her five extra inches 

Her heels. Are nOt. that tall. 

I'll Sail the World to Find You
a platonic playlist dedicated entirely to the friendship between Moana and Maui from Disney's Moana!

I made a playlist! 

go on over and have a listen if you love songs about these two being dorky best friends


“Even if it takes three thousand, thirty thousand years, I won’t admit defeat!”

The Tales of Wukong | 悟空传 (2017) (x)

I personally came back on here because I saw trouble for another Junko and wanted to give them my support since I personally don’t believe in such ruthless bullying that has occurred. Please, remember to be kind to each other, everyone does have feelings and they should be considered in every aspect, even if they hold disdain for the mun. This is a PSA from Junko’s mun, everyone have a good day.

I will personally make a grand return when I believe everyone has cooled.


Alec + jackets/outerwear in 2a

  • Allura: okay Keith it's time to lead voltron :)
  • Keith: no
  • Coran: come on buddy, you need to do this
  • Keith: no
  • Allura: this is ridiculous! the black lion has already accepted you as a temporary pilot
  • Keith: n o
  • Hunk: we know shiro disappearing hit you hard but you need to do this, it's what Shiro would want
  • Pidge: Yeah, shiro trusts you to do this. He believes in you, in this
  • Keith: well shiro also thought that the Earth was flat until he was 8 so I don't think we should act on his beliefs
  • Lance: ...
  • Lance: okay so we're gonna discuss this at some point but right now you really need you to lead voltron
  • Keith: okay
  • Lance: wait really
  • Keith: no