okay goodnight


“The most revealing part of the scene was Emma’s second “come back to me”  which she whispered just after she gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation – there’s something remarkable about that phrase, especially when it’s used with two people who truly care for one another. […] It’s a phrase that tends to valorize the idea that the two hearts are so incredibly connected that the saying will be heard even in the deepest sleep. […] Morrison’s delivery of the particular line was impeccably telling – Emma would much rather lose her powers than lose her person. As she whispered those words, she ultimately substantiated the fact that he’s someone she needs in her life. Plainly simple, she wants him to come back to her – Morrison’s faintly expressive whisper was filled with an abundant amount of fear that was not only heard loudly, but crystallized through the distressed look in her eyes and the tight grip on his shirt.” - mgcircles [x]

This scene is more important than you think.

“Love everything you do, when you call me really dumb for the stupid things I do.” - Training Wheels