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favourite crooked kingdom scenes [1/?]

He leaned forward and gave Hanna’s braid a playful tug. “Because if you do, I’ll slit your mother’s throat and then your father’s throat, and then I’ll cut out the hearts of these slobbering hounds. I shall save Duke Silverhaunch for last so that you will know it’s all your fault.” The little girl’s face was white as the lace on the neck of her nightgown, her eyes wide and bright as new moons. “Do you understand?” She nodded frantically, chin wobbling. “Now, now, no tears. Monsters see tears and it only whets their appetites. Off to bed with you, and take that useless Maestro Spots along too.”
She skittered backward over the landing and up the stairs. When she was halfway up, she cast a terrified glance back at Kaz. He raised one fingered glove to his lips
When she was gone, Wylan slipped out from the door and followed Kaz down the steps. “How could you say something like that to her? She’s just a child.”
“We were all children once.”
It was that or snap her neck and make it look like she fell down the stairs. I think I showed remarkable restraint.”

I’m writing touken and I just can’t process how much i love this ship, their personalities fit together so well i’m deeply in love with this couple, i love how much they love each other i love writing about them and discover their feelings i’m gunna cry 

ngl, jackson wang makes me gay. lim changkyun makes me gay. kim taeyang makes me gay. park jimin makes me gay. kim jongin makes me gay.

hot boys make me gay.

i am a guy.

guys make me gay.

this had been a psa by logan.

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❝ Matt, she's sixteen and fighting in an intergalactic war. Give her a break, baby. I know this is hard on you but everyone grows up eventually. You just suddenly have something new to support her through. I get it, this is new and you don't like it, but it can't be helped. Instead of closing yourself off from the inevitable, open yourself up to it and figure out what you can do. ❞

“I know,” Matt responds glumly. “I’m sorry. I love you. I’ll apologize to her. I-I’ll try to be more-” He pulled a face “-open minded. But promise me you’ll whip out your scary face if any of her potential date mates are lame or weird or gross, okay?”

long mornings and longer thoughts

Everyone else in the room can see it

Everyone else but you two

Baby you light up his world like nobody else

The way that you flip your hair gets her overwhelmed

But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

You don’t know oh-oh!

You’re my OTP

If only you saw what I can see

You’ll understand why I ship you so desperately

Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe

You don’t know oh-oh!

You’re my otp!

That’s why you’re my otp


British perspective on the debate last night

- Holy shit America

- You lefties (democrats) doing alright?

- Brexit aint looking too bad right about now

- Brits are praying that if Dump Trump wins Theresa May (our pm) says fucking Nope to America!

- like Hilary being done with Trump is basically everyone’s reaction in every other country

- why the fuck are you all spelling it deabte

- did Hilary actually say anything?!?!?!

- a lot of people want Bernie back? I mean I’m getting that feel in the tag

- donald trump needs to shut up, everything he says and does is a contradiction

- the fact checking on Donald being wrong is the best

- Justin Trudeau must be preparing for all the people who may leave the usa and go to canada

- is canada laughing as much as britain is we wonder

-tho our laughing slowly turn to angry crying

- Brexit and the tories (current right wing people in charge of the uk) is still p bad tho so we feel your guys pain


& with the black banners raised the crooked smiles fade former heroes who quit t o o l a t e who just wanna fill up the trophy case again ♚


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