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Hi! ^_^ I was wondering since ur a FREAKIN AWESOME writer for BTS u must hv a reli deep analysis abt BTS & their personalities in general. Serious question, wat do u thnk are their good points & weaknesses as a person? Im curious to know ur opinion

okay honestly this is my opinion and woah there anon HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT ME LIKE NO, but thank you ;w;

(also, in no way am i depicting myself as correct. just merely what i think, so it can be wrong or is wrong lmaowhoops)

we’ll start out with yoongi like c'mon, let’s be serious. i mean no bias here or anything, ahAHAHA.

yoongi, i think, as always, he’s a reserved person. you know like that person in class who tries not to get involved in anything but will when he can’t stand something not being done properly? i feel like that’s how he is in real life situations too. oh, you don’t know how to do it? well you’re not asking me, sorry kid. but he will try his best to help if asked or if he knows about it. i feel like he’s a patient person. though like in his rap he’s quite tough with his bold exterior and the way he portrays himself, he’s very sensitive. maybe he won’t show it and he’ll hide it well but man, i seriously think he’s got to be maybe one of the most sensitive ones amongst them. just that he doesn’t show it or rarely does. he also comes across, to me, as someone who’s a mix of an introvert and an extrovert, depending on his mood. mostly introvert, i think but with people he’s very close with, definitely an extrovert. he’s also a person that doesn’t give two shits about what you think of him; all truth and no lie here. you know that one friend that acts like he doesn’t care but he actually does a lot? that’s yoongi.

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seokjin, i think he’s not as patient as we think he is. i mean, yes, patient but he won’t let people tramp all over him or take advantage of him because of his kind nature. i see jimin letting that happen, taehyung even because they’re too nice but seokjin? HAH, back the fuck off, bro. he’ll bite you. even though he’s gentle and delicate, he’s strong and VERY confident in himself. he doesn’t care of what people say of him but that doesn’t mean he’s not listening. he’ll take it differently like oh, i’m fat? i’ll just exercise and show you these MUSCLES. that kind of person. he won’t act upon with words, he’ll DO IT and show it to you what he’s capable of. i also see him as a guy who’s pretty sensitive, too. like no matter how confident he is in his looks or himself, it took him TIME to get to where he is. also, he’s that friend you’d go to for comfort because he won’t be quick to judge. you know how friends ask of your situation sometimes before comforting? he’s the opposite. he’ll comfort first, then listen later. you know that one friend that’s the mother of the group-guiding them to walk properly, dividing the bill and making sure everyone is alright? that’s seokjin.

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for hoseok, i say he’s a person that makes his decisions based on his emotions. i mean, all of us know that he’s known to be the happy virus and the literal sunshine of ALL HAPPINESS but we’re not always seeing that, here. i mean, we’re only shown what’s on camera and behind it or after that, he may not be smiling 24/7 and that’s just human. so what i mean by this is that whether he’s happy, sad, angry, he’ll make his decisions based on his emotions and what he feels. even acting a bit rash, not thinking of the consequences. there’s pros and cons to that. pros is that he’ll never be afraid to express how he feels but cons is that he can get in trouble for that. another think is that i feel like he’s good in comforting the members. and sometimes tries to lighten up the mood or acts like a huge dork just to make everyone feel good. do you know that one friend in a clique that spews out jokes even though they might not be funny but the mutual feeling of coming together to not laugh at his jokes would bring up the atmosphere? hoseok’s that guy.

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namjoon is very smart. lmao no lie there but he’s smart in academics and knowledge. in terms of hand crafts and… stuff, no man no man no holy shit no. BUT he CAN be good if he reads beforehand on how to do it and practice (just like anyone but y'know). to me, if you need someone to talk to and need them to give their honest opinion, namjoon’s your guy. i mean, i see yoongi doing that as well but i find that namjoon would be more analytical and patient to digest every bit of information before telling you what you should do. maybe not the best guy to go to for how to make stuff, but definitely one to go to when you need to sort out your thoughts. namjoon, to me, appears to be a loyal person, faithful, if you must. i feel like he’ll always put the needs of others before his own. now that doens’t mean he doens’t take care of himself. he does, but i feel like he’ll make sure everyone is alright before himself. you know that one guy in a group of friends that people always go to for advice? namjoon’s that guy.

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jimin, i think, is also the ray of sunshine part two. just that he’s more subtle and gentle with the way he radiates his happiness. considering he’s someone who’s dealt with dieting seriously (along with the boys, but y'know, he’s one of the few who’s pressured for his abs, thus, needing to take care of his eating habits sometimes), he is very patient. it takes a lot for him to combust and get mad so once he’s pissed, you better back the fuck off. i see him as someone who tries to help anyone and everyone, because it’s in his nature to help. i would say the same for taehyung as well but we’ll save that later. jimin appears to me as quiet and shy. he needs to be with a group of people that he’s familiar with in order to fully be himself or else he’ll just be really shy and there’s going to be minimal talking. i also think that jimin’s the kind of person that would really take it to heart to what people say to/about him. he’ll think about it so much at night that he might cry if it’s too much for him. in other words as well, he’s super sensitive just that he tries to mask it up all the way. you know that one person who tries to be strong and ask everyone if they’re okay but they need someone to ask them that instead? jimin’s that guy.

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taehyung comes across as someone who’s innocent and mischievous. like, he’ll legitimately help EVERYONE that needs him to. even if you don’t need it he’ll still help you lmao let’s be real. he’s gentle, really patient and like jimin, takes a lot to blow up. (note, getting mad and being annoyed are two different things) considering he likes loves children, he’s very loving and affectionate. he’s a person (just like hoseok, forgot to mention) that he likes touch and affection. will like hugs and cuddles all day errday because i think, he was brought up with a lot of affection from his parents. (i may be wrong, but it’s just what i think) he’s appears to be naive but he’s not as oblivious as you think he is. maybe certain times (oftentimes WHOOPS) he’s completely blur but i see him as quite observant as well. he’s someone who’s mood will change according to the people he’s with. if his friend is sad, he’ll automatically feel sad too. even if it has nothing to do with him, knowing his friend is sad will bring his mood down. needless to say, also sensitive (heck all of them are but-) taehyung too. you know that one friend who gets in trouble because he’s too nice but you’re there for him anyway because he’s too precious to not be there for him? that’s taehyung.

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jungkook, oh man holy shit where do i begin. well, first i see him as someone who’s competitive. like, anything, he’ll strive to be the best in it. also, maybe because he’s the youngest in the group, he’ll want to show he’s mature. he’s playful (again, ALL OF THEM ARE) and his ways of teasing and messing around with other people is the way he shows love and affection. to me, unlike hoseok, he’s not that good in talking about his feelings and his emotions. instead of talking it out, he’d rather very much show it than tell you or spell it out. he seems like that kind of person that appears to be cocky at first but when you get to know him he’s humble as fuck but he will not talk himself down if he knows he’s good. he’s confident and believes that he can do anything he tries to/puts his mind to it, he’ll succeed, which is a good quality to have. he’s an introvert but when slowly he opens up to you (WILL TAKE A LOT OF/LONG TIME) to get comfortable, he’ll tell you anything. you know that one friend that takes his pranks too far and you get MAD at him but then you see how sorry he is after that, you know he truly cares about you and it’s just his way of showing that he ACTUALLY LIKES YOU THAT’S WHY HE EVEN HAS THE GUTS TO PLAY PRANKS ON YOU? that’s jungkook.

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