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I'm Going Home
Dan Domenech & Company
I'm Going Home

I’m Going Home (Final Performance)- Dan Domenech & Company

When I was younger, I had someone tell me constantly that I was inconsiderate. So now, whenever I ever think about doing something for myself, and my happiness, I don’t…because now I have this idea in my head that if I do anything for me I’m being selfish, and someone else deserves it more than I do, and I can’t have or do what I want because I’m terrified of being told that I didn’t do what was best for the people I care about. I’m scared to open up to people because I know that they have their own problems, so I shouldn’t burden them with mine…they aren’t that serious anyway…I’m scared to let myself be happy, in case it causes someone else to be unhappy.


NAME: Ua Kahu
ALIAS(ES): Lochlann(Loch, Lochie, Lochy); Lelehuna(only if he doesn’t know/trust you yet)
AGE: 28
DATE OF BIRTH: March 14th
SEXUAL PREFERENCE:  People he gets along with and animalistic people. Pansexual 
OCCUPATION(S): Team Skull Grunt/Admin/Gatekeeper


EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown
HAIR COLOUR: naturally Dark Green
HEIGHT: 5′6″
SCARS: Scattered about his body, mostly on his left side.  Largest and most noticeable encompasses most of his left calf and some of the same knee. Plenty of others from Pokémon handling, learning to survive out on his own, scars from fights, one scar from a rash from extended exposure to a feathered Pokémon, and a handful from incidents at Aether.

BURNS: Not many
UNDERWEIGHT: Shockingly no


COLOR: Black and yellow
HAIR COLOR: No preference
EYE COLOR: No preference
SONG: No cultural awareness
MOVIE: Can’t remember the last one he saw
TV SHOW: Same as above
FOOD: Chips, french fries, other savory snacks
DRINK: Caffeinated soda, is currently fighting off an alcohol addiction but in the meantime also enjoying birthday cake vodka
BOOK: He’s still reading the ones he’s received as gifts, no preference


GOTTEN PREGNANT: Not certain it’s possible
STAYED UP FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS: Hasn’t slept in three days


A CUDDLER: When he’s in the mood/it’s needed
A KISSER: If his partner wants it
SCARED EASILY: Scared, no, anxious, yes 
TRUSTWORTHY: If you’re on his side
DOMINANT: Practically, yes, sexually, not particularly
SINGLE: Mainverse yes, technically; Schädel und Gehirn, no


HAVE THEY HARMED THEMSELVES: Not with self-harm in mind


SIBLING(S): Raehela Kahu(deceased/Drifblim), unknown younger brother, unknown twins on the way
PARENTS: names undecided, more or less disowned him
PETS: Pokémon count?

  • TAGGED BY: Everybody’s doing it!
  • TAGGING: You should, too, if you wanna.
the hacker or printer?

pairing: woozi x you

plot: woozi is an undercover hacker in your school that provides IT service after midnight and you kinda asked him to print an essay for you

a/n: i was inspired by their new mv where woozi looked hella fine as a hacker?!!? so yepppp :))))

“No no no… Don’t do this to me!” You screamed at your printer that flashes a red light indicating it’s out of ink and you’re about to go into a mental breakdown. You can’t help it when you have to submit a hard copy of your essay early next morning and it determines whether you’ll be seeing an A on you report card. Stupid ink.  

Just then your phone rang and you picked it up reluctantly.

“Ayo babe.”

“I’m in big trouble,” You cried into your phone.

“What? You run out of doritos chips again? Anyways, good time for you to kick start that diet so—“

“NO! My printer is out of ink at the most inconvenient time of the day. And you know we have to submit a hard copy by early morning, plus our teacher is crazy. I am so dead.” You groaned.

“Girl, I don’t know would it work for you but I have a number…”

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this…” You murmured to yourself as you stared down at a post it with a random number scribbled on. Here goes nothing.

“Hi. Midnight enquires here, how may I help you?” A soothing calm voice answered the call.

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Hello party people

So decided to drop this here before bed [oh god its 4am]

Another sonic OC of mine, been in the works with the rest of Sola’s team for as long as Sola has been my own oc

Riley the Ram
She’s a mountain ram, very soft spoken and shy and does have some speech problems but she doesn’t let that stop her from working hard and being an absolute sweetie!! She’s also very much a strength character, just lightly tosses wrecking balls with the flick of her wrist but will still help old ladies cross the street :3

More info on the rest of the crew later, I need sleep…

Also, @mobiusmobhead


Hey there :D I’ve just reached 8k followers so I guess it’s time for a new follow forever (it’s been a while since I’ve done one). Haha I still can’t believe so many people are following me, it’s like having a small army of you guys. Thank you so much for making my dash a beautiful and a happy place. Without these people, I couldn’t have done that. 

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(Cosplayers from left to right)
Anders: the-dunwall-inquisitor
F!Cullen; arkadycosplay
Hawke: ?
Cullen: ?
DerbySquad!Hawke: sharkalanche
Pajammie!Hawke: reiguns

Proud momma of Derby “Are You Nasty” Squad: designertrashbag (here’s your cosplayers 😂)


So I had made a post before about sending postcards but I got over 100+ notes from people wanting postcards and I couldn’t find anywhere that had like bulk postcards where I live :/ WHAT? And so I couldn’t do it and I felt really bad… butttttt I was at a mall here in Virginia and they sold this cute little booklet that had postcards THAT YOU CAN COLOR and so I bought one and it comes with 20 postcards! One of them is reserved already but if you want one, the first 19 people to like/reblog/message/etc. will get one! 

This is how it looks like:

This is opened Worldwide and I would prefer you followed me but if not, that’s okay because sending postcards would be fun, no? But if you’re under 18, I would need permission from your parents because I don’t want to get in trouble or anything ;_; But yeah… I mean, it’s a postcard AND you get to color! /sorry work for you but I would LOVE to see how you colored them in the end lol In addition, your ask box needs to be opened so I can contact you for your address!

If I get more than 19, maybe I’ll see if I can find more of these back when I get home but for now, just first 19?

/edit: I realize that when I send them, they might get roughed up in the mail ;_; I hope not but if so, I greatly apologized but I think that’s the fun of sending postcards/mail… :)

Edit#2: even if notes says 19 just keep liking/reblogging/messaging. Some people are doing all 3 but counts as 1 and I’ll prob end up buying more when I get home XD
Hot Guy/Cold Drink: Bombay Dreams and Body Talk With Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is pretty shy at first. So much so that when we meet on the roof of midtown’s Viceroy Hotel—a Central Park-facing bar simply known as The Roof—I worry that there aren’t enough cocktails in the world to get him to open up. But boy was I wrong. (And, anyway, I had my partner in crime, ELLE associate editor Seth Plattner, on hand just in case we ran into any awkward patches.) But we didn't—because Nick Jonas kind of rules? He’s seriously funny in that repeats your joke from earlier but with a slightly keener delivery kind of way, not to mention pretty damn self-assured for a 21-year-old. Just try to give him a playful ribbing and see if he balks. He’ll just sit there in his skinny jeans, his newly chiseled jaw cloaked in mossy stubble, and make another expert quip about how “deep” you went into his Instagram feed. Nick: 1, Justine: 0. Over a round of Bombay Dreams—a low-cal cocktail he invented while on tour last year—the newly emancipated JoBro talks his racy role on DirecTV’s upcoming MMA drama,Kingdom, expectations for his forthcoming solo album, and the nearly nude Instagram that almost exploded the Internet.

Not to embarrass you, Nick, but I went pretty deep into your Instagram feed and stumbled upon a tremendous body shot, which you justified by saying, ‘I never do this, but…’
And I haven’t done that since! I got really into fitness last year. I have to take my shirt off for a lot of the sex scenes in Kingdom and I wanted to look back and be okay with how I looked. It was actually why I created this drink. I was looking for something low calorie and low carb while we were on tour in South America last spring. I was training a lot and trying to change my diet. Traditionally I don’t like vodka. I’m a beer and wine person. I mean, I’ll drink vodka, because it works, but I’ve always liked gin. So I walked up to a bartender and told him a bunch of things that I liked. And was like, 'Please, can you make this really simple gin drink.’

In Spanish?
No, luckily he spoke English. But you know, club soda, a bunch of pineapple juice, two limes…And it just kind of stuck. And then what happened was that everyone on the tour started drinking them. It became the staple of the tour. To the point where we’d walk into a bar and order a Bombay Dream, and they would know what we were talking about.

You said you changed your nutrition. What have you eaten today?
Today, I had a salad with chicken for lunch—very exciting. This morning I had egg whites and turkey bacon. That’s pretty much my daily thing. I have a plan I follow in L.A. to become a total animal. I eat 3,500 calories a day and do two-a-day training sessions. The rule is: Any time you think that you might be hungry, you eat. I gained like, 15 pounds since that [Instagram] picture. Then I stopped training for three weeks recently and dropped 10 pounds like that.

Do you dress differently when you’re less bulky?
Yeah, I have to because my clothes don’t fit.

Your jeans don’t look like they have a ton of wiggle room…
They’re tight, right? That’s on purpose. But they have a little stretch.

We know you box, but have you ever tried a more traditionally feminine workout?
My girlfriend took me to hot yoga. I was looking around the room—and this was when I was at my biggest—and noticed that the male yoga physique is much different than what I had going on. She’s really good at it, so I thought I’d give it a try. I did like the breathing, though, because that’s a big part of fighting, actually.

How do you motivate yourself through grueling workouts?
I tell myself, 'It’s almost done.’ I hate going to the gym. I really do. I don’t enjoy it all.

Even when you’re admiring your bulging biceps in the mirror?
Yeah, I don’t do that. [Laughs] I mean, I know people who do that. I go to the gym and I just think about when I’ll be done. My trainer does one-hour workouts. And that’s his deal. Just make good decisions the 23 hours you’re not with him.

Wait, are pretzels in your diet?
They’re not. Oh, I’m cheating. I had a photo shoot for the show on Sunday. And I was being really good. So for the first time in a while, I had French fries last night.

Okay, so something you’re good at that people wouldn’t expect you to be good at is music?
No, I mean, that’s a joke. I hope. But maybe acting. I don’t want to say that I’m good, but I really enjoy it. And I think Kingdom is an opportunity to represent what I can actually do as an actor. It’s not like a Disney show, because that’s not acting. This is just a different thing entirely. But something else I’m good at? Coming up with drinks! This is not the only one I’ve come up with. I have a wintertime drink, too. I introduced my mom to Fireball whiskey, which is great. So it’s like warm milk, chai, and Fireball…

Are you worried that no one has the guts to tell you you’re an awful mixologist?
You guys are sucking them down! [Laughs] It’s funny that you say that, though, because I showed this to a bartender one time. And he was like, 'This isn’t a real drink. You don’t know.’ But then he ended up drinking them all night and got sloppy drunk.

So you play a nasty fighter on Kingdom. Have you ever kicked someone’s ass in real life?
I mean I had a couple instances, but this was before I knew how to fight. With most men, the instinct is like, 'Oh, I can handle myself.’ But you learn very quickly, when you’re trained by real fighters, that the art of fighting is a totally different thing. I’m pretty glad I didn’t get into those fights when I didn’t know how to fight. The one thing I’ve learned is that it’s all about submission. I would never kill someone, but I’d put them to sleep. It’s better.

Huh. Last question: What’s something you’re bad at that most people think you’d be good at?
Speaking loudly. I’m very quiet. People always think I’m tired when I’m full of energy! I’m very calm. People always ask how I can be so reserved. But once you’ve been in real turmoil, which, at this point in my life, I’ve been in a few times, you kind of realize when you need to turn on the panic button and when you need to chill.