okay guys

I wanted to take some preview pictures for the recolor I did on the weekend but created a cute vampire instead because I don’t even know. No energy. I spent the afternoon at the library with my classmates. We had a small project with ten years old kids and there were like, I don’t know, twenty of them? It was fun, I love doing such things. Next week we’re in fact having a sleepover at the library and the librarian said it’s gonna be the same group. So yeah, cool, however when these things are over I always realize how exhausted it actually makes me feel :D I guess I ignore it when I’m around those kids and then they leave and it just hits me.

Anyways, then I came home, turned on the TV and saw the first news about what happened in London. I’m still shocked and just…the older I get the more I can’t understand what’s going on in the world. I hope you are alright, guys. Stay safe.

Hexxus: “We finally made it! Now we can search for that Z-Crystal!”

???Gast: “Why am I even helping y-”

Hexxus: “SEARCH.”

???: “Got it.”

???: “On a scale from 1 to weird, I think your friend Gengar needs to see a therapist.”

Hexxus: “Don’t we all. Now where could that crystal be…”

???: “Maybe in that box that opened on it’s own?”

Hexxus: “…Yeeaaah…”

*Hexxus found the Z-Crystal!*

“Look at that. Isn’t it cool?”

???: “Kind of creepy, if you ask me. Now how are we going to-”


Hexxus: “…Maybe.”

Gengar: “…About… time…”

*Gengar was surrounded with it’s Z-Power!*

“Mega Stones are overrated anyway. Time to an Alolan Beatdown.”

Mega-Gengar: “…W-what is this? Some kind of trick? Y-you don’t… you don’t… get those AWAY from me!”



It’s gonna be okay.

If you condemn the use of the word “Nazi” by people on the left to describe people they disagree with, while you yourself call people that you disagree with “feminazis”, then you, my friend, are a hypocrite.

If you condemn the use of the word “feminazi” by people on the right to describe people they disagree with, while you yourself call people “nazis” for simply disagreeing with you, then you, my friend, are also a hypocrite.


& with the black banners raised the crooked smiles fade former heroes who quit t o o l a t e who just wanna fill up the trophy case again ♚


hello naughty children welcome to the song that has been stuck in my head for a week now

i would talk about relating to these lyrics but that would be cheesy so i’ll just say that i love lorde with every single fiber of my being and i’m glad i finally got a chance to cover this song because it’s beautiful and it holds a really special place in my heart