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Neighbors (Part II)

Part I: Neighbors

This has been requested, so here you go! Thank you again for all the sweet messages! Hope you enjoy the second part and send me cute little blurb ideas so I can continue this series ;)

It would have been a normal date. Casual and cute. Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino and comfy sweaters and coffee shop music and fall around the corner.

Would have been.

If her date wasn’t, well, famous.

He had chosen a coffee shop in downtown Toronto where all those busy business people and bankers would get their daily caffeine fix. It was a place where you wouldn’t find teenage girls and he actually had left out a little relieved sigh, seeing that no one seemed to recognize him.

But she had noticed that he had kept his head down a little and was wearing super casual dark clothes.

He still looked adorable. Sweater and dark jeans and all that.

And he was freshly shaved, smelling incredibly good, curls all tamed and coiffed into chocolate brown waves.

It also would have been a normal date if there wasn’t a bulky bodyguard lounging around the bar before sitting down at a table near the entrance.

Never in her life had she been on a date with a guy and his bodyguard. Well, the bodyguard wasn’t really a part of this but he was taking up a lot of space so she felt he was somewhat part of the date.

But somehow Shawn managed to make her forget her surroundings. The way he talked made him seem so much more mature than 19 years old and his eyes were sparkling when talking about his music and tour. He also seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her. Tilted head and lip biting included.

And she had a hard time focusing telling him about her job when he would play with his silver ring or fidget with the coffee mug in his huge hands.

At one time they did this thing where they were comparing hand sizes and it was so overwhelming, feeling his skin up against hers, she felt like melting on the spot. His fingertips were calloused but his hands were warm and soft and she loved how gentle his touch was.

He had this natural charm and it made her a bit mad because everything was so effortless about him.
She had dated guys who would try hard being sexy and handsome while Shawn was just being himself.
Being effortlessly sexy and cute at the same time.

He had laughed, seeing her small hand in his.

“How were you able to bake cupcakes with those?”

She had to laugh at this as well. After rolling her eyes in a playful way.

“How are you able to play the guitar with those paws?”

“Touché,” he had chuckled and looked her straight in the eye with those dark eyes, making her heart flutter.

One week later she runs into the underground garage because she’s late. She overslept and had spilled coffee over herself and it’s one of those days where everything sucks.

And this is why the engine of her car won’t start. She tries it over and over again, groaning in frustration.

It’s a brand new Volvo with nice leather seats and it wouldn’t work.

She wants to slam her forehead against the steering wheel as she sees him walk to his car.
Tall and handsome as always, water bottle in hand, opening his Jeep that was parked across from her car.

Shawn is about to get into his Jeep as he sees her and he smiles. Exposing his pearly white teeth, all straight and perfect. And she wants to disappear.

He walks over to her, still smiling, playing around with his water bottle.


She lets the window down.

“Good morning!” he says, sounding way too happy and cheerful.

“Morning,” she replies, pouting a little, a frown on her pretty face.

“What’s wrong? Seems like your morning isn’t that good, eh?” He’s giggling almost, an amused look on his face.

She sighs and shrugs. “The engine won’t start and I’m late for class. I’m so screwed.”

“Yeah, well… you left the headlights on. Your battery must be empty,” he states matter-of-factly and she sighs.

“Oh, shit! That’s why…”

He shrugs. “I could drive you. Where do you need to go?”

“What? Oh, no, that’s not necessary! I’ll just get a taxi, really! Don’t-“

He cuts her off with another million-dollar smile and a little shake of his head.
“No, really, I’ll give you a ride,” he says and opens the door of her car so that she can climb out.

“Just tell me the address,” he says while they walk over to his Jeep.

She tells him where she needs to go and he nods, smiling at her. “Yeah, that’s in downtown. Gotta go into the same direction!”

“Okay, cool – um – thanks,” she manages to say and gets into his huge black car.

He starts the engine and drives out of the underground garage, biting down on his bottom lip, leaning out of the window to open the gate with his key card.

There is something very attractive about men driving. And Shawn driving is making her mind go wild. The way his hands are holding the steering wheel, turning it around effortlessly, makes her feel some type of way and she’s not okay with it.

It’s not that he isn’t boyfriend material. He definitely is. Polite and charming and sweet and handsome as hell.

But he’s famous. And traveling all the time. And people watch his every move.

And she doesn’t want to get too involved.

But now as he looks at her when he thinks she isn’t looking, makes her realize that she might be having a crush.

A tiny little innocent crush. And she wants to slap herself for this.

He turns his head to look at the street again as the display in the car lights up with an incoming call.

“Oh, I have to take this,” he briefly looks at her. “Sorry, hope you don’t mind.”

“No, no, all good, take the call.”

And he taps on the green button, making a voice echo in the car over the hands-free device.

“Hi Andrew!” Shawn says and the voice goes: “Hi Shawn, how’s it going?”

“All good. I’m on my way to this TV studio. I’ll meet you there, right?”

“Yes, I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Listen, I told them to only ask questions about the album and tour so you’ll be good,” Andrew says in a calm voice.

Shawn raises his eyebrows a little. “Okay, yeah, that’s good. It should be about the music.”

“Yeah, just because you’ve been getting the girlfriend question lately…”

Shawn huffs an annoyed laugh. “Oh, I see.”

She shifts in her seat a bit and it makes a muffled noise and she regrets it the second Shawn tenses up next to her.

She almost stops breathing.

“Is there someone in the car with you?”

Her heart starts to race in her chest, cheeks getting red and she looks out of the window, sinking further down the car seat as if she wanted to make herself invisible.

Shawn’s jaw clenches but then he looks at her - briefly up and down - and licks his lip. “No? Why?”

“Thought I heard something… but whatever… I gotta go. See you!” Andrew says and Shawn turns his head to switch lanes.

“Okay, see you!” Shawn says and ends the call.

The Kings Of Leon song starts playing again and she looks at him.

“Oops. Sorry.”

He laughs. “Nothing to be sorry for. I just-“ he sighs, turning the volume of the stereo down. “I have to be careful… with the whole dating thing, you know.”

She nods slowly. “Yeah, yeah, I get that. Are you, like, allowed to… date?”

He laughs again. “Yeah, of course. There’s nothing in my contract saying I have to stay single. It’s just… people jump to conclusions whenever I just talk to a girl. So, I have to be careful, that’s all.”

She gulps. She knew it would be difficult like this. He didn’t lead a normal life after all.

“Doesn’t this stress you out?” she asks tentatively, brows furrowed.

He squints his eyes at the road and they stop at a red light. “Yeah, sometimes. But I can handle it…” he looks at her. Making intense eye contact. “The pressure.”

Okay. Damn.

She breathes out, looking at the road again.

They drive in comfortable silence for a while and she wants to make small talk, turning the conversation into something casual.

“So, got an interview, huh? That’s why you’re all dressed up in a nice shirt and everything!” she says with a little smile.

He grins, briefly looking at her.

“Yeah… got this TV interview in about an hour and thought I should look decent.”

She admires his side profile, the way the sleeves of his navy-blue shirt are rolled up, exposing his veiny forearms.

“This was actually in the parcel you stored for me,” he chuckles and she has to laugh.

“Ah, told you it was something nice!”

He chuckles and stops in front of her university building. “I just feel like it’s a little bit too… tight. But whatever, I’ll get used to it.”

She reaches down to grab her bag and turns around to look at him. He looks even hotter with one hand on the steering wheel, the other resting on his thigh. “Okay, gotta run! Thank you so much for driving me,” she quickly blurts out, blushing a bit.

“You’re welcome.”

She almost falls out of his car, and she is about to close the door as he calls her name.

Oh, God.

He is holding her water bottle up. “Don’t forget your water. Gotta stay hydrated!” he says and gives her his crooked smile and she takes the bottle, breathing out a strained “thank you

She hates herself for acting like a dumb teenager around him. Clumsy and nervous when she should be cool and collected.

And she races into the building, not risking a look back.

She usually has the gym all for herself. Located in the basement of the apartment building, it is almost always empty and she loves that. Being able to work out in private without men staring at her when she squats or does sit ups was a real luxury.

The only neighbor she would occasionally meet was Mr. Chow from 211 b, a business man who would make crazy calls in the middle of the night, talking to someone as busy as him in Shanghai or wherever, running on the treadmill next to her.

But now she is all alone, doing some lunges, blasting Drake and breaking a sweat.

She doesn’t hear him come in.

It’s when she looks into the mirror that she sees him. He’s wearing black gym shorts and a black Nike t-shirt, curls messy, water bottle in hand, eyes dark.

She freezes in place and takes a deep breath, quickly turning the music off.

“Hi!” he says in his usual cheerful tone. But he looks tired. And stressed out. Dark circles underneath his eyes giving him away. He’s been working hard, staying up until the morning hours to finish a song he’s been working on. He just has been feeling so inspired and Geoff had started to notice something, asking if he “was in love or something”

He doesn’t know if it’s love. Doesn’t know what to call it. This feeling he gets when she’s around. The flutter of his heart and his stomach clenching. The way his voice breaks and his mind goes blank when she talks to him.

“Hey,” she replies and goes on with doing her planks. They are just neighbors, right? Neighbors share a gym. Neighbors greet each other.

All good.

Who was she kidding?

He tries to stay calm and collected.

But he can’t look away.

She looks way too hot in her yoga pants and sports bra. Breasts pushed together in the nicest way and he hates himself for wanting her body so much.

He sits down on the stationary bicycle, starting to warm up.

He tries to focus on the music he is listening to but now she’s doing squats, weights in her hands and he gulps.

He shouldn’t be staring but she seems to know what she’s doing to him, sticking her ass out like that and she lets out a little groan, going on with lifting the bar.

Shawn is starting to get antsy and way too excited and he tries to go faster on the bicycle, almost kicking the pedals.

But he can’t help himself. His boxers are getting tighter and tighter and there’s a visible tent in his gym shorts.

Oh, no, no, no.

Trying to hide his erection he shifts around on the saddle, looking away. But the friction the saddle gives him is making it even worse. He could swear he is about to leak.


Pre-cum over his boxers like some horny teenager.

He tries to think about something that’s not sexy at all. Like his schedule or something.

Radio interview, photoshoot, studio session. Radio interview, photoshoot, studio session. Radio interview, photoshoot, studio session.

He repeats his schedule in his head. Over and over again until he feels his cock starting to soften against his thigh and he sighs in relief.

She’s still working out in front of the floor length mirror, driving him crazy but he’s got himself under control now. He swears he won’t lose his composure like that. Got to take things slow.

She takes a sip from her water bottle, stepping closer to his bicycle. “Thanks again for giving me a ride, won’t let my headlights on again,” she says with a coy smile. There’s something incredibly sexy about her shyness. Makes him want to fuck her even harder.

He wipes the sweat on his forehead away.

“Yeah, sure, you’re welcome.”

She steps on the treadmill next to him and he slows down.

“This gym is so clean and well equipped,” he says, a pleased expression on his handsome face and she nods. “Yeah, I love it. And it’s always empty. Well, most of the time.”

She winks at him and he laughs and gets off the bicycle to lift some weights, towel thrown over his shoulder. “Hope you don’t mind sharing with me.”

She grins. “I don’t. But get used to listening to Drake!”

“Oh, I don’t mind! Blast it.”

She quickly turns on the music and starts running again, looking at the mirror. Shawn looks focused, lying down on the bench, pushing up those weights and she is about to drool.

She can’t help herself. His muscular thighs, the little hairs on them, the way his abs flex underneath his shirt, his biceps moving and she starts to feel herself getting wet. She’s aching, needing friction between her thighs. She adjusts her tight yoga pants to make her feel something. Anything. Just to feel the slightest friction and she has to slow down on the treadmill.

She bites her lip, watching him, lifting the bar with the huge weights on them.

Can lift the weight after all, huh?

She had been listening to his music, falling in love with nearly all of his songs. She loved his new album but “The Weight” might be her favorite from his first album and she couldn’t get the melody out of her mind. As well as him.

The guy with the soft eyes and the body of an Adonis, living right next to her.

He’s panting now. Moaning. Fucking moaning, lifting the weights and she wants to straddle him, ride him, make her hips roll against him. Feel him inside of her. Deep inside of her. Wants him to desperately moan her name while she fucks herself on his hard cock. She can’t stop thinking about how perfect his dick must be. Long and hard, probably thick and rosy, leaking a bit maybe. She never wanted to suck a cock so bad.

And the girl imagines what else his muscles could do. Working for one purpose only. Pleasuring her.

She’s so weak.

He makes her weak.

He stops lifting his weights and stretches a bit, going on with doing push-ups and she wants to groan, seeing him like that, muscles flexing, sweat running down his temples, cheeks.

She keeps on running, trying to ignore him. She runs faster and faster and then it happens. She loses her balance, trips over a lose shoe lace and the pain shoots through her leg.

“Ouch!” she gasps, hitting the red pause button on the treadmill with the palm of her hand.

She stumbles, practically crashing onto the hard floor, letting out a loud whimper because the pain in her ankle is unbearable right now and it makes her dizzy.

His eyes widen and he runs to her, crouching down, getting on his knees.

“Oh God,” he pants. “What happened? Oh God, are you- are you okay?”

Shawn grabs her shoulders, trying to lift her up a bit. He calls her name, looking worried and shocked, lips parting.

“What happened?” he repeats, holding her and she whimpers, holding her ankle.

“Tripped,” she presses out through her teeth. “Sprained… ankle… it hurts.”

He presses his lips together, gently touching her right ankle, examining it. Long fingers wrapping around it.

“You should put ice on that. And put your foot up to rest.” He is frowning, holding her ankle. And she feels so embarrassed, lying there, underneath him almost, gasping in pain, all sweaty and hurt while he looks so concerned it makes her heart swell despite the pain in her right ankle.

“Do you want to try and get up?” he asks, looking at her and she nods slowly. He wraps an arm around her, pressing every inch of her body against his and she grabs his shirt, holding onto him. He makes her arm wrap over his shoulder as he supports her. She jumps a bit on her left leg and he guides her to the elevator.

“I have ice cubes I could give you. Only thing in my fridge anyway,” he laughs, trying to cheer her up and she grimaces, laughing, even though her ankle is swollen and he is practically carrying her now.

He fiddles with his keys and opens the door to his condo for her. She hops into his apartment and he makes her sit on his comfy white L shaped couch.

“You should put your foot up,” he suggests, carefully resting her right foot on a cushion. “I’ll be right back!”

He hurries into the kitchen, looking for some ice and she rests her head against a pillow.

Shawn is about to combust seeing her there. On his couch.

He feels bad for her because she’s in pain but he can’t help to feel all giddy. She looks so good on his couch, tilting her head back like that.

He quickly puts the ice cubes into a towel and wraps them up into a little package.

“There you go!” he pants, holding up the ice cubes.

“Thanks,” she presses out and he holds the ice against her swollen ankle.

Fuck! That’s cold!”

He nods. “I know but it’ll help.”

“Shit. I’ve never stumbled on the treadmill before. I’m not that clumsy usually,” she is quick to make that clear.

He smiles a little. “Don’t worry. I’m the clumsiest person on earth. People actually make compilations of me tripping on stage.”

She laughs. Despite the pain.

And he feels proud because of that.

He scoots closer to her on the couch and she looks around his neat bachelor pad.

“Seems like you got the bigger condo, eh?” she says, raising her eyebrows at him and he grins, an arm resting on the backrest of the couch behind her head.

“It’s the celebrity bonus… I’m kidding! I don’t-“

She giggles. “It’s okay. I get it. You’re famous and rich. No need to rub it into my face.”

He rolls his eyes. “Didn’t mean to do that. Was a lame joke… sorry… how’s the ankle?”

“Better, actually. But it’s still swollen,” she sighs and bites her lip and it makes his mind go wild.

He doesn’t know if he should do it. Make a move. Lean in.

She sprained her ankle for fuck’s sake. Last thing she probably wants to do is making out with you.

But he feels confident. Bold almost and he leans in a bit.

They’re both sweaty, smelling like longing and lust. There is tension in the air. Palpable almost. And he tucks a lose strand of hair behind her ear that has fallen off her ponytail.

“I know something that could make you forget about your ankle… make you forget the pain…” he says under his breath, looking at her and she turns towards him, one hand resting on his thigh, making his breathing hitch.

“Oh, really? And what is that?” she breathes against his lips and he swallows thickly, getting lost in her pretty eyes.

He tilts his head to the side and leans in, heart racing, gently caressing her cheek with the back of his hand.

Softly, cautiously he presses his plump lips on hers, just to pull back shortly after.

“This,” he breathes against her reddish lips and she smiles.

“Mhm… I see,” she wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and he feels like he won the jackpot or something.

“I like this idea of yours,” she whispers into his ear and her lips ghost over his, nearly touching but not really. She’s a tease, making sure he’s desperate and in dire need for her.

“You do?” he asks, sounding so surprised she has to giggle.

“Yeah, I do… I like that very much.”

He grins. “Well… and I like you.”

He pulls her real close and kisses her again, lips on hers, putting more force into the kiss until she gives in and opens her mouth a bit, granting him access. He slides his tongue into her mouth and moans softly.

How is she so good at this?

He needs to catch his breath and goes on with kissing her jawline, neck, lips ghosting over her soft skin.

“Shawn,” she murmurs and breathes heavily against his jawline. She shifts her weight on the couch, leaning into his warm body and he gently grabs her waist. “Come here,” he says, rasp in his voice, making her straddle him.

“Gotta be careful with the ankle,” he mumbles and adjusts the ice cubes on it, before continuing kissing her neck, hands on her hips.

She moans, hands in his sweaty curls and he grins, rubbing her sides a little.

“Is this okay?” he asks tentatively, insecure almost.

“Yes… more than okay,” she replies, voice sounding strained and now she’s the one kissing him and he feels like fucking dying underneath her on his couch, his gym shorts getting tight again.

“Fuck, I- um –“ he shifts around. “You are… wow… you’re too much,” he breathes out, cheeks flushed, lifting his hips a bit to get that friction he needs so bad.

“Oh, Shawn,” she smiles at him, all shy and sweet. Innocent almost.

“Is this turning you on, baby? Huh?” she coos, whispering into his ear and he feels like he is about to come.

He tilts his head back in desperation.

“Y-yes. You… turn me on… so fucking much.”

She smiles, kissing his neck, nibbling on the skin underneath his ear and he lets out a soft growl.

“Good. Because you… make me all… wet,” she murmurs, hand on his abs and it makes his cock twitch in his boxers.

“Oh my God,” he presses out, voice strained with lust. “Are you wet… because of me?”

“Because of you,” she whispers and he blinks, trying to fucking realize that this is reality and not some crazy wet dream he has while having a boner.

His insanely hot neighbor is actually straddling him, grinding on him, wearing a sports bra, telling him she’s fucking wet and ready for him.

“Are you… as fucked for me as I am for you?” he breathes out against her cheek, gently kneading her thighs and she sucks her breath in.

“Fuck, Shawn. Yes, so fucked for you, since the day I first saw you, giving you that stupid parcel.”

“Okay, wow, I-“ he groans. “Same,” is all he manages to say and he pulls her closer, making their lips touch again in a longing kiss.

But she places her hands on his hard chest and pulls away, eyes darting between his. He lets out a strangled moan, wants to keep going, murmurs don’t stop, don’t stop but she shakes her head a little, bringing him back to reality.

“Shawn – I – I don’t know if I can do this.”

He gulps. “We don’t – don’t have to go any further if you don’t want to – um – we can stop anytime – didn’t want to pressure you into – didn’t mean to-“

He’s rambling, cheeks flushed and she makes him shut up with a soft “shhh

“That was not what I meant,” she smiles, fingertips on his jawline. “it’s just- I don’t know if I can do this – like being with you. I know this isn’t super serious right now but I think I need time… to figure this out? Whatever this is?”

He nods. “Yeah, I get that. I understand.”

She lets her forehead drop against his shoulder and he holds her close, stroking her hair, playing with it a little.

“That’s okay,” he murmurs. “Let’s take things slow, figure this out.”

She looks at him again. “Thank you for understanding.”

He gently caresses her cheek, his eyes still dark but soft. “Of course… Um, I’ll be leaving for Brazil next week so we’ll have some days apart. Think that’s good to – uh - figure things out?”

She nods. “Yeah, okay, yes…”

He sighs, biting his lip. “I know this can be overwhelming… the life I live but I’m just a regular person, really.”

She nods, hugging him tightly and he strokes her back.

“Hey, how’s the ankle doing?”

“Better, actually,” she replies and wiggles on his lap a little, trying to free herself from his embrace. “I should go back to my place, take a hot bath, and, like, not bother you any longer.”

“You aren’t bothering me at all…Wanna try and get up? I’ll help you.” 

She nods and he helps her get up so that she could hop over to the door. He leads her to her condo, a gentle grip around her middle and she leans against her door.

“So - um - have fun in Brazil,” she says and he leans in again, stealing another kiss.

“Thanks,” he murmurs. “See you.”

“See you,” she breathes and smiles up at him. “Should I um - water your plants or something while you’re away?”

He laughs, exposing his pearly whites. “I don’t have any plants. But you are like the best neighbor ever.”

“You, too.”

He smiles, biting his bottom lip and she opens her door, stepping inside.

“Okay then - bye, Shawn. Have a good trip.”

“Thanks. Bye, neighbor!”

She laughs at him again. The most beautiful sound he has ever heard.

“Bye, Shawn.”

oh look another fic prompt. @magnass said: like i want a fic where bernie meets serena through marcus and marcus can’t see what’s going on in front of him, bonus points if everything with alex didn’t go down and bernie doesn’t know she’s gay.

so here it is idk enjoy have a good friday: a girl like you should wear a warning

Dead Girl Walkin’.

A/n: Yay! My first marvel fic, and of course it’s Frank, who else would it be? (Maybe Bucky….or Sam..) Points aside, I’m glad he’s the one to kick off this blog. Also big shoutout to @murdochinthetardis For beta-ing some of this. Anyway, Reqs are open, send in ask, blah blah blah.

Summary: (Set pre-season 2) After you get caught trying to do the unthinkable you get a thirty hour ticking time bomb of a punishment, and, yeah, It’s a miracle you’re not dead, truly, but come on.Thirty hours?That’s not enough time to do anything, well…maybe go see Frank. There’s time for that. Or, the one where the reader seeks a friend at the end of the world.

Word Count: 4.9K

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader.

Rating: E (for explicit, not everyone.)

Warnings: Violence, blood, Cursing, Frank is his own warning, Smut, I’m talking the freaky deaky. It’s rough, and Frank, bless his heart, is a dominant man if there ever was one. But also fluff, because he’s a sweetheart. Pining, God, you two are a mess of it I swear.

Author: Jada.



It was an absolute fact that you weren’t gonna die a peaceful death. Yeah no, you were gonna go out one of two different ways. One, a Bruce Willis, Die Hard type thing with

at least

two explosions. Or two, someone else is gonna punch your card for you. Full stop. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, that’s it.

Frank threw a guess in once. Said you’d probably go out saving a bunch’a kids from a burning building or something, because you’re a soft ass like that, Sunshine, that’s why. He was three stitches deep on his right arm, and shooting you looks from his side of the couch. Ain’t that right, Sunshine?

Nope. Nuh-uh, not even close. You get a grand total of thirty hours, all Courtesy of Mr. Kingpin himself. Fisk. What kind of name is Fisk anyway? It sounds too much like Fist, or fish, either way it’s awkward. You’re just being pissy, because you got caught, and Fisk is rubbing it in your face.

Keep reading

I’ve been looking for this flavor forEVER and this morning on my run I stopped at harris teeter to refill my water and of course walked down the ice cream aisle on my way to the water fountain and I SAW THIS ! so obviously once I was not a hot mess I had to go buy it and now I’m snacking on it and damn.


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Covergirls don't cry - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: “Hi gorgeous, may I request an imagine with Sirius and shy, slightly bigger Hufflepuff, please? I’m absolutely in love with your writing! xx”

I am not going to say x plus size reader. Plus what? Size? Does it really matter?
YOU, yes you, you are BEAUTIFUL. 
You are worth it. You are more than enough. Size, weight, height…. they are insignificant numbers. Those numbers can’t count perfection! I’m telling you this because I was once in that very same place. And then, I loved me. 
“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.”― dr. Gail Dines
The gifs are not mine. Credits to their original owner. 
Warnings: PLEASE don’t doubt yourself. Please. Other than that, my English and swearing. 

You were not comfortable. 
It was extremely hot yesterday. Like hot-hot. So, naturally, everyone had worn as few pieces of clothing as possible. Except you. You couldn’t bring yourself to get out of your dorm. How could you wear a mini skirt or shorts? You couldn’t.
It wasn’t that you were that chubby. Just slightly bigger than the other girls.  A little more bum, a bit bigger sternum, no abs, no thigh gap. You had a little more going on than you wanted to but even when you tried-and you had tried many times-those pounds wouldn’t go away.  
So, you played sick. You were sick. With this. All of it. There are things you couldn’t tell anyone. You couldn’t tell you how many times you looked in the mirror in the hope that the body looking back at you would be somehow different from the reality. You couldn’t tell anyone how many times you pinched the fat on your thighs and thought “shit”.  You couldn’t tell anyone how many times you thought about your weight, or your waist measurement, or just about your body generally, which seemed to have become a battleground. Too many things you couldn’t tell. You have been told hundreds of times that you should be ashamed of your body, that you should conceal it, cover it, that you should do whatever it fucking takes to make it smaller regardless of the impact on your happiness. And it hurt. It hurt so much, that there were days that it was way too much. Too overwhelming. And the worst part is that you have been told all those things by your own self. Yesterday was one of those bad days. Today was worse.
It was back to being breezy and a bit cold and therefore you could wear clothes that made you feel comfortable and actually go outside. It didn’t really help that you were that shy, either. Or that you had a crush on the school heartbreaker. Yeah, like he would look at you. It just hurt, knowing that no boy could ever look at you like they were looking at the other girls.
You were roaming the shelves of the library looking for the book Professor McGonagall had told you that it could help you with your essay. You were so lost in your own thoughts you accidently bumped someone.
Of course, it would be him. Why the universe would go easy on you?
“Sorry” you hummed as you continued to walk down the aisle looking at the books, not glancing up to look at him.
“No worries.” Sirius said. He took one look at you and that was all it took. You were already nowhere to be seen. He was puzzled. You, on the other hand… you were on the verge to cry. Why couldn’t your stupid body help you for once? You knew all too well the kind of girls he is into. You closed your eyes momentarily to hold back the tears. When you opened them, you were face to face with him. You had to force yourself to be still. His eyes were roaming your body and all you wanted was to crawl into a cave and die. What you did not expect though was the faint blush creeping its way to his cheeks when he looked at your slightly open shirt, just a button or two, really.
“S-sorry. Um… do you know where I can find ‘Circa Transmutatio processus’” he asked you, his voice low and his breath hot. You tried to remain calm.
“I think it’s in the Restricted Section” you said, secretly proud that you didn’t shatter. You couldn’t possibly know this but your voice was the sweetest, most melodic thing he had ever heard. He was amazed by you. His eyes drifting more often than he would like to your lips and your other curves.
“Oh, I see. I’m Sirius, by the way. Sirius Black” he introduced himself with a smirk. Oh my Merlin, that was the infamous smirk. You smiled softly and kindly.
“Y/N, Y/L/N” you answered figuring that it would be rude to leave him hanging.
“You’re beautiful” he breathed out and you froze. His eyes widened.
“I mean your name. Your name is beautiful. You have a beautiful name. Okay. Gotta run. See you around” he rambled while his voice was strangely pitchy. You were blushing uncontrollably and for a second you thought that maybe it was okay to- well, that second was history and your mind was destroying you once again.
You made your way to your room, forgetting about the essay. It’s rather ironic that you liked someone that his last name was actually one of your house colors. The moment you closed the door behind you, all those emotions and all those tears became too much. You collapsed onto your mattress.

The next days were fine. But then, that particular Friday was hot. Again. However today, you couldn’t pretend to be sick. You had to hand in two papers and brew a potion. You simply couldn’t deal with it. So, suck it up and get it done, you commanded yourself. You had mastered to wear a pair of jeans and a see through black loose shirt. It was more than daring but it was hot and you didn’t want to die.
You had managed to blend in until the Potions Class. You walked in late, so naturally, every single person was looking at you.
He was looking at you.
He was here. Damn you double potions. And damn you potions again. The only seat left was next to him. You gathered all the strength you had and made it into the desk.
You sat down quietly and waited patiently for the class to end.  At least that was what you hoped. You were brewing a difficult potion that was toxic if it touched your skin, therefore you were extra careful. Well, that made one of you. Because Sirius was way too caught up drooling over you to actually follow the instructions. And that was when you heard the explosion. Your head snapped towards him. The potion was everywhere. Even on him. Slughorn was fuming and prompting everyone to leave the class. When he turned to you he was outraged.  
“You two clean up the mess you made. Oh, and Y/L/N, help him with the wounds” he spat at both of you, leaving you speechless while he ran off to call Madam Pomfrey. 
“Are you alright? What happened?” you asked him. You were roaming the class to find something to clean up his cuts. So, that was why the potion was toxic.
You found a rag, dampened it with a little water from the sink that was near Slughorn’s desk and made your way back at him. It was awkward. You gently started to clean up his arm which had suffered the worst. You continued to clean each scar carefully. The whole time Sirius was looking at you. You were aware of that. But you didn’t know that he found you breathtaking, mesmerizing, and ravishing. 
“It may hurt a bit” you said as you were about to clean up the nastiest of his wounds. He hissed as the rag was pressed against his scars, but the pain quickly faded away.
You whispered a soft sorry before you got up and dump the rag in the sink. Slughorn could handle it from there. 
“Why did you help me?” he asked softly. If you didn’t know any better your mind would be wondering if he li-no. 
“You didn’t want me to?” you returned the question slightly embarrassed. Maybe he didn’t even like you as a friend. Silly girl, you thought.  You lowered your eyes. This was tough for you. You were taken aback when a pair of lips softly pecked yours. Your eyes became wider than the sun. What just happened? 
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t -”.  You cut him off.
“Why did you kiss me?” you mumbled. Why was he toying with you?
“I like you. A lot” he breathed out. This can’t happen. This can’t happen.  Suddenly all you wanted was to be brutally honest. 
“I am not like them. The girls you go for. And I am not the one for a one night stand. I am not perfect or hot or sexy or skinny with long legs and abs. I don’t have silky hair and I am not…” you trailed off because this was too much. Your vision was blurring. You held back a sob. You were breaking your heart just so he wouldn’t. 
You expected him to say something. He didn’t. He grabbed your wrist, slammed you to his body, cupped your face and kissed you with so much passion that you were sure you’d have fallen if it wasn’t for his arm wrapped around your waist.  After a while, he took a step back and looked right into your eyes.
“Girls want to be called hot. Women like you are beautiful” he said causing butterflies-no. Not butterflies. He caused the whole damn zoo. 
“And oh well, who am I kidding? Extremely hot as well. I mean, have you seen that body of yours? That arse, love, is breathtaking” he said with his infamous smirk while he purposely eyed you.  You let out a genuine laugh for the first time in a while. Things were good.
“But really, you are beautiful. Hell, you are mesmerizing. Don’t ever think like that again. And yes, you are not a one night stand. Be my every night stand?”. You gasped. 

  • Goku, while facing Ukoku: This isn't your average every day darkness.
  • Goku: This is...
  • [close up of his face]
  • Goku: advanced darkness.
How could he know?
  • Marks Sibling Reader x Ethan
  • Summary: Marks younger sibling has always had eyes on Ethan and the two of them try to date in secret expecting disapproval from Mark, and think he is unaware.
  • Non Gender Specific Pronouns for reader
  • Warnings: Cursing, Panic, Threats, Mentions of food.

You’d been unable to take your eyes off Ethan since he moved to LA. In your mind it was like it was meant to be, you had the same interests and hobbies and were of similar ages. When the two of you spoke the conversation flowed so easily you could carry on all day. But things weren’t so easy when your brother was Mark. You hadn’t even considered hinting about it, you knew he wasn’t going to approve.

So of course you did what any sibling would do, you dated Ethan in private.
You would take Chica out for a walk, walking her to Ethan’s apartment then he’d drive the two of you to a park so you could see him while doing Mark a favour. You saw movies and went to the gym when Mark was busy with videos. It was all going well and you were happier than ever before.

You’d just finished a workout at the gym, Ethan drove back to his apartment and the car was parked in his driveway. You had the boot of the car open and the two of you sat in it with your legs hanging down.
“You don’t think there’s any way Mark knows about this, do you?” Ethan asked, his arm round your back with his hand on your shoulder.
“How could he? We act completely normal when he’s around. It’s not like he can see your apartment. We’re fine.” You smiled reassuringly.
“True. Well you should get going, or he will know.” Ethan laughed as he patted your back and hopped off the boot.

His phone started vibrating to see a call incoming from Mark. He placed a finger to your lips and lifted the phone to his ear.
“Hey Mark. Yeah I’m at home. Oh. Sure. I’m just about to take my food out the oven so I’ll be like twenty minutes is that okay? Cool. See ya.” He hung up, taking your hand and pulling you towards him.

“Okay you gotta run so he doesn’t know we were together, if your fast you can make it in 10 minutes and then in twenty minutes I’ll drive over cause he needs to borrow a mic.” He spoke in a hurry, you lent up and kissed him before you started running home.
You paused momentarily behind some plants to try catch your breath back before entering the house.
“Hey Y/N, good workout?” Mark was walking out of the kitchen, looking you up and down as you were drenched in sweat.
“Yeah thanks! It’s too hot out to be walking home though aha, think I’ll have to start getting lifts with people.” You spoke before quickly running up the stairs and getting in the shower.

You dried yourself off and put some clothes on, and while running a towel through your hair you heard Ethan come in. You crept down the stairs trying to listen.
“Thanks man, I’ll get this back to you tomorrow. Also you left a hat here, it’s on the side in the kitchen if you wanna grab it before you head out.”

You quickly scurried to the kitchen and grabbed some food so you’d have an excuse to walk past him.
“Oh hey Ethan!” You winked at him as you walked out the kitchen with a banana.
You poked your head to see what Mark was doing.
“Ooh new microphone?” You asked
“Yeah.” Mark replied coldly. You looked at him in confusion.
“Oh and I know your dating Ethan.”

Your heart dropped. You instantly felt weak and shaky. You had no idea what to do or say that wouldn’t make things worse, so you simply turned on spot and ran.
“No, Y/N, come back here!” Mark called out but you didn’t stop, you ran to the front door just as Ethan was leaving, he caught you in his arms.

“Ethan! Let me go! He knows Ethan! You have to let go of me!” You shrieked continuous pleas as you wriggled to escape his Arms. You heard Mark approaching as your screaming at Ethan grew more desperate. As much as you tried to run, his arms were secure round you, his hands flat on your back as he held you close to him.
“Ethan he knows, he fucking knows, why aren’t you-” your words wobbled as the tears came flowing, you finally gave in and his your face in his shoulder as his strong grip embraced you. Your legs felt so weak they practically crumbled under you.
He felt you begin to slip as he slowly crouched with you in his arms, you sat on the floor and hugged your knees crying. Ethan had an arm around you and stroked your hair, still remaining silent.

You heard Mark step towards you and crouch down. Although he was your brother and you trusted him with your life, you were terrified. You quickly turned your body away, burning your face in Ethan’s chest as he gently placed his hand on your shoulder.
“Y/N look at me.” Mark spoke quietly in a serious tone. You were shaking as you refused to loosen your grip around your boyfriend.
“Y/N don’t cry, that’s Ethan’s favourite shirt your getting snot and tears all over it.” Marks voice was sounding warmer as you let out a little giggle and turned your face slightly, so one eye was visible to Mark.
“Come and sit with me on the couch, I can’t crouch here forever my back is killing me.” Mark smiled as he stood up, reaching a hand out to help you up. You moved your shaking hand towards his hesitantly.

“Ethan can come too if he wants. But I want to talk to you.” Mark spoke, you took his hand and stood.
You perched nervously on the edge of the couch, Ethan sitting on a desk chair the other side of the room to give you and your brother some privacy.

Mark placed his hand onto yours.
“You’re family, Y/N.”
You tuned your eyes to the floor immediately, knowing he wouldn’t approve.
“All I care about is that you are safe and happy.” He spoke kindly, you were confused and looked up to meet his eyes.
“Most nineteen year olds pick up sleezebags in dirty nightclubs or bring home fuckboys from tinder.” You searched his eyes, trying to see where this was going.
“He might be one of my best friends. But he is also the most caring, hard working, funny and uplifting person you’ll ever find.” The corners of your mouth turned into a smile as he spoke.
“So it doesn’t matter if he’s my editor and my friend. He makes you happy. He comforts you when you think your brother is going to murder you.” You laughed as your smile grew wider.
“I’m just happy that you found someone I can trust and that I know is good for you. You’re happiness and safety is all I care about.” He paused as he sighed and smiled lovingly.
“So stop trying to hide it, cause you’re adorable together and to see you happy makes my day.” He placed a kiss to your forehead as he stood up and turned his attention to Ethan, who despite sitting far away, heard every word, and was welling up a little bit.

Mark hugged him and Ethan wiped his eyes.
“Shit dude that was really sweet.”
“Yeah if you ever hurt her I’ll break your back just remember that.”
Ethan’s eyes widened.


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Shattered - Part One

(A Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins/OFC Fic)

Can you talk?

My text message notification went off as I looked over at my phone, reading the words that flashed across the screen. I sighed, knowing full well who it was.

No, kids are here.

I quickly replied back. And I don’t want to, I silently whispered to myself as I forced my fingers to hit the send button and then quickly deleted his message.

I sat back in my home office chair and wondered how it had all become so complicated. I glanced over at the kids playing quietly and realized, with more than a touch of guilt, that any wrong move on my part could cause a lot of destruction to their lives.

You’re pushing me away.

The words flashed accusingly across my phone.

Of course I am, I yelled back in my mind. If I don’t push you away, you will be my destruction, I whispered to myself as unwanted tears spilled down my face.

I glanced over at the family photo nestled in the nook of my desk and managed a small smile. My family was picture perfect on the surface. Sydney, my dark-haired, green-eyed, ten-year-old beauty. Blessed with my fiery personality and her father’s athleticism – she was becoming quite the tennis player. Twelve-year-old Joseph was as low key as they come. Jet black hair and dark brown eyes framed his playful smirk. He was the star quarterback for his football team – leaving no doubt that he was his father’s child. My smile wavered a bit as my eyes fell upon my husband. Roman was my high school sweetheart and is still the love of my life. At thirty-five, he’s still stunningly attractive. His long black hair was pulled up in a high bun for the picture, his dark brown eyes warm and filled with laughter. He was built like a brick house, a product of his job with the WWE. He had skyrocketed to fame several years ago with the company and hadn’t looked back since. But his days on the road were taking their toll on us, our marriage and our family. And then there was me, my long brown hair framed my hazel eyes and a smile that didn’t quite reach them in the picture. Ever the daydreamer, I spent my days writing novels and my nights taking care of our kids and missing my husband.  

I had everything I could ask for staring up at me from that picture frame. Love. Happiness. Family. Why was I willing to risk this? What would my betrayal mean to them? How would it change their lives if I made the wrong choice?

I’m calling you.

The message flashed across my cell phone and I could hear the anger behind the hastily typed words. I took a deep breath and looked down at the letter in my hand. A letter that had never seen the light of day. I often wondered if he would ever realize the misery he had inflicted on me – the misery he continued to inflict upon me.

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Delinquents ~ Part II

[ badboy!young k x reader ]

genre; fluff/angst

word count; 1.7k

previous part || masterlist || next part

a/n: it’s not proof read so I apologise in advance for any typos <3

She knew there was no going back now, she sighed in defeat and slumped into the passenger seat. Brian looked over at her waiting for her to give him her address. She looked up and suddenly felt very out of he comfort zone. She knew a good car when she saw one and she was nearly squirming in her seat to try to prevent ruining it with her soaked clothes. When she realised her hands started doing and was waiting for her she jut told him to drop her off at the library. When he gave her a confused glance she shrugged it off hoping he would just drive. He didn’t push it any further and stepped on the accelerator. As he was driving he noticed her fidgeting more and more in her seat and looked over at her concerned. She didn’t notice and continued to look down at her hands. After a few minutes he pulled up outside the library and she grabbed her bag. He stopped her just before she could leave and told her that he could drop her home. She brushed him off telling him that she had work to do. He nodded unsatisfied but taking it. She quickly thanked him and went to step out of the car. Just before she was gone Brian called out after her.

“I never caught your name babe”
“Y/N Y/L/N. Happy?”

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

A/N: After you guys tried killing me yesterday with your variations of that AU, I decided that I needed a little fluff in my life. Be warned, nothing but senseless fluff below~

In retrospect, it really should have been the first place Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda checked the moment he heard that Riza Hawkeye was missing. But, he rationalized shortly thereafter, he could not be at fault for failing to suggest it first and foremost because of the ongoing disorder the Promised Day’s events left hours in its wake. He wasn’t necessarily thinking completely clear, much like nearly everyone he had come in contact with since the city epicenter’s medical stations were haphazardly thrown together. So when he had heard from a very distressed nurse that her patient, who had been stabilized and given okay to be moved to the proper hospital, had gone missing, his mind immediately blanked and he too found himself panicking.

What ensued was a five-minute manhunt for the wounded Lieutenant as a number of nurses at other stations were banded together alongside Kain Fuery, Maria Ross, Vato Falman, and Major Armstrong. Breda’s one-track mind turned to a list of locations on site she could have been moved to amidst the chaos and, when they were discovered to not house Lieutenant Hawkeye, his thoughts immediately turned to the Colonel and what he would likely think…–

The realization hit him like a freight train and he had subsequently stopped in his tracks. It took every ounce of willpower to not smack himself on the forehead for tossing out that very crucial piece of information. It wasn’t two minutes after she had been stable enough to move that she had expressed extreme interest in seeing her commanding officer, seeing that they had been separated and taken to different stations against their protests.

So now it seemed that the Lieutenant had decided to move herself…

“Hey, did you find–”

Breda turned sharply toward Sergeant Fuery as he appeared behind him and raised a finger to his lips, silencing the younger officer. Fuery jumped and clamped his mouth shut. When Breda believed he would remain silent, he beckoned him forward and pulled back more of the tarp that hung over the tent’s entrance so Fuery could see. 

It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the change in light, but when they finally had he let out a quiet, “Oh.”

The two sleeping officers had somehow been able to make a single-person cot spacious enough for two. He had found the Colonel lying on his back with one arm stretched out, hanging partially of the edge of the mattress. The Lieutenant, on the other hand, was occupying much less space, her head resting atop his bicep and her body angled toward him; her arms curled into her chest while also pressing against his.

Breda would have to admit that it was odd seeing them look so peaceful. Even on the rare occasion when he had seen one or the other after they had fallen asleep they never appeared so. It almost seemed, at least to him, that something had happened after the ordeal. Something much, much deeper and more meaningful.

As Fuery began to whisper a suggestion to find her nurse, the Colonel shifted and rolled onto his side and the two men tensed. Holding their breath, they watched him for a few moments as he readjusted his position, draping one arm over the Lieutenant’s waist to draw himself closer to her. She, in turn, shifted toward him, burying herself deeper into his chest. When the Colonel sighed contently and the two finally became static again, the two lower-ranking officers let go of the breaths they had held.

Turning back to his teammate, Breda shook his head and quietly said, “Let’s give ‘em another couple minutes.” 


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Not So Bad After All

Originally posted by westallengifs

“Central City is so far away though.” Kara complained while she helped you load some things in the moving truck.

“You can probably get there in no time if you ever feel like seeing me.” You said smiling at her.

“What am I going to do without you though?” She asked furrowing her eyebrows together.

“That’s a good question.” You laughed and continued, “What will Supergirl do without me? I don’t know, maybe, fly? Save people? Do what she’s always done and is quite good at if I may add? Kara on the other hand, she’ll will be sad for a while, and bored the rest of the time, but she’ll live. She has friends that love her and support her.” You said pulling her in for a hug.

“You are one of my best friends, I don’t think I’ll survive without you around.” She whispered and wiped a few tears that had begun to fall.

“Yes you will. I promise I’ll be back here whenever I can. I’ll call and write.” You said wiping a few tears from your face.

“Okay.” She smiled at you and gave you one last hug before watching you climb in the truck that almost immediately drove away.

“I’ll call you when I get there!” You yelled confident she heard you do to a certain ability she had that allowed her to pick up even the quietest sound.

The ride was long and exhausting, at least for you it was. You wanted to cry do to the life you were leaving behind, but that was no good, now it was time to meet new people and try new things.

After you arrived at your new apartment you decided you would drive around to find a good coffee place and maybe stop by your new job at S.T.A.R Labs just to see what awaited you.

Jitters was just the place for coffee and Big Belly Burger was amazing too. Overall, Central City was beautiful and so far, quiet.

S.T.A.R Labs was pretty darn big, you got out of your car and walked around the building. You weren’t looking where you were going and ended up bumping into someone.  

“I’m so sorry, I was distracted and didn’t see you there.” You began apologizing.

“No, it’s okay. Don’t worry, I was also distracted so I’m so sorry.” The tall guy with mesmerizing green eyes and dashing smile stood there in front of you. You both laughed after the little quiet moment and he extended his hand out to you. “I’m Barry Allen, I work here. Sometimes.”

“Y/N Y/L/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You shook his hand smiled.

“Do you know someone who works here?” He asked pointing at the building.

“I’m starting here Monday.” You said and he nodded in understanding.

“Oh okay. Well, I gotta run. See you Monday Y/N!” He walked away and the next second he was gone.

“See you Monday.” You were left wondering what he had done to be out of sight so quickly.  

You grabbed your phone from your purse and dialed Kara’s number.

“Hello?” Came her voice from the other side.

“Kara I just met the MOST AMAZING guy ever!” You said a little louder than necessary followed by a giggle from both of you.

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